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Arty: So now the mujahedin want to hear your opinion upon the latest Military Bloody Day, or MBD, from 02 October 2006.

-Reinko (smiling): Oh I never expected such a question. 

The latest MBD was a great success, it looks like the Western air forces bowed for the story, my wish for a double digit number in Western death toll was there and what more do I want?

Ok I would also like tripe digit numbers but these are for the (far) future... May I once more thank all parties for their help? THANKS!
Thanks to NATO/ISAF/USAF for restraining air power and thanks to the Iraqi and Afghani mujahedin for staging attacks on that day.

Of course it is extremely important that the Western air powers bowed on that day because from now on the story can enter the heads and brains of the NATO officers corps. Welcome boys & girlz! Welcome!

So far this short answer.

Arty: Ok, I have to go bye.

-Reinko: Bye. 

Ok, I think that I like the periods labeled with a '1' or a '0' where that means:

0 = Less than long running average US military deaths is advised or expected,
1 = More than running average dead US slime is advised.

At first I used them only in my own statistics but since I lately mentioned them in the writings why not give it a try and go on with the zero-one variable until four star general Petraeus (the leader of the US slime inside Iraq) has delivered his report upon the surge in Iraq.

The table below is to be found at the writings of 11 May, just one day after the latest Military Bloody Day. Because it stretches over a considerable time frame we can safely use the T-test for independent samples as for example is found in the SPSS Package. Every now and then I will update the SPSS data file and a jpg picture of the SPSS output. 

For the period 24 March - 27 May one tailed significance runs at 1.4% so since 1/0.014 = 71 it is now 71 times more likely that I tell the truth compared to weirdo's like Dubya and Petraeus.
For the period 24 March - 12 June stuff runs at 2.55% one tailed significance.
For my fellow US military statisticians: Read 11 May for what exactly zero and alternative hypothesis are...
And here is a recent SPSS data package as I use it (use right click and safe, the variable Slime refers to the daily reported dead US heroes; of course you need the SPSS package).

Here is the table with the future '0' and '1' periods placed:

Date Daily killed
0 or 1 Motivation for 0 or 1
24 March - 31 March 1.50 0 I was offline for two months
01 April - 08 April 5.25 1 I was back online...;)
09 April - 24 April 3.31 0 I asked for 'not too much' killed US slime for a period of 16 days...
25 April - 10 May 3.51 1 10 May was MBD + the preceding 15 days.
11 May - 21 May 4.10 0 Well it are the days after an MBD, let's not do difficult
22 May - 31 May  5.20 1 The very first 'we can reach two consecutive months with triple digit US death toll'. (See archives)
01 June - 10 June 3.40 0 Rest for 10 days, visit family & friends & things like that. 
Prepare for the next '1'
11 June - 25 June On 23 June daily average stands at 4.15 US slime / day 1 Start of the Summer Offensive, shall we give it a name? A name like FuckUSA would be nice but Offensive Iraqi Freedom would also be fitting.
26 June - ??? Not of interest nothing Important: When operation Arrowhead Ripper is still going on by the 26th of June we will postpone this statistical testing to the 26th of July.  
26 July - 31 August ?? 1 The Petraeus speech before the US parliament is on 15 September, it is possible that August will have the highest ranking death toll ever in this war... Please try this my dear Iraqis. 

That's it for the time being except for one detail: Originally I envisioned two more Military Bloody Day's this year but given the importance of Petraeus speech before the Congress I lay down a proposal at the feet of the Iraqis: Shall we make that date an MBD?
It looks reasonable just like my advice to kill in October in a three digit fashion because of the impending elections and indeed Dubya is now a full rigid lame duck...






(10 Jan 2008) Why not? Yes why not? 

Dubya is visiting the Middle East and the US military coffins suddenly get more filled at a fast pace and even house bombs are included...

So the next so called Military Bloody Day is located at the last day of Dubya's visit to the Middle East where he is conducting his weird stuff (like preventing a real Palestine nation to emerge, likely the Hamas will be blamed and if not the Hamas is the major problem it will be Hezbollah or whatever this weirdo comes up with)

So my dear Iraqis and I hope some Afghanis: Last day of the visit of our beloved world leader Dubya is the next Military Bloody Day! (All I know is he will visit Egypt on his last day, for the rest we will see.)

(For reasons of statistics and science & stuff like that: the above update was done on 10 Jan 2008. For insiders: the 10 Sept MBD and the impending one will included in the 'zero one project' )

(25 Dec 2007) Ha ha, this is funny: Today I had a few hours left over and the most staggering amount of debt I found on the ring of central bankers was just 4000+ trillion...

Don't believe me? Why not go at the Bank for International Settlements (founded after World War one to enforce the German paybacks from WWI) and read this nice file on money options.

Does not the concept of 'money options' (just 516 trillion in June 2007) has some thing of 'margin call'? After all we are dealing with swift money and when you have standing out something like 516 trillion, who knows where the beast will end.

My dear reader: There is no problem to the real economy as far as I know, the only problem we have that I still not understand what our (central) bankers have done to our money after the 1973 declaration of 'fiat money' under the Nixon regime.

That's it for the time being, lets hope Dubya is capable of seizing 516 trillion of extra taxes because lately he said the economy was going tremendously good...

Have fun or kill Americans, see yah! Till updates.

(03 December 2007)

Strategic thinking: Elementary Bubble Theory.

Definition of a bubble:

A bubble is 'something' that has an excess of 'something else' in it, because of the excess the bubble isn't functioning properly.

We will look at two examples:
1) The violence in Iraq &
2) The present situation on the US financial markets.

1) During large parts of 2006 and the first half year of 2007 we had lots of 'good violence' (against the occupiers) and lots of 'bad violence' (the excess violence).
The excess violence was (mostly) contained in three large bubbles:

--Bombing of Shia markets,
--Shia death squad activity &
--Tit for tat mosque bombing.

In order to deal with the excess violence it was important to isolate those three bubbles and therefore I repeatedly asked to let mosque bombing rewarded by mosque bombing and relate market bombings to death squad activity.
Somehow this materialized and so have we arrived in the present state in Iraq (ok the US military surge might also have contributed some marginal details in this).

So far this detail, I only repeat once more we must now go down on a path where there will be security in the whole of Iraq (while attacks against the Americans can go back to a level where they are still forced to drive around in convoys).

2) US financial markets: the three large bubbles are as next:

--Housing market bubble,
--Stock market bubble &
--Bond market bubble.

Before the credit crunch did set in last August, money went freely from one bubble in the other bubble. In order to kill the excess money in all three bubbles it is needed to isolate one of the bubbles but this happened spontaneously:
The housing market bubble came into awareness via the so called sub prime loan (sub prime = adjustable interest level, a non Muslim financial thing) problems.
Once the housing bubble was separated, the other two bubbles are now related to one another (where the bond bubble is anchored via the AAA ratings on US government bonds, the AAA status is a bit overdone but this is not yet in the awareness of the people).

So in August 2007 the financial bubbles tunneled into the same configuration as the Iraqi violence bubble was in Oct 2006. Isn't it strange? Two on the surface completely different things are on a higher level of abstraction exactly the same!

And although you might not realize it, if you understand the above than you understand what mathematics is all about: Via the step known as making abstract you can tackle a wide variety of problems in the same way (that saves a whole lot of time).

So far the introduction to elementary bubble theory.

As a comparison: What did CNN do last week? Well, just as an example, two shows of Larry King were devoted at 'Dancing with the stars'. Now we are only waiting upon a new show named 'What did Paris Hilton do today?'
Good luck with it CNN, the new show will be a big hit! Till updates. 

(10 August 2007) From the Juan Cole website from 08 August 2007 we have:

A surge of phony spin on Iraq

Bush's backers are peddling a sunny view of the president's strategy -- despite Iraq's political chaos and soaring death counts.


' The troop escalation was intended to calm down Baghdad and to give the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki breathing room to pursue a political reconciliation, especially with the Sunni Arab population. But the political goals of the surge are simply not being accomplished -- and indeed, the political situation has deteriorated substantially. Maliki has lost even the few Sunni Arab allies he began with . . .

And what of the supposed "good news" on the military side of the equation? Before July ended, a spate of wire service and newspaper reports began appearing, saying that only 74 U.S. troops had been killed by Iraqi guerrillas that month, the lowest total since November and a sign that the surge was working. But the reporters and editors who gave us headlines such as "U.S. Death Toll in Iraq in July Expected to Be Lowest in '07" (New York Times) were being assiduously spun. Bush officials were undoubtedly pushing the information that produced these headlines in an attempt to give Republicans in Congress some good news to take back to their constituents during the August recess. . .

End quote. Remark that the so called 'Media effect' has worked because of:

Before July ended, a spate of wire service and newspaper reports began appearing, saying that only 74 U.S. troops had been killed by Iraqi guerrillas that month, the lowest total since November and a sign that the surge was working. 

May be it is wise to ask the Anbar province people to compensate for the lack of killing of US military slime in the Baghdad zone, in practice this means they should draw the operations planned for the second half of August towards earlier dates.
I am sorry I have to call on the Anbar people but this water problem was unforeseen...

Next item: My full ire will go at CNN. What is the crime they have committed?

Very simple: they showed a graph on the television that showed that in the months May-April-June we only had one month with a triple US slime death toll.

Yes yes, they did that; it was a so called bar diagram. I have seen it myself...

It is a well established fact that on all three months May, April and June we had triple digit death toll numbers for the entire coalition in general and for coalition member the USA in particular.

It is hard to swallow that this kind of knowledge is not available at CNN headquarters. This is hard to swallow, therefore the punishment is as next:

Some time ago I asked for the killing of a CNN journalist, the last crime committed forces me to double this: So my dear Iraqi snipers, am at those funny dressed (in black) figures in US military convoys inside Iraq. Or strike whatever anywhere until we have two of those Nick Robertson / Christiane Armanpour / Whatever What inside the six planks they need.

You are disgusting my shit stinking CNN: the fact that you often underreport the daily death toll is one thing, underreporting entire monthly reports is another and it amounts to crime. And if it is not crime it is utter stupidity and in that case it is very wise to shoot some bullet stuff in your ranks...

Last item: Lately there is much to do about 30 billion weapon deliveries towards Israel, 20 billion weapon deliveries towards staunch friend Saudi Arabia & some billions more to smaller states friendly towards the USA.

Suppose these weapons would be needed in case of war, what would happen? Now, what would happen? Well the Israeli weaponry would always work but the stuff sold towards these renegate states would not in case it would not be applied to fulfill the so called 'American dream'. I do not know what is in the head of the political and military leaders of countries like Saudi Arabia and so but have you ever heard of the thing called a 'computer virus'?

When you would like to apply newfound your weaponry against goals America does not desire, it will not work. So you pay 20 billion to be a (military) slave.

Stupid is what you are; the more advanced the weapon is the more likely it is that it will not work when you need it the most. Stupid is what you are!

Till updates.

-Food for thought:

And it makes me wonder, it makes me wonder so much. If for example I advised to the mujahedin in general that they should use the numbers five and seven into their attacks and I am rewarded with a nice London bombing on 7/7 in a particular year, why don't the local authorities confront me?

And it makes me wonder that after I exposed my lack of insight towards the mujahedin what exactly would happen in case we had some stuff  before an election that some months later we had the nice Madrid bombings with 10 bombs on some train stations. It is again wondering: why don't they confront me?

More stuff makes we wonder; when I declare it to be some Military Bloody Day (in Iraq and Afghanistan or so) and we have seen many of those days written in a double digit fashion of killed coalition soldiers, why don't they confront me? I only wonder... I wonder so much, just so much.

And when the ISAF forces in Afghanistan used far too much air power on the specified date the 26th of July this year and I was forced to give permission to the mujahedin to use chemical and biological warfare and when a few months later we see top UK officials worrying on this detail it is only wonder: why not confront me? 

Yes yes my dear local authorities, why do you not confront me but extradite to the USA only the folks that for example video taped a roadside bomb planted inside Iraq?

Why is this? I only wonder... 

Dated 15 Nov 2006. 


Nice video, a tribute to the Baghdad snipers:
The Baghdad sniper


And here is nice pdf file for my fellow scientists stating we had hundreds of thousands so called 'excess death toll' inside Iraq compared to a non invasion model. (The so called Lancet file.) 


This is funny: on one of those lefty antiwar US websites I found a very small Java Script and from now on I can check my own website upon the number of dead US slime inside Iraq. Here's the counter: 

















































(04 August 2007) Testing... Test failed, URL is gone.

But the Iraqis who're paid $80,000 to $120,000 a year for their interpreting services are offended.

"It sucks," Ahmed Mohammed, 30, said of the latrine policy. He called the signs — in English and Arabic — "racist."

(02 August 2007) I was that stupid not to mention that the so called 'zero and one' project has started again at 26 July (see the above table). Needless to say that in order to win the war in the shortest time frame possible we need record highs of dead US soldiers; it means an average of above four a day in order to make four star general Petraeus a fool before his parliament.

Well how is stuff going until now? Truth is that during the last six days there are tap water problems in Baghdad, here is the Ass Press file on it, it is clear this is very worrisome. Not only from the humanity point of view because we have all those kids dying but also from the military point of view because this hinders operations and the Baghdad area cannot be missed into the statistics.

Of course the Americans are doing next to nothing to solve the tap water problems (recall they are there for the oil and not for the local tap water).

(30 July 2007) So I am back from a one week of a bicycle holiday and flip I did not make it to Gaasterland... Just like in the past I failed two times to make it to the city of Brest in northern France, the first time because the planning Groningen-Brest-Paris-Groningen was to optimistic for the time frame given and the second time it was related to mechanical problems. Well one day I will make it to the aqua zoo of Brest! On bike!

But before that day is there I would like to remark that indeed in my house there is great joy over Iraq winning the Asian cup, I am glad they made it! Congratulations Iraq..;)

I would like to keep this update short and we take a nice look at the treasure trove as found by the Hamas with their swift taking of the West Bank. If only 10 or 20 percent of the claims against the Fatah corrupted folks is true, it is still a magnificent treasure trove of how the West collects their so called intellegence.
Here is the Wall Street Journal post on the treasure trove found.
Lets end this update with a detail, it are the last 16 words from the article. Quote:

"They thought it was me," he said.

A spokeswoman for the Shin Bet declined to comment. 

Till updates my dear reader. 

(22 July 2007) I will be gone for at least one week, in the meantime it could be that this website expires...:(

The American White House is lately a bit flip-flopping over the importance of the mid-September outlook for the so called surge in Iraq. The second rating US military commander in Iraq has stated he needed 45 more days to make a proper evaluation. Why this is I do not know but in general we can say that mental dwarfs always need weeks and months of time where everybody normal could draw the conclusions in just a few hours.

All in all there is no need to change the strategy (there is already talk in the Media about the surge being a big success so very likely the desired 'Media effect' will take off. 

To all who need it: Good luck after 25 July and good luck in August! I will be following the news via so called 'newspapers' (that is a very old fashioned way of following the news; the news is printed on paper and you can buy that...).

Till updates!

(19 July 2007) Sorry I am a bit late but with this arm out of the pit and websites that do not expire on the proper dates please pity me.

The masterwork is there in it's embryonic stage. Here is the simple statistical analysis around the ´0´ and ´1´ project, it clearly says we we have significant more US slime killed on the so called ´one´ days.

I think that UK pm Gordon Brown is capable of swallowing the statistical battlefield data as they are found on the ground. That is what I think, but anyway who am I?

Till updates my dear reader.  

(18 July 2007) Right now daily average death toll for coalition members in Iraq for the month of July stands at only 2.56 slime / day that gets killed. We have to go back to August 2006 to find lows like that.

I do not understand completely why the Western media outlets do not couple the low daily death toll towards a success of the so called surge strategy. I mean we only have 46 killed coalition members and it is already the 18th of this month...
Compare this to the previous quarter where we had triple digit killed US slime on a row month in month out.
I am only waiting until we have the first US journo relating the low US death toll towards success of their leaders insights. We are waiting, we are only waiting...

Till updates.

(16 July 2007, second update) A few days back I found the ultimate proof that indeed Dubya has IQ 43! Well this is well known and well established throughout humanity but now I did find solid proof that vice prez Dick Cheney has military IQ of 17 points!

What is the case? Well from January 2004 until now I have pointed out that where it took me about two hours to find out that those so called biological mobile vans from Iraq were just hydrogen producement trucks (for the fine tuning of artillery) , it took Cheney at least four or five months to arrive at that conclusion. In the Summer of 2003 these so called biological trucks were found, I studied the facts as they were found on the ground and arrived after two hours of thinking it was not biological or chemical stuff whatsoever.

So that was Summer 2003, what did Cheney say in January 2004? The dumb ass pointed out that 'Weren't there biological/chemical mobile installations found?'

You might wonder why US vice prez Dick Cheney is rewarded with a military IQ of just 17 IQ points? Well check it out at defenselink dot mil to find out that Cheney was the 17th American Secretary of Defense (the 17th SecDef), here are the undeniable facts...

Do you understand how stupid Dick Cheney is? He has ruled a magnificent military, for example under Dick's command we had the so called Road of Death ending the invasion of Kuwait (only 100 thousand Iraqis killed in just a few hours) and still with all the information he can have at his fingertips he still talks about bio/chemical vans five months after it was found to be artillery related vans...

Ha ha my dear US military, lately it was found out that your commander in chief Dubya wished for democracy in Iraq 'just like in Israel' (see source) and now we have Dick that was responsible of killing at least 100 thousand Iraqi soldiers.

When in future writings I talk about IQ 43 I mean George Dubya Bush and when I talk about IQ 17 it is stupid Dick. 

For the rest just some fun: 



Till updates!

(16 July 2007) So this website still is not expired, well I cannot find the original six year old contract so I cannot check if something strange is going on...

Since the 01 update I have had some medical problems, having an arm out of it's pit was only the smallest one but a few days of sleeping 11 to 12 hours could set in a relatively fast healing process. It is amazing how fast you can heal if you get enough sleep and rest...

The most weird news from the last weeks was when that Australian defense minister declared that indeed they were in Iraq for the oil, of course that weasel pm Howard (the guy with the funny voice) was very quick to say they were not there for the oil but only to help the Iraqis... Weasel Howard only forgot to explain as why there would be such a manifold in foreign troops deployed compared to Afghanistan; why would the Iraqis get so much more 'help' compared to the Afghanis???
Beats me.

When my body is strong enough I will have to do some traveling, something like 7 to at most 10 days will be needed to fulfill some family obligations. So when I do not update for relatively long time I am only traveling around.

Till updates my dear reader.

(01 July 2007) After a long time waiting the time has come for the next:

I would like to ask the Iraqi Shia death squad commanders to minimize their activities further. This is a reasonable request because it was related to also the minimizing of Shia markets bombed and we have not seen a single Shia market bombed in a long time. So these are the ways of what I call 'the story': Minimize the death squad activity. In case you are willing to help: thanks!

Of course lots of people will have lots of different visions on what exactly drives this statistic of bombed markets and of course the builders of concrete slabs will point at the preventing that goes with the placement of concrete slabs around markets.
Of course the Americans will try to hijack this statistic and point to the so called surge in troop levels that 'clearly must have done their thing'. The whole problem with that argument is of course that US military convoys are targets by definition and if they guard the markets it is logical there will be bombs... Well we all know how stupid the Americans are so let them boil in their own shit.


In another development the British raised the terror level to the highest possible and that is very funny because we only saw one burning car in Glasgow...
Oh oh oh, the panic there is. It looks like they feel guilty because what did they got on 7/7/2005? Just about 50 dead civilians while a few days ago it was only in Afghanistan we had 45 dear from air power (so the rest is not included, the 45 were from just one location). It was weird to see some CNN journo seriously asking 'Why do they hate us?' Oh oh, stupidity rules. Stupidity rules.

Till updates my beloved reader. Till updates. 

(30 June 2007) There are worries on the horizon and these worries have a name: The name is Gordon Brown and he is the new prime minister of the GB.

This guy is not a lightweight like Dubya or Dick Cheney, this Gordon Brown is for real. Lately I heard some rumors about his academic career and so today I had to do the Wikipedia thing begging God that Gordon Brown has not studied physics or so.
It was found out is was not physics but history and that did not bring a very good mood at my address either.

To complicate matters further, Gordon was born in 1951 so he is 12 years older then me and if this all was not enough the guy has suffered. Ok it is only one blind eye and just a few years but suffering brings big wisdom in guys like that.

There is more horror on this guy: He can be patient and can wait many years to strike. So that's one more worry...

You know the problem with this guy is simple to understand: Gordon would need at most five minutes to check the validity of the latest zero and one project that killed 346 coalition slime in Iraq in just 94 days and after that he would go work on other things. So one thing is utterly clear: For the first time since September 2001 I face a formidable opponent.

For example the easy at making Dubya a full lame duck is nothing compared to making Gordon another Tony Blair. But facts are facts and because Gordon now also has to lead an entire nation he will be absorbed with that and likely he will not be a major hindrance to this story. But he is something to fear and to worry about and may be it is wise to test him with something like 350 to 500 civilians killed so I can check how wise he really is.

I think I have to think longer because 500 civilians are also 500% of the civilians blown to smithereens in Afghanistan in just the last week.

Lets leave it with that, see you on the battlefields Gordon. See you there...

Till updates.  


(29 June 2007) On the London scare around a few car bombs I have no comment for the moment except that it is indeed rather strange that you drive very wild when you ride in a car bomb... (That's the way the first car was found.)

Luckily there is also positive news this day: US slime toll in Iraq this month also triple digit fashion! Here is the fun:

Title: Hear here, it's the triple triple song you stupid!

The above picture says all I had to say, except for the next wonderful and positive news I found today: US led president George Dubya Bush would like Iraq to become 'Just like Israel'. Yeah yeah, I had some field day today! Here is the Media file.
In the beginning of this website I often referred to Dubya as IQ 43 and with the 'Just like Israel' words we have a bit more confirmation that this IQ 43 name was in fact correct...
And oh oh that US military; who needs enemies when you have leaders like Dubya and Dick??? I guess tomorrow there are everywhere demonstrations in Iraq where Arabs shout slogans like 'We want to be like Israel'. The US military folks start demonstrating to with slogans like 'We don't want to be oil robbers' and I will go to city hall and carry back and front two boards with 'I want to live in America'....;)May be it is wise to stop writing. Till updates my dear reader.

(27 June 2007) It looks like all death reports until 25 June are in and the '0' and '1' project likely ended on a one tailed significance of 3.05%.

So according to common scientific behavior we can reject the zero hypothesis from the next set of statistical stuff:

H0 : Iraq is in chaos, no stupid zero or one project can help that, versus
Ha : The zero hypothesis is likely not true. 

This is welcome news and of course I would like it that all Media outlets concentrate on the things in life that really matter, for example if Paris Hilton was wearing underwear or not when she was released from jail... That's important to the American public so concentrate on that detail please! 

Statistical testing was based on 94 days of observing the US and coalition death toll, in this timeframe we had 345 reported dead coalition slime. The 94 days amount to 6% of the total days this war has lasted and the 345 dead folks are 9% of the overall death toll of 3847. Therefore the Military Bloody Day that was located at 10 May this year was a blistering success!

It sure is a pity that you cannot communicate with the Americans on an argument based kind of conversation, even the former UK prime minister Tony Blair has found that out. The only argument the Americans listen to is the argument of filled coffins.
Therefore it looks wise to keep on studying how to fill American coffins efficiently because no other argument works.

In a few days I will write a html file with some statistical conclusions from these last 94 days of the '0' and '1' project.

Till updates my dear reader, have a nice life or try to get one. 

Title: Have a nice life Oops Keffer and Dubya or try to get one!

(26June2007) Today we take a look at the expected death toll numbers of the US led coalition in Iraq for the month of July. It was after four days of thinking and one more day for more thinking that I came up with the next strategy:

Strategy A: July in the 75 to 80 range, for August try to get above 141 of dead coalition slime (this in order to get above both Fallujah raidings death toll's) and for September likely any triple digit number will do in case the Petraeus speech is early in September.

Motivation: When we will have an artificial low death toll in July the Americans will climb over each other in order to shout into the Media microphones: See the surge is working! Ha! Now it is proven that our leader Dubya is indeed a very smart military leader! We win, they loose and the Iraqis are siding with us day by day & bla bla bla.
When August hits with a reality check the Americans will have a bitter taste of defeat in their ugly mouths...

There is a small danger with this strategy: It only works best when indeed the Iraqis can come up with 141+ coalition death toll in the month of August. My estimation is that this danger is so small it can be taken: I think that the Iraqis can beat the US/coalition death toll related to the second raiding of Fallujah. (Don't forget that in this second raiding we had the biggest concentration of heavily armor since World War II; there is nothing in the Korean war or the Vietnam war that compares to this so it will be very important to crush the monthly threshold of 141.)

Well this is all up for the local commanders, if they think that the 141 threshold cannot be crushed we simply have:

Strategy B: July any triple death toll number for the brave coalition that is not there to steal the oil but helping the Iraqis in finding happiness will do. August also triple digit but as high as possible (that could indeed mean above 141...).

Motivation: Keeping monthly USA death toll month in month out in a triple digit fashion is demolishing the American public opinion rather efficient.

So now you understand my problem: What is better, Strategy A or Strategy B? Well in order to make Petraeus a fool before the Congress I think Strategy A is the best...
It might look against nature to advise only in the 75 to 80 death toll range yet in order to expose and bring forward that Petraeus is just another four star fool it is the most wise number. (Actually it is precise 74 that will trigger the desired Media effect and therefore it is wise to kill only few in the first week, a bit more in the second week and spike killing on the 26th of July and later that month.)

With all my accumulated knowledge of a 43 year old man, this is the best advice I can give. It is fully thought through and all I can hope for is the blessing of Allah. This is all I can hope for...

At last; what about this month? It looks like the Iraqis will make it to some triple digit number of dead coalition slime, just like advised. So we will likely observe the first 'triple consecutive triple digit death toll of slime' in the entire Iraqi war. Right now it is 26 June and we have 91 dead slime reported plus we have the benefit of time lag...;) 

Till updates my dear reader, think well live well and fight well. 

(24 June 2007) It is today that I can publish a very interesting average, first lets take a look at the next screenshot from


You see that the highest daily average of killed coalition slime still is 4.02 and that  average goes back to 2003 and of course that average is from the invasion of Iraq...

Another interesting detail is the average from the last 143 days (that is exactly the time that I live in the new and bigger house by the way): It says 3.49 on average during the last 143 days. So averages are rising but lets take a look at the next screenshot made from my illegal SPSS crack: 

You see that during the days labeled with a '1' the average runs at 4.28 killed coalition slime / day. If today and in the coming two days no US slime gets killed in Iraq average will end at 4.02 but this is not to be expected...
So: 47 days is longer than the 43 of the invasion and 4.28 is higher than 4.02.

My dear Iraqis: You have made it; this simply means that this nice '0' and '1' project is from the military point of view more important than the whole invasion...
And the funny thing is: The US military even does not know... 

They do not know because they are too stupid in the first place and in case they are not stupid they will have some weird US emotional blockade in their weird heads.
How will, for example, the West Point students react? Very simple: They will ask the internet providers to bar this website from viewing inside the USA. As usual they will follow the strategy of the weak. How will local officials react? Very simple: there are no laws that forbid a website like this so what can they do? Not a thing...:)

Of course my thanks goes to the Iraqis: THANKS FOR HELPING THIS STORY!

Oh, there is only one little nasty detail left: I still would like to keep the Media out so I am very sorry but I have to repeat my request for one CNN journalist killed.
I am very sorry CNN employees, you know it is just like a farmer who selects a chicken for the evening meal. Does the farmer hate the chicken he selects? No, of course not and so it is just between you and me: I don't hate you, it is only functional... Only functional and efficient.

Till updates my dear readers. 

Oops! Update from 21.38 hours: Stupid me, I only sifted through the so called geographical details right now and what do they say???

From the reported 14 dead US slime we have 10 from Baghdad and 2 from Anbar Province... (The US West Point students are invited to read the words from 15 June below, these dumboes are invited too.)
Only very seldom you get one of those wonderful statistical details: 10 from the Baghdad zone and 2 from Anbar. THANKS!

To opponent US four star general David Petraeus I would like to say: Want another decade of this? Ok, you said it yourself: We likely need another 10 years to fight this insurgency.
Well if the USA needs the oil so bad you must do what you have to do David...

Title: OPEC readers are invited to click the pic and to start thinking... They are invited!

All that was needed to be said was said, so till updates. 

(22 June 2007) Today I have a small job for al Sadr, it will take at most two hours of work so I hope al Sadr can spare the time for this.


What's the job about? First read this media file (that looks relatively reliable and not riddled with too much propaganda).

The job is very simple: al Sadr has to invite this former taxi driver Abu Rusil or Abu al Hassan (the Shia commander that makes a hobby of drilling Sunni skulls). Very likely Abu will be honored to be invited by al Sadr.

Hopefully al Sadr will tell Abu a story that roughly goes along these points:

--The Americans invaded Iraq and they started using Shia to kill Sunni (rumors say those initial Shia killers were from the Iranian trained Badr brigades)

--So the Sunni, not particular crazy either, started killing Shia in return

--All the time the Americans used more and more Shia to kill more and more Sunni

--That is how your brother got killed Abu, so stop killing Sunni and concentrate on the American lead oil robbers instead.

Of course al Sadr can bring any other point around that he likes...


But beside this small job there is more to say to al Sadr: In nine days, that will be the 100th day of the '0' and '1' project I am planning to ask the Shia death squad commanders to minimize their activities because if they don't do that the market bombings will return.

This will be the second time that I will ask the death squad commanders to minimize their activities, if in lets say a period of 30 days there is no large decline in death squad activity the market bombings will resume.

More simple as this I cannot make it my dear al Sadr, lets follow the path of wisdom and minimize both the death squad labor and the Shia market places bombed...
Let Allah guide you just like he guides me.
Good luck with these jobs man! Good luck and who knows even the blessing of Allah... Who knows?

Till updates my dear readers, by the way: yesterdays reported 14 killed US slime has to be upgraded to 15 killed US slime in 48 hours, till updates.

(21 June 2007, local time 19.34) CNN's leading article is 14 US troops killed in Iraq in 48 hours. Significance of the hundred day long test runs at 3.35% so indeed: During the periods labeled as '1' we see significant more killed US slime.

My thanks goes to the Iraqis; THANKS! And at the same time the future US military officers corps that studies at the West Point academy are invited to check this all, advised is some kind of statistical exam...;) For example this SPSS database when testing the so called 2 sample independent T-test, in case the Americans are interested: I am very willing to write such a test for free...:)

At last an important point: In a few days the next '0' period will set in but if that large operation Arrowhead Ripper is still going on we cancel the whole thing. It cannot be that there is a '0' period when the Iraqis come under large attacks day in day out, that is not very helpful.
So if Arrowhead Ripper is still around then let postpone this statistical project to the end of July (likely the 26th of July since that is my birthday and in our culture we give each other small presents during your birthday...)

So lets end this ego boosting writing & once more a big THANKS to those who deserve it! Till updates.


(19 June 2007) Now on day 87 of the '0' and '1' project so called significance is running at 9.7/2 = 4.85% so it is very clear that the four day long curfew in Baghdad has eaten away all reserves there were build in...

When in the coming '1' days only one US soldier will not get killed we will crash the 5% of significance threshold. We will see how stuff will unfold, we will see.

Right now, as if it would matter, the Americans are staging a 10 thousand wide offensive against al Qaida in Iraq. Operations from the US military often have those very macho names, this operation is named Operation Arrowhead Ripper.
Arrowhead Ripper? Well that is something else then a DVD ripper, are the Americans so short on ammo that they need to rip arrows?
Why not give these kind of operations more realistic names? For example: 
Operation Oil Oil Oil, or
Operation Oil Oil & more Oil, or
Operation From Sweet Crude to Sour Oil; Here We Come, or
Operation All Iraqi Oilz R US?

Update on the Palestine equation: It was about 60 hours ago in the morning of the 17th of June I read this interesting news article. Of course I already had told al Qaida in Europe what to do at the height of the impending air raid.
But beside this I decided to 'post a comment' at that article of the timesonline dot co dot uk. Of course the post was not published but that was not the goal of that perfectly crafted post. Ha! It is estimated that this post was a big stick thrown in the henhouse of the European diplomatic corps. 
Right now (60 hours later) it looks like short termed military action is from the table and (of course) the Israelis are steering towards heavy handed economical sanctions. So I hope that Jordan and a lot of other countries will deliver lots of goods / medicine / other things like things for self defense to the Palestines.

I do not know how far the OPEC is in her thinking but as far as I am concerned the so called 'oil weapon' can easily be thrown in on behalf of the Gaza strip equation; act swiftly before the many thousands killed by the possible economical sanctions are there. Of course the oil weapon will be a smart weapon (because we are in the age of so called 'smart weapons') and only countries that support the possible future sanctions will get no oil for a period of three to five months. All other nations get it a a fixed price of say 80 US$/barrel but when they smuggle to the evildoers all deliveries are withhold... Why not give it a try my dear OPEC?
I mean my dear OPEC we will see idiotery like selling no water pumps towards the Gaza strip because water pumps can have so called 'dual use' (that means you can also pump poison with it). Why not let feel Dubya the weight of your powers?


Of course I have to keep an eye of the thoughts of opponent four star general Petraeus (he leads the coalition of slime in Iraq) and in this media file you see some details coughed up. For example Petraeus is relating death squad activity to building up US forces (of course the relation is as always: more US presence gives a better behavior on behalf of the Iraqis). Well you slime head Petraeus, if you are that good in minimizing Shia death squad activity why don't you make it a field day for me and bring it down below five deaths a day for a period of just one week?

By the way Petraeus, just between you and me, why did you not mention the decline in bombed Shia markets? Don't you have statistics on that detail my dear boy?
Why don't we have the usual 'bla bla more gives bla bla less'???


Update on the latest war of mosques inside Iraq: Everybody knows the details so let me spare you mention them again. In the first place I hope that the Shia death squad commanders only relate their activity to bombed Shia market places. If we do not have such a binding the picture gets too much blurred.

To al Qaida in Iraq the next is advised: At the moment it is observed that a cell wants to stage a hefty attack against a religious object or symbol of the heretics it is advised the kill the entire cell. There will be no time for long time Sharia judgements, kill first and ask questions later...

I know al Qaida in Iraq has a lot on it's mind but those who think they can stage attacks at religious symbols are heretics to me. Do what you have to do! 

Title: OPEC readers are invited to click the pic and to start thinking... They are invited!

Till updates. 

(15 June 2007) Only a short update today, it is around the Baghdad curfew and it's possible consequences it could have on the statistics of the '0' and '1' project.

Needless to day that now we are in a '1' phase and the Baghdad curfew hinders killing US military slime so this is bad for the significance threshold. Right now this threshold runs at 3.3% and when it comes above 5% we are in trouble.
Right now we are at day 85 of this project and all ways of measuring the correlation between the '0' and the '1' periods indicate a strong correlation between the slime killed and the period we are in, so it is clear the entire Iraqi nation tries to help me... (Now ok ok, those Iraqi parliament folks do not help me but that's another thing.)

My gut feeling says that the Baghdad curfew will not destroy the statistics, all we need are a bit more killed US slime outside the curfew area's. Beside this I can simply compensate for the curfew by estimating how much more US military slime would have died without a curfew... I hope sincerely that my fellow statisticians from the US military and the brave Israeli Defense Forces agree with me that this is a justified approach because the Baghdad curfew was unforeseen by all of us.

It has to be remarked that this hundred day long '0' or '1' project will give me a big sway over the mindset of the US officers corpse, the Iraqis also understand this detail so it is definitely worth some extra attacks on that US military slime. But it is right now only tactical where the large killings needed in August are from a more strategically point of view; just like before the US elections from last year it is important to kill enough of this slime in the month before opponent Petraeus will deliver his briefing before the US governmental thingelings.

That's it for today, till updates. 

(14 June 2007) In the Palestine equation things evolve swiftly and tunnel in the right direction, it was very interesting to observe that the Israelis were willing to 'help' Fatah in the West Bank only via for example weapon delivery...
Ha! In the past for many years the slimy Israelis took every opportunity to hinder the Fatah but now they are suddenly willing to 'help'.

But there was more weasel talk observed, this came from the White House via a spokesman for Dubya: Dubya has grave concerns around the Palestine violence.

Analysis: The day the international aid towards the Palestines was withdrawn only two seconds after that news reached me I understood Dubya was steering towards civil war inside the Palestine territories.
He wanted it, this was as clear as pure water.
Of course mind like slaves like the Dutch foreign minister Maxime Verhagen applauded the great success of withholding aid to the Palestines.
They all thought it would be a cakewalk of wiping the Hamas from the map after the electorial success of the Hamas movement. They calculated it would take some civil war kind of stuff (so they could blame the Hamas for all civil deaths) and the corrupt Fatah forces would win in the end after a few more years of internal struggle.

Well it did not pan out this particular way & this is not the first time that the Dubya folks are completely wrong in their view on the world. It beats me why they keep on being wrong when I expose all kinds of heavenly wisdom on these subject for many years on a row...;)

Ok ok, since I am after the destruction of the US military it is imaginable that they will always say 'no' when I say 'yes' & that is all you need to understand about international diplomacy: Use the emotional mindset of a three year old and you understand how the international diplomacy of the USA works.


Ok a few words to the Palestines: Executions on the spot give bad press, this is not advised. Now the green flag is waving over the Gaza strip it is still advised to apply a bit of democracy because that mechanism prevents civil war.
Right now it looks logical that the IDF is already planning for 'Fallujah kind' of raidings so prepare for hell. Prepare for a nice welcome towards the draft heroes from the IDF and all the air power they have...

Just like the advise as given to al Qaida: Strike civil targets inside Europe when the future IDF air raidings are on their high point. Keep European civil death toll below 500 (that means less then one kilometer of filled coffins is advised).

That's it for today, let me only say to the Israeli air force officers corps: Have a nice life or try to get one.

Till updates.  

(13 June 2007) Again some items today, five is their number. Five it will be:

  • 1) The adventures of the 10 year US treasury bond yields since 27 April (see the archive at 27 April 2007).
  • 2) One detail highlighted from the previous update around the situation in Anbar province, Iraq. 

And from the chapter 'How do very old advises upon the building of an army fare' we have two examples: 

  •  3) I never ever heard from the (Iraqi) The Army of the Men of the Naqashabandi Order, but they have a nice 'pillar seven'. We will quote it below.
  • 4) Today's tactical victories of the Hamas in the Gaza strip. 


And we take a look at:

  •  5) The statistic known as 'Bombed Shia markets in Iraq'.  

So quite a mixed picture, lets start:

ITEM ONE: The adventures of the US 10 year bond yields.

If you know nothing from bonds you can skip this detail. Lately these bond yields stand between 5.00% and 5.25% so they are just under Fred Bernanke's daily internight lending stuff from the FED to the commercial banks. Here is a graph of this yield:


Well nobody knows who does the selling so with a little smile on my face I would like to thank China & the look-alikes to hold on to the higher moral ground. And stop financing the immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...
Of course, just like the rest of the financial community I have no proof whatsoever but with an educated guess I only whisper 'thank you'.
I only hope there is a fundamental shift in policy of the Chinese and other countries in similar situations (India, Vietnam and so on). THANKS!  

ITEM TWO: A fine tuning of what I wrote two days ago around the situation in Anbar, Iraq. I wrote that as far as I am concerned the Anbar folks can pump up police and new born Iraqi army forces and restore a bit of elementary security around there.

This had not to be confused for only one gram of support for the Iraqi puppet regime, this is not to be confused with only one millimeter of support for this puppet regime.
They still fall under the classical definition of a puppet regime: Without foreign military aid it cannot survive. If in the (far) future they no longer have puppet status they will either be enemies or partners for progress... (The enemy status is still the most likely but as the Americans state it often: You need to have all options on the table). 

ITEM THREE: How did old advices fare?

I am talking about advices about when the army is still small and has a lot of growing to do combined with what to de about successors of fallen leadership.

Lets first quote from that completely unknown group named The Army of the Men of the Naqashabandi Order. Quoting pillar seven:

Pillar Seven: Our army adopts the reserve system (substitutes). That means if any of the leadership elements is lost, his reserve will replace him, and if this reserve is lost, his reserve will succeed him, and so on. A reserve will succeed another until the last mujahid in this army. This system is set up so as not to let the enemy think of arresting the leaders of this army or think that if the leadership of the Army exterminated, the army will end.
We anticipated that beforehand and established this Army on the basis of this approach following the reserve system established by God's Messenger (peace and prayer be upon him) in the Mu'ta Battle. Praise be to God.

Comment: Of course there have been at least two translations from the original advices (English to Arabic and now back) and beside that this text is from some oral interview but a very important detail misses:
Ensure in the organization that every new commander is better than the previous one (that is arrested or has been Martyred away).   

By the way my dear The Army of the Men of the Naqashabandi Order men, without any insult meant, may I call you the N-Order or may be New Order? That is I want of avoid having all kinds of little papers hanging around here with the correct 'Naqashabandi' name. Now I remark at myself it gets easier after a few times.
Let me practice some more: Naqashabandi, Naqashabandi, Naqashabandi...

Lets stop this item and go the the next one:

ITEM FOUR: If my memory is factual correct it was the day that the Hamas won the Palestine elections that I asked them to create a new army (of course they already had a very old so called 'military wing' but one wing does not make an army).
Again if my memory is factual correct it was a full week later that I only gave my congratulations to the Hamas, well I think first things come first...;)

Today's victory (just some tactical stuff) over Fatah was a lesson Fatah will remember for a long time, swift speedy and just the way I like it.
Hamas never forget it was the intention of the international diplomatic corpse that civil war would arise when they did cut the international aid towards the Palestines, within two seconds I understood this civil war would likely happen.

Today's swift and speedy takeovers give rise to the expectation that indeed no long lasting destructive civil war (where the Western and Israeli powers were likely hoping for) will not be there. So although there are many families with weeks of little or no water and food, the nightmare scenario dreamt up by people like Dutch foreign minister Maxime Verhagen will not come out.

A few words to Maxime: Oh oh Maxime, today you proved that you are nothing but a bag of dogshit because why did you portrait today this conflict as one between so called 'moderates' and 'extremists'? Why this one dimensional approach my bag of dog shit?
I mean you can also view this one dimensional as a struggle between non corruption and corrupted forces. And since 'good' often prevails over 'the evils of corruption' it is likely that true believers have won this time.
You Maxime you are a bag of shit, you yourself laid the foundations for this days events by actively stopping the international aid towards the Palestines. I mean weren't you very pleased when the aid was stopped so the hunger could set in?
Now Maxime, what is your answer on that? Still fighting evil Maxime? Clean your act up please...   

ITEM FIVE: I only want to remark that the statistic known as bombed Shia markets is running very low lately. If it stays that way I am planning on on day 100 of the '0' and '1' project to ask the death squad commanders in Iraq to minimize their activities again. (That would be the second time I would do such a thing, we have some weeks to go until that point in time).

I would like to thank the Iraqi Sunni's for withholding attacks on Shia markets and at the same time I would like to thank the Shia death squad commanders for following my advice for minimalization the very first time.

All in all I hope that both market bombing and death squad activity will stay low after day 100 of the '0' and '1' project. When one of these elements gets too high I will advice the other element to strike, these two details will be bound together.


