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Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

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But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(08 Feb 2020) Today was a hilarious day for me and therefore we are going to look at an hilarious video from Sean Carroll. Sean is one of the television professors in physics, often his videos are fun to watch. Today it was funny once more, it starts with complaining that physics professors even don't try anymore to understand quantum physics... That is hilarious because I have the same problem: math professors have centuries ago given up on understanding complex numbers in higher dimensions.  

How brain rot like that sets in I don't know, luckily I do not have that kind of brain rot.
But serious, let's talk a bit about the classical electron and the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Here we go: 

Item 1) My problem with the many worlds interpretation of QM.

 Item 1) My problem with the many worlds interpretation of QM.

The classical electron: Sean first lamentates that his colleagues have given up on trying to understand quantum mechanics. That is funny to watch because just a few minutes later he shows he has given up on trying to understand the classical electron.

At 8.55 minutes into the video Sean explains that a moving (or accelerating) electron brings a change in the electric field the electron produces. And this movement, this shaking, is what causes photons to go out of the electron.

Of course he only talks about the electric field of the electron, but photons are famous for being a magnetic field and electric field at the same time with some frequency. 

If electrons are magnetic dipoles, for most of the shaking you do to an electron the magnetic field will interfere with itself and cancel more or less out. Yet it is well known that there also are two kinds of circular photons, say left and right circular photons. In my view where the electrons carry magnetic charge, you will always get two different kind of photons. The difference is in the magnetic field: they are phase shifted by 180 degrees... 

I have to admit however that after all those years I still have poor understanding of what a photon actually is, I will never give up trying but I have also accepted that some person who is much smarter then me will may be one day finally solve it. 

The video has the title  A Brief History of Quantum Mechanics - with Sean Carroll
Or click on the picture:


Ok, now for the so called 'many worlds interpretation' of quantum mechanics. In a nutshell it says that everywhere where there is some quantum process going on, all possibilities will actually emerge and the world will split into the different possibilities every quantum split gives. 

Now I have a long list of problems with this, the most important is that for this to be possible all probabilities must always be rational numbers. Only if probabilities are rational numbers, you can get the same ratio's in 'new worlds'.

Simple example: We throw a dice with equal probability on each of it's six sides. According to the many worlds people the world will split into six versions and in each of those versions a different number from that dice came up.   

You can also say probabilities should come in quanta with rational relations between those. Suppose you have some probability event where there are only two outcomes say A and B. The probability of outcome P(A) is one half of the square root of 2 so for all probabilities to add up to 1 we must have P(B) = 1 - P(A). 

Tiny problem: The ratio P(A)/P(B) is not a rational number, so how the fuck do you split up this stuff in a whole lot of different worlds?

Of course, since Sean is one of those famous television physics professors, he just never addresses such tiny problems; from the explanation of the classical electron to the explanation of the many worlds thing, it is always highly entertaining but of course it is not science.

Let's leave it with that beside the tiny fact I also upload reason nr 82 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles in page five of the magnetic pages. So all in all it was a hilaric day with a tiny bit of real science. Till updates my dear reader.  


(04 Feb 2020) The Wuhan virus keeps on spreading, it could also give contamination via the so called fecal oral route... The real fatality rate in the entire population is still completely unknown but it could be that people who seek medical help have a fatality rate of about 15%.  

But today no more depressing viral news but let's celebrate Brexit! Today I was able to watch an entire video of about 30 minutes long with Boris Johnson holding a speech. Boris is often fun to watch and you do not need a bucket for your vomit like when you listen to donald trump aka Shithole One. Let's turn it into a simple example: Australian beef. 

Item 1) Australian beef and import tariffs.

 Item 1) Australian beef and import tariffs.

Suppose Europe has tariffs on meat coming from Australia, I don't know if that is actually the case but for the purpose of this example let's suppose it does. (Since beef is an agricultural product likely it has a tariff on it.) 

Suppose further there are no tariffs on meat between the UK & the EU and the UK enters a free trade arangement with Australia and from that point in time between the UK & Australia there are no tariffs on beef.

Of course when this happens, the EU is more or less forced to implement tariffs on beef coming from the UK and that is logical: If I cannot import beef from Australia but my nephew in the UK can and after that export it it the EU, it is clear my nephew has a so called unfair bias to his advantage.

It does no go with only with beef; every time for any product where the UK strikes such a deal against lower import tariffs then the EU has, there is a similar problem. The UK cannot eat 15 cakes and have them too while European citizens cannot trade that way, so additional tariffs on all that stuff has to come in place when it comes to trade between the UK & the EU.

So if we are able to strike a trade deal between the UK & the EU this year, best it that it would have some form of floating tariffs that will automatically rise depending on what deal the UK strikes with other nations. After all is that automatic tariff adjustment is already in the trade deal between the EU & UK, the UK can decide for herself what kind of trade deals they want with other nations.   

End of the example.

In case you want to see 30 minutes of Boris Johnson explaining his view on trade reality, here is the video with the strange title:

Boris Johnson threatens to COLLAPSE Brexit trade talks if EU insist we stick by their rules Link:  

Why this title of the video is so hysterical I don't know. May be it is because the video was published by the British tabloid the Sun. And likely the Sun is one of those tabloids that come up with news like 'The EU forces British cows to wear nappies' or 'The EU forbids UK male hairdressers to wear high heels'.

It has to be remarked that in the video Boris easily explains why free trade is important and I wholly agree with that. If entire countries can simply concentrate on their sectors in the economy that do it good, like our Dutch agricultural sector, and we can export and import as we like and see fit, that is better for the overall economy on a global scale.  

All the EU wants is a level playing field, as far as I know there is no reason for British cows to wear nappies. May be British so called journalists working for fantastic UK tabloids like the Sun wearing nappies is a good idea. After all if the Wuhan virus also spreads via the ass to mouth method, within two days all those tabloid journalists will have the Wuhan virus once only one of them would carry it... The British tabloids are good in the ass to mouth thing don't you think? 

Let me close this update with a screen shot from the Boris Johnson speech:


Ok, let's leave it with that. Don't forget about the 'floating tariffs' while recognizing free trade is good for global economical growth. Till updates. 


(28 Jan 2020) Wow that is some nasty new virus that emerged in China: an incubation time up to 14 days but during incubation already the virus spreads. And a spreading ratio over 1, that is every person with this virus contaminates on average over 1 new person. So I really wonder if this can be contained, this looks like a nasty combination. The only good thing is that it is not that lethal, mortality rate is only 3% but since this is a new virus this can change of course.  

As an antidote against so much troublesome news let us today look at another video from Australia on quantum stuff in general and dipole behavior in particular. 

Item 1) Why would (electric or magnetic) dipoles anti align?

 Item 1) Why would (electric or magnetic) dipoles anti align?

Electric dipoles are just pairs of particles close to each other like the electron & proton in a hydrogen atom. Ordinary water molecules are also dipoles. 

Dipoles can be attracted to other dipoles but most of the time they all will align in the same direction because as such they can form chains. Only when the distance between the two electrical charges is relatively large, it is possible that a pair forms that are anti aligned. Just like when you have two long bar magnets attract each other if you anti align them and put them together along the long sides.

From electrons it is known that they only pair up, never make structures like 3 or 4 electrons together, and that it is so called anti aligned (one is spin up, the other spin down relative to a vertical applied magnetic field). Furthermore it is known that the electric charge of the electron is as spherical as possible.

So my dear reader, if electrons only form pairs, can they be magnetic dipoles?

I think they can't be magnetic dipoles, but by now this is well known I hope. Only yesterday on the other website I used another video of Andrea Morello, it is important to emphasize I do not hate him or so. On the contrary, he even writes with his left hand just like I do. We left handed people are a superior sub species inside humanity... ;) 

So I crafted a nice heart shape in the next screen shot and if you click on it you will land at the Youtuve video I made the screen shot from. The title is quantum attraction and I simply think that electrons pair up because they have opposite magnetic charges and not some weird magnetic dipole property.


Link in the picture: 

Ok, why the hell should dipoles anti align? Why not think about that a little bit?
Till updates my dear reader and don't get sick or so... Till updates. 


 (14 Jan 2020) At the end of last year I considered stopping with the magnetic pages. After all there is zero point zero response so just like with the higher dimensional complex numbers it is not important any longer what I write down. The only thing that is left important is that 'I know'. After if those university professors are that smart, why don't they figure it all out themselves?   

But rather soon I came across more nice stuff that confirms electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles and if the Parker solar probe brings good observational stuff around, why not write about it. So I opened page 5 in the series of magnetic pages.

Item 1) Ok ok, a new page on magnetics opened for this year 2020.

  Item 1) Ok ok, a new page on magnetics opened for this year 2020.

After a few video's of looking at the new found results from the NASA Parker solar probe I decided like ok ok, one more page on the magnetic stuff. But digging in a bit deeper, there was that rather confusing picture depending the result I was interested in: rapid changing direction of the local magnetic field. 

This is the confusing picture (if you click the picture you land on page 5 of the magnetic stuff): 


But later I remembered how the official version of solar spots more or less goes. It goes like this: 

Inside the sun there are all those magnetic bands going round.
But at the solar equator the rotation goes faster compare to the solar polar regions.
That causes those magnetic bands to knot like rubber bands.
That explodes and that causes those solar eruptions... 

For myself speaking I think this is a bizarre line of reasoning. But I never found anything more logical in those five years that I look for validation if the electron is a magnetic dipole or not. All in all it is thought that magnetism from inside the sun creates all that stuff at the solar surface. I think that most magnetism on the solar surface is locally generated by rotating plasma. View it as tornado like structures of plasma ending at the surface of the sun; basically they are electro magnets although of course the sun does not need copper wiring like we mere mortals do... ;) 

Ok, that was it for this update. See you around. (Magnetic page 5 was updated on 22 Jan, I was lucky to find back that bizarre explanation from the university of Glasgow. Go check it out.


