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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(12 Aug 2022) Correction: In the previous post I wrote "200 km inside Crimea" where that should have been "200 km from the frontline". That was a bit stupid of me but at first I wrote "200 km from the border" and I was like no that is too insulting for the Ukrainians so I changed it to what I correct now. 

The situation around the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia is still crazy as hell. It makes you wonder how the decision making process goes over there on the side of the Russians... 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) Happy holiday in Crimea?
Item 2) Do anti-particles travel back in time? (NOPE!)

 Item 1) Happy holiday in Crimea?

Not much news about the destroyed air field in Crimea. There were good satellite images out, cute before & after pictures. And yes there are some craters but is that from incoming missiles? One person remarked that it was just in reach of those Harpoon rockets, others think it was done by a team of partizans.  

And I, I have no clue. May be it happened because somebody snapped his fingers and somehow the sound got multiplied and blew up the first ammo. And after the first ammo ignited, the rest followed. 

This is how it looked from the beach: 


I didn't copy the satellite photo's but if you haven't seen them look them up. All these air craft have their own 'rabbit hole' where they are parked. With rabbit hole I mean large mud walls likely for preventing damage if somewhere else something explodes. 

So that didn't help much, a lot of lost air craft for the Russians. 

 Item 2) Do anti-particles travel back in time? (NOPE!)

A bit more on that nonsense of anti-particles that supposedly travel back in time. I found a relatively good video from Parth G where that mumbo jumbo is explained. It has a bit to do with Feynman diagrams and if you rotate such a diagram you van view that as going back in time. But a bit of fancy math does not make anti matter travel back in time; just like other matter it will go only forward I just guess...

Anyway in this video and also in one of the others from the previous update there is talk about electrons and positrons that annihilate each other. If my view on electron spin is correct, so all electrons are magnetic monopoles, in about 50% of the collisions between an electron and it's anti particle the positron will not lead to annihilation. 

But people never talk about that. They only talk about stuff they understand or stuff they think they understand. And indeed if all electrons are exactly the same, it is not understandable as why such a pair of particles refuses to annihilate... 

It should be rather simple to build an experiment where you have a beam of electrons, a beam of positrons. With a magnetic field you can always split those beams in the two magnetic states, you now have four combinations of letting them collide. In two of such combinations there should be much more annihilation compared to the other two cases where electrons and positrons of equal magnetic charge are collided.  

Video title: Do Antiparticles Move BACKWARDS in Time?
Link used: 


Here is that wiki:  

Electron–positron annihilation, link used: 

It is very interesting that after seven years I still can't find the tiniest detail that says electrons are not magnetic monopoles. For example only in the last year I found the above detail that there is also elastic scattering between electrons and positrons. 

So for my brain this makes the world a little bit more understandable. And for people with sloppy brains who think it is pretty normal that anti particles travel back in time based on some fucking stupid rotation of some calculating scheme, if you think such weird stuff why try to get a better understanding? 

But after seven years it is still a deep deep mystery to my mind that 100% of the physics people think that electrons are magnetic dipoles and that they just can't find magnetic monopoles. Without any experimental evidence they keep on doing their weird logic...  

Why God why did you create humans this way? Or is it evolution and I must ask:
Why Evolution why did you evolve humans this way?

May be it is time to split, see you around. 


(10 Aug 2022) The entire war I mostly post two updates a week and now this homepage is getting too long again. So it's time to throw a lot into the archive pages.

Two items for today: 

Item 1) It said BOOM 200 km inside Crimea.
Item 2) 3 Video’s to kill the time & Unzicker’s horror on the quaternions…

 Item 1) It said BOOM 200 km inside Crimea.

That was a very interesting development: Explosions on an airbase 200 km inside Crimea. That is interesting because as far as I know there are no deliveries of rockets that can do such a distance. 

One of the possibilities is that it was a rocket made inside Crimea. That is very well possible, after all that flagship the Moskva was also built there. Of course it could also have other causes for the explosions but likely tomorrow the Ruzzians will come with another package of bullshit to explain it all. 


It is definitely a good thing that all of a sudden even 200 km inside Crimea the people can't feel safe. Why should the Ukrainians always have the burden of always come under attack from some long range rocket? 

If it is frustrating for me that we can't deliver weaponry for striking inside Russia, imagine how the average Ukrainian feels about this. On the other hand there are all kinds of reasons to let this stupid and crazy war not spill over into other territories.

Anyway, it's war so it is what it is and there is no value in complaining about it.

From a video from a guy named "The Russian dude" I have the next two screen shots.
The first one is from Donetsk (that is the capital of the occupied region in the east), an apartment was hit from the east. Of course Russians drunk and stupid as they are told it was done by Ukraine. 


If it wasn't always so violent it would be perfect comedy: Rockets coming in from the east and the Ruzzians blaming the people in Ukraine to the west.   

A few items of the latest USA military aid package: 


I don't know what Claymore anti-personnel munitions are, it sounds like mines against individuals but let's not loose ourselves into details like that. And lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) 3 Video’s to kill the time & Unzicker’s horror on the quaternions…

I already wrote a new math post for the other website but I have the previous post to share with you. These are three video's upon physics, no this time it is not me hammering upon the detail that electrons cannot be 'tiny magnets' but that a magnetic monopole model for the electron is far more logical.

This time I let the idiots finish themselves. If for example people are too stupid to figure out for themselves that differentiation on the quaternions is a fucking nightmare that never will work, wby should we take them seriously?

If you are to stupid for that, likely the rest of your thinking is also shallow and not very relevant when it comes for example to electron spin.

In the third video you even see a guy claiming that positrons are moving back in time. That is the idea that electrons move forward in time and if you reverse the direction of time you get a positron.

You know, physics is supposed to be a science and should not resemble the average working or content of a psychiatric hospital.

Of course it is not forbidden to think of stuff moving back in time. Just like it is not forbidden to say that inside an electron there could be many universes that are all seven dimensional. I just make up some retarded crap, that is not forbidden.

But using taxpayer money for crap like that is a bridge too far in my opinion.  

Here is the link to the latest post with three boring video's:

3 Video’s to kill the time & Unzicker’s horror on the quaternions… 

Ok, that was it for this update. Live well and think well.


(05 Aug 2022) I don't have much to say today so lets go directly to this day's item: 

Item 1) A mixed bag of weird stuff (don't have much to say).

 Item 1) A mixed bag of weird stuff (don't have much to say).

In my country too it is far too dry. Where I live it is still more or less ok but there are now pictures in the news that are very un-Dutch so to say. We were supposed to be a waterland and our problems were always just too much water. And now this... 


This evening (it's now just past midnight) I took 10 minutes to alter the Ruzzian Z a little bit. After all I explained a few times to the Russians that one of the main problems is a logo that makes other people vomit. 

If they would just have a better logo, like the beautiful NATO logo, they would not have all these economical sanctions. And everyone would give them the love and respect they deserve. Really true. 

Anyway I took a picture from a wiki explaining the 'Z' that is in use right now.
Here it is: 


I am a good guy and I always like to help whenever I can. So I changed it a bit until we have the next: 


That is already a lot better! And that in just 10 at most 12 minutes of work my dear Russians. Now if you start using this logo likely all over Europe there will be demonstrations demanding an end to the unjust and unprovoked economical sanctions... 


In Germany the former pm Gerhard Schröder is proposing to open Nord Stream 2 because via Nord Stream 1 not enough gas is coming in. Of course Germany is a sovereign country so they can always decide for themselves but I wonder if that is a good idea. Last week Siemens came out telling that there are no problems with turbines as Gazprom has claimed. And likely they know, after all the sold that stuff to Russia. 

Anyway on DW news I found the next totally bizarre picture. It is from Gerhard Schröder's wife doing a prayer for peace with in the background the Kremlin. It was made at the end of February DW said.


Well that is a mindset very different from mine. I think more in terms of BOOM stuff, filled coffins and all those niceties that come with armed conflict.


At last there seem to be some technical problems with the howitzers that my country together with Germany delivered to Ukraine. It seems to be so worse that in Poland a special repair place is made for repairs.

In the first place, sorry & excuses. But in the second place stuff like this can always be expected. During peacetime like we have over here for over half a century you just cannot fire howitzers day in day out until they break.

So the way they break down is important information while it also has to be remarked that German officers say they are used just too much. May be it is better if the Ukrainians shoot say 20% less every day.  

And may be Ukraine could get a bit more howitzers? I don't know, our arsenals aren't that big. Anyway lets hope these technical problems can be overcome.

End of this hap-snap update. See you next week! 


(03 Aug 2022) I don't have much time so lets go direct to today's Ukraine item: 

Item 1) First grain ship arrived in Turkey & that weird prison attack.

 Item 1) First grain ship arrived in Turkey & that weird prison attack.

Finally a bit of good news: the first ship is actually in Turkey. From now on according to Turkey one ship a day can come over from Ukraine. If I remember it correctly, this ship is about 26 thousand ton. That is 26 million kilo's of grain so yes that is some food for some people but the backlog in grain transport is gigantic of course. 


Well lets hope for the best and a big thumbs up for Turkey! 

In that weird prison attack a lot is still a mystery. I observed some video from a guy claiming the prison was very near to the frontline. But I looked it up in the Deep State map from Ukraine and it was over 25 km from the frontline. I don't think in itself that amounts to a war crime. (Prisoners of war should be imprisoned away from the battlefield.) 

Another claim from Tv Poland said that the Maxar satellite images showed that about two days before the attack about 50 new graves were dug. But I could not find a good photo on that detail. Of course if it's true, the whole thing is a serious war crime. 

The claims of Russia that it was a HIMARS attack look to be crumbling day in day out. If the satellite image is correct only one building was damaged and these HIMARS have a pay load of about 90 kg of explosives. But the building where the attack happened is still standing. I don't know about the house where you live but if in the neighborhood of my house 200 pounds of high explosive say the BOOM thing, likely my house is flattened for good. 

From the psychological point of view it is very interesting that the Ruzzians constantly come up with the HIMARS stuff. Just a tiny bit of modern Western weaponry is a good pain in the ass for them.

Of course at any point in time, with the snap of two fingers, the HIMARS ammo can be uplifted to not only the short range rockets but say median range too. If memory serves medium range is about 150 km. For the time being I don't think that's a good idea but if it turns out that likely the Ruzzians themselves killed all these POW's you can also argue "Why not?" 

Ok, that was it for this small update.  


(29 July 2022) Two items for today: 

Item 1) Congrats with the Antonivka bridge Ukrainians!
Item 2) Added old posts to the new Pythagoras category.

 Item 1) Congrats with the Antonivka bridge Ukrainians!

After a lot of trying finally this bridge is damaged far enough so it can't be used in a meaningful way by the Russian occupiers. What I considered a bit strange was all those small holes in the bridge. A dumb person like me expected much bigger holes, after all there is a serious payload on those HIMARS rockets. 

But likely if you ask an explosives expert it all becomes more logical. 



Another thing that brings a good deal of relief to my mind is that now only about 30 Ukrainians die in combat every day. By prewar standards this is still a very huge number but it is no longer that horrific 150-200 range of daily deaths... 

Item 2) Added old posts to the new Pythagoras category. 

That video from the Fields medal ceremony has disappeared completely! That is kinda weird but may be it needs more editing or so. Anyway if memory serves it was the pm of the host country that made a remark that more or less goes like this:

Mathematics is the only science that is never revolutionary. It only expands on itself. 

I would like to add that yes this is true. But if you would leave this expansion to all those hundreds of math professors in the room, you can only observe such expansion on a geological timescale...;) 


Anyway some time ago I posted my first stuff on Pythagoras, the matrix version to be precise. And about one week later I did an internet search on that DuckDuckGo engine in order to see what other people wrote about this version of the Pythagoras theorem. So I searched for something like "Pythagoras theorem matrix version".  

To my surprise my own post from just say seven days ago popped up as one of the first results. That was just really fast. I still don't understand why the math often goes fast but all things magnetism just not.

Last year I discontinued my pages on magnetism on this website and I more or less concluded that the physics professors were equally stupid as the math professors. I think that it is time to revise that: physics professors are far more stupid as math professors.


Over on the other website ( I made a new category of published posts for the Pythagoras stuff. But I forgot to add all stuff from before 2022. So today I expanded the new category with the old posts upon more general versions of the Pythagoras theorem.

As you see on inspection in the next picture, my posts are on position 2 and 4 on the DuckDuckGo search engine while the other two links are not that relevant. 


The content of the new category can be found here:

Category Archives: Pythagoras stuff.
Link used:

Now via my simple internet searches an old post popped up. It was something with inverse Pythagoras or Pythagoras with reciprocals. And I damn well knew I had written that post but I could not remember what the content was.
I decided not to look but simply wait until it popped up in my brain again. And oh yes, after a good night sleep during coffee I remembered it again.

So an old math jewel from the past, from the year 2018 to be precise:
What is the inverse Pythagoras theorem?

Originally I planned to show you a few pictures from the hundreds of math professors that attended the Fields medal ceremony. And confront them with the fact there is amazingly little Pythagoras stuff out there written & crafted by them.

All these overpaid weirdo's like math & physics professors, sometimes they are very good at the stuff they do. For example:

Q: What are math professors very good at?
A: They are very good at telling that they could not find the 3D complex numbers.

Q: What are physics professors very good at?
A: They are very good at explaining they could not find magnetic monopoles.

That was it for this update. Live well, think well and always ensure we have this constant stream of dead Russian soldiers. If not I get depressed and I don't want to be in that sorrow state of mind.  

(27 July 2022) Is an economical recession coming? Today in the USA the stock price of Walmart fell by about 10% on disappointing results. So higher prices in the USA lead to a significant different consumer behavior. Here in Europe it was reported that Unilever was able to pass on the higher prices. So, for the time being, higher prices don't make the EU consumers balk.  

Now there is often a hassle about when a recession starts. In a lot of countries it is simple two quarters of shrinking GDP. But in the USA there is a committee that looks at a wide range of statistics and declares if there is a serious decline in economical output yes or no. These are just different methods so all that hassle stuff is not needed at all. Thursday the US GDP figures come out so we will see...
Two items for today:

Item 1) Russia leaving the Space Station after 2024?
Item 2) Another Fields medal finalist.  

 Item 1) Russia leaving the Space Station after 2024?

AP reports that may be Russia will leave the ISS. That can have all kinds of weird consequences. Some parts or modules were built by Russia back in the time, likely they have ownership of those modules. So they can do more or less what they want with it. 

I haven't heard of any kind of withdrawing from the ITER fusion project. Likely they are still in although I expect the ITER project to fail because of electron instabilities. 

Anyway here is the AP writing on this detail: 

Russia to drop out of International Space Station after 2024, link used:

Remark this link is relative weird, why put in putin in that link? Likely for archiving purposes I guess. 

 Item 2) Another Fields medal finalist.  

It seems that a few weeks ago some math congress was hold in Finland or so. Anyway the prime minister has the honor to open it and he has a good joke for the hundreds of math professors in the audience: 

There are three kinds of finance ministers: In the first place there are those who can count. In the second place there are those who can't count. 

For some strange reason Youtube says play it yourself so I can't show you it. But it was a boring four hour video anyway, who is going to look at a giant room filled with math professors? 

One of the fresh Field medallists also does stuff with magnetism. It is not a secret that I think electrons are not tiny magnets but magnetic monopoles. That is why they form electron pairs in chemical bonding with a shared electron pair.  

All these years I could never find anything that points to electrons being tiny magnets. Only overpaid physics professors say that but if you look at any experiment out there, often it is far better explained by the magnetic monopole model for the electron.

The math professor that got a medal from other math professors is Hugo Duminil-Copin. He is just an ordinary guy, he is not different from all other university people that think electrons are tiny magnets. In itself Hugo is not stupid, but the collective of physics professors is truly stupid.

They claim electrons are tiny magnets but they don't have a tiny shred of experimental proof for that. And they just don't care about it; that is why I don't consider them to be scientists but people from blah blah land. 

There are also short videos out about the individual winners, the next screen shot if from the Hugo video: 


The 'tiny magnet' model is already nonsense. How can electrons form a chemical bond with opposite spins? That is anti-aligned and how can that work? It is one hundred percent bullshit.

So the 'tiny magnet' model is already a weird model and what does Hugo Duminil-Copin do with it?


He uses the so called Ising model to study this further. On top of that he even gets a price for that. This world is a weird weird place.

The last two or three decades there was only one achievement made on using the magnetic properties of electrons. That is the so called Giant Magneto Resistance effect. You can check for yourself; does it work based on all electrons being the same or are there two kinds of electrons?

The GMR effect in itself is very interesting; if you make a material with alternating layers of magnetism, see below, there is much more electrical resistance. Based on that IBM could make those big hard disks for your computer very cheap.
The next picture does not depict the GMR effect but the fact that electrons scatter differently depending on their spin. But if electrons carry a permanent monopole magnetic charge, at least for my own brain it becomes a bit more logical:  


And the whole thing of classifying the spin states as 'spin up' versus 'spin down' points to electrons being magnetic monopoles.

