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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(27 Jan 2023) Wow, there are now about 12 nations already pledging tanks for Ukraine. Even my own country is considering buying back some sold Leopards and donate them to Ukraine. It's all a miracle. 

I am glad the Kremlin is not doing difficult or so. That is the wise and grown up position they naturally take, never ever you see weird emotional stuff coming from the Kremlin. Really true, they would never fight the devil or stuff like Mr. Satan for that matter. A Kremlin quote from yesterday:
Jan 25 (Reuters) - The Kremlin said on Wednesday that any Abrams battle tanks supplied to Ukraine by the United States would "burn", dismissing the expected delivery as an expensive folly.
Comment: Thanks for the normal reaction and not that weird emotional stuff. 

It will take a lot of work before the first tanks are on the battlefield, it is expected the Leopards will be much faster and the USA Abrams stuff later. It was rumored that the USA could not deliver from their own stockpiles because they have embedded depleted uranium as part of the armor. And how you make that seems to be classified stuff. 

All in all the U-turn from the USA is remarkable, after all a lot of those tanks run on jet fuel and not on good old military diesel. We can safely conclude a lot of the tank stuff is now in the pipeline and in a few months they will operate inside Ukriane. 


I have only one item for today, a small math item. 

Item 1) The most simple example possible for advanced Pythagoras stuff.

 Item 1) The most simple example possible for advanced Pythagoras stuff.

Often a simple example with in this case integer numbers is best to illustrate what I have been doing last year. I found a relatively easy way to make a non-square matrix square in such a way that you can calculate the volume of some higher dimensional parallelepiped by calculating the determinant of that square matrix. 

This update is far to short to explain in detail how to craft those extra columns that make the matrix square, for detail see the other website and search for the category "Pythagoras stuff".  

May be you have had some linear algebra in particular matrices, determinants and how to invert a matrix. The basic things so to say. Likely your teachers told you that if you swap two columns in a matrix, the determinant changes sign. 

Now with my cute way of squaring a non-square matrix, that does not happen. After all I claimed the determinant always returns the 'volume' of the parallelepiped so it must return non-negative numbers. 

This most simple example is a parallelogram (so it's volume will be an area) in four dimensional space. The first two columns describe that parallelogram. The third column is just the cross product from 3D space and the cross product is applied to the upper 3x2 minor matrix.
As such the length of the third column equals the area of that minor parallelogram.

The fourth column measures the volume of the parallelepiped spanned by the other three columns, if you normalize the third column you are left with the area of the parallelepiped spanned by the first two columns.

Anyway the point is that if you swap the first two columns and apply the same manner of making it into a square matrix, the determinant does not change... 


As a background picture I did choose the old Brigitte Bardot. She is of similar age now as I am. And a long time ago we were young and looked beautiful. At present day we are both a sack of skin filled with some bones, some muscle and some fat.

Where did it all go wrong?   

Well at some point in time somebody said "Hey lets call this the stone age now we have all this improved weaponry over the wood age". But at that point in time aging did set in and if I see myself by accident in a mirror I just wonder where has all that youth gone? 

May be it is a good to split and may I thank you for your attention in case you also like these kind of square matrices. Till updates.


(25 Jan 2023) Stuff I missed last week:

1) In Sweden there was a burning of the Quran before the Turkish embassy... Well that looks like the end of the Swedish bid to membership of the NATO. Sorry I can't help you with that. Most Turks are proud of their religion and if you allow for provocateurs to hijack your national security interests, there is not a single thing I can do.
We have imbeciles like that too, ours is named Geert Wilders and if you give imbeciles like that an opportunity, because they have this weird combination of ideology and relatively stupid brains the end result is often not good... 

2) The Ramstein meeting was not only NATO nations like I thought but the coalition for support for Ukraine or something like that. Anyway it is a staggering 50 nations that oppose this kind of war making. Fifty nations, that's a lot.

3) It seems the USA is giving so called Small Diameter Bombs to Ukraine. They can be launched from a HIMARS launcher and the good thing is they have a reach of about 150 km (if memory serves). 

Due to time constrains lets go to the two items for today: 

Item 1) Tanks as a culinary complement to the Putin chef from Wagner.
Item 2) Everything wrong with molecular bonding, why are they crazy? 

 Item 1) Tanks as a culinary complement to the Putin chef from Wagner.

Despite the fact there were 50 nations in the Ramstein meeting a lot of attention goes to Germany and the eventual delivery of Leopard tanks. Poland wanted to deliver tanks to Ukraine with or without German consent. I don't think that is a good idea, those military contracts are there not for nothing. 

Last week there were rumors that Germany demanded that the USA would bring the Abrams tank to Ukraine first, I considered that strange and kinds weird. Anyway later it was said no such claims were made at all...  

So it is a bit chaotic but since Germany indicated that it would be a good thing if other nations started training Ukrainian crews on the Leopard tank, I guess all we need is a bit more time.

You must take into account that as far as I know Germany, they have a strong habit of doing what they say they will do. If you have their commitment, it is often ironclad. So all this emotional pressure might be unhandy, on the other hand I understand the emotions because after all there is still a war going on. 

I found this funny picture on the internet, it is about barrel stabilization. You can drive a Leopard tank in rough terrain, the barrel is very stable: 


So Russia must not worry about all this Leopard stuff: Sometimes the Ukrainian soldiers want a pint of beer and when they are close to the frontline this Leopard tank is the best way to serve a beer.  

It is just an advanced beer delivery system, that's all. 

Now I don't know if it is true but it is rumored that often the Wagner mercenaries go without food and as such they consume the dead soldiers from previous days. After all a lot of bodies are not collected by the Russians so for the average Wagner member that is delicious stuff.

But other nations think that is disgusting. Therefore this new way of bringing beer to the frontlines is just a way to show the Wagner members that you don't have to eat human corpses... 

May be we should go to the next item: 

 Item 2) Everything wrong with molecular bonding, why are they crazy? 

Why are physics and chemistry professors so stupid and crazy when it comes to electron spin. Without any experimental proof, they claim that electrons are tiny magnets with a north and a south pole. On top of that these idiots claim they have never seen a magnetic monopole...

If you hold two magnets in your hand and you attach them to each other, the lowest energy state is when north pole meets south pole. Why is that the lowest energy state? Simply because it takes effort and some energy to separate them again.

Why are physics and chemistry professors crazy & stupid? 

They claim that in the electron pair, the spins must be opposite.
So these idiots tell us that the stuff is binding via north pole - north pole or via south pole - south pole bindings in the electron pair.

This is crazy because this raises the potential energy without any logical explanation. It is as crazy as you go outside and throw a rock horizontal, instead of falling down the rock climbs and climbs and only gains potential energy. This never happens, so why should electrons do that?

In my view electrons carry monopole magnetic charge, they are magnetic monopoles and this charge is likely permanent. That ensures the electron pair is also something that minimizes potential energy.

Here is a picture of some stuff you can buy and you can make models of molecules with this. But every fucking bonding in this magnetic stuff is always NORTH against a SOUTH pole!   


The physics and chemistry professors have some rudimentary feeling for the fact they behave like idiots: If you ask them about the opposite spin stuff in the electron pair they always shout : Quantum numbers & the Pauli exclusion principle!

By acting this way they hide the fact they are idiots and the more fanatic they involve stuff like the Pauli exclusion principle, the more you are assured you are talking to a plain bold idiot.

Lets leave it with that, thanks for your attention and see you in the next update or so. 


(20 Jan 2023) Today is the NATO meeting at Ramstein, so we have to wait what comes out of it. Oh oh Germany has offered Leopard tanks under condition the Americans go in with the Abrams stuff. Like explained a long time ago, the Abrams is likely not very handy for the Ukrainian battlefields. 

Well I will accept whatever Germany comes up with, after all there is also that thing as a historical memory. So lets wait and see, after all there is more stuff as the Leopard only...

Two small items for today to kill the time: 

Item 1) CRUX on weapon testing in Ukraine.
Item 2) New video on quantum computing with electrons spins (TU Delft).

  Item 1) CRUX on weapon testing in Ukraine.

The problem with modern weaponry is that the more advanced it is, the more improvement on all kinds of details can be made. A lot of things are not developed till the limit of what is possible.  

For example some time ago there were suddenly problems reported with the German howitzers, something in the ammo feeding system or so. And there are problems with barrels that get worn out far too fast if used too much. 

Armies and therefore the weapon designers are always restrained by budgets, it is tax payer money and not some free market enterprise. So there is no unlimited funding and as such the present modern weaponry is as it is.  

It is peacetime advanced weaponry, you can unleash a lot of fire power with it but it's all made and developed during peacetime. Ok ok there were the Iraqi & Afghan wars but for simplicity we never had war economies since WWII. 

To put it simple: A lot of weaponry has hardly been tested to the limit, real stress tests that make them wear out rather fast and after that see what you can improve on it. Like I said: We don't fire howitzers until they break... 


CRUX had a short video on this detail of weaponry testing in Ukraine:
Video title: HIMARS, Drones & Howitzers | How Russia's Ukraine War Became A "Test Lab" For US & Allied Weapons
Link used: 

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) New video on quantum computing with electrons spins (TU Delft).

Some time ago I posted a four year old video from the Technical University in Delft about the way they think how to make quantum bits for quantum computing based on the spin of the electron.

It is one of the postulates of quantum mechanics that if not measured a quantum particle is in some super position of all possible quantum states. Since the physics professors think all electrons are the same, for them it is logical that an electron can be in a superposition of being spin up or spin down. 

My ideas about electron magnetism are radical different: I think electrons are magnetic monopoles. On top of that I think this monopole magnetic charge is permanent, so an electron with a north polo magnetic charge can never flip it's magnetic charge. 

For example that explains why we see only unpaired and paired electrons but never some circle of electrons. I think the 'tiny magnet' model of the electron is plain wrong. There are two different forms of electron life and such super positions of electron spin states are just impossible.

The new video is one year old, the previous video was from four years back, has the TU Delft made any kind of progress? If talking out of your neck while collecting tax payer money is progress, TU Delft made tons of progress. Click on the picture for the video: 


Video title: Electron Spin Qubits
Link used:  

The energy splitting you see in the picture is the so called Zeeman effect. But if the electrons are tiny magnets, this would not be possible or logical at all. If electrons have a north and a south pole, all magnetic fields applied will cancel all forces out against each other...

Try to explain that to the TU Delft weirdo's. Need some experimental proof that electrons are really tiny magnets? The Delft weirdo's will only think that I am the weirdo. Let us split and say goodbye.


(18 Jan 2023) End this week there is a new round of NATO talks. It seems that a lot of countries have problems with Germany and the potential delivery of more heavy tanks like Leopards. Well this is all very understandable but there is also some thing known as a historical memory active in Germany.
You know as our largest neighbor Germany is always very reliable but may be we are asking for the wrong things from Germany. But there is also some fear inside the German political folks that this all will escalate to the point where European soldiers will enter this military conflict, this illegal war. I disagree with that, it might be cruel to the Ukrainians but that will likely only lead to unwanted nuclear stuff now Russia performs so bad on the actual battlefield...
So I have respect for whatever Germany comes up with, after all they are a sovereign nation. But we must get better and more weaponry to Ukraine period.  

Two items for today: 

 Item 1) Dnipro civilian death toll now at 46 and counting...
 Item 2) New math post on the other website.

 Item 1) Dnipro civilian death toll now at 46 and counting...

The digestion of information inside the Kremlin is always weird. This time they came up with that the Dnipro missile attack was a Ukrainian anti-air missile or rocket. The Ukrainians say that the kind of missile that struck them is an anti-aircraft carrier missile...  


Anti aircraft boom stuff often does not have much explosives on board, it is more they have shaped charges or they blow out hundreds of small metal balls in order to destroy the incoming aircraft or missile. After all most air planes don't come with 5 cm reactive armor or so, so much explosives are not needed anyway... 

Looking at the photo's from the blast site it looks like the Ukrainian version is far more accurate. Lets leave it with that.

Picture source: Russian strike toll: 45 dead civilians, including 6 children.

Why the Russians do these kind of attacks is unknown to me.  

 Item 2) New math post on the other website.

A few days back I finished the latest post. For some strange reason that matrix version of the theorem of Pythagoras keeps on sucking in attention. This post is a more or less worked example of how to make a square matrix from a non-square matrix. 

Of course it is very easy to make any given non square matrix a square one, just add extra columns or rows until it's a square matrix. Yes, but that is as easy as completely useless.  

Last year I did it in such a way that important properties were preserved. This was done by adding extra columns where every new columns is perpendicular to all other columns. If after that you normalize the new extra columns to one, the determinant of your newly crafted square matrix will be the 'volume' of the stuff you started with.

If you start with the first column in the matrix below, that is just a vector in four dimensional space and it's 'volume' is a length. If you would start with two columns, provided they span up some positive area in four dimensional space, the 'volume' will be that area. And so on and so on.


Title new post: Example: How to turn a 4×1 column into a 4×4 square matrix.
Lik used:

This example is a good post, I am satisfied on this. It is always better to have a relatively simple example that still contains all the math you want to show. And not those complicated posts like I wrote on that weird root formula last year.

That weird root formula post was just far to complicated, almost nobody can reconstruct what I wanted to say. Bah! Hey I have a brilliant idea: Why not pop open a beer, sip on it and start thinking about how more Russian soldiers could get killed...

Why not? And Russians could open a new bottle of Vodka, drink it empty in say two hours and think about the Dnipro attack where a simple ground to air BOOM thing did all this damage. Ok, one more bottle of Vodka for this day, why not look at old speeches from Putin? Yes, that is a great way to pass the time don't you think?

Let me end this update, thanks for your attention & don't drink too much Vodka...


(13 Jan 2023) Likely the 2500 number of Leopard tanks I mentioned in the previous update is not correct. May be I misheard it or may be the documentary was flatout wrong on that detail. 

It's already late so lets go to the two items of today: 

Item 1) Gas & oil prices.
Item 2) Intercepted phone call upon the Makeevka death toll.

 Item 1) Gas & oil prices.

Of course there are always a ton of different factors going into energy prices. For example the mild weather in Europe depresses demand for house heating. EU citizens trying to use as less gas as possible etc etc.  

Here is a graph showing how fast gas has come down in the last month: 


Oil prices also have come down but that is more on recession fears. The world bank is forecasting a significant decline in economical activity on a global scale. And it has been amazing how much the economies of the different countries have endured in the last years, they still refuse to drop dead. 

A very interesting detail is the price of Urals, that is Russian oil. It is far below the price cap of 60$. That looks just like a lot of people just don't want to buy Russian oil. I didn't look into the possibility of the oil price cap mechanism itself that causes this, after all the goal of the Russian oil price cap was reduction in oil revenue for Russia.  

I hope I speak for a lot of EU nations by once more remarking the strategic goal is to degrade the Russian military until they can't repeat in another country what they did and are doing to Ukraine. 

And what those Kremlin crybabies think of it, I don't care. 

 Item 2) Intercepted phone call upon the Makeevka death toll.

There is a fourth military commander for the Russian occupation of Ukraine. On CNN I observed a retired US general stating this was a bizarre move by Putin.
I disagree; just look at number four. He clearly has the appearance of a Russian general, they always come with about 10 kg of medals. If you hang lights in them they can serve as a stand-in for the Christmas tree.  

No, if Putin would appointed the latest Russian conscript with a face full of acne to the job of handling the Ukrainian invasion, that would not be smart. But this guy has all that it takes, I think it was a brilliant choice by Putin.

I would like to congratulate General Valery Gerasimov with his promotion! 


The Youtube channel Insights from Ukraine and Russia is demonetized by team Youtube. He is asking for support and therefore I repeat that: If you can support the guy because it is important this kind of channels don't fade out into insignificance.

Video title: Intercepted Phone Calls That The Russian Government Doesn’t Want You To Hear! Link used:  

Anyway this intercepted phone call indicates that indeed the number of death was into the hundreds, just above 600 to be precise. And it also shows that the Putin speech likely was not exclusively for the Makeevka conscripts.

So it was likely not that Putin was one-on-one with the troops in Makeevka and then on 00.01 of the new year Mr. Himars comes along saying "BOOM BOOM NEW YEAR BOOM BOOM!"  

May be this is the perfect time to split, my dear reader thanks for your attention.


(11Jan 2023) All of a sudden peace loving nations start offering tanks and infantry vehicles to Ukraine. Of course between the pledges and actual use on the battlefield, in between there is always Mr. Logistics. Dear Mr. Logistics can I ask you once more to work your ass off? After all this is all pledged by peace loving nations and the goal is for Ukraine to defend herself against the Russian soldiers who all hate peace.  

You know last week I saw a documentary by accident and it was said that in the past we had 2500 Leopard tanks. I don't remember that number but yes a long time ago we had many tanks. But now we have nothing because at the time it was thought that war with Russia was so unlikely that we could get rid of those money gulping tanks...
May be we should have mothballed 500 or 750 of them.  

Two items for today: 

Item 1) Jake Broe found a totally crazy video: is it true? Could very well be...
Item 2) How to make a non-square matrix square.

 Item 1) Jake Broe found a totally crazy video: is it true? Could very well be...

It keeps on rumoring that hundreds were killed in the new years eve attack with HIMARS rockets in Mkiivka. So the official number of what was it 98 or 89 is likely the result of the way information is processed inside Russia. 

Anyway if the video is true, the wounded Russian conscript says they had to listen to a new years speech of Putin... Wow, listening to political bullshit is  about the last thing I want on 00.01 hour on a new years day.  


Video title: Russia Lied About Strike on 600 Ukrainian Soldiers 
Link used:
The video shown is from Nexta Media.

Now at present day often you have a two way video connection. I don't know if the Putin speech of for those soldiers only or may be the entire Russian nations was supposed to enjoy those wise wise words too, but could it be that Putin witnessed the strike? 

If so, that once more confirms this is a totally crazy war by all standards possible. 

 Item 2) How to make a non-square matrix square.

One of the more cute mathematical results from last year was the way you can make a non-square matrix square. Of course you can do that in many ways, just some random columns or rows until it is a square matrix.  

But last year I found a way to do it in such a way that you got the 'volume' of such a non-square matrix. I write it is 'volume' because if you start with a vector, say a vector with four real number entries in 4D space, the volume is of course a length.

The way I showed it on the other website last year was clearly not unique and on top of that it could go wrong. It goes wrong if your first extra columns are based on stuff with too many zero's in it.

For example the top matrix expansion goes wrong if a = b = 0 while c and d are non-zero. In such a case, if you wanted to craft a square matrix of course, you must start with those non-zero entries.

In the picture below all these columns are perpendicular to each other. As you see on inspection the extra columns get more complicated fast but you also see interesting patterns emerge:


The trickiest thing to understand is making good use of the +/- chessboard pattern as you must use in say calculating the inverse of a square matrix.  

If you start with some 4D vector A, how to make your first extra column?
In the upper part of the picture above I used a & b and in the first extra column this becomes -b & a.
Halfway you see an expansion into the first extra column based on using b & c resulting into c & -b

You can argue as why the fuck this is important because if you have made a new column perpendicular to all other columns on the left, the minus of such a new columns is still a perpendicular thing.
Yes that is true, but if you respect the +/- pattern it will save you time later into figuring out if some stuff has a + or a - sign...

If you respect the +/- chessboard pattern, God will love you and ensure that enough Russian soldiers get killed.

Let's leave it with that, see you around my dear reader & thanks for your attention.


(06 Jan 2023) Ah that's better: France is going to deliver tanks to Ukraine while US prez Biden was considering Bradley fighting vehicles. In another development a 36 hour long cease fire was offered by the Russian side. But for a cease fire to work there must be some basic level of trust. Given the long array of war crimes and outright lies (for example before the war Russia said it did not plan any war) the trust just ain't there. And as such the generous offer was rejected by the Ukrainians... 

It seems that more and more Ukrainians started celebrating Christmas in December away from calendar of the Russian orthodox church. 

I didn't have much time so only one item for today, it is about gas prices and the progress made in Germany in the last year 2022. 

Item 1) EU gas prices back to prewar levels.

 Item 1) EU gas prices back to prewar levels.

This is a remarkable feature, it is back to somewhere in 2021 so not the very cheap prices from the years before. Of course I can never say I am satisfied with the war but a silver lining is that gas prices are now at such a level that it is commercially interesting to craft more renewable energy.

It is of course also the relatively warm winter we have, most days I even don't need to heat the house and outside there are often people not even wearing a coat or jacket. Don't worry: climate change will never be a lazy thing and it will always bring new surprises.

In Germany 46% of consumed electricity came from renewables like windmills and solar panels. That is an amazing amount but of course still not enough because the goal is and must be zero emissions of CO2. And even if zero emissions is achieved it is anybody's guess how long it will be until there is not further heating up of our little planet. 

Anyway in Germany reduction of greenhouse gasses stalled in part because they had to fire up old coal electricity plants due to the war conditions. Click on the picture in order to land properly on the video: 


Title of the DW video: Did Europe overcome its energy price crisis thanks to renewables? Link used:

From economical theory it is understood the price of energy is very inelastic; you simply need some baseload of energy. So with that in the back of your mind, the title of the video is interesting: Likely without all the renewables prices would have spiked far more... 

Let's leave it with that so today no fresh rant against stupid, retarded and idiot physics professors who are to stupid to understand their talk about electrons being tiny magnets is just fucking stupid.


At last I want to remark it is very easy to relate those gas prices in MegaWattHours into the price for a cubic meter of gas: If you divide the price of gas per MWh by 100 you get a rough estimate of the price for one cubic meter of gas. 

Till updates my dear reader, live well and work well. 


(04 Jan 2023) For me it was a perfect click bait: Russian oil price cap makes Italian gas prices soar. I was like WTF is going on here? So I clicked the CNBC article and this is how it goes: There is a Russian oil price cap, there is an European gas price cap. After that gas prices in some months are mentioned and compared to present prices... That's all, nothing that explains the title of the article.
It was so stupid I won't link to it. 

Two items for today: 

 Item 1) The Makiivka strike.
 Item 2) Two vids explaining electron spin in the wrong way (on the other website).

 Item 1) The Makiivka strike.

The Russians admitted a huge yes a giant number of casualties: 63 to be precise. And for the first time in this was I was sad I could not understand the beautiful Russian language as spoken on the Russian state television. Likely they will tell the great Russian people that this was about five times all casualties from the entire year 2022 while today the 350-th HIMARS launch system was destroyed by the heroic Russian military.

Some Russian military bloggers pointed to the fact it is rather stupid to gather so much conscripts in one place. Yes but if you house them in say batches of 10 soldiers, they will run away and become deserters. Or get drunk and start raping females, teenage girls and of course the occasion small child. Normally the Russian military leadership can't care less on details like that, but that is inside Ukraine. This large batch of conscripts was in the occupied region of Ukraine so too much sexual violence is not handy if you want support of the population. 