Now you are at the end of this day's update. I you understand most of the details above you might be a successor of me... And now gheesh man, that would be lovely...;)

Till updates my dear reader, ok one more for the road we are riding:


(11 June 2007) Only four items today:

  •  Item one: Some perfect bridge attack.
  • Item two: A very short update on the situation in Anbar province, Iraq.
  • Item three: How does it work? An item for the Mosque preachers.
  • Item four: Why we need to see more CNN journo's killed. 

Item one: The bridge bombing from yesterday, in the Western media it surfaces as a suicide attack where normal people say it is a Martyrship attack. The details are staggering: The car (or the truck) explodes, one lane of the two lane bridge is utterly destroyed, the slabs of concrete fall on a US roadblock below...

Well on a scale of 1 to 10 this definitely is a perfect 10.

Item two: The situation in Anbar province. The Americans applaud the low level of US deaths inside Anbar as a very important success of their superior tactics and they plan to export this kind of stuff to the entire of Iraq.

So what is my vision on this?

Well of course I remarked that there were a little bit low US casualty numbers flowing from that particular Iraqi province but since the Anbar folks have taken the brunt for years and since general killed US slime was not negatively influenced I decided to be the wiser one and keep my mouth shut.

My respect goes to the people of the Anbar province because they have fought for years and if they need some months of recovery it is fine by me. After all from the statistical point of view there is no problem at all so why tunnel the Anbar folks in a attacking kind of mode where recovery is advised?

No way, only when it looks at the end of August we have to little killed US slime we need some Anbar help temporarily in order to achieve the needed level of dead US troops in that future month. For the rest the Anbaris can clean up the province from weird shit, recover and of course build up a bit of the thing called military power.
Only military power brings security and safety so I do not have any problems with filling the ranks of police and so called 'new born Iraqi army'; I mean the lack of police forces has been a major shame to me for many years.

BUT: It is advices to build up potential military power towards the occupiers and the stealers of oil contracts...

Item three: How does it work? How come that indeed lots of fanatics enter Iraq and make indeed some havoc around there? How come that indeed Iraq is some kind of trashcan for fanatics?

This all is very simple to understand: It is just like the way the war on drugs were fought in the past, make sure that all kinds of negative attributions are there on behalf of the drug dealers and guess what? It happens in practice!

So all Western media constantly say all kinds of fanatics head off to Iraq and guess what happens? They actually go.

Often I portray my opponent George Dubya Bush as a full blown idiot but the above detail he understands: When all Media Power folks say that fanatics go to Iraq than they will go. And so my opponent Dubya can say to the Americans:
'It is better to fight them in Iraq than on the streets of America'.
That little detail is understood by Dubya yet he misses or he messes the overall detail.

The Iraqi clergy is invited to explain to their audience how Media power can pan out, how you do it I do not care. Take some simple to understand life examples and reason along until you arrive at why lunatics are indeed entering Iraq.

Item four: Why do we need more killed CNN journalists? 

This question is very simple to answer:

It was only four and a half months on a row and at that date the US air power slime folks had already thrown the same amount of air ammo as 2006 entire.
Ok ok it was an Ass Press productions but CNN did not report it.

They reported World Sport, they reported Main Sail, they reported Living Golf, they reported all interesting things there are on the Business Traveler. They reported all kinds of interesting things about the collection of luxury things.

Yet they did not report that it took the US military only four and a half months to burn all that air ammo.

So I have to remove my ban on killing journalists and I advise to kill a bit of that CNN slime. 

That's it for today, end of the itemizing thing.

Till updates.

(10 June 2007) Important!!: We will now have 15 days of the so called '1' days instead of the previously announced 10 days. Spread the word please! Sorry I am a bit late with this but I had to do some thinking on a range of subjects like how to maximize the overall strategy until Petraeus goes back to the USA to deliver his insights to Congress and Senate.

Of course in July and August it can be tried to achieve more of those 'Third deadliest month until now' but for a number one top ranking we need only 11 dead more coalition slime...

All in all the best strategy to follow is: Try to reach this month a triple digit death toll for the coalition slime while for July and August try to get above 141 reported dead coalition slime. I hope I do not over ask the Iraqis with this, I hope the evident advice given is a realistic advice.

Ha! These weird Americans, why can you only conduct dialogue with them via the method of filled coffins? Just like in the runup to the previous Congress / Senate elections from last year? Why is the coffin filling machine the only way to deal with the Americans? That part of the equation is still not fully understood by me, may be it is the fact that the USA strategic oil reserve is shrinking by the day a part of the answer... Who knows.

I wish those who stage the attacks a lot of luck, please never forget it are their works that make it possible for me to stand on their shoulders and hang out some 10 feet tall guy... Good luck to the local commanders, to the so called foot soldiers and of course to all supporters in general like for example the Iraqi females.

Good luck to the Iraqi females? Yes, that is because I am planning for a feast meal the day after Petraeus delivers his speech. I am not the best cook in town but I am seriously planning on writing a few recipe's for some details in some feast meal.

So that's it for today: Some advice on needed killed US slime and the announcement of some cooking stuff in case this all pans out fine...

Till updates.   

(09 June 2007) Only a short update for my fellow statisticians: Right now the one tailed significance is running at a nice 1.2% (that is a 1 : 83 ratio) and that is a new record as far as I know it.

Now I know the Americans a few years longer and I am 99.95% sure that at most 0.05% of US military statisticians know what I am talking about. In case you still have not done it: Read 11 May for what exactly zero and alternative hypothesis are...

My dear fellow US military statisticians, let me drop a few more 2000 pounders in the pursuit of happiness, this time a picture paints a thousand words. The words create emotion and the emotion creates new ways of so called logical thinking...

And here is the next 2000 pounder: At the present date both Kolmogorov-Smirnow and Shapiro-Wilk runs at the triple digit of 0.000 significance in my lovely crack of the SPSS program.
I know now that the West Point graduates use the Minitab program, well let we both run our shows:
--You weird folks with a legal version of Minitab &
--I the SPSS crack show... 

Please let me beat the shit out of you, you asked for it & there is no denying this!
After all most West Point graduates have strange insights upon the real effect of the application of air power, it is just an example but I will beat the shit out of you folks.

Till updates my dear and beloved reader, till updates. 

(08 June 2007) The last days I only did what I advised myself to the Iraqis: Take some time and visit family and friends. Well I had a pleasurable time, some good conversation and some good fun. Both are important pillars of life, or not?

So I did not write a large html text with lots of interesting statistics in it around the so called '0' and '1' days and although I planned to take some time today to start with it we will instead look at some perfectly crafted US propaganda.

Here is the main leading CNN article stating that there is a major rift seen in the Iraqi insurgency. Please read the article first...


So now we are supposed to believe that the Islamic Army in Iraq, the former Baathists and the famous 1920 Brigades are 'friends' with the Americans..? 
How come I am shaking with laughter?
Ha! The 1920 Brigades waited 87 years to expose their friendly feelings towards the Americans? All groups have forgotten the road of death that ended Gulf War One?
A decade of economical sanctions and only hysteric rhetoric from the USA? Peanuts, just peanuts!
Oops, the former Baathists forgetting that it were the Americans in the first place that implemented the present civil strife because they used Shia's to kill Sunni's?
Wow wow wow, in case that all is true then it is indeed breathtaking what takes place in the Iraqi Anbar province. But sorry; I don't buy this crap.

So far the 'fun part', now for the serious part:

In the article it is mentioned for example that it has been practiced that people were amputated a finger or even a hand for only smoking... I have no way of verifying such claims from more sources but if correct I wish the Anbar people luck with cleaning up the province from amputating weirdo's like that.
In case smoking has to be faught, a fine of lets say a hundred Euro's is already a harsh punishment.
And if there was indeed the rule of tyranny, good luck in cleaning the province... 
Apply the rule of live and let live (of course crime has to be fought).

We end with a quote that lets shine through the level of cleverness from the CNN sources. Quote:

"After we are done with al Qaeda," Abu Ali says, "we will ask the Americans to withdraw from Iraq. ... If they do not withdraw, there will be violations and the American army will be harmed."

He adds, "Especially after the help the U.S. Army has provided us, we would like them to go home as our friend, not enemy."

Comment: This is of breathtaking naivety. But it can be done, here is how to do it:

(In the transition of stuff we had some problems so there is some text missing forever...) 

After these goals are achieved the Americans would very fast turn down to only a 50 thousand presence for only 50 years (the South Korean model that is under study right now by the honorable opponent SecDef Robert Gates).  

Oh oh CNN, how ever can you pump up such a piece of crap writing? How come?

Oops, before I forget it: The US air force has right now already used more air power then the whole of 2006.  To be precise: After only 4.5 months they already took the 2006 threshold... So it looks like they upscaled air power with 270% for this entire year, why this is I do not know but it is clear they fight more and more the coward way and more and more they follow a strategy of the weak. Here is the Ass Press detail on this. Since the application of air power is mainly inside heavily populated area's you can be 100% sure there will be at least 2.7 times as many civilian deaths... You can be SURE about that so why do they always say it was a regrettable  accident? It beats me, when I am sure about future civil deaths I never say it is just a bit of (bad) luck, I would say it was just in the planning.

Till updates.

(06 June 2007) Why does it always take such a long time to see the obvious? Only today I thought 'Why not write a crash course SPSS for the Iraqis'? So they can test the effect of future 'possible reported dead US slime' so that in the '0' periods we do not have 'too little' US slime killed.

So here is the crash course in three jpg pictures, first download a crack of SPSS with a p2p program like Shareaza. Install the crack on a computer (always download two or three cracks because not all cracks work properly).

Then load this dot sav file that contains the data needed (The variable Slime refers to the daily reported dead US soldiers, the rest is obvious). 
Start the program and open the dot sav file.

Open this picture, you see you have to choose Analyze from the main menu above.
Then you go to compare means and in that submenu you go for independent samples t-test.

Open the second picture, choose Slime as the test variable. For grouping choose MBDper and fill in 1 and 0 to differentiate between the groups. Now the output screen opens with the output.

Open the third picture, look for 'two tailed significance' in the upper row. In our case it says 0.033. That means 3.3%.
Divide 0.033 by two to get the one tailed significance. This gives 0.0165.

After that you calculate 1/0.0165 = 60.60606060... say 61. (Likely your results are slightly different because I have already updates the dot sav file on my own computer while you use the one from yesterday or the day before or use the one from a future date update...)

The meaning of the 61 is as next: The odds of having a united resistance against the occupier are 1 to 61. So it is 61 times more likely there is unity compared to what the Americans always say 'There is no central command'.

The next is extremely important: This number has always to be above 20! If it declines below 20 (meaning one tailed significance is above the 0.05 threshold) all work of the last 75 days has become meaningless.

You see it is not very difficult. Now all you have to do is the next:
Maximize US death toll in the periods labeled with a '1' and when later there is another '0' you can kill as much of that slime you need or like to kill BUT stop before the 20 border is taken. (Always ensure one tailed significance is below 0.05)


Next item: I only read one Media article on the subject but it looks like that quarrel between the Islamic Army in Iraq and al Qaida in Iraq is over. I hope the forming of that judicial comity/council will work properly.

Again, only for the second time, I would like to ask al Qaida in Iraq to take their time that is needed to build that what we want. Don't waste that what has been gained. Don't forget that the footprint of al Qaida is already relatively large in Iraq & do not forget that right now there is nothing that can wipe that footprint out.

Just an example: When someone rings at my doorbell and invites me to the latest 107 floor highrise building stating 'It only took seven days to build and Dubya is coming too so you can look him in the eye, bla bla this and bla bla that' would I accept the invitation? Well it would take an awful lot of firepower to drive me into that building.


Last item: The so called Explosively Formed Penetrators or the EFP's as the US military commonly names them. They have the capability of ramming through all armor the rumors go. They can also be fired from a 50 to a 100 yard kind of range, anyway this is what the rumors often say.
Of course they come from Iran the rumors say.

Well today I would like to introduce the concept of the Statistically Explosively Formed Penetrator or the SEFP. The SEFP is very simple to make, all you need is a good statistical program like for example the SPSS program and you use some screenshot to produce the very first SEFP:

So I greet the Slime & the Glory, oh oops it has to be the Power & the Glory. Sorry my dear US military folks, of course you are heroes and not slime or so...:(

Till updates, have a nice life or try to get one.

(04 June 2007) This update is purely technical in nature, it is only meant for readers who like the analysis of a small set of battlefield data: The measurement of and in how far daily US military death toll in Iraq is clearly related to the series of  '0' and '1' days. 

Today I updated the 'dot sav' file for the SPSS package (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) and I did some serious statistical ramming around. And from all that statistical ramming around I got hungry. So I just clicked a bit around and sometimes the computing device needed a lot of time to fulfill my statistical hunger...

Today I am also very friendly towards my statistical fellows inside the Pentagon in particular and in the US military in general. I am friendly because I am some 314.59 pound statistical gorilla where my American statistical fellows look rather slender lets not say have a anorexia trait over them. I am only in a friendly mood today, so here are the conclusions you can draw from the dot sav file:

When you test if the variable known as Slime (the daily US casualty rate) has the normal distribution in the time frames known as '0' or '1' we get the next output:  

We see that the variable Slime has a normal distribution on the '0' days where the 'attacks are advised' days do not have such a random kind of behavior. It is not normally (or Gaussian) distributed.

Question for the US military: What does this mean?

Answer: That means that amongst all groups who actually stage attacks against you slimy folks, no local commander and no local group works against me. Or better: No one is against this selfunfolding story...;)

For teasing the US statistical folks: Would you like it in case when one of your four star air power generals shouts: Attack!!! That in that case the amount of applied air power and the amount of dead enemy folks would be nicely normal distributed just like it was? Now my dear US military slime? Now?


(03 June 2007) Ok ok, I have to admit it: I have made a serious error of judgment.
You know I thought that after the Iraqis succeeded in doing the next:

  • Made it to the very first 'triple digit death toll' of two consecutive months on a row for coalition and US military alike &

  • Turned May 2007 into the third ranking most deadly month for the USA and the entire coalition alike &

  • Succeeded in making April and May combined the highest combined death toll number ever (of two consecutive months) in this entire war in Iraq, then: 

I thought the Iraqis would be very exhausted and so it would be better if they could rest and lay down for 10 days...

Well statistics indicate that there is no exhaustion at all! The latest data from the battlefield are just of a breathtaking beauty: We are only three days into June and daily running average is already running above 5!!! As far as I can recall this has never been observed before because the way the West tracks the daily average it is ensured that in the beginning of the month there is always severe underreporting on the daily average number. (They do this very simple: Total reported dead are divided by the number of days but there is always time delay in the reported number of death so they divide by 'too many days'. At the end of the month this effect slides away.)

Now what is my error of judgment? Very simple: I expected more exhaustion where in effect there are lots of celebration kind of feelings amongst those who do the actual attacks...;)

If the local commanders already want the Summer offensive to be there already it is fine by me, after all they do most of the work. And I do respect these views because the local commanders have all the local information that I do not have...
But it is still advised to keep the daily amount of killed US slime slightly beyond average & let me assure you: At the moment I smell this '0' and '1' thing is hindering operations I will withdraw that funny policy immediately.

After all: The goal is to win this war and the time frame from  24 March to 27 May was already enough to impress the US military very hard. They finally understood how lousy there own statistics have been all these years...;))

It is time to split but I have a nice link towards a Washington Post dot com article that describes a so called 'complicated attack' as done by evil terrorists in Iraq... Now come on my dear US military, don't you have nothing better than turning Mr. Grant into Hero Grant? My beloved Iraqis can pop up much nicer stuff compared to your weird propaganda with that baby kind of stuff...

You truly are a bunch of weirdo's my dear US military, you just are.   
Till updates.

(02 June 2007) Today we take a small look at the advancements of honorable opponent US SecDef Robert Gates (the successor to the defeated not so honorable anymore Donald Rumsfeld). Because Robert was the head of a US university I hoped for some more brains but right now we can conclude that I have to say the same as I told Rumsfeld a few years ago:

Robert Gates, I will beat the shit out of you! I promise and I swear...

Why would the honorable Robert need to get such a treatment? That is beside standard US rhetoric like 'We need to pump up the pressure on Iran' or 'We need more help from the international community with Afghanistan' it was 'We foresee a long lasting military intervention in Iraq just like in South Korea' that was the droplet that overflowed the bucket.

Of course it is very likely that Robert is wiser and understands the relatively small likelihood of such a 'South Korean' thing happening but in the way US policies are structured he just has to follow the orders of his boss Dubya. We all know how smart Dubya is so this likely explains the stupid words of opponent Robert Gates.

Yet he spoke them anyway so he has to bear full responsibility. Lets leave mental dwarf Robert with that and turn to the second and last subject of today's update:

Why the so called surge of the US military is another disaster in the making:

From the military and civilian viewpoint together it is relatively easy to understand how such a surge should be executed:

--You pour in more soldiers, lets say a 1000 a day.
--You study fatality/wounded rates because there are more fatalities/wounded due to more confrontation with enemy folks.
--All the time the percentage of killed heroes stays the same, you just keep pouring in more and more soldiers.
--Finally after many many more soldiers the percentage of killed US heroes starts to decline (that means you have taken the 'surge threshold', estimations of this 'surge threshold are unknown to most of you weird folks).
--You keep on pouring in more and more soldiers until the percentage of killed US soldiers is so low they can finally start working efficiently, do what they were supposed to do in the first place (helping the Iraqi people, the so called 'civilian component').

Lets stop the teasing, only a message to the Iraqis: There are now 73 days in the (small) database. With something like a hundred days I have enough statistical info so that when I make slices of the database it still contains at least 20 days of bodycounting US slime. So about one more month is enough...

After that we will see if there are needs to keep this policy up or think upon something else that maximizes USA defeat.   

That's it, till updates.

That's all: You need such a level of soldiers that they can work efficiently and so is the present surge enough? I mean we have 15 months deployments instead of 12 months so that is 25% more and we have those 30 thousand additional slime representing 20% more so all in all it is 1.25 * 1.2 = a rough 50% more.
(Of course the use of civil contractors to 'protect' the US military always goes unreported so if they have a 'surge' too we have to leave that one out of the equation.)

Because not all of the 20% more boots are working already there are right now not 50% more US casualties. (We are running at something like 35% more casualties nicely in line with the unfolding of the surge...) Now when you study daily/weekly/monthly death toll, the 'surge threshold' is not taken by far.

So from the military point of view this surge is a disaster in the making, failure will be there or I will eat my shoes. And believe me it is all so simple that I can easily offer to eat my shoes; that particular future scenario will never materialize.

By the way, it beats me that so many people think that enemy opponent four star US general Petraeus is such a smart guy. I think he is a gambler and gambles with his last assets and I think these assets are not enough to take the 'surge threshold' significantly. It is simple: In case Petraeus is truly a smart man, he is desperate as hell...;)

To put it simple: The surge is too little too late.

Till updates my dear enemy Petraeus & have a nice life or try to get one.     

(01 June 2007) The sting of successes just continues in an amazing speed:

---We had lately a new announcement from al Qaida International (done by the so called American al Qaida) stating that there will be a larger than 9/11/2001 attack. (See in the archives what I wrote on 22 May this year).
---And on top of that the very first reported dead from Walter Reed is there, as far as I know this is the first reported dead from the Walter Reed medical facility... (See below what I wrote at 25 May this year).
(Oops: Only a few hours after I posted the above, the Walter Reed story was withdrawn and replaced by National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Md... I do not know what to think of that move. Here is a quote from the Ass Press:

Private First Class Matthew Bean was shot in the head by a sniper on May 19th during a door-to-door search for a group of missing US soldiers that includes 25-year-old Alex Jimenez of Lawrence.

He was flown to Germany for surgery and then to Walter Reed Medical Center on May 23rd.

Bean was removed from life support yesterday and died early today. He was a member of the Army's 10th Mountain Division and a 2003 graduate of Silver Lake Regional High School in Kingston.

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Here is what the US department of defense makes of it (source):

Pfc. Matthew A. Bean, 22, of Pembroke, Mass., died May 31 at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Md.

So are we getting fooled or so? You can't die in two places...

Hence following a strategy of the weak we conclude that you can die in two places. The only question left unanswered is: Why should America follow a strategy of the weak in the first place? 

That's it for now, later to be updated or, as usual:

Till updates.

(31 May 2007) Today I was in a 'staring mood', only a lot of staring and waiting. In the afternoon I bicycled throw the rain for three quarter and after that I bought some lovely strawberries at the local store.

Now on 16.08 local time I turned on the computer, went to my favorite website and guess what? It said total coalition death toll in Iraq for the month of may stands at:


Therefore this month of May 2007 will make it in the history books as the third ranking deadliest month for the brave and heroic oil robbers... Oops, the brave and heroic coalition that only fights evil terrorists... 

So there is enlightening in the heart, pleasure in the brain, excitement in my fingertips & a whole lot more. Lets celebrate with a cup of lovely strawberries (just 1.49 € for 500 gram at the local Jumbo...)...

Yeah, lets do that & my thanks go to all Iraqis who have helped to achieve this lovely goal. THANKS!!!

Till updates.  

(31 May 2007, second and last update) Ok, in a few days time I have enough information to run some interesting statistical analysis. For example since the '0 or 1' project started on 24 March a total of at least 252 dead US military slime is reported. To be honest: on the 24th of March I was still struggling to get back online, let me spare you the boring details but I have made four visits in person to the desk of the local internet service provider with questions like 'It still does not work and what is your excuse this time?'

Over the entire observed time frame daily average runs at 252/68 = 3.71 slime a day (this is '0' and '1' together).
When we split up for this we get:
On the '0' days daily average = 3.00
On the '1' days daily average = 4.42

From the statistical point of view the 1.42 difference can only be explained via the enormous trust the Iraqis have in me & it has to be emphasized that I am only one guy and one website with also a very strange name on it...;) What would happen if I would like to have the thing called 'Media Power'? Ha, my dear US military in that case all hell would break loose so I am the wise guy and wait as long as possible before the in the long run inevitable media weasels start interfering.

But hey! Lets make some fun! Until now I not said as why the 10th of May needed to be a Military Bloody Day... Want to know?
Well during my transfer to a new house I got a ticket from the local police of 75 € and the last day of possible payment was the 10th of May...
Ain't it funny: Only 75 € & all these extra filled US coffins?

Now the Iraqis must not think that I send them into battle for just 75 € kind of thing, the organization that collects these kind of payments has large sway over me and legally they could end this website... What the police can't do, what no prosecutor can do can be done by the Central Juridical Incasso Buro from the city of Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

Well in Media land things slowly start to dawn: They start realizing that the last two months were the heaviest and most deadly 'two month period' for the coalition and US military alike in the entire war in Iraq...

So if the smart folks from the CJIB think it is wise to keep on pumping the shit at my doorstep it might be advised to think twice. I will pay what I owe you but if you keep on pumping the shit I will declare you an official al Qaida International target.
Am I one hundred percent and one thousand promille clear my dear CJIB employees?

Ok, till updates says this (computer) desktop general & again I would like to thank the Iraqis! Thanks for the easily measurable trust you have in me, just thanks...  

(Date of publishing was 03 May (the first half) and the second half on 22 May 2007) For reasons of archiving I place the text in the archive:

Ok, we have Military Bloody Day in one week so what is the amount of air power allowed for the Western air forces?

Well very simple: In the Iraqi equation 450 pound is allowed and since I observed on previous MBD's that the Americans often piss beside the potty by using cannon rounds they can also use at most 35 cannon rounds. So if the Americans choose to use the fastest blaster around (70 rounds/second) they can only fire for at most 0.5 seconds.
In the Afghan equation ISAF forces & USA forces combined: 250 pounds at most. No cannon rounds allowed.

That's it, just like I order a bread at the local bakery I publish this.

Update from 22 May: Like expected the Western air powers did not do that what was needed. I never exposed it but I was on a trajectory of exactly seven Military Bloody Days and when in two or more cases the Western air forces did not do the brave fighting that was needed, we need another 911.
So now it is formal: Permission for a larger attack than 911 is allowed.

 It is formal and it is definitive, this multi year plan has grown this way & the Western air forces did it themselves.
It is formal, it is definitive and likely unavoidable.
It might take many years it might take a few days, I do not give a shit: It is formal now!


(30 May 2007) In my previous update there was a little flaw, I hassled up a few things and so I wrote, quote:

So if we get an additional 21 reported US slime dead we will have the second deadliest month for the entire war and beside that we already have the very first period where on two consecutive months you need a triple digit number. 

So what's the flaw? Well I should have written 'period' instead of month because only the Fallujah raidings have a higher number of reported killed US slime. It is not a major flaw, it is just a tiny detail but this month of May can only get 'third single deadliest month of the entire war' status.

There is also good news: Without the death toll from 29, 30 and 31 May (they are not reported right now) we already have 117 reported US dead slime and so this already is the third ranking deadly month for the USA. So this very desirable goal has been achieved by the Iraqis. Again: congratulations.

For the entire anti Iraqi coalition to have that same statement: We need six more reported dead military folks inside Iraq. Only six, it looks like a cakewalk but we better not fool ourselves and wait until solid evidence is there.
This nasty oil driven war will last on for some more years and will have it's further wrecking consequences for the Iraqi population.

In another development it was reported that the number of car bombs were down, I have not compiled any good statistics on this but I hope that this statistical detail emerges from the fact that there are less Shia market places bombed.
Well I never compiled statistics on that but my gut feeling says it is so. Although this is a very important development, and I welcome this from the bottom of my heart, it is important that Shia death squad activity stays at it is. We need a far bigger reduction in bombed Shia market places so lets hope that will materialize.

Of course the death squad commanders have their own responsibility in this all: It would be very handy if after every Shia market bombed there is a spike in your operations. Save the 'revenge needed' from other attacks at your communities up for those spiking days. But as always: keep things clear and don't kill too much.
Don't kill to much Sunni my dear Shia, that is because I like the Sunni very much but there are some amongst their midst that think it is wise to blast markets.

Well these folks will find me on their way and they will not like it, it is the task of the Shia death squad commanders to make sure these folks indeed do not like it.
Good luck with your complicated task, just good luck.

Till updates, sleep well & don't forget that in just two days a so called '0' period will set in for 10 days. So we expect average dead US slime below the long running average while in the 10 days thereafter we are in a '1' period and we expect the desired stuff above the long running average...;) Live well my dear reader.  

(27 May 2007) Good news from Iraq: This month of May needs a triple digit number to write down the coalition & the US military death toll!


Right now we have 103 US slime reported dead and overall coalition death toll is standing at 108... So this is great news.


We still have four days unreported, if the Iraqis can keep up the killing pace at the average level of four reported a day we would get 108 + 4*4 = 108 + 16 = 124 And that is only four less then the second ranking deadliest month of the entire war.

So if we get an additional 21 reported US slime dead we will have the second deadliest month for the entire war and beside that we already have the very first period where on two consecutive months you need a triple digit number.

Man oh man, that will be hard work and it also needs luck... Well I wish the Iraqis all the luck they need;


Ha! When seven days ago I wrote down these words I never ever dreamt of reaching the triple digit goal so fast. It is amazing, just amazing...;)

Till updates.  

(26 May 2007) With the reported incoming reports of killed US slime inside Iraq we have received good news: Right now statistical significance of the last Military Bloody Day has two sided level of 0.063, since we measure upscaling (a one sided kind of thing) it is one tailed 0.063/2 = 0.0315.
Thus it is indicated that there is a 1/0.0315 = a 1: 32 likelihood that I am in the right versus enemy Dubya who faces a 32 : 1 kind of problem...

Ok lets keep it simple: We need only two more killed 'coalition members' to arrive at the desired stuff and only seven more reported US slime reported dead to arrive at more desired stuff. It is now the 26th of May so we have five more reporting days to go and it is very likely we will achieve our goals.

In another development I have enlarged the analysis of the MBD from the 10th of May with the reports of dead US military slime until now, that means I have updated the table as given on 11 May below. Here is the link in case you cannot scroll down for some weird reason...

Now in order that I do not like it to expose to my four star enemies in the US military I will not explain why certain periods of time are labeled '0' (meaning less US slime is advised or expected where periods labeled with a '1' should have significantly more killed of this kind of slime). I mean why should I feed the US military statisticians with the stuff they need to attack me myself & I?

No no, only Allah knows the future and I do not have a clue if I will make it towards my own statistical goals.

Lets leave it with this.

Till updates.  

(25 May 2007) Today there were six US slime reported making it very likely that we will see another triple death toll month... That is good news but we ain't there yet.
We only need 10 more reported US military slime to achieve the desired stuff.

Will we make it towards that goal? Because we have only six more days left in this month of May. Nobody knows, only Allah knows the future. Yet I am very confident on this & I wish the Iraqis good luck in killing at least 10 of this slime.

In another development we study the famous Associated Press count of dead US soldiers, for a few years I always write Associated Press as Ass Press and this is not for nothing of course.

The Associated Press death toll of killed US military is by far the international standard of reporting on this. On all media files on a global scale it is the Ass Press that rules the numbers reported...

For example when a US soldier dies in the Walter Reed hospital and it is clearly related towards an attack inside Iraq or Afghanistan it never reaches the Ass Press counting. This is very interesting because this is a way of deflating US death toll while on the other hand it is clearly a strategy of the weak.

I mean I follow this war on a daily basis and I have observed zero reports of US military who died in Walter Reed, so it is clear we are getting fooled. And so it's clear the real US military death toll is far beyond the Ass Press counting on this.
Even CNN's war whores like Christiana Armanpour can understand this: When after so many years we have zero reports of dead US slime inside Walter Reed we only have two things:

H0 : Walter Reed is the heaven of medical stuff; no one dies over there, versus
Ha : We are getting fooled.

And what about CNN's Nic Robertson who hangs around like the gay war whore? Does he not understand what underreporting is happening? And that CNN guy Jonathon Mann that runs the 'Insight' thing? And what about that bearded fellow that runs the so called 'Situation Room'? They all think that it is very normal to have zero reports of dying US soldiers in the Walter Reed hospital?

Why all this propaganda my dear CNN & my dear Walter Reed medic staff? Why?

That's it for the update of today. Have a nice life or try to get one my dear reader.

Till updates.

(24 May 2007, second update) Here we have an interesting report upon a brave US soldier who has lost both his legs while fighting in Iraq. It is of interest to observe that we routinely do never see any reports of US soldiers dying in Germany or the  Walter Reed hospital inside the USA. It only makes you wonder: Why does the USA apply the strategy of the weak? Why not include medical deaths inside the statistics? Why? 

(24 May 2007) Only a short and temporary update to today; It has to be remarked that with an amazing speed after I published the next words:

So now it is formal: Permission for a larger attack than 911 is allowed.  

there was a very interesting video posting from al Qaida international. Here is the media file (it is posted on a blog from abcnews so you cannot find it via the google news thing but luckily gossip journalist Matt Drudge posted it) that describes the video (I haven't seen it myself).
The publishing speed is amazing, it is even a few hours faster compared to the highest speed the Iraqis react upon updates/new publications...

Well the next attack can take just a few days or even many many years, for myself speaking I do not expect it in just a few days because of the problems there are with using telephones and email and stuff like that. Beside this planning and staging an attack that is even larger compared to the 911 attacks from 2001 will take a very long time, that is easy to understand.

Also it is wise to remark that I am not some kind of hothead, Osama published about 16 months ago his promise that more attacks were in the making, I chewed a long long time on it and now after 16 months I have arrived at the conclusion that stuff is allowed.

In another very different development it was observed that the Chinese are finally stopping their policies of buying as much US bonds as possible and have shifted towards buying commercial companies. I do not know how large the shift is and how long it will last but I am glad that they have done this because buying US government bonds is of doubtful moral nature. The Americans use the bond money to finance the war in Iraq and Afghanistan so this is of a doubtful thing to do: for example child death has doubled in Iraq since the invasion of the oil robbers & when you buy US government bonds your money is used to do things like that.
I am not saying it is an official policy of the USA to double child death rates, I am saying that because of the fact that the Americans are very stupid the child death rates have been doubled. May be not all Americans are very stupid but their present administration definitely is...

At last: This month has seven more days, we need another 12 coalition soldiers killed to make it a triple digit death toll month for the coalition & we need 17 more dead US military slime in order to have the same statement for coalition member America. Well 12/7 = 1.71and 17/7 = 2.43 are the daily averages needed and both averages run well below the monthly averages we have until now...

Well I don't want to be a king because in general I dislike royalty but if the Iraqis can place the crown on the Military Bloody Day related to 10 May this month I would feel great pleasure. That would be the very first time in the entire war in Iraq we would see a triple digit death toll in two consecutive months...

Of course folks like US general Coldwell will try and argue this away into insignificance by stating things like 'With more soldiers you have more encounters with the extremist enemy therefore resulting in more deaths' but that would only validate we had to few US soldiers all these years... That would only validate one more dumb Dubya/Rumsfeld insight.

Well we will see if we make it to the very first triple digit double months equation... We will see BUT I wish the Iraqis luck into their works on this.

Till updates.

(22 May 2007) Today we will look at two details of interest: The search for the missing US soldiers in Iraq and some suburb gossip as found on the website of gossip journalist Matt Drudge; it is about US officials thinking that this Summer Iran wants to pull of a 'decisive battle' against America in order to drive the Americans from Iraq...

The case of the missing US soldiers: They are now missing for 10 days and the US military is doing weird stuff like draining canals and so. Well last Summer we had a so called Military Bloody Day located at 26 July, like always I published the amount of allowed air power and of course (like always) the Americans did not care.
So when the air power summery was in I had to inform the audience that from now on biological and chemical weapons were allowed because the Americans indicated that they did not care...
Well you can use animals to test chemical weaponry but for biological weaponry you have to experiment on humans, the most logical choice would be captured US military folks. It is hard to judge if those experiments already take place but since they were captured by members of the Islamic State in Iraq it is rather likely.
But it is nice to see the US slime do their stinking best in finding them, just look on for lets say another 40 days my boyz!

(Oops, this is an update from 25 May implemented into the writings of 22 May; I have never done such a thing before but we quote Dubya on the case of the missing soldiers.) Here we go:

THE PRESIDENT: I'm confident that the military is doing everything it can to find the missing soldiers. I talked to General Petraeus about this subject and Secretary Gates, and General Petraeus informs him that we're using all the intelligence and all the troops we can to find them. It's a top priority of our people there in Iraq.  

Comment: Dubya Dubya, why did you not read my 26th July 2006 words about how future US military captured military should be treaded? I am puzzled Dubya, I am only puzzled... I mean you were the one that said 'The enemy is so evil that most of us in the USA do not know what they do why they do'. You know they are needed for biological experiments, why do you tell that Petreaeus crap Dubya? Why?

Second detail: The case of the official gossip: First read this article as found on the Guardian. To get a feel for the level of idiotery, here is a quote from the article:

The official said US commanders were bracing for a nationwide, Iranian-orchestrated summer offensive, linking al-Qaida and Sunni insurgents to Tehran's Shia militia allies, that Iran hoped would trigger a political mutiny in Washington and a US retreat. "We expect that al-Qaida and Iran will both attempt to increase the propaganda and increase the violence prior to Petraeus's report in September [when the US commander General David Petraeus will report to Congress on President George Bush's controversial, six-month security "surge" of 30,000 troop reinforcements]," the official said. 

Well there are an enormous amount of arguments against such a way of thinking, let me name a few:

Argument one: Somewhere in the past opponent Dubya has declared that Iraq will only be a comma compared to what the USA is going to do to Iran. Hence at the moment enough US firepower is withdrawn from Commaland the Americans will attack Iran. So it is in the interest of Iran that the US military stays bogged down in Commaland. (Beside this, Dubya has now lame duck status so it is highly unlikely that he will get Congressional/House approval for another war adventure.)

Argument two: The Americans see the flow of Iranian weapons as 'proof' for a high level conspiracy but they never back that up. Now suppose if it was an Iranian conspiracy, in that case the Iranian leadership would have a large sway over the Iraqi Sunni's and if the weapons were delivered for free they would likely set conditions like 'Do not use these weapons for attacks against Shia' or 'Stop those market bombings and we will deliver'.
It looks far more reasonable that those weapons are sold for money only, just like we have drugs trade in all countries and like we have weapon trade in all countries. The only difference is that the Iraqi weapons market is far larger...

Argument three: The Americans not only think they are the beginning and the end of the universe, they also have a tendency to view other nations as if they were 'little America's'. In America it is very normal to have all kinds of covert operations while for example in my own country Holland the Dutch army and political leadership never ever use covert operations in Germany or Great Brittany.
So the American always see conspiracy where in fact there is nothing, this is an element of American folklore; they love to be hysteric.  

There are many more arguments to be made, but lets leave it with that except for one detail:

Right now we are in the third day of fighting in Lebanon where the Lebanese army is fighting a heavily armed Sunni group. How do they come on all that heavy weaponry? Rumors indicate they were via Saudi Arabia with the approval or under pressure from America. The rumors whisper that the Americans hoped that this Sunni group would attack Hezbollah... I do not know if these rumors are more than just rumors but in case they are true it is logical that the USA officials view all kind of weaponry flowing as some conspiracy.

Till updates. 

(21 May 2007) If this news is in fact correct it is definitely like a shit tasting meal. Did the US military indeed arrest an entire ring that specialized in the helicopter downings from January and February?

In case you are new to this story you might not understand how dire this is when it is true: see for example the statistics from the Military Bloody Day related to 02 February this year. On that MBD we had the fourth heli down and that was enough to make heavenly statistics from. Bah! Just bah! We will not loose the war via these arrests but this is bad bad news. 

I can't help it; the report looks and tastes genuine & lets leave it with that.

Till updates. 

(20 May 2007) Right now statistics indicate that it is possible that coalition death toll in Iraq for this month could be written in a three digit number. It is not impossible: We are at 20 May and we have 11 days to go while the reports of today are not yet in completely. Reports until now indicate 75 deaths so with one third of the month to go it is not impossible...

Last month April also had a three digit number of coalition death toll, furthermore it is possible that USA member of that brave coalition also would have two consecutive months of triple digit death toll number reported.

That would be the very first time we have triple death toll reports in two consecutive months... That would be the very first time, so it would be 'very significant' if you know what I mean.

I don't know how exhausted the operatives are so I do not know how realistic it is to ask and try for another 'triple digit month' of US killed slime. But if the Iraqis succeed in this they can lay down in June while for July I might have another Military Bloody Day planned...

Why not throw in some history? The very first Military Bloody Day was  something like 17 or 18 September 2003. On that day three US slime were killed while in lots of weeks before that only two was the maximum of daily death toll...
Now we might be able to write average death toll above three for two consecutive months & all I knew and understood back in the Summer of 2003 that time was needed. I did not know how much time but that was what I understood: All we need is time, a bit of good luck and a bit of help from the Almighty we usually refer to as Allah.

So far this little history lesson and my extrapolations of possible consecutive triple US death slime reported...

Till updates.

(18 May 2007) Yesterday I forgot to mention just one detail, it is very simple: although it was advised at the commanders of the Shia death squads to upscale their activities I forgot to mention that this time all that electrical drilling of sculls is not allowed. In general: No torture allowed, just clean kills without much pain.
Beside this: Only men of military age can be killed and 'military age' is the international accepted standard of 18 years or older while elderly above 65 years of age have to be spared too.

May I call on al Sadr to spread the word in this?

For the rest: When I started minimizing death squad activity in Iraq last year I used a time frame of 90 to 120 days. In practice it was 150 days so now that I want to minimize bombed Shia markets I will use a 150 day time frame.

So the Shia death squads have to pump up the volume for 150 days, if we see significant decline in Shia market places bombed we can reduce on that time frame.

That's the update of this day, till the next update.

(12 May 2007) Ok I only have 10 minutes because I have a steady stream of social obligations tonight, but today it was found out that on 10 May five US slime died in Iraq so we made it!

Or better: The Iraqis made it because they do the actual killing while I only compose some statistics every now and then...

So now it is statistically proven that during Military Bloody Day periods we have significantly more US slime killed (significance threshold = 5%) and the funny thing is: It is not even illegal.
And suppose it was illegal to declare Military Bloody Days, in that case the first prosecutor that understands the independent sample t-test for testing differences in averages still has to be born. You can easily sail through law school with an IQ of at most 105 and you still will get your degree and solicit for the work of prosecutor...
Law people are often dumb people.

May I from the bottom of my heart thank the Iraqis for their cooperation? THANKS!!!

Well I have to go, bye! Till updates.

(17 May 2007, second update) Well it is now right before midnight and after a few days my aggression has faded into insignificance. Lets hope we will see sharp decline of bombed Shia markets so that after that I can ask the Shia death squads to minimize their activities.

For the rest of this update: Lets poke fun at the US military around the latest Military Bloody Day from 10 May. This poking of fun is rather technical and statistical in nature, we start with the assumption that there is at least one member of the US military that is capable of using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (the SPSS program) properly, very likely there is no such person but anyway...

You can download a jpg picture with the output here and when you have the SPSS package installed on your computer you can also download the dataset and the statistical output of the so called 'independent two sample t-test' (see below at 11 May 2007 for what hypothesis we are testing exactly).

For the statistical amateur the hypothesis tested looks something like:

H0 : Reinko is telling rubbish with his 'more killed on MBD's' versus,
Ha : Reinko's insights are indeed valid. 

Needless to say we have to reject the zero hypothesis in order to have fun and the above mentioned jpg file suggests that until now we have so called significance runs at 2.5 percent. That means there is only a 1:40 likelihood that I am telling rubbish...

And this is where the fun sets in: A one on forty likelihood is not admissible in local courthouses but when I include this long line of almost five years of Military Bloody Days, we run at a one to many million kind of likelihood that I am telling rubbish.
Yet in the local courthouses a one to many million likelihood is very admissible in order to get jail time BUT prosecutors are unable to build a case because of internal stupidity... Beside this anti Americanism is rampant in this country so why should they build a case against me anyway?

In order to achieve such a 1:40 result I have included the US military deaths from 11 May until today, you know that was that period stuff labeled '0' or '1'. Needless to day that after a Military Bloody Day it is labeled as 'zero'.

Lets look at the SPSS dataset (I have used a crack of the SPSS 15.0 version).
Here is the SPSS output file (use right click and save target, it is the same as the above mentioned picture in the jpg format).
Here is the actual database (of course do right click and save target), the variables mean the following:

Variable name Meaning of that name
Date The date variable is given in the yyyy/mm/dd format, this is for handy alphabetical listing.
MBDper This is a binary variable, the '0' means that little US military deaths are expected or advised while a '1' means that extra more killing is advised.
Slime When at a certain date like for example 10 May the Slime variable has value 5 this means that on that day five brave US military folks were killed.

So now I have added the last seven days significance runs at 2.5 percent and the funny thing is: The US military has to cough up a very large amount of extra killed US military folks in order to make my zero hypothesis insignificant...

The Americans even have a saying for that kind of stuff, they mane it a 'Catch 22'. Why it is 22 I dunno but it is a nice saying if you know what I mean. 

Ha! Only a skilled statistical scientist can understand the fun I have and for the other readers it is very simple to understand: Like a dolphin plays with the waves and like whales make sounds so loud that for miles around you can hear them I do my own shouting...

Well it is now six minutes after midnight so it is actually 18 May so I have to go & so lets split my dear and beloved reader.

Till updates.