But I have given up on the physics professors; logic does not work just like all their spintronics just never work. So lets try to find that button 'upload website'.

Wiki: Giant magnetoresistance. Link used:

That was it for this small update.  


(22 July 2022) The grain & other food export problems don't seem to evolve very much. May be it is better to resume to trying to shoot down all Russian war ships, may be that is not better. I don't know, time is running out and there is not much happening... 

One of the African presidents came out complaining that now most Russian banks are thrown from the SWIFT messaging system they can't even pay for Russian grain. I would like to remark that SWIFT is only a messaging system, when it was invented it was likely secure telex and may that is what they still do today. Anyway payments could still be done if you have an email address or a telephone number. The problem is of course when such payments need to go through a chain of banks and banks simply refusing to transfer money into the direction of Russia. The problem is that you try to buy stuff from a criminal while all of the time complaining about colonialism this and colonialism that. You know we are a tiny country but we are number two after the USA when it comes to food exports. Why is non of the African nations doing stuff like that? Oh yes I hear it already: COLONIALISM! 

In another development the European Central Bank raised rates by 50 basis points. That was about time. For example last year in my country house prices rose about 15%. That is far too much and mostly caused by the ultra low even negative interest rates from the ECB. And, with unanimity, they also crafted some emergency instrument in case one of the participating country gets under weird market pressure. So it is not meant for countries with high interest rates on their government bonds because of too large deficits or so, but an emergency thing.
Ok, may be that is a good idea. 

Two items today: 

Item 1) Is worn out Russian artillery a root cause for all that weird stuff?
Item 2) May be a BIG WIN for the MATH PROFESSORS! 

 Item 1) Is worn out Russian artillery a root cause for all that weird stuff?

I didn't save the links to the relevant videos but it was reported that Canada already is sending replacement barrels for their howitzers (may be it is for other artillery but you get the point). I have never thought about that: how fast does artillery degenerate? 

After all a standard 155 mm NATO round has a mass of 50 kg, with a big explosion it flies dozens of kilometers. So of course this must wear down the barrel one way or the other.

On top of that we are in day 140+ of what supposedly would be a 3 day war. And given the likely detail that the Russian military was kept out of the loop for planning this war, we can wonder if Russia is capable at all for just standard maintenance of their artillery. Likely the answer is a big NO, likely there is not much maintenance going on over there.

May be that could be a reason for such weird pictures like the next screen shot:  


This is a crazy amount of rounds just doing nothing. This is crazy behavior but could it in part be caused by the lack of maintenance?

By all standards this is the weirdest military operation I ever observed... 

 Item 2) May be a BIG WIN for the MATH PROFESSORS! 

I finally took some time to look at the history of that complicated matrix version of the theorem of Pythagoras. All in all it look likely that in the 20-th century there was only that thing with a matrix A multiplied against it's transpose. 

Now my method is very different, I found a way to calculate the volume of the higher dimensional parallelogram directly by making your starting non-square matrix A into a square matrix M.  

That is a little win for me because I gained some insight into how to tackle such a problem. And if I was the first human to do this, you can say it is a big win for me.

Under the assumption I was the first human to pull of this simple trick of squaring a non-square matrix, is it also a big win for the professional math professors? It could be because I know for sure what professional professors like:

That always like to NOT TALK about me. You can argue that is a bit strange because they only have their complex plane, some quaternions and basically that's it. They have no complex numbers above dimension 2 and for them that's ok.

So with a bit of luck they will NOT TALK about my cute matrix for say at least three centuries! Three centuries of total silence! That would be a bi big win for the math professors because they always love to NOT TALK about me and now they can do that for 300 years or longer!

You see me and the professional math professors are now in a so called 'win win' situation: Each of the participants has a big benefit: I have found my cute method and the math professors are glad they can keep their mouths closed like forever...  


Ok, almost the  end of this update. I found a funny way to take the sine of a minor matrix against it's parent matrix. So if you are into that mathy stuff you can find the short post on the other website:

On the sine of a matrix minor against it parent matrix. Link used:

It's high time to upload this stuff so I can do other things. Thanks for your attention.

UPDATE: Well well a deal seems to be reached! Unbelievable given the special love between Ukraine and Russia. So my estimation from 24 hours ago was not correct, I think I have to apologize (for the second time already in this war).
Interesting details are that every body is signing treaties with the UN and as such it is avoided that Russia and Ukraine had to sign a mutual agreement.

I would like to thank everyone, in particular the Turks. Turkey might be in huge economical troubles at the moment so it is good to see they don't give up. Well done every body! 


Ok, now you are once more at the end of an update.  


(20 July 2022) Oh bah, the heat wave is here for the very first day. I don't like it but it is by far not as bad as for example in Italy where entire rivers seem to be running dry or the UK where there were plenty of fires today.
Of course one heat wave is not climate change, climate change is that year in year out it gets a bit warmer on average. And that is happening; a lot of years are record years when it comes to the average temperature, the maximum temperature or the summer average. 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) Shit man, Ruzzia has destroyed all four HIMARS trucks! Really true!
Item 2) The Stern-Gerlach experiment one hundred years old.

 Item 1) Shit man, Ruzzia has destroyed all four HIMARS trucks! Really true!

Russia constantly claims to have destroyed one or more of the HIMARS trucks. So we can safely conclude that they are a good pain in the ass...;) But of course the Russians can use such 'information' for their lovely state television. 

I didn't know the Bulgarian military could be this funny, but they are. 
Title: Russia: Ukraine’s four HIMARS were destroyed, we used PrSMs.
Link used:

Someone emailed me and wrote that the HIMARS often feel lonely now they are in Ukraine. No not when they are at work shooting their boom stuff. It is when they are alone they miss their family. 

Luckily their little brothers are on their way, they are not as fast on the road as their HIMARS sisters but man they can do boom stuff big time! 


Ok, all that is still missing now are these more advanced anti-air defense systems. It would be great if at least the largest cities get some good air cover against cruse missiles and stuff. 

And, by the way, why don't we hear nothing about those USA drones? Is that where Russia has some success into jamming them? The Russian anti-air stuff can't deal with the rockets from the HIMARS, that is a lucky shot for Ukraine. 

 Item 2) The Stern-Gerlach experiment one hundred years old.

I often ask for say the Ukrainians to tell the truth as it is. Bad news must not be suppressed because otherwise people like me but also the Ukrainians themselves don't have a good picture over what is going on.  

In practice a lot of news is already riddled with faults, often they are tiny and not that significant. That is just unavoidable but you must always try to stay close to the truth. (Unless it is clear you are joking or so.)

Today I came across an article from the Scientific American that was both good and bad. It was good because it came with a picture I had never seen before, it is the original Stern-Gerlach apparatus (see below). And bad because important details like the use of a inhomogeneous magnetic field is used, these details miss.

Another detail that is missing is the fact they used vaporized silver back in the year 1922. But silver only vaporizes at say 2000 degrees Celcius and as such all of your silver atoms are likely not atoms but ions. How they dealt with that I don't know but it must have been an extra hurdle in this one hundred year old experiment.   

Click on the picture for a wider version: 


Until about seven years ago I just never heard of this experiment. I tried to understand it but it was hard. How could just one unpaired electron steer an entire silver atom into a particular direction? After all this lonely electron it's mass only about 1/1830 of the mass of a single proton or neutron. And a silver atom has many protons and neutrons.

So what was going on there?

After about two days I arrived at the conclusion that if electrons were magnetic monopoles, that might be a possible explanation. But wasn't that a weird solution? These physics people always say that they can't find magnetic monopoles.

Later I studied the official explanation for this exiting experiment, the overpaid weirdo's think that electrons are tiny magnets that either align with the applied external magnetic field or anti-align with it.

That is far more crazy as my own idea that electrons are magnetic monopoles. After all why should a tiny magnet anti-align itself against a powerful bit external magnetic field? That is one of the detail they never talk about.

Anyway I have given up convincing these physics weirdo's that must be wrong and I have accepted failure on that detail.

In case you have never heard of the Stern-Gerlach experiment but have some interest into the science of physics, you must take a bit of time to understand why this experiment was so important although the people that did the experiment had no clue about what they found. 

Mr. Stern from the Stern-Gerlach experiment became the first assistant to a fresh physics professor named Einstein. So Einstein must have known from the experimental setup of this experiment, but he never jumped to the conclusion that from now on it is nonsense to view electrons as tiny magnets...

100 Years Ago, a Quantum Experiment Explained Why We Don’t Fall through Our Chairs. Link used:

Ok, that was it for this update. Thanks for your attention and try to stay cool in this fucking heat. Till updates.    


(15 July 2022) There seems to be a bit of progress on the possibility that Ukraine will start exporting grain like wheat and other food again. So lets hope this will not fall apart. For this all to be successful at least in important parts of the Black Sea all military activity must fade away. 

Another complicating factor is that there seem to be laid out about 500 sea mines. If they are all well anchored it is possible to make safe lanes through them without first removing all of them. But if these things go drifting that can give some serious problems... Anyway I am not much of a marine expert, I don't know in detail how good the present day anti-mine capabilities are... 

So lets see how things evolve and hope for the best. 

Two short items for today: 

Item 1) Denys Davydov has an interesting heat map.
Item 2) A fields medal for the Ukrainian Maryna Viazovska.

 Item 1) Denys Davydov has an interesting heat map.

Look in the picture below, likely those maps are made on a 24 hour basis and as such you can more or less see how much boom stuff has gone off. It looks like a significant reduction and of course it is hoped that this stays so. 


Hard to say if all those exploded ammo depots already play a role in this. Ok very likely it is but you must never jump to conclusions too fast. But if it stays this way or less that is mighty good news...;) 

 Item 2) A fields medal for the Ukrainian Maryna Viazovska.

I totally missed the news but there are more Field medals out. Field medals are a relatively high prize in the science of math, it is an encouraging prize for youngsters under 40.

It works a bit like the Nobel prizes: University people give medals and money prizes to other university people. I think it has happened only once that the physics Noble prize went to a person that was not working at a university.  

I don't want to sound negative, but there are strong 'ivory tower' elements in both prizes. That does not take away it is always interesting in what the present day prize winners have done to pass the time.

Maryna is a bit famous because she discovered the most ideal packing for a bunch of spheres in 8 dimensions. How to pack a bunch of 8D spheres in such a way it takes the least amount of volume? You don't have to think very long about this problem in order to understand that likely this is hard to crack. 

In order to understand we get all kinds of weird stuff in higher dimensions, we first take a simple example: the square meter.
Now half the sides of this square meter, so now the sides are half a meter. How many of the small stuff do you need to cover the original square meter? That is four pieces of course. 

Well in 8 dimensions, if you cut all sides of a unit cube in half, you need 256 of those smaller cubes to cover the original 8 dimensional cube. Of course putting a sphere in each of those 256 smaller cubes gives some kind of packing, but likely you can improve on that. Well that is the problem that Maryna solved...
I never tried it but likely it is fucking hard.

For those interested her citation pdf is here and a Youtube video is as next:
Fields Medals 2022 Maryna Viazovska
Link used: 

Wow man, old math problems still standing open? I just wonder what would happen if somebody would find for example the long sought three dimensional complex numbers? Would that not be great news? 

That depends, if the math geek that finds it is an easy exploitable person for the university marketing departments, the universities will have a field day so to say.

And if the math geek is not a member of that university cult, sorry but there is no fame for you. On the other side I am really not waiting for a bunch of journalists asking stupid questions about 3D complex numbers...;) So life isn't that bad over here!

End of this small update. 


(13 July 2022) Today I feel like skipping the war stuff a bit; only a detail on the eventually price capping of exported Russian oil. Without doubt lowering the price that Russia can get for it's oil is for sure one of the longer term instruments in crippling her military capabilities and capacities.
A decade of lower oil revenues will do miracles. 

As I understood it, as a first try it will be done via the insurance...
Well that is highly creative, most shipping insurance is done by EU and USA companies, likely the UK is also busy on this kind of insurance. 

I think it is best if the Russian oil will be sold at market prices so there is no disturbing of the oil markets and there is also no unreasonable extra demand for cheap Russian oil. May be it is best to set every year a quotum for the volume and a price for that year. The proceeds should be used for a fund for rebuilding Ukraine, in that was Russia will pay in part for that. 

In order to get countries like China, India and say Indonesia on board; they should get a discount according to a simple procedure. Suppose a country has a GDP of 10,000 € / citizen. That is about one fifth of the GDP per capita of my home country. In such a case I think it is reasonable they get a discount of say 50%.  

Example: In the year 2025 Russia will get 60 US$ per allowed barrel sold, say the market price is 110 US$. The difference of 50 US$ will get a 50% discount for such a country, so they pay 60 + 25 = 85 US$. 

Of course in practice countries like China and India already have a discount on Russian oil but there is only limited oil tanker capacity and Russia can be seriously hindered in exporting with oil tankers via the mechanism of insurance.

I have to say it is all rather complicated but it has been done in the past like in the "oil for food" program for Iraq many years ago. In order for the Russian state television they could explain it to their public by naming it a "oil for Vodka" program. In that case the Russian citizens understand we only want to help them and prevent a shortage of Vodka...;) 


After having said that, I have a short update on that beautiful picture that came from the James Webb Space Telescope. 

Item 1) The first JWST images & a bit of Pythagoras stuff. 

 Item 1) The first JWST images & a bit of Pythagoras stuff. 

It was a long wait but it is what it is and like promised the first pictures came out today. There is a whole lot of mind boggling stuff in it; the picture below covers a tiny part of the sky, only the size of a grain if you hold that on an arms length from your eyes. 

The exposure time was something like 12.5 hours, but likely more instruments were used, I don't know. 

What important is to understand all colors are added artificial because it is made from wavelengths of light we just can't see. If you haven't seen this one, shame on you...;)
Click on the picture for a larger version. 


This is very old light, it is one of those 'deep field' images where they take a 'photo' of an empty part of the sky. I believe the circular things you see are named Einstein rings or may be Einstein arcs. Anyway it is the idea that gravity can bend light. 


Pythagoras stuff: Yesterday I posted the second part of a detailed sketch of my newly found proof for that matrix version of the theorem of Pythagoras. My goal was not to give a precise and highly technical and unreadable proof, but to make it as understandable as possible.

For those people that miss the hardcore part, they can always do that themselves.

Anyway I think it is better to explain the key idea as why this all works to a broader audience and the hardcore calculations with all matrix minors is left to the nerds...

Also yesterday I found a good pdf from the year 2001 (in math that is relatively fresh) and the guy that wrote it also found my way of crafting a vector perpendicular to a given set of vectors. So he made, just like me, a good generalization of the 3D so called cross product of two vectors that always spits out a perpendicular vector. He also found the same proof as I found back in the nineties with those simplex kind of things.

But he did not find my new method of making a non-square matrix square.
I will not brag about it, but I feel a tiny amount of pride.  


The | M |  things you see in the above calculating scheme are always minor matrices to the left of that column. For example in the third columns you see the upper (2) things; that says you are taking 2x2 minor matrices to the left and guess what: that third column is just the centuries old cross product.

But it's getting late, so let me stop writing all this blah blah blah and see if we can upload this update. Till the next update. (Updated on 14 July:)

Yesterday I didn't have the time anymore to post the next links. If you have never seen more advanced versions of the good old theorem of Pythagoras I have two pdf's and a link to my own work on that detail.

The first pdf is from 2001, written by Melvin Fitting. Melvin seems to have found a way to add one more perpendicular column to a matrix but that is only a special case. Just like I had it a few weeks ago. His pdf also included the stuff with generalized triangle, the simplexes. All in all Melvin is a good writer, his stuff is readable and that can not be said by a lot of other people... Title: Pythagoras. Link used:

The second pdf is the one from Charles Frohman. It is of interest because until a few weeks ago I was even unaware of the version of Pythagoras for a parallelogram hanging somehow in three dimensional space. Shame on me! It has to be remarked that I didn't even tried to find a proof for more general versions, I just did the same as Melvin did until I realized you not only add one perpendicular column but you can always make such a non-square matrix square. Charles names this the 'full' theorem of Pythagoras. I would not have chosen such a wording, after it is only about the higher dimensional version of a parallelogram, the parallelepiped as the name goes.
Title: The Full Pythagorean Theorem. Link used:

At last one of my latest posts on the Pythagoras stuff from over at the other website:
A detailed sketch of the full theorem of Pythagoras (that matrix version).Part 1 of 2.

End of this 14 July update from the 13 July update.  


(08 July 2022) Two items for today's update: 

Item 1) Boris Johnson resigns as UK pm.
Item 2) Slowly but surely the artillery situation is improving in Ukraine.

 Item 1) Boris Johnson resigns as UK pm.

Well it finally happened; the UK government has fallen. After a long series of crazy scandals it's finally over. I don't expect much difference for the Ukrainian equation: Support for Ukraine is not a partisan thing in the UK. 

