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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(13 July 2018) Oh oh the NATO top this week had the enjoyment of the wisdom of the US POS (= Piece Of Shit). This time the brilliant insight is that neighbor Germany is a slave to Russia because they buy gas from Russia. 

Even the Kremlin thought this was a bridge too far by stating that things like selling gas is more a way of creating a mutual dependence and that is a better representation of reality.  

On the trade war I have only one comment: 
The biggest driver behind the USA trade deficits is, in my view, that the US economy as a whole consumes more than it produces. Historically this could grow this way because the US$ is a little bit overrated (that is artificially strong) because it has world currency reserve status and therefore a lot of US companies could indeed not keep up with the competition abroad.
Instead of innovating faster and harder, like for example Germany, the USA went for the lazy way and sell paper like US treasuries to the Chinese.
That's how we got in this stuff in the first place, putting tariffs on particular goods will not solve the problem of a US population that has to use a dollar that is artificially too high all of the time...  

Oh oh politics, better not think about all those weirdo's out there lately. 

This update is about a much more crazy thing than recent politics and that is a tiny calculation into so called BCS theory that explains super conductivity. 

I post it here because it was already discussed in the pages on magnetics a long time ago, but the simple calculation says the whole theory is rather likely nonsense.

Item 1) BCS theory, Cooper pairs and super conductivity.

 Item 1) BCS theory, Cooper pairs and super conductivity.

In a nutshell BCS theory tries to explain super conductivity via the formation of electron pairs, that sounds 100% reasonable because in my view electron pairs are magnetically neutral and that is an important property because it opens much more of those ballistic channels in a super conducting material. 

But if you zoom in on the details of the BCS theory it is just horrible to the bone, it goes more or less like this: 

1) One electron comes in the grid of positive metal ions.
2) This attracts the positive ions that therefore pull together creating an even stronger positive electrical field that
3) Makes it more likely for another electron to enter and that
4) Is a Cooper pair. 

It is a complete bullshit theory and that can be shown with a very simple calculation: 

Originally back in the year 1911 Heike Kamerlingh Onnes discovered that metals like mercury and lead lost all electrical resistivity when cooled down to extreme low temperatures. Of course it was a fascinating discovery. 

About 50 years later the first 'theoretical explanations' arrived at the scene and that is present day BCS theory.

Let me keep the calculation short and easy to understand: 

The electron enters that lattice of positive ions and as such it feel a force F from those ions because they have positive electrical charge while the electron is negative.
The ions feel the same force. 

Ok, lets say our lone electron makes 4 mercury atoms vibrate.
Will they vibrate a lot inside the ultracold mercury lattice? 

Now the electron has a mass that is about 1830 times as small as the mass of a proton or a neutron. Mercury is number 80 on the list of periodical elements and suppose it has about 80 neutrons also. 

Furthermore suppose our electron moves four of those mercury atoms so that the Cooper pair can be formed.

Do the math: F = ma so the acceleration of the electron is relatively high compared to the four mercury nuclei. The electron must move  4 x 160 x 1830 in mercury mass or over one million time the mass the electron has...   

I do not think that ECB theory is a good explanation, I think it is 100% bullshit.


The reason for writing this update is that I viewed that video again where Noble laureate Frank Wilczek unfolds his wisdom on superconductivity. 

Now I do not want to be negative on this Frank guy, he is mild mannered, soft spoken and at least he tries to think a bit around. But BCS theory is plain bullshit and all those people inside physics should calculate a bit more and do a bit less of all that blah blah blah stuff that is going round. 

Just one electron that resonates over one million nuclei mass is just too stupid to talk about. But if you give those people a salary, give them titles like professor and stuff and suddenly all important but elementary calculations are ignored.

Such is life; human science is a social construct one way or the other.

Here is the video that aroused my attention once more to the explanation of super conductivity. Am I looking at science or am I looking at pure 21-th century religion?


Youtube source video:  Superconductivity: a far-reaching theory

I hope you can find a wiki for yourself if you are interested in these details on BCS theory because I am completely through with all that nonsense that so often lacks a simple experimental or calculational basis.... 

So let me chase happiness and pop up the last pint of the day and enjoy the fact that we humans are only monkeys on a rock.

Till updates. (Updated on 14 July with a video from drPhysicsA and we look at the energy stored in the electron pair). 

May be it is best you first watch the entire video from drPhysicsA because that is rather refreshing after all the talk bordering on religious talk from Frank Wilczek as in the previous video. 

Click on the picture for the video, important detail is found at 6 min 46 seconds where drPhysicsA claims the energy stored in the electron pair is about 10^-3 electron Volts. I think this is very wrong, it has to be much more. 


The basic idea as explained in the video is that the super conductivity reaches it critical temperature and above that the electron pairs are destroyed because of the high temperature.

Not only does that contradict the fact that at present day those complicated high temperature super conductors work at much higher temperatures but also the existence of room temperature hydrogen molecules. 

Take two hydrogen atoms, they are both electrically neutral because the electron and the proton cancel each other out. So two hydrogen atoms are never attracted to each other because of electrical forces.