(17 May 2007) Ok a lot has happened, the Palestines are heading towards civil war and weirdly enough there is nothing that can stop it from happening. Just like I foresaw within minutes after the news arrived that the international community stopped funding the Palestines who cannot create a normal economy because of the occupation.
Many months ago I asked for a so called 'terrorist attack' inside Europe to help the Palestines, yet no one reacted and so we are now in deep deep shit. It would have been better if a few hundred European coffins would have been filled before this civil war arrived in the Palestine territory... When it is done later it is on no use anyway.

Beside this negative news there is also positive news confirming my ideas about the stupidity of US president Dubya, only a full blown idiot like Dubya could appoint people like this in his government. What people am I talking about? Here are a few:

  • Rumsfeld: He has stated 'We go in and we go out Iraq after removal of this evil regime'. He has also has said 'The very first one who dares to talk about a rebuilding plan for postwar Iraq will get fired' and most beautiful was his conduct about the war on terror: 'Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate then the massandra's spit them out?'
  • Wolfowitz: This is the guy that once stated that there were no holy places inside Iraq like we had for example in Saudi Arabia. It was a pity that this deputy to Rumsfeld left the Pentagon and tried to lead the World Bank. I have advised hefty against this because I would like to proceed the war with the original team, my advice was not valued and now America has significant loss of value of face because that dumb Wolfy has to leave the World Bank and is right now negotiating his departure conditions...
    Bye bye Rummycup & bye bye Wolfy.
  • Condoleeza Rice: Until now she has not stroke one significant deal of any importance whatsoever. Nothing, just plain weird stupid nothing! Is there any significant deal she has made? None, zero njada...
    The only thing she is good at is licking Dubya's ass when he once more runs out of toilet paper.

How does this all come? The problem is very simple: The Americans have to elect someone to be their president and so this guy runs 50% of global defense spending beside the other things. Well the US electorate always need somebody who they can 'relate to' and thus the one idiot after the other occupies the White House and is commander in chief of 50 percent of world defense budget.

Because the Americans think they are the beginning and the end of the universe this is a blue print for disaster & this can easily be proved: According to the RAND institution on a global scale terror attacks are up a sevenfold or a 600 percent increase since the year 2001. Well on 20 October 2001 I already understood that the weird Americans would execute this war on terror in such a way that the problems would only scale up but I never imagined a seven fold increase! Just think about the staggering amount of filled coffins this is! And then you have always a US president where the Americans can 'relate to' so you have another idiot by definition...

So you see, this is all good news because I like my enemies stupid. The Americans might be handy to humanity in for example space exploration but for the rest: please fuck off because we do not need you any longer destroying the things we value.

Just fuck off you bunch of weirdo's, go back to Texas where you belong. Do your rodeo thing and let the Afghan's and the Iraqis settle their own differences on themselves. Just fuck off!

Till updates.

(15 May 2007) I am not in a friendly kind of mood the last days. And I am not in a friendly mood for some days... What's the case?

Well long before media reports upon more Iraqi death squad activity popped up I already knew they would come. These media reports would come popping up because I have asked the death squads to pump up the number of Sunnis killed.

Until now the Sunnis have not given a rigid military rationale as about why it would be wise to bomb Shia markets. They still have not coughed this particular kind of wisdom up so I have to ask the commanders of the Shia death squads once more to keep on killing until I have that military rationale.....

I am not in a friendly kind of mood the last days I just guess my dear Sunnis. I am not in a very friendly kind of mood; why did the Muslim Scholar Association of the Sunnis never pointed out such a relation between death squad activity and market bombings?

Why am I so aggressive and why do I need to speak to the Scholar Association? I would like it to have the 'military stuff' on my behalf and the religion stuff in their behalf... 

Well before the stupid media reports upon upscaled death squad activity were there I already knew what the answer was to repair this upscaling: Less market bombings...

If the Iraqi Sunnis think it is wise to keep on bombing market places they will find me on their way and they will not like it. They will not like it and I have sworn this detail. I have sworn it.

Again: I am not in a very friendly kind of mood the last days, I am not.

Till updates.

(13 May 2007) Today only a teaser towards the US military: One of your two star generals has defected and is a little bit against your fine and brave and wise commander in chief. His name is John Batiste and we all know that when you turn against the finest of military brains you are definitely a traitor.

From the statistical point of view this shaking of the cradle is insignificant because there is a practice of rubber stamped promotions inside the US military so more and more idiots licking Dubya's ass will fill the ranks of the 3+ star generals.

This is what will happen, we must not forget that only idiots like Dubya can appoint idiots like Rumsfeld and only that kind of idiotery will lead to a nice breakdown of US military power. Ha! How does 50% of global spending in defense do it against just a few millions of Sunnis and a handful of Shia inside a nation of 26 million?
You perform just as good as your political leaders do...

Read the words of traitor John Batiste, it's a nice reading because until now I did not know the '200 miles' detail. Well now I do and with a soft smile on my face I greet the power & the glory kind of folks.

Till updates. 

(11 May 2007) Temporary update, later to be updated.

We split the previous 42 days in four groups and label these groups with a '0' or a '1' as follows:

Date Daily killed
0 or 1 Motivation for 0 or 1
24 March -
31 March
1.50 0 I was offline for two months
01 April -
08 April
5.25 1 I was back online...;)
09 April -
24 April
3.31 0 I asked for 'not too much' killed US slime for a period of 16 days...
25 April -
10 May
3.51 1 10 May was MBD + the preceding 15 days.
11 May - 21 May 4.10 0 Well it are the days after an MBD, let's not do difficult
22 May - 31 May On the 30th of May it stands at 5.44 1


The very first 'we can reach two consecutive months with triple digit US death toll'.
01 June       

Technical detail: We have to use the t-test for independent samples and if we would only use the 09 April through 10 May time frame we have too little data. Therefore it is reasonable to enlarge both the '0' and '1' time frames with 8 more days so we can approximate with the normal distribution.

As zero hypothesis we take:

H0 : There is no difference between the periods, versus
Ha : There is significantly more US slime killed during period labeled '1' 

After running SPSS with all daily reported dead US soldiers we arrive at the following: Two tailed significance = 11.2%, we test one sided so it is 5.6% for this.
Conclusion: If we take alpha as 5% we nearly miss 'significant more deaths'. When for example tomorrow another US slime dead is reported one tailed significance will stand at exactly 5% and that is a very seldom thing.

So only when we have two or more reported deaths tomorrow or the day after we will take the 5% significant threshold.

Remark 1: If al Qaida in Iraq would not have executed the truck bombs from 23 April we would easily have achieved significance... (If you leave out the 9 reported dead from that day, significance threshold would be 0.85%)
Remark 2: Since 23 April is exactly 17 days before 10 May and since 17 = 5 + 5 + 7 we could also enlarge the latest '1' period with two days to achieve significance. But that would be a deviation from the calculations from the previous years so lets not do the Dubya thing in this. (If you put those extra 2 days in group '1', significance threshold runs at 1.05%)
Remark 3: Since 1/0.052 is about 18 we see that we have a 1 to 18 likelihood that in four timeframes the daily US death toll was equal (meaning no difference in averages...)

Lets wait until tomorrow to finalize this easy calculation & don't forget the Iraqis did not know that I was also testing this so the above data are purely spontaneous.

Greetings & thanks to all Iraqis who helped the story by killing US slime in the way these slime folks deserve it: THANKS!


Lets end this update with a positive note; in how far is the lack of funding for the war effort biting it's way into the US military? Well I have no statistical analysis around that but a nice short story:

Somewhere in Bagdad a US military convoy stops before the shop of a chemist, out of the third vehicle comes a high shot US officer. Not a general but a colonel or something like that, he is guarded by four Blackwater employees (the US military regularly uses civilians to 'protect themselves') and the officer goes to the chemist.

'Wat kan I doo jou four?' the chemist ask. The colonel grabs a condom from his pocket and says 'There is a small hole in it, how much does it cost to repair it and how expensive is a new one?'
'Repair iz one dollar ant a new wan is twoo dollar' the chemist replies.
'Ok I'll think about it' the officer answers and he leaves.

A few days later he returns to the chemist; 'Wat kan I doo jou four?' the chemist asks. 'The division would like to have it repaired' the colonel says.

(So far the anecdote from the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division.)

Lets leave it with that my dear reader...;) 

Till updates.  

(10 May 2007) This has been definitely the most strange Military Bloody Day in this entire war on terror... The most important happenings are of such a nature that they will never reach the news (or only some months down the timeline from now). So I did not follow the news today very intense, all I can do is hope the snipers managed to deliver their interesting payloads...

The last days I thought about something I wrote a few weeks ago: Snipe that stuff only on 10 May and later I advised to snipe it also the 15 days after 10 May.
Well the Iraqis can do what they want but may be it is wise to keep on snipering this kind of stuff some time longer, lets say this entire month so about three weeks more.

As a teenager I have worked as a cleaner for a few years in a relatively big hospital, I worked on a lot of different departments and so I have some insight in how hospitals work. If the plans work out properly we will observed hefty problems for the US medical facilities inside Iraq and with a bit of luck also in Germany and USA Walter Reed. But again: It will be hard to validate such a claim because it will not reach the Media files. It will not reach the Media files...;(

To be honest: I expected at least one chloride bomb more but it did not happen. Why I do not know. Also no daisy chain was observed in the time period under investigation but a good daisy chain with no civilians dead is very hard to pull off (keep on trying!).

Well I am a bit premature with this update so lets wait until tomorrow so that all death reports of US slime are down the pipeline and into the Media files. So tomorrow I will discuss the rest of this MBD stuff.

At last I want to unfold a detail that is part of a comprehensive plan: When for example al Qaida in Iraq asks some scientists for their help and in case the scientist can be of great help on some parts like for example pure colonies of bacteria or whatever what: It is important that the scientist has some kind of veto right in what kind of attacks it can be used. This veto right is rather fundamental; the weapon should be used in accordance of the insights of the scientist that created it.
Of course there will also be scientists who's moral values do not go above 'If you can protect my family I do not care what you do with it', or may be the scientist just does not want to have the responsibility of veto power. But weighing all in all: The scientific community is likely far more willing to help in case there is a rigid veto power on their behalf.

Don't forget: A lot of Iraqi scientists would also like to see America depraved of Iraqi oil for an entire century and if they want to have some local veto power for usage of the more deadly stuff it will be all the more likely we will make it to the goal of depriving the USA of Iraqi oil...

Till updates my dear reader. Have a nice life or try to get one.   

(06 May 2007) For the time being I can't comment on the fighting in Iraq/Afghanistan (because I promised so) so this is only a temporary update with a quote from al Qaida in Iraq:

The speaker also denied any clashes between al-Qaida and other "jihadist groups or our blessed tribes," saying reports to the contrary by U.S. and Iraqi authorities were only "lies and a desperate attempt to drive a wedge within the ranks of the jihadists." 

Comment: Message understood! It could very well be I fell into some nice crafted propaganda trap, this could very well be... In the meantime it would be nice if the Islamic Army in Iraq can confirm this...;)
May I thank the brothers from al Qaida in Iraq? I think I have solid ground under my feet again and I sincerely hope that clashes like between the Palestine Hamas & Fatah will never take place. End of comment.

Yet I still want to do something about all those reports of market bombings, ok I know these reports often contain a lot of propaganda too because it a police patrol is attacked in the neighborhood of a market it will always pop up as 'Shia Market Place Bombed!'. And if it would be a market mainly visited by Sunni's the bombing will pop up as 'Market Place Bombed in Iraq!'.  I mean that's the way the Media work in general.
I think that after the decline in death squad activity (far less reports of electrical drilling machines used to drill people alive in the skull for example), it is reasonable to minimize/stop market bombings. And I think I am serious on this, so give me the reason for bombing markets and if it is a good (set of) reasons I am very interested.


In a very different development I observed that there will be no new doctors licenses given to Iraqi medic students... The rational given was that this was to 'prevent doctors from leaving Iraq'. This rationale has to be rejected as it is utterly weird: Given the amount of violence in Iraq, the last thing you do is not licensing future doctors.
All I can hope for that I have (as a writer) the Islamic scientific society in the back of this strange car I am driving (or writing).

Sincerely yours, Reinko Venema.  


(03 May 2007) When studying the enemy it is always important to point at their negative values, for example the utter lack of interest in the loss of innocent lives. And so time in and again the US military argues that groups like the Islamic State of (in) Iraq is ruthless and murderous and evil by nature.

[Now don't get me wrong: I have asked a few years already to stop bombing market places and al Qaida in Iraq did not take it's leadership role in this and now I have calculated that something like 500 executions of these folks will bring back the desired battlefield discipline that is needed to win the war.
If al Qaida in Mesopotamia is not capable of enforcing a rigid battlefield discipline inside her own ranks, in that case it is just better to minimize and marginalize her. It would be a pity but I am not going to pull another three years at a dead horse.
No way...]

Back to studying the evil nature of the enemy; this time the enemy is Rush Limbaugh or more precise: his mindset and ways of thinking. In case my dear and beloved reader has never heard of Rush, Rush is a leading conservative thinker and his opinions are important. He has a radio talk show and draws over 13.5 million listeners every week and that makes him kingpin of the radio shows in America.

Well this file suggests that Rush Limbaugh truly desires not one but three civil wars in the Middle East. He uses wordings like 'Let the natural process take over' and 'Why induce in diplomacy when you only hinder the natural process'. Of course Rush forgets to mention it were the Americans in the first place that started using Shia to kill Sunnis and therefore crafted the perfect boundary conditions for civil war to set in... Rush is typically one of those who thinks the universe starts and ends in America. Let me quote a bit from the amazing mindset of Rush, quote:

But what the hell! We're going to bring Syria and Iran in to fix Iraq, why not let them just fix the whole region? If we're heading to civil war -- I mean, everybody comes to us: "You got to fix this and you got to fix that." So we go and try to fix it, and our own people, Democrats and the left in our country do their best to sabotage our efforts, and then we get blamed for trying to clean up the messes that these people start. And then they come on our television show: "[Gibberish] George [gibberish] civil war [gibberish] we gotta do something. Palestinians it's a must, it's a must, we must [gibberish] right now [gibberish] war."

Fine, just blow the place up. Just let these natural forces take place over there instead of trying to stop them, instead of trying to use -- I just -- sometimes natural force is going to happen. You're going to have to let it take place. You can spend all the time you like with diplomacy, and you can spend all the time you want massaging these things with diplomatic -- you're just -- you're just delaying the inevitable. 

Comment: So every body comes to America with 'fix this fix that'? Well it were the Americans that started using Shia to kill Sunnis and so they were the ones who started making fire in a very dry forest. They are to blame my dear but stupid Rush: Blame America first because they are the first to blame in this.
And with his rhetoric Rush clearly has no interest whatsoever in avoiding loss of lives of civilians but when asked if 911 was also a 'natural thing to happen' Rush will act shocked to the bone...

One thing is amazingly clear: Rush has no respect for life so I hope sincerely that he will get killed, just like that weirdo Ann Coulter. Humanity is better off without such white trash, kill it please & let nature prevail! Sieg Heil!

That's it for today, till updates my dear readers.  

(02 May 2007) In October 2007 (while I was working in Germany) I suddenly realized that the Americans would execute the new so called 'War on Terror' exactly as they did with the war on drugs: Making sure the enemy will grow bigger and bigger and making the problems deeper and deeper and more difficult to solve.

Now it is about five and a half year later and how did my insight fare all these years?
Proudly I can inform my dear reader we have a nice 607% increase in so called 'terrorist attacks'. (Scource) With this for me simple to understand insight I am strangely the only one: never ever I have seen any kind of writer making such claims as I do: In October 2001 I understood bla bla this and bla bla that.

No, on the contrary: The higher ranking the official is that I meet the more they push for me being 'mentally ill' or so. Why have most authorities I deal with have that weird desire of classifying my as 'mentally ill? Why this has to be baffles me again and again, it makes you wonder what kind of weed they smoke. Well these years I do not care anymore, why try to convince those who are idiots by nature?
Why throw pearls at those swine's? It is a waste of time and energy...

(Other data suggest a 25% increase in the last year with something like 40% more deadly victims.)

A clear cut example of such an idiot is the American vice president Cheney, still in January 2004 he hold on that weird proposition that bio chemical trailers were found in Iraq. In the Summer of 2003 the first reports of these trailers came out included a few photo's and after thinking about it for two or three hours I arrived at the conclusion that it would technically almost impossible that these trailers were for making biological and/or chemical agents.
So what took me three hours did Cheney take more than half a year, this proofs that Cheney is a full blown idiot.
Now in the US House there is some kind of resolution, H. RES. 333, calling for impeachment of Dick Cheney. The resolution will not make it because it is based on the assumption that Dick Cheney deliberately lied to the Americans. But no: Cheney never lied, all he did was exposing his limited mindset and trying to explain all these difficult things from abroad. And understanding foreign countries is a weak point in US culture, they think they are the beginning and the end of the universe and that's it. No resolution 333 will very likely not make it because you have to proof Cheney lied... And it is a good thing this resolution will not make it because it is better to have dumb dumb enemies like Cheney and Dubya, dumb are their insights and so effectively dumb will the US military respond because armies have a tendency to get as smart as their leaders are. 

That's all my dear and beloved reader, till updates. 

(27 April 2007) After waiting for over two full years it was only today that the US dollar came above the 1.3666 on the €/$ pair. Well it was back in 2004 that I published my analysis of the US housing market, the weird tax cuts, the negative savings rate of US households and so on and so on. I estimated the true US dollar value to be somewhere like 1.45 on the €/$ pair.
It took an amazingly long time for the markets to go back to this 1.3666 level and that long time span proofs a lot of things. For example:
--Hedge fund money is not smart money, very likely most hedge fund managers can not use ordinary mathematics...
--Chinese central bankers are not only stupid in holding such large amounts of money in US dollars, they are also immoral because in fact they fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,
--Most people simply do not understand macro economics; in a consumer driven economy you cannot borrow yourself out of the economical swamp,
--And so on, and so on.

Lets leave it with that, if financial folks want to hang out the full blown idiot they are allowed to do so at their own expense! Till updates.

All in all I do not think there is a severe statistical problem emerging from this truck bomb attack, when all noses point in the same direction in a few days & weeks this all will fade into insignificance from the statistical point of view. So I hope that all insurgency groups have prepared well and have success in killing that US military slime...

My plans are to update as little as possible in order not to hinder you, don't forget that I live in safety around here while you have to do the fighting. I am nothing, only that statistical guy... GOOD LUCK!

Till updates. 


(24 April 2007) Ok ok, lets make an update & look at the fine news of today: Two truck bombs killed at least 09 US soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division (all paratroopers) and wounded something like 20 others so death toll is likely to rise to a double digit number...

Needless to say this attack was a success on all fronts you view at it: It had zero civil death toll, even zero wounded civilians. It was the largest 'one attack death toll' in something like 16 months and most of all: it was devastating.

But it is easy to see that the statistics from the impending Military Bloody Day will get blurred at bit now we have a 9/16 = 0.56 increase in daily killed US military now we are still in the timeframe before it...

So who did this? Well you do not need that much brains to understand that and although the umbrella organization under the name 'Islamic State of Iraq' claimed responsibility it is very likely al Qaida in Iraq...
Therefore in theory I must condemn this evil attack, but I will not do this...
And in theory I should feel a bit mad at al Qaida in Iraq but in practice I smile from ear to ear. I smile from ear to ear since the news arrived this morning, yes I do.

Ok al Qaida and Islamic State folks: I understand the message!

And: Congratulations!

I understand the message & again sorry for coming a bit hard down on you lately & ok ok may be I asked for this. Beside this it was 22 April that I wrote 'Lets hope Robert Gates will get a severe beating the coming weeks' so again: may be I asked for this. Beside this, an attack like this is far more pleasant in arousing my attention compared for example to killing members of the Islamic Army...;)


(23 April 2007) FLASHBACK: Military Bloody Day (or MBD) from 26 July last year. One of the details of that MBD was the fact that a Russian helicopter crashed in Afghanistan killing some folks in general and two Dutch military folks in particular.For myself speaking it was good that finally after some long time we had at least one helicopter down on a MBD and the fact we had a Dutch air force officer (lieutenant-colonel mr. Jan van Twist) killed too made it a great work. The only question left was: Was it the will of Allah (meaning it was some mysterious accident) or a clean cut shot from the skies kind of attack?

Local resistance forces claimed they shot it down while coalition forces pointed at bad weather conditions in the region. These claims do not rule each other out; even in bad weather conditions and in case you have luck you can shoot it from the skies...

It has to be remarked that during the first 10 Military Bloody Days we had lots of downed aircraft, it was just so amazing but every time it was bigger compared to the previous MBD. Flush; 15 dead, flush; 17 dead and my mind was overwhelmed with joy and feelings of utter happiness.

So it was not strange that I constantly pushed for more downed aircraft and I know how difficult that is but it also brings the greatest of pleasures. You will not win a war when you can only bring down aircraft but it is one of the most important details in winning this.

Why bring this all up? Well the Dutch authorities desired to 'investigate' the nature of the 'accident'. Today I found the so called 'Hillen report', here it is (pdf format).
I did not read the entire report but I only want to zoom in on a ridiculous detail of it:
It starts with a list of abbreviations, for example we have:

ANA = Afghan National Army
C-Conto = Commandant Contingentscommando
ECAC = European Civil Aviation Congres
NAVO = Noord Atlantische Verdrags Organisatie
RIT = Rampen Identificatie Team
RPG = Rocket Propelled Grenade 


I do not understand the need for such a list of abbreviations, if you need them just minimize it and put a list at the END of your writings... I cannot take such a stupid report design serious my dear fellow countrymen! I can't...

Due to lack of the so called 'black box' it could not be validated that indeed it was an attack so the heli crash was considered to be an 'accident' and the culprit was 'bad weather conditions'. 

Conclusion (from me): This report just adds nothing new to what I was thinking already on 27 July 2006. Let me speak the next words in Dutch to my fellow citizens:
Het feit dat zowel de Flight Data Recorder en de Cockpit Voice Recorder niet geborgen zijn terwijl voor zover ik weet wel de lichamen geborgen zijn geeft twijfel aan het niveau van dit Hillen rapport. Twee recorders missen en nog steeds is het alleen maar 'slecht weer' dat de oorzaak kan zijn? Bovendien vloog de helikopter de verkeerde kant op en we weten allemaal dat slecht weer vaak het aard magnetisch veld om doet keren. Verder waren de wrakstukken en de lichamen verspreid over een groot gebied, dat feit is meestal verklaard door een explosie in de lucht.
Nou ja, we leven in een vrij land en elke idioot mag elke rare gedachte hebben die die idioot op dat moment wenselijk acht...
Maar ja, ook ik kan na lezing van het rapport niet bewijzen dat het niet lag aan het slechte weer dus mijn 'juridische omgeving' is weer eens geoptimaliseerd...
Nou kom op; het was gewoon slecht weer, net als die vier Amerikaanse helikoptertjes voorafgaande aan de MBD van 02 February this year.
Sand over it & proceed with what the Americans name 'move on'.

Lets leave this update with that, the clock is ticking and I think I have to concentrate on other things in the coming & impending days. Till updates my dear reader.

(22 April 2007) Yes, 22 April & the clock is ticking.

This update is supposed to be as vague as possible so if you are new you do not understand a quantum from the next words:

Lately I asked for a weird weird thing: Downsizing attacks on US military slime in Iraq. During this time frame the average US soldier slime killed was 3.30 on a daily basis (not all death reports are in but very likely this will stay the number to view.)

That is indeed remarkably down, so THANKS!

Somewhere this week another period will set in, it will not longer have artificially low death rates for US military slime. No we won't have that...

Well we will see what the next weeks will bring from Iraq and may be from Afghanistan too. I have two hopes, here they are:

  •  I hope for some more so called battlefield surprises (like we had in the previous MBD with all those choppers down...)
    So I hope you have enough scientific help from my fellow scientists.
  • I hope that the diverse groups of the Iraqi resistance can still speak with one voice of firepower and that very may be we enter another period of 'converging agenda's' and leave that horrible thing known as diverging agenda's (that means growing apart).

Strategically speaking the second hope is the most important in the long run while on the day to day tactical level the first one is needed.

Like usual during the last year and this year: One week before the MBD is there I will specify the amount of air ammo that is allowed by the diverse Western air forces. (Just like I order a piece of bread at a bakery...)

For the rest I want to remark that I am not impressed by making the tours of US military folks 25% longer (thus pumping up the volume after some time) and the new 20 thousand military folks. I am not impressed because I simply observe that the US military is only burning in a faster rate and that's it: pumping up deployment numbers will not help very much I just guess.

At last: Last year I gave the advice to try and kill US military folks in a three digit number in the months before the US elections. I gave the advice because I had estimated that the Democrats would win in case we had a three digit death toll on behalf of the US military.
My insight was correct and indeed opponent Dubya became a so called lame duck.
Today we can pluck the fruits of this 'lame duck' status: For some time already the US military is without proper funding for the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan...;) This is only a temporary benefit of course but in the meantime they have some damage to swallow at the Pentagon: The money can only come from other projects...:( 

This 'lack of funding' is just a detail and often only one detail is not important for the outcome of an entire decade long lasting war. Thousands and tens of thousand details will enter the big balance but for the time being it is all so simple:
Just a few million people keep 50% of world military spending bogged down.

Lets end this update with a little wish: I wish you won't get shot or arrested during operations against the US military slime folks. And lets wish that Robert Gates gets a severe beating in the coming weeks, lets wish that all my dear and beloved reader.

Till updates.

(17 April 2007) Second update of this day: I found out that some US military folks want to do exactly the same thing as I have thought out with the biological sniper bullet. They want to use pig meat or may be pig piss or shit. 
Well plans stay the same: Only on 10 May this kind of stuff (if the Iraqis want they can use 10 May also as the starting date of a 16 day campaign, so the actual MBD and the 15 days beyond...). Here is more. 

Title: A 2007 condolences card to the US dollar.

(17 April 2007) Ok, EFP problems solved! Here we go:

Sometimes a thousand pictures paint only one word,
Sometimes one picture paints a thousand words,
Sometimes a thousand words speak only one picture and
Sometimes one word speaks a thousand pictures.

Well I found two pictures that save me a lot of difficult math, here they are:



Together these two beautiful pictures sing a heavenly song; it is a song about filled US coffins inside Iraq & the song is of a breathtaking beauty...

(Remark: On this website a liner is a one dimensional shaped charge, when I speak about liners I mean those one dimensional things. But often the word liner is also used for the copper / cone or dish.) 

This stuff is just so beautiful, there are no words to describe the beauty in these pictures. Not a thousand words will do. By the way, here is the source file. The source file is speaking of a speed of 2000 meters / second but from other sources I know that the Americans have taken the 10.000 meters / second barrier (a record was set where a shaped charge blew through three and a half meter steel...)

Needless to repeat, but a longer tube will create more speed; see this previous update my dear reader. I found more nice pictures in this source, here is the picture:

Title: German Pantserfaust greetings to all Jews...

Oops, only yesterday the Israelis held their annual holocaust remembrance... Oops.

Sometimes one picture paints a thousand words and
Sometimes one picture paints a thousand emotions & that's what I like...

Lets split my dear reader, have a nice life or try to get one. Till updates. 


(16 April 2007) At the moment of writing we have at least 32 people dead in a US university shooting (a tech university in Virginia, USA). My condolences go to the American people but it is all your own founding fathers fault: Your constitution is just plain wrong! It must not be the right to bear arms but the duty to bear arms always when you are out. You can also compromise by stating that every US civilian has the duty and the right to defend themselves. And don't forget to take at least 500 ammo with you because you never know when your time has come to defend yourself...;)In another development it looks like the Iraqi al Sadr has pulled the plug on the Iraqi puppet regime. You can't hide the truth: It is the fact that it is a puppet regime that makes it unworkable and not vice versa. So lets thank al Sadr!

In the Palestine equation already for a relatively long time some journo named Alan is held hostage. It was yesterday or so that news was there that he was executed.
If so please return his body and if not executed release him please.
Of course there is a boundary condition to fulfill: If Alan has written a lot of pro Israeli propaganda in that case execution is advised in case this is not done already...
For the rest: Let him go...

The daily average number of killed US military slime inside Iraq is back at it's long term daily average (just a requested a few days back by the way my dear reader). Last year I asked the Iraqis (and the Afghanis too of course: hey how's the spring offensive going? Not bad so to see, not bad...) to plan for daisy chains. Again I would like to ask to withhold attacks with daisy chains if just one civilian is in the danger zone. Now because this is already a constraint, there are absolutely no time constrains as we have for example on the biological sniper bullet. So 10 May and all 15 days before, try to pull something off.
At the same time I would like to make my apologize to all Iraqi civilian casualties that will emerge as the so called 'collateral damage' from the military actions. I definitely know how it feels to loose a family member or a friend, it is regrettable that I cannot offer you no better battlefield conditions. I think we ain't in Paradise yet.

Ha, since I am in a funny mood lets end the day with a bit of fun: It just does not matter if I will make it to paradise or to hell because one way or the other I will always fight the Americans. May be from the military point of view hell is even better and may be I have to sacrifice myself. Once in hell I could stage a military coup against the devil and if the coup succeeds that day will be a bad bad day for America...;)

I think it is high time to split, before you know it my dear reader thinks that I have 'lost it' but I am only in a funny mood, in Dutch we have a special word for it. It is being 'melig' and it means that you want to have fun whatsoever so you start thinking or doing all kinds of funny things. Bye my beloved reader.

Oops, I forgot: Also some small apology to al Qaida in Iraq, may be I came a bit hard down on you lately & I do not know if for example the Islamic Army also had killed in similar numbers inside your ranks. I do not know that but can we please go back to the stage of 'converting agenda's'? Till updates. 

And last but not least I read a more reports and files on the subject of so called explosively formed perpetrators and more or less they are only large shaped explosives. So for example an oil pipe is used instead of a 100 or 150 mm tube.
Well you can also take a sewage tube, in that case you have your own '2000 pounder' and with some luck you can shoot a lot of US military convoy trucks in one blast from the fore or back side. But a sewage tube is hard to aim...  

Till updates my dear reader.

(14 April 2007) The Americans have coughed up a very strange name for a simple shaped explosive or a shaped charge. It is not Pantserfaust like the Germans did before World War II but they name it explosively formed perpetrator or the EFP.
Well for years I have pulled at that relatively dead horse but lately those EFP things are a big hit in the American media and indeed more and more of that stuff is used inside Iraq.

In order to keep this update short I have written in a separate file some thoughts about upscaling a particular shaped charge (or a particular EFP, remark that the naming of the Americans is not right because the 'perpetrator' is the copper cloud and is thus only a building and executional part of the shaped charge itself.)

It is only about zero dimensional shaped explosives so not about liners or stuff like that. Here it is.

Till updates.

(12 April 2007) Wow, today the cafetaria of the Iraqi puppet parliament was bombed, reports indicate is was a suicide attack (one of the guards of one of the parliament folks...) For the time being death toll stands at 8 and a few dozen wounded...
So if this was indeed done by al Qaida in Iraq we have had a good day!

But there is more, lately I did read some reports about some rumbling inside the Iraqi resistance but only today I found out that the Islamic Army and al Qaida in Iraq have a major dispute. Now why do I feel a major and long lasting headache coming up?
That is because if we have few more of these jokes we have four years of work down the drainpipe and there is serious possibility of loosing the war, the matter looks very serious so I have devoted a separate letter to it. Here it is.

(10 April 2007) Ok, something like 180 days ago I did set into motion a 90 to 120 day self unfolding plan for minimizing death squad activity inside Iraq (in case you are new my dear reader, here is that original plan as published during Ramadan on 09 October 2006.)

But 120 days after 09 October stuff still was somehow inconclusive although there were lots of promising signs, so I decided to wait and see. Just wait and see...

But now 180 days later I think we can jump to the conclusion that this self unfolding plan has actually worked, for example the New York Times has done some good journalism (that means it is relatively propaganda free) and there is a nice quote to be made:

The death squads show some constrain. (Source

The NYT article could have been much better if it, for example, would include a nice graphic upon the next statistic: Bodies found in Baghdad in the last 24 hours (that was my main statistic under study my dear NYT folks.)
The NYT also missed another detail: Where have the wedding/funeral bombings gone my dear NYT folks? Now: What was the last time a wedding or a funeral was bombed my dear new Yorkers? Ha! It is only waiting for your stupid commander in chief Dubya stating that 'Because of our increased military presence there are no wedding / funeral bombings any longer. Only a technological advanced nation as we can do such a thing!' Yes it is only waiting for that idiot to unfold his insights once more...:(

Well let me not glide into verbal aggression, let me say a few things and here we go:

  • I thank al Sadr for his help to this story that is about destroying the US military.
  • I thank the Shiite death squad folks for downsizing their weird 'military behavior' (with death squads you do not gain any military power whatsoever, better study the Hezbollah my dear Iraqi Shiites...) 

And now I have said all that in relation with the self unfolding plan from 09 October 2006 I can say I have crafted a plan for minimizing market bombings my dear reader.

Interested my dear reader? Well I would like to push such another 'self unfolding plan' into motion but this times it comes with a price. The price has to be paid by the Iraqi puppet parliament & puppet government. The price is easy to understand and in fact it does not cost much, no no the price paid has such great benefits...

The price is as follows:

Push for legislation that prevents Iraqi oil towards the USA for a full 100 years.

If the Iraqi democratically chosen government decides to pay that price they will get the full four pillar plan that beside minimizing market bombings also has the benefit of much more other security. If they willfully decide not to pay the price I will push for a three pillar plan and in such a case you must not complain about a future military coup...

And if the Iraqi parliament /government think they can easily cough up a better plan for minimizing market bombings well why don't they cough it up? I mean we live in a free world and so if you are that legitimate why don't you do what you are supposed to do in the first place?

May be it is time to split my dear reader, till updates.  

(08 April 2007) This all is lovely, what a welcome tribute I get from the Iraqis!


Of course I already expected such a thing since it has happened before that after cyber blast recovery time there was significant more killing of US military slime (I remember that day with 20 US soldiers killed rather sharp my dear and beloved mujahedin) and now the results of just 8 days of action in Iraq are as next:

---Daily average in April runs at at least 5.12 coalition slime killed / day (not all reports from today are in of course and beside that there is always underestimation in the Associated Press count...) Lets unfold the fun until now:

---April 01, the fools day = 7 (split up US = 6, UK = 1)
---April 02 = 6 (split up US = 5, UK = 1) 
---April 03 = 2 
---April 04 = 6 
---April 05 = 6 (split up US = 2, UK = 4)
---April 06 = 3
---April 07 = 4
---April 08 = 7 

Well 7 + 6 + 2 + 6 + 6 + 3 + 4 + 7 =  41, see for example this file. (On their home page they have already standing the 41 / 8 = 5.125 standing so they only are a bit behind reality inside the detailed files...)

So the statistical facts are very satisfying, just so satisfying my dear Iraqis & I get so dreamish from this...


We have the next Military Bloody Day located at 10 May so that is 32 days ahead so the advice given is to slowly build down this magnificent average of daily killed US&UK military slime, use the time spared for making better weapons & methods of attack and locate another high daily killing rate in the time frame 10 May and the 15 days before it. (Don't forget that it were the Iraqis themselves that selected this time frame of 15 days during previous Military Bloody Days while I only worked with 'starting days' that were only breakable down into the number 5 and 7, so a 21 timespan could also be real because 21 = 7 + 7 + 7. But these days 15 days timespan before the impending Military Bloody Day is the way things go...)

In case you have fared well on the biological sniper bullet I hope a spike of that kind of stuff on exactly 10 May and no other dates. (Remark by the way that the use of biological sniper bullets will not reach the Media files for a long time but this is not a problem for me...)

Lets leave it with that my dear readers, till updates.  

(01 April 2007) This is another temporary update because of course the main reason for returning back online was the statistical analysis around the Military Bloody Day from 02 Feb, see below in case you did not read it.

But let me close this day with a very nice statistic found: Reuters reported that the Iraqi new born army death toll in March was only 44. According to the Associated Press count US military death toll was 81 (remark by the way that the US military never reflects on the accuracy of the Associated Press count...).
So new born Iraqi army was only 44, may be the figure is not that reliable but lets say it is a realistic number, in that case I feel very fine with the reported 81 US slime killed... 

I think now has the time come to expose how the selfunfolding plan of eliminating death squad activity inside Iraq has fared, last year I pushed the plan in motion and there was a 90 to 120 day executional time path involved. At day 120 I already arrived at the conclusion that it was not needed to declare Military Bloody Day against the death squad recruiting fields but I kept silent.
I kept silent for a lot of reasons, yes for a lot of reasons. Let me tell you only two of those reasons:

  • In case there is no need to declare Military Bloody Day it is ill advised to explain why this is so. That is because 'Feind hört mit' (Enemy listens too).
    This is a very simple reason, the next reason is the most deep one:
  •  In case there would be lots of days with 3 digit numbers of dead Iraqis found on a 24 hour basis inside Baghdad only, I would have been forced to declare that above mentioned Military Bloody Day against the death squad activity.
    That would be interference with the Iraqi nation and that would be the very first time I would do such a thing, I had emotional problems with such a direct interference resulting in only more filled coffins.

Yet today I can say I will never declare MBD in the short run again in relation with death squad activity. By the way my dear Iraqis why don't you make my day and give me one full week of constantly a one digit number of dead bodies found inside Baghdad only? 

Now for the closure of this temporary update: Oil oil oil. I hope that this story also has reached the Shias and Kurdish parts of Iraq, that is what I hope. Well my plans for punishing the Americans for the economical sanctions are very simple: For a full century the Americans can not buy any Iraqi oil on the official markets. (Just like the Americans do not buy oil from Iran as an example). It is only a few bucks lower in revenue a barrel for Iraq but if the Iraqis can help me with withholding Iraqi oil for a full century they would be very helpful to this story...;)

It is time to split, till updates my dear reader. 

(28 March 2007) This update is rather technical in nature and may be not suitable for a lot of readers. We will discuss the so called 'military success' of the latest Military Bloody Day (an MBD).

There are always lots of statistical projections possible emerging from military actions and we must take into account that beside me declaring MBD's there are always a lot of other players involved.

Of course we use the same methodology as we used in the MBD's from 2006: We only study spatial restrictions (inside Iraq and/or Afghanistan) and time restrictions (the MBD itself and the 15 days before it).

With regard to the spatial and time restrictions we observe exactly four downed US aircraft in Iraq during the timeframe under study. This amounts like something of a sevenfold intensity increase and so we wonder:

Is this sevenfold increase in intensity just a coincident or is there a more fundamental killing machine involved?

Data are as next: According to not specified Media files total downed US choppers in the entire Iraqi war was something like 50 to 60. These include also the 'maintenance problems' so it is not 50 to 60 due to enemy fire but why not give these 'power and glory' folks the benefit of doubt: Lets say there are 60 choppers downed via enemy fire.
At 02 February 2007 the Iraqi war was over 1400 days long, lets again give the US military the benefit: It is only 1400 days.

Before we jump to the statistical conclusions we make the assumptions that downed US choppers of different days are so called 'independent events'. That means that the yes or no downing of one helicopter does not have any influence on other days...

The above data are elementary and I hope that my statistical colleagues from the US military will say that these are reasonable assumptions. Lets bake statistics:

  • Zero hypothesis: Everything is just like it was.
  • Alternative: There is significantly more downing of US aircraft. 

In this case we can use a very simple parametric test know as the binomial test, instead of 'Zero hypothesis' we will write H0 and for 'Alternative' we will write Ha.
Now the statistician writes the stuff involved like:

  • H0 : p = 60 / 1400 = 3 / 70
  • Ha :  p > 3 / 70

In statistical testing we always have the zero hypothesis as the 'daily working hypothesis', in this case the daily working thing is 3 /70 likelihood of the downing of a US helicopter on a particular day.
Now we need to calculate how likely it is that in the above mentioned time restriction of 16 days we have four choppers downed. We create the so called 'test statistic' and this time it is a very simple one: It is binomial distributed with parameters p = 3 /70 and n = 16. Yes yes it is all very simple, lets proceed:

X = The number of downed US helicopters inside Iraq during this 16 day timespan.

X has the binominal distribution and in order to check the significance of the zero hypothesis we only have to calculate P(X > 3), to put it in words even the stupid US four star generals can understand: We calculate the likelihood of 4 downed aircraft or worse. That is what we do my dear but silly US four star generals, that is what we do...

Elementary considerations say that P(X > 3) = 1 - P(X<4) = 1 - 0.99594 = 0.00406.

Since I was that stupid not do download a nice crack of the SPSS package (made in the USA...), I had to do all calculations by hand. For example I had to calculate:

P(X=3) = [16*15*14/3*2]*[603 /14003 ]*[134013 /140013 ] = 0.02494 so let me spare you the next of the calculations...;)

End conclusion: If all assumptions are met, that means all 60 downed US helicopters are done via enemy fire and the war was not over 1400 days but exactly 1400 days on its way; In that case we have a 0.00406 : 1 or a 1 : 246 likelihood of the zero hypothesis of being true...

So my fellow US military statisticians, am I unreasonable with the above statistical testing? Did you manage to arrive at that level or are you still brainwashed with all your government propaganda and do you even believe that the USA is a good force for human welfare in the long run on a global scale? Believe what you want but in the meantime I have the right and the duty of killing your military folks in a more efficient way.

Sincerely yours, Reinko Venema.

End of this update, in future updates we will take a look at the chloride tanker bombings, the introduction of the biological sniper bullet and lots of other things....

Lets fulfill our religious duties and kill the Americans! Till updates.

It beats me and I hope it will beat the SPSS developers, that is what I hope. But I will not crack down the SPSS folks (although their business prices are just far to high) but I will be constructive with the next:
In my own library is for many years a nice booklet with the title '100 Statistical Tests', the ISBN number is 0 7619 6152 6. The writer of this nice booklet is clearly a genius where the SPSS developers are clearly a bunch of idiots.
Oh oh, I try to be constructive towards the Americans but only after writing down the word 'constructive' it took only 50 words to write down 'bunch of idiots'.... Well I am sorry my dear folks.

Why do the USA SPSS developers not follow the insights exposed in the booklet with  ISBN number 0 7619 6152 6? And so for example add at least 10 new statistical tests with every update of the SPSS package? And stop all that stupid 'the market wants this or the market wants that policy'? You could grab statistical might like Microsoft has my dear SPSS developers so why not grab that might?

End of this update around the statistical analysis from the latest Military Bloody Day as it was located at 02 February 2007.

(30 Jan 2007) And so I find myself  back right now sitting on a concrete floor typing the last update from this house. Nostalgia is in my mind; eight years I have lived here and so much has happened in these eight years.
Weighing all in all Allah has been good to me during these last eight years in my little house but now it is time to move on to a bigger house. Yet there is that emotion called nostalgia and now just before the next impending Military Bloody Day I only want to highlight one of the large emotions:
It was five days before the 9/11 attacks and it the evening has just begun, my little daughter had fallen asleep and just by coincidence I looked outside in the garden. And I was completely astonished, what was happening at that tree? It was so beautiful, so devastating beautiful to see. It was like water running without water, it was like fire burning without actual fire observed. It was so beautiful, there are no words on this planet to tell you how beautiful it was.
But it was also clear that this was very mighty and whatever it was that possessed my tree on that day it was also a bit mad at me.
Now I am not a guy that is easily scared by stuff, I mean on average about once or twice in a decade somebody tries to kill me. This is no big deal, this is just the way people can react on me. I never press charges or anything.
But five days prior to the 9/11 attacks there was something very weird in my tree and right now so many years later I still get chicken skin now I bring it up again. After a few minutes of looking at what was happening at that tree in my garden I just grew scared, so horribly scared...These years and these days I am never scared anymore, for example when I have declared a so called Military Bloody Day and the mujahedin even succeed into killing of US slime in a two digit fashion I am not scared for my individual well-being. I am not scared for (just an example) sniper activity against me. 