(05 Jan 2020) Lately I observed some video from Sabine Hossenfelder and for some strange reason it does not leave my mind. Sabine is a physics female and she is funny because she dares to have comments on how this science all goes. And I often agree with her on stuff like no new giant LHC of over 20 billion €.

In the video that is about stuff that hinders scientific progress, Sabine is a bit too polite with things like 'cognitive bias' and 'social reinforcement'. For myself I use words like 'keeping each other stupid'. So that is our item for today:

Item 1) Is social reinforcement a thing that makes you stupid? 

 Item 1) Is social reinforcement a thing that makes you stupid?

Why can science stand so long outside reality for no reason at all? Scientific history is loaded with examples for that: The guy that figured out it was better to wash your hands properly and thoroughly when assisting females to give birth was ridiculed and it took about 70 years before better medical practices arrived at the scene.

Both the math guy Cantor and the physics guy Boltzman got their fair share of ridiculization. Yet at present day their work still stands...

Let me give you an example of what I have been working on the last years; the 3D complex numbers. In math you have a pair of theorems known as the Hurwitz 2, 4, 8 and the Frobenious theorem. Loosely speaking these theorems say that there are no division field like the complex plane possible in 3D space.
Yes this is true, a field is impossible but why do people think there is only 'nothing'? 

After all that is the math professor bias: 3D complex numbers cannot exist.
End of the example.

Example 2: People with tattoos. Tattoos are often a very individual expression and as such it materializes in the form of a picture on the human skin. So those who have a lot of tattoos have done a lot of individual expression, but from a distance they all look the same. 

Example 3: Math professors trying to think independently. If you are a math professor you are supposed to come up with smart stuff all of the time. But you work in an environment where the other professors are doing the same. Suppose you are that stupid to bring forward 3D complex numbers; that is not good for your career.  

In my view there are many ways science gets a long term hold on making progress. The 'keeping each other stupid' is an important stabilization process. On the other hand it is often better that progress is slow and evolutionary instead of a fresh shock every day.

So pop up a pint and enjoy the wisdom of Sabine Hossenfelder: 


Ok, let's leave it with that. Till updates.


(05 Dec 2019) Oh oh, the century long search for the magnetic monopole goes on and on. The weirdo's are looking for a particle that is a magnetic monopole and that's it. It is never mentioned that it could have electric charge or for that matter: it is a magnetic monopole but an electric dipole...

In this world there is never a shortage of idiots. 

Item 1) Hey weirdo's why don't you actually prove the electron is a magnetic dipole?

 Item 1) Hey weirdo's why don't you actually prove the electron is a magnetic dipole?

The year 2019 is walking on it's last days, so what do professional physics professors do? Actually prove for the very first time that the electrons is a magnetic dipole? 

Of course not, after all they get their salaries by just not doing that. 

Compared to my life (right now about 17 years of unemployment, never got just one job interview) these people behave very strange. 

Ok, if you have a paid job you must bow for the common wisdom. I understand that, if I would get 5000 € a month for telling people that Jesus is the son of God and Mary was still a virgin at the birth of Jesus, I would do that... 

Hey weirdo's from the field of physics, why don't you cough up some experimental evidence that the electron is actually a magnetic dipole?

Want some proof that the physics professionals are weirdo's? Here we go:

New result in hunt for mysterious magnetic monopoles 

More weird stuff from LIGO: 

Searching for Magnetic Monopoles 

Oh oh, a new decade is on the horizon. When will physics pop up some experimental evidence that is needed? Come on, one new decade will likely not be enough time...


Let's end my short rant with a joke:

If the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics is for real, in that case on many worlds they will have a better theory of the electron.

In case you think that is not funny, are you a weirdo too? 

Oops, before I forget it. A few days back I posted reason number 80 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles in the magnetic pages. Here is a link: 

Reason 80: Does magnetic reconnection disprove Gauss' law of magnetism?

End of this update.  


(25 Nov 2019) A small Brexit update. For years now I am figuring out what benefits there would be to the UK in leaving Europe and the European market. Until now I only found fishing, if the UK can ban all other countries from her territorial waters they will indeed have more fish... 

As a comparison, after Brexit all UK financial firms will be foreign companies operating in the EU, just a small change in regulation will bring much more damage. You need to catch an awful lot of fish to compensate for that. 

And, ha ha ha, may be the EU can slap 100% tariffs on UK fish since it is not non-EU fish... That would be funny. 

Item 1) Are UK financials going to Amsterdam?
Item 2) Why did I do that internet seach?

 Item 1) Are UK financials going to Amsterdam?

To put things a bit in perspective; exports from the Netherlands to the UK is about 3% of GDP. If Brexit goes wrong say about one third of that will disappear. So a damage of 1% of GDP. After a couple of month of natural growth of the economy the damage will be gone...

Yet it is more complicated; if those industrial supply chains get disrupted this could have all kinds of unforeseen consequences. Anyway, Fortune has a nice article telling us about the move to Amsterdam. For the Dutch economy this might be good, but the housing market is already under great pressure and those financial jobs often have high salaries. As such they can disrupt the Amsterdam housing market even more...  

In the Wake of Brexit, Amsterdam Is the New London 

It is also election season in the UK and as such it is the time for hollow slogans. For myself speaking I have no idea what 'Unleash Britain's potential' actually means. That are words from some strange fantasy land. May be better would be the slogan 'At least we can eat fish'.  


Let's leave that strange process known as Brexit with that. 

 Item 2) Why did I do that internet search?

This evening I tried it one more time: do an internet search for 'Why do electrons pair up?'. And only nonsense comes up. For example the electron pair is magnetically neutral because one is spin up and the other with spin down compensates for that. 

Why did I do that stupid internet search? If it is true that the electron is a magnetic dipole, in that case it would be neutral for a magnetic field almost by definition. Just like atomic hydrogen is neutral for electric fields. But electrons are not neutral to magnetic fields while the electron pair is neutral for magnetism. 

What I do not understand is all those people explaining the importance of a 'spin up' combined with a 'spin down' is that they do not see they are talking nonsense. After all the impossibility of electrons to be magnetic dipoles is just highly logical. 

If the electron pair is neutral for magnetism and the unpaired electrons not, in that case it is not logical that electrons are magnetic dipoles. Hence they are magnetic monopoles... 

Why was I that stupid to search once more for that idiot nonsense? I might equally dumb slam my head with a rubber hammer every day, that is equally stupid... 

Ok, it is time to pop up a bottle of home brewed beer. By the way, I use British malts in all of my beers. All of a sudden I am in a panic that in the future I cannot use those specialty malts any more... Really true ;)  

Till updates my dear reader. 


(14 Nov 2019) Over in the USA the impeachment hearings of Shithole One (that's donald trump) have begun. It was really funny to observe those stupid republicans stating that 'There is one person that started this all. And this person, the whistle blower should also test before this hearing'. Of course one of the democrats was so witty to observe that he would love it if the person that started it all would testify before the House. If would be great if donald trump came over to testify... 

It is hard to say if Shithole One will actually be impeached, likely republican senators will support that mentally ill person known as Shithole One.

But I don't want to talk politics but the next cute video about the Casimir effect and black holes.

Item 1) The Casimir effect & black holes. 

Item 1) The Casimir effect & black holes. 

The video is 11 minutes long and goes about the uncertainty principle, the Casimir effect, energy in a vacuum and evaporation of black holes. 

First a few remarks: The uncertainty principle is often used to imply that in the vacuum of space all kinds of pairs of particles can jump in and out of existence. As long as it cannot be measured, it can exist. The problem I have with this is that it does not quantify anything. For example is there on average just one pair production every billion year in a space of a billion cubic light years? Or in one cubic centimeter a billion pairs produced every nano second? That is always swept under the carpet... 

Second remark: The Casimir effect can very well be explained by unpaired electrons with opposite magnetic charge and that as such those small metal plates attract each other pure on local magnetism. Remark the plates are pushed together to a distance of about one micro meter, that pushing act alone can ensure the electrons that feel repelled by the presence of the other metal plate to move to a position with less repel or even attraction. It was years ago I figured this out, at present day I am still met with a big wall of silence. Hendrik Casimir was a Dutch guy, for me it is a pity that Dutch physics professors at present day are just a bunch of cowards year in year out.
But hey, look at the local math professors who that for decades... Apparently it is an academic tradition to be a bunch of cowards just all of the time.  

The third and last remark is about Hawkin radiation: For years I suspected that Hawkin radiation of black holes was based on the Casimir effect. In the video they are not clear about that. Using the Casimir effect to estimate the energy density of a vacuum is known as the 'vacuum catastrophe' because they are about 120 orders of magnitude wrong. So I still don't know if Stephen Hawkin based his theory of vaporizing black holes on the result of the Casimir experiment or on other estimates of the vacuum zero-point energy.  

If based on the Casimir effect, the Hawkin radiation can also be thrown into the dustbin of history. Just like quantum computers based on electron spin, nuclear fusion reactors and so on and so on.  

Here are two screen shots in one picture, click on the picture to view the video from the Youtube channel Sixty Symbols: 


Youtube link in the above picture: 

Ok, that was it for this update. As soon as I have found that Hawkin radiation is based on the results of the Dutch guy Hendrik Casimir I will use that as a future reason as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles... 

Till updates & as usual have a nice Brexit or try to get one. 


(05 Nov 2019) Oops, it is about time to update a bit because otherwise people will start to wonder if I am still alive... It is true I update a bit less lately but I also had other things to do and I did not have much to say. Of course all that Brexit stuff is still very interesting while that mentally ill donald trump thing has now told about 14 thousand lies during his presidency. Why people vote a mentally ill person as their president is unknown to me, latest crazy news: trump says no federal money for California wildfires... Why do you vote a mentally ill person into a position like that? 