Some Russian military bloggers also pointed out it is stupid to have such a huge number of soldiers near to a ammo dump. Ok in all European militaries this is considered a stupid thing, but for the Russian military leadership it could also be a brilliant move. You must take into account it is very hard to be in the leadership of the Russian army: What looks like a bad idea in the morning, well if you are on your second bottle of Vodka in the afternoon, more and more it becomes a good idea.

Beside that they were only conscripts, so who gives a shit about them?


So I disagree with the Russian military bloggers: This was a brilliant plan by the Russian military leadership. Anyway it is much better compared to letting conscripts dig a hole where they can sleep in without a sleeping bag or so. And my dear Russian military bloggers: There are only 63 casualties so what's the big deal here? 

 Item 2) Two vids explaining electron spin in the wrong way (on the other website).

I found two videos explaining or using electron spin in the wrong way. The first video is about electron spin itself, it is from the Science Asylum guy and of course it misses all stuff as why electrons are supposed to be tiny magnets. Why would you need experimental confirmation of this when you get also money while talking out of your neck?  

The second video is about the magnetism of molecular oxygen. Now O2 is a fascinating molecule because it needs a so called anti-bonding electron pair. And in an anti-bonding electron pair, ha ha ha the electron spins are the same. Now the fact that the oxygen molecule is magnetic or para-magnetic if you want, is explained by the two electrons aligning themselves with the applied magnetic field.

I did my best over there in the other website to explain that if electrons are really tiny magnets, all in all they should behave as magnetic neutral objects. The fact that the oxygen you breathe has magnetic properties demonstrates loose electrons are never magnetic dipoles. As a matter of fact each and every oxygen molecule with an anti-binding electron pair should in itself behave as a magnetic monopole.
And that last detail should not be that hard to prove in an experimental setting my dear reader.

In the year 2023 is there a possibility that some experimental physics professor will prove me right? Of course not, the untermenschen from the universities simply want electrons to be tiny magnets. So such an experimental professor will not get the funding needed for such relatively cheap experiments.

Years ago I accepted this fact. untermenschen are not some evil Nazi theory. No you see it in action with electron spin: untermenschen want their tiny magnets.

So all I can say: good luck with it. And how is your progress in quantum computers doing? Oh yes, as always need more funding? Well good luck with your inferior cognitive capabilities, enjoy your tiny magnet stuff.

Title: Two more videos that explain electron spin wrong

End of this update.  


(30 Dec 2022) It is almost a new year so happy new year to everyone in particular the Ukrainians military who are not at home right now. 

Two items for today's update: 

Item 1) Unthankful Russian conscripts; should they all be executed?
Item 2) On the nonsense of the word 'spin' in electron spin.

 Item 1) Unthankful Russian conscripts; should they all be executed?

The Sun had a short video out and in just a few hours it had already over one million views. The video is just one minute or so long, in it you see a bunch Russian conscripts just walk away from their military base. 

Likely as time goes by, they are more aware of the situation they are in. After all the Russian state television might be good to fool all with an IQ below 100 but not all Russian conscripts are that stupid. 

Good thermal underwear to withstand the cold or some night vision goggles? Ten years of preparation for this war this shining military moment for the Vlad, has produces some extra super yachts but not much in military preparedness. 

Click on the picture in case you haven't seen the video already: 


Video title: Conscripted Russian troops storm out of military base in anti-Putin protest
Link used: 

In the south of Ukraine the fighting also goes on and on. Once more I would like to stress the importance of good heavy weaponry for the Ukrainians because say for yourself numbers like 200 to 300 dead Russians is what we want...

In a normal world a military that looses over one 100 thousand soldiers in a conflict like this, that military would give itself a good scratch on the head if the may should not do things differently. But the Russians fucked up stupid as they are don't do or they can't do that. For example all those Russian missiles used against the Ukrainian electricity grid is of course also a hinder for the Ukrainian armed forces. But all in all it will never give a big dent in the Ukrainian military capacities.  

But this was a stupid war from day one because it is all based on some weird Kremlin fantasies like Ukrainians are living in sewage, fighting fascism and most of all fighting Mr. Satan. I just can't believe that.

No I did not believe the Kremlin was fighting Mr. Satan so I phoned my uncle Tim. Mr. Satan's full name is Timothy Satan and as such I asked him: "Uncle Tim is it true that a bunch of Russian Vodka drinkers are attacking you? Do you need any help?"
Uncle Tim remarked he was totally unaware of any Russian attacks, the only problem lately there were more lice that were named the Russian Vulgaris Lice and he did not know why there were more lice.
I suggested these lice might be fleeing Russia and uncle Tim said this could be an explanation for the increase in Russian lice. 

Here is a cute video to kill the time with a bunch of Russian soldiers fleeing the front lines in southern Ukraine:


Video title: 28 Dec: Nice. 200 Recruits RAN AWAY FROM THE FRONT | War in Ukraine Explained. Link used: 

 Item 2) On the nonsense of the word 'spin' in electron spin.

Oh oh when will the professional physics professors understand that if their claim of electrons being tiny magnets is true, may be you should have some experimental proof or evidence for that claim?

My estimation is that in the entire year 2023 I will have to repeat that question again and again and again. Why are they so fucking stupid? 

Electron spin is often confused with 'intrinsic angular momentum' but why is it 'intrinsic'? Well the magnetic properties cannot be explained by the electron actually spinning very fast, so the idiots named it intrinsic as if it were some holy thing.

If you try to estimate the electron magnetic properties via a spinning sphere, you will find out it must spin much faster as the speed of light. So there is nothing spinning over there, the more smart physics professors have found that out...

Why is spin a stupid word? 

Suppose from a bunch of energy a pair of electron positron is created.
In order to preserve angular momentum, the two pairs should have opposite angular momentum. But if they do, the resulting magnetic fields will point in the same direction violating electron spin conservation.

Why are physics professors stupid? 

They are stupid because they keep on using a word like spin that sets every body on the wrong foot. There is no electron spin, there are no tiny magnets electron size. It's all crap, the physics professors are overpaid idiots. 

Lets leave it with that for the last update of the year. See you in 2023. 


(28 Dec 2022) What? Two and a half BILLION € as some form of gift while we have still a federal debt of 451 billion €????? In this universe we the Dutch are supposed to be the most frugal human species in this quarter of the milky way!  

But serious: Someway we managed once more to get the federal debt below 50% of the gross domestic product. Of course this still has to go lower because a government that does not try to pay off their debt is a government that does not save for future emergency outlays. After all mathematically speaking paying off debt is the same as saving for a rainy day. 

Anyway, 2.5 billion € amounts to just below 150 € per capita Dutch citizen. It is unconditional as far as I know, it can be used next year for whatever is needed. 


Two items for today: 

 Item 1) Kremlin reacts on the oil price cap ban.
 Item 2) Webinar on the COVID-19 origins.

 Item 1) Kremlin reacts on the oil price cap ban.

A few hours back it became known that the Kremlin plans to ban sales of all countries that go along with the oil price cap of 60$. It is just for a couple of months starting at 1 Feb next year.

So it is very interesting what will happen next year on the detail of Russian oil prices and oil revenues. After all it is often said that if Russia cuts production, later it will be very hard to start that production up again. And now their partners like Shell and BP have run away from a bunch of child raping Vodka drinkers, it will even be much harder for Russians to scale up oil production. 

But I have never worked in oil so for me it is hard to understand all details and relying on what other people say is not always a wise thing. Yet it is very understandable if in artic conditions the oil stops flowing, it will freeze, pumps will freeze etc etc. 

Here is a Reuters report on the decree signed today (or actually yesterday):
Putin bans Russian oil exports to countries that implement price cap.
Link used:

Video channel Joe Blogs dives a bit deeper into the oil stuff, click on the picture to land at the video:


The video title is a bit clickbaity because in my view we are not at 'disater' levels at all.
Video title: RUSSIAN Oil & Gas Disaster as Sanctions Destroy Demand & Production is CUT. Link used: 

Ok, this is all very interesting so I will follow it with the right amount of interest. Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Webinar on the COVID-19 origins.

It is no secret that I consider the lab leak hypothesis the most likely hypothesis to be true. That is the idea the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab and it's origin is not that food market.

After all for the food market hypothesis to be true, there was supposedly an in between animal carrier between bats and humans. But such an intermediate species has never been found.

Now you might think "If there is a lab leak, why would they cover this up?" Well if it is a lab leak, there is a ton of economical damage in almost every country on earth and that is not very handy from the judicial point of view. Oh, did I cause trillions in damage by making this tiny mistake? Sorry my insurance only covers 2.5 million, sorry.

Lately Jeffrey Sachs had a seminar out about the origins of the new virus, it is about 100 minutes long but I did not have time to listen at the second scientist.

Anyway there are many scenarios possible, in the next picture you see four simple pathways possible. Click on the picture for the 100 minute webinar:


Video title: SDSN Webinar: Origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Link used: 

As usual I had to skip a lot of stuff like the attack on that Russian air field named Engels. Is it true that a number of Russian air planes that can deliver nuclear bombs are destroyed? That would be funny indeed. 

Let me close this update and click on the button known as 'publish website'.
Thanks for your attention. 


(23 Dec 2022) Weirdly enough the Kremlin spokesperson, Dimitri Peskov is his name if I remember it correctly, came out with that stuff like we must respect and take into account the safety and security concerns of Russia. 

Well since the fall of the Soviet Union I was more or less such a person. But then something happened, Russia attacked Ukraine last February. So three decades of taking Russia's security needs into account did not help much. On the contrary we only get bullshit like Russia must fight fascism and lately even Mr. Satan came along with the idiots in the Kremlin saying they were fighting Mr. Satan. 

A bunch of lunatics like that don't deserve any kind of military security. On the contrary in February the new doctrine became degrading the Russian military till the point they can no longer repeat fighting Mr. Satan in countries like Poland or other EU countries. 

Can you now stop this silly whining Dimitri? There is no going back to the old policies because in February it became clear they have failed. In my view the Kremlin is just not a rational actor any longer. In case you don't understand what that means Dimitri: That means most of you better belong in a mental hospital and not in the Russian government... 

This update has two items so lets go: 

Item 1) UA prez Zerlensky goes to Washington DC.
Item 2) A simple solar detail confirming sun spots are caused by spinning plasma.

 Item 1) UA prez Zerlensky goes to Washington DC.

Luckily Zerlensky is a relative good communicator so he can give a speech in the US congress. It would be nothing for me but he did a good job. Zerlensky was once before in the White House on a visit to donald trump. I tried to find back that old photo where he looks a bit bewildered but I could not find it.  

And say for yourself: sitting next to a piece of shit like donald trump is a frightening experience if you have a normal human brain for yourself. Bah lets hope this bag of bowel wind, this nutjob never becomes USA prez again... 


And my dear Kremlin spokesperson: Of course there will be more batches of 100 thousand dead Russian soldiers. The policy has changed so can you stop all that whining please? 

For a short time the Ukrainian flag hung in the US congress, may be that will act as a clear cut signal to dumbo's like Dimitri... Let's hope it. 


Ok, lets go to the last item. 

 Item 2) A simple solar detail confirming sun spots are caused by spinning plasma.

Somewhere in 2015 I figured out that likely electrons are the long sought magnetic monopoles. Why the physics professors themselves could not find this important detail is still unknown to me, ok it is bad for the career of a theoretical professor to say that electrons are magnetic monopoles. But for experimentalists there is little excuse: it is not that hard to design a series of simple experiments that will validate this. 

Anyway after a few years it dawned on me that if in the sun there are rotating columns of plasma, as soon as there is an imbalance in the electrical charges this will act as a magnet. It is the solar version of an electrical coil so to say. 

If electrons are magnetic monopoles, in that case a lot of electrons will get spit out by the magnetic fields because they will be repelled. At the time I had no clue if this actually happened on the sun. But about one year later I found out that at the solar equator the sun rotates faster compared to the solar poles.  

So we must threat these rotating columns as rotating positive charges, as such we can apply the good old high school right hand rule for determining the north pole of the stuff. Please remark that if the rotating differential causes spinning plasma or tornado like structures, they will rotate in opposite directions on the north solar hemisphere compared to the south solar hemisphere.

An important feature of sun spots on the solar surface is they often come in pairs. The leading sun spot is mostly the strongest and it is known the sun spots are places of hefty magnetism. The solar magnetic cycle is 22 years, but the magnetic polarity of the sun spots always stays the same...  


As you see on inspection all details surrounding spinning or rotating columns of plasma are found back in the above picture. The leading sun spot always has north pole polarity on the upper hemisphere and south polo polarity on the lower solar hemisphere.

If you compare that to all those explanations as given by the physics professors, do you understand we will never be friends? Seven years of waiting until the physics professors say something has come and gone and since last year there is a new policy in place for dealing with those shitty overpaid incompetent people: AVOID THEM!

So the physics professors, arrogant and stupid to the bone as they are, they had seven years of poking fun at me for thinking I had found the magnetic monopoles. Now it is my turn to have seven years of being totally non cooperative.

Will the physics professors ever cough up that proof that the electrons is a tiny magnet as those idiots always claim? Of course not so AVOID THEM looks like the most logical thing to do.

End of this update, kill more Russians and if you want to neglect and avoid weird physics professors too that could help on a seven year timescale.
Till updates.

(21 Dec 2022) I corrected a bunch of stupid typo's: all updates in this month were labeled with the Nov month... Sometimes I too wonder why I can be that stupid for just so long.  

Two items for today, I hope I remember the name in the first item correctly: 

 Item 1) Interesting attack in Chongar observed.
 Item 2) A very good 30 min video on the Riemann hypothesis.

  Item 1) Interesting attack in Chongar observed.

In Chongar a Russian military convoy came under attack. The interesting details are the convoy was moving so it was not a stationary target. And it was about 120 km behind the frontlines. 

I took a screen shot from a Dennys Davydov video:


This is one of the many interesting developments this week. 

 Item 2) A very good 30 min video on the Riemann hypothesis.

The video is relatively good in it's category of Riemann hypotheses videos. All in all it is amazing how far Riemann has come on his own and of course it is amazing the lack of progress ever since.

Yes me too, I don't have a fucking clue how to prove this beast known as the Riemann hypothesis.  

The video is very bad when it comes to expectations of human behavior. He constantly talks about the one million US dollar prize that comes for solving this problem. But for me and I think for most people, money is not a good motivation for doing math.

Beside that, only if a university professor solves this long lasting problem it will be validated. Most of the time results from math amateurs like me are mostly ignored. Let me give you an example of that:

Last year I found a simple method of crafting counter examples to the also very old and very famous last Fermat theorem. Now inside math there is a space known as the split complex numbers and you can easily craft infinitely many counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat. But all attention only goes to some overpaid math professor named Andrew Wiles (he solved the old Fermat conjecture).  

Another example: Inside physics it might be there is some potential prize money out for people that discover a magnetic monopole. For me it is obvious that each and every electron is such a magnetic monopole. Well I haven't received any prize money or any attention and I expect that to be the case until I am dead.

It is not that universities are evil institutions, it is the large amount of relatively stupid people that get promoted far beyond their cognitive capabilities. And if they run the show you indeed get the behavior we observe: often stupid to the bone. 

But the video is very good when it comes to explaining what has been found. And I like it that this guy uses a different definition of the famous Riemann zeta function, it shows he has a good functioning brain when it comes to being a smart human.

Yet his hopes for humanity are far to high: A bag of money will never solve the Riemann hypothesis. And may be that is a good thing.

Click on the picture to land at the video:


Video title: The Million-Dollar Equation: too hard for Sheldon??
Link used: 

That was it for this update. See you around.


(16 Dec 2022) It has been freezing over here for a couple of days. It is fresh weather so to say. The new EU Ukrainian aid package is prone to political games, I don't like that at all but there is absolutely nothing I can do about that. As usual it is some country with some kind of autocratic leadership, in this case Hungary. An interesting feature of autocrats is that almost all of the time they are not very smart while at the same time very good at grabbing more and more political power.   

Two times for today: 

Item 1) Laser nuclear fusion ignition reached: is it important?
Item 2) Yeah yeah this is muddy.

 Item 1) Laser nuclear fusion ignition reached: is it important?

In the USA there was a big media fuss about nuclear fusion because as it was claimed "More energy came out as we did put into it". We have seen this before: decades ago the JET reactor in the UK had the same success. The only problem was that all the energy needed to confine the plasma was not into the calculation and as such 'break even' was an efficiency of say 2% (I don't remember the real numbers so say 2%). 

From the USA came the news about 3 mega Joules was produced with an input of just below 2 mega Joules. Without doubt that 2 mega Joule must be the energy in the laser light only. This time they are a bit more truthful as back in the time with the JET stuff. Let me place a small quote from Nature: 

However, while the fusion reactions may have produced more than 3 megajoules of energy — more than was delivered to the target — NIF’s 192 lasers consumed 322 megajoules of energy in the process. Still, the experiment qualifies as ignition, a benchmark measure for fusion reactions that focuses on how much energy went into the target compared to how much energy was released. 

Comment: So if we restrict the efficiency to the laser system only, that is about 1% efficiency. As you see we have a long way to. 

Quote and picture source: Nuclear-fusion lab achieves ‘ignition’: what does it mean?
Link used: 

It cost about 4200 Joules to heat one liter of water one degree Celcius or Kelvin. With 3 mega Joules you can heat about 700 liter of water one degree.  


A very important feature of an electricity plant is that it produces more electricity as it consumes. If not there is nothing to sell. So looking at this sort of record breakthroughs should always be looked upon a sliding scale.
You want all numbers, like the energy in the laser versus produced fusion energy. The energy needed to fire the laser once, total energy of the building where it all takes place and so on and so on. 

At last to pour even more cold water over this breakthrough: The 3 mega Joules produced is mostly heat, it is not in the form of electric energy. If you take that into account the total efficiency is even smaller. 

On the other hand it is nice to have achieved the thing known as ignition, in itself it is important but by no means will this help with climate change. Carbon emissions just don't decline and even if they would total amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere will only grow higher and higher.

If often view it as a garbage bin problem: We use the atmosphere as a garbage bin by throwing in all those greenhouse gasses like CO2 and methane. What happens if this garbage bin overflows is anybody's guess but likely it won't be pretty.  

 Item 2) Yeah yeah this is muddy.

It is well know that Ukraine can be a muddy place in autumn and spring. But my home country can be a wet place too so how does it compare? The UA ministry of defense had a short video out demonstrating how muddy it is. Here is a screen shot:


Without doubt if over here we start driving tanks over grassland they will sink too. But all in all it is not that slushy as we see in the screen shot. First the land must freeze over so lets hope that happens soon. 

In the meantime I hope the Ukrainians have enough good winter clothing. A lot of civilians have no idea how it is to be outside 24h a day in conditions like this. I only had one time the pleasure of sleeping under an open sky while it was freezing. You really need a lot more food in conditions like that.

Ok, let me try to find that button named 'publish website' and hope it does not get stuck in some muddy field...;) Thanks for your attention and till updates. 


(14 Dec 2022) No shortage of weird news: Some EU parliament official had about 600 thousand in € bills in her house and in Germany a group named the Reichsbürger was arrested because they wanted to overthrow the German government.
Who says humanity is always a work in progress?

But if we clean the world until it is tidy again, in that case we are making progress. For example in Ukraine you see a sniper team at work and they are cleaning up their country from unwanted parasitic types that love steal toilet pots:


Two items for today: 

 Item 1) More on the oil price cap & Russia's reaction thereupon.
 Item 2) On the permanency of electron spin. 

 Item 1) More on the oil price cap & Russia's reaction thereupon.

I have never traded in oil so I hope I don't look too stupid with this update...;) 

Oil trade has likely a ton of details with it that are not very clear from the outside. I know for example that during the trip of a tanker to her destination, the oil on the ship can be sold and bought many times. Furthermore it seems that the final date the oil must be paid for by traders is not the date the ship sails from the port. 

On oilprices dot com they have two articles on the oil price cap. Title first article:
The Oil Price Cap Continues To Baffle Traders. Link used:

Let me place a small quote:

Bloomberg cited traders last week as saying that a lot of them risked getting stuck with Russian crude cargos that cost more than the $60-per-barrel cap, unable to access Western insurance and tankers because of that fact. And that, in turn, would threaten the supply side of the global oil equation.  

Comment: It looks like it is better to trade on a fixed price. I am tempted to ask if it amateur hour but on the other hand I don't know the specifics of the oil trade. After all there are real people that try to make a living trading in actual oil. So no trading in fancy financial products but the actual stuff we need to kill the atmosphere slowly. 


Of course it is not the goal of destroying the supply side of oil. There is a 90 day period for implementing all the stuff. And ok oil traders did not have much time to prepare, it was just a short time ago that for example Poland insisted on a 40 dollar price and it took a lot of time to get the legislation delivered in time. 

So lets hope for the best, it is just a new boundary condition on oil trade that makes things more complicated but also attractive because of the lower price...

At last a second article from oil prices dot com: 
Title: A Peek At Russia’s Response To The G7 Oil Price Cap.
Link used:

 Item 2) On the permanency of electron spin. 

Over at the other website I just posted a few reasons as why I think electron spin is a permanent property of electrons. If correct this has all kinds of fascinating consequences, for example in your body when you grow proteins there must be all kinds of 'just in time delivery' of electrons with the right kind of spin.  

May be if electron spin is permanent, biological tissue uses electrons as a form of memory for say the shape of an organ or a bone or stuff in your eye. After all DNA decodes for how to make proteins but as far as we know it contains nothing as where to put and use that protein.

It was only this year I more or less decided that likely electron spin is a permanent feature. A long time ago a guy named Albert Einstein has calculated the probability per second for an electron in atomic hydrogen to flip the electron spin from a somehow higher energy level to a tiny bit less lower level.

So all these last seven years I kept a door open to electrons being able to change their monopole magnetic charge.

Another thing that made me humble and wait is the famous 21 cm hydrogen spectral line used in astronomy. That is very important because with this wavelength you can see right throw dust and stuff. But the 21 cm transition line is often only motivated by spin flip in atomic hydrogen.

Years ago I figured out that it should also be possible if there are other electrons that collide with the interstellar atomic hydrogen. Of course such atomic hydrogen must be in the higher energy state when it comes to electron monopole magnetic charge in order to release the 21 cm radiation.

So I did an internet search trying to find out if engineers may have tried to make some resonance chamber where they bombard atomic hydrogen with electrons in order to make the 21 cm radiation. I failed but I found a pdf from an old article out of the year 1958. To my surprise it explains perfectly that collisions are far more likely to cause the 21 cm radiation and not that fancy Albert Einstein calculation.