Lets leave my nostalgia beyond and take a look at some very interesting statistic:
In the last 10 days something like 3 US helicopters were downed. On average this is 3/10 helicopter a day and this is an amazingly high number.
All in all the fucking Americans have lost something like 50 to 60 helicopters in this entire war in Iraq, that is a daily average of something at most like 60/1400 = 6/140 = 3/70. So statistics indicate there is a seven fold intensity i downing US choppers lately and therefore I have a good smile on my face.

But beyond good smiles on my face I have a few cubic of meters of garbage to collect in order to leave my old house properly to whoever buys it. I have not checked the new internet connection in my new house so I do not know if I am capable of commenting on the impending Military Bloody Day...

Lets leave it with that and we must never forget that there is high priority at studying how to kill Americans efficiently. I mean one weird tree in the garden that scares me is one thing, killing Americans is another and it is great fun.
Till updates.   

(18 Jan 2007) Ok ok I am tired as a 90 old guy after running 5 marathons on a row but I would like to publish a few words. Here we go:

ITEM ONE: My new enemy is Robert Gates, he replaces the old goody dood Donald Rumsfeld as the present US Secretary of Defense. My dear Robert here are my opening words for you:

A few years back I promised to Donald that I would beat the shit out of him.

This is what I did Robert and weirdly enough I even succeeded in this. Now what am I gonna do to you? The same or not? To be honest I just don't know, I do not have that deep hatred I had with Donald. I do not have that deep hatred so for the time being you have the benefit of doubt but very likely in a few months time I will tell the same 'shit beating words' to you either.
But in the meantime you have the benefit of doubt and you have that benefit until 02 February this calendar year my dear Robert.

My dear Robert Gates I am a very friendly man but I also carry a long luggage known as the Military Bloody Days (the MBD's). Now on some average MBD often lots of US military folks are killed and often we write the daily number of death in two digits. Due to repeated Cyber Attacks I cannot give you rigid and scientific info on this, but if you want info on killed US soldiers on certain specified days you must turn to the military you ride.
And, it is just a detail my dear Robert, I often specify the amount of air power that is allowed in future MBD's. For the incoming MBD at 02 February I am thinking about zero in Afghanistan and the Iraqi equation still needs a bit of thinking on my behalf. But about one week before the next Military Bloody Day is there I will publish the air power specification that are allowed in order to avoid Armageddon inside Western societies.

My dear Robert Gates, I came to the next info: You were a dean at some US university and you liked that job but when called by your president you gave up the job you liked. I understand very well why you did not want to leave a job like that but you were called to duty by Dubya and now you are called to duty by me. Here we go:

On the next Military Bloody Day that is located at 02 February this year I will give the permission of certain amounts of air power used on that day. It is advised that the Western air forces (in particular the US forces) do as they are told.
When I found out that the US forces in particular or the NATO forces in general do not follow my advice, we are in deep deep shit.

My dear Robert, for following my advice you must not look or talk at the military you rule but search for my strangest of cells as found within the White House. Tap your info from that source and not from these weird US four star generals...

ITEM TWO: The Kurds in Iraq.

There is no denying this: When the Kurds tried to sell their oil fields to Western companies I kept my mouth shut. I mean that indeed I like the Kurds and that indeed they need some territory to breathe. Ok ok it is also very likely that in the Kirkuk equation in the future I will advice at my Sunni friends to kill Kurds in large numbers but all in all the Kurds need their state and as far as I am concerned they can have it.

Now for a nice Media file: It says that Kurdish soldiers from the 1st battalion of the Iraqi Army's 3rd Brigade, 4th division are heading towards Baghdad. (Here is the Media file.) Of course stuff like this is very dangerous but I meet it with a soft smile, please my dear Kurds fight terror as it is found. For example the latest attacks against Baghdad universities can hardly be classified as the work of al Qaida in Iraq, so who did it?
Well have a good fight while you still use your brain my Kurdish fighters!

ITEM THREE: Since my body is exhausted and it is late at night this is an empty item. In programming language it is 'skip' item. And all I want to do at these very advanced computer spying folks that spy around on my computer systems: Why not try the doorbell? I mean I have a doorbell and if you want any kind of info I am very willing to share it with you.

Well we will see in how far the Americans are able to communicate properly via the doorbell method and in the meantime I hope for a double digit of US casualties on the impeding Military Bloody Day as we have on 02 Feb this year... 

Two weeks to go until the next MBD and I am very interested in this little detail of this decade long story: please kill this US slime my dear Sunnis, you are so good at it so kill it and kill it again on future Military Bloody Days! 

I often withhold it but: Abdullah Akbar! (This means 'God willing' or better said it is 'Allah willing' and I hope that it is indeed Allah willing that a lot of US slime will get killed on the specified date 02 February 2007. On the local calendar it is something like 1428 Muharram 14 while this is also a so called 'leap year'. )

Lets make this all not too difficult: Kill the US slime in a significant number anyway on 02 February 2007 please...

End of this update that even Robert Gates can understand.

(15 Jan 2007) Now wow wow wow did I have some cyber blast inside my dear computing machinery... And all I did was shredding some files and suddenly thousands and thousands of files were gone within just one or two seconds. So this is the second time this happens and I took my time to investigate what could have happened on the fucking machine.

Well if there were some spying programs on the computer they must have been there a long long time and that did not bring me in a good mood. But lets first see if the internet connection is working properly again.

Here below you can find my latest email to the Pentagon folks, of course there still is no answer... Till updates my dear reader.

My dear US Pentagon/US defense folks,

I have asked you this question about two weeks ago, that is the question about how much of you service folks exactly died in the month of October 2006.

I already have informed the mujahedin that you would act as a bunch of cowards and not answer the question.

Until now my insights are valid and you did not answer the first question.

So I will ask you this a second time, here we go:

How many US service members died in the month of October (during the run up month to the US elections)?

I know you are very busy, so I am only humble and ask you this a second time. May be this second time you could compose an answer and if not I do not have much problems with it. (I mean I already informed the mujahedin you would be a coward bunch of people. I already informed them...).

For reasons of being complete I will post (quote) the previous email at your address. Here we go:

Dear Pentagon folks/US military service people,

I am a journalist and I need some information for an impending article. I need the exact number of killed US service people during the month of October (the run up month for the US midterm elections).

The problem is as follows: There are more or less four databases out there that track the number of honorable US service people killed in Iraq. But they contradict each other, for example we have the Associated Press database that states it is 106 and at the other end of the spectrum we have that left wing CNN and their database says it is 126.All other databases report numbers killed in between the 106 and 126 number, but I need the exact info. So what is the real number of US service people killed in Iraq during the month of October 2006?

You already have my email address but let me state it once more: (the name is Reinko Venema by the way).

Looking forward to your answer, sincerely yours: R. Venema, Holland.


That was the previous writing, now I only ask you this the second time around: How many US service folks in Iraq died in the run up month of October 2006?

This is a simple to understand question, please answer it.

Sincerely yours;

Reinko Venema,

(By the way, there will be no punishment for not answering this second email. There will be no extra filled coffins inside Iraq nor Afghanistan. This second email is only needed to confirm to my brain that you Pentagon folks are just a bunch of cowards. That is all my dear folks. That is all for this second email.) 

(21 December 2006) Flip man, it looks like my computer has had some invasion stuff and I was mad as hell when I found out yesterday. The last time I was that mad (as hell) was after reading the Lancet report upon the Iraqi death toll. (A good reading by the way, good science! Yes the Lancet report (a pdf file) is good reading for the soul; you get wise from it.).

After having slept on it I decided that I was childish with my ranting from the previous (and deleted) update and it was unwise to get mad over the modified content of just one computer (although it's my own one). May be my anger was directed at myself; I haven't made a proper update of my system for over six months & we all know the value of making proper updates. So I was stupid & lets leave it with that.

Lets do the serious thing and discuss it into five items: One around the Palestine equation (just a detail), one around the words of opponent Dubya (he stated he wants to help young democracies, see for example the Palestines) and the main dish of today: Iraqi death squads (today a 70 to 80 found dead bodies was reported and that is significantly above average).
Then we had a message from al Qaida around the wisdom of new Palestine elections and the fifth item will be an empty item. Here we go:

ITEM ONE: Yesterday I did see the Palestine prime minister on the television and he stated more or less the next (more or less a quote):

They are out to bring the elected Palestine government down and we know the main source on this: That is America.

Comment to the Palestines: In principle this is correct but there is a detail missing. This detail was understood by me within a few seconds as soon as the news of the financial sanctions against the Palestines reached me a long time ago. They want the Palestine Hamas government out and the only way to do this is via the method of civil war. (That is because elections are an efficient way to prevent civil war, so when the outcome of elections is not accepted only non democratic ways will be there.)

Comment to the Americans: It is hard to swallow that at the moment the USA started pushing for financial sanctions against the democratically elected Palestine Hamas government that you did not see the consequences of your decision. This is hard to swallow, often I do portray you as a bunch of dumbheads but we both know this is only propaganda.
You knew you would drive the Palestines to the brink of civil war, you knew this from the beginning. And I have asked al Qaida international already two times to strike inside Europe and why not ask for this a third time?
Here we go: May I ask al Qaida international to strike with something in the 50 to 80 dead civilians range? That's it for item one my dear Americans...

ITEM TWO: Dubya and the words he speaks...

Lately I saw Dubya on the television via the CNN and suddenly he stated that America like to help young democracies... As an example he quoted the young democracy of Lebanon.

Now my dear reader why should Dubya like to express his desire to help Lebanon and not help the young democracy of the Palestines? That is because of the Lebanese 34 day war we had last Summer, it was a devastating blow for the Israelis and they cannot repeat that trick again. (For example the slimy Israelis want to double their defense spending...)
In the Palestine territories there is no mighty weapon found to kill Israeli slime the moment they enter, this is largely the responsibility of  the Fatah movement that is relatively corrupted and relatively full of traitors. (Sorry for the insult my dear Fatah but the Hamas has no traitors inside it's ranks.)
So the words of the honorable George W. Bush have to be translated as next: When you can harm us or our allies badly in a military way we will help your young democracy. When you have no such power we will treat you like the toilet paper you are, of course little details like Hezbollah = minority & Hamas = majority also play in the equation but we only like you when you have enough military power because other powers we do not understand.

Lets get serious: How does Dubya dare to day that America is willing to 'help' young democracies? And tout as an example the Lebanese folks? Is it arrogance of utter stupidity? You can make up your own mind my dear reader. (The Americans help only those when it is in the line of their so called American interests, for the rest they only speak wonderful prose about hugging & kissing.) Lets proceed to item three.

ITEM THREE: Today's civil death toll from death squad activity in Iraq was something in the 70 to 80 range. I did not obverse a vital detail: Was it inside Baghdad alone? The media report did not say that explicitely but very likely it is so.

What are the fact? Allowed maximum death squad activity was two days of triple digit numbers (this was allowed because they had the right of revenge after the large car bombings at soft targets we had lately, look for details below yourself my dear reader because I am not a walking encyclopedia.)
These are the facts, but although the Western press is reporting a number below 100 I would like to inform the Iraqi death squads that only one triple digit day more is allowed during this 90 to 120 day period of wiping out death squad activity.

Why am I that harsh? (Because most of the days we see easy to swallow numbers like 26 reported found and dead, 17 reported found and dead and so on.) Why am I that harsh? I am that harsh because most of the bodies found that clear signs of torture and I know that is a hobby in your society. And I also know there is much underreporting in these 70 to 80 numbers so very likely the Baghdad death squads have their more realistic first 100+ day.

So that is one more 100+ day left my dear Iraqi death squads. It is only one more day left...

Please do not get me wrong: I am not some weirdo from hell, I understand all the emotion that is going around. Just a few details on this:

  • Suppose my name would be Ali Baba and I am a Shia, at some day I get my wife and my seven year old son back to me in coffins because they are killed when they bought groceries at the local market.
    How would I react my dear reader?

  • Suppose my name would be Baba Ali and I am a Sunni and I get my brother back with a few drilled holes in his skull and spine and a few bullet wounds.
    How would I react my dear reader? 

In both cases I would stop attacking the global and long lasting enemy (the Americans) and try to kill those who did this to me. That is what I would do.

I understand all this emotion, I do my dear death squads. But you do not understand that the Americans are those who did this to you for so long. Some of you might be smart (because they stage daring attacks against local opponents) but they lack insight in the global puzzle of this all: It are the Americans that are the opponents, but again: It I would have my brother dropped in my garden with a head full of drilling what would I do?
And if your wife is car bombed away for no reason at all, what would I do?

Lets leave it with that; One more 100+ days to go for the Baghdad Iraqi death squads & lets leave it with that... 

ITEM FOUR: We had input from the al Qaida number two related to the Palestine equation where al Qaida stated that new elections would not liberate one sand particle at all.

Ok ok the message also contained more stuff but lets look only at the sand particle: Would new elections bring good for the Palestines?

We can be short on this: With asking for new elections the Western world hopes that Fatah would take a blunt victory and that without Hamas they could take the entire government.
It is clear that these kind of wishes belong to the realm of 'democratic fantasies' and beside 'military fantasies' I only observe they have democratic fantasies.
Although I too am against new elections because it was only last January this year Hamas won the previous ones. But this is just a particular opinion and I do not advice towards the Hamas to block new elections anyway.
Do your polling and if the second weird round of elections will not give majority to the corrupt and spy infiltrated Fatah anyway, why not take a second dive to smash a bit of wisdom into Dubya's head? (Ok it is throwing pearls to the swines to try and get a bit of wisdom into Dubya's head but there is no reason to fear new elections I hope.)
And, by the way, what kind of elections is abu Mazen pointing too? Only parliamentary elections or presidency elections too? Be my guest my dear Hamas and in case this Fatah leader likes new elections why not about his own seat? Why not? 

One thing is clear: The Western world thinks with her emotions and this Western world does not understand sound reasoning: Elections can prevent civil war and that is all I have to say on this stupid push of the Western world for new elections. 

ITEM FIVE: This is an empty item, it contains just nothing. But do empty items exist for real? May be they do may be they don't. But if empty items do not exist I would like that the US hedge funds ponder the next question for a long time during the impending holiday season: 

Do you follow the wisdom of Dubya or do you follow me?

And with following me I do not want you to turn into slaves, no no you have your hedge fund agenda for yourself. But in case there is some room inside your agenda you can make an appointment with this story if you know what I mean.

For the rest: This item is empty.  

That's it for today, I could rant on for many more items like this but I would like to listen to some wonderful music I found on the p2p networks and I am gonna do that. Lets shove all civil war in a place where the sun never shines & till updates!

PS: Never forget it is very important to study about how to kill Americans efficiently! Never forget that, after all we all hate Dubya don't we?

(17 December 2006) We only have two items or two subjects in this update: The first is complaining to the Hedge fund cell structure about why they do not do their best into bringing the €/$ pair to the desired level of 1.45 US$ against one €. And the second item is a complaint towards the Pentagon upon not answering my reasonable questions.

Here we go:

ITEM ONE: Some time ago when the €/$ pair did hang before the 1.30 level I told my audience that the crossing of this particular threshold would be taken with abundant hedge fund activity. It did not happen in those long lost months, but the second time around the 1.30 threshold was taken efficiently.

So you do not hear me complain about taking it in two steps instead of one my dear hedge funds. But you hear me complain about lack of activity into taking the long time threshold that is standing at something like 1.3666 (I have never registered intra day stuff or so and therefore my reported threshold of 1.3666 could be not exact...)

Well after the 1.30 barrier was taken I only observed lazy behavior on part of the hedge fund structure and why not cross the long time border in the €/$ pair I wonder all these times. I only wonder because my original estimation from a few years ago is still standing: It is 1.45 on this pair and my patience is running out my dear hedge fund structure. My patience is running out although I understand that in the currencies markets the most important events always happen years later. I understand that detail but do you understand the details of a overvalued US dollar? Do you? Now? (Come on US trade deficit is still something like 2 billion US$/day and lately Dubya asked for a full 100 billion US bucks to finance the war, I have heard rumors that this 100 billion does not go into the 'official' US deficit account but I do not know if that it true; Juan Cole was the source on this detail.) Down dollar down please...

ITEM TWO: A few days ago in a previous update I told my beloved audience that no matter what kind of email I post towards the Pentagon they never answer anyway. In this case it has to be remarked that the last email towards the Pentagon was placed years ago and now I only asked them the next information (quote from the entire email):

Dear Pentagon folks/US military service people,

I am a journalist and I need some information for an impending article. I need the exact number of killed US service people during the month of October (the run up month for the US midterm elections).

The problem is as follows: There are more or less four databases out there that track the number of honorable US service people killed in Iraq. But they contradict each other, for example we have the Associated Press database that states it is 106 and at the other end of the spectrum we have that left wing CNN and their database says it is 126.

All other databases report numbers killed in between the 106 and 126 number, but I need the exact info. So what is the real number of US service people killed in Iraq during the month of October 2006?

You already have my email address but let me state it once more: (the name is Reinko Venema by the way).

Looking forward to your answer, sincerely yours: R. Venema, Holland.

So that was all I asked for: Give me some reliable info around the number of US military deaths in October 2006. Now my deader what did happen: No answer from the US military so I am obliged to hang around with a few more years of Military Bloody Days and stuff like that to get them so far that they are willing to answer just a simple email. I am not doing difficult on this detail, email from the Pentagon has always been a very very minor detail in this war on terror anyway so why not study how to to fill the US coffins a bit more efficiently? Why not listen to nature instead of waiting upon US military emails?

I leave the beloved hedge fund cell structure and the beloved US military with this but only post; a nice pic as found on my most beloved website, here is the pic & till updates:


Ok ok, these 25K also include those who managed it to return to duty within 72 hours so it is a fake number anyway. But the previous €/$ pair number in the 1.36 range was also a fake, reality is around the 1.45 exchange threshold and I hope the hedge fund cell structure thinks that I am in the right where the other players in the field only talk short time rubbish... That is what I hope. Till updates my dear reader...;)

(13 December 2006) Ok the kids are sound asleep and I finally have the time to post a little update. Where shall we start because a lot did happen since 07 December?

Start with the fact that in this week total US dead and wounded crossed the 25 thousand threshold? That was a jubilant number but from the military point of view these 25 thousand also contain those US soldiers who were able to return to duty within 72 hours (three days).

Or start with that remark made by a US lawmaker lately: From all regiments/divisions right now in the USA about one third is just not capable of going to Iraq because of maintenance/equipment/manpower problems? Yes yes, one third of the total US groundforces are not capable of serving in Iraq. This is tremendous valuable information and I have to thank that particular US lawmaker from the bottom of my heart! Thanks!
Wow man, where have the times gone from 'loose lips sink ships'? Where have they gone?

But I could also have started this update with a correction: On 06 December it were exactly 13 dead reported US slime inside Iraq (my compliments I say with a broad smile on my face). So the previous reported 10 and 11 dead are withdrawn.
There is a little more to be said upon this detail: Four days before 02 December I recited for some stuff on 02 December. That was on a very very short notice but I was just curious about exactly what would happen. I was just curious, but later I found it also a bit impolite towards the Iraqi mujahedin because beside my curiosity there was no real reason or so (of course there was important battlefield info to be tapped but what exactly emerged on 02 December was nice in line with my expectations).
So it was a little bit impolite and may be a little excuse on my behalf is at it's place; I mean the Iraqi mujahedin are not some puppets on a string that can be pulled for whatever reason. No I respect them highly.
And although it is indeed a bit impolite, somewhere in the future I will likely try to pull some stuff off on just a three days notice (but I will never do this with just two or one day, that is sheer unreasonable because how could this information flow that fast around?)

So I could start this update with a lot of stuff, for example the next would also be a good starter: After studying the diverse databases that track the US military death toll in Iraq I arrived after some calculations that for example the October US death toll could be as high as 131 instead of the reported 106 by the Associated Press count. The CNN database for example reports 126 dead US slime in the month of October (the run up month for the US elections) but of course CNN keeps it's mouth shut and never ever criticizes the Ass Press findings. Details will follow later; I have started a text around this subject but it isn't finished yet. And there are a few problems to be solved: CNN does not expose how they compile their database and if they use other methods than the other databases around I could make a fool of myself with stating that in October 2006 we could have at least 131 dead US military slime...
May be I should email the Pentagon but I have tried that in the past and you just don't get any answer... You just do not get any answer so for the time being it is better to recite killing that slime and if a few years further down the road they are more talkative we can talk.

Of course also to be discussed is how the plan of wiping out death squad activity in Iraq is unfolding itself. Well I am still humming with satisfaction: from the moment I pulled of the plan we had no triple digit dead Iraqis found in the Baghdad zone in a 24 hour timespan.
But at the same time there has been lots of provocation from too hot headed Sunnis, for example we had the biggest car bombs attack lately (five fully loaded car bombs, just like the stuff that is over here in Holland in case the local authorities want to arrest me) and the last two days we had those attacks against Shia/Shiite day laborers that killed something in the 60 and 25 range. So there is lots of provocation but death squad activity stays relatively moderate and no upscaling is observed.
It has to be remarked that day laborers are no new police or army recruits so I just break my head over why they should be attacked. But I just do not know; these kind of attacks just serve no military goal whatsoever.
Therefore I would like to recite towards al Qaida in Iraq in particular and the mujahedin Shura council in general: Can you do a bit more your best into stopping these kind of stupid attacks while I am in my 90 to 120 day period of wiping out death squad activity?

Or would you like me to maximize death squad activity? Would that be handy for your long term survival? Now?And last but definitely not the least is the Palestine equation: Lately three children were killed with about 60 bullets. And ok ok it were three sons of a high ranked Fatah member and ok ok Fatah is on a very smoothing path with the Western forces. But it is three children against 60 bullets and this is utterly and totally unacceptable. So I hope that not for only one decade but a bit more longer the Hamas members will hunt down those who did this. And if for example one group or one cell claims responsibility, just execute the entire group or the entire cell. And if later another group comes in stating that whatever that previous group or cell has said, in fact they were the ones who did it. It is just the same: Execute the entire group or cell. (With execution I mean the execution of men of military age, so the kids are not killed.)
So that was that detail, I hope the Hamas understands more weird killings like this will happen now the Western forces have staged a full blown financial attack against the democratically elected Hamas government. It is important that the Palestines understand that the Western world would love to see a full blown civil war inside the Palestine territories, just look at the words the Israeli foreign minister speaks. The Western world is going out for a fully blown civil war, that is clear. Their diplomatic words spoken are just what they are: they are diplomatic words so it is just like the crap the US Condoleeza Rice is telling us. It is crap, it is utter crap.
Therefore I recite for the second time towards al Qaida in Europe to select that country that did bring the most into the financial attacks against the democratically elected Hamas government and try to keep the civil death toll between 50 and 80.
And guess what will happen? After the attack on a very soft target inside Europe suddenly the European diplomatic corps will find wisdom in stopping these financial sanctions.But my dear but stupid European diplomatic corps, it is only after that and not before the attacks. Do you now understand why you are stupid? Because after Madrid and London I go for the third one, do you now understand why you are stupid?

Lets leave this update with that, I know that senior so called 'terror analysts' will never visit this lovely website because all their website visits are logged. And you cannot have that kinkythirt thing on your logging list in case you desire for promotion. I know how stuff works my dear reader, but do you know? And is there anything that can prevent the impending third civil attack after the Madrid and London attacks? There is no such thing my dear reader, there is no such thing. Till updates.    

(07 December 2006) Flip man, the previous update contained some little faults: It was not 10 US slime killed in two roadside bomb attacks but 11 killed in four separate attacks... So the bad news is it were not two attacks and the good news is it was not 10 but 11 killed.

So what can I say? I can say I fell into a simple emotional trap yesterday: so much I long for killing US military more efficiently and when you observe a relatively reliable media file stating this is actually at the scene you just believe it... And it were my own emotions that did me make fall into this trap (but I was aware of my own emotions and I knew it could be a hoax).

Also yesterday I placed the next Military Bloody Day at 02 February 2007(if my calendar converter is not fooling me it is 14 Muharram in the year 1428), that is something like 2 months from now. Lets discuss my expectations or my estimations. Here we go:

  • The biological sniper bullet: I do not expect the Iraqis to have the biological sniper bullet to be ready at the next Military Bloody Day. The search of a suitable bullet takes long, the finding of the best fillings of this particular bullet is long and beside all that the sniper tables for gravity and sidewind will also take a few weeks.
    So the biological sniper bullet is not expected by me on the incoming MBD.
  • Shaped explosives: On the front of shaped explosives my hopes are far higher, once you have managed to make your first well working shaped charge you long for more. And reports upon shaped explosives are there for a long time already (although the Pentagon is very reluctant upon details and so). All in all I hope that shaped explosives will be a major way of attack that day.
  • Daisy Chain 5 and Daisy Chain 7: Daisy Chains are two or more bombs that explode simultaneously, they emerged a long time ago in Iraq but because you cannot control the so called 'collateral damage' I did forbid them. And they left the battlefield just as fast as they emerged and it has to be remarked that when your name is Reinko you understand the battlefield date far more efficiently compared to all my US opponent generals...
    But some months ago I asked for preparations of this particular kind of weapon that has the potential to wiping out a complete convoy of US slime.
    I hope the Iraqis have prepared this kind of Daisy Chain and I would like to test the Daisy Chain 5.
    What about collateral damage because Daisy Chains are horrible weapons on this behalf (they have to be planted covertly so innocent civilians do not know they enter a dangerous environment). Well I am very simple on this: Often the Western air powers give not a shit about any collateral damage whatsoever (of course they always regret the stuff but in reality they do not give a shit, look for example at the Israeli premier Olmert). Just like the sniper teams need their observants, the Daisy Chain teams need their observants too and the maximum allowed civil death toll is just 02.
    So when the observant team says four or five civilians are in the wrong place, please do not push the Daisy Chain 5 button on 02 February my dear reader.
  • Air power as applied by the Western air forces: It is important that the Western air forces stick to the amount of air power that is allowed on the impending Military Bloody Day at 02 February 2007. It is not advised to piss outside the potty like the Americans did lately when beside the specified amount of big air ammo they found wisdom in loosing many cannon rounds.
    It has to be remarked that the latest Lancet file about civil death toll did not reach the proper mindsets inside Western air forces. Well here it is once more.
    Since this Lancet file just did not make it into the mindset of Western air forces I have decided a long time ago that I will turn this series of Military Bloody Days into a so called binomial kind of days; in practice this means you will get 7 Military Bloody Days on a row and you are allowed 2 times to piss beside the potty.
    We have had two days of this; On the first the ISAF forces inside Afghanistan did a whole lot of bombing so that was the first failure, on the second Military Bloody Day the Americans used too much cannon rounds but it was not declared a failure and we have five Military Bloody Days left. If there is just one more failure from the behalf of the Western air forces I am forced to declare the very first Civil Bloody Day.
    I hope the Western air forces bow for this, they do not have to bow for me as a person but they have to bow for the story.
    Beside this we must never forget that in the original 9/11 attacks the Americans only pushed for a military solution, they just never ever investigated my ideas around the so called 'trigger hypothesis'. Now please my dear Western air forces let me pay the price for this: I still like to fill the US military coffins on this date 07 December 2006. 




That's it for this update, it is not temporary because the next Military Bloody Day just has to be published. Till updates my beloved reader and do not forget it were the Americans that pushed for the so called 'military solution' while now a few years later down the line they have about one third of all regiments/companies/and so on that are not ready to deploy to Iraq because of maintenance/manpower problems & and let me ask once more to the Americans: How stupid can you be? 

(02 December 2006) Man oh man I feel bored in the Iraqi equation; stupid attacks like market bombings keep on continuing and it is slowly getting clear that new weaponry to kill Americans more efficiently are likely not found over there. That is a pity, but if the Sunnis and Shias love to hate each other then why any longer put my energy in that?

Lets look at the next war, the war against Iran. In the past I already have instructed the Iranians to prepare for war and for example I have unfolded some thoughts upon efficient bunker building.

One of the things in my past thoughts upon more efficient bunkers (that counter all non nuclear bunker busters the US military has inside her arsenals) was based on concrete pyramid shaped structures (with a base of 2 or 3 meters) on top of the bunker so the incoming bunker buster (that is shaped like a long needle) gets a 45 degree angle to conquer. Therefore the initial penetration of the bunker buster was hindered largely.

Yet lately when I studied more efficient sniper bullets for the Iraqis I came by accident across so called 'reactive armor' on tanks. Reactive armor is in principle an explosive kind of armor that prevents penetration of the ammo fired at it. Counter measures are for example double copper layered shaped explosives. Like we have for example the famous hellfire missile often fired from the remote controlled Predator plane.
And suddenly it entered my mind that reactive armor can also be used in efficient bunker building. When the pyramid shaped top layer of the bunker would have reactive armor, the bunker buster just cannot enter because the reactive armor will blast with a 45 degree angle (or any kind of angle because pyramids are not restricted to the 45 degree versions of it). And if the Iranian bunker builders are interested in this: when I look into the mathematical parts of my brain I would advise a bit more angle than 45 degrees but lower than 60 degrees.
With 'pyramid degree' of course I mean the angle between the ground plane (often a rectangle) and the four (or more) triangles, that is the pyramid degree.
To counter the US bunker busters you have to study how to destabilize the penetrating tip of the bunker buster and I hope the Iranians find this valuable information. And in case the Iranians find this kind of information helpful, why not help me with getting rid of these weird and stupid Shia/Shiite deaths squads inside neighbor country Iraq? Why not my dear Iranians?

End of the update, may be I will delete it (turn it into a so called temporary update), may be I will leave it into these writings...

Have a nice life my dear reader. Have a nice life (I am having one of those lives and I hope you will get there too.)  

(24 November 2006) I have some private stuff the last days (I can move to a better home and that is needed because the kids get bigger and bigger, furthermore I have to look for a job because after all these years my savings have run out...).

But yesterday we had the largest attack inside Iraq until now, reported are over 200 dead Shia/Shiites and over 250 wounded and lots of the wounded are in very bad condition. For me it is very important to study how this attack with five car bombs influences my unfolding plan for minimizing death squad activity (because without doubt this kind of attack in Sadr city pumps up death squad activity).

Since I have set this plan in motion there has been no tree digit number reported in my most favorite statistic: Bodies found in Baghdad over the last 24 hours.
My estimation is that there will be new triple digit reports on found dead bodies in Baghdad and why not make it formal:

Shia/Shiite death squads are allowed exactly two triple digit days for revenge.

And although the car bombs in Sadr city killed woman and children alike it is not advised to 'death squad' woman and children. Just 200+ men of military age is advised. Good luck with it.

There is also good news flowing from Iraq: al Sadr declared that his political party will withdraw from the puppet Iraqi government in case the puppet prime minister Malaki would go and visit main enemy Dubya somewhere. This is a very good development because it minimizes the likelihood of future oil contracts going to the Americans. This small detail simply proves once more that al Sadr is carved from the good wood, his morals seem to be in order but he still has to learn how to amass military power like Hezbollah did...

All in all the amount of chaos inside Iraq is just too much, it hinders all kinds of welcome developments like we have the development of new weaponry. In the country where I live (Holland) the amount of chaos is too low to deliver new weaponry in the hands of the desired parties; the ruling powers succeed in keeping the population satisfied and so there is no new weaponry flowing from my country to Iraq. But in Iraq the amount of chaos is too high. I think it is not controllable, only details like Military Bloody Days and (hopefully) Shia/Shiite death squad activity is controllable. We will see how my views will pan out.

After having delivered my sermon I would like to concentrate on a few so called items in the itemizing thing. Here we go:  

ITEM ONE: Shaped explosives or shaped charges. Many years back when I was working for the Dutch army in Germany I came across a wonderful book about shaped explosives. I only could read about 10 minutes in it and these days they do not hire me anymore and I am broke so I cannot buy lots of those books myself. And it was five years ago so my memory is vague on this but may be the next book is good info for the Sunni shaped explosives builders (it is a bit late but anyway):
Fundamentals of Shaped Charges, ISBN: 0471621722, publisher John Wiley & Sons, authors W. P. Walters & Jonas A. Zukas.

But advanced armor on for example Russian tanks use so called 'explosive armor' and they could hinder the blast of copper coming in. So in my head it took a few minutes to come up with a wonderful weapon with 5 to 10 copper layers to ensure the blasting copper stream long enough. Well these were stupid fantasies because on some South American website I found out two copper layers are enough, they are named tandem shaped charges, here is some info on them:
Info on tandem shaped charges; Tandem warhead (Wikepedia).

Detail: May be you need two detonators inside the explosive material to get the most effective kind of weapon when all the Abrams tanks inside Iraq have explosive armor on the bottom of those tanks. But may be one detonator inside the tip of the leading copper cone will do the trick necessary.

With shaped charges you can do lots of tricks, you can use the copper cone shape (aluminum seems to be better for concrete) but you can also make lines of that stuff. And when you can 

make lines you can also make curves of this. Here is a pic to get an idea about liners:

Info on liner shaper charges (until now in Iraq only the one point shaped charge is used) but liners can bring great fun because you can make them in the shape of a Christian Cross...;) and when you have made your first Christian Cross you can also make them in the shape of the half moon or the Crescent...) Good luck with it my dear Iraqi shaped charge folks!

ITEM TWO: Better sniper ammo. Something like eight months ago I only published a small video fragment on my website, here it is again. I never highlighted it's meaning anyway, I only waited. Well now after waiting all these months it is reported that sniper training in Iraq is centralized and therefore the next obvious detail has to be discussed: Better sniper ammo. (Yes yes my dear but stupid US military, I am a guy with a lot of patience when this is needed.)
Here we go:

For over a year in my mind already a bullet exists that kills US slime far more efficiently. But I had all those stupid fantasies around it, I wanted advanced bullet fillings of the hollow cap with all kinds of new and surprising diseases. But given the Iraqi equation with far too much chaos inside it, it is better to bring a more rude version forward. So I did the Google thing and I found that indeed these kind of bullets can be made.

I found the desired info that was exactly what I thought upon this: I found that one American guy drilled a very small hole in the hollow tip of a bullet and filled it with aspirin. (He used aspirin because he thought that would prevent bleeding so the wound would not stop bleeding, a very naive kind of filling I think.)

So the kind of bullets that are needed do actually exist these days: They have a hollow but closed tip and you can drill a very small hole in it and fill it with an injection needle. They do exist but I do not know if they exist in the bullet size used by the honorable Iraqi snipers. I do not know.

But we need bullets that expand or fragment inside the bodies of US soldiers and so the entire wound is sprayed with a nice biological payload. Weirdly enough it is not forbidden, I studied the 1899 The Hague covenant upon allowed ammo but it only said that explosive bullets below something like a 400 gram threshold are forbidden. So this concept of a biological sniper bullet is not illegal or so, my dear reader must know that I always abide the law...;)   

Info on hollow bullets that expand/fragment upon impact (for introducing the biological sniper bullet in the Iraqi equation); Terminal ballistics (Wikepedia).
Info on the legality of using biological sniper bullets is here (Wikepedia).

To get an idea of the effect of these kind of bullets I show a picture of a bullet used in hunting animals:

How to fill the bio-sniper bullet? Advanced new diseases are not at the scene now we live in a 

timeframe where scientists often refuse to side with the Iraqi insurgency. So lets keep it simple: rotten human blood is a nice payload, or just throw a piece of animal meat in a bit of water and wait for a few days until you have your special brew to fill you sniper bullet with. You can be so creative with this, why not buy feeding stuff for the acrobacter species? Or with whatever you want kind of filling your sniper bullet...;) That would be a nice counter to all those stupid CNN reports we have lately that say 'See how good we are in the war hospitals here in Iraq'. Please give me a few surprises on this...
And, by the way and so, with the bio-sniper bullet the Iraqi snipers can also aim at the legs of the US soldiers because from now on that will be lethal too...;)

More sniper stuff: When you have filled bullets the tables for gravitation and side wind are not longer valid. Create your first tables with help of your own brain and after that convert them to all other zero's with help of the ultimate sniper website. See converting your stuff.  Good luck with it.

More sniper stuff: Ordinary bullets can be transformed into the high class sniper bullets if you apply some kind of coating on it. I have never done this (I even never fired a sniper rifle but I would love to do this in the future). Here are some not understandable files on this, for example you need Moly (Molybdemum Disulfide) or so. What it is I don't know, I have no clue but here's the Google thing upon 'Moly coatings'.  It looks reasonable that Moly coatings also need their new sniper tables of gravity and side wind.

ITEM THREE: Old but funny news found; a US corporal felled by a sniper bullet on the latest Military Bloody Day from 02 Oct 2006 (audio file, in English of course).

As always the fantastic features of the dead soldiers are highlighted, from the dead nothing but good. For me as an individual it was nice to hear the good qualities of this particular dead US soldier.

ITEM FOUR: Yesterday morning I got a visit from two Mormones, one American and one Dutch Mormone... And they visited me so we could have a little discussion upon religion, I always like religious discussions with Christians.

And so after the introductionary talk, giving them a glass of water (they do not drink coffee for example but I already knew this) of course I had to unleash a very simple question:

Can you think of a bacteria as being your daughter?

Both the Dutch as the American Mormon instantly saw that bacteria's are never daughters of humans. They did not buy this.

So my next question was:

Is the Almighty we often refer to a God (or Allah) not much greater compared to any human?

This was also confirmed by the Mormones.

And so their mind was vulnerable to attack, the obvious third question was of course:

So how can a human named Jesus be the son of God?

But weirdly enough my logical line of reasoning was not followed any longer.    

ITEM FIVE: It is now 23.53 hours local time so I have no time left to make it a solid item before we have day closure. So let me only highlight the most important detail from this update: Two triple digit death toll days are allowed for the Shia/Shiite death squads inside Iraq.

Now ok ok. lets bring up the best of the US snipers. Here they are:

End of this update, till updates my dear reader.  

(09 November 2006) Good news in the US mid-term elections: The Democrats have also taken the US Senate! It is now 51 seats for the Demo's and 49 for the Rep's and the last seat was so wonderful: It was something like 8.805 votes more for the Dem's that gave victory.
So now the Iraqi mujahedin can ask themselves the following question: Suppose they would not have worked hard and suppose they would not have killed 105 of the US military slime, would in that case Dubya not be the 100% lame duck as this story wished? One more for the road: Thanks for following my battlefield advices my dear and beloved mujahedin! Victory is for those who staged the attacks and that is not me but that are the Iraqi mujahedin...;)
And since the mujahedin help me I help them...

Last subject: How is the plan for wiping out death squad activity in Iraq going? I think there is a small scaling down but I have never compiled any statistics on daily found bodies in for example Baghdad. My gut feeling says there is a small decline (last week we had on Friday or so 54 dead bodies found but we also had a Shia/Shiite wedding bombed) and last week we also had a report of only 11 bodies found. So we must not jump to conclusions prematurely, that is all I have to say.
Yet I wish all participants luck in downsizing that kind of hell and that kind of coward fighting. Till updates. 

(08 November 2006) Yes yes yes, there is no denying this: Dubya is a lame duck for the rest of his presidency... I am having fun, big fun. BIG BIG fun!
Victory to the mujahedin & this can bring a whole lot of benefits, may be even things like Guantomano Bay will end. We will see, right now at 19.16 hour local time the first victim is there: US Secretary of defense Donald H. Rumsfeld is resigning. Yes yes yes, this is a good day. A very good day & a very important battle has been won.

So very likely this US election result will bring all kinds of benefits for the so called central front in the war on terror (the war in Iraq, the so called Iraqi equation). Right now at the moment of writing Dubya is on the television explaining that there are no problems at all and that it is good that there will be fresh leadership at the Pentagon... (But only one week ago he said that Rumsfeld would stay the entire next two years, ha ha I have fun and I smell blood.)

But there was another major development today: This morning at dawn the Israeli defense forces started shelling Palestine civilians and there were something like 18 civilians dead included many children. The slimy Israeli forces were a full half mile wrong with their targeting so they did it deliberately or it was a giant blunder. We will see.
The Hamas stated that the truce was in effect over and promised deeds instead of words. But there is more: For the very first time the Hamas asked for attacks against the Americans...
This is a major policy shift and in the past I have tried a few times to get the Hamas to that point but they constantly refused to go international. Well Palestine brothers: WELCOME! Lets together study how to kill Americans efficiently, welcome!
A short remark: At the Iraqis I often tell words like 'Just like there is only one God there is only one enemy and these are the Americans'. In the Palestine territories this is of course not the case, for them the Israelis are on number one (the local enemy) and the Americans on number two (the global enemy).
By the way, it was a sad happening that gave rise to this development and I want to bring my condolences to the Palestines in general and the families that lost family members in particular.

Till updates. 

(06 November 2006) Tomorrow there will be the so called mid-term elections inside the USA and I hope that the 105 killed US soldiers will do the trick this time and give success to the Democrats... But you never know, Democrats are Americans too and therefore they are often stupid. Yet according to the polls victory is there for the US Democrats and may I thank the Iraqi mujahedin once more for staging all those attacks? Without doubt you must have been exhausted at the end of October, so thanks for your help! 

For the rest so much did happen, for example the death verdict of Saddam Houssein came to light yesterday. For the time being I have only little comment on that but I will only remark a few small points:
--Saddam was bad in preparing the Iraqi nation for guerilla warfare, likely there were no Shia/Shiite officers in the old Iraqi army and today we pay a severe price for this.
--When I would have been Saddam, I would have stepped down during the times of the economical sanctions. I would have swallowed the humiliation in order to save the lives of many many people.
--I saw the verdict read on television and I have to admit: Saddam swallowed it like a man. But I have never said that Saddam was a coward or so, oh no Saddam is not a coward but that never was the problem...
Lets leave it with that and lets go to do the 'itemizing thing':

ITEM ONE: In the previous update from exactly one week ago I informed al Sadr of the next detail, quote:

No no, people that do go out and bomb a Shia wedding in the morning and come back in the evening to bomb the funeral are people that need to be executed.   

Well within 24 hours a Shia/Shiite wedding was bombed and there were something like 25 people dead. It has to be remarked that the funeral of these 25 people was not bombed, these are the facts.
But there is also emotion and I cannot remember any detail in the last five years of war on terror that I was insulted more. To be honest I was mad as hell.
This stupid wedding bombings and similar stuff just has to stop, it only enlarges the death squad activity and it only hinders help from foreign scientists. The scientists are desperately needed to build better weaponry and this stupid kind of killing must stop.

So I repeat my advice: Execute those who bomb Shia/Shiite weddings in the morning and come back in the evening to bomb the funeral. Dear mujahedin Shura council in general and al Qaida in Iraq in particular: I need your help too.
Therefore you are given the following task: Execute 25 of the above mentioned kind of people (the wedding bombers) and make a photo of every execution.
These 25 photo's have to go to al Sadr so he can see I am serious on this stuff.
It is the task of al Sadr to look at the photo's once and after that destroy them, they are not meant for the public eye... Good luck with it, good luck! 