Now I want to insult nobody, but since the war broke out the UK has been much less annoying. It looks like some old war reflexes have sunk in some realities like for example that Europe is often a good place to live in.  

If memory serves it was the UK that delivered about 6000 anti tank boom stuff to Ukraine. In the beginning this must have helped a lot. So for the record: thanks! It must have been one of the many reasons the Ukrainian resistance was able to grow so fast. 

For somebody from the Dutch landscape looking at the politics in the UK, often it is funny. For me the BoJO was a funny character. But he always had a problem with the truth so you could never trust him on a wide range of details. Often he was like some kind of salesman who exaggerated the quality of his products in order to convince people from what he was saying. Those lies were more over-enthusiasm and not raw evil at work. 


So we'll see how things will evolve in the UK. 

 Item 2) Slowly but surely the artillery situation is improving in Ukraine.

Are there only four HIMARS artillery systems at work in Ukraine? On the other hand the combined fire power of four such things is huge due to the good precision they have. It is often said the standard deviation is five meters. Under the assumption that the difference between target coordinates and point of impact follows a normal distribution, just a few percent will fall further than 2 standard deviation from the target.  

Anyway a huge Russian ammo storage facility was hit by a HIMARS rocket. That's what the video claims so lets suppose it is true. Those HIMARS rockets might be expensive but if you see the explosion of the Russian ammo; that are a whole lot of houses not destroyed by the ammo in that storage facility. 


Video title:  HIMARS are changing the game big time.
Link used:

Ok, that was it more or less for this update. Only in the last update I forgot to place a link, actually I didn't have time enough. But it describes the laboratory experimental setup for what is known as electron spin resonance.

Well since I think that electrons are magnetic monopoles, that is why you can make them vibrate with an oscillating magnetic field, I think they only resonate because they are magnetic monopoles. Here is the link:  

Electron Spin Resonance  

End of this update, work well and live well.  


(06 July 2022) Well as usual a lot has happened, let me name just a few details:

1) The Dutch ministry of defense offered to demine the Ukrainian ports if asked so. I do not know how much capacity we have but we are a seafaring nation for centuries so I guess there are minesweepers enough. And if not, the UK, France or Italy also have them without doubt. I don't think the mines that the Ukrainians placed are a problem, likely they have taken good records. But one way or the other the sea lanes must cleared from that nasty stuff.
And what happens if the Russians attack one or more of our boats? Will that go down as an attack on a NATO member? I have no idea... 
Netherlands offers minesweepers to protect Ukraine's Black Sea grain exports
Link used:

2) There seems to be Russian legislation in the making that turns the Russian economy into a war economy. In that case factories can be ordered to make military equipment. This validates what already was known: The Russian army lost a staggering amount of hardware.  

Two items in this update: 

Item 1) More on the Ruzzian default in the international bond markets.
Item 2) A rather crazy Google search result, I don't know what to think of it.

 Item 1) More on the Ruzzian default in the international bond markets.

The Ruzzians are claiming that this is all a fake because they had the money but were not allowed to transfer the money. So I was thinking: How can you tell that on Ruzzian state television? 

I think they must tell it more or less like this: 

The Default was sailing on the Atlantic ocean just minding her own business. Or may be the Default was sailing in the Sahara, anyway just tell the truth and victory will be there.
Another option is starting the news story on state television with remarking that the Default was just sailing around in a bottle of Vodka. In that case the Ruzzian television watchers will instantly understand it was just a tiny non-significant default. 

Anyway a bad thing happened: A FIRE BROKE OUT!!!!! And the fire reached the Harry Potter Kremlin Chamber of Secrets, the whole thing exploded and while sailing on the Atlantic / Sahara / bottle of Vodka, it sank. 

Now why did the sprinkler system not work properly? Well a few weeks back the maintenance guy had removed the sprinkler system for repairs and maintenance. But that guy got COVID 12.5 and the Spanish flu at the same time! So he was a day late and when he got to the port with the sprinkler system, the ship was already gone...  


It is important that NAVY ships and all other ships have good sprinkler systems to fight a fire. Take for example the Moskva: That warship is just unsinkable because of the high quality sprinkler systems it has.
After telling this info to her audience, it is advised that the wise anchors of Ruzzian state television go on a rant against Jewish homosexual fascists, Jewish fascist homosexuals, homosexual Jewish fascists, homosexual fascist Jews, fascist Jewish homosexuals and fascist homosexual Jews that run the EU and the USA!  

I hope that Ruzzian state television can use my small contribution to tell the truth about the Default... 

 Item 2) A rather crazy Google search result, I don't know what to think of it.

Last year I discontinued my series of reasons why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. To put it simple: electrons are not tiny magnets but magnetic monopoles. 

My main reason for giving this up after so many years was also simple: You could find nothing back if I did internet searches on the magnetic stuff. If you search for 3D complex numbers it instantly rains results that I wrote in the past, with the magnetic stuff it just was not there.
At best there was one remark I once made on the other website but nothing from this website. So I closed it and stopped updating on it.

Well last week because I made an upload error, my previous post was not updated while I had finished writing. (It later turned out I had just forgotten to save my changes). So I just tried a Google search on my own website and to my surprise the next thing popped up:  


I was like what is happening here? But on other search engines too, like Duckduckgo also returns pages where I talk about the electron stuff. No idea why after all these years this is happening. But I am not going to change the policy: closed stays closed & no more updates on why it is impossible that electrons are tiny magnets. 

A strong clue as why this Google search result might not be that significant, although it is an improvement over one year ago, is that my recipes land on place two.
And believe me: the feastmeal recipes are horrible...;) 

Ok, that was it for this update. Live well and work well my dear reader.  


(01 July 2022) Outside it is raining softly so that is a good thing. And did you know that Russians can make so called 'good will gestures'? Yes they can, they abandoned Snake Island in the Black Sea as a good will gesture! So applause for Russia. Ok ok may be the Russians came to their decision because the Ukrainians succeeded into firing a bit of ammo to Snake Island. Someone emailed me that it was done with an air powered rifle and I was like "Wow that is some military prowess!" 

Anyway here is one of those Maxar photo's from space: 


A Reuters file: Russia abandons Snake Island. Link used:

With some luck finally the food can start flowing from the Ukrainian ports. But there are still plenty of hurdles of course. If Ukraine demines the sea mines they planted, is there some guarantee that Russia will not attack those ports? And what about mines not placed by Ukraine, did the Russians leave behind sea mines and now give a big mouth about Ukraine is not doing her thing? 

And what about the crews of the grain boats? It must be safe for them too because after all there is not much fun if you sink with your vessel loaded with grain...
Well lets see how this all evolves. 

Today's item is my latest math post from yesterday. 

Item 1) A lovely but also crazy proof of a general version of the Pythagoras theorem.

 Item 1) A lovely but also crazy proof of a general version of the Pythagoras theorem.

To my own surprise I found this way of a proof for that matrix version of the theorem of Pythagoras. For myself speaking I do not think it is very relevant, no the more interesting part of the proof is that I was able to make a non-square matrix square by adding extra columns until the matrix is square.  

All these extra columns must be perpendicular to all other columns in the matrix. In the picture below you see the case for a 3D vector in the first column. With standard widely know math you can easily find two more columns perpendicular to all others.

The second column represents some kind of multiplication by the complex number i and the third column is simply the so called cross product in 3D space.  

The key idea is utterly simple: If you normalize all those extra columns to length one, in that case you get the 'volume' of the thing you started with.  


You get the 'volume' by calculating a so called determinant. In the above most simple example possible this 'volume' is just the length of the first column.

I have to admit this looks like a very complicated way to calculate the length of a vector in three dimensions. But it works for all dimensions and all those starting matrices.

All in all this proof is just an application of what you can do with this process of 'squaring the matrix'. My guestimate is that you can do much more with that.

Here is a link: A detailed sketch of the full theorem of Pythagoras (that matrix version). Ok, that was it for this update. Live well my dear reader.


(29 June 2022) A massive amount of news came along: 

1) G-7 meeting with a funny detail: Ruzzia can no longer export gold to the G-7 nations! It seems to go about 19 billion US$ but it is hard to say how much damage this gives because non G-7 nations like China and India likely keep buying gold. And if they can get it at a big discount, they likely buy some extra. But it's an interesting detail.  

2) NATO meeting. I think I have to say thanks to Turkey! I have no idea how but the political and as such diplomatic problems seem to be over. So this looks like a positive development and hello Sweden & Finland! 


3) Kremenchuk shopping centre attack. Once more the Russian military hardware doesn't work properly and you get some crazy weird reaction from the Russians. The BBC wrote a good fact checking article about it.


The crazy Russian explanation is that a nearby military storage site was hit and the damage you see above is just a secondary fire that broke out because of that. You see that Sergei Levrov isn't the only mental person over there... 

Ukraine war: Kremenchuk shopping centre attack claims fact-checked

The first item of today is about the default of Russian debt. That always goes under the funny name of a 'credit event' and when stuff is officially declared such an event the insurance payments on that debt must pay out. The second item is about the 100% lack of progress in a part of physics known as spintronics. 

Item 1) Funny default on Russian debt, oversight article from Reuters.
Item 2) Why are there still no spintronic devices?

 Item 1) Funny default on Russian debt, oversight article from Reuters.

The Ukrainians are always complaining that they need more weaponry. Well I agree with that most of the time but behind the scenes over the last four months a huge amount of work has been done. 

From throwing Russian banks out of the SWIFT messaging system to the freezing of the Russian overseas central bank reserves. If you all read it, it is rather impressive: 

The 'Big Package': How Russia was driven to default (Reuters)

 Item 2) Why are there still no spintronic devices?

The worldwide semi-conductor industry is large. Everybody needs computers, phones and a lot of chips for our day to day lives. But all electronics is based guess what? Electrical currents driven by electric potential differences.

The magnetic properties of the electron are not used at all so why is that? In my view the root cause is that if you use the 'tiny magnet' model for the electron, it will often not work because electrons don't have two magnetic poles. They likely are magnetic monopoles just like they are electric monopoles.

There is however a 'spintronic' thing that actually worked. If I remember it correctly it was found by IBM and it is based on the gigantic magneto effect. With this it was possible to increase the size of hard disks big time. That is why you can buy an old spinning hard drive of size one or two tera bytes for a moderate amount of money.

Of course the physics professors are stupid year in year out and if there are two kinds of magnetic monopole electrons, that is a good explanation of why IBM was able to pull that money machine out in the first place. I have never found a good explanation for why this effect actually works, you only get that nonsense that it is 'based on the magnetic properties of the electron' and blah blah blah.

Anyway to make a long story short: The lack of any significant semiconductor electronics is just one more clue that physics people are just fucking wrong when it comes of electron spin: Where is your fucking experimental proof for your wild claims that electrons have two magnetic poles? 


I did a simple search on Duckduckgo on the term 'spintronics'. As you see it is not a very dynamic field of research. On the left you see some sleepy Japanese guy doing some blah blah blah stuff and nine years later gives some stupid video of what it is and why it is useful.

So despite the countless billions in profits from good patents that materialize in usefull consumer products, there is nothing year in year out. I have done my best the last seven years in explaining it is not logical that an electron 'must be' a 'tiny magnet'.

But if the university people really want to hang out the overpaid perfumed professor with the giant ego that comes along with it: We will only have more decades of stalled progress on that quantum mechanical detail.

Ok, that was it. Thanks for your attention. 


(24 June 2022) Sorry I don't have much time so only a small item with some correction of (small) errors I made lately. If time enough I will add a small item upon electron spin flip that, in my view anyway, is likely not possible at all.
So lets go:

Item 1) For the record a few corrections.
Item 2) But is this spin flip? I think nope. 

 Item 1) For the record a few corrections. 

I made a tiny error last Tuesday when I named the Russian enclave Kalinigrad, it must be Kaliningrad. I hope I have it right this time because now just as last Tuesday I am not online. 

One week ago last Thursday I made a more stupid error. I thought that only Mario, Manuel and Olaf visited Kyiv and therefore I named them the three musketeers. It seems that the Rumanian president was also with them bit I did not know who he was so instead of figuring out who that person was I just neglected him. 

So we can safely conclude I would likely be a horrible journalist...;) 

Anyway the guy on the right is Klaus Lohannis if I write it correctly, so sorry to Romania for leaving them out. I didn't do that on purpose or so. 


And again in the last update from Tuesday I joked about Harpoonaise or Harpoon rockets but it could also be that the UK Brimstone things were used. I would also remark that the UK is suddenly doing fine after all that Brexit nonsense. As far as I can see they have indeed delivered a lot of military hardware. For example their anti tank boom stuff was significantly depleted. 

As a comparison our howitzers are only about 10% of that type artillery we have. So it took a war like this for the UK to realize that there are bigger evils than the EU? That still remains to be seen, but anyway.

I found no info on Sweden & Finland when it comes to NATO membership. I am not very positive on it given the nature and character of the political leadership in a country that starts with T.  

 Item 2) But is this spin flip? I think nope.

A short intro for those who know nothing about electron spin: The official version of electron spin is that they are tiny magnets so they have a north pole and a south pole. That is the 'tiny magnet'  model. 

I think for a number of years, seven years or so, that electrons are magnetic monopoles as as such are not 'tiny magnets'. I also think that this magnetic charge is permanent and cannot be changed over the lifetime of the electron.  

The official version of electron spin is that when you apply an external magnetic field, by sheer coincidence half of the electrons will jump into the quantum state known as 'spin up' and the other half as 'spin down'.

Now if you hold your hand beside a magnet, do half of the electron pairs in your chemical bonds fall apart because that electron pair ends up in a state where the spins are equal? No, that is why I think the monopole magnetic charge of the electron is permanent and not some property that can jump from electron to electron.

What amazes me to this very day is that the physics professors themselves do not remark that the 'tiny magnet' model has so many faults and problems with it. Why are physics professors year in year out so fucking stupid? 

Anyway from a pdf on the preprint archive I found the next graphic that according to the authors of the pdf shows a flip of the electron spin. It looks convincing but is it? It is about the picture (b) and (c). The magnetic domains indeed flip color but the shape of the magnetic domains does not change... 


In my view on electron spin, magnetic domains have a surplus of either north magnetic charge electrons or the other kind. The domain walls are structures that actively keep these electrons separated this way.

From a wiki on magnetic domains you see what happens to magnetic domains if you apply an external magnetic field: the domains change shape a lot and it is not as in the picture above where the domains stay perfectly the same...


Title of the pdf: Direct visualization of surface spin-flip transition

For me it was funny to include the Einstein guy in the picture: The physics professors will never say that Einstein did not understand electron spin at all, but I can... 

This world is a weird place: If for a full century humans are not able to figure out that the 'tiny model' for the magnetic properties of electrons is likely a total bogus fault, why are the physics professors so fucking weird?

Till updates my dear reader. Take care of yourself & till updates. 


(22 June 2022) Once more boatloads of news, it seems that the Harpoons are working because a relatively small tug boat went blup blup blup while a few gas drilling platforms in the Black Sea were attacked. The gas drilling platforms were confiscated in 2014 by Russia so actually the Ukrainians shot their own platforms down and out of production. It looks like there is nothing illegal about that, after all I do not know of any payment made by Russia to cover the losses from the 2014 confiscation.


In another development the Russian enclave Kalinigrad ran into trouble because the economical sanctions now dictate all stuff to and from Russia must now go over sea. And no more over land. And this all while in the winter parts of the sea route are frozen, so is this a problem? 

No, just a short time ago I heard Putin saying that the sanctions don't work so after my humble opinion the people in the Russian enclave are just plain wrong.

Just like the other day when the CEO of that Sberbank or whatever it's name is came out and said that the Russian economy will get a setback of 10 years. I say nope nope nope & listen to your leader: The sanctions don't work. 

Look my dear Russians it is all very simple, the sanctions are a so called 'win win' diplomatic situation. The Russians perfectly understand the economical and financial sanctions don't work so that's a win for the Russians. The EU political leaders on the other hand think that the sanctions work so they are 'winning' too! 

So Ruzzians must stop asking for an end to the sanctions because in that case we would no longer be in a 'win win' situation but in a 'loose loose' situation. That would be horrible for everybody so we can't do that... 


Today's item is about the corruption in Ukraine. That might look as a strange subject as if the Ukrainians have nothing else going on. Until now I never looked into it but the economy of Ukraine looks a lot like my professional career. I finished university in 1992 while Ukraine became independent in 1991 or so.

It is funny to see how bad the Ukrainian economy was and how it perfectly matches my own economical development.  

Item 1) Why I am in favor for a possible Ukrainian EU membership.

 Item 1) Why I am in favor for a possible Ukrainian EU membership.

It is not much of a secret that I am a so called conservative person when it comes to government spending; I dislike deficit government spending and I think that governments should always try to pay off the mountain of debt most of them have.

After all, mathematically speaking paying off debt is the same as saving money so governments that do almost never try to lower deficits are governments that do not 'save' for a rainy day.