On top of that the pdf is from the RUG, the university next door. So five years before I was born they understood that collisions could also be the source of the 21 cm radiation. But I never found that in my seven year long quest into electron spin.

Here is a screen shot from the old article pdf while I use some modern James Webb Space Telescope picture in the background. Click on the picture to land at my latest post over on the other website:  


That was it for this update. Love thy neighbor and don't forget to kill a few Russians here and there if you can. Till updates and thanks for your attention. 


(09 Dec 2022) Oil prices don't do wild things. I more or less expected a few hickups here and there but today oil prices were shaved by another percent. So as far as the oil markets are concerned, the price cap for Russian oil did not lead to price instabilities or so...
All in all there is a 90 days implementation period so it is far to early to say something meaningful beside stuff like there is no panic at all only tranquility from the eastern front. 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) Intercepted phone call on the importance of Vodka.
Item 2) A tiny bit more on the exponential circle from the previous update.

 Item 1) Intercepted phone call on the importance of Vodka.

I think I have shown you this channel before but if you haven't checked it out it is still worth a try. It's called Insights from Ukraine and Russia and he often has intercepted phone calls. Those phone calls are not rigid statistics or so but all in all they paint a very interesting picture of the problems the Russians face. 

If you just like me has served as a conscript in the local army, likely you wonder why the Russians make such a tremendous misuse of their own soldiers. In the end if you don't take care of your soldiers in the end those frustrated males will become rather criminal and alcoholic and drug abusive after returning home. 

And a lot of them won't come home alive anyway. 

Video title: Russian Soldier Fears Sobriety And Arguing With His Mother On The Phone - INTERCEPTION
Link used: 



Russians have a habit of making Vodka for themselves, it's legal over there. But often they need to filter the end result with carbon in order to get something you can drink. In the year 2010 I stopped making Vodka myself but in the end I had perfected it to the extend you absolutely did not need weird things like carbon filters.  

It is interesting to see on such a wide scale (all of Russia) that they hang on for so long to stuff that is so dirty you need to filter it. With a bit of attention and understanding how the Vodka making process works makes tremendous improvements on the end product. May be in a future update I will explain but covering all details is too long for short updates like this one.

 Item 2) A tiny bit more on the exponential circle from the previous update.

I skipped a lot of things last Tuesday, in the first place this is the exponential circle for so called circular 3D numbers. They use an imaginary unit j such that j^3 = 1 where for the complex three dimensional numbers we have  j^3 = -1. 

In the picture you see five equations. These five equations represent five geometrical objects and every intersection between two of the equations is the beloved exponential circle. Because there are five equations there are 10 ways to pair them up so the the intersection of each pair is the exponential circle.

The meaning of the five equations is given as:

1) A sphere with a radius of 1.
2) A cone with the top in the origin and containing the three coordinate axes.
3) This is the determinant of 3D circular numbers as a matrix.
4) A plane containing the three basis vectors 1 = (1, 0, 0), j = (0, 1, 0) and j^2 = (0, 0, 1).
5) A cylinder around the main axis of non-invertible numbers. 


But of course there is more, after it is math made by me myself and I and therefore it is not so shallow as a lot of other stuff. The last equations 4) and 5) are factors of 3).

You can try that for yourself, multiply equation 4) and 5) and keep on working until you have equation number 3).

After that you can be amazed, just like I was years ago, that the three functions depending on time always solve all five equations.

And after days and weeks of thinking you suddenly understand it all: This is a sign from God and it says: Kill more Russians! Vodka or not if even God says we must kill more Russians who am I to preach that thing as peace love and understanding?

Ok, it is time to upload this and thanks for your attention. 


(07 Dec 2022) Yesterday the Russian oil price cap came into effect. It was agreed at 60 dollar so insurance companies are not allowed to insure Russian oil if the price is above the price cap of 60 dollar. Now at day 2 insurance companies are already complaining that the Turkish demands are hard to meet. I can't judge on that but I am glad the Turks start with a positive attitude.

Weirdly enough there is finally one silver lining in this war to be found: On a global scale the investment in energy renewables for the next five years is as high as the combined investment from the last two decades... That is also why I have never complained about the high energy prices. Of course as a consumer I don't like it but as a human I understand we have to make the energy transition better as fast as possible. After all greenhouse gasses are still increasing far to fast... 

Two items for today:

 Item 1) Funny attacks inside Russia.
 Item 2) Some old math; the 3D complex exponential.

  Item 1) Funny attacks inside Russia.

Amazingly far from the Ukraine border deep inside Russia there were a few relatively small attacks on military air fields. The funny detail is that now this war is still in it's first year, it looks like the Russian capital Moscow could become under attack too... 

But this is only year number one of this war, likely when we are in year four or five the Russians will sing a very different song. 

It was often said that it was a great embarrassment for the Russians that these attacks took place so deep inside Russia. But if the reports are true that it was done by long distance drones with a payload of say 75 kg, it is remarkable the Russians even noticed that they were attacked.  

After all if you start your day with a pint of mother Vodka, it is hard to notice something blowing up a few miles from where you are. So my compliments go to Russia: This is not an embarrassment but a clear sign that Russians are woke.

Being woke means you are sensitive to attacks and I am just so glad the Russians are woke, awake, alert, fast reacting and all those beautiful things that come with being woke.   

The Russians claimed the attacks were done with drones like this: 


The wooden era is from before the stone era, I think it is unwise to use drones from the stone age or stone era (they are too heavy).

May be it is time to go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Some old math; the 3D complex exponential.

Lately a lot of Ukrainians can't work properly because they lack electricity. Among those are also the electricity workers and some of them are in the business of three phase electricity.

Now my math upon this is very theoretical and not much of a use in day to day practice of maintaining a three phase electricity grid. But my 3D complex exponential resembles a lot of things the three phase electricity has. 

But electricity workers can compare if for themselves: How do the graphs of say the voltages look if you depict all phases in one graph? That is what the graphs of my 3D exponential complex too look.

It is a bit more complicated as the simple two dimensional complex exponential known as e^it. But at the time it was a miracle I could use the cosine function to craft the beautiful thing. 

You can neglect the female, at first I wanted to estimate how far Bitcoin could fall further and she is one of the people that think there is great value in crypto currencies. I don't think that, but anyway she has an interesting face for a hormone driven guy like me:  


It is remarkable that the lower three coordinate functions form a circle and also obey the five equations as depicted on the top of the head of the crypto coin loving female. 

End of this update. 


(02 Dec 2022) It is about time I start to follow the football stuff because now I am without a proper television it is just too easy to forget an impending match. My television is a stupid piece: Everything works good but not the television channels.

But we are now in the 1/16 final and the impending opponent is the USA on Saturday. The USA might not be a very football or soccer minded nation but that does not mean you will have an easy win. On the contrary, only hard work and a healthy amount of pure luck can bring a victory. So it could very well be our football fate is decided in a few days of time.


Today I have only one item: 

Item 1) Is there life after HIMARS?

 Item 1) Is there life after HIMARS?

In a video from Jake Broe he came with something I had not given much thought about: Are there enough HIMARS rockets? Jake estimated all in all about 10 thousand could be shipped to Ukraine before serious shortcomings in the USA arsenal is there. Furthermore he estimates about 1500 a month go to Ukraine. 

If true that would be on average 50 fired HIMARS rockets a day?  

I have no idea how reliable Jake's estimations are, after all I observed him once explaining how he does his investments and all that money into options only did not look like some smart investment strategy. But reliable estimate or not, of course the HIMARS stockpiles are finite.

We are still in a so called 'peace time economy' so expanding military production should more or less follow basic economical principles. In a wartime economy there is much less on economical efficiency, military efficiency is more dominant in a wartime economy. 

Companies like Boeing are putting down proposals for the delivery of other rockets in the 100 mile range. These are small rockets with a small diameter, have not a very large payload but have target precision.  

Delivery could be in the beginning of 2023. 

Of course there are a lot more proposals going on and given the finite amount of HIMARS rocktes this problem must be solved. All I do is say that I hope it is FUCKING CHEAP per capita rocket so we have not a ceiling of say 10.000 but more like 50 thousand cheap but precise rockets... 


Picture source and Reuters file with a few details:

Exclusive: U.S. weighs sending 100-mile strike weapon to Ukraine

Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(30 Nov 2022) There seems to be some delay in the EU proposals for the Russian oil price cap. I don't know the details but someone said that Poland considers the present proposals as too high and want the capping at 40€.
I don't think such a price will work, if Russia considers the price too low and as some form of economical suicide it could very well be they blow up the entire global economy by halting all oil exports.
That would be extreme but we must take into consideration that the Kremlin is no longer a rational actor. As such I think 40€ is too low and something like say 63€ looks like a better offer.  

In a very different thing, it was reported that the face of Sasha Grey was used on some Russian military recruitment poster. Well Sasha is USA based and likely not very pleased with this weird stuff. The poor girl. 

Two small items for today: 

Item 1) Two already iconic pictures from Bakhmut I believe.
Item 2) I still can't find any repeated Stern Gerlach experiments...

 Item 1) Two already iconic pictures from Bakhmut I believe.

By all standards this is very hard work for the Ukrainian armed forces. Lets hope they can rotate enough so they can avoid nasty stuff like a trenchfoot. I saw a video from a guy after five days of being in these wet trenches, he did put out his shoes and was wearing plastic bags over his socks.  


And the real cold still has to come. The Russians without proper winter clothing, sleeping bags etc etc are already dying from hypothermia. Once more we see the Kremlin is not a very rational actor: how can you send your soldiers into battle without proper clothing or a sleeping bag?  

The next picture is also already iconic, anyway I consider it so, this shows a bit of the damage done to the nature inside Ukraine: 


If you think about all those animals wounded & killed by shrapnel, it makes you a bit sad. But a lot of nations are stepping up military and humanitarian aid and that makes me happy. 


On the electricity front it amazes me how fast the repairs are being done. From childhood on I knew a bit more about electricity production and distribution because my father worked as the local electricity plant. Now for all people complaining repairs don't go fast enough I have a simple challenge for you:

Replace the plug of one of your apparatus or just montage a plug at the end of some electricity cable. Lay out all the tools you need, start the timer and never forget the first rule of electricity: Every mistake can lead to serious death or injury.

Most people need easily 15 minutes or more for just replacing a plug...

My compliments go to the electricity workers from Ukraine!

 Item 2) I still can't find any repeated Stern Gerlach experiments...

No, on the preprint archive if you just make a simple search on say like "repeated Stern Gelach" you get zero results if you restrict it to the abstract inside all of physics.

If you make a full text search on the preprint archive you will get results, it is not 100% braindead but it comes very close.   

Without doubt many times in the last hundred years since in 1922 the results of the Stern Gerlach experiment became known, without doubt a lot of times people must have tried to do the 'repeating' experiment. Or the stuff like "If you measure the spin in the Z-axis direction, both spins in the X and Y axis direction are reset to a 50/50 probability distribution... 

Well it's all not there, on the entire internet you can't find it anywhere: In one hundred years it was never validated that all this super position quantum stuff was true.  

Yet at present day people try to build quantum computers while they think that electrons are often in a super position of being spin up & spin down. 

I say nope to this nonsense: Why don't the university people back up their ridiculous claims like every electrons is a tiny magnet?

Where is your experimental proof?

The only place in this universe where electron spin gets flipped is inside the heads of physics professors. In my view these people are crazy, they are not scientists...   

Here is Sasha on my recruitment poster for thinking about electron spin as a magnetic monopole.  


Oh oh, lets hope Sasha does not recruit too much Russian horny dicks...

May be it is a great time to split my dear reader.
Till updates.  


(25 Nov 2022) Two items for today:  

Item 1) Amrita Sen on oil price cap, oil embargo & the famous FTT token...
Item 2) It sounds cool: spin lasers.

  Item 1) Amrita Sen on oil price cap, oil embargo & the famous FTT token...

Amrita Sen is a good energy analyst. So if you are confused by the oil price cap, the so called oil embargo and most important: Are you interested in investing in crypto? 

Click on the picture for the CNBC video, title: The price cap does not impact Europe's ability to buy Russian oil, says Energy Aspects' Amrita Sen: 


Link used: 

If you have a normal life with a job or so or some kids you might have missed the crash of the crypto coin exchange FTX. By accident I came across a video from April this year with the crypo billionaire Sam Bankman Fried. The way Sam describes the crypto currencies or coins as a box is a very good way of depicting what crypto actually is. 

Crypto is a charming idea, but at present day total market cap of all cryto's is about 800 billion dollar or euro. Do you think 800 billion in stuff made out of thin air is enough to serve the real economy in some kind of way or form? In my view total market cap can fall much much more... 

Crypto CEO Accidentally Describes Ponzi Scheme

It is from the Channel Coffeezilla, he didn't do the interview himself but it's a repost. 

So now you know what a crypto coin is: It is a box where people put money in. 


 Item 2) It sounds cool: spin lasers.

In the previous update I didn't have time enough to explain as why I think electrons carry a permanent one-pole magnetic charge. Why is this 'spin' permanent while extremely smart people from the physics departments try to build quantum computers based on flipping qbits? 

I want to repost this picture from the ESO, I posted this one on 05 Oct: 

The spirally stuff means the photons have opposite circular polarization. 


Under the assumption that electrons are magnetic monopoles, the sun spots will spit out mostly one kind of electron. These electrons produce different kinds of photons.  

Ok, but what makes these two 'spin states' permanent?

The official theory says that if you measure the spin of an electron in a particular direction, say along the X-axis, that serves as a kind of reset if you measure it along a perpendicular direction say the Y or Z-axis.

A measurement is any kind of magnetic field coming from any direction; that should count as a reset on directions perpendicular to that. 

Now the sun is a rather chaotic place so why is there a significant circular polarization to find all of the time? And once more: why do professional physics people not see for themselves that their idea's about electrons being tiny magnets are total BS? If you claim that electrons are tiny magnets you must have some experimental proof for that. They haven't any proof and on top of that don't think there is a problem there.

Why do we use so much tax money to fund these weirdo's?

Well I don't think we have enough time to look at the spin lasers. But it's a catchy title so why change it? May be next time, sorry!

Ok, that is what I had to say today. Thanks for your attention and I hope you will sleep warm with peace in your hard while you dream of being a long distance sniper shooting a few Russian conscripts a day every day...;)  


 (23 Nov 2022) The WHO reported that about 700 attacks were done against Ukrainian medical facilities since last Feb. That is a staggering amount. I remember in the first week of the war I was irritated by that mental hospital guy Lavrov the Russian fm. He said at the time there will only be attacks against military targets done with precise weaponry...

Not often you observe a person that weird. Is it a problem for Sergei Lavrov his insights did not come out? Of course not, he is a very mental guy.

Two items for today. 

 Item 1) Russian oil price cap & inflation.

 Item 1) Russian oil price cap & inflation.

Oops, it seems that the price cap is set at 60 US$. But my estimation says it should be 63 US$ because at something like 60 dollar there still is a possibility the Kremlin will go beserk.  

With going beserk or bonkers I mean they will stop all oil deliveries at the countries that are participating in the oil price capping mechanism. Anyway the mechanism via ship insurance is still a beautiful route: If the insurance of the ship is too high, the insurance will not be sold. 

Ok, I am too late with my 63 $ remark. Sorry but in previous updates I had also other things to do of course. So ok, let it be 60 dollar if this can't be changed. 


For the time being inflation is just going on and on. I don't blame anyone for this. Ok ok from all existing US dollars there are a lot of the introduced into the economy in the last years since COVID-19. You must weigh that against the damage that would have been done by the new virus if there would be zero help from the governments around the world. In the USA there would be millions more homeless people because they could not pay rent or mortgage. The rescue packages have prevented this but the fallout is a nice rout of good old inflation. 

Lately oil prices did come a bit down so may be this is the beginning of the unwinding of the latest inflation rout that rams through the entire economy. 


May be we should not call it "Price cap on Russian oil" but we invite Russia to make a humble contribution to the noble fight against that evil inflation monster. Hey Russia, is 63 dollar a barrel acceptable for you?  

 Item 2) Circular photons and electron spin, from blah blah to logic. 

Sometimes I can be stupid too. Four evenings on a row I wasted about half an hour to find some meaningful stuff on the interaction of electrons and photons. 

But I did that search on Duckduckgo. The fifth day I was thinking "Why not try Google?" At present day Google has an option of "Reject all tracing & tracking" so it is more or less safe to skip using Duckduckgo. 

Within five minutes I had what I wanted: 

Spin up electrons create say left turning photons while
spin down electrons create right turning circular photons. 

The fact this is a bit hard to find in the year 2022 on the internet is a reflection of the fact that science does not embrace the logic of electrons being magnetic monopoles.  

May be you have ever heard of the so called complex exponential:

e^it = cos t + i sin t. 

This is a left turning thing. We can make it a right turning thing by replacing the time t by a negative time -t. We can also apply a 'phase shift' of 180 degrees to the sine and in that case we get:

cos t - i sin t. 

Say the cos is the electric field of the photon and sin the magnetic part. 

If electrons are magnetic monopoles, this comes down to a 180 degree shift in the magnetic field of the electron.


The quote in the picture above demonstrates that physics professors understand that electron spin caused the kind of circular photon you have.

It's late, lets end this update and give you the internet sources used:

U.S., Allies Eye $60 Price Cap For Russian Crude 

Ok, that was it because I run out of time. But the 'blah blah' is what physics professors think while the 'logic' it the 180 degree shift in magnetism when it comes to our beloved electrons that are all permanent magnetic monopoles. 
Till updates.


(18 Nov 2022) Today after say 8 years, the verdicts were done in the case of the downing of the MH17 with a BUK rocket. One person was found not guilty, the others got life sentences. It's all highly symbolic of course given the fact the accused are in Russia, but it gives some closure to those who's loved ones were shot from the sky... 

In the case of the rockets in Poland the investigation is still underway. I vaguely read also a Ukrainian team was on their way or had arrived so lets keep calm because this does not look like an attack against NATO. It's likely some stupid accident just like the MH17 stuff from 2014. 

Dennys Davydov (a Ukrainian Youtubber) had two interesting observations:
1) The S300 ground to air missiles are supposed to explode in air if they miss their intended target. They only hit ground targets if they are modified like Russia did.
2) If you use the coordinates of Kyiv and Liyv (I hope I spell it all correctly) and you fill that in as longitude and altitude, you get weirdly a situation very close to the place of impact. As such Dennys is suggesting that some rockets at the Russian side were loaded with the faulty coordinates. 

It's all very interesting but better wait a bit longer is my take on the stuff. 

I found a video that is utterly useless, stupid interpretation of the facts, completely not understanding that adult people do often act calmly and not so weirdly hysterical as that FirstPost video. This is all fucking stupid: 

Video title: US, NATO and other Allies of Ukraine Angered by Zelensky’s Lies About Russia | Poland Missile Attack.
Link used:

So far for the intro, today's item is about magnetism: 

Item 1) Wow man they found Weyl magnet monopoles! I hit back with oxygen!

 Item 1) Wow man they found Weyl magnet monopoles! I hit back with oxygen!

Today I finally did an internet search on what Weyl magnets are and to my surprise they found something that acts as a magnetic monopole. I still have no idea what Weyl magnets are because most explanations don't make use of the fact that electrons are magnetic monopoles themselves. 

It still baffles my mind as why those physics professionals don't see their idea as the electron being a tiny magnet leads to all kinds of contradictions. For example how can it be the electron pair with opposite spins is a binding element in chemistry? But if you view electrons as the monopoles when it comes to magnetic charge, all of a sudden it makes much more sense that an electron pair is a binding thing inside the science of chemistry.

Lately I looked again in the details as why oxygen molecules are magnetic. It seems that every oxygen molecule O2 has one so called 'non binding' electron pair. The official theory says a non-binding pair has two electrons with the same spin. 

So in my world of understanding electron spin: Every oxygen molecule O2 must behave as a magnetic monopole. And it should not be that hard to verify this experimentally, but a wise person must not wait for universities to take their responsibilities on this detail. 

Anyway you can compare for yourself what is overly complicated and what is very simple to understand when it comes to magnetic monopoles.

Here is that Weyl stuff:

Physicist observes the first unpaired Weyl magnetic monopole.

And what I had to say on electrons being magnetic monopoles and as such explaining the magnetic properties of the oxygen molecule O2

Why is oxygen magnetic? 


Before we split and you just don't want to know about electron spin, let me post one of those new music videos with AI generated images based on the lyrics of the song sung.


Video title: Killer Queen - But every lyric is an AI generated image
Link used:

It looks amazing if you realize it is made by some computer.

Let us split an go our different ways, till updates.


(16 Nov 2022) This evening two missiles landed in Poland killing two people. Once more it goes from crazy to worse and of course the Kremlin denying it all just like we observed with that MH17 from eight years back...   

All in all at first impression this does not look like an attack but an accident, yet this drives up tensions only more and more. 

It's late, two items so lets get started: 

 Item 1) Missiles in Poland and a Dnieper crossing to the Kinburn Peninsula...
 Item 2) The complex exponential for 4D complex numbers (from 2018).

 Item 1) Missiles in Poland and a Dnieper crossing to the Kinburn Peninsula...

It is not only bad news from Ukraine. I observed some video fragments of Ukrainian soldiers crossing the Dnieper going to that Kinburn Peninsula. But in the haste I could not find any pictures. 

This was shown in the first pictures from Poland: 


We must wait until more details emerge. 

In a light note I wanted to post a detail of that weird but also very beautiful photo from a drawing by Banksy. It is very beautiful. Drawing is something I am very bad at, I just can't draw a human face so to say.


I skipped an awful lot like the G20 meeting, but lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) The complex exponential for 4D complex numbers (from 2018).

Until now I keep all of my math works in one rather large file that is now almost one thousand pages long. Lately I have been scrolling through that on a few occasions and a lot of stuff was found that made me say 'not bad'. 

One of those is what as known as a complex exponential, that is that stuff like e^it that goes round in a circle in the complex plane. I found that thing on the 4D complex numbers. 

Now 4D complex numbers are NOT the quaternions. Just as the complex plane is based on the calculation rule that i^2 = = -1, for 4D complex numbers the imaginary unit is given by k and the calculation rule is that k^4 = -1

Here is some basic stuff:   

And what about the numbers tau? They are the kernel of all complex exponential stuff in any space you can dream of. May be the 4D number tau is worth say one hundred thousand more dead Russian soldiers, is that a good advertisement for 4D complex numbers?  

I think it is time to split, I am sleepy. I hope you are too.