ITEM TWO: Lately there is all kinds of talk that compares the present situation in Iraq with the Vietnam war (the Vietnam equation). I only studied how this war started and for the rest do not have expert knowledge on that equation. Yet I came across a very taunting detail that I just have to expose, quote:

The Tet Offensive was strategized by the North Vietnamese Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, a former schoolteacher who was said to be very familiar with the details of Napoleon’s campaigns. Source 

Comment: Now I am not gonna compare myself with Gen Giap, my lifelong favorite is still Dhengiz Kahn. That was one hell of a general: he smithed all these warring Mongul fractions together in one mighty army and crushed the world. Wow wow wow.
Interesting detail about the Kahn: His soldiers paid him to serve in his army where all other Mongul warlords had to pay their soldiers... 
Just from that detail you can see how very good the Kahn was, a truly amazing character.

I only hope that in a few decades I can indeed compare myself to the Kahn, but if not no big deal. But I would like that, that's a fact...;) 

ITEM THREE: Fun fun fun, it was the American John Kerry who at a certain point in time made more or less the following statement:

Try to do your best and get a good education, try to get smart or 
otherwise you will get stuck in Iraq.

This gave a whole lot of emotion inside the USA and Senator John Kerry (a leading Democrat over there) explained he only made a joke towards commander in chief George Dubya Bush (the USA president from these days). Well if you look at the John Kerry words it is actually a very funny joke, anyway I could laugh very well over it...;)
But the US Republicans were fast into spinning stuff into an attack on the Holy US Military Forces (that is a death sin over there, do not criticize the military or your career is over). And swift the US army inside Iraq responded with the next:


This was a very wonderful reaction and once more it shows that inside the US military there is about 90 percent support for the Republicans (so the left over 10 percent are to be split over the Democrats and the so called 'independents'). And although the pic above proofs indeed that the whole US military is nothing but a Republican militia it is also very funny. We cannot deny that; finally the US military gets creative and not in achieving in the building of hospitals inside Iraq or so but by attacking Democrats it is where creativity is found...

Let me adjust to the above slang, let me adjust to the creativity inside the US military. Here we go:

Hallo UZ melitarry jou ar stukc inzide Irak, thet iz trou. Zo jour stupit cummander en sjeef cannod mace Moore warz everywhare, hah hah vun vun iz vound. Ant bey te wai, whai dit jou fuk te 14 jear olt Iraki girl ant killet te entirez famili? Ai doo nod understant thiz becauze jour wan cummander zays zhee asket vor te stuf ant id waz te 14 jear olt thad rapet te UZ soldierz ant avter thad zhe efen killet heR entirz famili witd a boks kutter ant zhe efen callet vor aair forze to haaide te efidenze.
Butt te odther cummander zays thet id waz noo krime bekauze id waz nod in te rulez off engazement. Te rules off engazement klearly zay thet te UZ melitarry kannot fuk femalez ant thiz waz a zhild zo id waz not vorbidden.
Te rulez off engagement also zay thet jou kannot do te gey ting widt Iraki meals whan thej ar addultz. Zo whyj nod zend ofer te Republician Marc Folley to fuk the Iraki teenacher meals? Then thej woult veel laike e UZ zoldier ant te Iraki teenacher meals woult veel laike e men. Juzt laike jou ar bey te waj.    

Butt te UZ melitarry iz alzo aj stupit melitarry becauze vor tree ant a halv jears ai attakc tham widt Melitarry Dloodi Dayz zo led mee brang onze Moore too jour attentione te nexd tabla, haf vun gujz:

Title: My dear US military, more simple as this I cannot make it...
Period number Overall daily US death toll

Period I related to MBD from 11 Sept 2006


Period II related to the al Qaida call to kill Americans

Period III related to MBD from 02 Oct 2006



Zo ai kan zay thet wee zhoud ent thiz dizcussion bey ztating thet I am zmart whyle jou ar stupit. Butt jou hef eir suppord ant ai hef e wepsite zo wee wil zee whad te vuture bringz. Letz leef id witd thet.

ITEM FOUR: Since we have US mid-term elections tomorrow lets take a look at the past and once more look at the 2004 prez elections in the USA.
Since it is well known that the US prez George Dubya Bush is in fact a full blown idiot it was just so important to have four more years of Dubya. That would bring four more years of Cheney (also dumb), more Paul Wolfowitz (that guy leads the World Bank right now) and most of all: four more years of Donald Rumsfeld (the guy that constantly has lack of knowledge on the actual battlefield situation).
Well how did the Americans view the nice Osama tape that surfaced just before the US prez elections? Here are a few quotes:

On Oct. 29, 2004, just four days before the U.S. presidential election, bin Laden took the personal risk of breaking nearly a year of silence to release a videotape denouncing Bush. Right-wing pundits immediately spun the videotape into bin Laden's "endorsement" of Democrat John Kerry. Polls registered an immediate bump of about five points for Bush.   

However, inside CIA headquarters, senior intelligence analysts reached the remarkable conclusion that bin Laden's real intent was to help Bush win a second term.

Comment: This all was rather smart and 100 percent in line with what I was thinking of this subject. Lets proceed quoting:

However, Bush's campaign backers took bin Laden's videotape at face value, calling it proof the terrorist leader feared Bush and favored Kerry. source

Comment: Once more I am shaking from laughter, Osama more afraid of dumbhead Dubya compared to Democrat John Kerry? No no my dear conservatives, it was not fear that lead to the decision to try and keep Dubya at his post. It was the fact that Dubya is dumb that motivated this all.
And when you have a dumb commander in chief surrounded by dumb employees like Rumsfeld you have gained a whole lot of future things...

Oh oh, often the Americans are charming in their stupidity. Just like children can be charming but when a child has a 500 billion a year military under it's ass it is where the trouble starts. 

ITEM FIVE: From stupid US generals and the things they say.
Lately on 11 September we already had that stupid four star US general Peter Pace stating that: 'Right now the number of dead US military service members is approaching the total death toll from the 911 attacks from 2001' (or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall the exact detail).

Now here is a very interesting CNN file from 3 September that states the next, quote:

The announcement Sunday of four more U.S. military deaths in Iraq raises the death toll to 2,974 for U.S. military service members in Iraq and in what the Bush administration calls the war on terror.

The 9/11 attack killed 2,973 people, including Americans and foreign nationals but excluding the terrorists. The 9/11 death toll was calculated by CNN.

The comparison between fatalities in the war on terror and 9/11 was drawn last month by Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. 

"It's now almost five years since September 11, 2001," Pace said. "And the number of young men and women in our armed forces who have sacrificed their lives that we might live in freedom is approaching the number of Americans who were murdered on 9/11 in New York, in Washington, D.C., and in Pennsylvania." source

Comment: On 11 Sept 2006 total US military death toll stood at 3005 so we see that indeed Peter is a full blown idiot that does not have his dossiers on order. 

There are hundreds of stupid US generals more to find but lets name only one: US general Casey (the leader inside Iraq). Lately he was on the television with his stupid head and he stated the next:

In 12 to 18 months we can start withdrawing because at that point the Iraqi forces are capable of defending themselves. 

Comment: Well Casey this is a stupid remark because you use Iraqis to kill Iraqis and this is a strategy that has a high failure rate from the military point of view. So your stupid estimation will likely not come out asshole!
No no Casey: When the Americans truly want the Iraqi oil than it will be five or ten years more of this you braindead general!  

Lets leave the itemizing stuff with that and we will see what tomorrow brings on behalf of the US elections and after that we can study how to get rid of the Iraqi death squads... Till updates!   

(30 October 2006) It was just five days until the last update and so much has happened in just five days. Lets go to work:

ITEM ONE: The plan for minimizing death squad activity was set in motion some time ago and the plan contains three pillars (Sunnis crafting attack plans against the recruiting fields from the death squads, help from the Iraqi clergy and al Sadr doing his stinking best to wipe out all death squad activity in all Shia/Shiite militia's and if he does that his militia will be spared).

So how is the plan unfolding itself? It looks like the third pillar is cooperative too and I think I must whisper softly to the Mahdi army: thanks...
Lets look at the details as I found them on the website of Juan Cole (an expert in Shia stuff but also a guy that is very biased against Dubya and sometimes has his details not completely right). Quote:  

Al-Zaman (in Arabic so I cannot read this) reports that another leader in the Sadr Movement, Ahmad Sharifi, revealed Friday that a committee set up by the Sadrist leader Sayyid Muqtada has begun the process of purging the Mahdi Army of death squad cells. They are chasing other such cells, which kill innocents. Sharifi charges that these cells are being funded by "factions" in the United Iraqi Alliance, the umbrella coalition in parliament for religious Shiite parties.  

Comment: I am pleased and honored to observe that the Mahdi militia or army is willing to enforce a so called rigid battlefield discipline. THANKS!
But the study of where exactly the recruiting fields of the death squads are is a fine study and a subtle study. 
So do not play the blaming game but try to find good and rock solid information about where exactly most death squad members are recruited from.
And do not get me wrong my dear Mahdi army: I have read some reliable eyewitness reports that indeed indicate that the Mahdi army has indeed death squad activity inside her own ranks but I will never change policy. You will be spared when I find the wisdom of declaring a so called Military Bloody Day because you had the guts and the balls to stand up against the American military machine. Not only once but twice you stood up and you deserve a reward for showing bravery while all other Shia/Shiite militia's only laughed when for example we had the Fallujah raidings...

But there is more to say on this subject: Although I would like to see some rigid battlefield discipline inside all Shia/Shiite militia's there is no reason to spare the Sunnis. No no, people that do go out and bomb a Shia wedding in the morning and come back in the evening to bomb the funeral are people that need to be executed. That is also a way of getting the desired battlefield discipline at the desired places but all in all my reader must understand that I am only a guy with a website and I do not long for so called 'Media power'. 

ITEM TWO: A few days back I arrived at my home after a visit to a neighbor and it was 21.37 hours in the evening and I pushed the button 'refresh page' from my most favorite website. And it said to me: US death toll in October is written in three digits...;)
Beside this we also observed another double digit death toll day on the 17th of October (exactly 15 days after the latest Military Bloody Day from 02 October) and on this 17th of October we saw a nice 11 dead US military.
And so after all the arrests done by the US military (until now we have something like 13 thousand arrested not falling under the Geneva Convention so very likely water boarded on a daily basis but this is not torture says the great Commander In Chief Dubya, they have no access to any kind of information that lead to their arrest but again it is not terror says the great fucker in chief) and all these arrests did not wipe out resistance power. On the contrary; it stays stable and it likes to scale up.

ITEM THREE: CNN reported that total tonnage of air power in Afghanistan is a ten fold of air power as applied in Iraq. Because the size of the Afghan occupiers is only a fifth of the size of the occupiers in Iraq we instantly see that per capita occupation soldier in the Afghan landscaper there is a 50 fold more use of air power. From the military point of view this is rather weird; why should the brave NATO/ISAF forces need a hefty 50 times fold in using air power?
Don't you think that this is a weird detail my dear reader? Why do they need 50 times as much air power?
That is because they are cowards and this is because they are relatively new on the battlefield and they still have all those military fantasies related to the original 911 attacks from the year 2001. 
We also must take a look at the facts and lately CNN also declared that al Qaida in Iraq was climbing the food chain to get to the top (this was a so called CNN exclusive). But my dear CNN, it all remains to be seen if indeed al Qaida in Iraq will make it to your stupid so called 'top of the food chain' If indeed al Qaida in Iraq succeeds in killing US military slime in a three digit number on a particular day we can say they have made it to the top of your stupid food chain.
As a comparison it took the united entire cell structure in Iraq something like  27 or 28 days to kill US military slime in a triple digit fashion. You are stupid CNN and I am smart. Lets leave it with that.

The rest of this item number three is in Ducth because it is meant to arrive into the brains of the political NATO leader named Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (the Oops Keffer so to say). Here we go:

Zo vuile christenhond het is nou tussen jou en mij. Snap jij nog steeds niet dat het afvullen van civiele lijkkisten in Holland altijd een meerwaarde heeft omdat een zekere Hollander genaamd Jaap het wel leuk vond om wat swing aan zijn internationale cariere te geven?
Ja ja, dat vond Japie wel leuk toch? Politieke leider van de NAVO... Welke idioot zou dat niet doen? Behalve het salaris heb je toch ook al dat prestige?
Nou vuile christenhond, het was jaren terug dat ik vroeg aan al Qaida international om bijvoorbeeld vijf autobommetjes te prepareren voor het geval ik wat aandacht zou krijgen van debieltjes zoals jij. Nu we een aantal jaartjes verder zijn zou ik bijv ook hetzelfde kunnen vrangen aan bijv organizaties als the Islamic Army in Iraq maar ook aan zekere Indiase organisaties die mij misschien wel willen helpen om zekere boodschappen in jou debiele hoofd te rammen.

May be this is a wise point in time to stop updating and only express to my audience that if indeed the CNN report on used air ammo is correct (I cannot validate it otherwise) it is advised to the ISAF forces in Afghanistan that less air power always brings more friends at the scene.

Till updates my dear and beloved reader.

ITEM FOUR: Well after bicycling a rough 50 to 60 kilometers I have gotten rid of my hate towards the Oops Keffer and why not post a nice update around the sniper stuff in Iraq?
Correction: In a previous update I told that the Islamic Army in Iraq made a compilation of 10 sniper attacks, yet this file suggests it was a nice compilation of 28 attacks mostly in the head. Wow I wish I had that video my dear Islamic 

Army... By the way I observed you used a so called standard work: "Ultimate Sniper", written in 1993 by Major John L. Plaster.
I smiled softly when I read this detail and may I inform you that for example there is also a standard work on shaped explosives? (I lost the name of the author and the title of that book but here is a nice file upon shaped explosives.) I have to admit that I never read the work of Major John L. Plaster but likely it contains the next info:

In order to be a good sniper from a relatively large distance 
you have to practice daily.

But there is more: There are also drugs that make you a better sniper because those drugs reduce trembling. Now please do not get me wrong: I like the mujahedin because of their religion and I do not want to turn them into some wagon load of drug users but very likely the US snipers use those beta blockers themselves (of course the Pentagon never ever will do any drug testing against that just like they do not check if the US snipers bring forbidden bullets to the battlefield that are bought in the USA during the times the US snipers are back in the USA). Here is the google thing upon 'billiards drugs enhancing'.

Well I did read the sniper update with great interest and I smiled softly when I observed some guy named Juba placing his 37th hit on a list. Well Juba I think I like you because you have killed over 1% of total US death in Iraq. Congratulations! And although Juba has done great works, far more important is the next quote from the end of the three page media file from Reuters, quote: 

The video says the brigade's main weapon is the Tabuk sniper rifle, which was produced in Iraq from a Yugoslav design.

It uses standard Kalashnikov rounds and probably has a range of 500-600 metres (yards), according to arms Web sites which describe it as more of a marksman's rifle than a sniper rifle, which is designed to be accurate beyond 800 meters (yards).

Comment: When I read the weapon used was actually produced in Iraq I had a very broad smile on my face. Ok it is a copy of a Yugo thing but if the Iraqis really are that far that they can make copies then there is no denying this: In the future they can make the high powered sniper rifles in the 800 to 1400 meter range themselves. This was good news my dear Islamic Army, this was good news... We go to the next item:

ITEM FIVE: This is a non military item; in the previous item I told my reader to do the so called 'google thing'. And isn't google famous because of it's superior algorithm that outbeats all of it's rivals? (By the way algorithm is a Western word from Arabic origin.) But this is all a big fake, in the past it might have been true but after the Google company got billions of US$ money via the initial public offering completely other practices did arrive at the battlefield of search engine superiority...

I have rock solid information upon that: One of my family members works for Google and gets paid 14 Euro the hour to do only one thing: Ranking websites!
My family member (who's name is not exposed in order to avoid civil war inside the family) gets a so called 'search phrase' and has to check the relevance of individual websites and can choose from options like 'very relevant' to 'unrateable'. You can argue this is just a bit of quality control now Google has all that money to burn but it renders their original path to fame into insignificance... So how will the Google stock value react on this particular information? May be I will check a bit on the Google stock value or I will do some other things.

Let us split, name it a day and say: Till updates! 

(25 Oct 2006) I found suburb positive news and lots of negative news. Lets start:

ITEM ONE: The most positive news of the last five days was the dead of a civil US contractor that guarded  American troops... Yes you read that right: Civilians protecting US military... And so we see that the US military is the first ever in history that cannot protect it's own high ranked officers, quote:

The 29-year-old, from Redcar, was working for a private security firm guarding American troops when the incident happened at around 10am local time on Wednesday.

But after 12 years in the Army, by which time he had reached the rank of Lance Corporal, he decided to follow in the footsteps of many other soldiers and landed a job with a private security company in Iraq, guarding high profile American generals. (source)

Comment: This is even more weird than those practices like outsourcing the cooks, with outsourcing the cooks you are in fact left with a military that is not capable of feeding itself. Is this the so called Power and the Glory? Civilians guarding high shot US officers? I had fun, what a bunch of stupids you are by the way.

ITEM TWO: A few days ago in Iraq the 2.800 dead US military threshold was taken. At the moment of writing we have 2.804 dead Americans in Iraq and 343 in the Afghan theatre. Since 2.804 + 343 = 3.147 we have crossed the 5% level of the Vietnam war. So all in all it is still peanuts and we need more fronts like North Korea or Iran. (But US prez Dubya constantly refuses to go away from the so called 'diplomatic path'. Ok his ground forces are still effectively grounded in Iraq so we must have patience on this detail.)
All other coalition forces fatalities combined in both theatres Iraq and Afghanistan stand at 392 right now and 3.147 + 392 = 3.539 and all in all the 3.500 threshold is taken some days ago. Thanks to all those who stage the attacks against these forces. Thanks!

ITEM THREE: I am still waiting for that fatwa from the combined Sunni/Shia/Shiite clergy from Iraq trying to minimize Muslim on Muslim fighting. Until now (about five days after the crafting of that fatwa) there are only sketchy details out. The one media file says it contains 10 points, other media files suggest it are 7 points. Here is the most reliable quote I found:

"A preparatory committee comprised of six scholars met 10 days ago. It issued a communique containing a grand and clear fatwa directed at the Iraqi people forbidding shedding Iraqi blood, killing, threats, kidnapping, etc," he said. (source

Comment: From this it is hard to measure of my advice towards the Iraqi clergy has arrived them (because help of the Iraqi clergy is one of the pillars of my plan to minimize death squad activity in Iraq) but this looks promising. (Ok I understand that the Iraqi clergy cannot recite for attacks on foreign occupiers, the new born Iraqi army and things like that but it looks like I have to thank the Iraqi clergy for their help...)

ITEM FOUR: I know that this item will not fall in good ground in the NATO officers corps but I will explain later.

Message for the Iraqi mujahedin: A short time ago the Americans missed one of their soldiers, a translator of Iraqi/USA nationality. It is very important that this kidnapped soldier stays alive and well, do not execute him!
When in the future there are biological methods of warfare prepared they have to be tested. And of course you can look for volunteers (Martyrs so to say) but for a long time I have arrived at the conclusion that kidnapped US military are the best way of experimenting with biological warfare.
Of course the Iraqi mujahedin must ask themselves if they want to walk down the road of biological warfare but over the decades this could be the best possible weapon of countering the US nuke power.

Message for the ISAF forces of NATO: Using kidnapped US military men for biological experiments has indeed some fascist trait in it. I can not deny that but I want to assure you I am not some kind of fascist. Yet implementing this kind of policy is a punishment for you because you used far to much air power on a Military Bloody Day (from the 26th of July this year) where all air power was forbidden on condition of releasing biological and chemical warfare.
Please do not think I have some 'mental thingeling' or so, after my humble opinion it were the air forces of ISAF that pushed the bomb onloading buttons that day so please do not hold me accountable for the consequences.
Thanks for your attention!

So far this kidnap item.

ITEM FOUR: Shall we turn the US elections into some 'Spanish elections'? In case my dear reader does not know what a Spanish election is, a few years back there were 10 bombs in some Madrid train stations and they were timed in relation with that Spanish elections. (By the way, a few months before those Spanish elections I exposed to al Qaida international that I had lack on insight in exactly what would happen in case there were attacks just before some elections.)

Well we constantly climb the learning curve and the Spanish elections were heavily influenced by these bombings, there were large streams of so called swing voters and in effect the Spanish soldiers were withdrawn from the Iraqi equation.

In the coming US midterm elections (07 November 2006) I have arrived at the conclusion that something like 350 to 500 dead civilians will be enough to ensure a Democratic victory (a Democratic victory is desired by now).
Why would the Republicans (Dubya's party) loose via a few hundred dead civilians? Well the US electorate would suddenly understand that Dubya cannot defend America and all his idle talk was worthless in the end.

Now, do I advice this kind of civil bombing? Lets first look at the pro's and contra's, lets look at the plusses and the minuses:
--Plus: The Americans will understand that just nothing can protect them when attack is needed or advised.
--Plus: The US prez George Dubya Bush will be a lame duck for the rest of his presidency.
--Minus: The US military will get more able and capable recruits, this is unhandy for future battlefield conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
--Minus: The Americans will leave their panic striven state created by the 911 attacks from 2001. Until now they still go completely nuts over it, for example there was a failed airliner bombing plot exposed this summer (with liquid explosives and likely related to the Israeli air power raidings in Lebanon). Well there was utter panic all over the place where as a comparison the German bombings of London from world war II with V2's never created such a panic. (In general to have long lasting effects so called terror attacks must be huge in size and large time intervals in between, when it becomes a daily activity all it's extra benefits fade away into insignificance.) The German bombing never broke the London folks and the allied bombing of German cities never broke the spirit of the Germans, conclusion: daily terror attacks do not work in the long run.

Conclusion: I think the minuses outweigh the plusses (but turning Dubya into a lame duck is indeed a very desirable tactic to win). So I advice against turning the US elections into the Spanish variant but if the mujahedin want it otherwise they will not hear complaining me either. 

ITEM FIVE: The plight of the Palestinians. It is about high time to speak a few words about it, here we go:
Last January the Hamas did win the Palestine elections and we had a wonderful example of a so called 'terrorist organization' that had declared truce and successfully transformed itself into a political organization. So this was a clear case of victory for democratic transform of the Mid East, and democratic reform of the Mid East was a mayor pillar of Dubya's Mid East policy... And even I supported this policy and wrote diverse times on that subject by for example explaining that democracy prevents civil war inside countries.

Now how did the so called Western diplomacy corps react on the Hamas victory in the Palestine elections? Well they did not know how fast the financial aid towards the Palestines had to stop. In no time all financial aid was gone and these slimy diplomats began telling words like 'We must avoid hardships on the Palestine people'. Well when the message of stopping financial aid reached me I understood in 2 to 3 minutes that the real goal was civil war inside the Palestine territories and that we would have no aid towards the Palestines.

I never wrote a word on that subject, I only waited to give the Western diplomats a chance to live up to their words. Now it is many months later and my 2 to 3 minute insight in the consequences do indeed come out: More and more violence in the Palestine territories and only the speaking of stupid words by Western diplomats.

By the way, I do not understand why the Fatah shoots at the Hamas. With attacking the Hamas the Fatah is only fulfilling the Western wishes of the Americans and the Europeans. Don't act so fucking stupid!

By the way, it was years ago I was very irritated towards the European diplomatic corps and so I gave al Qaida the right to place five attacks inside Europe. Until now only the Madrid attack (elections) and the London transit bombings have emerged (of course the failed London bombings from two weeks later do not count just like the failed airliner bombing plot). So al Qaida international still has the right to execute exactly 3 attacks against civilian installations.

My advice is the next: Select that European country that contributed the most in the stopping of financial aid towards the Palestines (I do not know that detail but may be Italy is a wise target right now). When the situation in the Palestine territories gets too dire, execute an attack. Please try to use as usual the numbers five and seven into the attacks. (Do not wait for me to give some starting signal, execute it on your own timing schedule.) Something in size like 50 to 80 civilians is enough to ram the message home to the European diplomatic corps.
Operational detail: In case this advice is followed it is important that all participants in the attacks are non-Palestines. It has to be a gift from al Qaida international towards the Palestines.

That's the end of this update my dear reader; till updates.     

(20 October 2006) It was a truly lovely week from the military point of view, in the meantime I am still waiting upon the fatwa that was crafted today in Mecca around the inner violence in Iraq. Until now all information that is out indicates that the fatwa will ask for stopping suicide attacks and if that is the starting tone we likely can hope for little good flowing from this fatwa...
Well lets not jump to conclusions prematurely and start updating:

ITEM ONE: In the previous update from four days ago I exposed my little private reason for declaring Military Bloody Day on 02 October (see ITEM FIVE from 16 October). Let me quote from that item:

The Dutch jurists can check the next facts: On 02 October the CJIB staged a financial attack against me that would efficiently wipe out this website, so I declared Military Bloody Day and we had exactly 11 US soldiers dead on that day. 

Somewhere in the evening I posted that update on 16 October and to my surprise the next day in Iraq there were exactly 11 US military killed... Inspecting the details (look for the right link in this file) we see: 10 killed in action and 1 dead from a traffic accident (vehicle fell from an overpass). Furthermore the date was 17 October and that is exactly 15 days after the latest Military Bloody Day, so it is not a formal so called FootPrint of the Story kind of day but definitely some informal one (now we have a 90 to 120 day pause in the declaration of Military Bloody Days). 
It was before 11 September this year that I choose 02 October to be the next one (this in order to inform the mujahedin as soon as possible) but with the wisdom of hindsight 07 October would have been better; on that day the unleashing of air power in Afghanistan started five years ago. So my excuses to the Afghanis; that detail just was not in my mind before I read it again... Sorry because 07 October would have made more meaning for you.
Yet it was a lovely day, as on 02 October and as on 17 October. In total 09 + 11 = 20 dead US military slime, wow wow wow!

ITEM TWO: I came across a news article with the intriguing title 'Nine paradoxes of a lost war'. And I was curious because nine paradoxes are a lot and I wondered if there might be any detail in there that I did not know... So I read that media file and was a bit disappointed in the end; not a quantum or an iota of new wisdom was found in there.

But all things have their time and since it is now very likely the NATO officers corps is reading this website too it might be wise to quote a detail from the file with the nine paradoxes (this is from paradox six):

As the failed attempts to "stand up" Iraqi forces suggest, the goal of getting Iraqis to fight "tolerably" well depends on giving them a reason to fight that they actually support. As long as Iraqis are asked to fight on the side of occupation troops whose presence they despise, the US cannot expect the quality of their performance to be "tolerable" from the Bush administration point of view. 

Comment: The whole concept of creating new 'armies' in Iraq and Afghanistan using Iraqis to fight Iraqis and Afghanis to fight Afghanis is just so utterly weird. Creating armies like that has a large likelihood of failure from the military point of view. So why do 'professional armies' like the 26 NATO armies do stuff like that? Because from the military point of view these are stupid things to do? Well the answer is very simple: In all Western nations all military power falls under the political powers and that is considered to be the natural hierarchy (we must leave it that way of course because humanity has had very bad experiences with military dictatorships). So in general when Dubya asks his US military to jump they only ask how high. 
But if you have a dumbhead at the helm that constantly says 'If the Iraqis stand up we will stand down' we are in for a whole lot of trouble. Because this stupid policy of using Shia to kill Sunni resistance fighters is asking for civil war and we can not deny that this Dubya policy is at hand for three and a half years right now...

Just suppose the next would be at hand: I invade America in just 15 days and after the US military has had tremendous losses I would disband the old US military and declare that we will make a new US military. And the new US military is gonna kill or capture all niggers in the USA. Yes this is what we are gonna do because those niggers are fascists and beside this they are black. And if they are not fascist or black they will be evil or whatever what. Of course we set up headquarters at Ground Zero with the Pentagon destroyed...;)
Now may be I could amass a force of one hundred thousand whites to go and kill and capture niggers. How would the rest of America react on such a thing?
And again: How would the rest of America react on such a thing? Would they bow for my 'nigger wisdom' or will they stand up and wipe the invaders out?

Lets leave this item with that, but the concept of making 'new armies' in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill and capture fellow Iraqis and Afghanis is some utterly weird concept from the military point of view.

ITEM THREE: Like said before this week was a lovely week from the military point of view and during a complete day the CNN news coverage was about the rising sniper attacks in Iraq. Here is a CNN file upon that subject.
Now since it is very likely I still have the NATO officers corps at the line, I can expose the next:

Some time ago, it was February or March of this year it was reported that the famous Baghdad sniper was killed. And this sniper was a legend on it's own, it was claimed that he had killed up to 150 US military while he never had killed one Iraqi. And killing 150 meant also that he had killed 5% of total US fatalities... And he just placed one bullet and disappeared fast after that...
But this famous Baghdad sniper did fell victim to sniper attack himself.

Before we proceed we take a look at so called 'gut feelings' or intuition. When Dubya is on the television he often takes pride in the fact that he is stupid, for example he proclaims that he might not have all those fancy words like his opponents have but with a smirk on his face he says 'But I have my gut feelings'. 
Well Dubya might have his 'gut feelings' but I have a rabbit in my garden and my rabbit also has gut feelings. For example the rabbit figured out one day that if she jumped five foot high into the burning wood stocks, she could jump out at the other side and be a free rabbit. My neighbors started complaining because my rabbit ate hundreds of Dutch guilders of newly planted plants away and I more and more started observing my rabbit: How did she do it? And one day I saw her made a giant two meter jump into the air, landing in the wood stack and jump to freedom via another hole... So far the gut feelings of Dubya and my rabbit.

Of course I have so called 'gut feelings' too and when it was reported that the famous Baghdad sniper was dead my gut feeling was that sniper activity against the US military was by far not maximized. So how to respond to the reported dead of the famous Baghdad sniper? Well I wrote not a single word around it but I only placed this nice sniper file. To the NATO officers corps I can say: I published the sniper video on 14 March 2006 at 23.37 hours local time.

This week CNN reported a nice video coming from the Islamic Army in Iraq with a compilation of 10 such attacks. Of course CNN does not understand the significance of the number 10, since CNN employees are stupid anyway I will not elaborate.
To me life is simple and easy to understand: Time between posting the sniper file by me and becoming this a major media event on behalf of CNN is seven months. This is nice info for me, yes it is because I am a teacher and I love to know the learning curve of this particular act of me (posting the vid).

CNN did also some stupid reporting: They coughed up one of their so called 'military analysts' (some retired US general) and that guy stated before the camera's: The most important weapon against an enemy sniper is a US sniper.
Well this is a stupid remark because that means that on all US convoys traveling the Iraqi landscape you need sniper teams that get in position first and after that the other US military can leave the relatively safety of their armored vehicles to do their conduct that is needed in rebuilding activities and so. And only after the US snipers have observed the surrounding for some time, the rest of the convoy can start to do their conduct, to win hearts and minds so to say.
Beside this the US military and their snipers are always recognizable from their uniform while the Iraqi snipers wear camouflage in the form of civilian clothing. So weighing all in all the Iraqi snipers are in the benefit on this particular detail (but they have to look out for the predator remote aircraft and so but their camouflage outbeats all benefits the US military has.)
Now CNN, why was that kind of analysis not in your reporting? Come one CNN: The logistics for the US for placing efficient counter sniper teams are a big hinder to daily operations while the Iraqi sniper teams just disappear within the minute after just one high powered bullet is fired. That is the analysis and not your stupid propaganda my dear CNN.

Lets now look at the reported 150 dead US soldiers from this legendary Baghdad sniper: CNN portrayed a US sniper that claimed to have killed 60 Iraqis while he had served two tours in Iraq. Well 150 is 2.5 times as high as the 60 reported by the US sniper, so that is much more but is the 150 number possible or impossible? (Because the Western press made a lot of fun with the reported 150 number and therefore it is important to study of this fun was correct.)
Face the facts: The Baghdad sniper was there three years long, that is over one thousand days. The US sniper served only two terms. The Baghdad sniper could turn this into a 24/7 job only specialized in snipering and how to get your ass out later. The US sniper was part of a unit and could only sniper once in a while for a few minutes or hours.
In short: We know nothing of this legendary Baghdad sniper, no identity no photo, no fingerprint. We have nothing. But in a period of a 1.000 days and with a good team around you you can indeed kill US military in the 100 to 200 range.
I really do not know why this would be impossible, I do not know. It all depends on shipping good snipers from one attack position to another with good speed and good safety.

ITEM FOUR: Plant marihuana. Yes sow marihuana seeds inside Iraq and enjoy it's future benefits. Marihuana for drug smoking? No you stupid: Marihuana fields for staging attacks against the US military outside the urban zones of Iraq.

What are the military facts? The United Kingdom military reported lately that the evil Taliban were staging attacks from marihuana fields. Now I was very curious, why marihuana? The UK military reported the next battlefield information: In marihuana fields their heat imagine apparatuses do not work, so they cannot check if their is evil Taliban inside. They tried to burn down those fields but it did not work because the marihuana plants contained far to much water.

Of course they could do some aerial spraying of pesticides but with public relations in mind this could backfire. Beside this I already have given my permission to the mujahedin to stage bio/chemical attacks so using pesticides could also speed up this particular detail.
So far the military facts.

May be the Afghan mujahedin have plenty of seeds for you. I never planted marihuana so I cannot give you any advice upon soil and water conditions. Ask the Afghanis for advice via internet websites or direct contact. Beside this there are a whole lot of other plants, bushes and trees and it might be handy to get some of those heat thermal imaging devices yourself. I do not know how to get these, may be some US Muslims are willing to offer them on eBay. I don't know, I don't know it US Muslims are willing to do that detail...;)

ITEM FIVE: Again the Iraqi Islamic Army grabbed headlines via stating that they were responsible for that wonderful US ammunitions blast we lately had. (Didn't I say we had lovely military days past by?) I saw the explosions on my television on the CNN channel and these were huge explosions, I almost felt the shockwaves through the television tube pounding at my chest.
Well the Islamic Army stated the next (quote):

The narrator of the video chides that a base costing several hundred million dollars and composed of much reinforcement, was destroyed by about three-hundred dollars worth of weaponry.
However, the group claims that the military failed to mention the casualties or injuries of the five thousands “infidels” on the site.

Comment: No comments, if true the facts speak for themselves and since I like to destroy the US military anyway I have no comment whatsoever.  

ITEM SIX: An expert from the US Brooklings institute rejected the Lancet report that said that on average/median we had about 600 to 700 thousand excess death toll in Iraq. At that point in time it was clear to me that this expert just had not read that wonderful study (here it is again).

Since my interest was aroused I decided to go and take at look at the Brooklings stuff and I found out they have a large file upon the Iraqi equation themselves. Here is the Brooklings file of statistical details upon the Iraqi equation.
So Brooklings rejected the Lancet file but how do they compose the Iraqi death toll themselves? They use that weird Iraqi body count website, that weird bunch of people that try to estimate Iraqi death toll in the following way:
A dead Iraqi due to violence can only enter their statistics when it is reported in two different Western media files.

Now the average Iraqi can do his or her thinking: If he or she gets shot, will they ever make it to two Western media files or reports? Do your own thinking my dear Sunni / Shia reader alike, just do your own thinking.

ITEM SEVEN: The American female writer named Ann Coulter. She is a very interesting lady, she is a leading Conservative and most of her visions unfolded are shared by a lot of conservative voters. She is a part of the US Conservative backbone and in case the Muslim nations are interested in the application of air power you must enjoy Ann Coulters words upon the Lebanese equation:

The Israelis did show restraint and I know this because there are still parts of Lebanon still standing.

Here is a collection of her writings. If you study Ann Coulter you understand large parts of the enemy. Now shall I ask some US Muslims to form a hit team similar like one of those I had after me before the famous 9/11 attacks against America in the year 2001?
No I will not do that, the exact nature of the hit teams against me prior to the 9/11 attacks is still unknown to me but I would like to inform Ann Coulter with the next nasty little detail:
Exactly five days before the 9/11 attacks I published the next words on this homepage:

Who is my dual? Make yourself heard!   

And guess what happened my dear Ann? I wrote my words in the morning and published them in the morning. In the evening it was some guy named Osama bin Laden that got the message: Things go through and no worry. (Or words of similar phrasing, I am bad at Arabic speak my dear Ann Coulter). 

Well Ann to make a long story short: The hit team on my ass faded into insignificance after the nine eleven attacks and on 13 September I suddenly understood what could have happened.
Yet the 9/11 attacks rendered all mujahedin activity in whatever country into insignificance (that means they had to cover their asses against violence) and so my hit team did not make it Ann. They did not kill me and as far as I know reality up to 3.000 US civilians died so I could live. 

It is all very simple my dear Ann Coulter and beloved NATO officers corps: Because I asked five days before the nine eleven attacks who exactly was my dual I found wisdom is implementing the number five in mujahedin actions. 

Lets leave it with that while in the meantime my reader could do his or her own thinking. Till updates!  

(16 October 2006) This is gonna be a long update because so much has happened. Lets not waste time and here we go:

ITEM ONE: I think that this week I will set my plan about how to get rid of the Iraqi death squads in motion. The plan contains three pillars and they are (in short) as next:

--Pillar one: The Iraqi mujahedin must collect information about the recruiting fields from where the death squad members are recruited (militia's, certain police stations, may be some parts of the new born Iraqi army, I do not know where they come from so the mujahedin have to figure out for themselves).
Also plans have to be crafted about rough and hefty attack against these recruiting fields but the mujahedin must wait until I declare Military Bloody Day against these recruiting fields. (After 90 to 120 days from now on I will declare MBD yes or no). I only exposed this first pillar and asked the mujahedin to wait for the plan unfolding itself.
--Pillar two: Help from the Iraqi clergy. This is very important but I had no clue about how to pull this off, I mean why should the Iraqi clergy listen to some guy from Holland? Well right now the Iraqi clergy is in Mecca and they try to come up with some covenant or even a fatwa and I wish them all the luck in the world because now after the Lancet report it is clear how dire the situation is.
I hope my advice about the fatwa will reach them in time and I hope very humbly they will take it serious. That is what I hope and this is what I pray for.
--Pillar three: Help from al Sadr. Yes you read this right, help from al Sadr. Although the USA is constantly trying to put the death squad blame on al Sadr's militia I do not buy that stupid propaganda. So al Sadr I will give you a task right now, here it is:
Delegate a lot of your daily activities to other people and concentrate upon wiping out and minimizing Shia death squad activity. Do this for 90 to 120 days. If you fail I will declare Military Bloody Day on the Shia recruiting fields but I will ask the Sunni mujahedin to spare you and your militia. Al Sadr your task is a large one and a hard one: it is not only your militia and your followers that must stop all death squad business, no you have to try and minimize this through all other Shia militia's as well.
Al Sadr I have selected you because I think you are a brave man. And you are the one who have stood up against the Americans with their vast military machine, not once but twice. Therefore it is reasonable that your militia will be spared but you have to enforce some rigid battlefield discipline in your followers and in the  other parts of the Shia militia landscape. Good luck with it al Sadr. Good luck with it.ITEM TWO: Fun for the NATO officers corps, did you know that the US vice president Dick Cheney compares himself to generals like George Patton? I believe it was George Patton who once wrote or told the next:
Compared to war all other forms of human endeavor fade into insignificance.
Now back to dumbhead Cheney, here is a lovely quote (from before the Iraqi invasion): 

Cheney focused on Hanson’s book “The Soul of Battle,” which profiled George Patton, William Tecumseh Sherman and the Theban general Epaminondas to argue that they may have employed ruthless tactics that led their contemporaries to condemn them, but that each was later vindicated by history. As the evening wore on, it became apparent that Cheney viewed himself as one such leader. (Source)

Comment: Let me give some solid and rigid proof that US vice president Dick Cheney is a full-blown dumbhead; Before the Iraqi war (OIF) there was that talk of bio-chemical mobile facilities. After the invasion of Iraq they even popped up on some day and I studied the photo's from those 'bio-chemical vans' and read some reports around them. It took me two to three hours to arrive at the conclusion that these were not mobile bio-chemical installations at all. Well on 06 January 2004 vice president Dick Cheney stated the next: We have found mobile bio-chemical installations in Iraq (or words of similar statement, I do not recall his exact words). So what took me two to three hours took Dick Cheney many many months and thus we have solid and rigid proof that Dick Cheney is a dumb man. Compared to me he is a full blown idiot and I hope the NATO officers corps finds that a very funny statement. 

ITEM THREE: Yesterday there was a weird audio or video tape published on some Islamic website that stated that al Qaida in Iraq was targeting schools, electricity installations and so on. The voice asked at the sheik Osama bin Laden to replace the head of al Qaida in Iraq with an Iraqi...
Well this was truly weird news, if there is one way to make me mad as hell it is by attacking schools and after my humble opinion all al Qaida's in whatever country know this. Now electricity attacks can sometimes be handy to get a higher success in staging attacks against the US military, for example when the street lights are suddenly out you might have more success. But the US military has lots of night vision goggles and when all lights are out you cannot see where to shoot your small and large arms fire. So electricity attacks make also little sense. Than the fact that the al Qaida leader is not of Iraqi nationality, well this problem was already addressed in the past by joining the so called mujahedin Shura Council. So it all was very likely propaganda and guess what? Today al Qaida in Iraq confirmed this...

ITEM FOUR: CNN reported a message from the Islamic Army of Iraq, CNN has asked some questions to the Islamic Army and they gave back a video tape with some answers. CNN made a big deal of the next (quote):

In it, the speaker -- whose face is obscured -- offers a set of conditions for what he says could lead to an end to the group's ongoing insurgency and peace with U.S. occupation forces.

The speaker is believed to be Ibrahim al-Shimary, a spokesman for the Sunni insurgent group called the Islamic Army of Iraq.

In the video, he sets two critical conditions for ending the insurgency -- a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops, and a formal recognition of the Iraqi insurgency as party to any talks. (Source

Comment: Under this presidency from the honorable and strong USA leader George Dubya Bush it is rather unlikely that negotiations and peace will set off. Dubya is fighting Islamo fascism and will never negotiate, he goes for the kill and may be the capture of the Iraqi resistance. Furthermore Dubya is after full rigid control of Iraq's oil resources, lately he has declared three times on a row that 'If we cut and run we will leave Iraq to the terrorists and they will use the oil revenues to stage attacks against America'. Furthermore the Americans have a policy of never negotiating with so called 'terrorists' so there will be no negotiations while the daily US death toll is as low as it is now. Only when there are triple digit daily death numbers on behalf of the US military Dubya will change policy and therefore the Islamic Army has to strive for triple digit death numbers. Now it is all there my dear Islamic Army: Because the ISAF forces in Afghanistan used far to much air power on the Military Bloody Day from the 26th of July this summer I was forced to give permission to the mujahedin to use bio-chemical warfare. (See the 28 July update on this). This all is not very much Geneva Convention alike but we have to do that what is efficient and in the decades to come the biological kind of warfare could minimize nuclear attack from the Americans and therefore start studying biological warfare my dear Islamic army.
I also have a comment at the address of CNN: You only mention that the Islamic Army unfolded their view upon al Qaida in Iraq but you do not elaborate. Can you please elaborate these words? I already know from the deeds of other mujahedin groups in Iraq what they think of al Qaida in Iraq but some words to back it all up are handy information to me. Please CNN, why not?