So for me it is a strange thing to even consider Ukraine to become a member if indeed all those weird stories from the past are true. But I also think it is important we give the Ukrainians a perspective on a better future, so why am I relatively light weight on the corruption thing?  


One important thing is the speed of the organization of the military resistance. Of course from day one I hoped for the best and indeed it panned out good. It even surprised me! And if a nation you can do that, why shouldn't you not be able to get rid of all that weird corruptive stuff and behavior? 

As a detail I would like to highlight the sinking of the Moskva. If it is all true it was done with two of those Neptune rockets, for me they have passed the test of anti corruption. After all those Neptune things were developed and or modified by the Ukrainians themselves. Of course there was some money wasted here and there but in the end those rockets worked and as such there was a small but strategic victory.

Now if Ukraine really was a corruption riddled nest on all possible levels, likely those rockets would not have worked because all the money needed would be siphoned off.   

Well facts are that likely this did not happen. So that is why I support a potential EU membership for Ukraine.  


But I wanted to show you some video from an economics channel that I consider to be relatively good. Not much ideology but plain down to earth economical reasoning combined a bit with how humans behave. After all an economy is made by humans and as such it is prone to all kinds of human emotional things. 


Above you see a graph of the Ukrainian FDI and how it abruptly stopped when the Putin annexed the Crimea. So that is why I joke the Ukrainian economy looks a lot like my own professional career: there is not much to brag about...;).

Video title: The Economy of Ukraine: Before and After
Link used:

Ok that was it for this post, it is already far to late in the night so let me update this stuff & thanks for your attention.


(17 June 2022) There was all kinds of news about Ukraine like the three musketeers Mario, Manuel and Olaf today visiting Kyiv. May be Ukraine can get a somehow faster track to becoming a potential EU member. I think I am in favor of this.    

Also finally the howitzer training in Germany is finished so next week the German and likely the Dutch howitzers will go on their destination in Ukraine where they are supposed to kill an awful lot of Russians. Now ok, the goal is not to kill as much Ruzzians as possible but to take out enemy artillery. 

But there happened just to much and I would like to take a look at my old friend Brexit again because TLDR news had a relatively good video out on the detail of economical contraction due to Brexit. Also this week the UK government seems to act on legislation that will scrap the North-Ireland protocol and of course that will mean trouble with the EU. We can't have it that all of a sudden there is a part of our border that is open and as such has the potential for all kinds of weird stuff like smuggling.  

Item 1) UK economy falling behind G7, is Brexit to blame? Of course you idiot!

  Item 1) UK economy falling behind G7, is Brexit to blame? Of course you idiot!

It was long waiting because just one year of economical data is not enough of course in order to show that Brexit isn't working as expected by the ideological Brexit diehards. Over the years inside the UK there was this culture of blaming the EU of just everything while never realizing that what they complain about has not much to do with the EU. All ideological nonsense, nothing fact based but only silly beliefs like materialized in that Jacob Rees Mogg guy. Jacob is a person who too complained a lot about the EU and all the benefits it would bring to be outside, but he never comes with some law or so that indeed improves the situation in the UK that would not be possible with the UK inside the EU.

It has to be remarked that on the scale of things inside Russia the stuff is even much weirder. A lot of them buy into that fascism that supposedly rules the Ukrainians. Last update I showed you a video with those intercepted phone calls. Well I also heard some Russian soldier phoning his mommy and at one point in time he tells his mother that a fellow Russian soldier had raped a 15 year old Ukrainian girl. And the mother instantly ask her son: THE FASCISTS? Not often you hear so sharp the idea that 'we are the good' and 'we fight evil'.   

But back to Brexit. In their parliament they play all kinds of games. It is much more lively compared to say our own Dutch parliament, that is true. But it is also a lot of 100% pure bullshit like in the next BoJo reaction: 


Here the BoJo is explaining that the UK had the highest economical growth after the pandemic. That is one of the misleading projections Brexiteers often do: Take one detail that looks good and magnify that without the relevant context mentioned. The relevant context is of course that the UK also fell the hardest with her economy during 2020. It's always one sided bullshit. 

For example in a lot of EU airports there are problems due to lack of staff that were laid off during the pandemic. So if the UK has airport problems they only point to the EU stating the EU has problems too and therefore "It can't be Brexit". That is a stupid line of reasoning, it is all the more stupid if the person in question doesn't even know how much EU workers were working at UK airports. The arguments of Brexiteers are often cheap and very light-weight when it comes to cognitive content.

At last I want to remark that the (small) economy of North-Ireland is more or less in a perfect sweet spot. Companies over there have access to both the UK and EU markets. Inside Europe there is no other place that can do business with both the UK and EU in that way. And yes, there is more bureaucracy involved because after all there is a EU border there.

One more example of Brexiteers once more having a strange view on reality: The next graph shows, in my view anyway, that the NI-protocol is working. But these Brexit parasites keep on whining and blaming weird stuff on the EU. It just never ends... 


Picture source: Video from TLDR news. 
Video title: Britain's Economy is Falling Behind the G7... why? - TLDR News
Link used: 

That was it for this update. Thanks for your attention. 


(15 June 2022) Oh oh those poor Ukrainians; at some places along the frontline it seems that they are outnumbered in artillery by 10 to 1 or even worse. But all in all they are holding up fine although the destruction of the country is going on and on and on and on... Even if you look at pictures from inside those area's that Russia is said to be liberating, all of the shit is broken and shot down. That is some fucking liberation. Hey now you are liberated! Yes but where's my city gone? 

But it's already late at night so lets go fast to today's two items.

Item 1) Those weird intercepted phone calls from Russians inside Ukraine.
Item 2) Advertisement for the latest math post on the other website.

 Item 1) Those weird intercepted phone calls from Russians inside Ukraine.

Of course a selection of intercepted phone calls is not a statistical sample, by definition it will be made of phone calls with relative weird content. But if you have never listened to a few of them, just look them up on Youtube.  

I selected one from a source that was totally funded by the Ukrainian government so I did not run the risk into presenting some weird troll video. After all I don't even know those languages over there so if you put some English translation under it, I can absolutely not verify if that is correct or not.

Video title: Intercepted! russian troops' lowers low. They start raping russian civilians even in russia. Link used: 


These vids are really weird, from the fact that some Russian soldiers ate a dog to all kinds of weird stuff. All in all it serves as a strong clue about how stupid the preparation of this war was.  

 Item 2) Advertisement for the latest math post on the other website.

Yesterday I published my latest post on the Pythagoras stuff over on the other website. And I was still thinking that my newfound method with those so called normal vectors could only prove more general versions of the old & famous Pythagorean theorem in special cases.  

Special cases like a parallelepiped of 3 dimension inside a four dimensional space. But for a 3D parallelepiped in say a five dimensional space it would already fail. But I take a good look at the stuff and within five minutes I had a proof for that entire so called full Pythagorean theorem.   

Not often did so much cute math fall into place inside my small human brain in such a short time. And I even did not try at all to find a so called general proof because I thought that will be much to technical to explain it in good detail.

Yet the main idea is so called fucking simple because all I do is construct a few normal vectors to our beloved parallelepiped until I have some square matrix, take the determinant of that square matrix and I am done. The basic idea is a simple as the mind of a Ruzzian conscript living on a beautiful salary of 30 € a month...

Anyway if you have ever done the noble task of inverting a square matrix and you more or less understand the calculating scheme involved, you can easily understand how to make such a normal vector like in the next picture:  


In mathematics there is a thing known as the outer product of two vectors in three dimensional space. If you take the outer product of two vectors say A x B the result is a vector that is perpendicular to both A and B.

Weirdly enough a lot of math professionals think that it is not possible to generalize the outer product to higher dimensions. Well my dear math professionals, in the above picture you can see how you do such a thing in our beloved four dimensional space...

I also made a larger version of the picture above, here it is.

Link to the latest post: A visualization of the so called ‘full’ theorem of Pythagoras + a worked example in 4D space

End of this update.  


(10 June 2022) Today the European Central Bank held a meeting in Amsterdam. I didn't watch the video of the explanation and/or press conference because years ago I stopped looking at stuff like that. I self would be a very different central banker, I would more or less always go for a zero inflation strategy. Ok ok there are some benefits to having a 2% inflation target rate, but now we have a serious bout of inflation it is harder to fight it this way.  

Anyway we have a Dutch website that tracks all thing related to the stock market and I only looked at it at the end of the trading day and it was funny:
At 08.20 hours they complain 'The ECB does nothing'.
At 13.45 hours they bring the news 'May be not one but two quarters in Sept!'
After trading hours: Sell-off and for once you can blame the ECB for EVERYTHING! 


Anyway the good news is they will finally stop buying all that weird stuff like Italian government bonds. All these years I never heard news from Italy that they had seen the light and raised taxes and cut spending and that they had a budged surplus... If there is only action from the ECB and the political leadership in Italy just never does a thing, buying Italian government debt does not help much. On the contrary it only sank Italy deeper into debt because it was artificially cheap.  

Let's go to our Ukrainian item for this update: 

Item 1) Fresh artillery at the scene & 2 RuZZian generals dead in one day!

 Item 1) Fresh artillery at the scene & 2 RuZZian generals dead in one day!

It seems that a lot of Ukrainian military folks have enough learned in just five days of training. The normal training process takes longer but I do not know how much. Anyway this speed is one of the military details in this war that is highly interesting: Despite the lack of weaponry, ammo and a lot of other things, because the Ukrainians are much more motivated they are eager to learn how to defeat the Russian enemy forces.  

I don't know if our (Dutch) howitzers are already at the scene, ok it is only five or six of them but that is already about 10% of our entire arsenal of those kind of artillery. Despite the front being so large and long, over one hundred howitzers should give a good cover of a lot of that front. It could always be better, I know but it is what it is. 


It could very well be the actual photo above is from some practice place and not on the frontline. CNN was given access to this place: 

Video title: New video shows Ukraine destroy Russian rocket launcher with US-provided weapon Link used: 

In a lot of news it was reported that Russia would choose new targets inside Ukraine because of the new weaponry. I doubt if that is true, I observed the Vladimir saying if long range rockets were delivered new targets would be chosen. As far as I know reality, only short range rockets are delivered that is in the range of 70 or 80 km. Long range is about 450 km and stuff like that is just not there. I am not sure if there is no medium range rocket stuff, so for myself speaking it is only short range rocket stuff.


In another development the Russian army shows once more how far they will go into fighting fascism; two fresh RuZZian generals dead on one day! The number of dead colonels now stands at about 50 so that is significant too.

But will the killing of all those generals and other officers contribute to a so called 'brain drain' of the Russian army? Of course not, they are all corrupted weirdo's to begin with. So there will be almost no difference with those weirdo's dead or alive. The Russian army is very good at holding parades because that is important to them. They are not very good at protecting mother Russia because that is not a way of making some extra money, so protecting the motherland is not important to them...  


In the past I have complained about the quality of the 'Z' logo; it makes a lot of people outside RuZZia vomit. But I have to say the above looks rather beautiful. You instantly understand these two Russian generals are now dead meat... 

Video from the above screenshot: TWO GENERALS KILLED IN ONE DAY! 

Ok, that was it for today. Think well and I wish you a 'fight well' for my Ukrainina readers.  


 (08 June 2022) Just a short update: 

1) I still didn't see any news related to Sweden, Finland & Turkey. So likely this is going to end just as the inflation party inside Turkey. Right now consumer price index over 70%, but and that is important, producer price index is about double! So the inflation in Turkey is not over by far. 

Lets leave Turkey with that, I don't feel like getting angry because there is some lets say 'exceptionally gifted' political leadership around there. 

2) I didn't make any screenshots of it but in some video it was claimed there were two Dutch tanks riding in the Ukrainian landscape. Of course on a frontline of about one thousand kilometer it is a drop in the ocean. So lets hope it is a good drop...

3) It seems that in Belarus they are advertising for military jobs. A job as a driver lands you a fantastic 360 or 380 Euro's a month. Why are countries with weird leaders often so economically retarded? May be ask Turkey in a few years? 

Today's item is about the deplorable state of those conscripts inside the Russian army that are drafted from the occupied Russian speaking parts. Often they are reservists that only could get a job if in the past they 'volunteered' as reservists.   

Item 1) Deplorable soldiers & a beautiful house for a hard working man.

 Item 1) Deplorable soldiers & a beautiful house for a hard working man.

It was observed a few times already but now it was rather clear it was all true there were soldiers without any significant body gear and or armor. No helmets or expensive stuff like that.

If this war was not so tragically, it would all be rather funny if you look at that total chaos the Russians make of it.  

Below you see two POW's and one Ukrainian military guy. Those POW's have just nothing, it makes me wonder what kind of guns they have. Also nothing? That would make them 100% cannon fodder... 


Screenshot source: Russia has LOST almost all their Trained Infantry
Link used: 

Isn't it great that those soldiers want to fight for Russia without any equipment? They must love mother Russia a lot!  

It is often talked that Russia is so corrupt and that is often confirmed. And because militaries are often rather secretive, if corruption enters the military spending process it often goes undetected longer.

It is easy to find via an internet search the house of Sergei Shoigu, that is the Ruzzian minister of defense. I don't know if it is true but it is from a story on Radio Liberty. Of course Radio Liberty is a pure propaganda channel dating back to the cold war. But it has always had that tendency to stick to that weird thing known as 'truth'.
It is not like that Ruzzian television where you have those weirdo's asking for other nations to get nuked. In that regard, even if Putin is replaced I don't think it will make much of a difference. After Putin we will look only at the next weirdo from over there.

But back to Sergei his house, suppose this is indeed his house: 


It is estimated the plot included the house costs about 18 million US$ while Sergei his yearly salary is in the order of 100 thousand US$. So is this a clear cut case of military spending gone wrong?

Of course not. The house was bought by Sergei his daughter on the day she turned 18, so likely this has nothing to do with corruption. It is very plausible that this daughter had some good paying holiday jobs or may be she won the lottery and the first thing she does is buy a house for her loving parents...

Ok, that was it for this update. Thanks for your attention.


(03 June 2022) No update on war stuff because I have only a tiny amount of time and on top of that a few days ago I finally found out why an interesting atmospheric phenomenon goes under the name 'Fair weather condition'.  

So lets jump directly to our item: 

Item 1) Why does the earth have a net electric charge?

 Item 1) Why does the earth have a net electric charge?

Usually we refer to the earth as having not potential or zero potential. This is not correct but since for electrical currents only the difference in electric potential is relevant, it does not matter if it's zero or any other number. 

But the earth has a strong electric field, here is a bit of how it looks. There is a Voltage of about 100 Volts per meter but if you are two meters high you don't get electrocuted because you are a relatively good conductor and there is hardly any electrical current. 


About seven years ago I found out that the standard view on electrons as tiny magnets is a bag filled with bullshit. It is one of the failures of my life that I have not succeeded into talking a bit of sense into the heads of physics professors.  

Anyway these years I am far beyond polite, the only thing physics professors can get from me is the middle finger. If you keep on being stupid seven years on a row, may be it is better to avoid contact with those incompetents.

But lets not get emotional, they are not worth it. With the 'tiny magnet' model of an electron come all kinds of problems. For example why do the electrons that cause the aurora borealis have so much energy that they can ionize the atmosphere? After all these electrons come from the sun and there is also something as the law of conservation of linear momentum. If electrons are tiny magnets the weak magnetic field is never ever be able to accelerate or deflect them like we see in practice. On top of that there is no experimental proof whatsoever that proves that electrons are tiny magnets and the physics professors are so fucking stupid that in a century of time nobody thinks this is a problem. 

Yet the electrons get accelerated because they are magnetic monopoles and that makes them energetic enough to do the beautiful ionization like in a picture like next:


It looks reasonable that the aurora borealis and the australian version are responsibe for the fact that the earth always has a negative electric charge. There is always a net negative charge for the earth as a whole. 

This negative global charge cause positive ions in the atmosphere to go down and that gives a tiny current of about 10^-12 Ampere per square meter. It is estimated that for the earth as a whole this is a current of abut 1800 Ampere. Please remark this is not an electrical current because of the flow of electrons but of the flow of positive charged ions where the loose protons seem to go the fastest. 

It is this stream of positive ions that need the so called 'fair weather condition'. Of course it is hard to define what precisely fair weather is but it is logical that if the atmosphere is turbulent or there is too much wind, this descending  of positive ions down to earth does not take place. 

So that is what I learned this week; you must have fair weather... 

The picture from above with the Voltage curves in it is from an old text from Richard Feynman. So it's an old text but only the first few pages are relevant:

It is often said that Richard was such a brilliant physicist. Ok he was not a dumb guy, but Richard Feynman too never ever thought that if you claim the electron is a tiny magnet, you must have some experimental proof to back such a claim up.

Anyway it is time to split. 


That's it for this update & lets say a little prayer for military logistics so that the Ukrainians can bomb the hell out of those shitty Russians... 