In my view, where electrons carry magnetic charge, only when the two hydrogen atoms have electrons with opposite magnetic charge, they will fuse into molecular hydrogen H2 . From the noble science of chemistry it is known that energy stored inside hydrogen bonds like this is about 4 eV. 

That is about 4000 times as much as drPhysicsA claims that there is in the electron pair. 

In my view, the opposite magnetic charges in an electron pair are stronger compared to the repelling electrical charge the electrons have.

Is there any kind of experimental proof for such a bold claim?

Not that I am aware of, but there is existential proof because if you are a human and you read this, your entire body hangs on the strength of the electron pair. Ok ok there is also ionic bonding but most organic matter hangs together because of electron pairs. 

Ok, that is what I had to say. Let's close this update with the remark that likely the breakdown on super conductivity as drPhysicsA expains it is that even the electron pairs cannot those ballistic pathways of transport anymore.
And as such the super conductivity breaks down when it gets too hot. 

Till updates. 


 (06 July 2018) Oops, this website was offline at least one day last weekend. But it's online again so it's fine again; at least I did not forget to pay some bills and got offline via that route... That always makes you feel so dumb and that is not a state of mind that I like. 

In this update I want to reflect on so called scientific progress and in how far this is very much a social thing (like a bunch of monkeys on a rock, that is also a social thing). 

As an example I only want to look at the weird detail that inside mathematics 3D complex numbers are not used at all while I skip the little fact that in physics they do not understand electron spin as a magnetic charge. That is more for those philosophers on physics; why is the electron a magnetic dipole for a full century?  

Item 1) Why are 3D complex numbers not used?

  Item 1) Why are 3D complex numbers not used?

If you do a simple internet search on, lets say 'why do 3D complex numbers not exist?' you get a whole lot of answers.  

If you look at the websites that answer this question, they are all more or less of the type that you as an average citizen can ask and answer questions.

Like for example in the next math exchange dot stuff link: 

Complex number with three dimensions

These kind of questions get answered at such websites feeding the interest of the general public into scientific stuff. Often the answers are really stupid like 'Hey dude that does not work!!!' to more advanced answers that include stuff like the 2, 4, 8 theorem or that theorem of Fröbenius. 

These theorems are very interesting because they include a strategy that cannot work: they try to chase a 3D complex number system where everything outside of the 0 must have an inverse.  

And that is a very stupid demand to begin with...
The theorems might be smartly crafted but it's basic demand was impossible for 3D to start with.

Here is a link to the Fröbenius theorem:

Frobenius theorem (real division algebras) 

Let's not get into the math of why this approach is stupid because it can easily be shown that there always will be numbers that are not zero but act like projections, destroy dimensions and as such are not invertible. 


Now what has this to do with the vague concept of 'progress in science' aka our little 'monkey on a rock problem'? 

Well on such websites serving the questions of the general public at least you get some answer. There are also websites for math professionals and over there the answers are given by those math professionals that are superior to those those who pose the questions... 

On websites like that, for professionals and by professionals, you just cannot find a question like 'Why do 3D complex numbers not exist?' 

So when you are a professional math researcher you look smart if you do not ask such questions.  

And with that you have a probable reason as why entire scientific communities can easily make no progress at all for over a century on particular details like higher dimensional number systems inside the math community or stuff like electron spin inside the physics community. 

And life, life will go on. 
Why do we need scientific progress in the first place? 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(20 & 21 June 2018) What do you think of all those weird reports from the USA about family separation where for example one year old toddlers are taken from their mothers?    

That's some great nation... 

But this update is not about some disgusted politics but about my decision to put a possible official article about electron spin in the garbage bin. 

Item 1) So no try at some official publication? 

  Item 1) So no try at some official publication? 

No, there are only reasons against it. I just don't feel good about it 

For example on my computer system for some strange reason pictures never get properly included in the Latex texts. So about two years back I did put together a new computer that could serve as a spare for when my regular computer broke down. 

But in those two years of time I never investigated if pictures could be properly included on the spare computer... Also a few months back the spare computer broke down and I haven't even looked into why it does not function any more... 

When I read my own emotional state over all that time, I think I am not very eager at this point in time to try to get some stuff 'officially published'. 

It is not only that it is very hard to take the so called 'peer review' threshold, the small possibility of taking that threshold is not my main reason of canceling all prospects of an electron spin related article.
You must also weigh that against the outcomes of a possible success:  

Suppose I could write that 'perfect article' and with a bit of tunneling luck it becomes mainstream that electron spin is not a vector but a magnetic charge, why should I even try to write such a 'perfect article'?

Beside that a few years back I more or less expected to have more experimental evidence or even proof by now. But beside that old television of 12 € and that set of neodymium magnets, I never came across any apparatus I could use.
And say for yourself, using a television of 12 € is not something that those scientific magazines will applaud. Here is an old photo from April 2016 that, in my view, proves that electrons get accelerated by magnetic fields:


And then there is the problem of scientific journal selection; what scientific publication would be best to approach after writing some 'official publication'? I don't have a clue because I only use internet sources like the preprint archive & the likes.