 Update from 24 hours later: This day it emerged that likely some Ukrainian anti-air boom stuff went astray. So I was wrong with blaming Russia as soon as possible. This proves once more you must not draw such conclusions when you are both tired and irritated.

Also because I was a bit too tired yesterday I could not find that parametrization for the 4D complex exponential, but today now I am happy and not tired at all and of course I have Jesus in my heart, the screenshot was easily found again.

It is a bit more complicated as the famous e^it = cos(t) + i sin(t). But these four coordinate functions are very beautiful: it is the multiplication of two such famous things together and one of those circles runs twice as fast as the other. It is just like the 'explanation' of electron spin with the stupid Dirac belt trick but don't tell that to the believers in electron spin 'Dirac style'.

Here is the screenshot, it's the 4D version of e^it


The imaginary unit l in the above picture is the second basic vector in 4D space, so:

l = (0, 1, 0, 0) and l^2 = (0, 0, 1, 0) etc etc. 

So far for this small correction & addendum. See you around.


(11 Nov 2022) As usual a lot did happen in just two days, I want to look at the Kherson stuff and the USA elections.  

Item 1) USA elections; it looks like a big relief...

 Item 1) USA elections; it looks like a big relief...

The Ukrainians are on average very convinced that they will win the war. And ok given the circumstances they are doing it relatively very good. But if the political situation outside Ukraine changes a lot, it will all become much more harder. May God forbit it but if trump becomes US prez again, we will see all that chaos once more. 

Often in a binary political democracy like the USA there are relatively large swings in elections. It looks like this time they weren't there. In itself this is a good thing, stuff in the USA is already so strongly polarized that the fact there was no big election swing indicates more and more Americans understand that donald trump is a piece of shit. 

And I don't want to hear that piece of shit every day in the news talking his weird stuff. If I want to listen to people that have all kinds of mental handicaps, if I want I can always go and visit a local mental hospital... 

The New York Post had a funny picture with donald in the form of trumpty dumpty. For new readers: I can't write the name of donald trump with the two capital letters it needs, if I do that I always become emotionally instable...;)
I added a wallpaper version of the Ukrainian flag as a background to the trumpty dumbty picture, may be I should apoligize to the Ukrainians for using their flag colors...  


This week Russia came out stating that they will withdraw from Kherson. A lot of reports say they have tens of thousands military folks over there so we wonder if they are capable of an orderly withdrawal or retreat.  

After all this is hard work, doing a withdrawal while constantly engaging into fighting with the Ukrainians is a hard thing to do. If there are really about 30 thousand Russians in that area, it will take some time to complete such a withdrawal.

The New York Times has a relatively good and long oversight on the Ukrainian equation. The picture below is a part from a photo of Stanislav Kozliuk, sometimes I am just to lazy in naming sources but this photo was so beautiful that I had to mention Stanislav his name. 


NYT source, title: Ukrainian Forces Advance After Russia Orders Kherson Retreat 

I would like to end this update with a sad estimate: US estimates say that both Ukraine and Russia have suffered casualties in the order of a hundred thousand. A casualty is a dead human or a serious wounded one.

And that my dear reader is an awful lot of human suffering.
Thanks for your attention. 


(09 Nov 2022) It seems that a bunch of tanks are going direction Ukraine. My country together with the USA bought some T-72 upgraded tanks. If memory serves it were about 90 pieces, our contribution was about 45 million € from a new 120 million package. I don't know what the upgrade is, isn't it time there would be technical innovation such that you can also brew beer with a T-72?
What's that tank doing in your garden? Oh that is my latest brewing equipment! 

Our defense minister would not say what was in the rest of the 120 million only that it was in line with what was requested by the Ukrainians. So I hope it is helpful. On top of that about 100 Dutch military folks will train Ukrainians in some EU initiative. 

So all in all it is not much and it is not nothing. 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) A grave digging contest in Russia.
Item 2) A tiny look at solar sun spot magnetism.

 Item 1) A grave digging contest in Russia.

Jake Broe often has those funny video's about Ukraine. This one has the funny title:
Russia Keeps Failing at Everything
Link used: 

In his video Jake shows some Russian grave digging contest. I don't know what to think of it although it is indeed funny. Well all countries have a right to their own kind of crazy. In the USA you have that halloween stuff and we the Dutch still love some caricature form of a Negro named zwarte Piet.  


For sure this is the Russia we love and expect to see: Very good at digging graves...

Another reason to bring up this vid from Jake is the next statistic as often published by the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians try to estimate Russian losses and so often it just baffles the mind: Why the hell do the Russians proceed with this?


Just another day on the battlefields in Ukraine: 840 Russian soldiers dead. 

These are crazy times and crazy numbers in a crazy year... 

 Item 2) A tiny look at solar sun spot magnetism.

Years ago I found an alternative explanation for sun spots: rotating cylinder or tornado like structures in the sun. The official explanation for sun spots is that so called 'magnetic lines' enter the surface dumping a lot of magnetic energy in the solar corona.  

In my experience of solar stuff and using the very handy model of electrons being magnetic monopoles, I think a rotating cylinder of plasma will become very positively charged soon and become a very strong magnet.
So in my model the magnetism is not some weird thing popping up but a mechanism where rotating kinetic energy is transformed into magnetism.

The less complicated sun spots always come in pairs with opposite magnetic polarity like in the next picture: 


Scientists think that sun spots are related to the rotation of the sun: At the equator it rotates faster as on the poles. I too think that it is related to this difference in rotational speed: that causes the spinning cylinder stuff anyway and after that kinetic energy is transformed into magnetic energy.

There is always a leading sup spot in a sun spot pair; that must be the one with the spinning plasma under it. Observations say that on the two hemisphere of the sun come always opposite: If say the leading sun spot on the northern hemisphere has polarity north, in that case mostly the leading sun spot on the southern hemisphere will have south polarity.

Perfectly in line with the spinning plasma cylinder model I think is more valid.

But present day professional physics people just don't want to entertain the idea that likely all electrons are magnetic monopoles with a permanent magnetic charge.

So my dear professional physics professors: When the fuck are you finally giving some kind of experimental proof that indeed electrons are the 'tiny magnets' as you claim to believe?

Let us split my dear reader. Till updates. 


(04 Nov 2022) This update will be used to take a short look at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in China from Dec 2019. So for once we skip the Ukrainian equation. One of my family members was relatively surprised that I more or less guessed that a lab leak was the most probable cause of the outbreak. He thought for a short time that I had lost my mind to the conspiracy weirdo's around at that time.  

Item 1) US Senate report & John Campbell on the COVID origins.

 Item 1) US Senate report & John Campbell on the COVID origins.

The Chinese always reacted furious when it was suggested that their Wuhan institute for virology was the root source. After all if you work with viruses that can infect humans, it does not take much error to get a leakage out of the lab. After all at the end of the day all workers go home, they don't stay in the lab always... 

Now to refresh your mind there were two hypotheses: That food market where the virus supposedly had come from an animal source. The other main stream was the lab leak. And of course tons of weird conspiracy stuff like Bill Gates wanting to chip humans for some strange reason. Most of the time that conspiracy stuff could be neglected but large parts of the population fell prone to stuff like that.  

I was doubtful about that food market hypothesis. Ok ok over the entire history of mankind there will be millions of people that went healthy to a food market and got some virus or bacterial infection over there. But I know of no viral stuff emerging from a food market in the entire history of mankind. Of course if such a thing happened in say the year 1013 in some part of say Scotland, now we have no way of finding that out. But anyway, the food hypothesis could be true but it definitely needed much more evidence and proof.   

Of course the lab leak hypothesis also needed more evidence. The problem with the lab leak is of course that if true, it might very well be the Chinese would try to cover this up. After all only the economical damage was HUGE so to say. 

So even if you have 5 or 10 pieces of strong evidence pointing to a lab leak, the Chinese would not be convinced in any way.  

You can compare investigations like this (COVID origin) to my own little quest into finding out if electrons are 'tiny magnets' or magnetic monopoles. The physics professors think they are tiny magnets while I had my doubts. One of the strongest pieces of evidence I had was the fact that in nature there are only loose electrons or electron pairs. Why the hell are there only single and paired electrons? If the 'tiny magnet' model was true, where is the logic to this all?

But years later the Nobel prize committee, idiots as they are, keep on handing out Nobel prizes in physics to people that deeply think that electrons are tiny magnets. So the fact there is never a triplet of electrons observed is no problem for the committee members. If you are a nutjob anyway this is never a problem. 

So how could you bring a tiny bit more validation to the lab leak hypothesis? The next picture shows a map where Chinese people searched on some app about flu like symptoms. It shows clearly that if there was a lab leak, these data show more activity in the lab region compared to the food market. 


If you show this very interesting map to some Chinese official you won't get a meaningful response.  

Ok, let me wrap up this update. It was a video from John Campbell that aroused my old interest in the COVID-19 origins again. Here are video title & link: 

Video title: Covid could have started earlier than thought
Link used:

The US Senate report named in the video:

At the end of this update I want to remark that of course COVID-19 was already spreading before the Chinese authorities made that public. 

If you compared the speed of the reaction from the Chinese compared to what the physics professors are doing, we can safely conclude the physics professors are stupid to the bone while the Chinese authorities are smart, clever and fast reacting on changing circumstances... 


Sometimes I wonder why the world is as it is.
But than I think: If there is a way to kill
more Russian soldiers we do not have
to wonder why.   

End of this update. 


(02 Nov 2022) It's a bit too late to write the two items I planned for today so lets skip one of them. The electricity situation in Ukraine keeps on worsening day in day out. I don't know a way out, only air defense stuff brings some relief but it is very hard to hit 100% of the incoming missiles.

It is still strange that the Russians think they have some kind of right to their behavior like bombing all that civilian infrastructure. And when a warship of them comes under attack this is all of a sudden a 'terror attack'. At the Kremlin week in week out they become more mental. But I said it so often: These are not rational actors any longer, that means of course some form of mental illness must be there.

I don't know if the grain deal really has fallen apart, I didn't have time for that. But Monday a lot of ships sailed anyway and now Russia is out of the deal we can also reason like this: If Russia attacks some of the grain ships, this could be considered as an attack on NATO (in case it is a Turkish grain ship or so).
After that we could bomb the entire Black Sea fleet to the eternal blup blup blup area of the Black Sea.  

Item 1) That drone attack on the new Russian Black Sea flag ship was spectacular!

 Item 1) That drone attack on the new Russian Black Sea flag ship was spectacular!

It has been some time since I wished the Ukrainians good luck with the more complicated attacks. I don't know how long ago that was but since then we observed a lot of relative complicated attacks like the Crimean air port stuff and just recently that drone attack on the new Russian flag ship.  

It is kinda weird that there is only a helicopter from the Russians trying to shoot these drone boats. I don't know much about boat defense but my humble guesstimate is that a helicopter might give some protection but you need plenty more. Well that is apparently lacking, lets hope the Russians never run out of vodka.  


The attack was in the dark, likely the Russians don't have much night vision gear. For the long term strategy of preventing Russia from doing another attack like they do now in Ukraine, it is obvious the entire Russian Black Sea fleet must go blup blup blup.  

The Russians are denying any significant damage but even if the new flag ship is unusable for the rest of this war never forget the rest of the entire fleet still has to go. 

In case you haven't seen the footage, it is really crazy to see, here is a link: 

Video title: Attack on the Port of Sevastopol
Link used: 

That was it for this update. Thanks for your attention. 


(28 Oct 2022) It is already 00.50 hours over here so lets get started. Two light items for today. So lets go:

Item 1) These feet cloth date back to tsar Peter the Great.
Item 2) More on electron transport in biological tissue.

 Item 1) These feet cloth date back to tsar Peter the Great.

One of the video's from Jake Broe's channel is also about so called voetlappen (that is Dutch for feet clotch) is not related to the economical sanctions. Jake is mistaken in that, but if you don't know the history of this stuff I can understand why he is making that mistake. 

Centuries back the Russian tsar Peter the Great worked here as an intern so he could learn how ship were build. He also found out that the Dutch in those long lost years did not use socks for their military boots but voetlappen. 

I know this is not very important information but we must not view everything related to Russia with a mind full of economical sanctions or so. Some things like these foot or feet cloth are centuries old. 


Back in the time it seems that Russia did not have the flag it has today. I don't know if that is true but it is said that tsar Peter based the Russian flag on our flag.  

May be it is time for another item...;)   

 Item 2) More on electron transport in biological tissue.

After thinking a bit longer on this, the finding that in biological systems electron transport can be spin polarized. That is the chiral induced spin selection. I have absolutely no idea how it works in detail but I can honestly say that professional biochemical professors know even less about it because they ask particle professors for advice. So they won't make much progress with understanding it all.

Back to electron spin basics: In my view electron spin is not some fragile state of some magnetic vector pointing into some direction. I think that electrons are magnetic monopoles and as such for the last seven years I tried to find stuff that contradicts this monopole hypotheses. Year in year out I could not find a thing, at present day I think this monopole magnetic charge of the electron is true.

The idea of two different electrons with a permanent magnetic charge has profound implications for chemistry and biochemistry: Every electron pair is made of two electrons of opposite magnetic charge, so when your body is making new proteins or so there are going into this building up an awful lot of electron pairs.
If there are two kinds of electrons, inside your body's electron transport system there must be ways to separate these two variants of electron.

If the story of the physics professors was true, you only need to 'flip' the spin of a particular electron and you'll be fine. If all that bullshit was true, why does nature not invent some clever way to flip the spin of an electron?
In this universe the only place where electron spin gets flipped is inside the head of those overpaid weirdo's known as the physics professors... 

I have two video's for you, the first one is from the guy that more or less discovered this spin selection effect. He works at some Israeli institute and it is obvious he does not have a clue about how important this finding is. He is thankful for the advice he gets from particle professors, now good luck with that kind of advice.

Click on the picture for the video: 


The next video is from PBS space time: The idiot is explaining as why the 2022 Noble prize in physics is such a good thing. In my view the Nobel prize committee is a bunch of lunatics when it comes to electron spin; they keep on handing out Nobel prizes to weirdo's thinking electrons are 'tiny magnets'. 

It is now the year 2022 and of course the Nobel prize committee, idiots as they are, do not consider this an important detail. For example last years Nobel prize winner Roger Penrose thinks that an individual electron can be in a superposition of spin up & spin down. 


Video title: Why Did Quantum Entanglement Win the Nobel Prize in Physics?
Link used: 

Don't believe too much of that bull shit, may be this non-locality hype has some merits but observing all those people putting two magnetic states into a superposition makes me wonder where the intelligent life on this planet has fled too.

End of this post, till updates and as usual thanks for your attention.


(26 Oct 2022) Two items:

Item 1) Crazy dirty bomb theory & small Nordstream update (whodunnit?).
Item 2) Eagles Hotel California with AI generated images.

 Item 1) Crazy dirty bomb theory & small Nordstream update (whodunnit?).

At first when that weird accusation from the Kremlin emerged I did not want to hear it or read it. I thought at best there were some Kremlin ramblings about Ukraine assembling a dirty bomb for use in Moscow or so.

But unavoidable while watching a CNN clip the content of the dirty bomb stuff came out: The Ukrainians are going to explode a dirty bomb on their own soil so they can blame Russia for a nuclear attack... 

Well I already had my doubts about how information is processed inside the Kremlin and once more we observe a system that can be described as being crazy or having lost touch with reality.  

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago when the Nordstream pipelines came under attack that the Kremlin intensely denied they had attacked their own pipeline? So why now come up with weird stuff that Ukraine will attack itself with a dirty bomb? 


Back in September when the pipelines came under attack I had to do some thinking as who could have done it. After three say at most five minutes a particular country came to my mind. But I didn't want to influence the process in any kind of manner so I did not say. 

Yet I remember that I was thinking that evening: Suppose it is indeed that country, and if the investigation into that attack finds that too, what will they report?

Will they falsely accuse Russia? So I decided to wait and see how stuff would evolve...

Last week Sweden came out saying they had nothing to say because of reasons of national security. And yes, that might be a way to avoid trouble in paradise. 

Reuters Reporting: Sweden shuns formal joint investigation of Nord Stream leak, citing national security Link used:

Now back in September I thought it was the USA who had done this blowing up of the Nordstream pipeline. With the behavior of Sweden we have a little clue that this could actually be true. (Please remark this is not a proof of course.)


Now on the scale of things, how bad is it if the USA has actually done this? In my view it is not a serious crime but it is more than say a 'naughty naughty' thing. On the scale of things lately the USA is doing the right thing when it comes to the Ukrainian equation. I have lost count on the many billions in military aid going to Ukraine, so compared to that all in all the USA is on the right track.

But we can't have too much of this weird stuff of course. So if it was the USA I would say: Lets not repeat that kind of stuff.


Now it is time for a picture completely unrelated to this item: A bunch of Russian so called mobilized reservists that had to buy all their stuff and gear themselves. Yeah yeah my dear Russian soldiers; there were just never ever enough super yachts in this world and this is why you now must buy your own gear. 


And with the above guys Russia is going to win the war in Ukraine... Sometimes I just wonder how the information processing process is going over there in the Kremlin. 

 Item 2) Eagles Hotel California with AI generated images.

This year there are a lot of new developments like the stable diffusion stuff there text is converted into images by some form of artificial intelligence. On Youtube you can now find all kinds of old songs and the lyrics are used to feed the AI that generates images.

In the AI science community they work hard and have an open mind. That is why the developments go fast and furious. Compare that to a science like say physics where it becomes more and more clear they made some faults with electron spin. The fucked up physics professors are mostly unaware they need some experimental proof for their claim that electrons are tiny magnets.

Year in year out just nothing happens. That does not mean I am wrong with my ideas on electron spin. It means or it shows that physics is a science that is not capable of cleaning itself. So I must just accept that and move on.

But the AI is beautiful, I selected an old song from the Eagles named Hotel California.
This is one of the pictures: 


It is a cute idea to put the song text into the pictures and see what the song looks after this improvement.

Hotel California - Eagles - But the lyrics are Ai generated images
Link used:

That was it for this update. Thanks for your attention.  


(21 Oct 2022) This was another bad day for Ukraine when it comes to attacks on the energy infrastructure. It is kinds weird to observe the Kremlin talking about 'terror attacks' when that big bridge came under attack but doing attacks against civilian infrastructure themselves is no problemo. 

It looks a lot like how the moral values inside the head of donald trump go. In my view in the long run the biggest threat to Ukraine's survival is another presidency of the donald. Every week another tactic, weapons go or will be halted, can you do me a favor bro? Why, why does that piece of shit, I mean donald, not fall dead on the spot? 

There is still info embargo when it comes to developments in the Kherson region but at least that does not go bad. Anyway given the limited info, stuff like evacuations and so give a good indicator. First the Russian officers fled, after that the political leaders and now the population is going over the river direction south.  


For myself it was a good day, by sheer accident I found some info that indicates that living tissue like our own bodies are capable of separating electrons according to their spin. This is just another victory of my view on electrons as being permanent magnetic monopoles; there are two types of electron and in your body say when proteins grow there is a need for electron pairs. And electron pairs are made of two magnetic monopole electrons in their lowest energy state: opposite spins.  

Item 1) The Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity Effect.

 Item 1) The Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity Effect.

The professors from chemistry are just as fucking stupid at the physics professors when it comes to electron spin. If it is true that electrons are tiny magnets as they claim, why is the electron pair in chemical bonds the lowest energy state? 

After all if I push two big macroscopic magnets against each other, say north pole to north pole, this is not a low energy state... 

Once more, I am saying this for seven years or so: likely electrons are magnetic monopoles. And if those weird physics professors claim that electrons have a magnetic moment, that they are tiny magnets; where is your FUCKING proof for that claim? 

But I digress. Suppose the spin of an electron could be flipped. Now during the billion year long evolution of life on earth, if life would need an electron spin flip wouldn't it have found out a way to do that? 

In the universe the only place where electron spin gets flipped is inside the heads of physics and chemistry professors. Likely in nature it never happens.

Since it was only this afternoon I observed this 'induced spin selection' effect it still has to sink in on my side.

And the chemistry professors, stupid as they are, they too have to do some sinking in: electrons are magnetic monopoles????? 

Anyway, click on the picture to land on the Yourtube simple video about electron spin. And by the way it was a bad idea to name this electron magnetism 'spin' because the video indeed suggests something is spinning.  


Video title: The Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity Effect From The Weismann Institute
Link used: 

If it is true that electrons are tiny magnets, why would nature or biological life go through all this hussle and transport only electrons of a particular spin state? Why did nature not develop some kind of mechanism that in case it needed the other spin it would just flip that electron spin on the fly if needed?

A bit more advanced but still stupid way of looking at this spin state selection in bio stuff is found at: 

Let me end this update by saying sleep well and if you are a chemistry professor I can say 'keep on sleeping'. End of this update, thanks for your attention. 


(19 Oct 2022) It seems the Iranians are trying to make themselves popular in Ukraine. As some bizarre detail both the Russians and the Iranians are denying the drones used come from Iran... Oh, do they come from the South Pole and weren't there some troubles because the penguins demanded payments in pingu?  

Lets hope a bit more air cover will go on it's long logistic route, but Ukraine is a large country and it looks very difficult to get some protective umbrella over the whole area. And what I don't understand from Russia is why attack all those civil targets? It only makes the Ukrainians more pissed as ever before and of course that will translate in more dead Russian soldiers. You ain't seen nothing yet my dear Kremlin.

Two items for today, just a silly video about the bracelet of an Ukrainian military commander and a somehow deeper look in the giant magneto resistance effect. 

Item 1) Yes it's a swastika! Fascists run Ukraine for all those years!!!
Item 2) The giant magneto resistance effect explained using my own brain.

 Item 1) Yes it's a swastika! Fascists run Ukraine for all those years!!!

Something that does not go away but pops up every now and then is that silly belief by a lot of Russians in the fascist nature of their neighbor country Ukraine. Likely stuff like that was encouraged by the Russian government on their wonderful state television. Anyway if you fight non existing demons you won't win the war... 

As a recent comparison was the widespread belief in the West about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. And Saddam kept that belief intact as best as he could because he thought it would bring him safety if everybody thought he had weapons of mass destruction... Well we know how that one panned out.

Now some weird pro Russians came up with that Ukrainian guy below wearing a swastika bracelet. The only reason people would wear a swastika symbol is in my view most of the time provocation; these are often dumb young aggressive males trying to provoke. After all fascism is not a very intellectual theory or so, it is that stuff with strongmen running their country with an iron fist and all of that kind of stuff. 


It can't be denied this looks like  a swastika, but looking for stuff like that only shows you have weird and non realistic ideas and views about your Ukrainian neighbors. In the video you see that these are Scandinavian symbols and it is how the light falls on the thing that triggers those horror fantasies in the pro Russians...