But much more important is updates in the magnetic files and on the other website I was happy to place the post with the modified Dirichlet kernels. So that is the update for today.

Item 1) This update has links to two other updates.

  Item 1) This update has links to two other updates.

A few minutes ago I updates the magnetic files with reason number 79 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. I found a very interesting video where people from a nuclear fusion startup under the name Tokamak Fusion explain that the merging to two magnetic fields leads to an extreme increase in the temperature of the fusion plasma. That is very interesting because one way or the other this is very very hard to explain if the electron is a magnetic dipole. 

If the electron was a magnetic dipole it would be neutral to magnetic fields just like atomic hydrogen is neutral to electric fields. It is very hard to communicate that to the physics community, why this is I don't know.

Anyway, click on the picture to land at reason number 79. 


On the other website I was happy to post a bit more on the modified Dirichlet kernels. Not that the math community will do anything with it but ignore it, for myself speaking it was a happy experience. Click on the picture if you want to see that boring part of my small mathematical life known as the modified Dirichlet kernels. 


File name: Two parametrizations for 3D exponential circles.

Ok, that was it. Have a nice Brexit or try to get one. 


(14 Oct 2019) Correction: In the previous update I made a stupid fault, an AU or an astronomical unit is not 150 billion but 150 million km. Ok, in this update I want to take a short look at a part of the Nobel prize in physics and compare that to advances in nuclear fusion, spintronics and all quantum computers based on electron spin. 

Item 1) From perfection to total misery.

 Item 1) From perfection to total misery.

Back in the year 1995 (that's 24 years ago) two guys figured out that on a distance of about 50 light years there was a huge planet going around a solar type star. Likely that planet is one of those hot Jupiters because it is going round that star every four days. Anyway that causes that star 51-Pegasi to sway back and forwards with a maximum speed of about 50 meters per second. 

The stunning detail is that this speed of the star gives red and blue shift and they were able to measure that two and a half decade ago. 

If you think about that, this is a stunning technical perfection. And if you think a bit longer about that, because this can be done it is very likely that all physics where Dopler shift is related to is likely all correct. May be on some details there could be something wrong or not entirely correct but the important and basal things like the speed of light is the same for every observes & stuff like this must be correct. 

On the Sixty Symbols channel they have a good explanation for the 2019 Nobel prize in physics, from that video you see a screen shot of a part of the original 1995 paper that graphs the speed of the star: 


Link in the picture:

Again, this is a very tiny red & blue shift but if the basis theory is good things like this can be done. Remark that for things like Doppler shift there is no use of electrons except as the usual power source of all used gear. 

Now compare that to fields like nuclear fusion, spintronics and quantum computers based on electron spin. Likely nothing of these are going to fly ever because the basic assumption that electrons are magnetic dipoles is, in my view, not correct.

Nuclear fusion is still a disaster, the plasma does not behave as the theory says it should. Spintronics is so unknown because it produces also nothing but fair is fair for quantum computers there still is hope. But again: if the magnetic properties of the electron are not dipole but monopole in character, likely those quantum computers will never work properly too. 

As an example: There are two kinds of circular photons, left spin and right spin. If you view electrons as magnetic monopoles, it is obvious you get two different circular photons. But all those years I never found a good explanation that uses the official version that electrons are magnetic dipoles is given. It just isn't there; it is a void out there when it comes to details like that. 

Ok, let me leave it with that. Till updates.  


(06 Oct 2019) This week is Nobel prize week so it is going to be an interesting week. Of course physics will draw a lot of attention and for myself speaking I am curious if the winner this year is also a staunch believer of electrons being magnetic dipoles. Of course medicine is always interesting too while who gives a shit about the Noble prize in literature? No math author has ever won that prize so I can't care less... 

Since it is the Nobel week of the year, why not explain that if electrons are like this years winner thinks so, life on earth would not be possible if that were true... The solar wind would be very different.

Item 1) They say in the quantum world everything is just different.

  Item 1) They say in the quantum world everything is just different.

At first when I heard all that blah blah that the quantum world is very different, I simply shrug my shoulders. Why would that be I asked. It turned out that electrons never drink beer and that led me to a long long route of deep thinking. Ok ok as a electron and you live inside the sun, it is hard to get a beer because it is just too hot over there.  

So later in life I accepted that the quantum realm is very different, of course I kept on hoping and dreaming that if an electron can be in two places at the same time, why not sip two pints? And as the years passed I accepted the weird quantum effect that electrons never drink beer...  

Now serious, let's talk solar wind, the electrons in particular. Professional physics professors (the ppp) often state that 'electrons can only follow magnetic field lines'. That must be one of the not true things out there that are widely told day in day out. 

Suppose the electron is still a fair distance from the earth and has a speed of let's say 6 km/sec. If on that distance the earth magnetic field is extremely weak, why should the electron follow magnetic field lines? If the earth magnetic field is extremely weak the Lorentz force is also very weak, beside this there is also something like the law of conservation of momentum. 

Given the large distance of 1 AU (that's about 150 million km) between the sun and the earth, the electron trajectories will be more or less parallel. If it is true that electrons can only follow magnetic field lines, at what point in time will they do that and why? Suppose that nonsense is true and an electron follows indeed the earth magnetic field lines, in that case it's original speed and momentum is void and gone and all that is left is a tiny bit of speed that is pointing upwards to the north pole or a tiny bit of speed downwards towards the south pole of the earth. 

If it is true that an electron is a magnetic dipole, in that case it cannot be accelerated by magnetic fields in any meaningful way. So how come we have the aurora's? Very slow moving electrons are rather bad at ionizing the air but for centuries it is a fact of life that the aurora's are there and present day understanding is ionization.

Below you see the ionization (the picture is from Getty images): 


But if electrons are not significantly accelerated by the earth magnetic field, why do they ionize the polar skies? 

If my version of electron spin carries more truth, in that case a long distance from the earth the earth magnetic field starts separating the electrons in their monopole magnetic states. And all the time they get accelerated and that likely explains the ionization... 

Ok, let me leave it with that. Have a nice week and let's observe if the winners of the physics Nobel prize this weeks are full blown believers in the blah blah of official electron spin. 

Till updates. 


(26 Sept 2019) It is about time to post a new update, it is not that I have done nothing but lately I picked up some old hobbies again and I have been wasting time with that. Also I managed to read zero news on a lot of days, yes there were even a few days with zero internet access at all.

It is highly refreshing and it is good for your mood because there is always so much stupid and annoying new out there. For example I almost never read news any more if it is related to the USA because I just don't want to know how Shithole One (that's donald trump) this makes it to the news.  

But I found a perfect video, only 25 minutes long (so I hope that falls within your attention span) about weight loss and all the hormones involved.  

Item 1) A good video on hormones and obesity.

 Item 1) A good video on hormones and obesity.

The food industry combined with the diverse academia is going on with the nonsense of you must eat carbs otherwise your glucose householding in your body gets disturbed. But instead of quoting the official nonsense from university people (like in this shitty article from the Dutch AD, the article is in Dutch by the way) 

Here is the youtbe video, Dr. Lucy Burns - 'The Hormonal Approach To Treating Obesity'. Link,

Here are a few screen shots from the video, the first one shows you a bit what stuff insulin does. Like said before, insulin is the hormone that takes care of dangerously high blood sugar levels and it ensures all fat burning stops.


Below you se so called Kraft patterns, only the blue line is healthy. If you become fatter and fatter insulin works worse and worse. That is known as insulin resistance, the body compensates with higher and higher levels of insulin and as a result you can´t burn fat 24 hours a day. That is the main driver in the obesity epidemic. 


In the next small screen shot you see the extreme difference between a fasting insulin level and after eating carbs:


All in all weight loss is achievable if you are willing to skip all of most of those addictive carb foods. If you don´t do that you will only do the so called jo jo thing and swing back to your old weight.  

Ok, that was it. Till updates. 


(04 Sept 2019) I more or less reserve this space on this website for funny political news like the fact the UK Boris Johnson government has lost it' s majority yesterday. That is funny news in the ongoing saga of how to leave the EU with all that Brexit stuff going around. 

So I do not talk about magnetism very much around here, yet today I updated the reasons as why an electron cannot be a magnetic dipole. This time it is more or less an open problem and it' s name is Reason number 77. 

Item 1) Electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles: Reason number 77.

 Item 1) Electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles: Reason number 77.

This year in order to avoid wasting too much time, I decided to post only one reason a month as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

After all after thinking about five + years on this subject, not much is happening in the universe of academics. It after five years nothing has happened, likely in the next five years this will be the same. 

In practice this means that in the year 2024 the physics professors will still explain the world of electrons via them being magnetic dipoles. 

So while we are still in the year 2019, why waste too much time on people like that? That is not a wise placement of that precious commodity known as time.  

But I am still updating the magnetic pages because contrary to the university professors, I still have some honor left. It is only minimal, at most once a month & that' s it. 

For the month of September I selected an open problem that I do not understand completely. What exactly happens at the Curie temperature?  

Click on the next picture to land at reason number 77 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles: 


That was it for this boring update. Till updates. 


 (27 Aug 2019) Last week I came across a very stupid news article that explains that eating bread is no problem at all and the only reason you get fat or are too fat is that you eat too much... At first I decided to completely neglect it, you cannot react to all nonsense out there. But the stupid advice was given by 'diet experts', that is a profession here in my country that help people losing weight. So a few days later I decided to pick this nonsense up because it is just as stupid a math professors talking about complex numbers or physics professors talking about electron spin. It is bs.

Item 1) Can you loose weight while keep on eating bread?

  Item 1) Can you loose weight while keep on eating bread?