(01 June 2022) A lot has happened in the last days. But today I could not find any significant news about the negotiations between Turkey, Sweden and Finland. So lets wait and hope for the best. 

1) The sixth round of EU sanctions against Russia was there. It is very ambitious in downgrading energy supplies from Russia to the EU. Ok, that is a good thing but a lot of people expect wonders from this and sorry that won't happen. Russia has it's own currency and if the state has not enough income from selling oil and gas the only choice is print more rubles. Of course that debases the currency and gives rise to more inflation but that can take years.  

2) The Russians made some gains in the usual manner: First shoot all and everything down and turn the city or village into rubble. After that it is apparently liberated and or free from fascism. Now I live on the other side of Europe but it is still very frustrating to see. Imagine how it is if you have lived there and have actually been to those places. 

3) Another thing that is frustrating is of course the long delivery times of the promised artillery. But it is what it is. And from the beginning it was clear that it would take some time before it was in Ukraine.  

4) There also seems to be confusion about the delivery of multiple rocket launch systems. But the USA said it clearly: no long range stuff. So nothing in the say 400 km range but only short range say 70 km. (I don't know the exact specs but you get the idea). Of course countries are always free to decide how they want to contribute. 

5) In a light touch of reality one of the larger or largest gas buyer and seller in my country decided no longer to buy Russian gas because they don't want to pay in rubles. So that made me smile. And the 'ruble payment' stuff keeps being weird: If we pay € to some Russian bank to buy ruble and after that hand it to Gazprom bank, or if we pay € to Gazprom bank, what is the fucking difference? From that you can see there are a whole lot of loose screws in the Kremlin. 

6) The French & German prime ministers did have a phone call with Putin of about 80 minutes. The result was that Russia unconditionally helps in getting the food supply from Ukraine running again. Well seeing is believing but count me a pessimist on that one. I think it is better to 100% destroy all Russian warships over there.
At last I want to remark that Olaf & Emanuel are worth their relatively high salaries. Why? Well they talked about 80 minutes with Putin and now days later they are still not found inside a mental institution...;) 


Ok, it's getting late so let's go to the item of today.

Item 1) Operator Starsky here: Russian tank exposition in Kyiv. 

 Item 1) Operator Starsky here: Russian tank exposition in Kyiv. 

This was funny to see: A collection of destroyed Russian military equipment on some square in Kyiv and people come and watch and take selfies or so. As a matter of fact if such an event was organized in my own city here in the Dutch landscape, I think I would come and watch if I had the time.

Of course in the present day there is plenty of hd pictures found on the internet, but seeing the stuff for yourself is always a bit better. 


Those destroyed tanks they often look beautiful and that is why I have mixed feelings about it. The beauty of those destroyed tanks and other equipment is paid for say for example how Mariupol now looks. 

Anyway Operator Starsky has a Youtuve channel and the screenshots came from the next video: Video title: The orcish tanks in Kyiv.
Link used:


For those readers that like math for some kind of 'mental thing' reason, yesterday I posted a very simple theorem about polynomials on the space of 3D complex numbers on the other website.

That post contains a so called 'crazy calculation' that I hope baffles the human mind.
If you click on the picture you will land at the latest post on 3D complex numbers. You don't have to understand all the details, but this number alpha you see below has a very interesting property: alpha is it's own square. The only numbers you know that are their own square are zero and one. 


But in the space of 3D complex numbers this number alpha actually exists and you can do a ton of other crazy stuff with it. But this update wants to get uploaded to the internet so I better stop typing all that nonsense known as 'words'.

It's time to split, till updates my dear reader. 


(27 May 2022) To be honest I don't have much to say today and on top of that I don't have much time right now. So my item for today will be short.

Now today or may be it was yesterday I heard that the Russians are willing to open the ports from Ukraine so trade can start flowing again. Ok the whole stuff has to be demined, I don't know hom much work that is. But for Ruzzia to do this the sanctions must be lifted...

Once more I don't understand it, only last week the Putin told that the sanctions weren't working. And if they are not working, in that case they are useless, they have zero value. So the Ruzzians want to trade a thing with value (opening of Ukrainian ports) against something without value and that does not work (economical sanctions). 

This goes too far, I respect the Ruzzians a lot and I designed a very special number that is infinitely large and if you multiply that by nothing, so by 0, you get 50 kopeken! So that is half a ruble and that is infinitely times as much as the value of the economical sanctions.

I do this out of respect for the Ruzzians, I am even willing to pay this ruble in rubles. The only problem is I have no rubles and when I go to the bank and ask for half a ruble they say go fuck yourself and then I said I am not a Ruzzian warship.  


 Ok, lets go to our item for today:

Item 1) A video channel from Denys Davydov from Ukraine. 

Item 1) A video channel from Denys Davydov from Ukraine.  

Of course there are more Youtube channels about the war in Ukraine like operator Starsky but the videos from Denys (speak out like Denis or as we would write it Dennis) are relatively good. 

He was a pilot and as such is not out of work and as such produces more videos. Of course he is biased but all of the time he tries to stay factual. So that is good, the war can only be won by trying to get as close to the truth as possible.

On Denys his channel I observed that 'z' joke like writing Ruzzians instead of Russians. I don't know if he was the inventor of this joke but I like it a lot. And if you write it as RuZZia all of a sudden you get that pleasant SS feeling in the air.


He often works with a map that you can change in time. So you see the frontline moving from day to day. 

Denys Davydov

As you see at the title of his vlog, it was opened in better times from before the war.  

Ok, that was it already for this update. See you around and thanks for your attention. 


(25 May 2022) A lot has happened, the Russians are making small gains but it is hard to tell how significant this all is. After all they are burning personnel and hardware in a fast rate. The wholesale destruction just goes on and on. The food situation could become very worse so these are all not happy developments.

On the other side a country like Denmark is willing to deliver Harpoon missiles and a launcher to Ukraine. It might be other also more advanced weapon systems are on there way but of course a lot of that flies under the radar of the press.  

Two items for today's update: 

 Item 1) Harpoonaise, can you eat that with a fish meal?
 Item 2) Ruzzia must know the truth about the Howitzer range! It's all LIES!!!!!

  Item 1) Harpoonaise, can you eat that with a fish meal?

It would be a great thing if the food from Ukrainian ports would start flowing again. But the Russian warships block that. Today I saw a video of a Russian cargo vessel loading up on grain, but it is hard to say of that gets stolen or if it is paid for in the appropriate manner.

Anyway, it is hard to image that Russia thinks it is a good idea if Ukraine can export agriculture products again. So elementary logic says that the remaining Russian warships all have to go blup blup blup.

That is easier said than done so it is a good thing things like Harpoon missiles get delivered to Ukraine. But it all will take a lot of time and effort while in the meantime for the poor in the world that live on a few dollars a day the food fast becomes too expensive and hunger will be there...

So lets bomb the shit out of the Russian warships in order to fight inflation!


Like the name suggests, Harpoons are designed for launch from a ship. That's why a launcher must be included. Well lets hope for the best and we have to wait until more blup blup blup news arrives... 

 Item 2) Ruzzia must know the truth about the Howitzer range! It's all LIES!!!!!

I am disturbed by all those reports that the western Howitzers have ranges like 25 or 30 km while this is just another lie from the decadent western homosexuals. Ruzzia must not think it is unfair if the other cannons shoot much further because it is all a big lie. It is just fucking stupid NATO propaganda, really true!

In the science of artillery it is a fundamental law that if two cannons are similar, that is they have the same design, the same explosives but only the ammo differs in diameter, in that case the range is proportional to the diameter.

To put it simple: If the diameter is twice, that cannon will fire twice as far. 

So there is no problem at all for the Ruzzians, they use 152 mm ammo and those Howitzers we lend and lease to Ukraine have a 155 mm barrel. 

I am proud that my own home nation also delivers a few of those Howitzers, below you see an example of what we deliver in a few months time. It takes some time to train the crews but after a few months of training we sure have some FIREPOWER! 


I hope the Ruzzians realize this is more or less the same: 16.5 kilometer versus 16.8 kilometer. Furthermore I hope that the Russian state television where you can see all these wonderful characters will hug this simple calculation and explain to their audience that it is not true that RuZZian cannons can't shoot that far. 

May be this is a good time to split, see you around my dear reader. 


(20 May 2022) Ok ok I understand a bit more now about why Turkey was complaining about support for what they name a terrorist organization. By the way, a lot of the trouble for Turkey started when I was a soldier myself back in the 1980-ties.

Anyway I would like to apologize for my somehow over the top reaction. So I am sorry. To my excuse I can say I was only thinking "We are not going to organize NATO as Turkey does with inflation". So ok, these complaints from Turkey had more merit than I thought. 

But now I understand the history of the problem a bit better, I have no clue how to solve this. This is clearly a political problem and as such it should also be solved by politicians. At last I want to remark that during this Ukrainian crises and given the economical situation Turkey is presently in, all in all Turkey is doing a very good job. For myself speaking I liked the application of that old treaty that gave Turkey the right to closes the route to the Black sea the most. I absolutely did not know that this was possible. 

In general we can say that if a country like mine or Sweden or Finland gives some aid to groups in other countries, this is almost always humanitarian aid. Stuff like medical aid, food or whatever what. As a rule of thumb it is never supposed to be for killing other groups. Of course it is always possible some of the aid falls into the wrong hands, but that is not a valid reason to stop the humanitarian aid. Just like in the present situation where often the Ukrainians catch military equipment from the Russians but sometimes our own military deliveries gets lost to the Russians. There will always be some leakage.


At last I want to remark we must find a way to get the ports of Ukraine open so the ships can go in and out. But already today I read the news the USA wants to deliver about 24 anti-ship missiles to Ukraine. That should more or less deter the remaining Russian war fleet. 


Well enough about the war for today, I have one totally bizarre magnetic item for you: possibly a black hole that reverses its magnetic orientation. So that is our item for today.

Item 1) Anton Petrov on black hole magnetic flip.  

 Item 1) Anton Petrov on black hole magnetic flip.  

May be you have seen one of those videos from the sun where a bulp of plasma comes streaming out and follows an arc shaped curve. All of a sudden this plasma along the circular arc stops and reverses direction.

That too is magnetic flip but I never heard any astrophysicist talk about that.

Anyway if you work from the assumption that the electrons are magnetic monopoles, that is they carry magnetic charge, all of a sudden this behavior of the sun comes much more understandable.  

Think for example at a cylindrical shape of plasma that initially is electrical neutral, for every electron there is also on average a proton and so on. Suppose this plasma in some cylindrical shape or in some tornado like structure spins around, the smallest deviation from electrical neutral will create magnetic fields. But if electrons are magnetic monopoles they will start following magnetic field lines in two directions. As such a lot of electrons will fly out because the magnetic field is much larger as the cylinder of spinning plasma is. Therefore the plasma will get very positive when it comes to electric charge and the magnetic field gets much stronger.  

But if the magnetic field becomes much stronger, even more electrons will get spit out and the plasma becomes even more positively charged. The magnetic field now becomes so strong that the kinetic energy in the spinning plasma does the work that goes into the creation of the strong magnetic field.  

I estimate this is how those solar eruption occur: the stuff becomes so positive that there is a fast transfer of kinetic energy into a magnetic field and with that magnetic field the plasma gets violently spat out. 

Did you know that physics professors have zero experimental proof that electrons are tiny magnets, so called magnetic dipoles, as they claim? The only problem is that electrons just do not behave as if they have two magnetic poles. For example if electrons have two magnetic poles, in that case they can't be accelerated by magnetic fields.

If on the other hand electrons carry magnetic charge, a lot of things in the universe become much more understandable. For example the electron pair in chemical bindings, that is not some weird combination of two 'anti-aligned' tiny magnets but two electrons with opposite magnetic charge.

But after seven years of trying to convince other people, last year I gave up on that. The physics professors got classified as some form of math professor life. As such that kind of life you must avoid if you want to keep your mental sanity.  

Ok, that 'mental sanity' is a joke of curse. But why physics people don't see all the shortcomings with electrons as 'tiny magnets' is still unknown to me. May be the human mind refuses to think about what they don't understand. 


Ok, now why does the magnetic field flip?

One possibility is that the spinning plasma that gets very positive electrically charged suddenly gets a big cloud of electrons injected into it... So much electrons that the positive charge becomes negative and as such the magnetic field flips.

This would perfectly explain the behavior of the sun when plasma along an arc all of a sudden stops and retreats along the arc later. 

Anyway, in the video from Anton you will find all kinds of other explanations, for example the magnetic orientation could also flip if the accretion disk of a black hole all of a sudden will spin in the other way. May be that is possible, but it takes an awful lot of kinetic energy to achieve such a noble thing while the electron cloud smashing in is possible a far more subtle solution to the stuff actually observed.

Here is the video:
Video title: First Ever Magnetic Field Reversal In a Massive Black Hole.
Link used:  

For the diehards, on the preprint archive you can find the article where Anton Petrov based his video upon:

A radio, optical, UV and X-ray view of the enigmatic changing look Active Galactic Nucleus 1ES~1927+654 from its pre- to post-flare states.
Link used: 

Ok, that was it for today. Please Turkey don't forget to always find new ways to fight that awful thing known as inflation. Right now if we can sink all Russian warships in the Black Sea, that helps bringing down food prices...;)

Till updates my dear reader.  


(18 May 2022) Just as it more or less looks like it's going fine with the application of Sweden and Finland, comes Turkey screaming round the corner: There are too many terrorist organizations over there. That was 100% new to me; terrorist organizations in Finland? Later I found out it has something to do with the Kurds so may be the Turks had found say five books in a Finnish libraby that are in the Kurdisch language or so and this library is funded with taxpayer money? 

Anyway, my guess is that you cannot accuse Finland or Sweden from supporting terrorism. That is the same level of craziness as say fighting fascism inside Ukraine. 

But I don't have much time today so lets go fast to our item. 

Item 1) Four photo's that also shows toilets are military targets.

 Item 1) Four photo's that also shows toilets are military targets.

Lets start with that border post or border pole picture. Of course you can make a video like this everywhere but the Ukrainian army has not a habit of making stuff up. And that is a good thing, all that disinformation is often not helpful. 

Anyway it looked genuine so here is the first picture:  


The above is a perfect example as why you should never fake such photo's. It might give a short morale boost to the population but if it comes out it's all a fake that is bad for morale... Anyway, congratulations!

Another big thing lately was that botched attempt to cross a river, the Donets or so. I have never heard of it but I am not a walking encyclopedia on the rivers of the world. It is safe to conclude that at least partially the better artillery is at work here. Of course the Ukrainian army did not specify in detail how it was done but all in all this looks good.

There were all kinds of crazy stories going round like the Russians lost a thousand soldiers but that looks a bit over the top. If a thousand were killed even in the aerial footage you must see bodies everywhere and that is not the case. But it must have been a devastating experience for the Russians.   

Click on the picture for a wider (1920x1080 px) screenshot: 


Now we arrive at the mysterious case of the stolen toilet. In my country we name that a toilet pot, it is the stone or porcelain part of a toilet. Anyway it was reported the toilet was found inside an abandoned Russian position and it was stolen from a neighboring house.

I found this interesting because why should you steal a toilet pot? You only do that if you don't have one at home and secondly you must think you can transport that thing back to the motherland...   


From that same video we observe another example of looting: a missing kitchen sink. It is hard to imagine how these people live back home in the motherland Russia. But if the Russian economical output is about 10 thousand € per capita citizen, in that case a yearly salary of say 5000 € (in rubles of course) should be common. But that is only about 500  € per month at that is not very much...


The screenshots are from the next videos:

From Warthog, video title:

Link used:

From UA courage: 
Video title: Abandoned RUSSIAN bases. What’s inside? 

Ok, it is getting late so lets see if we can get this uploaded.
Thanks for your attention and see you around.


(13 May 2022) If I have time enough I will try to update two items, but it's already late so we will see. Lets start with the first item: 

Item 1) Mama Socks rules Finland? Ruzzia must learn the truth about Mama Socks.
Item 2) Magnets and their minimum energy state.

  Item 1) Mama Socks rules Finland? Ruzzia must learn the truth about Mama Socks.

It seems that Finland and Sweden want to join NATO so I was curious what this all was about. So I did send a few emails to the Finnish embassy and even placed a few phone calls and it was all very surprising information to me.

A spokesperson for the embassy told me that Ruzzia must not be afraid or angry because the deep cultural ties between Finland and Ruzzia will always be there until the end of time.

For example their prime minister is lovingly named Mama Socks because in her large family always when somebody gets a hole in a sock, she likes to repair it. The sock must be clean of course but no matter how bad the condition of the sock is, Mama Socks will do her best.

Inside Ruzzia they have millions of Mama Socks too, often they are wealthy families that for centuries always repair the holes in socks and always invest that saved money wisely so after a lot of sock repairs those families are very rich. 

So the spokesperson told me that would not change, Mama Socks will keep on repairing socks no matter what.