I do not read such scientific journals and that raises a funny but also philosophical question to mind: Why should I try to get a publication into a scientific journal or paper that I do not read myself? 
That is not rational behavior, for my life it does not make much sense... 

No no, I am not crazy to the bone yet and it is better that at least this decade the official position of all university physics professors is that electrons are magnetic dipoles. That is best for every one.

If you click on the picture below, you will land at Reason 62 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles: 



End of this update.  


(02 June 2018) It has been a very lazy week for me. After publishing the coordinate functions of the 4D exponential curve, why not take a break?

Luckily there is all kinds of chaos to look at; according to donald trump the operatives from the deep state had infiltrated his campaign with a spy. Oh oh, it is going to take a long time before the USA citizens realize that their POTUS is mentally ill.
It is now about 500 days of looking at news and all so often mostly on a daily basis you observe the words THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

And yes I agree, this or that donald trump detail is not normal because the brain of donald trump does not function properly. But if people try to say that, suddenly you are not allowed to say that because 'you are not a mental health expert' and most of all 'you did not investigate him'.

Come on, what we observe is easy to understand; the donald trump guy might be a bit more intelligent compared to the average US consumer, but he is clearly mentally ill because he more or less believes the nonsense he is speaking. 

But enough of the donald, in this update only one item and that is a teaser picture for my latest post on the other website. 

Item 1) A teaser picture for the new baby tau number in 4D.

  Item 1) A teaser picture for the new baby tau number in 4D.

Lately I have been studying the four dimensional complex numbers a little bit, they are fun to write about because a century of so called smart physics professors never found this beautiful mathematical object. 

Just like the math professors, the mathematical horizon of physics professors is likely the quaternions in four dimensional space. 

And this while in general 4D space has been in the interest of physics professors for over a full century. The human brain is not made for math, it is much more an emotional machine. The human brain needs on a daily basis all that emotion because that makes you feel alive but it also prevents you from cooling down and analyze the stuff on a deeper level.

To put it simple: We humans are only a bunch of monkeys on a rock. 


Ok, here is the teaser picture and if you click on it you can find out how to craft those cute looking coordinate functions:


It might look a bit difficult but that is only how it looks. 

The only thing that matters is the first coordinate function, the others are just time lags of the first one. So this is the product of two cosine functions, one with period 4 and the other with period 8.

That's all, hope you have a tiny bit of cognitive growth and in case you also want some emotion: 

Let US pray for the day when the donald trump problem is solved via a nine millimeter solution through his head. 

Just like that funny Ghadaffi video, wouldn't that be great?

Or better cool down and do a tiny bit more math? 

End of this update. 


(13 May 2018) Is the stock market going to crash in the foreseeable future? 

For this year I am not expecting this although it has to be remarked that stock market growth as a percentage has been a huge multiple of underlying economical growth. 

In the previous update I mentioned the so called 'Second activation of the Nightmare on Wall Street' as was started on 12 Nov 2007. At that point in time I had already studied the worldwide financial system since the year 2004. So after 3 years of study I had a good oversight upon the many weaknesses and bubbles there were around in those long lost years. 

My main insight into 'this is going to blast' was mostly rooted in the fact that the US financial system annually adjusted needed about 2.4 trillion US$ fresh debt in order to function properly.

It was obvious there was not that much money to satisfy that level of fresh debt... 

So it just had to snap... 

Item 1) What will happen with QT in the year 2019?

 Item 1) What will happen with QT in the year 2019?

Since the financial crisis from a decade ago it has been a fact of life that the US federal deficits growth was always above economical growth and as such tax money intake. 

At the beginning 10 years ago the total US federal debt was about 60% of the gross domestic product, at present day it is hovering about 100% of the GDP.

QT if the fine art of the central banks to unload some of the stuff they bought and QT stands for 'quantitative tightening' and as such the US federal reserve plans to sell all those US federal debt they bought. I do not know the exact numbers, say they sell about 50 billion US$ a month. That would be about 600 billion in the year 2019...

The US federal deficit for 2019 could be as much as one trillion, likely a bit more because donald trump is the king of debt so that is an extra market pressure of 1000 billion US$ in fresh debt. 

To top it off, there is also old US federal debt that will mature and it has to be paid back. Of course there are no saving funds for that so they will do the refi or the 'refinance' thing. I do not know the numbers and have no clue about how many billions these are, but will old investors in US debt that matures in 2019 actually buy new US debt??? 

So all in all the present market situation is easy to understand:

It is totally crazy and can the central banks really sell all the garbage they bought? 

The numbers in the next picture are total US federal debt levels in billions of US$. Of course what is still left out is the hidden debt like in the social security funds. Stuff that looks like some asset but is in fact debt to be sold in a future market... 

Source of the numbers: FED Z1 release


Ok, let us leave all this market madness behind and just observe how the central bankers of the USA and Europe sell the stuff like they promised... 

Till updates my dear reader.  


(27 April 2018) The staying power in the news of the pee pee tape over the last two weeks is amazing. On 14 April when I wrote the previous post I did not know it but it seems that donald trump on three or four occasions brought the subject of pee pee tape up with James Comey.  

So that makes it much more likely that indeed some splashing details are true, but if the tape exists we still don't know what is upon it. It would be great if indeed we will see the donald consuming lady pee while on hands and knees... 