We go back to the year 2005 and with my children we go on a bicycle holiday through Germany. About 2.5 weeks and since I had gained a few kilo's I decided to try and loose some pounds of fat. The basic idea was very simple: I only eat two slices of bread every morning and nothing during the day and in the evening I eat normal again. 

It was hard, it was no fun but I just guessed it had to be this way. After all I did know nothing of food and only thought that consuming less calories is the only way to shed the pounds off. Anyway after two+ weeks of suffering we were back home and I weighed my body and to my frustration I had lost only two kilo! 

So I simply gave up; if I wanted to loose 10 to 12 kilo that would be a long time of suffering. I caved in, I gave up and returned to eating more without any regards. In the year 2011 I hit the mark of 109 kilo and it dawned on me I really had to do something... 

I started to study as why so many people are so fat and how this process of getting fatter and fatter actually works. The first eye opener was when I came across that medical doctor that claimed that after eating bread all fat burning stops for a long time until your insulin levels are low enough. I really had a WTF is this kind of moment, but indeed your body is  not a machine that works like an equation calories in = calories out. That stupid equation says you will always loose fat if you just eat less calories. 

No, if you eat too much of the wrong foods like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sweet beverages & so on, your insulin levels are too high for too long and you can never burn body fat. On the contrary, your body wants to get rid of all that sugar stuff because high blood sugar levels are unhealthy and that is the simple to understand task of the hormone insulin. (That is a simplification because that is only one of the tasks of insulin, but anyway let's keep it simple.) 

So in the year 2011 I started to do the simple things like more exercise and less calories eating. And less and less carbs, I lost more and more weight until I was 88 kilo. Hey shit, that was not my goal because my goal was 80 kilo. But even if I bicycled 500 km a week, my body just refused to go below 88 kg. 

I also started eating some health product of Unilever for baking, they advertised it as having 3 times the amount of omega fats compared to olive oil. No idea why I fell for that marketing scam because that baking product contains taste enhancers. So it is not food but an industrial product. Anyway because of the taste enhancers I developed a gluten allergy in about 2 months time... 

Let me spare you all the details but I had to give up all things with wheat in it, at first I was rather angry at Unilever; why make such a fucking stupid product at all? But stopping all wheat stuff was remarkable good for my body. And I started to loose weight again, what before was a serious barrier or the so called 'plateau effect' simply wasn't there anymore. 

All in all I developed a way of eating that simply avoids insulin rising too much. In this regard it is handy to look up the foods in a glycemic index (like this one from the university of Sidney). Only later I found out that this style of eating is very similar to the keto diet. A thing most people not take into account that a temporary diet never works, you got fat by eating the wrong composition of food in the first place. So a temporary change and going back to your old ways will always fail.

I am under the impression that if you age, your raised insulin levels decline slower and slower. For example that means that for example you are in your twenties and you eat two slices of bread with jam. May be after 3 hours your insulin levels are low enough to get the fat burning on again. But if you are 40 or 50 years of age this might easily take twice as much time. So you never go to burning fat and you only feel hungry and start eating again while your body cannot tap into that huge fat storage it has... 

I am sorry the stupid news article is in the Dutch language. But I am pretty confident that if you live in another country you will find similar stupid stuff. Cutting calories is nonsense. For example is your car getting fatter because it guzzles up too much gasoline at the local gasoline pump? No, a car is a machine while fat storage & burning is mostly driven by hormones.

For the Dutch: click on the picture to land at the Algemeen Dagblad rand debiel artikel: 


A few words in Dutch because it is in the Dutch language:

Al die achterlijke dietistes die rand debiel voedsel advies geven moeten toch echt eens zo'n glycemic index bekijken. Brood kan echt niet voor mensen met insuline resistentie oftewel zij die diabetes type 2 hebben.

Ach nu we toch in het Nederlands aan het lullen zijn: hoe komt het dat er elke dag 164 nieuwe diabetes type 2 mensen bijkomen in Nederland? Nou dat komt omdat al die achterlijke dietistes brood blijven promoten terwijl zulk advies de problemen niet oplost. Hier is nog een grappig artikel uit hetzelfde AD:

Hoe het komt dat er elke dag 164 nieuwe diabetespatiënten bij komen

Ok, let's leave it with that stupid nonsense. Till updates.   


(13 Aug 2019) The global cycling network had a nice video out where they ponder if for professional cyclist it makes sense to go on the keto diet.  

The video title is:  Are Ketogenic Diets Better For Cycling Weight Loss?

And, in my view, the answer is yes. The keto diet is more or less the only way of eating that ensures your insulin levels stay low and only if insulin levels are low enough your body fat will burn. 

Item 1) Keto for cyclists?

  Item 1) Keto for cyclists?

All in all the video contains not much faults, but it is clearly made by people who consume a lot of carbohydrates. Professional cyclists like those Tour de France professional riders eat about 80 gram of carbs every hour while racing. 

Compare that to at most 50 gram a day for a strict keto way of eating... 

When it comes to weight loss, of course you should skip carbs as much as possible but for a professional bicycle rider I think you should only do that during times where you don't have nasty races like the Tour the France.

Evolution has given us humans a body that has about 2000 Cal of glycogen, but there is no mechanism to steer the glycogen around in your body when you need it. The glycogen stored in your muscles are there for a fast burst of energy when you need it.  

The fat storage is at least 100 thousand Cal, but if you eat carbs you cannot use that large vault of stored calories because carbs quicly break down to glucose and too high glucose levels in your blood are poisonous. As such insulin levels rise to remove the glucose from the blood and all fat burning stops.

When you are young, insulin levels can decline faster compared to when you get older. So young people can turn into fat burning while racing but we all know of the infamous 'hunger blast'. If those guys forget to eat for a few hours, all of a sudden they are out of energy and it's too late to eat a bit of carbs. They have to eat all of the time otherwise disaster strikes... 

Let me keep this update short: At 6.50 in the video the presentator claims you need about 20% more oxygen to burn fat compared to the glucose from the carbs. I don't know if that is true or not but your body makes far less CO2 and CO2 is often the reason you are 'out of breath'. Being out of breath is often not a lack of oxygen intake but a desperate attempt of your body to get rid of the CO2. 

But let me not put salt on snails, it is a good thing professional cyclist are starting to think about the stuff they eat. In the next picture that is a screen shot from the video you see how keto food is often presented: lots of meat for no reason at all.
It clearly lacks enough salad & if you want to view the GCN video you have to click on the picture:  



So the professional sports folks can think a bit about the next: If glucose was such an important energy source for your body, why the hell can your body not shove around the glycogen?

End of this update. See ya around. 


(04 Aug 2019) It is now less then 100 days away & as we are told Brexit is now going to happen. With or without a deal, it's going to happen. Ok Boris & friends, bring it on...  

For me it is important that the UK crashes out without a deal because that is what I predicted last year (in Oct or so). The new UK government says a new deal can be made without the undemocratic backstop. That is hard to swallow, we need a border simply because there will be a border needed just like in the rest of Europe with outside Europe. 

Don't forget the British themselves came up with the backstop as a way to solve the border issue, that is how the stuff got into it in the first place. And now it is 'undemocratic'? 
And on the scale of things, we in Europe now need to protect the internal market because our economical interests in that outweigh the economical ties with the UK. 

So I do not think there will be 'flexibility' and other weird stuff; the UK is going out and as such there will be a border. Please come with a workable solution and not only words like 'A technical solution is possible'. Come on: automating all border trade within 100 days is nonsense of course. Why should we waste time on that? 

Item 1) What do you think of Boris Johnson?

 Item 1) What do you think of Boris Johnson?

Boris is often compared to donald trump, I think that goes too far because it is clear for years trump is mentally ill (I think you can find that in a medical scan, his brain just does not work properly) while Boris is by far not that lunatic. 

It has to be remarked however that Boris also has a history of making stuff up. I do not know if it is true but the story goes that on his job as a journalist he made up stuff that people allegedly had said. For example: Boris Johnson said he likes the ladies ass to mouth all evening long.  

That is not true, I just made it up. But as a journalist you do that, you get fired.

In my view Boris is much more advanced compared to donald trump, but being advanced is not what we need. We need a person as the UK pm that has a clear view on political reality. And I think that is lacking, too much blah blah blah made up on the spot and not carefully thought trough. 


Source of the picture used:  UK throws down gauntlet to EU over Brexit.

Ok, let me leave it with that. Have a nice no deal Brexit please (otherwise I would look like a fool, an idiot, a guy standing next to reality, his electron stuff is also so bizarre & so on and so on). Till updates my dear reader. 


(28 July 2019) This update upon Alzheimer is in Dutch because it was a Dutch news article that in my view 'is stupid enough' to make some comments upon. Back in 2005 somebody found out that Alzheimer in laboratory mice always had insulin resistance in the brain. If the brain of a mouse or a human has indeed insulin resistance that means the insulin does not work any more and as such the brain cells cannot take up glucose for use as an energy source.  

So what happens if a person with insulin resistance in the brain eat carbs (or drinks Coca Cola)? Very simple: insulin levels rise while all fat burning stops and as such it is guaranteed the brain will go on with a lack of energy for many hours after such stupid food is consumed... 

Item 1) Vader Ron heeft het, zoon Niels onderzoekt het...

 Item 1) Vader Ron heeft het, zoon Niels onderzoekt het...

Het AD heeft een 'voldoende stom' artikel om even op te reageren. Hier is een link: 

Vader Ron heeft het, zoon Niels onderzoekt het: ‘de waardeloze ziekte’ Alzheimer

Ok, stel dat Alzheimer oa als oorzaak een energie probleem heeft; de mensen weten niet dat hun hersenen reistent zijn tegen insuline (de insuline werkt niet meer) maar ze blijven maar koolhydraten eten want dat geeft kortstondig altijd een beetje energie. 