I asked like "Are the Finnish people now placing a nuke every five meters along the entire border with Ruzzia?" No no no, not at all but the Finnish people have decided that if it is needed they would like to have maximum help in case the situation with the Trolls runs out of hand. Everybody knows that Trolls are a big problem in countries like that for centuries. So it has nothing to do with Ruzzia.

Another thing about the local culture in Finland that I did not know was that over there the art of graphic design is a highly male thing. These are really rough guys, most of them are also commando's in the local army. Anyway the Finnish pm but also the Swedish pm are both into graphical art themselves, because of that it is also very easy to relate to all those rough warriors in the Finnish and Swedish army. Those soldiers love it that their female commanders in chief are into graphical art themselves. They can relate to that.  


The deeper problem with Ruzzia is that their logo is so stupid, if you grab some wall paint and write the letter Z on your tanks and other army vehicles, that makes a lot of people outside RusZZia totally vomit about that lousy logo design. In both countries both the society as the military prefers to join NATO solely because of the logo design. 
That Z logo was may be not a good idea my dear Ruzzia... 


But serious Russia, every country has the right to self defense. Other European nations are not a threat to Finland or Sweden but you are. It is obvious that your commander in chief Putin has some serious mental issues although I do not know what it is exactly but he is no longer a so called 'rational actor'.

Take for example the behavior on the battlefield, of course in every war it is hard to avoid all war crimes. After all humans are humans and the pressure often is intense when every day you see your fellow soldiers die. But in the next short video from the BBC you see perfectly why we do not want Russian soldiers in any European country whatsover.  

Just as easy they shoot a civilian in the back, just as easy.  


Video title: Russian soldiers caught on camera killing Ukrainian civilians - BBC News Link used: 

We just don't want that kind of shit here, so we will invest more in military hardware, expand our military powers while diminishing those of RuZZia. 

You can complain all you want, I won't listen to it. End of this item.

 Item 2) Magnets and their minimum energy state.

Suppose you have two bar magnets or two ball shaped magnets and you hold them together. Now every body knows the magnets will repel or attract but what is the lowest energy state?

Very simple: It is in the lowest energy state if it takes the most energy to separate them again. This only happens in a non-quantum macroscopic magnet if they are aligned. That means north pole attaches to south pole and so on.

So why for example in chemistry does the electron pair only form bonds when the electrons are so called 'anti aligned'? The chemistry and physics professors do only blah blah blah like the Pauli exclusion principle. As if that explains something...

It is just not logical that two 'tiny magnets' like the official version of electron spin is that they would 'anti align' to form an electron pair.

In my view, the only thing that is logical to the human brain is that electrons are not 'tiny magnets' with two magnetic poles. The only thing that is logical is that electrons themselves carry magnetic charge, it is logical that they are magnetic monopoles. 


Lets leave it with that my dear reader, thanks for your attention and see you in the next update.  


(11 May 2022) A short update; I want to skip that rambling speech from Putin from Monday when Russia celebrated victory day. I only repeat an observation from some Ukrainian that Russia has killed more in Mairupol now compared to what happened there during world war II.  

It looks like the first pieces of long distance artillery have arrived at the battlefield so it looks like a job well done by the military logistics people. Military logistics are an interesting specialty in itself. Inside Ukraine those long distance artillery is something the crews must be trained upon but I guess this is not a big problem.

Anyway this brings some perspective to the Ukrainians because it brings some hope of taking the initiative much more by the Ukrainians. As such the Russians might walk into more and more trouble. 

It was rumored that inside Ukrainian mortuaries there are about 7000 dead Russian soldiers but Russia doesn't want them back. Also funny was the news that all dead sailors from the flagship the Moskva will not receive any compensation because the ship did not sink due to armed conflict. That brought a soft smile on my face. 

I want to use this short update for a small advertisement for my latest math post over on the other website. So lets go: 

Item 1) 3D Pythagoras: the inner product proof. The most simple proof ever?

  Item 1) 3D Pythagoras: the inner product proof. The most simple proof ever?

To focus the mind let me give you an example what this stuff is about: 

Take a (flat) triangle and hold it somewhere in three dimensional space. Project the triangle on the three coordinate planes, that is the xy-, the yz- and the xz-plane.
The three projected triangles have areas say B, C and D

If the original triangle has a surface area of say A, this slightly generalized Pythagoras thing now says that:

A^2 = B^2 + C^2 + D^2. 

I managed to find a proof that is utterly simple on the one hand while on the other hand it proves this 3D version of Pythagoras for all shapes at the same time and it easily generalizes to any desired higher dimension. 

The proof is so simple it can easily be taught at high school students in their last years but most of the time those lessons are already overcrowded because those students have only a few hours of math per week.

Anyway, the result is that it only depends on how a plane that contains your flat shape like a triangle is oriented in space. The three angles with the coordinate planes are easily to calculate if you know a normal vector of that plane containing your shape.

That is what the three angles are in the picture below, the (a, b, c) form the normal vector, it is all ultra basic while it proofs the stuff for all shapes at the same time. If you click on the picture you get a 1000 pixel wide version of the same thing:


The screenshots are from The Sun, a UK based news outlet, they have plenty of videos out upon military action in Ukraine.  

Video title: Ukrainian forces take out Russian targets with Howitzer units
Link used: 

Here is another picture I made yesterday. It symbolizes perfectly what the state of the Russian army is... 


At last the link to my own post about this utterly simple proof of the Pythagoras thing in 3D space:

Post title: Is this the most simple proof for a more general version 
of the theorem of Pythagoras? The inner product proof

Link used:

Ok, that was it for this update. Live well, think well and for those who are engaged in combat, fight well. Till updates.  


(06 May 2022) Wow a lot has happened; new economical sanctions, that big Russian bank also out of the SWIFT system. Now it is impossible to comment on all that news so I selected two video's about Ukraine that are interesting in my view. And a perfect math video about the historical (slow) discovery of the logarithm and exponential functions. 

I also heard a lot of people complain that the economical sanctions don't work because the war is still going on. But that is much too fast, only a rational actor in the Kremlin would back down for that. The more we learn about this war the crazier it gets, for example I don't know if it is all true but even Lavrov knew only a few hours before the war it would go on. And most of the army was also kept out of the loop???
Well lets not jump to conclusions too fast, but it is an interesting shit show so to say.

Two items for this update: 

Item 1) Why did the Moskva sink & similar items.
Item 2) Historical development of the logarithm and exp functions.

 Item 1) Why did the Moskva sink & similar items.

Lets start with the more slow and thought through video. It is made by Anders Puck Nielsen about the sinking of the Moskva. Why don't all those air defenses not work? We see it again and again; a surface to air battery destroyed by a drone and stuff like that.   

Anders has an interesting hypothesis; the relative old equipment on the Moskva is just not good for staring at hours on a time. This could be one of the sources or causes for this to happen. Of course it is just a hypothesis but everyone who has been in the army knows how boring and long lasting stuff can be. For example if you must guard a building or an entrance often it is extremely boring.  

Also interesting, in the picture below you see the Russian navy uses all kinds of modern techniques to find the course for their boat. No use of clay tablets or so but real flat paper and a pencil and even a ruler for drawing straight lines and measuring distances. I was like WOW! 


Video title: Bad design can kill: Missile defense and user fatigue
Link used: 

The next video is more on the funny side of life. Not that the war as a whole is a funny thing, it is all a tragedy of course. But it is funny to see tanks explode, Russian soldiers running one way and a grenade later come running back. 

Also two boats gone blup blup this week. Ukraine claims they were taken out by those Turkish drones those Bayraktars. Or is it a Baryaktar? I don't know why but for some strange reason I just can't remember that name again and again. Anyway at present day everybody knows what a Turkish drone is...;)  


With the Moskva the Kremlin fast told the truth and the truth was it was some fire that lead to the explosion of some ammo and accidentally this all sank to the bottom because of stormy weather.

Now I have done some thinking for myself and I have found another possible explanation for those exploding boats: the sailors try to fire up a barbeque but for some reason it runs out of hand and before you know it the fire reaches the ammo and the whole thing goes BOOM.

You might wonder WHY? But that is explained by the officers on those Russian ships. The officers often have fatherly feelings for those young recruits and therefore they encourage them to make a barbeque fire themselves. So the intention is good, the only problem is that the boats explode...


In another development the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov did once more prove that the human mind can wonder in strange directions. The claim was that Hitler was part Jewish and that Jews were often anti-Semites and as such fascists themselves.    

Or words of similar crazy lines demonstrating this guy is ready for a mental hospital. At first I wanted to neglect that idiot one 100%, why waste my time on that? But it is also in the second video and Israel was outraged and that was funny so therefore I made this picture of the guy ripe for a mental institution: 


In itself it is an interesting question: Why did Hitler hate Jews so much? The only hypothesis I still remember today is that he got syphilis from a Jewish whore. That would also explain the later illnesses he had but it is all speculation as all prove is long gone.

Just like the sinking of the Moskva, it is hard to say what the details are but it could very well be that the whole Russian army is very bad in defending itself from small aircraft like drones...  

Lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) Historical development of the logarithm and exp functions.

Of course I like the logarithm big time. Only because I was able to calculate the logarithm for so called imaginary units in higher dimensions I was able to find the math treasure trove of my life: The exponential circles & curves.

Of course I knew a bit about the historical development of it all but the next video is all in all very broad in how this all evolved so slow but also steadily over the decades and centuries. By the way, this slow onset is also a proof that in general human brains are not very at doing math.

Anyway if you click on the picture of the new Russian tank, destroyed of course, you can learn about the history of log & exp!  


Video title: How people came up with the natural logarithm and 
the exponential function
Link used:

Ok, that was it for this update.  


(29 April 2022) The wort is finished boiling and can now cool overnight so tomorrow it can go into the fermentation bottles. I brew this beer recipe now almost one hundred times, that is a staggering 4000 liter of beer...;)   

Military spending is on the rise across Europe. My home nation had military spending of about 1.4% of the economy. That amounts to 800 € per Dutch citizen. Russian military spending was about 5% of their economical output or about 500 € per Russian citizen. Now the whole stuff goes to 2% and of course that is a good thing because for years I have advocated for that. 

All I want to say is that is it not the goal of reaching 2% of GDP but to gain military strength. We must not end in a situation over a couple of years where there is more spending but hardly any gain in military power.  

For the rest I did not have the proper time to make a new item from the news so today we do a tiny bit of math. It's about the theorem of Pythagoras and some possible generalizations. So lets go:

Item 1) Just some screenshots of stuff I consider mathematically beautiful.

 Item 1) Just some screenshots of stuff I consider mathematically beautiful.

Yesterday I finished my text that commented on a very good pdf from Charles Frohman that has a rather provocative title: The Full Pythagorean Theorem. All I needed at the end was one more small screen shot from a text that I had written about a decade back but the computer said no. I searched for about one hour but without success. 

Yet today on another computer I found it! It goes under the name main2012.pdf and that is not very helpful if you look for a file with the name Pythagoras in it... 

In a few days time I will post it on the other website, there are many interesting facets on generalizations of the Pythagorean theorem. 

The upper half of the picture below is from Charles, the lower half is from me. After all those years normal vectors like that are still the most beautiful I ever found.  



In another development I found a simple way using the GIMP image manipulation program for placing this math text over pictures. Below you a very famous math professor (Megan Rain is her name and she is famous for the curly Volt theorem). 


In GIMP all you have to do is use the multiply option to combine 2 layers, that makes all white go away leaving only the black math text visible over the underlying picture of math professor Megan Rain who is famous for her curly Volt theorem.

Informally said the curly Volt theorem explains that when the Volts in your electricity are too curly, they no longer can pass through your electricity wire. So you get a build up of electrical energy because the curly Volts have nowhere to go.
After some time of energy build up this all snaps and the energy released can vaporize all matter within a fifty mile radius.

May be it is a good time to split and for you to worry upon the dangers hidden in curly Volts...;) Till updates.  


 (27 April 2022) Ok I cleaned up this homepage that once more had grown far to long. The old stuff that is deleted here is now placed in the archive at a page with the exiting title index16.htm

Today finally an update on the Russian ruble, why is it that strong and are the sanctions not working or so? Luckily I found a good video that explains it relatively good and the guy from that video has a good chart to back up what he says. Basically there is not much trading volume in the ruble what means the economical and financial sanctions work despite the present high value of the ruble. 

But first Sun Tzu. The works of the Chinese Sun Tzu have been influential for centuries and centuries and guess what? More centuries. If you are interested in military stuff and you have never heard of the guy, look it up on the internet. 

One of the many famous quotes from Sun Tzu is:

Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat upon. 


A few weeks back the ruble hit about 150 against the US$ and €, in that week I was just trolling the Kremlin a little bit with stating it will fall to one thousand against the US$ and the €. I also said I would keep an eye on it but to be honest I never did that. My usual quote provider on currency pairs like €/ruble simply stopped quoting the price anyway. And I did not take the time to find more actual stuff.

Anyway after I trolled the Kremlin just a tiny bit, the ruble began to strengthen until it had the same value as before the war or the so called special operation. 

That ruble strength is the 'golden bridge' for Russia and they can retreat over that bridge back to the land with normal economical relations.

I did not build the bridge myself, I am not crazy, the Russians did it themselves with buying rubles in a thin market. After all I am not a hard working Chinese laborer but a lazy and decadent Western person. So the Russians must build and maintain their golden bridge themselves, they must guard the value of the Russian ruble!

It is well known that Vladimir Puting likes donald trump a lot. That could be because they both have similar emotional eruptions, I don't know. But I definitely know that when I heard from the news that the ruble was gaining strength, I decided to let the Russians PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES.  

All these weeks I just neglected the ruble stuff, only today I pick it up again... 


Let's go to the item of today: 

Item 1) Joe blogs on the adventures of the Russian ruble.

 Item 1) Joe blogs on the adventures of the Russian ruble.

Currency values are also driven by supply and demand. Although in our fiat money systems it is often a bit vague what supply actually is, the demand is more easy to understand.

Under normal economical situations, a lot of individuals and companies must constantly swap rubles for other currencies in order to de trade and stuff with Russia.

If those economical actions stop because a lot of companies are vomiting from what they see in the Ukrainian war, those currency swaps just ain't there.

So it is a thin market, that means that at present time it is relatively cheap for the Russians to keep the ruble in the prewar range. To be honest: I have no idea about the daily average costs in doing so. I heard an estimate of the costs being about one billion a day so that would be 5 billion for a 7 day week.
But I also doubt that source because they said that Russia had been preparing for this by ensuring for 8 years that supply chains will be much more inside Russia.
I doubt claims like that because until now all downed drones in Ukraine are all made of imported electronics and the camera is something like a 750 € commercial camera. Ok, it works at some level but it is all not military grade so to say... 

All in all I estimate that it must cost a lot of foreign money in order to maintain the value of the ruble in the short and medium term.

Anyway it is late at night and I need to wind this update down.
Click on the next picture for a larger version so you can see how volume & price of the ruble has been evolving since the start of the war: 


Here is a link to the video from Joe blogs: 

Video title: RUSSIAN RUBLE - Why Did Value REBOUND so Quickly? Full Explanation & Reasons for Currency Recovery
Link used: 

Ok, that was it for this update.  


 (22 April 2022) To be honest I do not have much to say today. Of course I could comment on a thousand things but I don't feel like it. The spring has started and I am feeling lazy.   

Also I must clean up this homepage, because I did so many updates it is far too long already so better first clean that up and move on. So I scrolled down to see what had to be placed in the archives in order to free up a lot of space here. 

And I saw that funny infinitely long list again that has all kinds of counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat and remove that because after all who is reading those archive files anyway? 

So we are going to recycle that old update from 01 Oct 2021 so I have an excuse to repost that funny picture. That is today's item: 

Item 1) Reposting the infinite long list of counter examples to FLT.

 Item 1) Reposting the infinite long list of counter examples to FLT.

This math was a bit around that modular arithmetic where we do the things modulo pq where p and q are two prime numbers. Those expressions you see below always are periodic, so you must not think that each expression is an infinite list.

The list might be infinitely long but each of the entries on that list contribute only a finite number of counter examples. For example in the first entry it reads that:

2^n + 3^n = 5^n mod 6. 

But 5^6 = 1 mod 6 so the 'exponential orbit' as I name it has a period of 6. A cute math fact of this long list is that the exponential orbits of 2 and 3 never go through one while their sum 2 ^5 does go through one. That property goes for all entries on this list


In case you like the kind of math with integers, may be you want to read my third oversight of possible counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat:

Oversight of all counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat, Part 3. 

Ok, that was it for this update. Hopefully I have cleaned this page a bit up the next time you visit. Thanks for your attention and see you around. 


(20 April 2022) First a few words on military expansion. Just this week I heard some good explanation as why the Ukrainian forces hold up against Russians so good. Of course there are many reasons for this but Ukraine had a conscript system for their army and everybody had to serve inside those contested regions. So most Ukrainian conscripts already had a good idea of how the Russians fight.