Beside the fun, in this short update I would like to try explain as why donald is mentally ill as I have been thinking all of the time. That is our item for today: 

Item 1) What explains all those weird lies from donald trump?

 Item 1) What explains all those weird lies from donald trump?

Two strange flaws that often bedevil the donald are: 

1) This giant stream of lies and
2) The absence of strategic thinking.  

Just like most people I only thought donald was some pathological liar and emotionally too unstable to have any strategic importance. 

For the rest I did not think much about it, after all it is not my problem. 

But lately the former head of the FBI James Comey told a few times that donald trump has no morals at all. In the brain of donald trump, all moral stuff is completely void. 

Most morals also have a biological embedding in the brain, if a species has some biological based morals that can help them or hinder them. For example if cannibalism is rampant among some animal species, this could hinder the long term survival of that species and as such most animal species avoid cannibalism under normal circumstances. 

For example a small brain fish like a piranha, when they attack a prey they never attack each other. Now are the piranha embedded by God with moral values like 'thou shall not eat thye neighbor nor the daughter of the neighbor'?
No, God has not much to do with it.
If all piranha's know they will never be attacked by their fellow hunters, that makes them the formable attack force they are.   

Morals in some animal species or our own human species often make clear when you can attack a fellow member of your species. It is well known that donald trump attacks a lot of people often for what we consider as 'no reason at all'. 

For example when donald trump strikes at those NFL players for kneeling down on one knee during the playing of the national anthem. Only a person with a brain that is not properly functioning on the biological level would do that, you must have something that is some deviation from normal brain functioning. 

Now suppose the observation from James Comey is correct and indeed donald trump is void of morals, in that case the border line between a lie and that what is true fades away. The brain activity of donald must be the same if he tells a lie or when he tells the truth. 

In my view, this is a deep rooted malfunctioning of the human brain.
In other words: The US prez donald trump is mentally ill.


The words as written above should not be read as negative stuff, or that I am in some depressed mode about the future of humanity while we have a bag of garbage at the nuclear button of the USA...

A few months back I came about that html page I wrote about a decade ago.
And I smiled softly because now 10 years later it all looked so chaotic, just like the donald has all that chaos surrounding him.

Although my html file was highly chaotic if you read it after 10 years, it did not lack strategic thinking. After all I had reached my goals and the DOW Jones was cut in half... ;)

Here is a screen shot picture from the start of that file, click on it to go to the old html file:


Oh oh, those good old days without donald trump:
Need an AAA credit rating? Just buy one!  

That was it for this update, thanks for your attention. 


(14 April 2018) The last days there suddenly is a tiny bit more news of the 'pee pee tape' related to a visit from donald trump to Moscow. As the rumor went, donald wanted a room and had some prostitutes pee over each other...

The whole thing was secretly taped and as such could be an explanation as why the Russians have so much sway over donald trump. 

I always considered this a bag of nonsense, if it is true that we only see a few prostitutes peeing on each other, why should a person like donald be embarresed? 

That is our first item of this update, in the second item a few more reasons as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles... 

Anyway here we go: 

Item 1) How does donald trump get his potassium?
Item 2) A zero field splitting of electron spin?

 Item 1) How does donald trump get his potassium?

Potassium is an important element for your body, daily enough intake via enough veggies is important because your body cannot hold on it. You can't store potassium, you pee it out. 

Some time back last year James Comey was fired from his CIA post and now he has a book coming out and one of the details seems to be that donald asked James Comey to start an investigation into the 'pee pee tape' and the conclusion should be that it was all not true. 

When those pee pee rumors emerged for the first time, after a few minutes of thinking about this relatively weird news I understood what could be on the pee pee tape: 

That was not donald trump ordering a few hookers to urinate over each other, no no much more likely it was that the present US president donald trump was on hands an knees and actively drinking as much of the stuff as possible. 

Now with the new information coming in that donald trump wanted an 'investigation' into the pee pee tape from Moscow, after waiting long it just looks more and more likely that donald trump did indeed swallow a lot of urine while he was on hands and knees... 


After having said that, it is a pity that it will likely take a few more years before the pee pee tape finally will surface. On the positive side, if there is one pee pee tape that is talked about, what else can there be? 

Let's leave it with that. 

 Item 2) A zero field splitting of electron spin?

On 7 and 9 April I posted two more reasons as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

The 7 April update is about the Majorama fermions as found by the Dutch university of Delft (I still don't think these particles are their own anti particle my dear Delft folks). 

The 9 April update is a bit more from the chemical sciences; even in the absence of any applied magnetic field there still is a difference in electron spin state.
It has a beautiful name: Zero field splitting... 

Scroll down on page four of the magnetic stuff as it is covered on this website: 


The funny detail in the last reason is that even in the absence of a magnetic field there still are two kinds of electrons, that once more validates that electrons do not have spin but charge, that is magnetic charge so to say...

Ok, that was it for this update. Till updates. 


(08 April 2018) It is not my task to comment upon every stupid video out there about food and diets, but after viewing a video riddled with nonsense from the channel Seeker I decided to put some side notes to that stream of nonsense...