Misschien ken jij zo'n type wel: ze doen een extra schep suiker in de koffie om 'wat energie' te krijgen. Als je dat doet ben je 'carb addicted' en als je dat jaar in jaar uit blijft doen dan ga je er simpelweg aan. 

Je hebt helemaal geen koolhydraten in je dieet nodig; omdat glucose zo belangrijk is voor je lichaam (je rode bloed cellen hebben het nodig en inderdaad je hersenen ook) maakt je lichaam dit vanzelf wel. Glucose is een fucking simpel molekuul, het is niet als één of andere vitamine het is fucking simpel en je lever kan er plenty van maken.

Maar in onze cultuur is het normaal om de hele dag maar koolhydraten te consumeren, je mag vooral het ontbijt niet overslaan want dat is de belangrijkste maaltijd van de dag. En je moet toch echt drie maaltijden nemen want anders ga je teveel snacken....

Alleen een koolhydraat verslaafde kan met dat soort van onzin aankomen: net als bij heroine moeten koolhydraat verslaafden minstens elke zes uur wat eten. Omdat er niet of nouwelijks vetverbranding mogelijk is, is na een uur of zes de energie voorraad wel op.  

Als koolhydraten echt zo belangrijk zijn voor je lichaam, dan zouden al die miljoenen jaren van evolutie er wel voor gezorgd hebben dat je glucose beter kan opslaan. Maar dat is helemaal niet het geval: je lever maakt glycogeen van al dat suiker in je bloed en dat gaat oa naar de spieren maar er is geen enkel transport mechanisme van glucogeen als je het ergens nodig hebt.

Dus als je een glycogeen tekort in je beenspieren hebt dan is er niets dat extra glycogeen naar die spieren brengt. Dus evolutie zegt helemaal niet dat al dat koolhydraten voer zo belangrijk is.  

Ok, laat me een beetje citiren uit het achterlijke AD artikel. Vader Ron is dol op room broodjes en heeft een verzamel woede met Coca Cola. Zoon Niels staat erbij, kijkt erna en denkt van 'Waar gaat dit over?' 

Nou Niels, het gaat over het feit dat insuline resistentie in het brein ook bij slanke mensen kan want dan hebben ze gewoon geen insuline resistentie in de rest van hum lichaam En in het algemeen hebben mensen altijd veel voorraad van het spul waar ze verslaafd aan zijn.

Quote 1:

Zijn vader heeft trek in roombroodjes. Die obsessie duurt nu al een paar dagen. De teleurstelling begon toen Albert Heijn de broodjes niet in de schappen had liggen. Daarna werd het management gebeld, maar dat antwoord beviel hem niet. Hoezo waren de roombroodjes uitverkocht?  

Quote 2: 

Of het leidt tot dwangmatig gedrag: zoals bij zijn vader Ron (74), die behalve roombroodjes ook cola hamstert. ,,De hele voorraadkast staat inmiddels vol. Ik kan het medisch verklaren, maar soms denk ik: waar gaat dit over? Waarom is dit belangrijk?’’ 

Kommentaar: Dit is belangrijk omdat een verslaafde altijd grote angst heeft om met een tekort te zitten. Hoe meer voorraad hoe beter. 


Laat ik het hier maar bij houden: Al dat soort van onderzoek met geld van de medicijnen industrie zal nooit echt goed werken als Alzheimer vrij fundamenteel een energie probleem is van de hersenen. 

Tot opdatums mijn geachte lezer, till updates.


(22 July 2019) Oh oh, have you seen that video clip of Boris Johnson holding up a kipper (some kind of fish) and Boris begins lamentating that due to EU regulations this food cannot be delivered via the post but it has to be accompanied with a plastic bag of ice. 

Anyway it turns out this is not EU regulation at all but just internal UK stuff. So WTF is happening here? Either Boris Johnson is to stupid to differentiate between pure local laws and those induced by being a EU member or, a bit disturbing, he has more or less the same mental illness that donald trump has. As we know donald trump often makes stuff up on the place where he stands, if one day later he needs a 180 degree different position that is no problem. And on the next day donald claims all kinds of weird stuff perpendicular to what he previously made up, why is that a problem? We just blah blah on and tomorrow is another day. 

Hard to say what is going on with the brain of Boris Johnson, is it just being a bit sloppy, is he as dumb as the arse of Miss Piggy or does he more or less has the same kind of mental issues as the US prez? Well I guess we have to wait another day before a better estimation can be made. But if he has the 'just make it up syndrome' this is not good for future relations with the UK.  

But I don't want to talk politics because I waited over two years before I can publish the next item on the failure of Lockheed Martin to make nuclear fusion reactors. 

It is time to harvest & no silly political talk. 

Item 1) How does Lockheed Martin her fusion reactors go?

 Item 1) How does Lockheed Martin her fusion reactors go?

A few years back I came to the realization that if electrons carry magnetic charge, in that case all present nuclear fusion reactors will fail. Simply because the electrons will get much acceleration along the magnetic field lines and that will give rise to a ton of turbulence because the electrons depended on their magnetic charge will go left or right along the nuclear fusion chamber. (Left or right when viewed from above or so.)  

If remember it correctly, it was about two years back I more or less predicted that all those Lockheed Martin efforts will lead to just nothing. And those guys (it is often the guys that do the bluffing) predicted they could have mobile nuclear fusion reactors by the year 2019. 

Of course that would not happen I just thought back in the year 2017. So am I right or not? Well it is now the year 2019 and what do the Lockheed guys have to show up? Until now 0%. 

This is how the Lockheed Martin dreams looked about six years ago, if you click on the picture you get one of those Lockheed Martin propaganda video's: 


It is a pity I can't find back that video from a CEO kind of guy stating fusion plasma was diamagnetic and all those flaws in the tokamak design were related to the magnetic field becoming weaker in the neighborhood of the vessel wall. 

At Lockheed Martin, now we have all this new technology, the magnetic field becomes much stronger at the vessel wall of the fusion reactor. 

And more of that blah blah blah.

Never forget that from my side of the story told, where electrons carry magnetic charge and as such are the long sought magnetic monopoles, I need more time to see all those project fail. And fail and fail once more. 

In the meantime the university physics professors will keep on eating out of their noses, do a lot of naval staring & that's life.

Till updates. my dear reader. 


(12 July 2019) Back in the time, about 20 years back while going with the train to the nice city of Utrecht, I made a few simple calculations that gave the probabilities of the so called Benford law. 

I never worked on it again (as far as I remember anyway) but last week in the preprint archive I made a search for Benford's law and there were only three hits. Upon opening the first hit to my surprise I found some retired Japanese professor claiming that there was no distribution that gave the Benford law predictions precisely. 

So that is our item of today.  

Item 1) Are Japanese math professors crazy?

 Item 1) Are Japanese math professors crazy?

No idea what Benford's law is? Now in nature there are all kinds of numbers to be found and if you pick at random a few thousand of them, the leading digit in those numbers more often start with a 1 and only few start with a 9. 

Most people think that the probability for any leading digit should be the same, namely 1/9 just like the 1/6 in throwing a dice. But that is not the case. 

Anyway it is very easy to make a distribution that mimics the Benford law in great detail, to be precise: in all detail possible.  

If you know a bit about random variable it goes as next:
Let X have the uniform distribution on the half open interval [0, 1).
Let Y = 10^X so that $Y$ takes values in the half open interval [1, 10). 

It is now easy to calculate the probability of a leading digit in Y of say 6.
Or that the first five digits of Y are the first five digits of the number pi. 

You can think of those values as taken on by Y as the digits when we write numbers in the so called scientific notation. In a science like physics they do that all of the time. 

Ok ok, you must know a bit of calculating with probability distributions. But all in all the next calculations are not from the top of the high mountains in math. It is all rather basic.  

If you click on the picture you will land at the article of the Japanese math professor that claims that: 

Although there are many continuous classical distributions, to the author’s knowledge, none of them gives the Benford’s law exactly. 

So enjoy the calculation and if you don't pop open a fresh beer or drink some green tea or go for a walk or finally clean your refrigerator or say sorry to your cat for ignoring her emotions...  


Link in the picture:

Sorry that for some readers all that math is just a stupid update. But that Japanese math professionals cannot do better as this is utterly weird to me. 

See you in the next update. 


(01 July 2019) Oh oh, donald trump visiting North Korea? It is not a big secret I am not a big fan of donald trump because I think he is more or less mentally ill but it looks like the tensions with the NK are a bit fading lately. Any mentally normal US president would never visit North Korea so it looks like a case where a weirdo can do stuff no other president is capable of...  

May be in five years after the NK fired her first nuclear bomb I will regret writing the above words, but anyway all ways of lowering the tensions over there is welcome! 

But this update is not upon politics, I came across the weird information that the NAVY seals are going keto. This is at first strange to observe: Americans avoiding eating sugary stuff and carbs? That is like China declaring that a multi party system embedded in democracy is the best way forward... 

Item 1) Less CO2 production in your body, yes I can confirm that too.

 Item 1) Less CO2 production in your body, yes I can confirm that too.

It has indeed dawned on me that the last years I am never ever out of breath. In the human body if you exercise you produce more CO2 and that is the main factor driving for taking deeper breaths and more frequent breaths.

But the last years after changing my food intake I can confirm that indeed you produce a lot less CO2 if you avoid all that sugary stuff. I always blamed my age for that, I am now 55 years and your cruising speed on a bicycle goes down. In my country there are not that many mountains and the only elevations you meet on your bicycle are bridges or passovers over car roads and indeed: I never ever run out of breath or do observe a significant need for breathing deeper. 