All those conscripts serve as 'seeds' so to say now the Ukrainian army had to expand that fast in the present situation. Back in the time before WWII, at some point the Germans were allowed to have an army of just one hundred thousand soldiers or so. They did it differently; most military personnel could serve up to three higher ranks. So any soldier could also function as a sergeant or sergeant-major. If you have that build in, it is possible to expand the military big time. 


About that sunken local flagship the Moskva I don't have much to say. I welcome the official explanation by the Russians that it was a fire that caused a few ammunition to explode. Later due to rough sees it regrettably sank... 

Since there still is the possibility that about 400 Russian sailors also sank to the bottom of the sea, I will not make jokes about it today. The Russian society gets more emotional by the day with weird reports like moms disowning their sons or Russians that no longer want to talk with people they know from outside Russia.

So it still has to sink in that they were the ones who started this war of aggression, well only time will tell how that evolves further. Don't these weirdo's not see pictures of say Mariupol and think this is all normal? 

No jokes or stuff that hurts the feelings of our beloved Russians, only a small picture of those stormy conditions. I made the screenshot from a CNN video but did not save the link. Experts say this is likely the Moskva. It is a bit hard to say but we are looking at the back of the ship I think and that is why you do not see those characteristic cruse missile launchers because that is behind the smoke. Click on the picture for a larger version but the screenshot was grainy to begin with so the larger version is also not 100% instantly clear it is the Moskva:  


The reason for this update is that you often hear that when we apply an oil and gas embargo to Russia, within a few weeks they will run out of money. I understand the emotion and hope that this would be a short cut to end it all but sorry I have to throw a bit of cold water on it. So that is our item for today. 

Item 1) Will an oil & gas embargo against Russia end the war in say 10 weeks?

Item 1) Will an oil & gas embargo against Russia end the war in say 10 weeks? 

No it won't do the magic trick. It might be true that the income of the Russian government is say 50 to 50% from selling oil and gas. It might also be true that they don't have access to their oversees Central Bank reserves held by other financial institutions. But it won't do the trick.

How do I know that? Well I tried it myself and it did not work back in 2007 or so. 

From 2004 I started studying how the financial system works and believe me it takes a long time before you get some comprehension of it all. Anyway my plan was simple in November 2007: I activate once more the NightmareOnWallStreet and after that I hunt it down until the US military is out of funding.  

That was the plan so I activated my second NightmareOnWallStreet. At the time the DOW JONES was at a record level, something like 14 thousand or so. Anyway it was only waiting and in the meantime I filled the html pages of my activation with cute financial information. 

At present day this is known as the financial crisis. Now did the financial crisis lead to a 100% suppression of US military funding? Nope.

At one point in time the the US president of those days, the Dubya, simply went to the US Federal Reserve and he got a loan of one trillion US dollars because otherwise he no longer would have an economy... 

So my mistake, one of my biggest multi year blunders by the way, was that I had not anticipated on this. I mean that was a FUCKING TRILLION or one thousand billion US$.  

The political leaders that now ask for a fast reduction of buying oil & gas make the same mistake as I made in 2007: If all of a sudden Russia is without income from oil & gas sales, their Central Bank will print the rubles that Putin needs. 

Of course putting Russia into a oil & gas embargo is a significant step but it only will raise the inflation inside Russia and that can take a few years as history shows from similar examples... 

That was it for this update.  


(15 April 2022) That is a cute coincidence: Just last week I remarked that it would be good if heavy long distance artillery would go direction Ukraine and voila in the latest military aid from the USA contains indeed better artillery.  

For myself it becomes a bit confusing as what 'defensive weaponry' actually is. In the beginning it was clear: the Ukrainians needed for example anti tank ammo because one way or the other if your village or city is under attack you have the right to self defense. And at the time I would consider long distance artillery more as a offensive weapon. But for the country as a whole I can agree this is more or less for defensive purposes. 

The German Rheinmetal said they could deliver tanks, it will take some time but anyway what's in the pipeline is in the pipeline. There was also a short row about the detail that the German president was not welcome for a visit to Kyiv. Oh oh, I can understand the emotions from both sides. Yet in times like this it is better to ignore all that emotional stuff and concentrate more on that what is really significant.

Today the news came out that the Russian local flagship had 'exploding ammo' caused by a fire. Anyway that is what the Russians said. But the Russians say so much that can be doubted. May be flight MH-17 fell from the skies because of bad maintenance or whatever weird pipedream comes from that place. I just learned the Moskva has now sunk, when I made the next picture that was still unknown:  


So for me it was funny that within the hour I wrote that 'Go blup blup blup' text, the positive news of the sinking was there...;)


Today's item is about the scale of stupidity and a few details that are so mind bobbling stupid that you might wonder 'Does this particular stupid thing fall from the scale of stupidity?'

Item 1) Bucha was an UK job & trenches dug at Chernobyl; off the scale?

 Item 1) Bucha was an UK job & trenches dug at Chernobyl; off the scale?

The Youtube channel IEarlGrey tries to be a bit more middle of the road kind of commenter on the war in Ukraine. An sich this is not forbidden, on the contrary with all news you must always wonder how much of it is true and what likely not.  

I did stuff like this myself during the war in Iraq. Beside the Pentagon tallies of dead and wounded I also visited a lot of alternative websites where much larger numbers of dead and wounded were reported. Anyway after a few months it turned out that almost 100% of the time the Pentagon numbers were the correct ones. And all those alternative websites were just emotional weird stuff.

Well you can learn things from that, now I am much faster at deciding what news to neglect and what to read.  

But the IEarlGrey guy goes much to far when he takes the words of Lukashenko for possibly true. President Lukashenko is a guy with in my view rather limited cognitive capabilities (that means he is a stupid person). So when he comes up with weird stuff like Bucha was a UK job or that his pal Putin started the war 'just in time' to avoid catastrophy, we are not dealing with superb intel from professional intelligence agencies but we are dealing with dumb and dumber.
Click on the picture for the video:


Video title:  Bucha was "BRITISH JOB" Lukashenko claims. - Inside Russia Report
Link used:

The whole concept of the Belarus intel agencies having supurb intel about Bucha being a UK job is so stupid, I think that later in life IEarlGrey will still be stupid. No, at present day Belarus is a joke of a country comparable to say Spain at the end of the dictatorship of their Franko.


On the first day of the war in Ukarine the Russians occupied Chernobyl. For the younger readers: Chernobyl is home to one of the worst nuclear disasters in the last century. As such the environment is heavily contaminated with all those nice forms of radioactive shit there is.   

Anyway already on the first day of the war you could filter out that Russia was on a war mission that was impossible. Securing Chernobyl was a way of avoiding a dirty bomb that would supposedly be made by "Ukrainian nationalists". Since that is not a realistic representation of the Ukrainian government, at that point in time it was already clear the Russians are fighting wind mills.

Now the Russian military has left the scene of Chernobyl, it turned out they did not have stuff that measures radioactivity. So Putin is planning his grand invasion of Ukraine for years and years but the military forces that attacked Chernobyl had no 300 US$ dosimeter for measuring radioactivity.

How stupid is that?

The dosimeters shown in the video cost only 300 US$, more advanced stuff goes for 700 or 800 dollar or euro so how stupid is our Putin doing his planning? 


If you want to buy one:  

If your political leaders are stupid to the bone and rule a particular country for a long time, the whole country gets more stupid on all kinds of levels. Below you see a perfect example of how stupid the invading Russian military forces actually are: Digging trenches and stuff like that in the Chernobyl radioactive zone.


Video title:  See footage of Russian trenches in radioactive area

That was it for this update. I wish the Ukrainians luck when it comes to more advanced and efficient strikes. All in all I am moderate positive on a good outcome for Ukraine, after all it looks like they are the better fighters.

Till updates. 


(08 April 2022) A short update mostly on Alzheimer for a change. So that is today's item. Now last Wednesday I was forgotten to explain why Lavrov is such an idiot so lets do that first: 

Russia called on the UN Security Council to come together to condemn that fake stuff that NATO is doing in Bucha. You know where all those dead civilians were found. Well a couple of hours later (or may be sooner) that news with the satellite images came out where it was demonstrated that those dead bodies were lying there for a few weeks already.  

At that point in time the brilliant Sergei Lavrov should have come out stating that these satellite images were computer generated images or CGI. Why didn't he do that? No idea but it could very well be that Sergei does not know what CGI is. 

Ok, lets go to our item on Alzheimer. 

Item 1) A relatively good video: Is Dementia Inevitable?

 Item 1) A relatively good video: Is Dementia Inevitable?

A long time ago I came across the results of some female researcher and she stated that she had mice in the laboratory that all had Alzheimer and the brains of those mice were all insulin resistant.

From that point on I considered Alzheier an illness mostly caused by a shortage of energy in the brain. Over the years I have found more and more evidence that supports this hypothesis of mine. Others think that those plagues and tangled stuff in the brain is a 'root cause' but I see that more as a symptom of the energy shortage.   

Now the brain is a rather complicated organ and the initial energy shortage gives rise to all kinds of symptoms like brain shrinkage and the building up of those plagues that later become causes of further brain  deterioration. After all in a complex dynamical system like the brain cause and effect can feed upon each other and even change role; what once was a cause becomes an effect and vice versa.

Furthermore it is important to stress there are many more factors involved like your genetic constitution, smoking is of course a thing and even your food. Our governments have promoted eating weird stuff for a long time. If you eat to many carbs or even sugary stuff, insulin levels rise and all fat burning stops. This simple mechanism is the main root of obesity: Obese are not obese because they are lazy or eat too much. They are obese because they cannot burn fat. And if you cannot burn fat you get hungry fast and need another dose of perfect food like bread. 

For a short time I had obesity myself, but that was about 30 kilo's ago and once you know why you get fat it is not that difficult to keep the weight off. But if you follow those stupid government advices and eat already bread in the morning, after any weight loss you will do the yoyo thing and get fat again.

So I know how it feels to have insulin resistance: Even after a large meal your hunger never goes away. And that is highly logical: if your body cells are immune to insulin these body cells do not take up the glucose and have an energy deficit just always.

The weird thing about the human brain is that it can become insulin resistant itself without the rest of your body being insulin resistant. I don't know why but it must have something to do with the huge amount of energy your brain consumes.

Inside the human brain there are places where even more energy is burned like in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is one of those areas very heavy influenced by Alzheimer. That is why I keep on thinking over the years that energy is likely the main cause of the onset of Alzheimer. 

In the video a graph is shown, it is a bit vague what exactly those standard deviations are on the vertical axis but it clearly shows that glucose uptake in the brain starts becoming deficit about 15 years before you have the diagnosis of Alzheimer.

Combined with the consumption of that healthy whole wheat bread every morning at breakfast this keeps the brain at an energy deficit all of the time. And, in my view anyway, this is what results in that nasty condition known as Alzheimer decease. 

Click on the picture for a larger version: 


The video itself does not mention at all that Alzheimer is mostly an energy problem. For me that does not matter, I am pretty used to the fact that my insights are never followed. Anyway it is a good thing people like that trace Hippocampal volume anyway and may in 500 years or so they will conclude: You should not follow the food advices from the 20-th century.

Video title: Is Dementia Inevitable?
Link used:

Ok, that was it. Tomorrow we will try to get more Russians in the place where they belong. Hey Putin how are your central bank reserves doing & funny stuff like that.

Till updates.  


 (06 April 2022) The last days it is more and more coming out how the Russian army has behaved in those occupied territories around the Ukrainian capital. Every body is shouting war crimes but because this war started without an official declaration of war the whole enterprise is illegal to start with. 

Of course all those executions and all those stories of rape are war crimes. Yet in my view this is simply what you get when you have a frustrated army given an impossible task of 'fighting fascism'. In large part this is a moral problem directly flowing from the Russian leadership. A guy like Putin might be a skilled parasite, but do not expect some kind of moral leadership from our presidential parasite...  

Ok, I think the time has come for much more heavy weaponry going to Ukraine. Good long distance artillery and the likes. These are not offensive weapons of course, no they are Special Defensive Weapons.

Two items for this update, in the second item I included some relatively large image files. They are like 7 to 8 mega bytes or 4000x4000 pixels. Lets go:

Item 1) Special Irritation Operation Part 5 of 100 (Foreign reserves fun).
Item 2) The Bucha massacre, are conscripts the only cause? 

 Item 1) Special Irritation Operation Part 5 of 100 (Foreign reserves fun).

Hey Putin my perfect presidential parasite, how is life going today? Today I heard that the evil Americans have frozen the Russian central banks further. Until now it was allowed on a case by case basis to use that for payment of Russian debt.

Someone told me that in your mind the two countries Ukraine and Russia are the same and I found that so beautiful. You have a great mind so I did some thinking myself. Of course I am not so good at thinking as you are, after all so many people say you are some savvy guy while I suffer from all kinds of mental handicaps.  

But I did my thinking and I was in harmony with the world because the next revelation came to my mind: If Russia and Ukraine are the same, in that case it is logical that their central banks are also the same. 

So from that perspective, all those frozen Russian foreign reserves could also go to the Ukrainian central bank. After all you Putin had the perfect equation like in: 

 Russia = Ukraine, so that in my view:
Russian Central Bank = Ukrainian Central Bank.

We will be glad to get all that money back to you via the Ukrainian central bank. I hope my dear Putin, this is fine by you. So Putin look me in the eyes and say "Thank you!, thanks for returning our foreign central bank reserves." 


Item 2) The Bucha massacre, are conscripts the only cause? 

In how far are those massacres in Bucha (and likely a lot of other places) an exception? Paint me a cynical person, I think that given the frustration the Russian military must experience this is pretty standard normal behavior.   

My own country has done similar stuff in for example Indonesia. One of them is the so called Rawagede massacre from just after world war 2. During the second world war Indonesia was occupied by Japan and as such the Dutch colonial rulers were driven out. The Dutch wanted it back, the army got mobilized and both conscripts and professional soldiers were send over there to take it back. The Indonesians wanted independence and as such the Dutch army had an impossible task.

In the end we lost and they won because they wanted independence 

In the Rawagede massacre Dutch killed all males from one village and for what? The Dutch were looking for only one independence fighter, the villagers did not want to tell anything and all Indonesian males got executed. It took over 40 years for the Dutch authorities to recognize that crimes were commited.

So stuff like that takes a long long time. 

Now to the recent Bucha massacres: Of course the Russian army is frustrated because the last two decades they had terrible political leadership. If your political leadership is highly parasitic on the nation and care more about their half a billion € super yachts and not that much in growing an economy for the common good, this is what you get:

An army without good and secure communication so you get that weird use of the Ukrainian phone network. An army that 'secures' the Chernobyl site without cheap gadgets for measuring radioactive radiation, as such they had a lot of radiation sickness over there. And so on and so on, the list of failures is very very long. 

The use of conscript soldiers is worrisome because a few months of military training is by far not enough. And when attacked from all sides, such conscripts easily adapt by making the war more ugly day by day. It soon becomes accepted to kill just every one, or at least as much males as possible, so once more it the Russian fm Sergei Lavrov says that only military targets will get attacked with only precise weaponry he demonstrates he is ripe for a mental institution.

But it was funny to observe the Russians asking the UN Security Council for an emergency meeting because of the 'provocation' done by NATO and the likes in Bucha. No no Lavrov, economical and financial sanctions will only increase and this on a multi decade time scale. Get used to it my dear mental hospital patient...


Let me put in place a few pictures:   


A somewhat modified version at a 2000x2000 pixel size is here.

Sorry, but for some strange reason I love all that burned out Russian military hardware...;) So one more for the fun of it:


The last two pictures took over one hour of work to craft, these are png files because I gave them no background. They are both 4000x4000 pixels in size and fall more or less into the category of war art.

Russia fighting fascism, 2band cube 
Russia fighting fascism, 3band cube

Here is how they look in a 450x450 pixel size with a white background: 





That was it for this extra update: More economical & financial sanctions for the long run of this conflict and more weaponry for the Ukrainians is what I hope for this week.

So see you around. 


(01 April 2022) Firstly I posted two new entries on the other website. I won't copy and paste the links as I usually do because they are so long but here are the two posts:  

Comparing the two sphere-cone equations

Last week I mentioned something as being the Ukrainian equation. You can find that in the above post although on the other website I do not name it the Ukrainian equation because I would like to keep all politics out on that website mostly about math. 

Two videos on electrons and the still missing magnetic monopole

The missing monopole video proofs once more that physics professors are rightfully classified as some form of math professor life. At best they are living fossils absolutely not capable of adapting to other things. It contains all the usual stuff like "If there was only one magnetic monopoles in an entire galaxy that would be enough" and more of that weird crap. Anyway it was a nice distraction to write that small rant. 