ITEM FIVE: Today the highest courts in my home country Holland decided that some guy who's name is Wesam al D can be delivered to the USA, this in relation with so called 'terrorist activities' inside Iraq. What did Wesam do? All he did was video taping the planting of a roadside bomb somewhere in Iraq, that is all he did. But the highest courts here in Holland decided this was so called 'terrorist activity' and therefore he will go towards America.
What is my view on this? Well when you attack the US army you are talking about the hardest targets possible, we also have the United Nations definition on what exactly are terrorist attacks (meaning the softest targets possible) and I truly do not understand what motivated the so called Hoge Raad.

Attacks against the US military inside Iraq or Afghanistan are not 'terrorist attacks' by UN definition, I think that just like the Western air forces operating inside Afghanistan under the ISAF flag had some learning to do lately, the Dutch judicial system has some learning to do either. Do the Dutch want to learn about terrorist attack? Well I can arrange some learning if you want.
Why don't you arrest me because years ago I have placed Dutch judicial employees on the sniper list, why don't you do arrest me dear Dutch officials? Also years ago I have asked at al Qaida international to arrange exactly five car bombs in case you found wisdom in arresting me, right now my estimation is that they are there in the Dutch landscape and they are only waiting until the time is right.
After my humble opinion it is far more illegal to ask for five car bombs compared to video taping some roadside bomb in Iraq, what stupidity is exactly in your brain my dear Dutch jurists? The Dutch jurists can check the next facts: On 02 October the CJIB staged a financial attack against me that would efficiently wipe out this website, so I declared Military Bloody Day and we had exactly 11 US soldiers dead on that day. You can check these facts at the Centraal Justitieel Incasso Buro for yourself you dumbheads.
Now if killing 11 US military is no reason to arrest me, why the small guy that only video taped some roadside bomb planted is? I truly do not know what is in your brains my dear Dutch. Lets leave it with that.  

These five items were on my heart, in the meantime I hope that the Chinese will not bow for the USA that even want food supplies towards North Korea ended. No way America, I have done my thinking and economical sanctions are ok but stopping food and medicine supplies is a bridge to far. But by now I know your ways and on every battlefield possible you will find me on your way and you will not like that.

Sincerely yours, Reinko Venema. 

(13 October 2006) Sadness is in my mind the last days, just deep sadness. Why do I feel sad? Now lately I decided to pause the series of Military Bloody Days for a while and start studying how to get rid of the death squads in Iraq.

Pausing the Military Bloody Days project is of course a major change of course and I did it because I was afraid that overall civil death toll in Iraq due to violence has crossed the 260 thousand level (or has crossed the 1 percent of population level).

Today I bow deep for the Americans, very deep. Just deep, very deep. Now the mujahedin must not think I have gone crazy or so, I do not bow for the Pentagon (I will destroy your fucking military anyway) and I do not bow for those stupid Republicans and not for the Democrats who are equally stupid. I bow deep for MIT and for the Johns Hopkins Center for Refugee and Disaster Response. They have coughed up the 50 thousand US dollars to pay for the survey as published at the Lancet. Here is the Lancet file (portable document file or a pdf) and here is a very readable summary as found at the Washington Post in case you have little clue about statistics and stuff like that.

The study (the survey) indicates that something like 650 thousand excess deaths occurred in Iraq because of the way the Pentagon (and Dubya) did their thing. It has to be remarked that in 2004 there was a report of 100 thousand excess toll while the 95% confidence interval was 8.000 to 192.000 so I never read that study because it was to vague. May be I was stupid but now we are in 2006 and I have read the entire pdf file as published on the website of the Lancet.
And although I did my best I could not find any faults, I could not find any wrongdoings or any stupidity. This is rock solid work as I can expect from fellow scientists... Thanks by the way, thanks for publishing this important study in Iraqi death toll. And again I bow deep, but only for selected parts of the US society.

Blessed are the simple minded, that is what Jesus told his audience a long time ago. Blessed are those with simple minds. In this regard it is interesting to observe how Dubya reacted on the Lancet report, he just needed a few seconds to dismiss the Lancet report by stating it was based on faulted stuff. Now if the US Republicans would like me to bow for them, why don't they cough up exactly what is the flaw in this study of Iraqi excess death toll? Don't the Republicans understand that this daily excess toll surpassed that one of the economical sanctions at Iraq that did bring around about one million of dead Iraqis? (With 'surpassing' I mean the yearly or daily death toll is higher, we are now only three and a half year into the Iraqi equation and are looking at reliable reports that say median excess death toll is 650 thousand.) Now why don't you do that my dear Republicans? Give me some proof, give me some validation and I will bow for you... 

In order to please the scientists at MIT and Hopkins I will quote the most important info from their report:

The SE for mortality rates were calculated with robust variance estimation that took into account the correlation between rates of death within the same cluster over time.14 The log-linear regression model assumed that the variation in mortality rates across clusters is proportional to the average mortality rate; to assess the effect of this assumption we also obtained non-parametric CIs by use of bootstrapping.13,15

Comment: The suggestion (or assumption) that variance is proportional to actual death rates a day/week/month/year/Dubya war wishes is very interesting. If true this is important battlefield information; it means the USA can keep up pumping morality rates at any desired level without worrying about revenge actions on behalf of the mujahedin. When we take history into account this is actually true; the Vietnamese never paid back to the USA what they deserved.     

It has to be remarked that I understand the so called 'non parametric CI's' (because non parametric statistical tests have superb power compared to those stupid parametric tests) but I have no clue about what exactly is 'bootstrapping'. I mean that log-linear of whatever functions f(x) and g(x) are represented on the X-axis and Y-axis are consumable meat to me, yet I do not have any clue about bootstrapping.

Lets leave the Lancet report for that and concentrate on the art of substitution:

A message to all NATO armies in particular the ISAF forces:

For example my home country the Netherlands have two military bases inside Afghanistan. They have arranged a set of artillery Howitzers that covers all ranges in between those two military bases in case there would be no air cover (meaning there is no air power available on a certain day and they try to cover up). This is the concept of substitution; air power substituted by artillery power and what is my view on this?

My view is that this is completely unacceptable, when I declare Military Bloody Day we cannot have all kinds of substitution of air power, on those day NATO forces will fight brave and it is man to man and platoon to platoon fighting and that's it. So I will not waste my time in checking substitution of air power in individual members of NATO, I only look at the overall picture.

Lets leave it with that my dear reader, in short the 650 thousand excess toll in Iraq outpaced my estimation of 260 thousand death. Sorry I was stupid but I did not have the right info at hand. Lets leave it with that, till updates. 

(09 October 2006) Ok ok, I have crafted a (dangerous) plan that if executed carefully could minimize death squad activity in Iraq... And although my military mind says I have to wait until the right conditions are there, my heart wanted to set this plan into motion during this Ramadan.
The plan consist of three pillars and it is dangerous because if these three pillars do not interact properly the whole plan could lead to more death squad activity instead of less. Now the main pillar would be help of the Sunni clergy and I was just breaking my head about how to convince the Sunni clergy that at a certain point in time they had to speak with one voice during some Friday sermon and deliver a fine crafted message to all Sunnis...And so I was breaking my head and I just bicycled a few hundred kilometers to get some good ideas in my head, and I was just breaking my head day in day out... Now yesterday just by sheer coincidence I came across this media file and it felt like Allah slammed a full fist in my brain and it felt good. The media file says that it is not only the Sunni clergy but also the Shia clergy that plan to craft some covenant/fatwa in order to do this (quote):

"This meeting aims to ban the fighting between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in order to avoid a civil war" in Iraq, he said, adding that it is an OIC initiative "to help in ending the killings and bombings". 

So I think I have something to say to the Iraqi clergy:

Dear clergy, my name is Reinko and this name means 'adviser on the battlefield'. My entire life I never understood why I would have such a name, it never fitted with my life but a few weeks after the so called nine eleven attacks all things fell on their place. And now after five long years I have to give some advice to you my dear Iraqi clergy, it is important that the Iraqi clergy understand that they are not some Western air force and my advice is not a rigid command or so (that would be interfering with internal Iraqi policies and all I do is give an advice).

Here we go:

In order to make the fatwa efficient it has to serve a limited amount of reasonable goals, for example asking for withholding attacks against police or new born Iraqi army are not reasonable goals right now but can be future works. Reasonable goals are for example: Stopping death squad activity, stopping kidnapping for money activity, stopping killing barbers, stopping bombs at market places and so on and so on. In effect with this first fatwa in that direction, try to minimize all violence except for:

1) Attacks on foreign occupiers like we have for example the Americans,
2) Attacks on the new born Iraqi army that is under rigid control of the Americans (note by the way that this 'army' is not an army at all, it is just a crafted militia to attack the insurgency, it has an 'air force' of just 800 men, it is a weird thing...)
3) Attacks against police forces (police go after the so called 'terrorists' and therefore serve the American agenda of gaining rigid control over Iraq's oil resources, don't forget that lately president Bush stated that this is indeed a pillar of US policy).
4) Attacks against the elected Iraqi government because this government still meets the classic definition of a 'puppet regime' (that means it can only survive with the help of a foreign military). 

In short the advice is as next: Try to minimize all violence except the above four  things. 

I understand some details of my advice will meet stiff resistance from the Shia but if the first fatwa is successful we can take a look at the wishes of the Shia...
To put it simply: If Sistani helps the story with wiping out the Shia death squads than very may be I will help him with some other things. And this is all I have to say for the moment, good luck with it my dear Iraqi clergy and please use that thing that God has given to humanity. It is behind your eyes and between your ears and it is called a brain! GOOD LUCK WITH IT!     


Next subject: The statistics around the latest Military Bloody Day from 02 are not discussed in detail so here we go. We start with a correction: In the previous update I reported 8 dead US military in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan, this was not entirely correct because globalsecurity dot org reported 9 dead in Iraq and so we have to update with 11 dead US military on that day in order to be exact.

To understand the latest US death toll in Iraq from lately we have to distinguish between three periods of time, the previous Military Bloody Day was 11 Sept 2006 (see 11 Sept for statistical details on this). Lets name that period number I. We had the call from al Qaida in Iraq to kill at least one American per follower during 15 days, that period ended on 22 September. That is period number II. And the time after the al Qaida call is period number III. So the last period started at 23 September and this explains why I choose 23 September as the starting date of the next table. Here are the (restricted) details of the Military Bloody Day from 02 October 2006:  

Result of the MBD from 02 October 2006, restricted to coalition 
military death toll in Iraq
Date Days to go FPS day? US death toll Cumulative Running daily average
23 Sept 9 no 4 4 4/1 = 4.0
24 Sept 8 no 2 6 6/2 = 3.0
25 Sept 7 yes 3 9 9/3 = 3.0
26 Sept 6 no 4 13 13/4 = 3.3
27 Sept 5 yes 1 14 14/5 = 2.8
28 Sept 4 no 1 15 15/6 = 2.5
29 Sept 3 no 2 17 17/7 = 2.4
30 Sept 2 no 4 21 21/8 = 2.6
01 Oct 1 no 6 27 27/9 = 3.0
02 Oct 0 yes 9 36 36/10 = 3.6

Needless to say the latest Military Bloody Day was a great success (may I thank the mujahedin once more? Thanks!). And why not look at the three periods in the next table:

Title: My dear US military, more simple as this I cannot make it...
Period number Overall daily US death toll

Period I related to MBD from 11 Sept 2006


Period II related to the al Qaida call to kill Americans


Period III related to MBD from 02 Oct 2006


Well I really do not know how to make this all more simple and I hope that the US military in particular and the NATO officers corps in general understand these relatively easy to understand statistics... Good luck with it my dear NATO forces!

May be it is now a wise time to split, till updates my dear reader.

(03 October 2006) It is now 18.25 hours local time and most reports from yesterday are in. Lets discuss the success (or lack thereof) from the last Military Bloody Day (yesterday 02 October or 09 Ramadan). Here we go:

  • No coalition aircraft has been downed yesterday so this is the second time on a row that the statistic of downed coalition aircraft is slightly weakened. That is a pity but as the saying goes you can't have it all...

  • Yesterday I stated that the use of air power on this MBD will be a major factor in measuring success of this MBD. Allowed was one air ammo for ISAF and zero air ammo in operation OEF (Afghanistan) and zero in operation OIF (Iraq). Here is the USAF air power summary, it says zero on behalf of ISAF, zero in OEF and one air ammo in OIF.
    So what am I supposed to do? Is the second step of five (or seven) towards armageddon taken? I think that I am reasonable with stating that this second step has not been taken (although the Americans also used cannon rounds from F-16 aircraft..., so the line in the sand was crossed a little bit). No, I whisper softly thank you to the ISAF and US air forces.

  • Yesterday I also informed my audience that success would also be measured by writing coalition casualties with two digits. Anyway I hoped for a two digit number, it was just a wish and nothing more. Now in Afghanistan we have two US military dead and eight US military in Iraq (there is also a UK military in the previous link but that was from Sunday 01 October so this soldier has to be excluded in order to be exact).
    Since 2 + 8 = 10 we see we need two digits to write down the fun. 

Conclusion: The statistic of downed coalition aircraft is slightly weakened (again), the use of air power by Western armies was very satisfactory (thanks my dear NATO soldiers!) while my desire for a two digit casualty number was also met (thanks my dear mujahedin!). In short: Yesterday was a very successful Military Bloody Day!

A bit less formal: YIPPEE! And again: YIPPEE! I jump for joy and it has been a very very good day... It looks like the flag of the story is planted successfully on the headquarters of NATO and the story can enter the heads of the NATO officers corps! YIPPEE & HURRAY! 

Next subject: It is already some time ago when Zarqawi was killed via the method of air power, the Americans stated they had found a treasure trove of intelligence. In that intelligence was an 11 page letter, here is a summary of that letter. Now compare that summary with what I wrote on 09 June 2006, do you see some overlap? I hope you do my dear reader, I hope you do...  

Well I have food for thought enough by now so it is time to split and say goodbye and till updates! See you around my beloved reader, see you around...;)

(01 October 2006) Tomorrow will be the next Military Bloody Day and I am amazingly calm. Just so calm... Well I wish all participants luck in staging attacks and with a bit of luck we can write the total coalition death toll with a two digit number!
But in case there is failure for whatever reason(s) it is important that from the previous day (11 Sept 2006) I have done all the statistical measures needed. For tomorrow the most important thing is to study the use of air power, to me that will define the 'success' of that day (of course a double digit number or any significant multiple away from the daily death toll is also a success but I am highly curious at the air power reports...). So good luck to all involved, ISAF and USAF can check once more below what I expect from them tomorrow; fight brave boys!

In another development I found that the Americans are pushing once more for aerial spraying of puppy fields in Afghanistan with pesticides (so Afghan children can eat poisoned food and water resources will have pesticides in them...). Source (CNN). So I was forced to add a name to the goody old so called sniper list, read the entry at position 005.

Next subject is the remarkable progress in audio/video statements from al Qaida in Iraq, here is the source and here is a quote:

The fugitive terrorist chief said experts in the fields of "chemistry, physics, electronics, media and all other sciences -- especially nuclear scientists and explosives experts" should join his group's jihad, or holy war, against the West.

"We are in dire need of you," said the speaker, who identified himself as Abu Hamza al-Muhajir -- also known as Abu Ayyub al-Masri. "The field of jihad can satisfy your scientific ambitions, and the large American bases (in Iraq) are good places to test your unconventional weapons, whether biological or dirty, as they call them."

As the reader can check it him-or-herself below at the writings from 28 July 2006, that from 26 July 2006 bio-chemical weaponry is allowed. It is important that this call will be repeated over time and I hope there will be a small but significant influx of scientists that are able and capable of helping killing US military in a more efficient way. So if you are a scientist and you are reading this and you want to help: please help the story on this detail! 
Dear scientists this story is not only about putting people on sniper lists, declaring Military Bloody Days and so on; No! One of the long term policies is slowly but surely guiding modern warfare outside the civil areas. And in order to do that it is needed that there is deep fear inside the heads of air force employees. And there it is where you can help!    

Next and last subject: Propaganda! What is the case? Some retired US generals spitted their gal and tried to bring down the great civil leader from the Pentagon. They tried to smear the honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld! Let me give you source and quote:

Batiste, who commanded the Army's 1st Infantry Division in Iraq, also blamed Congress for failing to ask "the tough questions."

He said Rumsfeld at one point threatened to fire the next person who mentioned the need for a postwar plan in Iraq.

Comment: Didn't I say it in 2004? That it was just very important that Dubya would win the prez elections? The Dubya team is unbeatable in bringing great harm to America, great massive and long lasting harm... It still is a pity that Paul Wolfowitz is gone to the World Bank, I consider this still a pity because Paul was a valuable team member too... 
And now we understand why there was no postwar plan for Iraq, now we understand suddenly a lot more how the Iraqis came in their mess.

I think it is time to split, I sincerely hope that I did not offend Western air forces by exposing the sniper list. Please do not fell offended, please do that what is needed. Till updates my dear reader.  

Title: Fight brave tomorrow my NATO soldiers!

(25 September 2006) Since it is now Monday we are exactly 7 days away from the next impending so called Military Bloody Day (MBD). So there is a slight possibility that the USAF and NATO air forces are interested about the amount of air ammo they are allowed on that particular MBD. I found wisdom in the next:

  • Iraq Operation Iraqi Freedom: Zero air ammo.

  • Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom: Zero air ammo.

  • Afghanistan ISAF forces whatever operation: One air ammo. 

Now ISAF must not jump to the conclusion that I do benefit them or so, there are more than one army fighting the Afghan mujahedin and only giving one air ammo is asking for internal troubles. (That means I think you cannot stand united and you will quarrel on this... This also means the second step towards armageddon will be taken.)

The next MBD is the second is a series of five (may be seven) MBD's and if after five MBD's the USAF and NATO air forces still do not bow for the story I will declare the very first Civil Bloody Day. I am just a teacher and I am just trying to ring some message home to the diverse Head Quarters of the diverse air forces around the world, don't think I have some mental thing because before I declare the first CBD is there I will cry a lot. But we have to do that what is efficient and we cannot argue with such an argument.

So far the marching orders for the NATO air forces! You will fight brave on that day or you will meet me on some unexpected battlefield and likely you will not like that... If you do not fight brave and use too much air ammo you have taken the second step to the first CBD so do not complain afterwards please!

This day I have also decided to bring some small excuses (they are only small) to US Maj. Gen. Joseph E. Peterson, sorry for calling you all kinds of names but I just have to know rather precise where those death squads in Iraq exactly emerge from. What are their recruiting places? Please give this information to the general public, I will hide amongst this public and retrieve this somehow. Thanks for your help in case you decide to help.

Today I also found some battlefield wisdom, remember that from the past in the Iraqi equation we constantly had this talk from the Americans like 'We still do not understand the nature of the insurgency'? This was so weird because this nature was so obvious, you only needed to read all these media files for some time and use your God given brain. But this 'We still do not understand' lamenting went on month in month out. Month in month out it went on, it just went on but the simple and obvious conclusions were not taken.
I even observed John Pike from globalsecurity dot org indulging in that stupid talk after so many months... Now study the website of John Pike, compare it to this website and arrive at the conclusion that John's website is absolutely brilliant compared to mine...
So how come that a highly respected military analyst like John Pike sings the stupid song of 'We still do not understand the nature of the Iraqi insurgency'? This was so weird, I just did not understand it. How come that the Americans did not see the obvious, the simple things, the utterly easy to understand things?
Today I found the answer: That is because the insurgency is the enemy and when you talk enemy all kinds of emotion do set in. And this emotion blurs all logical thinking, for example when the death squads in Iraq did set in I only thought this was some rerun from the way the Americans made war in Latin America.
It was a few months later I arrived at the conclusion this rerun was not the case (I can be stupid too you know). 

After having exposed this elementary battlefield wisdom I only have a few messages left for the Iraqi mujahedin: In exactly one week we have the next MBD, I wish you luck in staging attacks. After that a pause will set in and we will study how to get rid of the death squads roaming the streets of Baghdad and other parts of Iraq. But before we can start such a study we have the US elections in six weeks! It is very important that this time that the Democrats win this and in order to make this more likely we need at least a daily average of two killed US military slime a day. If the Democrats win the Dubya dumbhead will be a so called 'lame duck' and it is in the ways of the story that indeed Dubya will be a lame duck at the end of his presidency... I will not declare Military Bloody Day or so but keep the daily average high enough to cage this stupid monster also known as Dubya!
In the second place start crafting plans for attacking those militia's inside Iraq from where the Shia / Shiite death squads emerge. Use your own intell in this (may be I have some tips later). It is also in the ways of this story that the death squads disappear and in order to make this happen it could be handy if in 3 to 4 months from now on hefty attacks on this kind of slime (read recruiting fields or a set of Shia militia's) will be there. Craft your own plans but wait until the overall plan unfolds itself because attacks on these slimy militia's are only a detail in the overall plan. If you help me I will help you!

Till updates & have a nice Ramadan.  

(24 September 2006) Ok it is about time to cheer the brothers from al Qaida in Iraq a bit up, lately they have posted a video message stating that during 15 days there will be hefty attacks on the Americans. The message was posted on 07 Sept so this basin of joy did set in on 08 Sept and since 07 + 15 = 22 it ended on 22 Sept. Now battlefield facts are battlefield facts and a reliable source of battlefield facts can be found at John Pike's globalsecurity dot org, here is John Pike's file upon reported daily US casualties. At the moment of writing we have 28 reported US dead in this 15 days leading to a daily average of 28/15 = 1.9 dead US slime a day. These are the facts as reported until now.

Needless to say the daily average runs relatively low while at the same time US spokesman general Caldwell is reporting an increase of attacks. Now when I declared the 11th of September to be a so called Military Bloody Day (see below at 11 September for a statistical oversight) daily death toll stood at 3.1 dead coalition slime a day and that stands above the 1.9.

Now I will guide al Qaida in Iraq nicely into higher numbers but these are future works and we try to analyze the relative failure of high daily death toll in this basin of 15 days of joy (because that is important to understand).

In this analysis we have to remark that al Qaida in Iraq has so called 'Media power', that means if they post a message all Western media files spread the message over the entire population. I do not have that kind of power and I do not desire this kind of power for reasons not unveiled around here. But al Qaida did choose the media way and therefore it is important to understand how media messages pan out.

We start with an example from the past: Just before the US presidential elections we had a nice video tape from Osama bin Laden. This was a so called 'media event' related to a 'political event' (the US prez elections). The US political constellation is very simple: There are only two parties, the Republicans (R) and the Democrats. Now a media event like the Osama video tape gives rise to four segments of the US electorate, they are as next:

  1. R to R, meaning they wanted to vote R and after the Osama tape they still want to vote R.

  2. R to D, they wanted to vote R but after the tape decided to vote D.

  3. D to D, they wanted to vote D and stayed the course and voted D.

  4. D to R, people who changed from a D voter to a R voter. 

The so called 'swing voters' are found in segments 2 and 4, when I studied these particular US prez elections I arrived at the conclusion that segment 4 was much larger than segment 2 and therefore the smart timed Osama tape was all that was needed to ensure we had four more years of Dubya. (It was very important to have four more years of Dubya because Dubya is dumb, the only smartness he has is understanding how the US elections work.)

Now how to interpret the battlefield data from the Iraqi equation? The Iraqi cells have to be divided in those that are willing to attack the US military on certain days (A) and those who for whatever reason are not willing to do so (lets name them NA for 'non attack'). And again we have four segments named A to A, A to NA, NA to NA and NA to A.

We also see that it is obvious that al Qaida wanted to influence the NA to A segment (turning non attackers into attackers of US military slime). And although US death toll significantly dropped during these 15 days we must not jump to the conclusion that this was a failure or so, all we can say is that the firepower from the A to NA segment outbeated the firepower of the NA to N segment.
This is not a serious problem because NA to A are new in the field of killing American slime and therefore it is very likely they have some learning to do in killing this slime in an efficient way. (While the A to NA segment likes to return to the battlefield on some future date, the A to NA segment is not destroyed or so but like to attack under some other flag...)

After the relatively technical analysis from above I want to raise the spirits of al Qaida in Iraq and shout to them: Want to follow the ways of the story told? Just accept this easy axiom: Just like there is only one God there is only one enemy! And this enemy is America. This is also in line with the teachings of Osama bin Laden because he pulled off the so called 911 attacks... Life is very simple in that. And of course this enemy named America has also a lot of slaves and even eager friends (like Great Brittany) but slaves are not the enemy. (For example my own country Holland is a slave to the Americans because they have little military power and a relative small population, now slave or not when the Dutch use a lot of air power inside Afghanistan they need to come under attack for this.) But the real enemy is and stays America, they are the main source of a lot of deep problems in this world and they perform shit as being a so called 'super power'. They are shit and will feel my ire on all battlefields possible...

So far for al Qaida in Iraq and we turn a fine eye at (re)enlistment rates for the US military. That is also a battlefield and in previous writings I did announce I lost that battle (see below at  06 September 2006). But I found two nice files on this, one painting a rosy picture while the other painted a negative picture of similar data. My reader can choose for itself: Did the US military win the battle for (re)enlistment rates yes or no? Choose from:     

Now do your thinking my dear reader: what is reality and what article is the best in painting the real picture? Till updates.  

(21 September 2006) Now my full ire will land on the head of US Maj. Gen. Joseph E. Peterson (Commander of Civilian Police Assistance Training Team in Iraq). Let me first quote what made me mad as hell and elaborate later why, quote:

When asked about which militia groups death squad members seemed to have been recruited from, Peterson did not elaborate but said that "Jaish al-Mahdi is certainly one of them."

He was referring to the Mahdi Army, which is loyal to radical anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. (source)

Now why am I that mad? That is because the last days I am working on a plan to minimize death squads in Iraq and I just need the information from where the Shia death squads are recruited from. The plan is a daring plan and if not executed well it is also a very dangerous plan and it is not like simply declaring a Military Bloody Day and see what happens. It is a real plan with lots of difficult subplans. Now you fucking Joseph you have the information I need and what do you do?
You only mentioned the militia of al Sadr but that was already known around here! Now fuckhead Joseph why do you only mention the al Sadr militia? That is because al Sadr had the balls and the guts to stand up against the US military. You do not give information to the public but you indulge in propaganda you fuckhead Joseph E. Peterson, you are some cheap shit man...

After having said this, what can I say to the Iraqi mujahedin? Well I wish you luck on the next Military Bloody Day on Monday 02 October (09 Ramadan) and I hope lots of US military slime will die that day and on the 'footprint days'. After that a pause will set in and we must study how to get rid of the death squads.
Have a nice and deeply felt Ramadan this year, visit family and friends, fulfill your religious duties and say your prayers like I do. Till updates.  

(19 September 2006) This is only an update on the War on Drugs restricted to the Afghan opium equation. This update is meant for the NATO (or better ISAF) forces, the UN drug fighting department and (of course) the Afghan druglords.

Here we go:
It has come to my attention that the United Nations department fighting the War on Drugs has a leader, I do not recall his name anymore but he was on CNN and he asked a lot of things and told a lot of propaganda. He asked NATO to eradicate opium production in Afghanistan (and although he did not say it, it smelled like he had some Columbia coke eradication model of this in mind). He told his audience that worldwide every year 100.000 people in Western societies died from heroin overdose, NATO must know this is propaganda because the actual number is far lower. I do not have solid statistics to back this up but for many years I have studied the War on Drugs (that was before the War on Terror of course). 

Lately a few days back I saw another talking head on the CNN network: It was some Scottish military man (although he was dressed in civilian clothing) and he had some other song to sing: He said we should buy that Afghan opium and he said asking the Afghanis to stop opium production is like asking the Arabs to stop pumping oil.
Now NATO has to understand that the Afghan opium production was a very interesting boundary condition in the War on Terror restricted to the Afghan landscape many years ago... So I crafted my advices well and informed the evil Afghan druglords they should study concepts like the equilibrium price (that maximizes profits) and most of all they should study the Western way of agriculture subsidies. Now we are a few years later down the timeline and I have great pleasure to inform the NATO forces that they are very likely looking into the barrel of their own agriculture subsidies structure. 
Dear NATO you must understand that the Afghanis are not particular stupid, lately CNN's Nic Robertson reported that none of the major drug lords were arrested in all these years (thus validating that indeed the Afghanis have found some way to follow this story on this 3 billion US$ / year detail).

Dear NATO you bring safety and security to all of your members (including my own small country that could easily be wiped of the map in case we did not have NATO membership). I really appreciate the security you bring to this little nation and therefore I love you a bit (although you still have a big mouth in applying air power).

My dear NATO: May I ask you to indeed start a buying opium policy in case you want to help the Afghanis? And offer a price of exactly 100 Euro a kilo in case you start doing this? And just pump some money into the system so a rudimentary kind of economy can take off? And not listen to those idiots that constantly say we have to find alternative crops for the Afghans because these idiots sing that stupid song for three years or so?
May I inform NATO that it was a long time ago that I asked the Afghanis to create a so called quota system that covers all the villages from the Afghan landscape? May I inform NATO I have no information on the actual presence of such a quota system?

Good luck with the task given NATO and ISAF forces, in case you succeed in it I might consider asking the Afghan mujahedin to stop attacks... But very likely such a request is a thing from some far far future while in the meantime I will get pissed off by the use of air power.

Lets call it a day except for one detail: This file suggests that the new weaponry from the Afghan mujahedin is an anti aircraft weapon (quote):

Regarding the Taliban claim that they had acquired new weapons, Mulla Dadullah said it was true only in case of anti-aircraft missile. He said the missiles were effective against low-flying US and Nato aircraft. 

Lets call it a day and I can only hope NATO heeds the above but come on NATO why don't you give me your best shot on this? Till updates. 

(17 September 2006) Ok ok lets make an update: I was stunned too when I saw the Catholic Pope make remarks like the Prophet Mohammed (peace upon Him) brought only evil while spreading faith with the sword. I was stunned, remember Dubya asking his fellow colleagues from Muslim nations to join him on a Crusade against terror just after the 911 attacks? The Pope remark was of similar stupidity.
Now do the Italians or the Germans need a reward in the form of an attack on civilians? I think not, I advice against retaliation. I think everybody has every now and then the right to be stupid and it is wiser to strike against policies than against stupidity. For example striking at (Western) civilians while (Western) armies conduct widespread aerial bombing campaigns is wise while killing civilians for stupid remarks made by powerful leaders is unwise. That is what I think. Next subject: The use of air power in Iraq and Afghanistan during the latest Military Bloody Day from 11 September. In short it goes like this: At first I gave permission to use 0 ammo in Iraq and 0 ammo in Afghanistan during that day, later I changed that to 1 ammo in each country allowed (see remark below). Now here is the CENTAF daily air power summary and it says that in Iraq 0 ammo was dropped while there was lots of ammo dropped in Afghanistan. Details indicate that all ammo dropped was done on the request of the ISAF forces (nothing in the OEF campaign in Afghanistan). So I have to whisper softly to the Americans: Thank you.

Conclusion: Before the latest MBD from 11 Sept was there I informed my audience that application of air power (or crossing the limits as given to this war making machine) would change my stance on the use of killing civilians inside Western countries. Given the details in the air power summary we can jump to the conclusion that the other 25 NATO members (or more precise the ISAF members) have some learning to do. Now my irritation threshold is not taken but after about five of these days it will be taken and the very first Civil Bloody Day will be declared. Do you get that ISAF and Oops Keffer (Jaap de Hoop Scheffer)?

Remark for the mujahedin: Now I can understand you felt a bit irritated when I gave permission to use one air ammo in both battlefields. Because two ammo can easily kill up to 20 mujahedin and I can understand your frustration in this.
Now for me it was not an easy decision to make but the change in the treatment of prisoners of war inside the US Senate was so important I just had to make some kind of gesture. It has to be remarked that up to 14 thousand are in prison without access to a proper trial (the 14 thousand number is a rumor and I have no hard information upon the real number). Now my dear and beloved mujahedin I did my thinking and I decided to throw a two ammo bone to the dogs of air power... In case I have offended you I am sorry.

At last some military wisdom for the mujahedin from the Afghan landscape: A long long time ago I came upon that wonderful quote made by some US military officer. The officer stated that every time they use air power they get it back five times. And although that was just a quote made by just one officer, it was also an indication for the success of this story. My dear Taliban and other Afghan mujahedin, try to craft a similar policy as the Iraqis did and try to attack those ISAF members that use the most air power. It is just a tip but if you succeed in a good policy on that detail then in the long run you will have less air power applied... Good luck with this my dear mujahedin from the Afghan landscape!

So far the air power component to the latest MBD, now we go back one MBD and look at a detail from the 26th of July restricted to the Lebanese equation:
In the first place it has to be remarked that I have no solid statistical evidence that indeed the Hezbollah is reading this story but on a so called 'footprint of the story day' a few Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and some more got killed (the 12th of July 2006).
Now the 26th of July was a wonderful Military Bloody Day with a helicopter down in Afghanistan and an surprisingly high number of 9 dead Israeli military from the new Lebanese equation. And I thought I have to thank a few Israeli officers for planning that strike at Bint Jbail, this is what I thought of that (thus it was not on Hezbollahs timing but on the timing of the Israeli Defense Forces). Yet I found out this is not correct, I found out that the Israeli prime minister Olmert is trying to imitate me! Don't believe me? Here is the quote:

"He managed the war from his office. He imposed missions such as Bint Jbail without any discussion and without consulting with the command about the consequences and implications. Source.

Do you believe that? No wonder this war was a disaster for the Israelis. Have you ever seen such breathtaking stupid micro management from a distance? Even Dubya is not that dumb! No no Olmert, when you have to lead an army from some office you must not play the armchair general but you must play the desktop general. And as a desktop general all you can do is suck in all that information coming in from the battlefield, you have to try and get some representation of the battlefield conditions now and in the future, and when you have that picture clear all the desktop general can do is give advices. 

After all this blood from the diverse battlefields we turn an eye at fun. To be a bit more precise: the fun of Cyber Warfare.
Two days ago on Friday 15 Sept I went to the local Rabobank to get some money out of the PIN automat (Americans name this an ATM machine or so) but the Rabobank money automat told me: No connection possible. So I jumped on my bike and went to the next nearby SNS bank and again no money could be withdrawn. People told me that on teletext it said that Postbank and ING bank also had nationwide problems. So that was four banks down and I decided not to go and check my own bank (ABN Amro) but go to the supermarket to check if I could make an electronic payment for my tomatoes and stuff like that.
Ok, shops were up and running and electronic payments could be made...
Of course I had great fun and after returning home I inspected the details on the local teletext and turned on the computer to look for more details. All I have is this information: Internet banking was also out while at the same time there could have been some Electricity Attack. (Check this  link (in Dutch)).
So I smile softly and do not jump to conclusions prematurely when not all data are processed. I smile softly and I smile broadly and all I can do is give some advice to the local authorities (in case it is indeed some attack): Why don't you listen to some nice music from Gabriel Rios named 'Broad Daylight'? That is all I do: working in the broad daylight!

I think it is time to split my dear reader. Lets call it a day and say goodbye and till updates! 

(11 September 2006, updated on 12 and 13 September) So finally it is here, after a long long wait we are exactly five years after the attacks known as the 911 attacks in America. Needless to say the entire of America is on guard, from the protection of civil aircraft and metro systems, safety of US embassies, to the military inside Iraq and Afghanistan. So with that wisdom in mind we must study the success of this so called Military Bloody Day. Until now (17.20 local time) I am looking at zero reported dead US soldiers but a more precise picture will emerge tomorrow.On the Cable News Network (CNN) is wall to wall coverage of the remembrance of these 911 attacks and at a certain point in time I saw opponent general Peter Pace speaking outside the Pentagon. May be this was an old speech but Peter Pace told his audience that the number of US military that died is approaching the total death toll of the 911 attacks. Again it might be a recording from the past but it looked like a 911 remembrance...
Media files suggest 2973 dead from the 911 attacks.
Now Peter, according to my information we have at least 2669 dead in OIF (Iraq) and 336 dead in OEF (Afghanistan). If you add you get 2669 + 336 = 3005. So we have already taken the desired threshold Peter, I never highlighted it by the way although it had it's propaganda power.
Likely we can again jump to the conclusion that somehow something is not on order with the information / data streams inside the Pentagon.

Of course today was also selected to have Cyber War against the US military, I hope they had a few problems today but very likely they will not inform this to the press. I mean that would be a weird thing to do, if I were the US military I would not tell the media so why should they behave differently? But I just smile softly and hope that from now on future Military Bloody Days will ALWAYS be accompanied by some Cyber strikes. (It does not have solid military value because no US military soldier will die from this instantly but it is a nice teaser and always brings much fun at the scene.)

For the rest: I have compiled a small table below where the results from the Iraqi equation are found. Have much fun reading it and may I shout hard to the Iraqis: THANK YOU!

For the time being you can find some results of the latest MBD in the table below, it is restricted to US fatalities in Iraq only while a more comprehensive and better view on it's military success also should include the wounded. (And also attacks on the new born Iraqi army should be studied but this MBD was concentrated solely around the Americans.) The table below also contains 3 or 4 UK soldiers, no dead soldiers of other nationality were observed. So estimating the success of this latest MBD while only looking at US death toll is like estimating US economical growth by looking at the Dow Jones Index...

In the table below is a so called 'FPS day?' column, FPS stands for FootPrint of the Story. This is explained by the next: When on a certain day we have Military Bloody Day declared, also exactly 5, 10, 15, ... and on 7, 14, 21, ... and so on we can expect higher violence and larger attacks. To give a wide range of possible striking days at the operatives also combinations like 5 + 7 = 12 days before MBD strikes is a 'FootPrint' day. With this wisdom in mind the US military is allowed to study the table below...;) 

A last remark: I have decided to use the data from globalsecurity dot org because I think that my usual source has made some errors in their daily oversights. Here are the results:  

Result of the MBD from 11 Sept 2006, restricted to coalition 
military death toll in Iraq
Date Days to go FPS day? US death toll Cumulative  Running daily average
27 Aug 15 yes 11 11 11/1 = 11.0
28 Aug 14 yes 3 14 14/2 = 7.0
29 Aug 13 no 2 16 16/3 = 5.3
30 Aug 12 yes 5 21 21/4 = 5.3
31 Aug 11 no 1 22 22/5 = 4.4
01 Sept 10 yes 2 24 24/6 = 4.0
02 Sept 9 no 3 27 27/7 = 3.9
03 Sept 8 no 7 34 34/8 = 4.3
04 Sept 7 yes 6 40 40/9 = 4.4
05 Sept 6 no 0 40 40/10 = 4.0
06 Sept 5 yes 2 42 42/11 = 3.8
07 Sept 4 no 3 45 45/12 = 3.8
08 Sept 3 no 1


46/13 = 3.5
09 Sept 2 no 2 48 48/14 = 3.4
10 Sept 1 no 1 49 49/15 = 3.3
11 Sept 0 yes 1 50 50/16 = 3.1

So this are the results thus far, when we restrict ourselves to the so called FPS days the daily average of dead coalition soldiers inside Iraq stands at 30/7 = 4.3 and that is not bad. That is not bad at all... Till updates.

(13 September 2006 update) Again look at the table above, when we calculate daily coalition death toll for the non FPS days we get 20/9 = 2.2. From these two numbers you can create the dimension free FPS to non FPS ratio via: (30/7)/(20/9) = 270/140 = 1.929 and as some kind of index number that would be 192.9. So shall I indulge in propaganda and call this the so called Slimy Index or shall I not do that? Of course I will, so the Slimy Index related to the 11th of September for the year 2006 restricted to operations inside Iraq stands at a 192.9.
Of course it has to be remarked that a high Slimy Index brings great fun but it all goes around the pair (Slimy Index, non FPS daily average). When both numbers are high there is success and the feeling of utter happiness. (For example when only one US soldier dies on an FPS day and zero die on the non FPS days we have the Slimy Index running at infinity but in practice only one US soldier is dead so it all evolves around the wonderful pair (Slimy Index, non FPS daily average). Till updates. 

(10 September 2006) It is now 0.49 hours and tomorrow is the next MBD, I cannot sleep and a thousand things run through my mind. Of course tomorrow will be an important day but the next Military Bloody Day is declared for 02 October (exactly 21 days after the next MBD from 11 September). 

May I repeat that 02 October will be the last MBD for the mujahedin from the Afghan landscape? After that they can go, if they want and if they can, on the usual winter retreat. During winter retreat the Afghan mujahedin should go on with learning how to read and write, discuss those tactics that have been proved efficient against the slimy NATO forces and also study the concept of 'daisy chain'. (See below).

May I thank the mujahedin from the Iraqi landscape for starting attacks exactly 15 days before the impending MBD from 11 September? Thanks; and if you believe in me I will believe in you. Good luck tomorrow!

May I bring to the attention of the honorable Dutch authorities that it was years ago I asked al Qaida international to prepare exactly five car bombs in case you found wisdom in arresting me? May I inform these honorable people that rather likely these five cars are somewhere inside the Dutch landscape right now? May I remark that we have a common interest in avoiding hefty civil death toll and may I offer you again the concept of dialogue? (In the past the Dutch authorities have bluntly refused to indulge in dialogue...)

May I bring to the attention of the USA government that is was a brilliant move to make some Dutch named Jaap the Hoop Scheffer (the Oops Keffer) the political leader of NATO? Often I do portray the Americans as a bunch of dumbheads but with making the Oops Keffer NATO's political head you efficiently slammed a weapon out of my hands, the name of the weapon is not exposed here.

May I tease and may I taunt the biggest military force in the world, the US military? May I bring to the attention of this US military the concept of a so called 'daisy chain'? Now the daisy chain must not be confused with the so called daisy cutter, the daisy cutter is a very interesting weapon in your arsenal where the daisy chain is a chain of roadside bombs.
Early in the Iraqi equation they emerged at the battlefield and it was such a tempting weapon, when executed carefully you could indeed wipe out entire convoys riding through the Iraqi landscape. But after a few days of thinking I arrived at the conclusion that you cannot control so called 'collateral damage' this way so I advised against them...
Now let me tease you and let me taunt you my dear US military, until the present day we have not seen daisy chains inside Iraq or Afghanistan...

May I ask the mujahedin in general to study and plan for daisy chains? In particular try to craft a Daisy Chain 5 and a Daisy Chain 7 (that means five roadside bombs or seven roadside bombs simultaneously) but wait with executing these horrible things. Wait until the time is right and I will inform you when the time is right...

May I ask my warriors from the Cyber Space to stage attacks tomorrow? Likely successful attacks against the US military will never make it to the beloved Media files but if you have some nice stuff after all these years tomorrow could be a nice date... Now weapons of Cyber can often be used only one time (the enemy often makes some deterrent against a successful Cyber weapon) so do not unload the entire arsenal please...

That's it for thus far, the rest of the thousand things on my mind (like the death squads in Iraq) will be future things. Till updates my dear reader. 

(08 September 2006) It was a lovely day today in Media land; we had nice video tape from Osama bin Laden and an audio tape from al Qaida in Iraq...
The tape from Osama was over five years old, this made me laugh and once more this gives an insight upon the timescale al Qaida international is thinking.

The audio tape from al Qaida in Iraq contained a very interesting part, let me quote:

He urged his followers "not to rest until each one of you kill at least one American within the next 15 days, by a sniper bullet, spear, explosive or martyrdom car." 