The NAVY seals seem to study this because if you produce a lot less CO2 you can hold your breath a lot longer while under water. At first you think it is strange that ketone bodies produce less CO2 compared to the same amount of energy your body retrieves from glucose, but when it comes to CO2 production of your own body I can confirm it is true. 

I also remember when 30 kg back I was fat, if you climb the stairs you start to breath heavily. All that stuff is gone, so it must be true. 

Click on the picture for the short video: 


Vid link: 

Ok, let me leave it with that. Till updates. 


(23 June 2019) After about five years some progress has been observed in the MH17 dossier. The downing of flight MH17 over the Ukraine was a sad thing but from day one I simply have been thinking that it makes much more logic if the BUK missiles were fired by a non-Ukrainian. After all if you have been born in that part of the Ukraine you would more or less know that there are civil planes in the sky because basically everyday when you look up you see them flying...

Item 1) No no Putin, I still do not buy that Russian bullshit version...

  Item 1) No no Putin, I still do not buy that Russian bullshit version...

For me it is still hard to swallow that there was no military support from Russia to the Ukraine rebels and that the applied BUK surface to air missile system was just some local Ukraine thing. 

Again Putin, my dear shithead, if you live there you see the civilian planes fly overhead day in day out year in year out. Furthermore I still regard the downing of MH17 as an accident but my main point has always been that it is very much more likely a stranger made the wrong interpretation. To soon some radar info led to the wrong conclusion and as such a civil plane was downed. 

Anyway, now we are a few years further down the timeline we observe that over time the economical sanctions really have hurt Russia. So from a strategically point of view we should push for a few decades of economical sanctions and hope lot's of other countries will do the same...

Let me end with a small quote (it is in Dutch, sorry), source link

Soerkov is in gesprek met voormalig separatistenleider Aleksandr Borodaj. Het gesprek is volgens het JIT opgenomen op de vrijdag voordat vlucht MH17 op 17 juli 2014 uit de lucht werd geschoten. Het zag er in die periode beroerd uit voor de separatisten, die in Oost-Oekraïne de Volksrepubliek Donetsk hadden uitgeroepen. Ze waren omsingeld door Oekraïense troepen, die het gebied wilden heroveren. Borodaj en zijn legerstaf belden verschillende keren met Rusland om met spoed militaire steun te krijgen.

Eerder vandaag noemde Borodaj het opgenomen telefoongesprek nep. ,,Er kan hier geen enkele sprake zijn van authenticiteit, de opname is niet echt. Zoiets heeft nooit plaatsgevonden, het is nep”, zei hij tegenover het Russische persbureau Interfax. 

Comment: So taped conversations are 'fake'... Well sometimes I have raised doubt about how smart the local law enforcement is (they tapped my phoneline for years too while it was clear only an idiot would do that) but my dear Dutch law enforcement folks would not fake such stuff. Suggesting such simple minded stuff makes me say: please a few more decades of economical sanctions against the Russian state. 

Here you see a reconstruction of the shot down parts of flight MH17, hey Putin is this a fake too? We never collected the debris in the Ukraine and we just glued a bit of stuff together and drink some Vodka later? 

Ok, that was it. Don't forget about the economical sanctions thing & thanks for your attention. Till updates.


(15 June 2019) I cleaned up this homepage because it became too long and as usual my dear homepage when I cut you in half once more, that was is cut off is placed in the archive stuff. This time it is index12.htm as you can also find in the archive oversight.

This update is only about my tiny ego feelings, so if you have a serious life better go do something else. But it is funny anyway, a few days back I almost fell asleep deep in the night and I made one little stupid picture search on the bing search engine.

And it was like veni vidi vici, a total victory for the 3D complex numbers!!!!! 

By the way, do you also HATE people that USE CAPS all of the TIME for NO reason AT ALL!!! while using far to many exclamation!!! MARKS!!!!! 

But when I look in the normal search of the bing search machine, my new website is just nowhere to be found. That is so weird that I decided to make a screen shot of it, so that is our item for today's update. 

Item 1) 3D complex numbers search on the bing search machine, veni vidi vici?????

 Item 1) 3D complex numbers search on the bing search machine, veni vidi vici?????

The bing search engine is supposed to be a more crude version of the Google thing or not? And as such bing is a bit more crude, but if you search for stuff like the calculation of the 7D number tau or search for that nice principle like The Jente principle, bing actually works.  

But if I search for 3D complex numbers, on I get an nice load of my own pictures while I cannot find my own on the first five pages of normal links. 

Now I am not complaining because on page one of the normal search results you also have a few results of a picture search. And since I have a rather recognizable style of crafting pictures, it is not hard to see that only the left one is not mine: 


As you see on inspection: Six pictures of my stuff and on nr 1 a thing not mine. If you click on the picture you get a screenshot of the bing picture results. Ok ok, it is a bit veni vidi vici but I decided not to make some graphic art out of it.  

What I do not understand is why there is no normal link found in the non picture search results. After all, with picture search results like this, why should I complain? 

End of this update. 


(08 June 2019) I finished a wooden frame for one of those posters I made lately and the result is not bad. I had to made thinner planks from bigger ones and I should have taken more time in the beginning in flattening everything more out. That caused in the end a lot more work but anyway it is not finished. 

Item 1) Am I struck by the IKEA effect?

  Item 1) Am I struck by the IKEA effect?

For years I am making pieces of furniture myself (for the locals here in Groningen: Je moet eens hout kopen bij Dikhout, die zit aan de Osloweg in de buurt van de IKEA). It is a nice hobby far away from all that theoretical math and the good thing is slowly but surely your house looks a bit nicer. 

If you can make stuff in your own style it is always more rewarding compared when you have to buy stuff. In that regard it is just like math: If you craft it yourself often it is better compared what is on 'the market'.  

Here is how it looks, the poster contains a small part of the calculation of the circular 7D number tau. It replaces my old notes that did hang there, the old notes were about the calculation of the 5D number tau. But in the past when I crafted the 5D tau I did not have that diagonalization method I found later, so all in all the 5D tau was much harder compared to the 7D tau... 

This is how it looks, I still used some metal things like screws but I am also considering making a few pieces without any Western metal things so a bit more like Japanese woodcraft where they have those beautiful joints for wood.  


One or two weeks back I came across that video with the weird title 'The IKEA effect' and that started like: 'You know, when you have build something yourself like an IKEA table or something, you feel proud' and I felt a bit insulted at the beginning. 

Ok, even I feel a bit proud when I succeed into putting an IKEA thing together but whatever IKEA thing it is, most of the time you are finished in a few hours. 

The way I make furniture takes a lot more time, very often you make something for the first time so it will always be imperfect and the next time it will be different, but I try to work on a piece at least 10 minutes a day. So even if I don't want to work on it any longer after about one week I am still one hour further down the timeline on that piece of furniture. 

For example the support structure for the poster on the back is made of all kinds of wooden strips and it is a whole lot of chiseling before it is done. I could also have used a plastic sheet or something like hardboard but I hate that. Just keep on chiseling at least 10 minutes a day and before you know it you can put it all together.  

But the video made me laugh to; You can also argue that the professional physics professors are so proud of their standard model with the tiny fault of electrons having bipolar disorder that they just don't care about the bipolar disorder of the poor electrons... ;) 

Here is the funny video: Why You Really Love That Wobbly Table 

Ok, that was it. Till updates. 


(03 June 2019) Yesterday it was the first hot day of the summer, here it was about 30 degrees Celsius and it was lovely. I was a bit afraid that after last horrible summer I would hate hot days for the rest of my life, luckily I liked the heat so my hatred does not last even one year.

On 01 June I posted reason number 74 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles & that is our item for today: 

Item 1) Reason number 74; a simple experiment.

  Item 1) Reason number 74; a simple experiment.

This year I decided to post at most one reason every month and as such reason number 74 is the reason posted this month that sheds some light on why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Last year in 2018 I figured out how magnetic domains & domain walls in magnetic materials like iron probably emerge: it has to be that magnetic domains are always magnetic monopoles themselves.

And two neighboring magnetic domains must always have opposite magnetic charge; the domain walls separate the magnetic domains in an active way; the walls must have surpluses of electron pairs and the spinning of these electron pairs must be responsible for the separation of the magnetic domains.

All in all these magnetic domains & walls are a beautiful was to store a bit more energy into ferro magnetic materials. 

In another development, I found out that more or less five years ago on 28 may 2014 I wrote for the first time on the impossibility that electrons are magnetic dipoles. So this is the sixth year of my investigations into the matter and of course the university people do nothing day in day out year in year out.

Do you hear me utter the word shitholes? No you don't, five years back I already understood how universities work because back in 1992 I had decided not to try and get a phd. Why try to work four years on a row with people that are mathematically inferior anyway? 

The same goes for physics, if there is a clear fault like in the present case of electron spin understanding it is almost impossible to repair that. The way universities run does never promote quick & easy repair of past knowledge. On the contrary, everything is pointing towards more polishing existing knowledge and fine tuning the stuff and that's it. Some unemployed person with too much free time on his hands finding out that there is something wrong with electron spin, give me a break the university perfumed princes have more important matters on their minds...

Here is a picture of a nice experiment where two small stacks of neodymium magnets are place in a rejecting fashion as high as possible. The magnets still are attracted to the iron in the axe, the attraction is bigger compared to the repulsion.

At first I found this a perfect way of explaining how the formation of magnetic domains takes place. One day later I had to laugh very hard when I understood how the university weirdo's would digest the results of such a simple experiment:  

Nothing will change because if it not pleases the ego of a university professor it is irrelevant. So I study this stuff now for about five years and likely in the year 2014 once more nothing has changed and the electron will still be a magnetic dipole as promoted by the future physics professors... 

Click on the picture to land at reason number 74:


Ok, that was it. Till updates my dear reader.  