Dear pro Russians, the Ukrainian army is a serious army. There are not much weirdo's in it worshipping swastika's. 

Get real please...

Source: We take a look at the Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief 's 'swastika' bracelet • FRANCE 24 English Link used: 

 Item 2) The giant magneto resistance effect explained using my own brain.

Some time ago before the Nobel prizes were announced this year I told you some stuff on the giant magneto effect that give rise to those modern hard disks with a few TB of storage space.

This effect is viewed as some form of spintronics where spintronics is a branch that tries to galvanize on the magnetic properties of the electron. There is not much technology based on electron spin and why is that?

Well the physics professors refuse to look into their particular version of electron spin; they think it is a tiny magnet. I think electron spin is not a tiny magnet but there are two kinds of electrons because they carry magnetic charge. So electrons are magnetic monopoles is what I think and at the same time the physics professors are too stupid to understand they must cough up the proof of their particular weird version of electron reality.

This giant effect is found in layered materials, different layers are given the same or the different magnetization. If given different magnetization an electric current through those layers meets much more resistance.

Once more: If that shithole version of the physics professors was true in detail, why the hell should there be a difference in electric resistance? Once more I do not understand why physics professors keep on hanging to stuff that is not logical, highly contradicting and why don't they see that themselves?

They are so fucking stupid: electrons are magnetic monopoles and as far as I know reality this charge is permanent.    

Anyway here is a simple picture of how it all is supposed to work: take into consideration there is a current of electrons flowing through this stuff and it meets more resistance if the magnetic orientation is different. 


So these two blocks at the top of the picture actually carry an electric current through them. Now what explains this giant magneto effect in my view of reality:

Very simple: In the left upper block only half of my magnetic monopole electrons meet resistance. In the right upper block, if a current goes through it ALL of the electrons will face resistance.

Why are those physics professors so fucking stupid year in year out?

I don't know but in the lower block you can see they understand that if they send magnetically separated electrons through a material that has a surplus of those electrons, there is more scattering and more electrical resistance.

And if I am in the right, ha all those stupid quantum computers based on electron spin will never ever work. But even that won't make the physics professors take a deep look at their silly belief in electrons as being tiny magnets...

Picture source: Magnetic Semiconductors and Spintronics
Link used:

I have spoken, kill more Russian soldiers and neglect those weird physics profs.


(14 Oct 2022) It's late, I am cold and tired so lets go fast to today's item: 

Item 1) Anders Puck Nielsen on the war in Ukraine.

 Item 1) Anders Puck Nielsen on the war in Ukraine.

For Dutch folks like me Anders his name is funny because in our language the word anders means different. The word anders is also used in other meanings like otherwise. Anders Nielson gives often a relative good analysis on war stuff. 

I remember a few videos back that Anders asked the question if Russia will win by definition because it is about 3.5 times bigger as Ukraine. Anders homecountry is Norway and he compared it to a war between my country and Norway. He remarked that it is not a foregone conclusion that the Dutch will win because of population size ratio's. 

But Anders, I think what will happen if our military forces are commanded to go to war with Norway. At first they will do as they are told but instantly after the first shots are fired almost all Dutch military folks that have to do the shooting will refuse. They just realized that if they shoot, in that case Norwegians will die and that is truly HORRIBLE! 


Anders repeated a funny joke from Ben Hodges: 

Russia wants to be the second best army in the world but right now they are only the second best army in Ukraine. 

That is funny because it is true in many ways, yes the Russians can adapt but only via that commanding chain they have. All low ranks in the Russian army don't move without ordered so, how the Russians thought they could become the second mighty army of this world is unknown to me.

You know the Russians always seem to think that it is important to have a leader that is 'tough' or 'strong' or whatever what. There might be some benefit in that, but if you combine that with low cognitive brains it's not going to work. 

Why are they so fucking stupid in the Kremlin? Well the Kremlin is likely organized the same way as the fucking Russian military: Nobody makes a move until ordered so. 


Time for a picture that has nothing to do with this update, it is just a cannon. But if you click on the picture you will land at the video from Anders Puck Nielsen: 


Video title: How is the war going? — Mid-October 2022
Link used: 

I think it is time to split. So let Jesus enter your heart so you are in harmony with your surroundings, you feel love and compassion for all other living things. And you just want all this peace, love and understanding.  

And than you see the Russians doing their weird stuff like just the stuff from the last week: All of a sudden you only want to kill them. What use is there in trying to talk to the Kremlin?  

Not much, so let the slaughter of the new Russian mobilization begin.

End of this update, it's still late but I am no longer cold or tired. 


(12 Oct 2022) Two items: 

Item 1) Ukraine stuff; oil price cap, new HIMARS ammo etc.
Item 2) This math video does pain to my eyes and brain!

 Item 1) Ukraine stuff; oil price cap, new HIMARS ammo etc.

The most important strategic news from last week was in my view the possible price cap on Russian oil. The actual price is unknown, may be about 60 US$ a barrel is acceptable for the Russians.  

It has to be remarked however that by now it is well known the Kremlin is no longer a rational actor. As such it could be possible that indeed Russia will stop selling oil to all countries that go along with the price cap. That will destroy a lot of oil capacity inside Russia because if you stop the flow of oil it is hard to get it running again. 

The amazing mechanism is indeed the insurance to oil tankers, it's brilliant!
A few times I came across the remark that the oil insurance for shipping might simply go via some Asian insurance companies. But that is likely where the reinsurance level sets in: as soon as some of those Asian insurance companies try to reinsure their stuff instantly so called secondary sanctions must kick in.

All in all it is an amazing piece of work, lets hope that it works because after the long term goal is at least halving the military potential of Russia. Well not only it's potential but you know what I mean.  


Last Wednesday it came out there are new kinds of ammo going to Ukraine. The one kind can throw down about 26 anti tank mines. Yes anti tank mines via a rocket, welcome to the wonderful world of advanced weaponry... 

The other kind is what made me scratch my head first. It's an area weapon made by Lockheed. But if all the technical details are correct we can give it a try. This thing does not have all kinds of small bomblets but metal balls around one high explosive. Only about 180 thousand metal balls and it can cover a significant area.

So on the one hand the problems from the past have been solved. For example in Afghanistan the unexploded bomblets were often picked up by children because of their vibrant yellow color. Kids thought it was toy stuff.
Well that was all not a great success but it has to be remarked that this vibrant color was not some evil thing. On the contrary the intentions were good: It is now more easy to find unexploded bomblets...  

On the other hand it stays an area weapon so the Ukrainians must use it as sparsely as possible.  

But if every now and then all of a sudden about one thousand Russian soldiers die on one day, and that gets repeated again and again, you won't hear me complain my dear Ukrainians...

Forbes reporting: New Types Of Ammunition Make Ukraine’s HIMARS Far Deadlier 


The last days there have been barrages of cruse missiles against a lot of Ukrainian cities. I won't make any emotional comment on that, only the statement that over there in the Kremlin they don't know how to win a war.  

 Item 2) This math video does pain to my eyes and brain!

The video is from Michael Penn and although the choice of solving this equation was a disaster, all in all Michael has a very good Youtube channel upon math. Michael tries to make one video a day so he is much better compared to me that can't even make one video in 10 years of time...

But last year 2021 when I gave all those counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat, I always more or less used the next expression in the background of my mind: (x + y)^n = x^n + y^n. Click on the picture to see that horrible approach of a very nice equation: 

Any person with more than two working brain cells will shout this has no solution for real numbers. So why Michael tries to view this on the real line is unknown to me. Ok ok may be for odd n there could be some surprise solution but five seconds later you already doubt that. 

It is interesting that Michael never remarks the solution of his equation would give counter examples to Fermat's last theorem.  

No no no, professional math professors never talk about counter examples to Fermat's last theorem. As such they are unaware that inside their so called split complex numbers there are an awful lot of counter examples to be found... 


So you can compare it a bit for yourself, is looking deep into the equation

 (x + y)^n = x^n + y^n

worth your time? Michael his stuff:
Video title: A beginner student's dream
Link used :

My stuff, it is part three of an oversight found of all counter example to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat:

Oversight of all counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat, Part 3

Ok, that was it for this post. Till updates. 


(07 Oct 2022) Beside the destruction, unneeded dead and wounded in Ukraine, it is all going amazingly well. It is clear the Ukrainian armed forces are still learning and this learning is still accelerating. That is not a miracle or some over the top estimation, the more you know about a subject, say the present war, the more you are able to learn and improve every day. On the Russian side you don't see stuff like that. 

Tanks. It keeps on popping up, why no German Leopards or American heavy tanks or so? I lost the video but David Petraeus was explaining that such a US tank has a mass of 70 ton and if the maintenance must be done in Poland, this is not a workable solution.
[One day later: I found the video with David back, it was on DW and not on CNN so that is why I could not find it back that fast. Video: DW News, link used:]   

But it's late so lets go to the item of today: A quantum Bell state for atomic hydrogen... 

Item 1) In the Andromeda galaxy I measure the electric charge of particle 2.

 Item 1) In the Andromeda galaxy I measure the electric charge of particle 2.

This is a parody on all that quantum stuff about Bell states that is flying around lately. It was even rewarded a Nobel prize in physics this week so my congratulations go to the three laureates. 

If memory serves, Mr. Bell originally thought about an experiment with the creation of an electron/positron pair and look at the correlation between their magnetic spins... 

Of course such an experiment never materialized or if it materialized the results did not get published because of this or that.  

If I am correct in stating that electrons are magnetic monopoles and that this charge is permanent, in that case all this Bell states stuff is just not possible. 

That is why I hastily wrote this short parody on the quantum Bell states. I kept it ultra simple so even leaving out the factor with the square root of 2. So therefore the physics professors can keep their head high by remarking "He even does not know how to normalize a vector".  

After all if the physics professors think they are making good progress with their second quantum revolution and I think there is more and more evidence for electron spin is just monopole magnetic charge, in that case we are in a WIN / WIN situation! Everybody wins, isn't life beautiful? 

The parody is two pictures long. After writing it I decided to make the Sombrero galaxy as the background picture. So although the quantum measurement is done in the Andromeda galaxy the picture in the background is the Sombrero galaxy.
Here we go: 


Again I left normalization out, but can you make a Bell state like this: 


Yeah yeah, using quantum operators... But it's time to split so goodbye and keep your brain a bit fresh. Till updates. 


(05 Oct 2022) The signing ceremony in Russia related to the annexation was a weird show to watch. What striked me was that in the public really nobody looked happy, they were all in a grave mood. 

Given the size of the nonsense ceremony (about 15% of all of Ukraine) it looks reasonable to get some middle range HIMARS boom stuff to Ukraine. I forgot to look into the details but wasn't that the stuff with a 120 to 135 km range? Or was it 150 km?

Anyway that hardware is not under my ownership so for the HIMARS boom stuff to go to Ukraine some more people must think that it's a good idea too.  

I want to remark I don't know what the best hardware expansion is right now. Germany is giving 4 good air protection stuff (about 150 million € a pop). So may be a bit more air power is also a good idea. 

I also want to remark that some in Ukraine asked for long range HIMAS boom stuff with the offer of a veto for any target inside Ukraine. I don't think that is a good idea, in that case it looks like the USA is micromanaging this war and that is not the case. May be another reason why some countries are hesitant is future political developments in Ukraine. Under this government you can more or less go blindly on their good intentions, but if a lot of weaponry gets delivered and we get some nutjob as the next prez, that could go very wrong...

So it's a difficult problem, yet all in all I expect no significant problems if a few middle range HIMARS stuff gets to Ukraine. Well lets stay cool and give it a thought... 



Today's item is a perfect video about solar magnetism and a horrible choice of the Nobel prize in physics that was announced today. 

Item 1) When are these weirdo's going to prove that electrons are tiny magnets?

  Item 1) When are these weirdo's going to prove that electrons are tiny magnets?

Well never of course, that is why they keep believing in faster then light teleportation while so often an alternative explanation is also at hand. For example there are those non-linear crystals that able to split one photon in two and they claim that the photons are entangled.

That is all very interesting, but if the crystal spits out two photons may be it is possible an entire electron pair has jumped into a higher energy state and fallen back. And as such emitted two photons that of course will be correlated...

Today's Noble prize was about such correlation in the so called Bell experiments. When to quantum particles are entangled they have 'to much' correlation to say it simple. Albert Einstein thought this was not possible and there must be some kind of hidden variables at work. In the above example if indeed an entire electron pair jumps up and down, that is the 'hidden variable' but those physics people never talk about that: They just say it is entangle without explaining why this is the case.   

Below you see a nutjob at work explaining that electrons can be in a so called Bell state: that is not only the two particles are entangled but both electrons are in a state of spin up and down at the same time. Why this never happens in say any hydrogen atom when it comes to the electric charge is of course never explained. Never ever the proton and electron of the hydrogen atom are both in a Bell state.

Only nutjobs don't feel the need to explain such weird discrepancies between electric and magnetic charges. Collectively this group of physics professors also think there is no need at all to check via experiments if the electron spin is a tiny magnet yes or no.  


They are nuts to the bone, what they do can not be classified as a scientific approach.  

Anyway years ago I figured out that if you have in the sun some kind of spinning cylinder of plasma, or some tornado turning thing, that thing would spit out a lot of electrons fast and as such become a very strong bipolar magnet. And because this spinning plasma becomes so strongly positively charged, this is a very good way of turning the kinetic energy of the plasma into magnetism.

I never ever mentioned it until about one year later I found out that at the equator the sun revolves faster as compared to the polar regions of our sun. And voila, after about one year I finally found a mechanism that could produce a lot of tornado like structures.


In the picture below you see a result from ESO, it says that from a major sunspot photons with say a clock wise circular polarization emerges while at the secondary sunspot it is mainly the other circular polarization... 


The nutjobs of physics think that if you change the direction of the magnetic field, this can flip the spin direction of the electrons. If that weird stuff was true, due to the very variational magnetic fields on the sun you would never get such a difference in the circular polarization because their spin would constantly flip.

But ESO claims they can even see the footprint of this kind of photon behavior on other stars. Of course the physics professors, nutjobs as they are, will never ever view the ESO result as something that makes them prove that electrons are tiny magnets.

In my view this kind of stuff makes clear that electrons are magnetic monopoles and they never flip their magnetic spin. And what the nutjobs of this world think about that, last year I just did not care any longer...

Enjoy the video, it is worth your time:

ESOcast 76: A Polarized View of Stellar Magnetism 

That was it for this update, thanks for your attention. 


(30 Sept 2022) It feels like the chaos is only increasing and there is little you can do to bow that around. Week in week out it goes from crazy to worse. Yet I still refrain to pen down some simple rules for the use of tactical nuclear ammo. May be I am a coward, may be the world is still not crazy enough...  

The whodunnit related to the attacks on Nordstream 1 & 2 is still in full swing. I only want to remark that all reasons people come up with that it must be Russia because of this or that are not very convincing to me. On the other hand Russia is doing month in month out things that other people consider not very logical or consistent. 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) The UK bond market meltdown & Dutch central bank going bankrupt???
Item 2) First Russian draftee already surrendered & fun with tampons!

 Item 1) The UK bond market meltdown & Dutch central bank going bankrupt???

It all started with the mini budget from Friday last week as presented in the UK lower house of parliament. Tax cuts that benefit the highest incomes five times as much as tax benefits for the lowest tiers. And you won't believe it: 


The last time we observed that mumbo jumbo was when donald trump was the US prez and like usual it never ever "pays for itself". A lot of other people too thought stuff like that raising questions about the sustainability of the UK government debt.

After all most skilled financial people understand that when you hear the phrase "tax cuts will pay for themselves" you instantly understand such a person does understand the underlying math. Let alone calculate how much the economy must grow before it has "pays for itself".

Anyway, in the UK government bonds are called gilts and you always see yield graphs of them and not the actual prices. But the upswing in yield on gilts is truly dramatic. In the next picture the blue line is the 5 year gult and that red disaster is some basket of stuff that supposedly was a safe investment.


Video of interest: UK Bond Market Meltdown - Bank of England Intervenes
Link used:

The vertical striped line is the mini budget announcement... 

It seems that UK pension funds are allowed to be leveraged up to their teeth, after all they are professionals so what can possibly go wrong? Well they got all kinds of margin calls from all that money they borrowed and had to sell all juice that was sellable... Hasta la vista baby! 


In my own country our central bank came out with the pleasant remark they could go broke in a year or two. Why is that?

After the financial crisis the central banks began buying large quantities of government bonds. I was hefty against it because the volume of buying was so large that it was possible that central banks go bankrupt. And that is a situation that is not desirable.

Anyway now we have a serious rout of inflation, all those bonds bought at elevated prices don't return much income while the outlays for the central bank rise because commercial banks have to park their money overnight at the central bank and now interest rates are on the rise...

Quantitive easing: What can go wrong? We are the central bankers, we are professional who understand what we are doing! But if your bond holdings only vaporize in value again: what could go wrong?

Dutch source: DNB waarschuwt Kaag over verliezen door hoge rentes
Link used:

 Item 2) First Russian draftee already surrendered & fun with tampons!

With an amazing speed the first of the new Russian draftees has surrendered himself to the Ukrainians. The guy was drafted only about six days ago and already popped up on the front in six days time.

We can safely conclude that inside Russia it is getting more and more chaotic and there is not much the Kremlin can do about it because the chaos is of there own making.  

The Russian state television makes great contributions by telling the people that all those idiots that make such a mess of the mobilization should be send to the front themselves. And the supreme leader has nothing to do with this chaos. Yes, Putin was named the supreme leader. 

It makes you wonder if our Putina is soo supreme, why is it such a chaos. After all our supreme intellect has been planning this special military operation for years and years... In my view this is a supreme shitshow and not much more. In that sense the mobilization is a good thing: more and more Russians understand the depth of the 'shit' in this shitshow.

Anyway from getting the draft paper to surrender was only six days or so for this guy: 


Russian soldiers get the advice to take with them cheap tampons. And they must buy it for themselves. Why would Russian male soldiers tampons that are designed for a non-male kind of problem? Well if they get shot and put a tampon in the shot would, the tampon will swell up and stop the bleeding.

So the Russian military forces can't even pay for a few tampons for every new draftee, for every new conscript? The chaos it is spreading more and more and what can you do? Here is a female Russian medic throwing in her 50 cent of medical wisdom:


The above two pictures came from screenshots from the next video from Jake Broe (Don't follow Jake's investment advice but he is a nice chap anyway):

Mobilized Soldiers are Already Surrendering in Ukraine 

That's it for this update. Please don't get confused by the chaos! 


(28 Sept 2022) Two short items for today because it is already so late... 

Item 1) Nordstream attacks, Russian mobilization, etc etc.
Item 2) Quantum Bell state for two electrons: mumbo jumbo or is it something?

 Item 1) Nordstream attacks, Russian mobilization, etc etc.

Never a dull day, today it emerged that the Nordstream 1 & 2 came under attack. In my view there is only one party or country that has done this. But I am not gonna say, nope... 


The Russian call to mobilization was a perfect example of how it goes so often over there at the Kremlin: Putin stating it will be a partial mobilization and only qualified and classified reserves will be called to serve this noble military operation. Now within a few hours in stuff like the metro police officers hand out military draft notices to whoever they can lay there hands on.
So often if weird stuff like this was observed in relation to the war in Ukraine, like the Bucha stuff and more recent those torture chambers, always the Kremlin doubles down on their obvious nonsense. But this time they could not do it because the Russian population might be stupid but they are not that stupid...

If you see videos of those new draftees saying goodbye to their families, I never see anybody walking around with those Z-logo tshirts. Where are those braggers now? 


Those high speed referenda are very interesting. I have never seen soldiers accompanied with vote collectors going door to door and collect votes. In my view there is a tiny problem with these referenda: Isn't stuff like that only legal if this referendum was held in the entire Ukraine?   

It seems that the Russians want to annex it with high speed and after that throw their nuclear umbrella over their new territory.  

Originally I planned to write and post a few simple rules on using nuclear ammo in say the standard howitzer. For the time being I refrain, sorry. After all the Nordstream attacks are a perfect distraction. 


From the realm of madness we go to the realm of quantum madness in the next item.  

 Item 2) Quantum Bell state for two electrons: mumbo jumbo or is it something?

I could not find back that video where some quantum computing weirdo was explaining a beautiful process: 

An electron was prepared in a super position of spin up and spin down.
This electron was in some exited state of an atom.
After that the electron could fall down to a lower energy state landing in either the spin up state or spin down state for that lower energy level... 

In my view where electrons are magnetic monopoles, it is very hard for any electron to be in a superposition of spin up and down. That is just mumbo jumbo.

In this universe the most simple atom is atomic hydrogen. Atomic hydrogen is made of one proton and one electron with opposite electric charges. So every hydrogen atom is a small quantum mechanical system. But do we say that a hydrogen atom is made up of two quantum particles that are both in a superposition of being an electron or a proton? 

Any reasonable person would say that it is very unlikely for a quantum particle to be in a mixed state of being an electron or a proton. A reasonable person would say this is mumbo jumbo.

But when it comes to electron spin, the professional physics professors have no trouble at all in selling this mumbo jumbo as some form of 'advanced and subtle science'.

And one by one those weirdo's are too stupid anyway to find say the 3D complex number system. They even don't have any experimental proof that the electron is a 'tiny magnet', they don't have a proof that every electron is the same, they don't have a proof that electrons are not magnetic monopoles...

I found another video that is stupid enough to share with you, it is about entanglement and stuff like Bell states for electrons.   


From MIT Open Course Ware we have: Entanglement
Link used:  

I think it is time to split my dear reader. Till updates. 


(23 Sept 2022) Now my dear Kremlin what a fuss about nuke stuff all of a sudden! Why is that? The last time there was talk about nuke stuff was a few months ago and as such I just thought "May be it would be handy if we have howitzers inside Ukraine". 

So I started writing like wouldn't it be a great idea if the Ukrainians have howitzers? And a lot of people thought that was a good idea too so as fast as possible they were delivered to Ukraine. Howitzers can also shoot nuclear ammo, that could be handy in the future. 

The Kremlin did not complain at all, on the contrary I have observed Putin stating that "It is all a bit more of the same." So there was no problem with that at the Kremlin, I considered them good sports guys. 

Later there were some vague reports that nuke ammo was delivered, the Ukrainians that spoke about it were a bit laughing like they really thought it was a mistake. Of course you can't talk about that in the Media files but anyway. 