The Seeker people, let's name them Mr. and Mrs. Stoopid come up with all those nonsense stuff like 'Your brain runs on glucose so you need to eat carbs' while in practice because glucose is such an important molecule for your body, your very own body can produce plenty of glucose... 

It is just all so stupid, I hope to keep it short but here we go: 

Item 1) The most stupid Seeker video ever!

 Item 1) The most stupid Seeker video ever!

In the year 2011 my body weight had grown to 109 kg and because year in year out I was only gaining weight I decided to do something about this ever growing problem. 

So at first only some calorie restriction and more exercise and kilo by kilo the fat burned slowly away. In the meantime I began to study the stuff around food and how it all affects your body. 

At some point in time I did hit a severe barrier; I could not get below 88 kg of body weight. Even riding your bicycle for 500 kilometer a week could not break down this barrier. 

In the meantime all of a sudden I developed a serious gluten allergy so I simply was forced to stop eating all that wheat stuff. That's it in a nutshell but year in year out I am very stable in body weight ever since.  

Compared to all those diets out there, the way I eat resembles mostly the keto diet. The keto diet is basically very simple: keep your insulin levels low so that your body has the capability to burn fat. 

If you eat too much carbs or protein in the form of meat, blood sugar levels rise and at that point in time your body can't burn fat. The present day obesity epidemic is not about people eating too much but much more the food they eat prevents their bodies to burn fat...


After having said that, here are a few of the very stupid things Mr. and Mrs. Stoopid explain to us as being 'scientific' or 'under strict oversight' and it is just all soo stupid:

1) Eating fat, my arteries hurt says Mr. Stoopid. 

Comment: If you can't burn the body fat also dietary fat can become bad for your health. 

2) Glucose, your brain and body runs of glucose says Mrs. Stoopid. 

Comment: Glucose is a very simple molecule that your body can easily make plenty plenty plenty. 

3) Giants amounts of meat. For some strange reason Mr. and Mrs. Stoopid seem to think that maintaining a low insulin level commutes with eating gigantic amounts of meat. 

Comment: If your body cannot process huge amounts of meat, your body will respond by breaking the meat down into sugars raising your insulin levels.

4) Starvation. Here is where Mrs. Stoopid gets really fanatic, only via starvation and all of that ridiculous keto stuff you can loose weight...  

Comment: Eating no food by carb hoarders for more than six hours is known as the horrible process of 'starvation'. Yes, after about six hours your glucose reserves are depleted and because you did eat too much carbs to begin with you feel very very starved. And you crave food deeply... 

A normal person would access the body fat for energy and would find it very strange to name this 'starvation'.  

Only carb eaters use the word starvation, if you are behind that diaper wearing phase in your life it is simply 'fasting'.  

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Stoopid explaining their precious insights about how to feed the brain, click on the picture for the stupid video: 


Source: Does the Keto Diet Actually Work?

Wow man, I am glad I made it mentally sane at the end of this update... ;)

End of this update.  


(02 April 2018) Lately I found a nice video summing up all the problems related to when you eat stuff your body cannot digest, in particular gluten. 

At present day gluten is a bit of a laughing stock for a lot of people because they never drop dead after consuming bread or other wheat related products. But the effects it has on your body build up over time, the first half century of my like I did eat bread on a daily basis and I too never thought it would do me harm. 

It was just food, I trusted it... 

That is the item for this update: 

Item 1) Make or buy some gluten and take experiments for yourself.

 Item 1) Make or buy some gluten and take experiments for yourself.

Gluten is something your body just cannot digest, gluten is not one molecule or protein but has more components. For myself speaking I view gluten as a collection of anti rot components that the wheat grain uses to survive the winter in order to sprout and grow and live for another generation of wheat. 

So if this is true, if gluten is also an anti rot component for the form of life known as wheat, it should also be that almost no other form of life can break it down. 

I checked that more or less abundantly in the past. I bought a kilo of 100% gluten for just five Euro, also I washed wheat dough out until you are left over with the gluten.
I did put out chunks of gluten in plastic bags together with some water and, for example, some French cheese. Or with beer yeast, or a combination of cheeses and beer yeast or even bread yeast... 

At one point in time I even placed a plastic bag in my garden, let it open so all kinds of microscopic life could enter the plastic bag. 

After that I started using fermentation bottles because that gave such nice looking photographs where I could make my fancy pictures from. 

Anyway, all experiments I have done to make nature break down the gluten always were at least 3 months until the proteins were broken down so small that the stuff became a liquid.  

The human body is not made for digesting stuff over a time span of 3 months or more so we simply shit all problematic stuff out and live happily ever after. 

Ha ha ha, the funny thing about gluten is that the daily consumption of wheat related products gives you a leaky gut so that all kinds of garbage can get into your body. 

But this post is not about repeating what is already out there in knowledge about what can happen if you eat too many stuff your body just cannot digest, think of experiments for yourself. What form of life can break down the conglomerate of proteins known as gluten?  

You can get gluten via washing out a fresh kneaded wheat dough, after flushing the dough with water for about 40 or 50 minutes it looks like this: 


Once you have the pure gluten you can think of yourself for all kinds of experiments showing human digestion cannot break it down. Nor other forms of life on this planet.