(30 May 2019)  A lot has happened in the last two weeks, Theresa May is stepping down as the British pm, the Dutch king has invited donald trump for a visit to our country, the summer is still cool and not hot like last year, I found a crazy application of the 4D complex number determinants but I am not sure if I am not fooling myself, European elections came along, I made a clock after I found a 1.95 € so called uurwerk at the local Hornbach, and so on and so on.

I cherry pick on the EU elections because in my country (the Dutch landscape) two parties that are rather anti Europa are the main losers in these electrons. That is our item for today: 

Item 1) Ha ha, shithead Geert Wilders PVV no longer in EU parliament.

 Item 1) Ha ha, shithead Geert Wilders PVV no longer in EU parliament.

It seems that the PVV has won zero seats in the European parliament, as a side note if the UK leaves the EU they will get one seat. The political party PVV is not actual a political party, you cannot become a member of it. The PVV has only one member: shithead Geert Wilders.  

This update is not supposed to be some political rant or so, no it is only abut how healthy your brains run. And the shithead Geert Wilders kept on remarking that they have done a bad job at explaining to people as why Nexit would be a good thing. Nexit being of course we leaving the European Union.  

You know I don't care what political views people have, what much more matters is if the stuff involved is carefully thought through. And since you do not need that many brain cells in order to understand that the EU market is good for our economy BIG TIME, we conclude that shithead Geert Wilders does not have that tiny amount of properly working brain cells. 

Oh oh, that brings back old memories. Years ago the shithead party PVV came up with some report that for our country to leave the EU would have great benifits. It was stupid to the bone but now a few years later it is even more funny because that report was written by one of those weird UK think tanks. Just one of that weird stuff like in the USA they have so called 'Prager university'. It is not a university at all but some stupid think tank that promotes stuff like 'More CO2 in the air is a good thing for plants'. 


Picture source:  

Ok, that was it. As you see I am trying to make my life as boring as possible by paying attention to shithead Geert Wilders & once more: how many EU seats? 

End of this update. Vote well and video well. 


(14 May 2019) Last week I placed reason nr 73 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles into the magnetic pages. It is about the Goldsmit & Uhlenbach guys that made an important contribution to quantum mechanics: Electron spin is an intrinsic property of the electrons.

Needless to say I think otherwise and I was that lucky to stumble upon a translation of a 1971 lecture from Mr. Goldsmit. If you read it, it is crazy stuff. I had to read it about three times until I stopped falling from one amazement into the other. 

I had always suspected something sloppy was going on with that old discovery, the translation of the 1971 lecture more or less confirms that in my view.  

But this update is just two posters. I always skip many years between making posters because you need to hang them somewhere in your house. After all why make a poster and not print it out? 

Item 1) Two boring posters about the calculation of the 7D circular tau.

 Item 1) Two boring posters about the calculation of the 7D circular tau.

It is very seldom I print my work out because I am bad at throwing print away a few years later. But there is a small part in my house that finally will get some kind of math filling with one of these posters. I think it will be the colorful one. 

Here are the posters, if you click on the picture you get them at 50x70 cm. If you want to print them out, use a resolution of 96 dpi. I remember it was a great work to write the details of the calculation of the 7D number tau; I still like it so likely it will stand the test of time... 


And a black & white version of this:


For myself speaking; the line with the first imaginary component is for sure one of the most beautiful lines I have ever written. 

Ok, it is time to split. Till updates my dear reader. 


 (05 May 2019) Why not another stupid video? A few years back I observed the genius Leonard Susskind (he is a genius because he more or less invented string theory without any use of exponential circles or exponential curves) talking weird stuff about black holes.  

At present day Leonard still is as crazy as can be. 

Item 1) Modern day black hole studies.

 Item 1) Modern day black hole studies.

In short the genial insights go as follows: 

You have a bunch of entangled pairs of particles.
You separate them while leaving them entangled.
Alica and Bob get each one particle of every pair.
They both make a black hole from those particles.
They jump into the black holes they crafted.
They meet in the middle. 

I have no comment whatsoever on this genius eruption of nonsense.
I also know that a lot of people think that I am the crazy one with thinking that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. So both Leonard and me, we live in crazyland.

The entire video is about 78 minutes long, if you like the wisdom shown in the video a lot that means your brain more or less works like the brain of the present day genius Leonard Susskind. Click on the picture to view this 78 minutes of physics genius stuff: 


Youtube source: 

The Quantum Origins of Gravity by Leonard Susskind 

I hope you now see I am only trying to do a very moderate thing: trying to prove the electron is not a magnetic dipole is more or less a modest undertaking. 

Talking out of your neck about black holes is another level of interesting behavior.

Let me not classify this kind of stupid theoretical exercises, why don't those weird people not jump in a black hole and see if they can meet in the middle?

Till updates.   


(03 May 2019) It is about time for a fresh update. The last weeks I had nothing to say so why post stuff if I basically have nothing to say? Today we go over the most stupid video I observed today and that is another dumb video by the SciShow channel about the keto diet. Now I do not recommend any kind of diet, but the way I eat resembles very much about what the keto stuff is: keeping your insulin levels low almost all of the time. 

Item 1) And another fatty explaining the keto diet...

  Item 1) And another fatty explaining the keto diet...

On the Youtube SciShow channel once more they are very stupid when it comes to food. Present day understanding is that fat storage in the human body is regulated by at least four hormones and the most mighty one is king insulin. 

One of the more important tasks of insulin is that when your blood sugar levels get too high, the king sets in and increased levels of the hormone insulin ensure your body cells take in the poisonous excess sugar from your blood and it gets stored as fat. As a consequence all fat burning stops until insulin levels are low enough to give the fat burning process it's way. 

It is not only sugar, insulin also plays a role when you consume protein. I never studied it in detail but in your body delivering the right proteins at the right place on the right time is a handy thing. Insulin is not the enemy, but because it is such a mighty hormone it can mess up your body if you eat the wrong kind of foods. 

My entire life I often woke up in the middle of the night, often after about five hours of sleep and I had a terrible hunger. And I had a simple choice: eat something or stay awake for the rest of the night. I simply thought everybody had this, for me it was just normal. At present day I understand what I did wrong; my insulin levels were elevated and that prevented my body from burning enough fat. 

In the stupid video the keto diet is once more viewed as some eat as much meat as you can kind of weird stuff video. The SciShow weirdo's still have to figure out that if you eat far to much meat, the body turns the excess protein it cannot digest in other ways into glucose. It is a stupid video so if you are stupid too you likely will enjoy it.  

Click on the picture to enjoy the SciShow wisdom: 



Ok, let us split and I wish you happy eating. Till updates. 


(16 April 2019) Oh oh my credibility is on the line: About six months back I predicted a hard Brexit by now, but the whole stuff is postponed again by another six months. And I am just soo worried because if the Brits do not go out with a hard crash, the physics professors will use that as an argument that I have some mental thing and as such it is just so ridiculous to study electron spin. 

On the other hand I am in a good mood because my first serious math invention or discovery was the product integral; instead of adding all stuff up like in additive integration with the product integral everything gets multiplied. If memory serves I found that back in 1987, only 32 years back (yes I am getting old). 

The cute detail from back to 1987 is that I raised the function to the power dx, like in f(x)^dx, as far as I know in all literature I read about it, nobody did the obvious thing and raised it to the power dx... 

About 29 years later I found the first use of raising stuff to the power dx, it was from some university based in Malta of all places. But today there suddenly pooped up two video's about product integration. Has my miserable life all of a sudden a tiny glimmer of hope?  

Item 1) From miserable lives and glimmers of hope.

 Item 1) From miserable lives and glimmers of hope.

It is unbelievable but if today on my computer you type the search 'product integral' on the Youtube channel you get the next unbelievable screen shot: 


I recognized the first video instantly as an additive integral although the very enthusiastic Flammable Maths guy thinks it is a product integral. No no, you have to put that integral in the exponent and you have your desired product integral. 

The second video from Dr. Peyam is a bit more advanced but he does not have a clue about how to differentiate the functions involved.

Anyway it is good news, the flame guy for his enthousiasm and the Dr. Peyam guy for the depth and broadness of his mathematical investigations. 

Wow man, 32 years of almost nothing and within one week two video's about product integrals. That more or less means that the entire humanity has only figured out in the year 2050 or beyond that electrons are not magnetic dipoles.

Ok ok, since I know those product integral a long time, here is an old pdf file under the title Ten styles for product integration and differentiation

Video links: Flammable Math enthusiast: 

The Dr. Peyam doing what I did in my first year of math studies:  

Ok, that was it for this small update. Till updates my dear reader. 


(07 April 2019) It would be tempting to comment on a tweet written by Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mogg where he calls for all kinds of sabotage of the EU in case there will be a longer extension to the breaking up of the UK & EU. 

I don't know why Jacob wrote this, may be it is an attempt to provoke EU officials, may be it serves some inner British political goal. I don't know but the words of the child Jacob Rees Mogg have been noticed with a little smile on my face.

This update is another cute video of Paul Sutter, in this case he explains electron spin... 

Item 1) Paul Sutter on discovery & explanation of electron spin.

 Item 1) Paul Sutter on discovery & explanation of electron spin.

On the other website I already posted a tongue in cheek kind of update about Paul Sutter explaining permanent magnets. Here is a link:

And like said in the previous post on this: Do not take it out at Paul Sutter in any way because he is just explaining the main view inside physics how permanent magnetism is understood. And for today's update; how electron spin is understood. 

Of course the famous Stern-Gerlach experiment is spoken about. This video is not so riddled with faults as the previous one on permanent magnets, but here Paul describes an experiment where all electrons are supposed to have a spin with a (vector) direction.

But the outcome of the SG experiment was a split into two beams of silver ions, independent of any direction of the electron spin.