And now we have this; the Kremlin talking about nuke stuff again.
I don't know what to think about it, the Vlad even says that he is "not bluffing".
That is very interesting, but I have never ever been bluffing the last months on this detail. Right now there are dozens and dozens of so called 'NATO installations' inside Ukraine that if needed can fire tactical nuclear bombs...  

Sometimes I wonder how the information processing goes at the Kremlin, do they have a clue about what is going on yes or no? Often it is just a big NO. 


Today's item is about the Schrödinger equation because likely already for the Helium atom it all goes wrong (if my ideas about electron spin are correct, already for Helium it goes wrong...). 

Item 1) Parth G. on solving the Schrödinger equation.

 Item 1) Parth G. on solving the Schrödinger equation.

Very often this equation is very hard to solve and when it gets complicated only numerical approximations can be made. Why is it so hard? Well the Schödinger equation contains a so called Hamiltonian that described the energy levels and how they evolve in time.  

Very soon it becomes very complicated.  

Now why is Helium an interesting atom? It is because it has two protons and two electrons. The official theory is that both electrons must have opposite spins but as you see in the video this detail is one 100% neglected. My theory says electrons are magnetic monopoles and 'opposite spins' means they must carry opposite magnetic charges. 

That makes for a perfect small but already complicated quantum system: the Helium atom where the electric charges between the protons and electrons are attracting and at the same time between the electrons there is repulsion because of the same electric charge and attraction because of the opposite magnetic charge. 

In my view the electron pair can only do it's magical dance around the nucleus because the electrons are both repelling and attracting each other. It is a beautiful idea where the stuff with 'opposite spins' and 'spin is a vector, it has a direction' in instantly served away as garbage. 

Click on the picture for the Youtube video. As you see on inspection at the bottom of the picture, they only take into account the kinetic energy and the potential related to the electric field forces. Nowhere the spin is used so already for the Helium atom the standard model runs from the rails it is supposed to run on... 


Video title: The Schrodinger Equation is (Almost) Impossible to Solve.
Link used: 

It becomes all a bit more funny if you realize that the same physics people also promote the idea of quantum computing using electron spin. The poor people of physics: is it that hard to stop thinking about electrons as tiny magnets with two magnetic poles? 

I guess it is.

End of this update, thanks for your attention. 


(21 Sept 2022) Oops, a small correction might be needed: It looks like that Reuters report I mentioned in the last update could have a typo in it when it talks about 9000 square km... Anyway the important thing is not to loose newly gained territory for the Ukrainians and that eats up a lot of soldiers.  

In another development an Iranian drone seems to have destroyed one of the US delivered howitzers. These drones come in with high speed and having a payload of 40 kg explosives. So I don't want that on my head or so...
Of course it is a pity that the Iranians did deliver this to the Russians, I don't think this is a moral thing to do. Well despite all I would like to compliment the Iranians with the improvement they made over the years. 

Two items for today's update: 

Item 1) Will the Russian Federation break apart? (Ben Hodges.)
Item 2) The quantum computing bubble.

 Item 1) Will the Russian Federation break apart? (Ben Hodges.)

That is a very interesting question just like for example "Will the US$ loose her status as a reserve currency?" The second question is rather easy to answer: For the time being the US$ will keep on being the global reserve currency because of TINA (= There Is No Alternative.

There are a lot of reasons that there will be more turmoil inside the Russian Federation. It depends in a large part on how dissatisfied the other parts are with Moscow.  

Some reports of conflicts between parts of the Federation are already there. And even weird reports from inside Ukraine where sometimes different factions of the occupying forces seem to shoot at each other. And they now have those 'volunteer battalions' made up of ethnic groups so if now say a bunch of Chechens also get the command of say a few platoons of other ethnicity guess what happens? Yes you are correct: The other ethnicities always go first into battle...

I never studied it in detail but a lot of wealth in Russia is concentrated in Moscow and the surrounding regions. And if the other parts never have any prospect of getting a bit more of the economical pie, of course that causes some resentment. 

Anyway on a Youtube channel with the highly exiting name Renew Democracy Initiative a former NATO commander gives his views. I agree in large lines with his line of reasoning. Click on the picture for the video: 


Video title: “Where is The Russian Navy?” - The War in Ukraine with General Ben Hodges - Episode 2.
Link used: 

 Item 2) The quantum computing bubble.

A few years back, say in 2015 or so when I started the other website on 3D complex numbers, at first I was very positive about quantum computing. In the theory about that stuff they use a lot of the so called complex exponential and because I had found a lot new complex exponentials I was willing to give it a try.

Later I became much more hesitant because those quantum computing people put all kinds of things into superposition and it makes you wonder if that can be done. For example they claim that electrons can be in a super position of spin up and spin down. Even stronger: In an electron pair it is claimed that both electrons are in such a superposition...

If I would make a guesstimate all quantum computing based on electron spin will never work because likely electrons are magnetic monopoles and this magnetic charge is permanent. Please remark that all those physics people don't have any experimental evidence at all that their version of electron spin is correct.

It is one of the basics of quantum mechanics that you can make such super positions of properties of quantum particles. But if you measure those properties you always get just one of the possible answers. So you can just never check if such a particle was actually in such a super position. The implication are funny: If that postulate of quantum mechanics is just not true, in that case no form of quantum computing will ever work...


The Financial Times of all places has a nice article about it:

Title: The quantum computing bubble

And yes there is a lot of crap out there: I too feel annoyed by those sales type people trying to hype quantum computing. You notice it instantly if you are listening to one of those sales nutjobs; they always talk about discovering new drugs and medicines. It is never explained how this should work but hey if you give them a few millions they will do their stinking best...

May be in thousands and thousands of years when people finally figured out that electrons are not 'tiny magnets', that will help much more in understanding chemical bonds and most of all: electron transport in living tissue... 

That was it for this update, I wish the Ukrainian soldiers good luck and for all of you thnx for your attention. Till updates.  


(16 Sept 2022) The EU is designing a windfall tax for energy companies with 'too large' profits. You can think of stuff like electricity generated with renewables and sold for prices related to gas and oil. Or may be more to gas because that is the largest problem right now. 

I am often a bit hesitant when it comes to large scale government intervention in the economy like now the energy part of the economy. On the other hand these are just not normal times, so why not? It's only about 140 billion € so this is not like a new financial crisis or so... 

The windfall tax is a perfect lesson for Shell; lately their head quarters left for London and often it was heard that our dividend tax was the main culprit in chasing Shell away to London where there is no such tax. Back then I already joked that if needed a local government will find other ways to tax you if that money is needed. Yeah this is a good lesson for Shell. 

In the past in my country the gas prices were pegged to the price of oil. That was a way of ensuring that if you heated your house with oil or with gas, there were no fluctuations between them. If oil was cheap so was gas and if oil was expensive so was gas.  

Lets dive into our item for today: 

Item 1) Wow, already 9000 square km liberated in Sept in Ukraine?

 Item 1) Wow, already 9000 square km liberated in Sept in Ukraine?

A few hours back Reuters reported the 9000 number, I did not save the link but they reported it. One week ago the counter stood at say one thousand square km so it is still going fast and furious. 

At some point in time you think this has to stop. After all you need soldiers for the border with Russia, you need soldiers to move the found ammo because the large piles are known to the Russians and as such targets for future attacks. And so on and so on. 

It is amazing and once more I with the Ukrainian armed forces GOOD LUCK. 

A lot of villages are liberated and it is heart warming to see video's like this: 


They just want to give a hug to their liberators. Of course that is logical, who wants to live under control of the Russian military?  

Now thousand of noteworthy things happened but I only post this weird picture of recruitment of prisoners who can fight six months in Ukraine and after that are free.  


I am sure these guys will make fantastic soldiers...

At last I want to remark AMMO AMMO AMMO! No not Russian ammo because the Ukrainians now have much of the stock of the occupiers. I mean ammo for the weaponry as given by the peace loving democracies.

It is just a detail, but after it became known that Ukraine was receiving those Vulcano rounds for howitzers the USA also threw in a cute stone like the Excalibur rounds. The Excalibur has a slightly shorter range like 60 km or so where the Vulcano is more or less equivalent to the reach of the HIMARS systems.

I have limited insight in how much our modern weaponry has helped the fast and furious progress made by the Ukrainian armed forces, with a little smile on my face I can honestly say I don't know why the Russians are so panicked so easily...

May be this is a good time to split my dear reader. Thanks for your attention.  


(14 Sept 2022) When I couple of updates ago I wrote about 'fast and furious' stuff I was talking about developments in artificial intelligence. Not about the speed the Ukrainian army moves over the temporary occupied regions...   

It's not going bad, so my estimate is that we are looking at some good military expansion as I name military growth like that. At this point in time about 6000 square km are won over Russia in not that many days, one analyst said the Ukrainians move at about 20 km a day where the Russians previously did about 1 km a day.
So we can indeed talk about 'fast and furious'.

 Item 1) Are we looking at a successful military expansion in Ukraine?
 Item 2) Was the Frisch-Segrè experiment a failure? YEP! 

 Item 1) Are we looking at a successful military expansion in Ukraine?

In the first place congratulations with the developments in the last days! It has been remarkable and great to watch... 

But I want to talk a bit about military expansion. There go a lot of things into that, for example if there is no military hardware enough, it will not happen. Today I want to look a bit at the 'learning side' of the humans that make up the Ukrainian armed forces.  

Six months ago a lot of them were musicians, people working in industrial job, teachers, students, nurses and so on and so on. So they have learned a lot in six months of time. 

Now every time you learn new stuff, all kinds of new pathways in your brain form and if you really have learned new stuff after that you think a little bit different. Take for example math, you can learn only so much math on a given day. That has a simple biological explanation: your brain gets tired from making all these new connections. That is why you need sleep and dreams; beside sleep cleans the brain from the garbage built up during the time you are awake, it also makes those new pathways in your brain better. 

But if you have bad sleep because for example there is constant shelling in your neighborhood, you will learn much much less day to day. 

In my view the amount of learning done by the humans that make up the Ukrainian army is almost the maximum of what is humanly possible. So that is good but before there is a solid standing army over there a lot of more learning has to be done. And only after that Russia will understand for at least a few decades it is better not to attack Ukraine again. 

So far for the 'brain part' of my beloved Ukrainian fighters. 

From the deep state map you can see it goes indeed fast and furious: 


Another detail I would like to stress again is always try to keep as close to the truth as possible. Ok, there is now an information embargo in Ukraine for all the right reasons, but I remarked once that the party that stays close to the truth will likely win this war.  

Of course there could be other reasons Ukraine could be not victorious in the end, but if you deviate away from being truthful that eats away military capabilities big time. If there is all kinds of disinformation going round, nobody understands how to behave to make progress in the war effort. See for example all that nonsense on the Russian state television. If you are a Russian soldier looking mostly at Russian state television and you are send to Ukraine, you don't know how to behave in order to achieve victory for Russia.

A military analyst Ben Hodges remarked that the flow of information in the entire Russian army from the bottom to the top has serious flaws. And if the top brass don't get information that is accurate as possible, that is where everybody lives in some kind of weird bubble like in: 


All in all Russia does not understand how to deal with bad news, that is why they likely will loose it...

 Item 2) Was the Frisch-Segrè experiment a failure? YEP! 

In my own little effort to try explain why electrons can't be 'tiny magnets' but simply must be magnetic monopoles, I made a tiny tactical win:

I often suspected that Albert Einstein did not understand that it is not logical to view the electron as a magnetic dipole. After all Stern was his first assistant so he must have thought about the results of the Stern-Gerlach experiment. 

Why all those weirdo's like Einstein, Feyman, Pauli, and so on never entertained the idea of electrons being magnetic monopoles is unknown to me. May be that is a weak spot of how the human mind works, I don't know. 

But I have two funny quotes for you, the first one is from Feynman: 

The significance of the Stern–Gerlach experiment and relevant works are detailed in a 2016 inspiring review, concluding that “The physical mechanism responsible for the alignment of the silver atoms remained and remains a mystery” and quoting Feynman, “… instead of trying to give you a theoretical explanation, we will just say that you are stuck with the result of this experiment … ” 

Comment: Hey weirdo's from the universities, why not try to use the 'electron is a magnetic charge' model'? Quote two confirming Einstein had his fingers deep into that failed Frisch-Segrè experiment:

A year later, Frisch and Segrè modified the same apparatus by adopting Einstein’s suggestion on the use of a single wire instead of three electromagnets to rotate spin; they also improved magnetic shielding, slit filtering, and signal detection. 

The source of the quotes is a pdf from the preprint archive:

Multi-stage Stern-Gerlach Experiment Modeled
Link used:

That was it for this update. Thanks for your attention and good luck with the formation of new pathways in your own human brain. And ok ok, may be kill a few more Russians may be please? 


(09 Sept 2022) Queen Elizabeth has passed away, condolences to the UK. Even in my own country most people view Elizabeth as a 'good queen' and yes the UK population had a very good monarch in her for an amazing long time.

Also in the UK Liz Truss is the new pm, she plans to lower taxes in order to help fighting their inflation. It is interesting to see how that pans out. My expectations are not that high so to say.


In Ramstein Germany there was a large military meeting but I didn't have the time to sift all the relevant details out. In the meantime in Ukraine stuff doesn't seem to go bad. Of course it is still a crazy silly war and every people die for no reason at all but the daily oversight was not bad at all (Links to the Guardian): 

Ukraine has retaken 1,000 sq km of territory, Volodymyr Zelenskiy says


The item for this update is a quote from a cute pdf I found on the Stern-Gerlach experiment. So lets go: 

Item 1) Comment from Einstein on the results of the SG-experiment.

 Item 1) Comment from Einstein on the results of the SG-experiment.

For people who do not know about this interesting experiment, look it up on Youtube or a wiki. It is about a beam of silver atoms that get separated in two streams by the application of a magnetic field. The physics professors think it is very important that this magnetic field is inhomogeneous, that means it is not constant with respect to distance but it should (in this experiment) not change in time.

How does the official explanation work? They do a bit of math, differentiate the stuff and voila there is your gradient of the magnetic field.  

Suppose the physics professors are in the right and electrons are all equal and are tiny magnets, in that case when this tiny magnet is placed in a inhomogeneous magnetic field, there is a tiny bit more force on one magnetic pole compared to the other magnetic pole of the tiny magnet.
The two forces one the magnetic poles of the electrons should also cancel each other out because the electron is so small. If you take a simple model for a tiny magnet, say a very small piece of line with two point sized magnetic poles on the endpoint of that line segment, the resulting force should be some constant times the gradient of  the magnetic field.

The gradient acts as some kind of derivative like in f(x + h) = f(x) + h*f'(x), if h is small the difference between f(x) and f(x + h) is some multiple of the derivative.

Below you some form of 'official calculation' where they 'forgot' to multiply in the size of the electron.  

But first the hilarious quote from Einstein: 


Given the time, more than a 100 years, I think that Einstein took into account the size of the electron. But I haven't seen his calculation so it is a wild guess what the maestro thought about how to explain this all.  

I remember I got crazy results too. Years ago I tried to calculate what gradient you needed to accelerate just one electron just one meter per second squared, ok it was just a wild estimate but the estimate said a gradient of 100.000 Tesla/meter.

And given the fact an electron has a very small mass, it would be totally impossible to move a silver atom in any significant way. And years ago that was one more reason as why electrons can't be tiny magnets.  

The only thing that is logical is and stays the annoying fact that electrons must be magnetic monopoles. This whole concept of electrons being tiny magnets was ridiculous from the get go.

But professional physics professors are even far more crazy: They also claim that electrons are 'point like particles'. How you cram two opposite magnetic poles in a point like particle is of course unexplained.

Anyway, here is the 'official explanation':  

And on top of that it is always swiped under the carpet: How is it possible that a super tiny dipolar magnet like an electron can 'anti align' itself with the applied external magnetic field? Other stuff like small electric dipoles like a water molecule in an electric field never do the 'anti align' thing.

This is what I had to day today. Thanks for your attention & till updates.
Updated 10 Sept: I forgot to link the pdf so here it is straight from the preprint archive:

The Stern-Gerlach Experiment and the Electron Spin

In the meantime I found out there is only one repeated SG-experiment, this is known as the Frish-Sergè experiment and ha ha ha, it failed often to 'flip the electron spin'. That was done in the year 1933 so you just cannot say that in the science of physics the developments go fast and furious. Is it so hard to ponder the electron as a magnetic monopole? Apparently it is... 


(07 Sept 2022) The situation around the nuclear power plant in Ukraine keeps worrisome. The United Nations is asking for a demilitarized zone and it would be great if that could happen. This is such weird stuff that even for this detail we should keep on the economical sanctions at least one decade longer in place... 

Anyway I prepared two items but it is already far to late so let me skip the Einsteinian fun for now and dive into the complicated world of a possible price cap on Russian oil. So that our item for today: 

Item 1) The price cap on Russian oil, will it succeed or fail? I am optimistic.

 Item 1) The price cap on Russian oil, will it succeed or fail? I am optimistic.

Lets go back a few years; at one point in time all of a sudden oil prices went negative. Negative? Yes, if you bought oil you also got some money for that noble deed. As an outsider you look at that with utter surprise like have they gone mad or so?
No they have not gone mad, the costs of stopping production were far bigger compared to paying buyers to 'buy' oil. The negative price was a rational decision.  

The same will go for Russia; likely they will have great trouble restarting a drill if it had stopped for some time. On top of that it was remarked that during winter in Siberia, if they stop pumping up oil it all freezes and after that the whole drilling thing must be repeated... So that is all not a viable option for the Kremlin despite their words of cutting oil deliveries.  

But there are many sides to this interesting problem: The main side seems to be insurance. If you ride your car you must have insurance in case you cause an accident. The same goes for oil tankers. The idea is to make it forbidden to sell ship insurance to Russian oil above a certain price cap. 

Yet if one oil tanker goes bust, the costs with it are gigantic and will drown a lot of insurance companies. So the 13 major ship insurance companies pool all such risk among themselves and on top of that there is major reinsurance.  

There is nothing ingenious about that, as a matter of fact we the Dutch did that with the creation of the VOC, the United East-India Company when we invented the stock market. By buying shares in the VOC the investment was not concentrated in just one ship but in the entire fleet. So the loss of one ship does not bankrupt your investment.

Another interesting detail is the lack of tanker capacity. A lot of oil from Russia to the EU goes via pipeline. But if Russia cuts that, is there enough tanker capacity out there? 

Other people say that if the EU doesn't get the oil, China and India will buy it up. Again tanker capacity is the bottle neck: it takes a long time to deliver to say India. That eats up global tanker capacity and will also cripple Russian revenue because they must offer India lower and lower prices so it stays attractive for parasite nations like India to make a profit from these oil deals.

Anyway the finance ministers of the G7 countries have come to an agreement on this very important detail of diminishing Russian oil revenue income.   

After all the strategy is to cripple Russian military might to such an extend they will not repeat their Ukrainian adventure in any other European nation. 


On Youtube channel Joe Blogs there is a relatively good explanation of how all that insurance, pooling and reinsurance works. And if the entire insurance industry feels like it is fine, wise, even a moral obligation to destroy Russian revenue from oil sales, why not it?  

It might cost some money but if the insurance industry starts thinking about another war of aggression started by Russia; that will cost much much more for them. I am not saying WE MUST SLAUGHTER RUSSIA BEFORE RUSSIA SLAUGHTERS US!  

No I am only saying we can't have this in another European country.


Ok, you must always listen to other opinions. So I found some weirdo's that from the get go think it will all fail. Please read it so you can think about the depth of their arguments...

Why The Russian Oil Price Cap Won’t Work
Link used:

A screen shot from the Joe blogs channel, it is about pooling risk: 


RUSSIA - G7 Announce OIL PRICE CAP to DESTROY Russian Oil Revenue WITHOUT Affecting Global Oil Price
Link used:

Ok, it is late at night so sleep well and have nice dreams about crippling Russian military might. Thanks for your attention and see you in future updates.  


 (02 Sept 2022) I don't have much to say and I don't have much time. So lets go:

Item 1) Poland wants 1.3 trillion & IEAE arrives at Zaporizhzhia.
Item 2) Correction & addendum. 

 Item 1) Poland wants 1.3 trillion & IEAE arrives at Zaporizhzhia.

Today it emerged that Poland wants a staggering 1.3 trillion € from Germany as compensation for the damages of WWII. Is that a good idea?

As far as I know history, after WWII the political leaders decided not to repeat the mistakes made after World War one. So no crippling decade long repair payments to the victors of WWII. As such the European nations could snuggle together in things like the coal & steal community, later the European Economical Union till the present day form the EU has. 

The Marshall plan was also very helpful with the crafting of a more modern Europe. 

May be Poland has some point, but you can also demand say one trillion from Russia because Poland was taken into the Warsaw pact...

I don't know much about international law but my guesstimate is this will not hold up in any international court. And if I could vote on it, I would vote against it.

Likely this is a sensitive point in Poland, after all they have suffered much more in WWII compared to my own country. May be it is better to let this rest for always...

Further reading: 
Reuters: Poland puts its World War II losses at $1.3 trillion, demands German reparations Link used:


In Ukraine the atomic inspectors have arrived in that nuclear facility in a place with a name I can't memorize. It is noteworthy that had to cross the frontline and that is an interesting feature in itself. If you run into a bunch of Russians without proper communication gear, you cold draw fire... 


All I can say is GOOD LUCK! 

 Item 2) Correction & addendum. 

A few updates I posted a faulty math thing. It is just a typo but it is a very good typo because I always check my texts before publishing them because there are always some errors. Some are tiny and not significant, but as a math person I love it when all faults are gone. 

It was that picture with the intellectual Harley Quinn. Those vertical stripes mean you must take the determinant of what is in between. The comp means you must take a complementary minor, in this case a 2x2 minor.

So it must not be comp(| AB12 |) but this: | comp( AB12)|. I hope this did not cause much confusion because it is just a typo. 


Addendum: In the previous post I made fun of those Delft physics people that put all kinds of quantum stuff into super position with each other and after that declare that they can teleport quantum information faster as the speed of light.

For the record: When it comes to electron spin I don't think this is possible. If my view on electron magnetism is correct, likely their monopole magnetic charge is permanent just like the electric charge of an electron or a proton.

I want to remark that after a few years I am looking into those Bell proofs again and may be may be it is possible to create those so called 'Bell states' with photon pairs from those non-linear crystals that do that 'parametric downward conversion'. (That is a process where one photon breaks down into two photons).

Why do I think that? Well photons are very wavy things, so may be it is possible to craft the so called Bell states with them.

But I understand not much about photons. For example our electricity net has an alternating currency of 50 Hertz. As such the photons produced by that have a wavelength of about 6000 km. But how 'large' is a 50 Hz photon in itself?
Or is that a meaningless question?