The leaky gut stuff related to gluten is also very likely very true, after I changed my diet to anti gluten I almost had no back pain for about four years. In all years of my bread eating life I had so much back pains that every year at least one week I could not ride a bicycle...   

And if you eat bread every day, you also have have at least for some time every day this schematic picture for your leaky gut problems: 


Ok let's call it a day. 

The two pictures above came from the next video: 

Is gluten that bad for your health? | The science 

It is a nice video and with a little smile on my face I can say I have also found a group of ultra smart professionals that should eat more gluten: The math professors!

If math professors would eat more gluten and the rest of the population less gluten I would be in paradise... ;) Thanks for your attention. 

Till updates.  


(26 March 2018) It is about high time to post a few new updates on this very homepage. In the previous update I did not mention it but only posted a link to page 3 on the magnetic stuff (mostly viewing electrons as magnetic monopoles).

And with a little smile on my face I type once more down 'electrons viewed as carrying magnetic charge' and I know that instantly all those professional physics professors will fast click away to some other website. 

These people are shitty to the bone or to put it more mildly: they are university people... 

The last few weeks I have been working on a general proof for the so called inverse Pythagoras theorem but I was a bit stupid and first crafted the general proof and only later tried to look up on the internet about the inverse theorem of Pythagoras... 

It turned out there is no inverse theorem of Pythagoras, anyway I could find nothing in the public domain. Anyway this inverse stuff is our first item and the second item is about a very nice explanation of magnetic domains and the domain walls of magnetic domains. 

Let's go: 

Item 1) On the other website: A general inverse Pythagoras theorem. 
Item 2) More on magnetic domain walls that are made of electron pairs.

 Item 1) On the other website: A general inverse Pythagoras theorem. 

For myself speaking I would not classify this result as a theorem but more like a cute result. But I found that was of measuring the distance d as used in the cute result over two decades ago. 

On the other hand it was only why some other guy named the 2D version a 'theorem' I started thinking about this so for me this cute result is new too...

So theorem yes or no, let history decide! OH NO: that kind of history is more or less the version of history that future university people will make of it so may be that is not a wise thing to desire...

Anyway, here is the link to the cute result that for the time being goes under the name of The General Inverse Pythagoras Theorem:

What is the inverse Pythagoras theorem? 

Here is a screen shot that shows the cute result:


That's it for this item: cute result or a full blown theorem? Make up your own mind. 

 Item 2) More on magnetic domain walls that are made of electron pairs.

At the beginning of February I watched a video with Stuart Parkin from IBM talking about so called racetrack memory where they use nano wires to shift the magnetic domains inside the nano wire.  

This is a way to store information on some computing device, present day fast memory consumes far to much energy and this racetrack concept of storing information on nano wires is very very cute...

Stuart Parkin told that the magnetic domain wall can only be moved by electrical fields like those inside the nano wire done by what Stuart calls 'spin polarized electrical current'. The important detail is that likely Stuart & his IBM fellows have tried to manipulate the domain walls via magnetic fields and as such they failed.

The same day I realized what must be going on: 

1) The inside of the magnetic domains have a surplus of electrons carrying north pole magnetic charge OR as surplus of south pole magnetic charge on the electron.
The magnetic domains themselves are NEVER magnetic dipoles but regions with a surplus in one of the two magnetic charges.

2) The domain walls contain much more electron pairs because all unpaired electrons will be pulled to some inside of the domain because they are not magnetically neutral. The electron pair is by definition magnetically neutral because it is always made up of a south and a north magnetic charge and as such likes to hang out in the middle where the Lorentz forces make it spinning around. 

Basically that's it: paired electrons are always by definition magnetically neutral while unpaired electrons never are magnetically neutral because they carry magnetic charge...

As such the formation and change of the walls of magnetic domains is a highly dynamical process, unpaired electron will tunnel into another magnetic domain if the wall is too weak and so on and so on.

Here is reason number 57 from two days back:

A video containing the formation of magnetic domains 

The reader is invited to think a bit about electrons having magnetic charge and as such explain all those weird phenomena we see around us... 

After all it is not my task to convince you about anything electron related, if your brain is more or less healthy you will arrive at similar insights...

(Except for the university people of course.)

End of this update. 


(10 Feb 2018) Ok, I could talk long and short about some local earthquakes but I won't. 
We leave out all local emotional stuff because we also have to clean the closet every now and then.

So this is more about the Mathologer who finally sees the light and the IBM folks who still struggle so much to understand the elementary basics of electron spin:

 Item 1) Finally the Mathologer sees the light. 
 Item 2) Magnetic domain walls explained via electron pairs.  

 Item 1) Finally the Mathologer sees the light. 

Back in April 2016 after visiting a general math lecture at the local university here I thought it would be funny to completely debunk the nonsense from a bunch of Nottingham physics professors who claimed that the sum of all integers equals minus 1/12. 

They sold nonsense like: 

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + .... = -1/12. 