And instead of the conclusion that electrons do not have magnetic dipoles that are pointing in some direction, you get the usual bunch of nonsense like in a 'mysterious fashion this quantum information of the direction of the electron spin disappears' and more of that blah blah blah.

Here is the video, click on the picture to watch it: 


Youtube source link: 

What is missing in the video is how the professional physics professors explain how a magnetic dipole electron gets accelerated: It must be a non-constant or inhomogeneous magnetic field. That only means it is stronger or more concentrated at the north pole while the south pole is more stretched out and is weaker.  

And because the magnetic field is non-constant, there is a tiny difference in forces on the north and south pole of the electron and that should explain the observed acceleration.

That my dear reader is totally bogus. Electron size is not well known but it is in the range of 10^-16 meter. It is impossible to achieve any acceleration via the non-constant magnetic field, the spatial gradient needed says gradients like 100 thousand Tesla per meter weaker or stronger.

That is why you never see a calculation accompanying the blah blah blah of the inhomogeneous magnetic fields...

If my version of electron magnetism is correct, it should not matter at all if the magnetic field is constant or not. After all if electrons carry magnetic charge, that explains experiments like the SG experiment much better. And you do not have to shout all of the time that quantum mechanics is so difficult that if you think you understand it, you don't understand it...

Ok, let me leave it with that. Till updates. 


(30 March 2019) Yesterday the Brexit deal was voted down a third time in the UK parliament. I am glad my original insight from back when the deal was just struck still stays alive. The insight was the deal between the EU & UK will not pass the UK parliament because there is not a majority of anything and that lack of majority for anything is directly related to all that emotion that is going round. 

Item 1) More stupid Brexit emotion observed. 

  Item 1) More stupid Brexit emotion observed. 

Very often you come across crazy lines of reasoning. For example there are a whole lot of Brexiteers that easily state the next: 

If we go out without a deal we don't have to pay the 39€ billion and after that because we are such a huge economy we will get a free trade deal with the EU. 

For me it is hard to understand why people hang on to such weird stuff. Due to all that multiyear financial planning we have over here in Europe, a lot of things are not done in just one single fiscal year but spread out over more years. As such the UK has committed to the multi year stuff, so that has to be paid. It is not upfront that 39 billion €, why should it be. Other European nations also don't have to pay upfront because that is why we have those multi year budgets in the first place.  

I don't know much about legal matters, but likely it is illegal for the UK to scrap those long standing commitments.

Anyway to try and explain to a Brexit believer why this is nonsense you likely end up with the same problem of explaining to a professional physics professor that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, have never been magnetic dipoles and in the future electrons will never be magnetic dipoles.

Now physics professors are the so called 'scientists' but if they get emotional no logic will bring clarity to their brains: It is emotional reasons only that the professors will keep on doing their stuff like they want it.

Another example would be explaining to math professors how to craft 4D complex numbers. All of a sudden nobody is interested just like the average Brexit supporter not very much interested in the tiny fact it is really fucking hard not to pay your old long standing financial obligations while getting a free deal trade later. 

In this world there is never a shortage of dumb people, they are found everywhere; from garbage collectors to high shot university professors.  

The most stupid news headline I found today is the next weird text, it sounds very much like some 'get rich quick scheme' or 'burn body fat fast' if you do just 'this one trick'.
The title alone is just so stupid that it brings a smile on my face:

Peter Bone DEMANDS ALL Brexiteers UNITE and do this ONE thing to SECURE Brexit   


Oh oh, why are those Brexit people always so stupid? How likely is it they will 'unite' or do 'just one thing'.  


Go bone yourself my dear UK folks. End of this update. Till updates.


(26 March 2019) I neglected an old hobby of mine for too long: the US Federal deficit. 

Item 1) Wow, amazing monthly US Federal deficit observed: only $234 billion.

 Item 1) Wow, amazing monthly US Federal deficit observed: only $234 billion.

It looks like the growth of the US Federal deficit is more or less on it's predictive path. It also wasn't that long ago that only three times 234 billion US$, that was more or less the entire US military budget.

It has to be remarked that February is always a peak month when it comes to US Federal deficits. So You must not extrapolate this to a yearly US Federal deficit of twelve times 234 Billion.

After having said that, let me keep this post short & only one funny link:

US budget deficit hit $234 billion in February, a new monthly record

Ok ok, I will not deny I have such a little smile on my face.

For the time being I will deny that I am activating the third so called 'Nightmare on WallStreet'. Is it possible to cut the DOW in half once more?

Who knows? Till updates my dear reader.    


(13 March 2019) Oh shit my computer has broken down further; the biggest hard disk broke and I lost a significant part of my music files... On the other hand in 2015 I already build a spare computer and a half year back that thing did not fire up anymore but now it works again. I don't know why it works again but that is a good shot into the right direction.

Although my biggest hard disk is broken, there is amazing little damage. Ok it is no fun to loose such an amount of music files but my back up system works very well all in all: no critical files lost... 

It is tempting to write a piece upon how to build you own desktop computer for use at home but we also have Brexit. Last evening the deal between the EU & UK has been voted down a second time. The problem stays the so called back stop and in my view this shows that a lot of Brits have an emotional problem with the EU. 

All that hysteria and zero constructive thinking; for example why should the EU hijack North Ireland indefinitely as such 'confiscating' North Ireland within the EU? 

Item 1) Brexit as an emotional problem; why don't they solve the border issues?

 Item 1) Brexit as an emotional problem; why don't they solve the border issues?

It is not my problem in the sense I did not cause it, it is not caused by the EU but the Brits want no border between North Ireland & Ireland and as such border facilities and handling must be done in other places. 

For example a bunch of containers go from the UK via Northern Ireland to Ireland and possible the rest of Europe. All that needs to happen is that this container is inspected, possible tariffs paid and that it gets sealed if the destination is Ireland or other European countries. 

Such is seal is of course illegal to break in North Ireland, only containers with a valid seal can cross the border between the North & Southern part of Ireland. 

How hard can it be? 

Ok given future deviation of UK standards & legislation the problem of smuggling things will evolve over time. But the idea of having those border facilities along the coast and not land inwards is not a bad idea. 

But week in week out all you hear from those British politicians that there need to be 'alternative arrangements' or stuff like that. They never explain how they want to do that. 

So not much happens beside a lot of emotion and only little reason behind what we observe in the news. It is in many ways an emotional problem where the Brexeteers constantly portrait Europe as a bad or even an evil entity. 

Again: That is an emotional and irrational view of Europe. Europe is 27 nations together and as such everything has to be done in accordance to all kind of legal stuff. If you hear a lot of those UK political folks, they talk like Europe is just one person that you deal with. 

And again: That kind of stuff is only emotional stuff.


But for myself speaking I am glad my insight from Nov last year is still standing:
Likely the UK is going to crash out without a deal...

Till updates (new updates make take some time because I think I also need a new motherboard, but anyway). So pop up a beer or a green tea or if you are a Brit; pour also some milk in the tea.   


(07 March 2019) Yesterday I finished reason number 71 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. It is based on the result as found in a video about quantum computing, I hope that is not confusing and the quantum computing thing can be skipped because the video contains a perfect explanation about so called Rabi frequency.

Item 1) Rabi freq = 0.5*Lamor freq? Compare the two different explanations.

 Item 1) Rabi freq = 0.5*Lamor freq? Compare the two different explanations.

I am glad I came upon this video, it is from a Berkeley guy and he is very good at explaining stuff. Often when you view video's upon physics, whether it is quantum computing or electron spin or whatever what, very often the people explaining the stuff are not very good at explaining.  

Being a good teacher is an art in itself because beside your own knowledge you must also have a good insight in how your audience will react to new stuff. Luckily the Berkeley guy (Umesh V. Vazirani is his name) is relatively good at explaining the stuff involved. 

And I finally understand what the community of physics professors is doing with explaining Rabi frequency with all those weird rotating magnetic fields... They use two of those rotating fields, they rotate against each other and their super position is the applied oscillating magnetic field.  

There is only one tiny problem: They can use only one of those magnetic fields and as such the other purely hypothetical rotating field is just not talked about any more. 

I have to say it is a very ingenious explanation; in reality you apply an oscillating magnetic field, you decompose it into two rotating magnetic fields and after that you only use one of those rotating things while neglecting the other for the full 100% and that is how professional physics professors get their salary every month. 

My own explanation goes via the work done by the real applied magnetic field and if the energy transfer to the electron can only be done by an oscillating magnetic field, I am very pleased with a result like that: 

It more or less validates that the electric and magnetic properties of each electron are more or less equal in strength. After all if work done by a magnetic field give photons of half the frequency of the applied magnetic field, that means those Rabi photons have half of the energy of the Lamor photons.

That brings a big smile to my face while on the other hand I understand it will not make much of a difference if I post reason 71 or reason 710:

University people will always have more important things to do.

The next picture is almost unreadable unless you already know what it says but if you click on it you will land at reason number 71 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles:


Ok, it is little bit for the nerdy diehards that like to understand a bit more about what is all happening with spin resonance and how it emerges. Electrons only radiate photons when they are accelerated, all that wiggle wiggle stuff like precession of the spin is still not very convincing to me: nothing accelerates so what explains the photon radiation anyway?  

No, normal people are at best interested in how Brexit will evolve or how good Ajax has done in beating Real Madrid. Ok, I liked it too but does that make me a normal person? 


That was it for this update. See you around. 


Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4 

In Nov 2015 I opened a separate website for the three dimensional complex numbers:  


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles

09 Jan 2017: The link above grew out to 41 reasons that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. We proceed with reason number 42 on

Page 2 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Page 3 covers the stuff as found in the year 2018.

Page 4 covers the stuff for the year 2019.

Page 5 covers results found in the year 2020. 


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...




















































































































Title: A 2018 condolences card to the US dollar.