Comment: Now with this quote it is clear al Qaida in Iraq has found it's way back to the story written... Welcome in my house Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, in this house there is place for a whole lot of milita's and even armies! Welcome my dear brother. And welcome all the mujahedin from al Qaida in Iraq!
I have a message for you and this message is also for the mujahedin Shura council: May I ask again to skip the Shia/Shiites as a kernel for war?
I know the Shia/Shiites have committed horrible crimes, like siding with the Americans, filling the ranks of the new born Iraqi army so they can attack you, started with the horrible things known as death squads. And so on and so on.
Now this does not mean you should no longer stage attacks on the Shia/Shiites, when for example some death squads have killed lots of Sunnis you have of course the right and even the obligation to revenge this.
Yet when finetuning the war against the Americans (and NATO) on the diverse battlefields (Iraq is just one front) wisdom is found in concentrating on the slimy Americans and their allies. So may I ask to make the Americans the number one enemy and when some tit for tat violence is needed for reasons of revenge or so, attack the Shia/Shiites.
If you could implement this policy that would be very helpful. End of this message.

(Remark by the way that there is some propaganda in the translation, the word 'spear' was never used in the original message.)

My dear reader, in case you are new to this story, why is the message from brother Abu Hamza a simple sign that al Qaida in Iraq might be willing to follow the ways of this story? That is very simple to explain my dear reader, when I declared the 11th of September as the next Military Bloody Day it was exactly 15 days before the 11th of September that the Iraqis decided to strike and on the 27th of August in total 12 US service members died that day... (The US military is relatively capable of finding out exactly what Iraqi groups or cells did strike at them but I will not help them.)  

I don't have that much more to day today, only that the clock is ticking and we are three days away from the next Military Bloody Day. All I have is a simple message for CENTAF and the air power recourses of NATO:

Because it is very likely now that al Qaida members will fall under some kind of Geneva Convention of making war I have decided to throw a bone at you: Instead of zero air power allowed you may use exactly one ammo in Iraq and one ammo in Afghanistan. Just like you did on the previous Military Bloody Day dating back to the 26th of July this year, now you may only use this when for example something like 8 or 10 coalitions soldiers are in such a dire situation that all other options clearly fail... Now my dear air force members, in case you are a dog why don't you bite this particular bone?

With this we have to split my dear reader, till updates. 

(07 September 2006) So much has happened in just 24 hours, I do not know where to start. Is starting with the CENTAF releases airpower summaries for Sept. 3-5 and CENTAF releases airpower summary for Sept. 6 a good start?

Or should I start this update with a compliment to the mujahedin from the Afghan landscape? They do an amazing good job and they make me smile softly.

Or better start with a proposal for a new Military Bloody Day at Monday 02 October (exactly 3 weeks or 21 days after the upcoming MBD from 11 September)? Message to the mujahedin from the Afghan landscape: 02 October will be your last assignment before the winter. If you want you can go on the usual winter retreat... 

Or should I mention the concept of Cyber Warfare to my dear reader? Dear reader please read below at the date 01 September, at that point in time it was recited for. After my recitement some aspx page from centcom dot mil came to a grinding halt but today it is on air again. Just see for yourself, all entries with dates 30 August through 05 September are classified as a 'new file'. (Or look at this screenshot.) And likely this actually means I still have Cyber War capabilities my beloved reader, this is good to know and again it makes me smile softly...;)

But it is not all smiles, lately it was reported that Afghan opium production exceeded world demand and that made me shiver. A long time ago I have informed that Afghanis what to do and in case they have implemented that policy we will see no collapse in price. Not in the streets of the Western world and not for the Afghan farmers. May I ask the Afghan drug lords to ensure the bottom opium selling price for Afghan farmers is something like 100 US$ / kilo raw opium (or better, 100 Euro)? 
I know it is expensive but the poor Afghan farmers have children to feed and sometime medicine to buy and if we would have serious price collapse on that front I would cry. I did not cry in the Lebanese equation where over one thousand civilians died but if there would be serious price collapse for the Afghan farmers, that would make me cry.

Or should I have started this update with the fact that from now on al Qaida operatives fall more or less under the Geneva conventions for making war? This is a very welcome development by the way (although it has taken a very long time...).
Now opponent Dubya wants legislation that gives him the power of interrogation and what is my view on that?
I think that in case one of my fighters is captured carrying a gun and having some rudimentary kind of uniform (like in the Fallujah raidings; rudimentary uniform there was black clothing and white tennis shoes) all interrogation activities are limited to 'name, rank and serial number'. Normal existing interrogation techniques are allowed in a case like the foiled plot in Great Brittany from lately (the plot to bring 10 civil aircraft down via the method of liquid explosives). In that case it makes sense to go beyond the 'name rank and serial number' approach and apply the normal interrogation techniques as they exists for decades and have proved their value.
Of course a country like Great Brittany or whatever country has a right to defend itself from terror attacks, this is evident. Lets leave this detail with that.

It is time to split my dear reader, till updates.   

(06 September 2006) Today I spoke with an elderly man who told me a story of staggering physical endurance: Once this guy had driven on his bicycle a distance of 450 kilometer (around the Dutch IJssellake). And not only that, he even had a passenger sitting at the back... (May be it was on a tandem, I did not have the time to ask that.) Now I had respect for this, my individual record is only 185 kilometer with 30 kilo of luggage.

Next subject: Stupidity. Not the stupidity of Dubya or the stupidity of US defense secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld but my own stupidity. What is the case?

The case is the so called battle for (re)enlisting figures for the US military. A few years ago these (re)enlisting figures were declining and after studying the situation it was easy to see there was a severe downtrend.
And it was easy to understand that in case this downtrend would continue the US military would come in very serious trouble. I considered some possible actions the US military could undertake like more marketing budget, more advertising, doubling the number of military recruiters and so on. And at that point in time I arrived at the conclusion that in about one year the US military would have hefty problems...

I even asked the Iraqis if they could hold it out one more year.

So how did my insight fare? Well the Americans countered their enlisting problems with offering big bags of money to new soldiers (and to soldiers who do reenter after their initial contract has expired). And I had to give a long scratch on my head, how could I have been so utterly stupid? How come I had not seen such an obvious move coming? Why was this like a JDAM in the night? Well until the present day I do not understand why I never considered that option, with neglecting this particular option of offering bags of money my future estimates of battlefield conditions was not correct. With being that stupid I had entered the realm of military fantasies and this was just plain stupid.

Facts are that this offering of bags of money was not a very brilliant thing to do but it was highly efficient, after all the Americans run their country on the greenback and I was stupid in not using that information.

Yet the situation is not all tears, for example we even have Eskimo National Guard soldiers from Alaska inside Iraq. And lately many thousand of US soldiers were called back from home and ordered towards Iraq so the US military is still struggling to keep the ranks filled. And lets not forget a major fact: The Americans cannot start another war where much ground troops are needed, they are bogged down efficiently...

To give proof to the US military that it is not bad cherry eating with me every day I offer you a tip to save money! According to my 10 year old daughter you can save money on toilet paper if you flat down a roll of toilet paper. It lasts longer that way she says... So give all rolls of toilet paper a good smash with your fist. Now isn't that a nice tip saving millions and millions of that greenback stuff my dear US military?

May be this is a wise point to split and say till updates to my readers.   

(05 September 2006) Yesterday I tried to tease the US military by telling them that it was a long long time ago since I advised at the Iraqis to keep attacks at such a level that coalition forces were forced to ride around in convoys. Yesterday I pointed at the hindering in reconstruction efforts but there is another tease to be found in this advice. Let me give an example:

When you are some CIA officer you could not go out under the cover of darkness and meet somewhere with an Iraqi spy, the CIA employee could not go out on his own or with a small group feeding money to some intelligence network and retrieving information back...

And my dear US military this is how I do it; with just one advice given two important goals are reached... This lack of a good intelligence network was a great victory for this ongoing story and it was clear the US military was in the dark, they did not have a clue what they were up to. Remember all that talk of 'We still do not understand the nature of the insurgency'? Month in month out the USA kept repeating that they still not understood the nature of the insurgency, for so long those stupid Americans just did not have a clue... I felt like I was in Paradise with this little detail and I felt glad that I could protect my dearest of cell structures against this particular danger of a good intel network.

But my dear US military not all advices have panned out that well. For example at a certain point in time I grew completely bored of all that Western propaganda as told by Western journalists. Now don't get me wrong, in every war you have propaganda elements, but somehow my irritation threshold was taken. And I advised repeatedly to kill journalists because I was completely fed up with them.
Facts are that there was important upscaling in killing journalists but the propaganda did not fade away. We can jump to the conclusion that propaganda is a natural by product of making war and little military value is found in killing those who write the propaganda...

Message to the Taliban from the Afghan landscape: Today I read a media report from one of your higher officers stating that the reported 200 dead Taliban were propaganda because in fact at most 10 had died. Furthermore he threatened to kill Western journalists in case they would keep on using NATO propaganda. Now Taliban in case there is indeed severe propaganda you can kill a few journalists here and there (just for revenge) but likely the propaganda will not fade away. So heed my advice: Do not waste energy in killing journalists but keep on building military power.

More on the subject of propaganda: Most people know that totalitarian regimes also use propaganda in large amounts. Also I hope that my reader agrees with me that it is very hard to define exactly what propaganda is but when you see it you recognize it is propaganda. Now lately US president George Dubya Bush is talking about the brave mujahedin like they are a bunch of Islamo fascists...
Now Dubya is a member of the Conservative party also known as the Grand Old Pary or the GOP. This GOP has a website named gop dot com and on that website is a html file tracking the war in Iraq... Here is the html file. Now my dear reader please read the html file and ask yourself the obvious question: Is it a realistic representation of the situation in Iraq or is it propaganda?
I think it is propaganda...

Please my dear reader stick to the facts: Since my dearest of cell structures started to strike at US military slime on as found inside Iraq on the 27th of August we had about 35 dead US military or a daily average of 3.9. Facts are that I feel so proud upon the Iraqis and further facts are that this daily average of 3.9 is a slap in the face of commander in chief Dubya.

Lets leave it with that my dear reader, lets leave it with that. Till updates. 

(04 September 2006) A short update on today's military affairs in the Iraqi equation from today: Reports on dead coalition soldiers vary, the more realistic figures will be out tomorrow but it was 7 days before the next Military Bloody Day so a spike was to be expected.

Next subject: A teaser for the US military...

My dear US military I have downloaded and read in parts your so called quarterly report to Congress upon the Iraqi situation, here is a download,  and I have read some parts of the 63 page file. Some parts a nice reading, like for example the downsizing of attacks on infrastructure. Now I never ever asked for attacks on infrastructure inside Iraq my dear US military, only attacks on oil installations make some sense if you would ask me... (Ok during actual fighting it might be handy to get the street lights out but lets leave it with that).
No, my tease towards the US military is the next:

The report clearly states that you have no statistical clue whatsoever about groups inside Iraq working together. My dear US military, groups inside Iraq are always allowed to enter this story while carrying their own agenda. This invitation is repeated today by the way; militia's, organizations and even entire armies are invited to follow the ways and wishes of this simple story...
Now my dear US military what exactly is the tease?

Facts are my dear US military that I asked at the Iraqis to keep attacks at exactly at that level that will force you to ride around in convoys (thus rendering out all reconstruction activity indefinitely...). Now let me tease you my dear and brave US military but exactly that did happen and it was in the timeframe of the first so called Military Bloody Day from a long time ago.

Next subject: We had new video coming out from al Qaida international offering a possibility of converting to Islam. Senior CNN journalists told us that we had seen a previous occasion of this, the so called Bali bombings.
So what can I say now everyone is waiting for the big word?

Now my big word is a humble word: next 9/11 civil death toll has to be lower than latest Israel bombing campaign in Lebanon so something like at most one thousand civilians might be acceptable. If there is an upsurge towards 2000+ dead civilians you will not here a complaint from me.  After all, the IDF forces need a bit of the 'reeling thing' 

Yes yes, Israel needs a bit of the 'reeling thing' and I hope civil stuff will be kept at these kind of levels and my dear reader what can I say? I am very curious too at the next 11 September. 

I am just curious too, of course and foremost I have the obligation to study the use of Western air power on this particular day. Bye bye my dear reader, till updates.    

(02 September 2006) Good news today from the Afghan landscape: British aircraft down killing all 14 on board (ok it looks like a technical failure but that does not take away this is good news).

Yesterday I asked at my cyber warriors if they could do something at this file, the server it is on or whatever what. I know it is on a short notice but if some trouble could be brought at the Pentagon (or the US military in general) on the 11th of September this would be very helpful to this story...
Now today I thought, why not ask the Palestines in particular? (In the past they have studied things like that and old reports suggest that indeed damage was done to the Israeli economy.)

Last and most important subject of this update: The Iraqi equation.

Facts are that when I declared the 26th of July as a Military Bloody Day (that was a few weeks after that Shia shrine bombing from February) I asked the Iraqis to try and make the month of July the most bloody month until now...

But I observed only 47 or 46 dead US military slime inside Iraq so as stupid as I was I thought I had lost the attention of the Iraqis and that indeed the chaos of civil war had set in... I have made a grave error of judgment with this and therefore I have to make my apologies towards the Iraqis. Sorry I was stupid...

According to the quarterly Pentagon report to the US congress the situation is far more subtle, let me quote a bit:

--The number of attacks per week in July was the highest since the war began, the report says. 

--More than 60 percent of the attacks are aimed at coalition troops, but attacks on civilians are rising and now constitute about 15 percent of the total.

The first quote states that July did have indeed the highest number of attacks so this is solid statistical evidence that suggests the Iraqis try to follow this story. THANKS! But the fact we had less then 50 coalition forces dead inside Iraq is a matter of grave concern.

The second quote has the numbers 60 and 15 in it, it looks like a sharp statement but it all depends on how you define a so called 'attack'. When in Iraq an individual is killed, this likely will not reach the statistics as an 'attack'. So I will make use of these numbers offered to me but I will apply a so called standard deviation of 5 to 10 percent on it... (When US congress members read this they will likely get a severe headache from the words 'standard deviation'.)

Lets leave it with this, may be I have to remark that it might be unwise from me to refer to that old old CyberWar stuff so when I cannot update on the 11th of September I might be under Cyber attack... Till updates my dear reader.  

(01 September 2006) An update on the Iraqi equation: It might have occurred to my reader that last Sunday 27 August suddenly violence in Iraq increased sharply. As far as I know now we had about 17 dead US soldiers in five days, so daily average stands over 3 until now. That daily average is about twice the level we saw in July when we had 1.48 dear US military slime a day.

Needless to say the 27th of August was exactly 15 days before the next and impending Military Bloody Day that is located on 11 September this year. May I thank the Iraqi mujahedin Council for their help? THANKS!

We will see how this all pans out, we still have 10 long days to go to the next MBD at 11 Sept 2006...

After having said that I also have a few remarks for the US military and the NATO forces: Just like on previous Military Bloody Days you are not allowed to use air power in Iraq and in Afghanistan on the 11th Sept impending. Now I do not want to hear that talk like we do not negotiate with terrorists or stuff like that, you don't have to talk to me, you do not have to negotiate with me, you will do as you are told.
My dear US military, on the previous MBD you did use air power. It was not that much, we had one ammo in Iraq and one ammo in Afghanistan but it was against the rules for that day and so I gave permission to the al Qaida international to make use of biological and chemical weapons. Now was throwing those two bombs really worth the small tactical advantage my dear US military? Was it?

My dear US military and NATO forces you do not have to talk to me and you do not have to negotiate with me, but if I see air power applied inside Iraq or Afghanistan on the 11th September impending I might change my stance on declaring Civil Bloody Days... Of course I am not sure if these words will make it to commander in chief Dubya or honorable SecDef Donald H. Rumsfeld but when air power is applied you will find me on your way and you will not like that.

So far the Iraqi equation, lets proceed with the new Lebanese equation:
Talking heads from the United Nations on the television are constantly making a big fuss of reaching new weapons towards Hezbollah, in fact beside new weaponry towards Hezbollah they even want Hezbollah to disarm. These all are stupid fantasies that will not emerge, they are stupid American fantasies and why does the United Nations lend an ear towards the fantasies?
Why does the UN not look at the facts as they are found, simply observe that the Israeli IDF killed the most civilians and therefore Israel should be the one rewarded with a weapons embargo?
My dear UN, Hezbollah will not disarm until the formal Lebanese army has enough power to confront the Israelis on an equal footage. And this is the end of my discussion towards the United Nations.

Now we talk Cyber War. Cyber war? Yes Cyber War... It was a long time ago I even mentioned Cyber War and I stopped mentioning Cyber War after I got to many devastating Cyber attacks attacks against my own computer infrastructure. For example I had to swallow Cyber Strikes that took away all my computer files away exactly five directory layers deep. And believe it or not it was an astonishing thing to see your computer break down five directory layers deep within just 2 or 3 seconds. It made me scratch on my head.
Well today I strike back, here is a wonderful link that is very likely is the update source of US military air power (the so called daily air power summaries).
My dear mujahedin from the Cyber Field, can you help me on the next 11th September? I would love that...       

(31 August 2006) Today I went to the shop and what was on my shopping list? Tomatoes....check! Onions...check! Chopped meat...check! Apple juice...check! Bombs at the banks...check!

Bombs at the banks? Yes, they finally arrived. For a long time I have recited for that because I want to study it's possible effect on the currency markets. For example I want to know if it is possible to bomb down the US$ value? Can that be done yes or no? I simply lack a sharp insight in this and therefore bombed banks can give some clue in how far this is possible...
It might be wise to remark that today's bombings in Thailand are likely too small scaled to pull of a significant amount of US$ losses but it was a nice try.

Something like 22 or 23 (small) bombs exploded in Thailand and it has been a long time since I mentioned the Thai equation... Hello Thai Muslims, how are you doing?
Via the method of declaring a Military Bloody Day (it was the 7th MBD as I recall this correctly) the Thai equation was opened in 2004 with an attack that failed hefty because the attack plans were told at the police. And over one hundred mujahedin were killed at the hands of police and military on that day...
Well it looks like the Thai are back in this ongoing story; welcome!

Needless to remark is the fact that this Thai bank bombing is not timed with the next Military Bloody Day because the next MBD is now exactly 11 days in the future. It was timed towards local needs (independence day or something like that).

Next and last subject for this update: In the Lebanese equation the United Nations is condemning Israel's use of cluster bombs inside civil areas. You can talk long and short on this subject. let me keep it short:
It looks like an established fact that the IDF is just a bunch of cowards, they are nothing but a bunch of slimy worms living in the mud.
Till updates my dear reader, in the meantime I will listen to the clock and the clock says tick tick tick & we have 11 days to go!    

(30 August 2006) Three days ago in the previous update I tried to explain to my readers (or armies) that there are risks involved in using air power. More precise the word 'risk' referred to a civilian plane from the sky. A few hours later I turned on the television and guess what? We had a plane from the skies; it was flight 5191 and it crashed in Lexington USA.
This was a stunning coincidence or was it an attack? Until now all details that pop up suggest it was an accident so the Americans can sleep safely, there is nothing to worry... It was just an accident.

And there was far to little time between when I pushed the button 'publish website' and the time of the crash, at most 20 minutes. Now I cannot believe that attacks can be executed that fast. You have to take your time.
Like for example a few years ago when I advised to bring civil aircraft down within one minute apart, facts are that exactly this happened a few weeks later in Russia. (Two planes down within the same minute). Well a few weeks is a very realistic scenario, that is undeniable.
Now we are talking about the Chechen equation anyway, in those month I also experimented with a test date for the first Civil Bloody Day. So it would be a test date and not the first real CBD. Facts are that five days before this test day the Beslan hostage taking came falling apart. I was humbled by all those dead bodies, mostly children, and I decided not to go on with a possible series of Civil Bloody Days and proceed with the Military Bloody Days.

Back to the present: I still have not answered that question about who has won in the Lebanese equation, in the 34 day long war starting on the 12th of July.
You can answer that question in many ways depending on what criteria you use, when you for example look at what party killed the most people than clearly Israel has won because over a thousand Lebanese are dead. When you use the criterium of destroyed infrastructure again the Israelis have won. And when you use the criterium of achieved goals no party has won, Israel does not have back it's soldiers and the Hezbollah does not have prisoners back.
Yet when you read this breathtaking file that contains proposals for a large upscaling in defense spending by the Israelis it is clear Hezbollah has the victory in this all.

So far this update, in 12 days time it will be the next Military Bloody Day and I hope there was time enough to spread this message around. Till updates my dear reader.    

(27 August 2006) Ok the two FOX employees are freed, may I thank the Holy Jihad Brigades for this? Thanks.

The rest of this update is around that foiled airline plot (plans were to bring up to 10 planes down while en route from the GB to the USA). Known facts until now are that on 10 August arrests have been made and the date 16 August was set for executing this plot.
Now may be I am that smart or journalists are that stupid but after my humble opinion there is a straight line between the use of air power on this scale and the execution of this foiled plot; lots of air power, often over a hundred air sorties a day, cluster bombs inside civil areas and so on. Why does no journalist bring up the obvious relation?

Because if the plot would have succeeded the Israeli air force suddenly would have learned the next lesson: There are risks involved in using air power.

This is an obvious and elementary observation my dear reader, back in 2003 I hoped for a similar strike and even tried to get a grip on the US air force (with making threats of attack) during that shock and awe operation in Iraq. Facts are that during shock and awe no al Qaida attack occurred and no plot was foiled. So this time (Lebanon) I decided not to write upon that subject again (that would make me look like some kind of bluffer in case no attack would have occurred) yet there was some work in the making.

My dear reader, the people on board of those 10 civil air planes would not die for no reason at all. There would be a lesson involved and of course there can be more lessons drawn from this but the lesson that there are risks involved in large scale air campaigns is one of the most obvious and easy to understand lesson there is. Till updates my dear reader.

(25 August 2006)  A short update on the two FOX journalists that are kept hostage inside the Palestine territories by the new group called the Holy Jihad Brigades. Since there might be an al Qaida element involved in this (that is not sure but the demands are towards the Americans and not towards the Israelis) I have decided to make a little bit comment on this:

Since the Americans are not willing to negotiate it might be wise to execute the two FOX workers, there are lots of reasons in favor of this. For example the FOX channel is the favorite channel of vice president Dick Cheney and Cheney is a dumb man. But there are also arguments against execution and in favor of releasing them, for example it was quoted that the workers in question were not unsympathetic towards the Palestine cause and that was one of the reasons they went there in the first place...
Now if there is an al Qaida element involved in this, al Qaida in Palestine should realize they are also the guest of the Hamas (although the Hamas likely can miss guests like that as toothpain). Al Qaida in Palestine should consider the standing of the Hamas in this and if the Hamas wants the FOX folks released just release them... That's all.

As a side mark I repeat the advice as given to the Hezbollah: Execute the two captured Israeli soldiers (because the Israelis killed to many civilians via the method of air power, they have to feel it). And what concerns that IDF soldier in the hands of the Palestines I simply do not have a clue, that's up to the Hamas either. 

As a closure this very funny file, it is about India being a bit pissed at the Dutch for the arrest of 12 law abiding Muslim citizens. Yeah yeah my dear Dutch, making war on terror is a hard thing as you might have found out. Till updates. 

(22 August 2006) Temptation is in my mind, now I have decided to go on with the series of Military Bloody Days shall I declare the next 11 September as one?

It is so tempting but it is now already 22 August and the next 11 September is only 20 days in the future... So there is ample time to spread the message around, this might be unhandy.
On the other hand it will be exactly 5 years ago till the war on terror started and if we would have more spectacular downing of coalition aircraft on that day I would feel like I am in Paradise...

So my dear mujahedin what is wisdom? For the Afghan equation the 20 day period might be too fast to get the message out, in the Iraqi equation we see more and more that the Iraqis prefer fighting amongst themselves and in case the new Lebanese equation can be tied to the series of MBD's it might be wiser to stick to the present ceasefire. So what is wisdom now?

Let me give it a try: 11 September 2006 will be the next MBD. But if the mujahedin consider this is on a too short notice, just skip that day and proceed with the normal work. We will see how this pans out.
And don't forget: On most days MBD was declared we had coalition aircraft down, this is a fact and of course there is some luck involved but the series of MBD's nicely fits a strong spike in downed coalition aircraft. Of course there is only statistical evidence: there only is a 'statistical connection' and nothing that would hold up in the local courthouses... There is no law against declaring Military Bloody Days my dear reader, anyone could do this. It's not forbidden...

Next subject: In India, Bombay, there were 7 bombs going off inside trains on 11 July this year. That was exactly 15 days before the last MBD so my interest was aroused. Of course the Indian authorities follow more lines of investigation but one group under suspicion is Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET). 
According to only six arrests have been made (and that is information from 25 July) so the Indian authorities have only little clue about what has happened to Bombay. Here is that file. 
The South Asian Analysis Group (SAAG) has a paper on possible relations between LET and al Qaida. The SAAG writers are often a bit over the hill, for example the last words from the paper are (quote):

The LET has become as great a threat to regional and 
international peace and security as Al Qaeda. 

Next subject: Militia's, often in case of countries like Iraq and Lebanon Western observers always jump to the conclusion that militia's undermine the state. And of course sometimes this could be true, yet in the case of Lebanon it could be very unwise for Hezbollah to disarm. They should not do that in my opinion, Lebanese military might will be weakened even further in case Hezbollah disarms.
Inside America there are also lots of militia's, look for example at the Militia of Montana, if they are no problem in America why should they be a problem in Iraq or Lebanon. After all the problems only arise when militia's start fighting each other and the formal state army has to little might to confront this...
It all boils down to the question of capable (political) leadership of the diverse militia's. End of this subject.

Next and last subject: Osama bin Ladens sex life. Yes why not? Since CNN is sending out a documentary named 'In the footsteps of bin Laden' I can zoom in on this very laughable file. A few quotes:

Terrorist whacko Osama bin Laden was so obsessed with crack-addled songbird Whitney Houston that he contemplated taking out her hubby, Roxbury homey Bobby Brown! 

The New York Post reports that the world’s most wanted mass murderer thought Houston “was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen” and he contemplated going to America to try to meet her.

Yes it is the New York Post again! So we instantly know how reliable this wonderful quote is; this is all weird shit from some US media outlet. Remember that at the end of 2001 there were all kinds of rumors saying that Osama and Taliban leader mullah Omar had married their respective daughters. And just like that daughter-daughter thing this quote likely belongs to the realm of US fantasy or to the realm of US propaganda via the Media files.
Osama a crush on crack whore Whitney Houston? Give me a break...   

Till updates my dear readers, the most important thing of this update is of course a proposal for a new Military Bloody Day on 11 September. Lets hope for the best or should I write LETs hope for the best? See ya!  

(18 August 2006) It was some time ago, somewhere in April this year, that I asked the Iraqi insurgency to try and make July 2006 the most bloody month until now...

Ok, since there were no major operations like Fallujah raidings it would be a sheer impossible task for the Sunni only. But I was hoping for more action on the Shia front in Iraq so it was not illogical to recite for the most bloody month until now.

Well it did not happen, facts are that 47 coalition forces died in Iraq in July (44 US military, 1 UK and 2 of other nationality). So why bring this up since it clearly failed? That is because there is an interesting remark to be made, just look at the picture below. It clearly says that in July a record number of roadside bombs was placed. Lets look at the graphic:


It is not an overwhelming extra number of roadside bombs but the number is growing and growing. Worrisome is the fact that only 47 coalition military died, this can only be explained via successful counter techniques as found by the Americans and their allies.   

Yet there is another small success to be mentioned: Something like 62% of all mortar attacks against the Green Zone in Baghdad Iraq is coming from Sadr city. May be my reader doesn't know it but Sadr city is a non Sunni environment from Baghdad. Again it isn't much but it is a positive development, yet these positive elements are outbeated by the fact that Sunnis and Shias name each other infidel.

But it is not all tears, let me kindly remember my reader to the fact that a long time ago I advised al Qaida in Iraq to follow the Hamas model. Here is a quote from the Media files:

Al Qaeda is attempting to build a political arm in Iraq to refine its resistance to the U.S. occupation, U.S. Army spokesman Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said Aug. 16. Caldwell added that al Qaeda is trying to increase grassroots opposition to U.S. forces and the Iraqi government by becoming a legitimate political organization with a military wing. 

So my day was good when I read that news, let me wish al Qaida in Iraq much success with building a political and humanitarian arm. Good luck!

At last an audio link, it is about 38 minutes long (English spoken) from a journalist upon military affairs (likely an American journalist: Michael Gordon, chief military correspondent for The New York Times).  Here is the file. So far for this update, till updates.

(15 August 2006) Ok I am back after a short but nice bicycling trip of seven days and enjoyed the old ways of gathering the news: Via a so called newspaper!
In my particular case I was following the news via that Dutch newspaper named 'de Volkskrant' and I loved it, this was the way I had to swallow the Bosnian war, Gulf War I, the old Sebrenica massacre and so on.

I loved it because I needed a good time out and ask myself the question of continuing the series of so called Military Bloody Days (or MBD's) yes or no. Before the latest MBD from the 26th of July I did set some targets of course (like more countries) but to me as an individual I wanted to stop this series of MBD's if there would be no significant attack inside Iraq.
Facts are facts but no significant number of American (or coalition) forces died in Iraq on the 26th of July so should I stop or not? But stuff like that has happened before, go back in time to that Iraqi election day (30 Jan 2005 or so), wasn't it a fact of life that the entire Iraqi cell structure was activated for that day? Hundreds and hundreds of attacks (with the way the US military counted it, it was something like 250 or 350 attacks). All failed, all attacks failed and as far as I remember it we had zero military coalition dead in Iraq. But at the end of the day it was just one British Hercules down that saved that particular MBD...

Back to the present and let me stop dreaming about old MBD's, after all we are still looking at some fallout from the latest MBD and that is the Lebanese equation. Of course I could never proof that the Lebanese equation is tied to the latest MBD (this is the principle of social quantum mechanics), but suppose for hypothetical reasons that it does. How should I view the incoming news as found? Here we go:

  • Most significantly, from the military point of view, was the fact that suddenly Israeli air power stopped. Unlike Iraq you could not blame me so who did this?
  • As far as I know now (on 15 August 2006) it was the United Nations ceasefire deal offer that was kept by both sides in the Lebanese equation.
  • But we must study the sudden stop in Israeli air power, so lets proceed with more wonderful news of the last week: Suddenly parents of babies had to prove their baby formulae was no liquid explosive but in fact baby milk. Suddenly no drinks allowed on air flights, suddenly this liquid that and that liquid this. I loved it.
  • But again we must study the sudden stop in air power from the Israelis, in how far the continuing capability of the Hezbollah to keep on firing rockets (and other things) has contributed to this stop?
  • Or was it Dubya seeing the light suddenly? Suddenly understanding that flying bunker busters towards Israel are unhandy at the chessboard of bringing democracy to the mid east?  

My dear reader, although the battlefield changes swiftly often I still do not withhold you from this one old story; here it is and it's from CNN (the cable network that brings you live bombings, say hurray to CNN!).

Say hurray to CNN (and by the way I am still waiting for legal opium inside Afghanistan my dear UN and NATO readers...) Till updates.

(07 August 2006) I will be gone for one week may be a bit longer, have a nice time and till updates.

(05 August 2006) Ok what can I say? Shall I say it is now 05 August and the latest Military Bloody Day was on the 26th of July? Shall I link down that Taliban teaser from 19 July or shall I write other words?

Should I be diplomatic and express my concern for the Lebanese population now the latest highway to Syria was bombed away? Shall I be undiplomatic and welcome the new Lebanese equation as a gift from Allah to this story?

Should I emphasize in this update that has a nice file on the Hezbollah rockets? Or should I put the emphasize on weapon systems as found on the same website?

Or should I update on future wars and highlight the change in the Chinese military doctrines upon the use of space as a battlefield? Or is wisdom found in publishing the CENTAF releases air power, space support summary?
Shall I speak out my amazement of a 'space support' summary or shall I softly whisper that that army that finds that wonderful machine turning electricity or nuclear heat into kinetic energy will win the military run to space? It is clear that the first army that makes it to space solidly enough will win future wars.

Should I return from space and tell my audience I have low thoughts upon those thousands and thousands of Iraqi Shia/Shiites that rallied in favor of Hezbollah? Especially those with those funeral shrouds upon them stating they were willing to die. Let me say to those weirdos: Fuck you, the Americans are already in your midst and why don't you kill them? 
Or put more weight on the fighting in Najaf from 2004? (Lots of air power applied by the USA in Najaf, Iraq, but did it work in the long run?).

Should I pepper this update with the fact that in the months prior to the 26th of July I simply thought "When there is no success in Iraq I will stop this series of MBD's"? Or shall I not use that kind of pepper talk?

Or should I hang out the history guy and tell my dear reader that only after Afghanistan's Karzai asked for a permanent US military presence in the Afghan landscape I advised the Afghan mujahedin to prop up attacks? Or should I highlight the relatively quiet we had in Afghanistan before Karzai asked for the most stupid question on earth?

Should I hang out the statistical guy in the Lebanese equation and explain via a simple Chi square model and a 2 times 2 table of civilian death compared to military death that the IDF has a future problem? After all, the Lebanese equation will be sold as some part of the war on terror and the UN definition on terror states that when you deliberately target a civilian audience your attack is classified as a terrorist attack. Or shall I not hang out the statistical guy and ask the IDF to make that simple 2 times 2 table and carry the easy Chi square test for themselves...

No my dear reader I will not emphasize any of the above, I only say that right now I will bake some egg for one of my children. They need their food and you as a reader need your food. Till updates and please bake an egg at times.      

(03 August 2006) Lets look how the Lebanese war started on the 12th of July last month, roughly three things happened:

A: Two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and some more killed,
B: Israel started bombing Lebanon,
C: Hezbollah started firing rockets.

Now how exactly did it happen? Did C only start after B? Media reports vary on this subject, for myself speaking it would be logical if C only started after B. This is important because so many world leaders spoke words like Israel has the right to defend herself, but if the Hezbollah rockets are only an answer to Israeli air power you can also argue it is vice versa (Lebanon has a right to defend herself). Because after all it was only a small border intrusion, two kidnapped and three killed or so.

A sad thing and a joyful thing in the Lebanese equation, here is the sad thing:
The United Nations stated that of three help convoys only one got permission to get through, this is unacceptable. This is just unacceptable.
The joyful thing: A few days after the last Military Bloody Day on the 26th of July I went to the Google newssite (the U.S. version, scans 4500 newspaper websites) and typed in 'military bloody day'. To be honest I never did that before, but the result was surely funny. Two media files popped up on top, both were about the Israeli military fatalities and guess what date? Yes, it was on the 26th of July! That was funny because four days later any news article with the words 'military', 'bloody' and 'day' are to be considered old news articles... Here is one of those news articles (from that left leaning Guardian). 

But there is more fun. Contrary to the situation in Iraq, Lebanon already had a civil war. So it is unlikely the Lebanese will return to that state of the state. You can argue that it has a civil war vaccine in it's communities, that is a positive thing. But that also means that the larger the military strikes done by the Israelis the more the Lebanese get united against Israel. And the heavy reliance of the IDF on the use of air power might be a self destructive policy in the long run.

Yet my dear reader, there is so much more fun found. You only need an eye for it but on the Drudgereport I found this wonderful media report stating the son of Osama bin Laden is heading from Iran to Lebanon to organize terror... Oh oh, Matt Drudge knows what to tell his audience, that New York Post article with the title 'OSAMA'S EVIL SPAWN IN LEB / IRAN UNLEASHES QAEDA HEIR TO AID HEZ' sure made me laugh. It sure made me laugh.

All funny things come to an end, I hope the reader will agree with me that the Israeli air power could be counterproductive in the long run. The same goes for drawing other nations into this conflict, the more air power the more Iran and Syria are willing to get in because they are not a bunch of pussies but have vast reservoirs of willing and able martyrs. Are the Syrians and the Iranians willing to step into this Lebanon equation from the military point of view? I sure would love that but I also think this is 10 to 15 years premature, as far as I know only 10 to 15 years of outbeating the USA and Israel in developing new and better weaponry could wipe Israel from the map or draw it back to it's 1967 borders.
But if the Iranians are willing, able and capable of stepping in, they are welcome. They are welcome and if not, they are definitely welcome in 10 to 15 years.

After having said this (and I doubt that this message will make it to Tehran) we have to split. Till update my dear reader... (Oops, I just forgot another funny detail: According to my website statistics the US military is back. And not with a lousy 0.05 percent of visitors but with a full swing. Sorry I can't disclose the exact number but it was funny...). Now for real: Till updates.  

(02 August 2006) I will hide my utter joy over the two killed Dutch soldiers in that helicopter crash in Afghanistan from the 26th of July; in this short update we only look at the Lebanese equation. A new front so to say, a new front in the war on terror or however this war will be sold to the public.

--In the first place I want to remark that it could very well be that the small military action done by the Hezbollah on the 12th of July was exactly timed with the impending military bloody day from the 26th of July. If so (I can not prove this of course) the Hezbollah are welcome to this decade long story. Welcome Hezbollah!
--In the second place, here is an Israeli media file from 12 July. In that file you already see things to come that indeed did materialize in later weeks. Relatively soon the Israelis jumped to the conclusion that this was a war but in fact it was a small scaled military confrontation giving rise to 8 dead IDF military while 2 IDF were taken prisoner...
--In the third place, the Hezbollah were surprised by the scale of reprisal and to be honest I was surprised too. The 12th July action was a very good action (my compliments to the Hezbollah by the way) but it was only 8 dead and 2 captured and it was only somewhere on the edge of the impending military bloody day.
--In the fourth place I constantly hear from the Israeli side that they try to prevent civilian casualties and that this operation will be over in 10 to 14 days. Both statements are not in line with observations, although daily civil death toll is higher in Iraq,  we have to take into account that Lebanon is a small country compared to Iraq. And the time this operation will last is simply not just 10 to 14 days, how long will it take before parties like NATO take it over from the IDF?
--In the fifth place I want to remark the utterly stupid remark made by the US secretary of State dr. Condoleeza Rice. She remarked that this was all some kind of birth pain for a new Middle East, well at that point in time we already had reports like 500 thousand displaced people and to dr. Rice this was like birthpain. Beside the fact that this is a disgusting way to look at things I also observed that dr. Rice did almost nothing to let those hundreds of thousands refugees get away safely. Again we can conclude that the US State department is without any real power and it are the Pentagon folks that are pulling the strings.
--In the sixth place I heard the Lebanese pm asking stuff like "Are we children of a lesser God?" This looks like a wise question but it was a wrong one, the Lebanese are like so many other nations awaiting Condi's birthpain only the children of a lesser military. Or children of a less military might.
--In the seventh place a message to the Israeli air force: Remember that shock and awe program from the USA during the start of the war in Iraq? Remember that one? Did you study it? I guess you did study it, but did you also study the sudden end of it? Now did you?
My dear Israeli air forces, I am just a guy from the Dutch landscape and I only have one little website and that is all there is. But my dear Israeli air force although I had given permission to America to make war on Iraq the shock and awe operation lasted too long. Shock and awe went on and on, just a 24/7 job and three days after I decided this was enough from the military point of view, only three days later I found the energy to strike.
My dear IAF forces that is all there is, there is just one guy and a website. But after studying this intense via hundreds of media files I arrived at the conclusion that aerial bombing in Iraq stopped within 30 minutes. 

So far for the Lebanese equation, before I end the update a short view on the Iraqi equation: Somewhere deep down in internet news files I came across that wonderful phrase: For every dead US soldier in Iraq we have 50 dead Iraqi civilians right now... This was a sheer brilliant remark, you can only make it when you keep an eye on that particular statistic that compares civil death toll to military death toll. It was just brilliant, I never ever looked at Iraq in that way but when stuff is running at a 1:50 ratio who could deny we are indeed in a state of civil war?

With this I leave you alone, have a nice holiday or perhaps a nice war.

Till updates.    

(28 July 2006 update) Sorry I did not read the entire US air force air power summary correctly, facts are that in Afghanistan and in Iraq exactly one munition was applied via the method of air (a bomb from some plane so to say). My fault, I stopped reading after I found the Afghan bomb thrown. Sorry, but facts are we saw a JDAM in Afghanistan and a GBU-12 in Iraq. Again I am sorry I was not complete, conclusions stay the same: biological or chemical warfare is allowed from the 26th of July by the mujahedin. 

(28 July 2006) Sorry, my entry from yesterday was not entirely correct, only today I found the so called 'CENTAF releases airpower summary' file. Like I expected air power was used, not in Iraq but (like expected) in Afghanistan. It was only one bomb (a JDAM or a joint direct attack munition, number of pounds not specified) but it was against the rules for the 26th of July... And it could very well be that the NATO requested for this particular JDAM yet as far as I know reality most air power is done by the USA. Here is the summary file.

Therefore there is no excuse, from now on biological and chemical weapons are allowed to be used by the Mujahedin. If the mujahedin prefer other methods I would be delighted but if in a few years time there will be some chemical attack in London, Paris, Rome or whatever what, you won't hear me complain...

But it is not all bad news, there is may be some good news as well. This time it is not like previous Military Bloody Days that we have stuff like a Chinook, a Hercules, two helicopters colliding because one was shot and flew away in a panic. We don't have a perfect car bomb killing nine US soldiers, we don't have those perfect 3 killed US soldiers from the very first Military Bloody Day (something like 18 September 2003, anyway that date that had 3 dead US soldiers, there are not many days with that in the neighborhood). 
No, now we may be have a Russian MI-8 helicopter. I never ever heard of a MI-8 helicopter but it crashed in Afghanistan on the latest MBD. The Taliban is claiming that they shot it, coalition forces point at bad weather conditions in the region.

Now why am I smiling softly? I am smiling softly because the Taliban claim could be true, I am smiling softly because two Dutch soldiers were on that particular helicopter flight (a lieutenant colonel and a sergeant), I am smiling softly because those Dutch soldiers are now dead, I am smiling softly because it happened on the 26th of July and that is my birthday...

So my dear mujahedin you have found one little detail in the latest Military Bloody Day, it was my birthday and in the culture I have grown up in it is a habit to give each other presents at birthdays. Who did give the biggest present? For the time being I think the Lebanese Hezbollah have won by firing 151 rockets (a record in the Lebanese equation) and killing 9 Israeli soldiers but it was a close call. The Taliban helicopter downing is just so beautiful (but at this point in time not confirmed by Western media). So for the time being the Hezbollah staged the best stuff (although they likely did not select this date, that was done by those IDF officers who decided to take it out at that Bint Jbail place).

Before we end this entry we take a look at Afghanistan:

Hopefully the Taliban claim upon that crashed helicopter will be validated, but just like that Hercules down from 30 Jan 2005 in Iraq it could take months before details pop up in the press.

To the Afghan mujahedin there is a message: NATO will take over in your landscape, the USA would like to get out, air power is often applied in Afghanistan. Lots of countries make up the NATO and some of them are in the Afghan landscape. Attack that country that asks for the most air power support...
That also means if there are NATO countries willing to fight without air power they should receive less attacks. Lets try this for a year or three in Afghanistan. Good luck my Afghan mujahedin with the coordination of this, but just kill those cowards that constantly ask for air power. Kill these and spare the brave.