And from that it is easy to deduce much more completely retarded nonsense, for example you can lower every integer in this sequence by one in order to get the same sum back: 

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... minus
1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + ... =

0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... 

But if the last sum also equals -1/12, it has to be that: 

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + ... = 0. 

If you have a normal functioning brain, I hope you more or less estimate that if you add the number 1 infinitely many times, the answer is the thing known as infinity. 

To my surprise on a video channel I found the Mathologer also explaining why this is a bunch of weird math. It was fun to watch so I placed a small update with his video on this two year old detail:

Debunking the Euler evaluation of zeta at minus one  

Let us leave this detail behind us. 

 Item 2) Magnetic domain walls explained via electron pairs.  

This week I was viewing another video of Stuart Parkin who is trying to craft so called racetrack memory for future computers and he is trying to use the spin of electrons in order to reach his goal. 

Of course Stuart Parkin is a strong believer in electrons having two magnetic poles, just like all the other professional physics professors.  

Let me not lamentate upon the slow acceptance of electrons carrying a magnetic charge, that is how the human brain works after all: slow and dumb ;) 

Anyway within a few hours of looking at his video I understood how the magnetic domains in metals like iron are for real: 

The borders as found in iron have much more electron pairs into them, furthermore each magnetic domain has either a surplus of north or south electrons carrying the magnetic charge. 

The electron pair is magnetically neutral while unpaired electrons never are, so when Stuart Parkin informed me that those magnetic domain walls just not got moved by magnetic fields, after all that time I had a tiny bit of experimental validation of my whole magnetic charge idea...

So this is reason number 53 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles: 

Reason 53: Domain walls of magnetic domains explained (electron pairs)

Here is a picture of the stuff that is most horribly wrong with the representation of electron spin as a vector; make up your own mind but I consider this not correct:


Ok, that was it. Till updates. 


(28 Jan 2018) About three weeks back I had a court case because back in Nov 2016 I was that stupid to park a car on the parking spot of a handicapped person...
That was stupid of me, I cannot deny that, but I was completely unaware of the nature of the parking spot because I did not see the sign.  

Anyway I was fined a nice 390 € and because that is a whole lot of money for something I had not done on purpose, I decided to appeal. 

So I performed all my appealing duties, it was nice to use the old post method of letters written on paper a few times, and that was it in let's say Dec 2016. 

About half a year later I got the next letter from the CJBI (that is the Dutch state fine collector, a rather powerful organization) and my appeal was not taken into consideration because I failed to handover the letter that said I could appeal in the name of the car owner... 

But I never received a letter telling me to do so, all I observed was month after month of nothing. 

So I appealed against the decision of not taking up my first appeal and as such we had a court house date of 08 Jan 2018 at 14.00 hours. 

For me it was kinda strange to be back in the local courthouse, so much has changed like for example it is much harder to bring explosives or metal weaponry to the courthouse... It was nice to observe how they evolved since I have evolved myself.

Anyway, beside all those old emotions, later I found out that at 14.00.52 hours a multiyear long record earthquake was there just outside the city where the gas pumps of companies like Shell suck the natural gas from under our living space. 

Therefore in order to promote cognitive growth in item 1) we try to estimate the average amount of how much the so called 'bodem daling' will be.

And since this is a local issue, it will be done in the Dutch language. (Sorry for that.)

Item 1) Wat is eigenlijk de gemiddelde bodem daling? 

 Item 1) Wat is eigenlijk de gemiddelde bodem daling? 

Een aantal jaren geleden heb ik eens proberen te schatten hoeveel de bodem daling in Groningen nu eigenlijk gaat worden. 

De gasproductie is altijd gegeven in het aantal miljarden kubieke meter, één miljard kubieke meter gas is precies één kubieke kilometer. Maar 1 kubieke kilometer aan de oppervlakte onder een druk van 1 atmosfeer (of 1 bar zo je wilt) neemt diep in de grond veel minder ruimte in. 

Nou ik wil niet de hele berekening herhalen, maar je maakt gewoon gebruik van een nogal eenvoudige gaswet die zegt dat druk maal volume gedeeld door de temperatuur gelijk is aan een constante.

In al zijn eenvoud, bij veronderstelde gelijke temperaturen, bij twee keer zoveel druk heb je half het oorspronkelijk volume.

Dus ik ga het spul niet herhalen want dan kom ik weer op een gemiddelde bodem daling uit van 3 tot 6 meter. Je hoeft niet erg lang na te denken dat dit eigenlijk nogal rampzalig is en gigantisch duur op de lange termijn... 

Ik nodig jullie dus van harte uit om het zelf eens te proberen, daarbij heb je de volgende gegevens nodig: 

1) De cumulatieve aardgaswinning sinds het begin van de gaswinning in de jaren 60, stel dat is X miljard kubieke meter aardgas dan is dat dus X kubieke kilometer aardgas bij een druk die we aan de oppervlakte hebben.

2) Diep in de grond is het warmer, dat laten we gewoon weg uit de berekening omdat we een CONSERVATIEVE SCHATTING willen maken. Er zijn namelijk ook allerlei redenen dat de bodem daling minder zal zijn, bijv als er veel grote rotsen zijn of hele steenlagen dan kan die bodem daling wel miljoenen jaren duren.
Nou er zijn eigenlijk geen rotsformaties en gegeven de hogere temperatuur zal die X kubieke kilometer dus iets meer volume innemen want hoe warmer het is hoe meer het gas uit zal zetten.