My dear reader, it is time to split so we can both go our own ways.
Till updates.  


(31 Aug 2022) In Ukraine today finally some international inspectors can go to the nuclear plant that is in use as some improvised Russian military basis. Lets hope they can do their job and report what is going on there. Don't forget in the beginning when they went to Chernobyl they did all kinds of crazy stuff like digging trenches in the radioactive forest...    

The grain export situation is still stable although the amount of exports needs to triple or so. Famine in some countries is still not prevented if the exports don't increase...

The long awaited counter offensive has begun: I wish the Ukrainians a lot of luck. Going of the offensive is a very different thing compared to defensive actions. There is an information embargo and that is good of course. A commentator joked that they know more about the Russian army than the Ukrainian army. Until now only the first line of Russian defense seems to be taken, there seem to the three lines of Russian defense. Anyway my dear fighters: GOOD LUCK!

Vulcano ammo for hwitzers? I had never heard of it but it seems to have a range of 80+ km. That is the stuff called 'assisted rounds', of course they have less kg explosives because likely they are about 50 kg total weight. The good thing is of course that this makes the howitzers a more equal footing with the HIMARS boom stuff from the USA.   

And an awful lot more happened, the above are just four details that I consider the most important. But there is also a meeting between nations to discuss further military help and aid and training and more and more. 


Today one item about what I view as 'good science' where developments go fast and furious compared to 'bad science' like explanations for electron spin or weird fantasies like 'teleporting quantum information fasten then the speed of light'. So lets go:

Item 1) Stable Diffusion AI (good) versus quantum entanglement (likely bad).

 Item 1) Stable Diffusion AI (good) versus quantum entanglement (likely bad).

There are more and more AI's floating to the surface of media attention. We have those giant language models that are very good at estimating the next word. You can alsmost talk to them like they are humans. 

A few weeks back a thing named Stable Diffusion came out: It is a text to image generator. So you type in some stuff and Stable Diffusion creates a picture from that. You can even install it on your own computer but that is not easy: You need the correct hardware, you must know how Python works and more of that. 

But it is amazingly good, just look at this: 


Developments in AI go fast and furious for years now and it looks like there is no end in sight. I think this is caused by the fact people are willing to learn and if they are on the wrong track they soon change course.

I don't think that during my lifetime I will see an AI that is good at math or better at math as humans are. If you ask those large language models what 17 x 13 is, they look it up in their massive database until they find the answer 221. These models don't have a clue about counting or adding of multiplying numbers.  

Another cute picture, even the Harry Potter characters are made by this Stable Diffusion thing. Stable Diffusion seems to be very good with human faces while the hands are still  horrible. 


So all in all good science is capable of learning from their mistakes, adapt and move on to the next stage.  

Bad science is for example the next: 

You have two quantum particles that are entangled when it comes to their spin. For example the electron pairs in your body are entangled and that is not because the one electron has spin up and the other spin down. They are both in a state where they are both up and down at the same time.
It is only when you measure the spin of one of them and you find say it is spin down, the other must be spin up. 

In my view this is advanced mumbo jumbo. Electron spin is the magnetic properties of the electron and it is no secret I think that electrons are magnetic monopoles that carry a permanent magnetic charge. There is nothing mumbo jumbo about that.
Let me repeat the nonsense that they believe in for example the Dutch university of Delft. Only now I do it with a hydrogen atom: 

You have two quantum particles that make up the hydrogen atom: a proton and a neutron. Because of the opposite electric charges they have these two particles are entangled. Every particle is constantly in a superpostition of being an electron a proton. 

Now if you separate the two quantum particles in a hydrogen atom and you bring one of the particles to the Andromeda galaxy and when you are in that far away galaxy you measure the electric charge of that particle and you find it is positive, in that case the particle left behind in our own universe will have a negative electric charge...

Nobody with a normal functioning brain will think that any hydrogen atom will act this way. But when it comes to the magnetic properties of the electron, the weirdo's from the universities keep on making no progress. 

For you, my honorable reader, I selected one of those idiots that are very good at spreading quantum mumbo jumbo:

TU Delft Has Appointed Professor Ronald Hanson Distinguished Professor in Quantum Computing and Quantum Internet 

Now I don't hate Ronald, he is just one of the many weirdo's when it comes to electron spin. But this stuff he is doing is bad science and no good working quantum computer will emerge from this... Anyway no quantum computer based on electron spin will ever work properly.

End of this update & thanks for your attention & kill more of those fucking Russians!


(26 Aug 2022) Two items for today's update: 

Item 1) Lets hammer those grenades into perfection...;)
Item 2) Harley Quinnn loves determinants?

 Item 1) Lets hammer those grenades into perfection...;)

On TvP (tv Poland) they had some amazing footage of a guy preparing grenades for an RPG7 they said: 


I guess the guy knows perfectly what he is doing and it's all safe...;)  

There was a new military aid package from the USA, it's worth about 3 billion US$. Without listing it all, here a few details:

In addition there is money for six advanced surface-to-air missile systems, known as NASAMS, munitions for them, 24 counter-artillery radars, precision rocket systems, and more than 300,000 rounds of artillery and mortar ammunition.

I am glad finally some good air protection goes that direction. Germany has promised air protection too but that is still in the pipeline. Some commentators think or suggest Germany is deliberately doing stuff the slow slow way. That's not true, it is a bit of what I name the paradox of NATO.  

Germany just like my country are in the NATO for decades. And it works perfectly, decade in decade out almost no serious war. At least not on our home territories and so over the decades military readiness has declined. Both Germany and my country had strong pacifist movements all the time. Now I am not a pacifist myself but I consider them a valuable part of society. I think it is better to live in a country where there might be 'to much' pacifism compared to a society where every 2 or 3 years the majority wants to go to war with another country...
Anyway it is what it is and one day the German air protection will be there.  


My old opponent David Petraeus was on CNN in relation to the Ukrainian war that now lasts for over six months. And a small miracle happened: David his dog did not come in more or less demanding a walk. Likely David was in his work environment because on the table behind him were all kinds of books. Well click on the picture to see the CNN video:


Video title: Ex-CIA director predicts what's next in Russia-Ukraine war
Link used: 

 Item 2) Harley Quinnn loves determinants?

No, as far as I know Harley Quinn doesn't love determinants. Yesterday I posted the new post on how to calculate the determinant of a 4x4 matrix using only 2x2 minors.  

Now I have more or less cracked the matrix version of the Pythagorean theorem it was more or less doable. But I remember that at least a few times in the past I tried similar stuff and that always failed. It is not a ground shaking math result but it is interesting in it's own right.


In the above M is a 4x4 square matrix, the stuff like |AB12|  are the six 2x2 minors you can find in the first and second column of the matrix M.

Once more this is not a deep math result like finding new exponential circles or so, but it is surprising for sure that only two minus signs pop up. If you are just like me always dumb and  naive, you would expect three minus signs. Just like you calculate the determinant in the usual manner...

I only worked out the case of a 4x4 matrix so I skipped the general case of a nxn matrix. Here is the latest post from the other website:  

Calculating the determinant of a 4×4 matrix using 2×2 minors. What is the +/- pattern in this case?

Ok, I spilled the beans already because you can see the +/- pattern in the picture from math professor Harley Quinn. And sometimes I wonder if I am crazy; I start this update with a guy hammering RPG grenades while ending with the honorable professor Quinn hammering out four dimensional determinants...;)

End of this update. See you next week.  


(24 Aug 2022) I cleaned up this home page a bit and threw a lot of old stuff into the history files, index17.htm to be precise. So it should load faster now because all these updates since Feb this year make a long long reading...

Tomorrow, or actually today I think, there is some independence day in Ukraine. The US has warned for Russian attacks and has even withdrawn a lot of their employees from Ukraine to safer places...

Two items for today: 

Item 1) The Dugina death; is dad a crisis actor?
Item 2) A short but very good math video upon curve curvature.  

 Item 1) The Dugina death; is dad a crisis actor?

By all standards this was a weird attck; this Dugina female died from a bomb attached or planted in the car she drove. It is weird to assume it was done by foreigners, that Dugina female was definitely not a serious target. And her father that weird hard core ideologue Dugin is, as far as I am concerned, also not a valid or worthy target.

My guesstimate is that it is some internal working of the Russian state. And that Dugin guy is indeed some weirdo. It was said that he dreamed of a Russian empire from Wladiwostok to Dublin. Yes, to Dublin. My whole life I have been waiting for the wonderful day that my country could become a part of Russia. What a fucking lunatic, people with serious mental thingelings are often not a serious target.  

UATV explained how the attack was done according to the FSB: 


Video title: Death of Dugina: the case is solved. Here is what happened
Link used:

The next picture is of course a bit of dubious moral value. But I decided to make it and post it today. Why not? When we heard from so called 'crisis actors' when the Bucha stuff came out, of course at some point in time that needs an echo.

So the Kremlin gets a bit of her own coin back; Dugin is a crisis actor. May be he doesn't even had a daughter and that female is just some CGI computer construct...


Well lets leave that idiot alone. 

 Item 2) A short but very good math video upon curve curvature.  

It is a bit of a shame but I never derived that result in the next short video (3 or 4 minutes). The video goes a bit fast but for my taste not too fast. It is about finding an expression that gives you the radius of curvature at any given point in a graph.

If you see the result for the first time without a good derivation of it, the result looks rather weird at first. Why is there a third power and so? 


Video title: Radius of Curvature Proof - approximating a curve with a circle!
Link used: 

This summer there are a whole lot of math videos out because the guy from the 3Blue1Brown channel has thrown in another summer of math exposition. This time you could also participate if you, just like me, could not make those fancy animations yourself. In that case you could team up with someone who could do those animations and you just do the math.

I have to say I gave it some serious thought. For years I have been thinking that finally the exponential circles or Euler circles if you want, would get the attention they need if I just had a good video.

But after a day I realized that even a good video will not wake up those people, so I decided not to participate. No, better avoid more disappointments and not waste my time on the professional math professors. 

Ok, that is what I had to say today. Till updates and I hope you have some fun with the math video.  


(19 Aug 2022) The situation around the Ukrainian nuclear power plant is still a mess. And I don't understand what the Russians want with this. Ok there might be some dumb ass African nations that support Russia but more normal countries frown a bit on this kind of behavior I just guess.

A few countries have imposed limits on holiday visa's for Russians. Ok, countries are sovereign so they can do what they see fit. For myself speaking I think I side more with the German line of thinking; we must not end in a situation where for example dissident Russians can't leave Russia. And what's next: also ban students?
As far as I see it, the goal is to cripple the military power of Russia to the extend that they can't repeat the Ukrainian adventure in another country. The goal not to cripple the entire Russian society.
So if there are no security concerns with Russians traveling in and out of Europe, I am relatively relaxed on this travel detail.   


Two items in this update:

 Item 1) Wow, that is some hard GDP growth!
 Item 2) Another weirdo that can't find magnetic monopoles... 

 Item 1) Wow, that is some hard GDP growth!

The latest Dutch gross domestic product growth surprised to the upside: It was 2.6% quarter on quarter and the economy was 5.4% bigger compared to a year ago. 


For the time being we can say that COVID-19 was just a dip and now we are back on track. Ok, it was expensive but the extra debt our government had to take on is also already declining fast. So it's more or less like it is expected to be. 

Why inflation does not hurt more I don't know. Ok ok in almost all labor contracts here there are automatic provisions for inflation. So you don't see central bankers here shouting hard that wages must not grow in order to prevent a price-wage inflation spiral...;) 

All in all I like the way we have our economy, if wealth is more evenly spread it is much easier to eat up all that inflation. But the inflation cycle isn't over by far so may be I will regret my words in say 12 months of time... 

A positive by-effect is that both the inflation and the extra economical growth contribute to the tax revenues of the Dutch state.

Source (in Dutch): Economie groeit in 2e kwartaal 2022 met 2,6 procent.
Link used:

Item 2) Another weirdo that can't find magnetic monopoles...  

Another video where some weirdo explains that they can't find magnetic monopoles. And you get the usual explanation that even the electrons are tiny magnets with two magnetic poles. The rubbish refuses to die.

In the picture below you see David Tong explaining that two magnets attract each other if their magnetic fields are aligned. This audience was rather dumb but suppose someone would ask David as why in an electron pair the electrons must be anti-aligned in order to be able to make chemical bonds or stuff like that...  


Video title: David Tong: The Allure of the Magnetic Monopole.
Link used: 

Well in that case the weirdo's always come up with the Pauli exclusion principle and they mumble some stuff about 'quantum numbers'. That is not an explanation, at best that is a mystification and the person who asked the question is supposed to feel dumb because he or she does not understand 'quantum number'. 

It's all a big bag of bullshit my dear reader: There are only electron pairs in nature because very likely electrons are the magnetic monopoles and every electron pair is made from the two magnetic charges there are...

That makes much more logic than that weird 'spin up' versus 'spin down' that the weirdo's from physics use. You know stuff like 'spin up' makes only sense when there is some applied magnetic field. So what happens if there is no magnetic field? And what happens to 'spin up' when the magnetic field is changing or vibrating?

The official version of electron spin is still a bag filled with bullshit.


Fun detail: Yesterday on the preprint archive I made a few searches on 'spin flip' and 'electron spin flip'. Well you don't get articles from people in a physics laboratory showing how they 'flip the electron spins'.

No, you get a lot of articles where people do all kinds of calculations in those Ising models. And of course in those Ising models they use the spin of electrons as tiny magnets... And that my dear reader is where they spend your tax money on.


I am waiting for about 7 years, if people like David Tong claim that electrons are tiny magnets, what fucking experimental evidence you have for that David? 

There is no experimental evidence for that claim. And people like David Tong never ever think that is a problem. They just blah blah on year in year out.

That was it for this update my dear reader. You must not think I am angry at the physics professors. You must more see it as a better understanding of how stupid they are. Thanks for your attention and see you in the next update.  


(17 Aug 2022) In a few months it will be winter and in the meantime the EU countries can work on the gas problem. Well lets hope for the best. Yesterday I got my monthly energy oversight, I have uses minus 13 € in electricity and plus 30 € for gas. On top of that my prices are fixed till the end of 2025... 

So for the time being for me it is not much of a problem. 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) Another Crimean ammo dump says BOOM...;)
Item 2) Advertisement latest math post.

  Item 1) Another Crimean ammo dump says BOOM...;)

It seems that there were two strikes in the Crimean peninsula and on top of that the HQ of the Wagner groups came under attack. Some pro-Kremlin but relatively stupid journalist gave away where it was via posting of the next picture:  


I had to shrink the picture to 450 pixels but on the left upper corner is the street name or so. So that could cost one or more HIMARS rocktes. It is rumored but not confirmed that the guy known as "Putin's chef" was also among those that live no longer.

Picture source was a BBC article:
Ukraine hits Russian Wagner mercenary HQ in east
Link used: 

And in a place named Mayskoye another ammo depot went bust. There were 3000 evacuees so that is a good development; can they feel a little bit what Ukrainians are feeling for six months now... 


For the time being those Russian air defense systems like the S-300 and S-400 don't make much of a difference. It was said that Russia will deliver S-500, I don't know how much better that is, so lets wait and see.

 Item 2) Advertisement latest math post.

Last Friday I uploaded my latest post on the Pythagoras stuff. By accident it became a bit sloppy because after I started writing it all of a sudden I realized that my new found calculation scheme of turning a non-square matrix into a square matrix COULD GO WRONG! That was no reason for panic because you can always work around that problem but I had to address it of course.

So I consider it a bit sloppy but after over 200 math posts that is allowed I guess.

Anyway I have once more some lousy excuse to show the most simple manner of making one column into a square matrix. I don't know if there is an official name for these kind of matrices, I name them perpendicular matrices because every column is perpendicular to the other columns in the matrix. (Click on the picture for the new math post.) 


It goes wrong if you start with to many zero's like in a = b = 0 and say c is a non zero real number. In this case the next two columns will be zero columns. Anyway it is not a hard problem to dodge.

Yesterday I solved an old outstanding problem: how to calculate the determinant of a 4x4 matrix using a lot of 2x2 determinants. In the past I once tried that but I failed. But now with a tiny bit more math knowledge like the matrix version of the Pythagorean theorem, all of a sudden this is far more easy to do.

So all in all while the body is aging faster and faster, it's still a good math year.

Title of the new post: On the degree of expansion columns & can the expansion go wrong? (Pythagoras, matrix version.)

With that I would like to leave you alone. Have good cognition in your brain, have peace in your heart and a lot of bullets in the bodies of Russian soldiers... 


(12 Aug 2022) Correction: In the previous post I wrote "200 km inside Crimea" where that should have been "200 km from the frontline". That was a bit stupid of me but at first I wrote "200 km from the border" and I was like no that is too insulting for the Ukrainians so I changed it to what I correct now. 

The situation around the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia is still crazy as hell. It makes you wonder how the decision making process goes over there on the side of the Russians... 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) Happy holiday in Crimea?
Item 2) Do anti-particles travel back in time? (NOPE!)

 Item 1) Happy holiday in Crimea?

Not much news about the destroyed air field in Crimea. There were good satellite images out, cute before & after pictures. And yes there are some craters but is that from incoming missiles? One person remarked that it was just in reach of those Harpoon rockets, others think it was done by a team of partizans.  

And I, I have no clue. May be it happened because somebody snapped his fingers and somehow the sound got multiplied and blew up the first ammo. And after the first ammo ignited, the rest followed. 

This is how it looked from the beach: 


I didn't copy the satellite photo's but if you haven't seen them look them up. All these air craft have their own 'rabbit hole' where they are parked. With rabbit hole I mean large mud walls likely for preventing damage if somewhere else something explodes. 

So that didn't help much, a lot of lost air craft for the Russians. 

 Item 2) Do anti-particles travel back in time? (NOPE!)

A bit more on that nonsense of anti-particles that supposedly travel back in time. I found a relatively good video from Parth G where that mumbo jumbo is explained. It has a bit to do with Feynman diagrams and if you rotate such a diagram you van view that as going back in time. But a bit of fancy math does not make anti matter travel back in time; just like other matter it will go only forward I just guess...

Anyway in this video and also in one of the others from the previous update there is talk about electrons and positrons that annihilate each other. If my view on electron spin is correct, so all electrons are magnetic monopoles, in about 50% of the collisions between an electron and it's anti particle the positron will not lead to annihilation. 

But people never talk about that. They only talk about stuff they understand or stuff they think they understand. And indeed if all electrons are exactly the same, it is not understandable as why such a pair of particles refuses to annihilate... 

It should be rather simple to build an experiment where you have a beam of electrons, a beam of positrons. With a magnetic field you can always split those beams in the two magnetic states, you now have four combinations of letting them collide. In two of such combinations there should be much more annihilation compared to the other two cases where electrons and positrons of equal magnetic charge are collided.  

Video title: Do Antiparticles Move BACKWARDS in Time?
Link used: 


Here is that wiki:  

Electron–positron annihilation, link used: 

It is very interesting that after seven years I still can't find the tiniest detail that says electrons are not magnetic monopoles. For example only in the last year I found the above detail that there is also elastic scattering between electrons and positrons. 

So for my brain this makes the world a little bit more understandable. And for people with sloppy brains who think it is pretty normal that anti particles travel back in time based on some fucking stupid rotation of some calculating scheme, if you think such weird stuff why try to get a better understanding? 

But after seven years it is still a deep deep mystery to my mind that 100% of the physics people think that electrons are magnetic dipoles and that they just can't find magnetic monopoles. Without any experimental evidence they keep on doing their weird logic...  

Why God why did you create humans this way? Or is it evolution and I must ask:
Why Evolution why did you evolve humans this way?

May be it is time to split, see you around. 


(10 Aug 2022) The entire war I mostly post two updates a week and now this homepage is getting too long again. So it's time to throw a lot into the archive pages.

Two items for today: 

Item 1) It said BOOM 200 km inside Crimea.
Item 2) 3 Video’s to kill the time & Unzicker’s horror on the quaternions…

 Item 1) It said BOOM 200 km inside Crimea.

That was a very interesting development: Explosions on an airbase 200 km inside Crimea. That is interesting because as far as I know there are no deliveries of rockets that can do such a distance. 

One of the possibilities is that it was a rocket made inside Crimea. That is very well possible, after all that flagship the Moskva was also built there. Of course it could also have other causes for the explosions but likely tomorrow the Ruzzians will come with another package of bullshit to explain it all. 


It is definitely a good thing that all of a sudden even 200 km inside Crimea the people can't feel safe. Why should the Ukrainians always have the burden of always come under attack from some long range rocket? 

If it is frustrating for me that we can't deliver weaponry for striking inside Russia, imagine how the average Ukrainian feels about this. On the other hand there are all kinds of reasons to let this stupid and crazy war not spill over into other territories.

Anyway, it's war so it is what it is and there is no value in complaining about it.

From a video from a guy named "The Russian dude" I have the next two screen shots.
The first one is from Donetsk (that is the capital of the occupied region in the east), an apartment was hit from the east. Of course Russians drunk and stupid as they are told it was done by Ukraine. 


If it wasn't always so violent it would be perfect comedy: Rockets coming in from the east and the Ruzzians blaming the people in Ukraine to the west.   

A few items of the latest USA military aid package: 


I don't know what Claymore anti-personnel munitions are, it sounds like mines against individuals but let's not loose ourselves into details like that. And lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) 3 Video’s to kill the time & Unzicker’s horror on the quaternions…

I already wrote a new math post for the other website but I have the previous post to share with you. These are three video's upon physics, no this time it is not me hammering upon the detail that electrons cannot be 'tiny magnets' but that a magnetic monopole model for the electron is far more logical.

This time I let the idiots finish themselves. If for example people are too stupid to figure out for themselves that differentiation on the quaternions is a fucking nightmare that never will work, wby should we take them seriously?

If you are to stupid for that, likely the rest of your thinking is also shallow and not very relevant when it comes for example to electron spin.

In the third video you even see a guy claiming that positrons are moving back in time. That is the idea that electrons move forward in time and if you reverse the direction of time you get a positron.

You know, physics is supposed to be a science and should not resemble the average working or content of a psychiatric hospital.

Of course it is not forbidden to think of stuff moving back in time. Just like it is not forbidden to say that inside an electron there could be many universes that are all seven dimensional. I just make up some retarded crap, that is not forbidden.

But using taxpayer money for crap like that is a bridge too far in my opinion.  

Here is the link to the latest post with three boring video's:

3 Video’s to kill the time & Unzicker’s horror on the quaternions… 

Ok, that was it for this update. Live well and think well.


(05 Aug 2022) I don't have much to say today so lets go directly to this day's item: 

Item 1) A mixed bag of weird stuff (don't have much to say).