Now for attacks on elementary schools and stuff like that: A long long time ago suddenly all kinds of reports popped up upon attacking (elementary) schools. I grew worried and asked a question at the Afghan mujahedin. Later spokespersons from the Taliban and al Qaida in Afghanistan confirmed only hard targets came in question, I was relieved.
But now the mujahedin have grown in size and it could gets lost, so my dear mujahedin in the Afghan landscape:

Years after asking not to attack schools I repeat this, I have carefully thought about the next problem:

Via schools lots of Western propaganda comes in. I will not deny this, yet the capability of learning how to read and write is just far to important to leave at the mujahedin only. Therefore schools in general should not come under attack, only that one school that was opened by the wife of the USA commander in chief is allowed for attack. That is some university likely located in Kabul, I do not know the name anymore, but that's the only school target that brings power to this story. 

My dear reader, you are now at the entry of this 28 July update and again I want to ask you this question: In how far we can see the 26yh July as a Military Bloody Day? Did the Lebanese equation evolve enough that day? Was there spectacular downing of coalition aircraft? Were there spectacular car bombs? Was there this or was there that, or was there also silence from those who are still thinking? 

Dear reader I have had enough, todays CENTAF air power summary spoiled the day, till updates.

(27 July 2006) Today the US air force summary on air power will be released, I will read it with interest. 

For the rest, how did yesterday go from the viewpoint of military attacks? It did not go well in the sense that only a few US soldiers died yesterday, well to be honest I was expecting this for a few months.
When I declared the 26th of July this year to be a new military bloody day (just after those February Shrine bombments that inflicted sectarian violence in Iraq) I hoped somehow Sunni and Shia relations could be repaired a little bit. This did not happen... So I have to move on and accept the present level of sectarian violence in Iraq as a natural by product of the way modern wars are fought.

Now lets talk about the so called 'footprint of the story': When a particular date is mentioned to be a military bloody day (or whatever kind of day) there are also attacks on 5, 10, 15... and 7, 14, 21... days BEFORE the particular date mentioned. To complicate things and give a broad range of possible attacking days to the operatives also combinations like 5 + 7 = 12 are allowed.

Furthermore I often asked the mujahedin to incorporate the numbers five and seven into operations, just ask yourself the question of how did the 26th of July fare as a military bloody day...

Well on 11 July or 15 days before the 26th of July exactly 7 bombs went off in Bombay (Mumbai) India. To the collective Indian memory it will be 7/11.
There was an unconfirmed report of an eighth bomb defused, but I could not validate this. But it had it all in it; creative use of the numbers 5 and 7, exactly 7 bombs went off and on top of it all it was exactly 15 days before the MBD... Because I hoped for many countries and many attacks I only wondered if this was the intro to a spectacular 26th of July, I only wondered.

Flashback: On 25 August 2003 there was also significant blasting in Bombay India, at that point in time there was a 'Tour the world' operation going on, this operation was some despair of me and I wanted to know from al Qaida who was talking the truth. So I asked al Qaida to make that August month a 'Tour the world' kind of operation to show who told more truth on the 9/11 subject: me or president Bush. Well the Tour the world operation was a great success, many countries and lots of attacks. But the way the Americans reacted was a big failure, with every big blast the US president George Dubya Bush only worked the phone, called his colleague in the country the attack was staged and tried to lure this colleague on his side of the war on terror.
So this is how the Americans are: Even if they know that a few hundred dead civilians are there (and could have been avoided), all they do is let their prez work the phone and try implement US policies. End of this flashback.

One day later on 12 July, or exactly 14 days before 26 July, some Shia group named the Hezbollah from the Lebanese landscape did capture two Israeli soldiers and killed some more. And with me still reeling from the 190 dead civilians in India the day before all I did was thinking so what. Two captured Israeli soldiers so what...?

But the Israeli response was nothing like 'so what' and an undisclosed tons of bombs are thrown on Lebanon in the last days. The whole world was and is watching and what can I say? What can I say?
I say that the 26th of July was meant to be a day of repairing Sunni / Shia / Shiite relations in Iraq. It failed (until now) but now the whole world is watching at those decade old Katusha (or however you spell Cathyusia) rockets. It is no longer the Sunnis taking it out at the Americans (Iraq), the Taliban taking it out at NATO (Afghanistan) we also have the Hezbollah taking it out against the IDF (Lebanon).

So my dear reader what do you think? Do you think that the 26th of July was a successful military bloody day yes or no? Well my dear reader, what do you think?

My dear reader you are at the end of this update, live well and fight well.    

(21 July 2006) So finally this internet connection is working again, lets go to work:

In a few days time it will be another so called Military Bloody Day (or a MBD), I wish the mujahedin luck in staging attacks. It is hard to say for me in what countries attacks will be staged that day but as far as Iraq is concerned I simply repeat what I wrote before:

The US military in particular the US air force is not allowed to use air power on that day regardless what. If air power is applied in Afghanistan or Iraq on the 26th of July I will give permission to the mujahedin to stage future bio-chemical attacks. This is what I wrote a long time ago but I repeat it anyway...

Since I was without internet connection (and even with two phone lines broken) I had trouble following the news but this file was welcome news. It says Baghdad will be a focal point, the US military even says that the mujahedin are making themselves up for an all out attack on Baghdad. So this is good and exiting news to me...

So far the situation in Iraq and the impending MBD, all that is left to say is that I hope the Shia/Shiites will stage attacks on that day too.

Now for the situation in Lebanon, Syria and Iran:

It was only two captured soldiers from the Israeli IDF forces but Israel is preparing for long lasting war to wipe away the Hezbollah (anyway that is the situation until now). For me it was funny to observe that even after 40 or 50 dead Lebanese civilians the Israelis still expected the soldiers returned...
That was funny because from a professional military you might expect more insight in human nature. To the Hezbollah it is advised to execute the two captured Israeli soldiers, this is the punishment for the eagerness the way the Israelis make the military goals wider (from the return of the two soldiers to wiping out the Hezbollah). But may be in a year or two the Israelis are willing to make that prisoner swap (but I don't think so). Therefore the timing of the execution is simply up to the Hezbollah but the advice given is to execute them.

What Iran concerns is the next: The lack of condemnation of the Israeli attacks on Lebanon by the Western community could be explained by the theory that most Western countries see this particular military situation as some kind of proxy war against Iran (and Syria). (Some analyst on CNN did cough up that theory, my compliments to CNN because there are times they have brains...)

For the time being I have said enough, I did not mention the Palestine and Afghan equation but that will come. Lets hope on a successful Military Bloody Day in five days. Till updates.    

(30 June 2006) This file is a translated text as found at the site where al Zarqawi was bombed to death, it contains a lot of information but the most striking is the fact that the writer complains that the new born Iraqi army is shielding the American military... This complaint is hard to understand because it was the lack of leadership from al Qaida in Iraq that made the new born Iraqi army grow this fast and now the troubles are here.

In this file Osama bin Laden is defending the killing of Shia/Shiite civilians in Iraq (because they act in favor of the Americans). Well it is true that the Shia/Shiites have lack of historical insight and that for example Sistani choose the easy way to power for the Shia/Shiites but this does not take away there are also media considerations to be made. And these considerations say that that party that kills the most civilians will loose this war in the long run.
So I do not agree with Osama on that part.

Till updates.

(09_June_2006) In memoriam: Zarqawi.

Catapulted to power via the famous Colin Powell speech before the United Nations, Zarqawi grabbed the power and explored the terror landscape.
How did he fare?

He was bad at making new weaponry, for example in Sunni areas there are still ample reports about shaped explosives. He was bad at turning al Qaida in Iraq into a potent weapon to fight the US military, we could have had hundreds more of dead US military if it wasn't for Zarqawi. He is also to blame for the fact that al Qaida in Iraq has not grown out to a broad movement, this is a serious failure but life is hard with a 25 million bounty on your head.

By making the Shia/Shiites an integral part of warfare, Zarqawi made the same mistake as Hitler did when Russia was invaded by the German forces. Zarqawi forgot that the Sunnis only make up 20 to 30 percent of population so a war against Shia/Shiites will be lost in the long run, especially when Shia/Shiites have the backing of the most powerful military force in this world (the Americans). 

With the wisdom of hindsight we see that it was unwise that Osama gave an 'emir title' to Zarqawi, but Osama had only limited candidates to choose from... So I had to stick to Zarqawi. This was a pain in the ass because Zarqawi has given (with his placement of bombs) a kind of green light for the emerge of the Shia/Shiites death squads, when you are a Sunni it is a bad thing to do...

Zarqawi also forgot that it takes time to place the perfect attack, the Jordanian hotel bombings were originally a good idea but the execution of this first international adventure was bad.
Good were the attacks at the United Nations in Iraq, a perfect reminder to the effects of the long lasting economical sanctions against Iraq. 

So what can we say? Zarqawi is gone and that is good, making him emir was bad. Violence in Iraq will continue. Al Qaida in Iraq will keep on not understanding the lessons of the Palestine Hamas regarding elections. What can I say, all in all it was a good day yesterday when Zarqawi was killed via the method of air power.]

So far this memoriam.

Till updates. 

(02 June 2006) One of the three to four incidents from yesterday is this one (reporting by the BBC). It is about 11 killed including five children and four women... Well we will keep an eye on this and only wonder if this is the tip of an iceberg or just four isolated incidents. Till updates.(01 June 2006) Only yesterday (see below) I wondered how many 'Haditha incedents' have gone unnoticed. Of course this question is hard to answer but answering how many investigations are ongoing is done by Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition. Here is the media file and here is the quote found:

Caldwell said "three or four" other investigations into similar allegations were being held but gave no further details.

Comment: So we have three or four investigations done by the US military itself and one on instignation of Time magazine. Besides this we have the behavior of the Iraqis towards the Americans and together they lead to the same question as yesterday:

How many incidents go unnoticed? 

Next subject: Currency wars.

In case you can't sleep you should read the minutes of the new Bernanke... Now if I would be Bernanke I would not change those minutes, it is so nice to see the rest of the world swallowing that kind of talk. We need a 30 to 40 percent further dollar decline to bring the trade deficit down is what some experts say. Other experts, like those at the European Central Bank have taken the words 'sharp downward pressure on the dollar' in their mouth!  Till updates.

(31 May 2006) Flip, the minutes of the FED indicate a bit that more rate hikes will be there in the future... With stuff like that it is hard to cross the 1.30 threshold on the €/$ pair. Here is a sample of a newsfile, flip this is just flip.

In the Iraqi equation we just wonder how many 'Haditha incidents' have gone unnoticed. It is a big shame that only after Time magazine started reporting that the US military started investigating. The Pentagon proved once more they are just a bunch of perfumed princes, that is what they proved once more.
Till updates. 

(30 May 2006) Will the 1.30 threshold on the €/$ pair be taken this week or one of the next weeks? At the moment of writing we are at 1.2875 and that is a full 126 pips up for this day. It looks like the market wants to test 1.30 in the short run but will it be this week? If yes, very likely it will be a (combined) hedge fund action that will lead the markets to above 1.30 on this pair and all other pairs involved.

So far my free investors advice, till updates.

(29 May 2006) Ok, I admit it, I have grown lazy upon readers of the Long Story. Now finally here is the latest entry at 29 May of the Long Story. Till updates.

(25 May 2006) Today it was even on CNN: How the US military hunts Osama down... You saw some soldiers walking up and down a mountain, you saw a mortar being shot a few times and you could see a talking head from a US officer stating that only hindering the goals of Osama bin Laden was quite an undertaking.
When it really goes like this it is no wonder they don't have a clue where Osama is, just no wonder.

So far the fun of today, here we have A dozen Marines may face courts-martial for alleged Iraq massacre. Here we have UK Ambassador escapes as Hercules explodes (Afghanistan) and here we have a Saudi view upon the situation in Iraq.

Last but not least we have a Dutch file from, it is about the European envoy to Afghanistan warning the Taliban for a bloody nose. Here is it:  Afghanistan-gezant EU waarschuwt taliban voor 'bloedneus'. Well I just guess the Taliban are shaking from fear right now... Ha ha, till updates my dear reader.

(24 May 2006) On Breitbart they have a translation of the latest Osama tape, the tape contents reasoning around brother Zacarias Moussaoui stating that it doesn't make much sense when Moussaoui was learning how to fly while he had no crew to control the (hijacked) plane... It looks reasonable that Moussaoui knew nothing from the 9/11 attacks in advance.

On the Drudge report I found sensational news, another Osama sighting! Drudge filed the link in red meaning 'very important' or stuff like that, here is the file. It seems Osama has moved to a place that is only 'two weeks from civilisation' because previous tapes took longer to reach the media...
It is funny to see that he still isn't catched, the 25 US$ million bounty still does not work!

Money markets go bad today, there was a strong housing report in the USA and that lifted the dollar. What a horrible day, brrr. Till updates.

(22 May 2006) Horrible was the previous week when your salary depended on markets driven by inflationary worries. Lucky me on the currency markets the effect of possible US inflation was not that big. When you ask me about the time of breaching the 1.3000 on the €/$ pair I am humble; It will likely not be next week because the TICS data from last week still rule.

The 1.30 level on the Euro/Dollar pair has to be taken decisively and with TICS data running in the back of our minds we cannot have this particular kind of weakness in the US dollar. This is what I had to say, till updates.  

(18 May 2006) Here we have a story about possible war crimes done by the US military in Iraq. I have read that story before but now it is more in the mainstream news, just read the media file and ask yourself the next questions:

1) How much more investigations like this are on their way but not in the media?
2) How often does stuff like this happen and is not investigated by the US military?

Next subject: Here we have a very readable translation of some al Qaida letter from Iraq, the writer complains that in the Baghdad area there are far to little mujahedin compared to the many thousands of soldiers... The problem(s) raised by the writer are correct; how to turn the insurgency into a mass movement when there are also Sunni platoons in the new born Iraqi army?

At last: Currency markets have found the 2 deficit equilibrium again, that is good, dollar weakness is always welcome around here. Here is an internet file tracking currency values combined with currency news. I don't think the 1.30 level on the €/$ pair will be taken this week because the TICS data came in strong. You know, al Qaida in Europe should place attacks against banks in order to lower the TICS data (instead of bombings against Denmark for the Muhammed (pbuh) cartoons). That is what al Qaida in Europe must do...

(08 May 2006) Always interesting; morgue statistics from Baghdad. Needless to repeat but the 22 February bombing in that mosque was a stupid attack. Although CNN reported that it triggered much more power towards Zarqawi (al Qaida in Iraq), this is not the way to go forward.

The morgue statistics (numbers) speak for themselves, I have nothing more to say. Till updates. 

(16 April 2006) I am very satisfied with the sudden speed in the evolution of the Iranian equation, here is a file with some response of the head of the Iranian National Guard. It looks like both parties (the USA and Iran) are willing to confront each other. Please my dear reader, read the entry at 24 March below. The situation has altered dramatically until now...
The British do not want to help in military action says this file. Till updates.

(12 April 2006) Ok, the computer is running again. Lets go to work:
A source of happiness is found in this file stating US military deaths are on the rise again! Hurray!!! May I thank the Iraqis for paying attention to this story? Thanks... Till updates.

(10 April 2006) Computer troubles are back, it is not as bad as that one time I lost all files five directory layers deep (destroyed within a second) but I have to format the hard disk and stuff like that. So see you when this computer system is properly working again... Till updates.

(06 April 2006) Funny news observed: Iran is supposed to stop all nuclear activity while the commander in chief wants to produce 125 new nuclear bombs a year...
Till updates.

(01 April 2006) Here is a bit of news around NATO in Afghanistan. May I ask the Mujahedin from the Afghan landscape to place attacks against Americans (and their followers) in the next Military Bloody Day on 26 July this calendar year? May I recite to other countries? I hope in lots of countries there will be significant Mujahedin activity around 29 Jumada t-Tania (26 July if my calendar converter is correct...). That is what I hope because after all we have 63 Muslim nations to smith together in the long run... Till updates.

(29 March 2006) May I thank the Iraqi Mujahedin for the release of journalist Jill Caroll, thanks. And this release was the only good news found today, just look at this. Lots of air power applied in Afghanistan and that does not bring a good mood around here. It makes me feel a bit aggressive...

May be it has occurred to the reader that lately US fatalities in Iraq are horribly low, to me this is a source of unhappiness. Yet this report suggests that deaths might be lower but wounded are up... So looking at fatalities only gives not a clear view of what is happening. That's it for today, till updates.

(28 March 2006) The long story is open again! In another development I found a very promising file (in case it is true). It is about a US general stating the scene of yesterdays 'mosque attack' was altered... If true this brings hope for the next Military Bloody Day on July 26, so much I hope it will be a day of national resistance in Iraq. So much I hope the Shia/Shiites will help this story too...
So operatives spread the word along, MBD at 26 July 2006 (that's 29 Jumada t-Tania if my calendar converter is working properly...).
Till updates & lets pray upon the success of 26 July, God willing we will have another bloody day that day.

(27 March 2006) Bush was set on path to war a British memo says... These days we know why Saddam failed to disarm, there was nothing to disarm. Those weapons of mass destruction were a collective hysteria in the Western world, that point is often forgotten but it was a serious mass hysteria based on 'good versus evil' thinking that has a central part in US government thinking about the world.
In another development we have 'go to bed married and wake up divorced'. And at last an update on the Zacarias Moussaoui trial.
Till updates.

(24 March 2006) And here we have another report without the words 'precision munitions dropped'. To make a long story short: The Americans have formal permission to wage war against Iran. Although it cannot be excluded that indeed the Iranian nuclear program is purely for peaceful purposes the risk it isn't simply can't be taken, that is all for my motivation.
Now I have to run and bring my son to his sporting adventures. Till updates.

(23 March 2006) Has the use of air power stopped in Iraq? This file and previous files suggest so, of course there is always the possibility that no longer it is reported when precision bombs are dropped but that would be strange...
So has the dropping of bombs stopped and if so how come this?

May be I have to say thank you to the US military... Till updates.

(19 March 2006) Operation swarmer in Iraq does not amount to much, it looks like some exercise between the US occupational forces and the new born Iraqi army... So why not pay attention to the US dollar once more, this time not paying attention to the deficits but to the plafond of US debt. Here is a simple minded file explaining to the public that total US debt stands at 1500 US$ for every person on earth....

Till updates.

(15 March 2006) More on the use of air power in Iraq is here while a set of 279 photographs and 19 videos from Abu Ghraib is found at The air power file says one in every two days bombs are thrown, this information offered for free looks reliable... Till updates.

(14 March 2006) At first they were a rumor, death squads inside the Iraqi government. But those rumours looked for real a long time ago and now there is lots of evidence found. For example this is the story of just one family...
Till updates.

(13 March 2006) Here we have strange American females singing thank God for dead soldiers... From the same source (the Drudge report) we have Dash to Baghdad Left Top U.S. Generals Divided, although the article does not say it the original war plan of US general Tommy Franks foresaw 120 days of combat until Baghdad was reached. It is hard to say how the present Iraqi equation would have been in case they would have stuck to the original 120 days to Baghdad. Till updates.

(24 Feb 2006) The US military is using to much air power in Iraq, look for example to this daily report. Now with acts like this the Americans are forcing me into an impossible situation. What is the problem? I want to declare another Military Bloody Day to unite Iraq in wiping out the occupational forces. But the operatives know that on a MBD there is no air power, if there is air power the next moment bio-chemical attacks are allowed.

You see my problem, asking for a needed MBD will also bring bio-chemical stuff at the equation. We all must stand united in avoiding bio-chemical attacks against the Western world but we must also fight brave.

We must fight brave, the next Military Bloody Day is located at 26 July this year. 26 July is in the middle of the summer and is exactly five days after the first anniversary of the failed London bomb attacks.....

Till updates.

(22 Feb 2006) What can be gained by civil war in Iraq? Nothing, that will not bring closer any long time goal. The attack on that mosque in Iraq this morning was a stupid attack done by people without brains; what is there to gain in attacks like this? What? Till updates.

(11 Feb 2006) Update on the London bombings: The numbers five and seven were used (like I asked for) in the attacks, lets look at a few details: On 7/7 four bombs exploded and 14 days later there were five (failed) bombs.

Only the four bombs from 7/7 did not fit in the usual scheme, did something go wrong? So I have to thank the operatives for implementing the use of the numbers five and seven into operations, thanks!

Till updates.

(21 Dec 2005) In the first place sorry that it took so long to update again (computer trouble time in time out). But, in the second place, there was no reason to hurry because in the Iraqi equation things went fine.

In the latest Iraqi election things went fine, no attacks on voters and all in all it was a relaxed day. Fine. It has to be remarked that that attack lately in the surroundings of Fallujah that left 10 US military (part of a foot patrol) dead were a great work. My compliments, yet there is more to say because those figures who made the roadside bombs a bit better so now they can penetrate armoured vehicles need a severe compliment too. (Shaped explosives are the best...)

Lets hope more technical improvements will be there in the future.

On the investigation towards that Hercules plane shot down in Iraq during a previous election day, the investigation says it was a lucky shot from a Russian made machine gun. A bullet of specific type was found in a fuel tank from that Hercules. (The plane was flying low to avoid ground fire.) Although a lucky shot I am again impressed upon the luck on the so called Military Bloody Days.
Often when I did set a date lots of US soldiers died, it is still 3 to 4 times as much as the daily average of dead US soldiers. Remarkable.

Also remarkable is the fact that I would like me a Christmas present this year, a new focus of money traders on the towering US deficits would be a nice present. One of two things will happen: 

  • Thing one: In the end markets bow for economical (and financial) theory, or
  • Thing two: Theory will change because the US$ will stay strong forever. 

So far this first update in a long time, what will happen with my Christmas present? Will it happen and will we see a new period of weakening dollar again or not? We all can enjoy the future developments in this and at last to the Iraqis: When good days come along to be promoted to Military Bloody Days I will inform you as soon as possible. Good luck to all my readers.    

(01 May 2005, 17.05 hours) Warren Buffet is keeping up his 21 billion dollar bet against the US$ and YES it seems confirmed:

In US libraries you cannot lean comics!

Now you may be think oh there we have that guy again that also has those unconfirmed trigger hypothesis around the 9/11 attack but the 'no comics lending' theory is confirmed by high sources. Quote first lady Laura how she met the love of her life George Dubya Bush:

"I was a librarian that spent 12 hours a day in the library. Yet 
somehow I met George."

Comment: Now do you need more proof around the comics theory yes or no? 

(28 April 2005) A hundred of things could pass revue here but they won't, when I saw the next beautiful warart I just felt tranquil. So lets honor the deaths on all sides this day. Love this pic & till updates:

(25 April 2005) Good news observed around remote controlled machine guns is at the end of this media file. They are not named remote guns but improvised launchers that rain down on US military convoys French anti vehicle ammo.
Pardon me, it must be Freedom anti vehicle ammo.

So many months I have waited for reports like this, this report is the first one I ever read. Needless to say I feel proud upon the Iraqis because one way or the other it is a hell of a job to take it out at a 500 billion / year military...

But if the situation stays as it is, this 500 billion military will run into significant trouble in a year or so. Throwing more money will not help much, a new draft is out of the question and what else can the Pentagon folks do to keep enlisting high enough to be a serious military?

Time is on the side of the operatives, they are only starting to test the will of America. Only starting that party, or not my dear reader?

(13 April 2005) Today I feel a bit softer again but man how pissed I was yesterday at the Pentagon boys & girlz, ok I was may be a bit over the top when I wrote that nuke subs will fade into insignificance. Better compare it to the next:

Even centuries after guns were first invited (on the battlefields) one can still 
get killed by catapults and bow and arrow.

So now I have to stay very vague but one part is likely already in possession of the Pentagon boys & girlz: Some apparatus that can transform electricity into straight kinetic energy, if my assessment of reality is correct somewhere in 1996 or 1997 you started suddenly working on that one...

Now the new US envoy to the UN: Congratulations with this Bolton choice, when you look him in the face he looks like he has chronic high blood pressure and he gives the impression he can have uncontrollable violent outbursts in private. I consider him a very good pick for this post, even better than Wolfowitz on the World Bank. I hope he gets appointed, I mean the security council needs a good laugh every now and then or not? (Update: Later I found an entire blog dedicated to Bolton, the info offered seems consistent with the impression I get from the Bolton guy on television. Does he have uncontrollable outbursts of violent behavior?)

At last: Afghanistans Karzai is sinking hard in my opinion, he wants a permanent US military presence in Afghanistan to 'protect' Afghanistan from foreign interference... Now I am well aware of problems like the child death rate (up to 20 percent doesn't make it to age five) but is it really impossible to create a good Afghan army? I do not buy that it's necessary to have US military presence in Afghanistan and that is my opinion. 


(09 April 2005) The difference in Zarqawi photo's explained? Interested? Go to 09 April of the long story. It is very well possible that the Americans had captured Zarqawi in Fallujah but that they let him go because of.....

(08 April 2005) Weakness, always this weakness from lately from the US military. Now someone is arguing that 12 month long deployments to Iraq are bad for US recruiting! Do you believe that? (source)  

Do the fresh potential recruits a possibility to show what the words 'serving your country' mean and they all get lost. Now plans are to make it six months employments whenever possible, so I will be waiting for the moment it is possible.

By the way, did you know that US military recruiters have a 'right' to visit schools and beside that sometimes highschool kids hang around with nice army recruiters every break from classes. In decent democratic countries often a military person visits a school once a year to give a presentation about jobs available. But regulary hanging out with army recruiters? Playing that video game that lures a lot of stupid boys into the US military? It is all a bit weird and this is the military leader of NATO, we must kick them out of NATO or not?

At last do you want to have a nuanced look at how Americans view Europeans? Here is it. Till updates.  

(04 April 2005) Iraqi army update: First the American tried to mix the diverse ethnic groups of Iraq on the platoon level. This failed hefty. Later they tried the oldest trick in the handbook for colony ruling: Just put up tribe against tribe, there are always old revenges out there! A nice sample of this latest is found in this media file where the (Iraqi) Freedom Guard wants to do a tribal dance near their enemies and get a remote controlled bomb in their faces...  Now plans are to smith together all these groups like this Freedom Guard together in a wonderful new born Iraqi army. Will it work? Will it work?

When the first method failed (mixing on platoon level) it would have been wiser to study how high in the hierarchy one could work together and split up in the diverse ethnic section below that level, so Sunni platoons versus Shia platoon to put it simple. 

Now we ask ourself the next questions: Can a so called Iraqi army take over the roll of the Americans in killing enough Iraqis and can the operatives keep up enough attacks to ensure the US military is a full year longer in this situation? (That because I expect serious trouble for the US military in a year or so.)
Answer: No and yes, but time will tell if I am right. Time will tell...

(03 April 2005) Colin Powell update: It were the Germans that planted disinformation around Iraq's WMD in our intel communities. (I am exaggerating a little bit, source is here). So that Curveball information is the blame of Germany... And in case the Americans want to know why all other intel agencies around the world were also under the WMD spell, here it is:

When already a rough 500 thousand Iraqis have died from the economical sanctions, you don't doubt the course any longer. The human brain cannot take this, you do not doubt the course and struggle is the right one.

Well all have blundered but who blundered the most? Till updates.  

(02 April 2005) To Iraq's Sunni clergy: Ok it is filtered info but if you want what in in this file I simply take notice. Please don't forget there still are a whole lot of reasons to abandon this new born army and we will see how reality unfolds.
But I am not deaf for a uniformed message as send out, till updates.
(Update: The BBC has a more nuanced version of this, all in all this looks like the unified message recited for at 14 March in the long story.)  

(01 April 2005) Remember Colin Powell before the United Nations making the case for war against Iraq and telling upon those mobile bio-chemical installation? Even the timing of bio-chemicals was done when mosque service started on Friday evening, this to fool the UN inspectors we were told.

 That part of the info was based on one person nicknamed Curveball, read about  the adventures of Curveball in this Guardian file. General tendency in the media is that the intel on Iraq was wrong because there were 15 intel agencies at the scene, spies tried to get 'consensus' in their briefings of politicians and so on and so on.

It is all a bunch of crap, the problems run much much deeper than only 15 intel agencies. Didn't we have Dick Cheney at 20 or 22 Jan 2004 still talking about so called bio-chemical vans? Didn't the Pentagon sent out a press message stating the goal of those vans was still not clear? They did.

It is nonsense to put the blame on a few agencies, the WMD question turned into a hysterical society wide American hobby. The hobby of the evil boogeyman and this time it was Saddam. Present boogeyman is Osama and that is the way it goes over there, Americans are miserable people very vulnerable to mass hysteria. So far the bad news, the good news is that in a timespan of just three days two US Predators remote planes were lost. That is good and fast given my reciting below. This looks like a very good job and I am softly humming with good feelings...
Till updates. 


(29 March 2005) Life is full of surprises and some derivate of life known as the internet too. Just look:

  • Here are some US military folks from the US army war college arguing that al Qaida and America have a lot of goals in common. How to destabilize the countries ready for transform?
    The article also said that Monguls Genghiz Khan was a convert...;)
  • Here is al Qaida in Iraq arguing that naming the muj only 'the Zarqawi group' is not good. This is correct, only the policies count and not the people who have the luck to be in the right position to carry policies out.
  • Here is a hefty believer in the fact that Nostradamus was in fact the biggest prophet of all times, most funny detail: Osama bin Ladin is the third AntiChrist! And if this all was not enough, quote:

    Quatrain 10:72
    The year 1999, seventh month,
    From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
    To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
    Before and after Mars to reign by good luck. 

Nice or not nice?

In the meantime I am only waiting if the al Qaida in America statement from lately around the Texas refinery blast will have the promised video cover up. If there will be no video it is likely to expect that this 'al Qaida message' is in fact from the CIA or the DIA. (This for stabilizing the country)
Till updates.


(22 March 2005) Money talks: One century ago the Dutch invested heavily in Russian railroad bonds, this was an staggering amount of money and if it wasn't lost to this day still a very significant portion of the Dutch population could live without the need to work. It was considered a rock solid investment after all the signature of the tsar was on it...

We all know what happened to the tsar. That old money was not smart money but stupid money, that kind of money exists too you know.

Now, today the US federal reserve members will meet and everybody is eager to look for the word 'measured'. They will meet under the eye of money tsar Greenspan.

Greenspan has pumped a whole lot of money in the US economy, below you can see a picture of the amount of so called M2 money. You see during the timespan of 2001- 2004 there is a rough 30% more M2 money, the M1 and M3 components have similar behavior.

Now ask yourself the next question: Would you invest in a country where the economy has not expanded 30 percent but the money stock has?

Would you invest? In January there was net capital inflow of 90 billion, a lot of smart people do invest. Or are they stupid people? 



You know there are even days when I would like to see a nuke on that city where the Black-Scholes equation lives...

Title: My eggs are hedged with futures on options on options on stocks.

(18 March 2005, update & smoke screen action) Here is a lovely 17.2 mB video explaining that it was in fact the US military that did the 9/11 attacks. It is a true & lovely example of US conspiracy theories but almost all in the video can be explained via alternative theories. Only that part with the shadows of the planes on the former twin towers is something I cannot explain.

For the rest: It is very well possible that there was a large truck bomb combined with the two NY planes, Dubya stating he has seen the first plane dive into one of the towers is just Dubya stating something. The Pentagon bunker busting itself? I would love that, that's a fact, but I hold it not for very likely. The buildings in New York coming down like a controlled explosion? One must come with architectual facts that make that unlikely and not a fireman stating it heard like a series of explosions coming down the floors. No, I am not convinced by the theory that it was the US military that did the 9/11 attacks.

Have fun looking at the 52 minute video.

Title: A steroid soldier guarding a garbage car blast hole, no roid rage observed on the pic.  

(Friday 11 March 19.35 hours) Flip, just flip. Get those drones and Talon robots please Iraqis! Yet the farmer must not be punished but be spoken upon...

(Thursday 10 March 18.35 hours) The Pentagon said it's policies did not give rise to the abuse in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, here is a media file. So they say they are not guilty, this is correct in my view.
Since the abusive and rough behavior was all the time the biggest feeder in the Iraqi resistance (and the Pentagon perfumed princes never understood that completely) it is clear they are just too stupid to be guilty. Beside that they have lack of understanding the stress of the battlefield and there is severe lack of free flow of information inside the so called 'chain of command', after over 700 days of war in Iraq there is no significant improvement observed whatsoever.

We must kick them out of the NATO alliance, they are just no good. When after some years the US military has repaired itself may be new membership of NATO can be allowed. Till updates. 

(Wednesday 09 March, 21.30 hours) To the Iraqis: The US marines are even discussing where to place the roadsime bomb jammers in the convoys! That means with just 25 to 50 meters (yards) of television cable (coax cable) and after that attaching the antenna you can still use radio controlled roadside bombs. It is just a little tip...

(Wednesday 09 March, 21.17 hours) To the Iraqis: There are a lot of reports out there saying that the quality of the roadside bombs is going down. This could be US-led propaganda of course but skilful bomb crafters always must train their students too, the spreading of knowledge is in the long run far more important than any bomb maker. (Although individual bomb makers can have a large influence of course, but train your students!) Yet other reports say via roadside bombs the last two months give a significant higher percentage of success, may be both are true:
More bad bombs discovered while the good ones keep on working.

By the way, here is general Casey stating there were about 300 attacks during MBD9 (30 Jan), all I knew was a 125 number...
(Wow Casey, thanks for the info man! I simply did not know it was 300 or so.)

(Wednesday 09 March, 11.34 hours) Useless knowledge: The website statistics for this month say that 1.57% of the visitors around here are from the US army, 2.67% comes from Israel and US commercial is running at 11% of website visits.

Why is that useless knowledge? Because there are so many ways to visit this website without popping up in the statistics, jokes like that date back to August 2001 (two or three weeks after this website started).

Useful knowledge: An actor named  Russell Crowe claimed he was an al Qaida target in Feb 2001 (and the months around that). That is useful knowledge because likely I had one of those teams after my holy ass. But they failed, I was better.
And guess what? On 13 Sept I suddenly understood what 'could have happened' and at the same time I realized I was safe from that date on. This is a weird story but the Russell Crowe claim is one more piece in this weird weird puzzle. 

Till updates. 

(Tuesday 08 March 2005) A few comments upon the inquiry of the Hercules plane down from 30 Jan (from Military Bloody Day number nine as it was declared) is in the long story at date 08 March

(Monday 07 March 2005) Now do you believe this? 
Just look at that beauty (it was just an hour work on my statistical program, raw data source is here):


The left upper dot means one dead US soldier during 183 days and the lower right dot means 37 dead US soldiers during one day. It looks like there is some hyperbolic relation between the two variables and a bit of study with a statistical package says this is correct, it is even significant at the 0.000 level so statistical figures know what I mean. The correlation between the inverse model and the real data is R = 0.975.

The scatter plot above is based on all days in Iraq with actual fatalities, the war is now 719 days on and the 185 days without US fatalities are left out. According to my US-led American statistical program the model is as follows:

X = number of dead US soldiers per 24 hours
Y = number of days in the war until now,

Y = -10.9 + 212 / X

Example: You want to know how many days there were with five US dead? Fill in X = 5 and calculate Y = -10.9 + 212/5 = 31.5 say 31 or 32 days with five dead US soldiers. Easy or not? (The real answer is 29 days, the simple formulae only gives an approximation of course... The model returns a number and not a bandwidth) 

Man oh man, with a few discoveries like this I could win the Nobel prize for war! Till updates.


(Sunday 06 March, 17.45 hours) The Italian journalist/hostage/shooting/rules of engagement are very tempting to comment upon again but good future weaponry to kill the Americans more efficient is far more important.

For one or two years already I am reciting to all non-US armies to create for example missiles that can strike in concert like a pack of wolves. For example they strike in on exactly the same spot in a very short time span, or strike at the same moment a wider field. Now I have found out that Pentagons darling DARPA gets four billion to investigate in packs of remote controlled fighter jets, I hope other armies have similar plans...

(Friday 04 March) The Americans are putting a big big lid on all information around attacks in Iraq, it started with naming only the province when in fact it was Fallujah where they were attacked and now nothing useful info anymore. So how can I in circumstances like this estimate how far the development of remote controlled machine guns is? All info is with holded so how can I estimate the size of the future significance now? It is just so important that the Iraqis work on that one too (the remote controlled roadside bombs are a big hit, that's a fact).

In another unrelated development in the BulletsForOil program I made today WarArt number 23 (that' s jswa23). And at last; here is a bunch of nice video' s from a show named Frontline that lean towards propaganda but the propaganda can easy be filtered out. Nice to view when you have the time. Especially part three with the announcement of that dead soldier due to sniper fire is good viewing. Till updates. 

(Thursday 03 March) Now huffely puffely the USA is a bit disappointed in the Indonesian Bashir sentence of 30 months in relation to the Bali bombing. After my humble opinion a nation that has something to hide in the 9/11 attacks and likely knows a bit more upon the reasons why Indonesia was chosen (but will not tell to other nations), such a nation has a right to remain silent.

Please cut the crap US State Department, please cut the crap. You do your crusader thing, the Turks have 1,357 soldiers in Iraq to fight the Kurdish PKK and we all think this is war on terror. Can the fuckheads please cut the crap, just please?  

(Thursday 03 March) Finally I made Just some war art number 22 (that is jswa22). It is made from a picture from that mosque shootout from some wounded civilians in Fallujah, the second raid around. 

(Thursday 24 Feb 18.05 hours) To the Pentagon: In a normal democracy application of military power falls under the rule of the political figures, that is why most people are against military rulers of countries and stuff like that. So your plans as outlined in this media file need to fade into insignificance. We cannot have undercover teams roaming the Dutch landscape, the landscape of any other NATO member or whatever nation around without knowledge of the local ambassador. No way.

In case the Pentagon pussies are interested: A long time ago already I informed the US ambassador the honorable Mr. Clifford M. Sobel of some alternative hypothesis to the 9/11 stuff. Clifford didn't answer and so I turned him into a Cliffhanger by asking al Qaida to prepare five car bombs in case it was needed. Simple & efficient my dear Pentagon pussies.
Even you folks can understand that, it is simple and efficient. So I cannot have undercover Pentagon shit roaming the Dutch landscape, that's also simple to understand. Till updates. 

(Thursday 17 Feb) Now the high priest of the Pentagon perfumed princes US general Meyers has spoken: The Iraqi insurgency is loosing the battle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqis. Now, it is just a little detail, but often Iraqi prisoners had to stick one of their fingers in their ass and lick it clean. Even captured journalists had to do this, dear high priest of the perfumed princes you cannot beat behavior like that.

Now how come average US soldiers upon behavior like that Mr. Meyers? That is because they download to many gay scat movies with p2p programs. Or do you have a better explanation asshole?

(Tuesday 15 Feb) Are the British and American military forces a little bit corrupt? More at 15 Feb of the long story. 

(Sunday 13 Feb) Now here is a US army Muslim chaplain explaining a few of the faults the US military makes in Iraq, the newsarticle gives a bit the impression that this Muslim chaplain thinks pointing out the wrongs is enough to solve them.
This is not correct, this is like asking the Americans if they didn't leave a few weird details out in the 9/11 attacks. The only argument the Americans understand is the killing of lots of soldiers and as far as this file is correct we are now only at 46.0% of the second batch of dead US soldiers.

We can ponder the question of why the Americans are not constructive in the 'likely true details' of the 9/11 dance but this is not relevant from the military point of view, they just aren't constructive and if I knew why we would not be in this anyway. Yet it looks like the American society is gearing up into swallowing hundreds and thousands more casualties so it is important that this materializes.

(Friday 11 Feb, 13.37 hours) In the ongoing soap of What brought down the Hercules on MBD9 north of Baghdad we now have this Guardian media file where the RAF is denying that there could be a bomb on board. This is getting better by the day, do we have some battlefield surprises at the scene yes or no?

In another development I am considering placing the US State Department’s top anti-drug official Robert Charles at position nr 005 of the sniper list. The guy is only talking about opium crop destruction via the air while he is doing nothing to get Afghanistan a few billion / year slice of the world legal opium growth. (Lets not forget that opium for pharmacy is a growing market the two decades to come, but people like Robert Charles look to much Hollywood movies and prefer bullets compared to being constructive.) This all is not acceptable and like stated before if there is one thing that will trigger a massive chemical attack it is Afghan opium spraying.
I hope a few readers can work the phone because just like in the Pentagon case it is clear that some folks on the State Department cannot read and write, so please grab the phone and read what is in the text above to them...  

(Thursday 10 Feb, 12.32 hours) Finally a bit more on the Hercules crash from 30 Jan, ok ok it is from that tabloid the Sun and that cannot be considered the most trustworthy source of information but anyway. The British RAF likely goes for the 'bomb planted in a wing' hypothesis, well this could very well be. They have studied the bits and pieces as found on the ground so lets trust in them... Here is a media file upon this.

By the way, in most media reports there is a weird contradiction. It is constantly stated that it cannot be a missile while the lucky RGP shot is mentioned at the same time. But if the plane was out of reach of (shoulder fired) missiles how could it be within reach of a RPG? (Max horizontal range of the Russian RPG-7 is five hundred meters, vertical range unknown to me.) This looks like an example of the 'shit recycling attitude' of the press folks. End of update.    

(Thursday 03 Feb 20.05 hours) Joke of the day: Ok ok lately I asked the US military to withhold air power on 30 Jan during MBD9 and what does the UK air force do? They indulge in a air-to-surface martyrship operation against a poor Iraqi farming community!

But serious, I have done strange things in my life but I have never fired rockets. So I just cannot judge the value of the picture below, I just dunno. Yet this concert of so called 'experts' stating the video was a fake looks more based on emotion then on true reported facts. I mean the lack of quality in the video editing just does not proof a thing, so now what exactly is flying in this picture below? Is it the stuff dreams are made of or was MBD9 crowned with a fake vid? What do you think my dear reader?
(But this looks like a surface to surface thing, yet this is not sure.) 


(Saturday 14 August 2004, 17.03 hours) So my dear reader, I have to change tactics and you find yourself at a historical moment in the story; Right now I have the honor and the pride to declare economical sanctions against America.        

Title: Let the Economical Sanctions against North America begin!
  Operatives must bomb the largest investors.  Operatives must bomb the largest investors.  Operatives must bomb the largest investors.  

(Friday 30 July 2004, 11.58 hours) Oh oh, what fascinating reading is the 9/11 report. It all fits nicely again, only some timeline details were wrongly estimated by me. For example the study of the smuggling of knives aboard of planes was far longer going on then I expected. But these are only details, important details but details anyway... 
Far more important is the fact that the 9/11 mission never derailed and after my humble opinion it is still that 21 May 2001 provocation of the Muslim faith that did prevent the operation from derailing. Don't believe me? Here is a very significant quote from the report:

On June 21, near the height of the threat reporting, U.S. Central Command raised the force 
protection condition level for U.S. troops in six countries to the highest possible level, Delta. 

Again this is perfectly in line with my so called 'trigger hypothesis' like so many hundred other details. But the (local) authorities still refuse to investigate a bit, they even tell me at face value that they are not capable of seeing any kind of connection between what I write and the unfolding of attacks in practice...
Well, that is their responsibility and not mine any longer. I have done my best and now I can only wish the operatives good luck in the impending attacks here in Europe. The local US embassy refuses to give me insight into the 'chatter level' before and after 21May 2001 so they cannot say they don't deserve the impending attacks.
It is time again to write in blood, let it be. Let it be.

Till updates...  

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