3) Gemiddelde diepte van het gewonnen gas, dan kun je de druk uitrekenen. Op bijv zes kilometer diepte is de druk gewoon het gewicht van een kolom aarde daarboven tot de oppervlakte. Als ik het mij goed herinner gebruikte ik een massa van 2500 kilo per kubieke meter grond. Dan kun je de zwaartekracht uitrekenen die je per vierkante meter hebt, dat is dus 6000 maal 2500 maal de lokale gravitatie constante g = 9, 81.

4) Je moet ook de oppervlakte van de gaswinning weten, volgens mijn geheugen is dat vrij precies 900 vierkante kilometer.

Als mijn schatting van 3 tot 6 meter bodem daling correct was, dan moet al het gas dat er gewonnen is sinds de jaren zestig diep in de grond dus ongeveer een volume hebben van:

900 maal 0,003 = 2,7 kubieke kilometer, tot maximaal
900 maal 0,006 = 5,4 kubieke kilometer.


Een aantal jaren terug vond ik het eigenlijk best wel een schokken resultaat. Gelukkig hebben we ook de universitaire wereld en die deden natuurlijk weer waar ze goed in zijn:


Dus geen validatie, geen ontkenning. Gewoon business as usual en vooral niets doen...

Laten we het daarbij houden behalve een geinig nieuwtje omtrent een belangrijke aandeelhouder van de NAM die natuurlijk voor de kosten van de bodem daling zou moeten opdraaien. Dat is Shell, die suckers beginnen zich terug te trekken tegen de toekomstige kosten van de Groninger bodem dalind veroorzaakt door de gaswinning van de Shell suckers themselves. Dit is van dagblad Trouw:

Shell zet de Nam op afstand. Wie draait er straks op voor de schade in Groningen?

En voor het geval je eens hard wilt lachen om één van die overbetaalde ultra debielen bij Shell: De NAM heeft poen zat voor alle schade die nog gaat komen. Dat wijf is echt rand debiel, hier is haar overbetaalde visie:

Shell-topvrouw: NAM financieel robuust genoeg voor rekening aardbevingsschade

Waarom kopen die mensen niet een paar zakken potaarde voor de planten vraagt de topvrouw van Shell zich af. Daarmee kunnen ze toch makkelijk die bodem daling compenseren? 

Toegevoegd op 01 februari, een leuke wiki zegt dat op dit moment de maximale bodem daling ongeveer 30 centimeter is. En dat is maar in een niet al te groot gebied, niet in de 900 vierkante kilometer van het totale gaswinnings gebied... Er zijn dus al giga veel problemen en allerlei kosten bij een maximale bodemdaling van 30 centimeter.
Als mijn gemiddelde schatting van 3 tot 6 meter uitkomt dan is het duidelijk dat de meeste problemen nog in de toekomst liggen.


End of this update, till updates.


(10 Jan 2018) Often you hear stuff like 'Do not use Google search but Duckduckgo because the latter protects your privacy and for Google you are just a bunch of data'.

People sometimes say 'If you are online, Google knows who you are'. 

There might be some point into this because with the rise of fake news, last year the echo chamber came to the foreground meaning websites like facebook and the likes bombard you with news and advertisements of stuff you have seen before. 

So in this update we do only one search, namely 

calculation of the 7D tau  

and we will look at the behavior of the Bing search from Microsoft, Duckduckgo and the elephant in the room named Google search. 

Item 1) Internet search engine comparison.

 Item 1) Internet search engine comparison.

On 06 Dec last year I posted the way to calculate this seven dimensional important number on the other website. Here is the post for those who are into that kind of nice math: 

An important calculation of the 7D number tau (circular version)

To my surprise on all three search engines this post popped up at number one. Some people might remark this is rather logical since there are not that many webpages with titles like that. Ok, that is true but there is also a lot of noise that pops up high in the search results. 

Yet, the Bing engine from Microsoft gave only one result on the first page. Duckduckgo gave also the introductionary post to the calculation of the 7D tau. 

Here is a screen shot: 


Now compare this to Google; they give also the 06 Dec post as number one but also pages of the categories as I use them on the other website. Categories like 'Exponential curves' or 'Matrix representation'.  

I think it goes too far to classify this as 'echo chamber', it is just better and is what Google always said they try to do: Making searches more relevant. 


For myself speaking I will mainly be using Google as my default search engine. The fact my userdata might have some use for Google is fine by me, after all Google gives also goodies in return like Youtube or Google books. 

Of course you must be aware of the differences between the three main search engines, in the future the searches stood be relevant and not what some AI guesses you like to read. 

Ok, let's hit the button 'upload changes' and see you next time! 


Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles

09 Jan 2017: The link above grew out to 41 reasons that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. We proceed with reason number 42 on

Page 2 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Page 3 covers the stuff as found in this year 2018.


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...





















































Title: A 2018 condolences card to the US dollar.