 Item 1) A mixed bag of weird stuff (don't have much to say).

In my country too it is far too dry. Where I live it is still more or less ok but there are now pictures in the news that are very un-Dutch so to say. We were supposed to be a waterland and our problems were always just too much water. And now this... 


This evening (it's now just past midnight) I took 10 minutes to alter the Ruzzian Z a little bit. After all I explained a few times to the Russians that one of the main problems is a logo that makes other people vomit. 

If they would just have a better logo, like the beautiful NATO logo, they would not have all these economical sanctions. And everyone would give them the love and respect they deserve. Really true. 

Anyway I took a picture from a wiki explaining the 'Z' that is in use right now.
Here it is: 


I am a good guy and I always like to help whenever I can. So I changed it a bit until we have the next: 


That is already a lot better! And that in just 10 at most 12 minutes of work my dear Russians. Now if you start using this logo likely all over Europe there will be demonstrations demanding an end to the unjust and unprovoked economical sanctions... 


In Germany the former pm Gerhard Schröder is proposing to open Nord Stream 2 because via Nord Stream 1 not enough gas is coming in. Of course Germany is a sovereign country so they can always decide for themselves but I wonder if that is a good idea. Last week Siemens came out telling that there are no problems with turbines as Gazprom has claimed. And likely they know, after all the sold that stuff to Russia. 

Anyway on DW news I found the next totally bizarre picture. It is from Gerhard Schröder's wife doing a prayer for peace with in the background the Kremlin. It was made at the end of February DW said.


Well that is a mindset very different from mine. I think more in terms of BOOM stuff, filled coffins and all those niceties that come with armed conflict.


At last there seem to be some technical problems with the howitzers that my country together with Germany delivered to Ukraine. It seems to be so worse that in Poland a special repair place is made for repairs.

In the first place, sorry & excuses. But in the second place stuff like this can always be expected. During peacetime like we have over here for over half a century you just cannot fire howitzers day in day out until they break.

So the way they break down is important information while it also has to be remarked that German officers say they are used just too much. May be it is better if the Ukrainians shoot say 20% less every day.  

And may be Ukraine could get a bit more howitzers? I don't know, our arsenals aren't that big. Anyway lets hope these technical problems can be overcome.

End of this hap-snap update. See you next week! 


(03 Aug 2022) I don't have much time so lets go direct to today's Ukraine item: 

Item 1) First grain ship arrived in Turkey & that weird prison attack.

 Item 1) First grain ship arrived in Turkey & that weird prison attack.

Finally a bit of good news: the first ship is actually in Turkey. From now on according to Turkey one ship a day can come over from Ukraine. If I remember it correctly, this ship is about 26 thousand ton. That is 26 million kilo's of grain so yes that is some food for some people but the backlog in grain transport is gigantic of course. 


Well lets hope for the best and a big thumbs up for Turkey! 

In that weird prison attack a lot is still a mystery. I observed some video from a guy claiming the prison was very near to the frontline. But I looked it up in the Deep State map from Ukraine and it was over 25 km from the frontline. I don't think in itself that amounts to a war crime. (Prisoners of war should be imprisoned away from the battlefield.) 

Another claim from Tv Poland said that the Maxar satellite images showed that about two days before the attack about 50 new graves were dug. But I could not find a good photo on that detail. Of course if it's true, the whole thing is a serious war crime. 

The claims of Russia that it was a HIMARS attack look to be crumbling day in day out. If the satellite image is correct only one building was damaged and these HIMARS have a pay load of about 90 kg of explosives. But the building where the attack happened is still standing. I don't know about the house where you live but if in the neighborhood of my house 200 pounds of high explosive say the BOOM thing, likely my house is flattened for good. 

From the psychological point of view it is very interesting that the Ruzzians constantly come up with the HIMARS stuff. Just a tiny bit of modern Western weaponry is a good pain in the ass for them.

Of course at any point in time, with the snap of two fingers, the HIMARS ammo can be uplifted to not only the short range rockets but say median range too. If memory serves medium range is about 150 km. For the time being I don't think that's a good idea but if it turns out that likely the Ruzzians themselves killed all these POW's you can also argue "Why not?" 

Ok, that was it for this small update.  


(29 July 2022) Two items for today: 

Item 1) Congrats with the Antonivka bridge Ukrainians!
Item 2) Added old posts to the new Pythagoras category.

 Item 1) Congrats with the Antonivka bridge Ukrainians!

After a lot of trying finally this bridge is damaged far enough so it can't be used in a meaningful way by the Russian occupiers. What I considered a bit strange was all those small holes in the bridge. A dumb person like me expected much bigger holes, after all there is a serious payload on those HIMARS rockets. 

But likely if you ask an explosives expert it all becomes more logical. 



Another thing that brings a good deal of relief to my mind is that now only about 30 Ukrainians die in combat every day. By prewar standards this is still a very huge number but it is no longer that horrific 150-200 range of daily deaths... 

Item 2) Added old posts to the new Pythagoras category. 

That video from the Fields medal ceremony has disappeared completely! That is kinda weird but may be it needs more editing or so. Anyway if memory serves it was the pm of the host country that made a remark that more or less goes like this:

Mathematics is the only science that is never revolutionary. It only expands on itself. 

I would like to add that yes this is true. But if you would leave this expansion to all those hundreds of math professors in the room, you can only observe such expansion on a geological timescale...;) 


Anyway some time ago I posted my first stuff on Pythagoras, the matrix version to be precise. And about one week later I did an internet search on that DuckDuckGo engine in order to see what other people wrote about this version of the Pythagoras theorem. So I searched for something like "Pythagoras theorem matrix version".  

To my surprise my own post from just say seven days ago popped up as one of the first results. That was just really fast. I still don't understand why the math often goes fast but all things magnetism just not.

Last year I discontinued my pages on magnetism on this website and I more or less concluded that the physics professors were equally stupid as the math professors. I think that it is time to revise that: physics professors are far more stupid as math professors.


Over on the other website ( I made a new category of published posts for the Pythagoras stuff. But I forgot to add all stuff from before 2022. So today I expanded the new category with the old posts upon more general versions of the Pythagoras theorem.

As you see on inspection in the next picture, my posts are on position 2 and 4 on the DuckDuckGo search engine while the other two links are not that relevant. 


The content of the new category can be found here:

Category Archives: Pythagoras stuff.
Link used:

Now via my simple internet searches an old post popped up. It was something with inverse Pythagoras or Pythagoras with reciprocals. And I damn well knew I had written that post but I could not remember what the content was.
I decided not to look but simply wait until it popped up in my brain again. And oh yes, after a good night sleep during coffee I remembered it again.

So an old math jewel from the past, from the year 2018 to be precise:
What is the inverse Pythagoras theorem?

Originally I planned to show you a few pictures from the hundreds of math professors that attended the Fields medal ceremony. And confront them with the fact there is amazingly little Pythagoras stuff out there written & crafted by them.

All these overpaid weirdo's like math & physics professors, sometimes they are very good at the stuff they do. For example:

Q: What are math professors very good at?
A: They are very good at telling that they could not find the 3D complex numbers.

Q: What are physics professors very good at?
A: They are very good at explaining they could not find magnetic monopoles.

That was it for this update. Live well, think well and always ensure we have this constant stream of dead Russian soldiers. If not I get depressed and I don't want to be in that sorrow state of mind.  

(27 July 2022) Is an economical recession coming? Today in the USA the stock price of Walmart fell by about 10% on disappointing results. So higher prices in the USA lead to a significant different consumer behavior. Here in Europe it was reported that Unilever was able to pass on the higher prices. So, for the time being, higher prices don't make the EU consumers balk.  

Now there is often a hassle about when a recession starts. In a lot of countries it is simple two quarters of shrinking GDP. But in the USA there is a committee that looks at a wide range of statistics and declares if there is a serious decline in economical output yes or no. These are just different methods so all that hassle stuff is not needed at all. Thursday the US GDP figures come out so we will see...
Two items for today:

Item 1) Russia leaving the Space Station after 2024?
Item 2) Another Fields medal finalist.  

 Item 1) Russia leaving the Space Station after 2024?

AP reports that may be Russia will leave the ISS. That can have all kinds of weird consequences. Some parts or modules were built by Russia back in the time, likely they have ownership of those modules. So they can do more or less what they want with it. 

I haven't heard of any kind of withdrawing from the ITER fusion project. Likely they are still in although I expect the ITER project to fail because of electron instabilities. 

Anyway here is the AP writing on this detail: 

Russia to drop out of International Space Station after 2024, link used:

Remark this link is relative weird, why put in putin in that link? Likely for archiving purposes I guess. 

 Item 2) Another Fields medal finalist.  

It seems that a few weeks ago some math congress was hold in Finland or so. Anyway the prime minister has the honor to open it and he has a good joke for the hundreds of math professors in the audience: 

There are three kinds of finance ministers: In the first place there are those who can count. In the second place there are those who can't count. 

For some strange reason Youtube says play it yourself so I can't show you it. But it was a boring four hour video anyway, who is going to look at a giant room filled with math professors? 

One of the fresh Field medallists also does stuff with magnetism. It is not a secret that I think electrons are not tiny magnets but magnetic monopoles. That is why they form electron pairs in chemical bonding with a shared electron pair.  

All these years I could never find anything that points to electrons being tiny magnets. Only overpaid physics professors say that but if you look at any experiment out there, often it is far better explained by the magnetic monopole model for the electron.

The math professor that got a medal from other math professors is Hugo Duminil-Copin. He is just an ordinary guy, he is not different from all other university people that think electrons are tiny magnets. In itself Hugo is not stupid, but the collective of physics professors is truly stupid.

They claim electrons are tiny magnets but they don't have a tiny shred of experimental proof for that. And they just don't care about it; that is why I don't consider them to be scientists but people from blah blah land. 

There are also short videos out about the individual winners, the next screen shot if from the Hugo video: 


The 'tiny magnet' model is already nonsense. How can electrons form a chemical bond with opposite spins? That is anti-aligned and how can that work? It is one hundred percent bullshit.

So the 'tiny magnet' model is already a weird model and what does Hugo Duminil-Copin do with it?


He uses the so called Ising model to study this further. On top of that he even gets a price for that. This world is a weird weird place.

The last two or three decades there was only one achievement made on using the magnetic properties of electrons. That is the so called Giant Magneto Resistance effect. You can check for yourself; does it work based on all electrons being the same or are there two kinds of electrons?

The GMR effect in itself is very interesting; if you make a material with alternating layers of magnetism, see below, there is much more electrical resistance. Based on that IBM could make those big hard disks for your computer very cheap.
The next picture does not depict the GMR effect but the fact that electrons scatter differently depending on their spin. But if electrons carry a permanent monopole magnetic charge, at least for my own brain it becomes a bit more logical:  


And the whole thing of classifying the spin states as 'spin up' versus 'spin down' points to electrons being magnetic monopoles.

But I have given up on the physics professors; logic does not work just like all their spintronics just never work. So lets try to find that button 'upload website'.

Wiki: Giant magnetoresistance. Link used:

That was it for this small update.  


(22 July 2022) The grain & other food export problems don't seem to evolve very much. May be it is better to resume to trying to shoot down all Russian war ships, may be that is not better. I don't know, time is running out and there is not much happening... 

One of the African presidents came out complaining that now most Russian banks are thrown from the SWIFT messaging system they can't even pay for Russian grain. I would like to remark that SWIFT is only a messaging system, when it was invented it was likely secure telex and may that is what they still do today. Anyway payments could still be done if you have an email address or a telephone number. The problem is of course when such payments need to go through a chain of banks and banks simply refusing to transfer money into the direction of Russia. The problem is that you try to buy stuff from a criminal while all of the time complaining about colonialism this and colonialism that. You know we are a tiny country but we are number two after the USA when it comes to food exports. Why is non of the African nations doing stuff like that? Oh yes I hear it already: COLONIALISM! 

In another development the European Central Bank raised rates by 50 basis points. That was about time. For example last year in my country house prices rose about 15%. That is far too much and mostly caused by the ultra low even negative interest rates from the ECB. And, with unanimity, they also crafted some emergency instrument in case one of the participating country gets under weird market pressure. So it is not meant for countries with high interest rates on their government bonds because of too large deficits or so, but an emergency thing.
Ok, may be that is a good idea. 

Two items today: 

Item 1) Is worn out Russian artillery a root cause for all that weird stuff?
Item 2) May be a BIG WIN for the MATH PROFESSORS! 

 Item 1) Is worn out Russian artillery a root cause for all that weird stuff?

I didn't save the links to the relevant videos but it was reported that Canada already is sending replacement barrels for their howitzers (may be it is for other artillery but you get the point). I have never thought about that: how fast does artillery degenerate? 

After all a standard 155 mm NATO round has a mass of 50 kg, with a big explosion it flies dozens of kilometers. So of course this must wear down the barrel one way or the other.

On top of that we are in day 140+ of what supposedly would be a 3 day war. And given the likely detail that the Russian military was kept out of the loop for planning this war, we can wonder if Russia is capable at all for just standard maintenance of their artillery. Likely the answer is a big NO, likely there is not much maintenance going on over there.

May be that could be a reason for such weird pictures like the next screen shot:  


This is a crazy amount of rounds just doing nothing. This is crazy behavior but could it in part be caused by the lack of maintenance?

By all standards this is the weirdest military operation I ever observed... 

 Item 2) May be a BIG WIN for the MATH PROFESSORS! 

I finally took some time to look at the history of that complicated matrix version of the theorem of Pythagoras. All in all it look likely that in the 20-th century there was only that thing with a matrix A multiplied against it's transpose. 

Now my method is very different, I found a way to calculate the volume of the higher dimensional parallelogram directly by making your starting non-square matrix A into a square matrix M.  

That is a little win for me because I gained some insight into how to tackle such a problem. And if I was the first human to do this, you can say it is a big win for me.

Under the assumption I was the first human to pull of this simple trick of squaring a non-square matrix, is it also a big win for the professional math professors? It could be because I know for sure what professional professors like:

That always like to NOT TALK about me. You can argue that is a bit strange because they only have their complex plane, some quaternions and basically that's it. They have no complex numbers above dimension 2 and for them that's ok.

So with a bit of luck they will NOT TALK about my cute matrix for say at least three centuries! Three centuries of total silence! That would be a bi big win for the math professors because they always love to NOT TALK about me and now they can do that for 300 years or longer!

You see me and the professional math professors are now in a so called 'win win' situation: Each of the participants has a big benefit: I have found my cute method and the math professors are glad they can keep their mouths closed like forever...  


Ok, almost the  end of this update. I found a funny way to take the sine of a minor matrix against it's parent matrix. So if you are into that mathy stuff you can find the short post on the other website:

On the sine of a matrix minor against it parent matrix. Link used:

It's high time to upload this stuff so I can do other things. Thanks for your attention.

UPDATE: Well well a deal seems to be reached! Unbelievable given the special love between Ukraine and Russia. So my estimation from 24 hours ago was not correct, I think I have to apologize (for the second time already in this war).
Interesting details are that every body is signing treaties with the UN and as such it is avoided that Russia and Ukraine had to sign a mutual agreement.

I would like to thank everyone, in particular the Turks. Turkey might be in huge economical troubles at the moment so it is good to see they don't give up. Well done every body! 


Ok, now you are once more at the end of an update.  


(20 July 2022) Oh bah, the heat wave is here for the very first day. I don't like it but it is by far not as bad as for example in Italy where entire rivers seem to be running dry or the UK where there were plenty of fires today.
Of course one heat wave is not climate change, climate change is that year in year out it gets a bit warmer on average. And that is happening; a lot of years are record years when it comes to the average temperature, the maximum temperature or the summer average. 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) Shit man, Ruzzia has destroyed all four HIMARS trucks! Really true!
Item 2) The Stern-Gerlach experiment one hundred years old.

 Item 1) Shit man, Ruzzia has destroyed all four HIMARS trucks! Really true!

Russia constantly claims to have destroyed one or more of the HIMARS trucks. So we can safely conclude that they are a good pain in the ass...;) But of course the Russians can use such 'information' for their lovely state television. 

I didn't know the Bulgarian military could be this funny, but they are. 
Title: Russia: Ukraine’s four HIMARS were destroyed, we used PrSMs.
Link used:

Someone emailed me and wrote that the HIMARS often feel lonely now they are in Ukraine. No not when they are at work shooting their boom stuff. It is when they are alone they miss their family. 

Luckily their little brothers are on their way, they are not as fast on the road as their HIMARS sisters but man they can do boom stuff big time! 


Ok, all that is still missing now are these more advanced anti-air defense systems. It would be great if at least the largest cities get some good air cover against cruse missiles and stuff. 

And, by the way, why don't we hear nothing about those USA drones? Is that where Russia has some success into jamming them? The Russian anti-air stuff can't deal with the rockets from the HIMARS, that is a lucky shot for Ukraine. 

 Item 2) The Stern-Gerlach experiment one hundred years old.

I often ask for say the Ukrainians to tell the truth as it is. Bad news must not be suppressed because otherwise people like me but also the Ukrainians themselves don't have a good picture over what is going on.  

In practice a lot of news is already riddled with faults, often they are tiny and not that significant. That is just unavoidable but you must always try to stay close to the truth. (Unless it is clear you are joking or so.)

Today I came across an article from the Scientific American that was both good and bad. It was good because it came with a picture I had never seen before, it is the original Stern-Gerlach apparatus (see below). And bad because important details like the use of a inhomogeneous magnetic field is used, these details miss.

Another detail that is missing is the fact they used vaporized silver back in the year 1922. But silver only vaporizes at say 2000 degrees Celcius and as such all of your silver atoms are likely not atoms but ions. How they dealt with that I don't know but it must have been an extra hurdle in this one hundred year old experiment.   

Click on the picture for a wider version: 


Until about seven years ago I just never heard of this experiment. I tried to understand it but it was hard. How could just one unpaired electron steer an entire silver atom into a particular direction? After all this lonely electron it's mass only about 1/1830 of the mass of a single proton or neutron. And a silver atom has many protons and neutrons.

So what was going on there?

After about two days I arrived at the conclusion that if electrons were magnetic monopoles, that might be a possible explanation. But wasn't that a weird solution? These physics people always say that they can't find magnetic monopoles.

Later I studied the official explanation for this exiting experiment, the overpaid weirdo's think that electrons are tiny magnets that either align with the applied external magnetic field or anti-align with it.

That is far more crazy as my own idea that electrons are magnetic monopoles. After all why should a tiny magnet anti-align itself against a powerful bit external magnetic field? That is one of the detail they never talk about.

Anyway I have given up convincing these physics weirdo's that must be wrong and I have accepted failure on that detail.

In case you have never heard of the Stern-Gerlach experiment but have some interest into the science of physics, you must take a bit of time to understand why this experiment was so important although the people that did the experiment had no clue about what they found. 

Mr. Stern from the Stern-Gerlach experiment became the first assistant to a fresh physics professor named Einstein. So Einstein must have known from the experimental setup of this experiment, but he never jumped to the conclusion that from now on it is nonsense to view electrons as tiny magnets...

100 Years Ago, a Quantum Experiment Explained Why We Don’t Fall through Our Chairs. Link used:

Ok, that was it for this update. Thanks for your attention and try to stay cool in this fucking heat. Till updates.    


(15 July 2022) There seems to be a bit of progress on the possibility that Ukraine will start exporting grain like wheat and other food again. So lets hope this will not fall apart. For this all to be successful at least in important parts of the Black Sea all military activity must fade away. 

Another complicating factor is that there seem to be laid out about 500 sea mines. If they are all well anchored it is possible to make safe lanes through them without first removing all of them. But if these things go drifting that can give some serious problems... Anyway I am not much of a marine expert, I don't know in detail how good the present day anti-mine capabilities are... 

So lets see how things evolve and hope for the best. 

Two short items for today: 

Item 1) Denys Davydov has an interesting heat map.
Item 2) A fields medal for the Ukrainian Maryna Viazovska.

 Item 1) Denys Davydov has an interesting heat map.

Look in the picture below, likely those maps are made on a 24 hour basis and as such you can more or less see how much boom stuff has gone off. It looks like a significant reduction and of course it is hoped that this stays so. 


Hard to say if all those exploded ammo depots already play a role in this. Ok very likely it is but you must never jump to conclusions too fast. But if it stays this way or less that is mighty good news...;) 

 Item 2) A fields medal for the Ukrainian Maryna Viazovska.

I totally missed the news but there are more Field medals out. Field medals are a relatively high prize in the science of math, it is an encouraging prize for youngsters under 40.

It works a bit like the Nobel prizes: University people give medals and money prizes to other university people. I think it has happened only once that the physics Noble prize went to a person that was not working at a university.  

I don't want to sound negative, but there are strong 'ivory tower' elements in both prizes. That does not take away it is always interesting in what the present day prize winners have done to pass the time.

Maryna is a bit famous because she discovered the most ideal packing for a bunch of spheres in 8 dimensions. How to pack a bunch of 8D spheres in such a way it takes the least amount of volume? You don't have to think very long about this problem in order to understand that likely this is hard to crack. 

In order to understand we get all kinds of weird stuff in higher dimensions, we first take a simple example: the square meter.
Now half the sides of this square meter, so now the sides are half a meter. How many of the small stuff do you need to cover the original square meter? That is four pieces of course. 

Well in 8 dimensions, if you cut all sides of a unit cube in half, you need 256 of those smaller cubes to cover the original 8 dimensional cube. Of course putting a sphere in each of those 256 smaller cubes gives some kind of packing, but likely you can improve on that. Well that is the problem that Maryna solved...
I never tried it but likely it is fucking hard.

For those interested her citation pdf is here and a Youtube video is as next:
Fields Medals 2022 Maryna Viazovska
Link used: 

Wow man, old math problems still standing open? I just wonder what would happen if somebody would find for example the long sought three dimensional complex numbers? Would that not be great news? 

That depends, if the math geek that finds it is an easy exploitable person for the university marketing departments, the universities will have a field day so to say.

And if the math geek is not a member of that university cult, sorry but there is no fame for you. On the other side I am really not waiting for a bunch of journalists asking stupid questions about 3D complex numbers...;) So life isn't that bad over here!

End of this small update. 

For older updates see the archives at index17.htm or go to the oversight of the archive pages.  



 __________ End

















Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4 

In Nov 2015 I opened a separate website for the three dimensional complex numbers:  


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles

09 Jan 2017: The link above grew out to 41 reasons that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. We proceed with reason number 42 on

Page 2 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Page 3 covers the stuff as found in the year 2018.

Page 4 covers the stuff for the year 2019.

Page 5 covers results found in the year 2020. 


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...

























































Title: A 2022 condolences card to the US dollar.