Gas. From today on according to Mr. Putin we must pay in rubles and on top of that from today we have new contracts! Weeks before the war started when Nord Stream 2 was delivered I wrote an entry that if we put it in use we will likely regret that in the future. It would only be waiting until Putin would get some bowel winds again and voila for some weird reason that gas would not be delivered.
The rest is known, NS2 got postponed and later cancelled.  

Now for these new contracts I do not think such stuff is legal by any standard; you can't replace contracts one sided with zero consideration for the old contracts. Beside that by the sanctions it is forbidden for companies to do business like that in rubles. 
And once more I do not understand it. 

Suppose a company wants to buy rubles with euros and opens an account at a Russian bank. What is the difference between paying euros to that bank compared to paying these same euros to Gazprom? There is no difference beside the legal point that under the sanctions this likely is not allowed.  


Our item for today is an analysis from the US and reported by CNN and others that Mr. Putin might be misinformed by his military. I found a nice picture about that but I do not know if the translation is correct and if it is from the recent events and not something say from two years back. But it's funny anyway, or may be it is tragic: 


Picture source (at the end of the video): 
Why Russia is INCAPABLE of Air Superiority in Ukraine
Link used: 

Item 1) US intel believes Putin is being misinformed by advisers.

 Item 1) US intel believes Putin is being misinformed by advisers.

The last weeks we have been seen all kinds of weird stuff like that long table that makes you wonder what is going on over there. Remember for example that Putin once said that no conscripts are used. Could it fucking be that he believed this himself? 

And remember that imbecile Lavrov saying that only precision ammo would be used against only military targets. Below you can see a before/after picture of Mariopol that clearly demonstrates that if there is one person ripe for a mental institution, it is Lavrov.

The Russians have been upgrading their military by about 10 years. And now we get this? This is a shitshow on so many levels. Take for example all those unsecured communications that are intercepted. Russian soldiers walking around with Chinese walki talkies and stuff like that. If you take a full decade to prepare for an event like this while upgrading your military, this is a total shitshow.

Click on the picture for the CNN video: 


Link used: 

I agree in large lines with this US analysis. But if true it also makes we wonder how long this already is going on. Stuff like secure communications should have been handled years ago. But there are hundreds of other weird stuff too.  

And that accumulates into crazy pictures like from Mariopol, or must I write that as Mariupol? Anyway, this clearly demonstrates that Lavrov is one hundred % ripe for a mental institution:


Oh yes that was also weird news: The Kremlin said that in order to gain some trust there would some significant reduction in military activity around the capital. With a soft smile on my face I can only advice the Ukrainian forces to keep on killing Russian soldiers.  

That was it for this update.  


(25 March 2022) First two pieces of weird news:  

1) In the UK there were people relying on food banks that turned down the offer for potatoes because they could not pay for the gas to cook them on... Wow, that is weird. Over there they brag they are not dependent on Russian gas and together with all those Brexit opportunities they would have stinking low gas prices by now.
Anyway I am lucky when it comes to the gas bill; my gas prices are locked in till end 2025. The other weird news is: 

2) I observed Putin stating that gas to so called unfriendly nations should be paid in rubles. And I did not understand that, why would that matter? It should make no difference if EU energy companies first buy rubles and the bill in rubles or that it is paid in € or US$ and the Russians buy rubles themselves...
As a matter of fact, it would be better for Russia not to get paid in rubles because in that way they can use the foreign money at their tactical advantage like every Monday morning. Propping up you local currency with foreign reserves works best every Monday morning and if needed some more flexible stuff in the rest of every week. 

So what is going on with this weird proposal of paying in rubles? Beside that how is this related to the content of the gas delivery contracts? I do not know much legal stuff but if in those contracts it says payments are in €, is a payment in ruble even legal? 

I have no idea, so far for this weird news. 

Before we go to the only item of this update, I want to stand still at why we are doing all this stuff like economical and financial sanctions on Russia. Ok the strategy is to lower the Russian economical output so they cannot hold up this kind of military. 

We simply have far to much of stuff like the girl below. Only 15 years of age and one of her legs amputated because the Russian army is supposed to liberate Ukraine from the Nazi regime.  


Video title: Heartbreaking images show wounded children in Ukraine hospital.
Link used:

After having said that, lets go to today's item. 

Item 1) Torture for Russian soldiers: Math theorems without drinking Vodka!

 Item 1) Torture for Russian soldiers: Math theorems without drinking Vodka!

How do you get 50 Italians on the back seat of a Fiat Panda?
Very simple: First you lay a one € coin on the back seat.
After that you hang up a sign that reads:
Borrow one € at a 0% interest rate. 

How do you get 500 Italians on the back seat of a Fiat Panda?
Very simple: First you lay a two € coin on the back seat.
After that you hang up a sign that reads:
Borrow two € at a minus 10% interest rate.  

But serious: I am against governments telling companies what to do. Ok, we all need some rules and regulations but going away from Russia is a noble goal right now.

Just like it is important that also Russian naval vessels gets destroyed. 


Video title: Russian military ship destroyed in Berdyansk, Ukrainian Navy claims
Link used: 

Of course this is good news, the Russians simply cannot rebuild a ship like this without modern electronics. 


In the last month I only wrote one new math post that I will publish on a short notice. This is a reduction of about 50% of my normal mathematical output and I blame Russia for that. So lets destroy at least 50% of the Russian economical output using the cognitive parts of our human brains. 


That was it for this update in this weird new world.
Till updates.  

 (20 March 2022) It is late at night so why not post a small update. I originally planned to finish a new math post but that is almost finished so I feel more like writing a few Special Irritation Operations...   

Item 1) Special Irritation Operation Part 3 of 100 (new crew on the ISS).
Item 2)
Special Irritation Operation Part 4 of 100 (train wagon with body bags).

 Item 1) Special Irritation Operation Part 3 of 100 (new crew on the ISS).

It is important to remark that in general astronauts or cosmonauts are not allowed to make political statements. That is logical because often political statements can lead to emotional reactions in those who hear them. For example it would be weird if an American astronaut would advertise voting for donald trump because democrats are stupid anyway. That is not very handy.  

A few days back it was in the news that the International Space Station could eventually crash in Europe. That was a remark that was far too emotional. And if you constantly react on the emotional level as a small child, you ain't gonna win this war this so called Special Military Operation. 

Anyway it seems that the crews are allowed to choose their own outfit while serving on the ISS. So my dear Russians what you see is absolutely not a political statement because that is not allowed. 


(Click on the picture if you want a larger version.) 

Like said before: Just be creative. Ok, not every body is in a position to engage in this war but sometimes you are like when it comes to the economical sanctions and destruction of the value of the ruble. Just be creative... 

Ok, lets hope this is irritating enough...

Video title: Russian cosmonauts board ISS wearing colours of Ukraine flag
Link used:

 Item 2) Special Irritation Operation Part 4 of 100 (train wagon with body bags).

It was rumored that an entire battalion was killed. I didn't check the details but if correct this is only the first battalion to be wiped from the face of the earth.

Without doubt more will come soon because only now the arrival of weaponry has gained more momentum. If my memory still works I remember Putin stating that conscripts would not be used in military operations. And that other shithole Lavrov stating that "Only military targets will be attacked by precision weaponry".

Well my dear duo of shitholes, here are some cute bodybags likely filled mostly with dead conscripts.    


The beautiful and perfect irritation lies in the fact that the above are only whole bodies. So all those loose body parts like arms, hands or bowels blown out are not collected.  

Don't forget: If all info is more or less correct, this is only the first battalion!

Video title: 'These Are Relatively Whole Bodies': The Aftermath Of Russia's Battle For Voznesensk.  Link used:

Ok, that was it for this short update.  


 (18 March 2022) There was funny news like insurance company Lloyds 'decertifying' those half a billion € super yachts. As such these yachts loose their insurance and they will run into similar problems as you when you drive your car uninsured trying to pass a police checkpoint... 

Sad news was of course that bombing of a theatre with something like 1200 civilians inside. Of course the Russians are denying they did it or will claim the Ukranians did it themselves or you get that stuff again like it was a base of military radicals just like with that children's ward.. 

Every body is fighting evil; the Russians fight the nazi drug using regime. The Ukrainians fighting the invaders and so on and so on. So how do stories like a children's ward being a base of radical militants come to life? Very simple:

Likely there were a few guards outside that children's ward, the Russians spot it and they see evil and as such decide to attack those military radicals. As a result 3 to 4 people lost their lives and that is a point of interest: The Ukrainians try to give realistic information, they could easily have said there were 30 to 40 people dead and most people would believe that. Of course the war isn't over by far but often that party of the conflict that tells the most incorrect info will eventually loose it. 

I came across a new estimate of Russian military death toll thus far. For the time being I skip the estimates from the Ukrainians and settle for some Pentagon tally published by the New York Times. It is surprisingly high at 7000 and it could very well be a more or less accurate estimate.  


Screen shot from an MSNBC video with the title: Rising Russian Troop Deaths Take Toll On Morale. Link used: 

The ruble recovered a lot this week. It is hard to estimate how much foreign reserves this has cost but it is as expensive a guarding a currency peg so that looks like a good way of sapping Russian foreign reserves further. 

Today we have two items: 

Item 1) Special Irritation Operation Part 2 of 100.
Item 2) Dr. Becky on one of the first James Webb telescope images.

 Item 1) Special Irritation Operation Part 2 of 100.

In the first place this is a joke: I will not write one hundred of these irritating things but until I get bored from them why not write a few more.

I have selected the famous "Go fuck yourself" against that Russian warship. It seems to be quite a thing on social media, I don't know because I hardly use social media. 

Later it was claimed that this Russian warship was lured to the coast and got under fire from short range artillery. But later again photo's dived up from that same boat so it is unknown if that ship was hit or not.
Anyway it seems that Russia has only three of these kind of warships so if they all three can be taken out and sunk to the place where they belong, that would be a good thing. 

So this second irritation operation is relatively mild: I did not include a screenshot from the video where they claim to have hit this particular vessel but instead a cute screenshot of a Russian armoured vehicle that was shot at with the right kind of ammo. 


Those Ukrainians are so cruel: Those Russian sailors on that warship do not have anal lubricants for males. That comes not in their daily rations like those lovely meals ready to eat. And using grease for the motor is bad for your health because it is rather toxic. What are these sailors supposed to do? 

Answer: Of course they must say "Blub blub blub" and sink to the bottom of the sea... 

 Item 2) Dr. Becky on one of the first James Webb telescope images.

If you get tired from the war you better do some other stuff and not follow the news all day long. I too consume too much war news but I won't get it go too far. 

Anyway, over on Youtube dr. Becky has a nice channel upon astronomy and of course I like astronomy a lot because after all the moon is a perfect space for say Russians to live...

According to dr. Becky what you see in the picture (that one star) are about one hundred times fainter than what your eyes can see. That sounds a bit confusing to me: that James Webb telescope has a huge mirror so it takes in a lot of photons otherwise you cannot reconstruct such a picture as below. So likely she means the wavelength of the photons; the individual photons have 100 times less energy as the minimum photon that can activate our eye cells for human vision. 

I am glad that this 10 billion US$ telescope seems to be working ok.
Click on the picture for the video & the relevant links in case you are interested. 


Video title: The James Webb Space Telescope mirrors are aligned! LIVE
Link used:

End of item 2).

At the end of this update I want to remark once more that the economical sanctions must be heavy and harsh. Only that will cripple the long term military capabilities of the Russian military forces.

So be creative. For example evading the SWIFT messaging telex system between banks is not that hard if some payment has to go through only one or two banks. Some people claim all you need is a phone or an email and a Russian bank can easily open a bank account at a foreign bank. Stuff like this can easily be countered by stating for example: "Ooh you want to open a bank account here? Well you are a bank yourself so you should message us via the SWIFT telex system. If not, you cannot open your bank account here. And by the way: Why not go home and fuck yourself?"

Ok, may be this is a good time to split. Think well my dear reader & don't forget to destroy the Russian economy while we can. Till updates. 


(16 March 2022) For a long long time I only posted updates on Thursday but because I actually posted it after midnight those all bear the dates of Fridays. Precisely three weeks ago when I realized that Putin was no longer a rational actor, I wrote that update like "Has the Vlad gone crazy?".
Anyway at latest I posted it on 02.00 hours local time, in Ukraine time that would be 03.00 hours and a few hours later the first Russian soldiers crossed the border with Ukraine. The rest is history.

I don't care about the specifics of Putin being crazy or at least has lost  contact with reality. But even a guy like Lavrov who he must known for years and years must stay at a distance.  


It makes you wonder where this particular room is. My guesstimate is that it is in a bunker relatively deep underground. Of course I have no proof for that, but look at this picture: Putin has gone weird, very weird to say the least.  

Item 1) Special Irritation Operation Part 1 of 100.

 Item 1) Special Irritation Operation Part 1 of 100.

Every day the other European nations watch at how the Russian army performs in Ukraine. A lot of stuff is totally weird like the lack of air power the Russians have. And why do those relatively cheap drones (they seem to cost 1 to 2 million apart from the ammo) have a relative big success?

It all baffles the mind, after all every year we got videos from Russia about their upgrading of the military forces and now we have this. A possible explanation is that all in all Russia is a corrupt country, that is why you have all those half a billion € yachts floating around while the average Russian GDP per capita citizen is only 10 thousand € per year.

That is not an economy, that is a joke.

It makes you wonder: Is their nuclear arsenal in a similar shape? 

Anyway, I love those videos where those Turkish drones zoom and lock in a target and BOOM there goes that Russian target. It is very uplifting to see so I hope there will be plenty of military hardware delivered to Ukraine so they can stage complicated and beautiful attacks...;)

Click on the picture for the video: 


Video title:  Effectiveness Of Ukraine's Drones Against Russian Forces Following Successful Attack Overnight. Link used:

I wonder if this update is irritating enough for the Russians. Hey Russians how are you doing tonight? Hey three weeks back just a few hours before the war started I posted this funny title for my update: 


Ok, lets leave it with that. Till updates my dear reader. 


(11 March 2022) Ok, you can't cram 100 things in one update. But I would like to remark that Russian death toll in Ukraine could be as high as 6000 right now. That is blistering much if later more or less confirmed. A lot of countries try to bring down their dependence on Russian energy sources; the EU is rather ambitious with trying to reduce Russian gas next winter to only one third of the present volumes. A children's hospital came under attack and of course because it is war there were accusations of that hospital being a base for radical fighters. 

I want to keep all madness out, so I will not comment on the likelihood of 'radical fighters' using a hospital as a base of operations. Nor again talking on those crazy narratives by the Russians that the Ukrainian government are drug using nazi's. It has only to be remarked that this crazy narrative is a clear cut proof that Putin himself has gone crazy or at least has a mental thing or two. 

Today I want to take a look at the value of the Russian Ruble and a video from CNN with a former Russian foreign minister. So lets go:

Item 1) The adventures of the Ruble thus far.
Item 2) Is Putin in the classic dictator trap? Does he have a mental thing?

 Item 1) The adventures of the Ruble thus far.

If a central bank has to defend the value of the local currency, they need foreign reserves for that. With the foreign reserves they buy the local currency so that it's relative value to other currencies gets higher. 

Because the Russian central bank assets are frozen, they often can't do that. Or not in a significant manner. Of course there are now all kinds of capital controls in place for companies that trade with other nations must change 80% of foreign currency into Rubles. But as the sanctions get more and more heavy the less foreign currency will flow to Russia anyway. 

So raising the interest rate to 20% is an interesting move, but that in itself is not a direct method of supporting the Ruble. Yesterday and today I made a screenshot, right now it is at about 150 Rubles for one Euro and my expectation is it will decline further and further. 

Click on the picture for a larger version (1500x2500 pixels): 


I juiced the picture a bit up with a photo from that air attack on a column of Russian tanks going into Kyiv. Video's like that are always big fun to watch. 

Anyway, the €/Ruble pair has already hit 170 a short time back so lets hope for the best but my expectation is a long path of decline. I have no idea where the bottom will be... 

 Item 2) Is Putin in the classic dictator trap? Does he have a mental thing?

When it comes to war or now we have this weird 'Special military operation' it is very often the case that a lot of false information is there. Or false beliefs and assumptions.

The last war or political action that my own country did was after world war II when we tried to get Indonesia back. Of course there was that underlying stream of racism like 'How can those people govern themselves?' But a main thing was that the Dutch were afraid of an economical collapse. It was phrased as 'Indie verloren, rampspoed geboren' what means like Indonsia lost, disaster will be here.
These were all false assumptions, of course there were more reasons as why we lost that war like international pressure from the USA but the false assumptions did of course play an important role.

Gulf War I: The USA senate or a committee thereof was told Iraqi soldiers removed babies from couveuses so they could bring those life saving devices back to Iraq. It was just a detail, totally false and fabricated, but soon thereafter the USA senate gave permission to start Gulf War I.

Gulf War II: People of my age likely remember that now infamous presentation of Colin Powell to the United Nations Assembly. I wanted to see that very much and I even stayed at home for that. It was a very good presentation, even I bought it.
Now we know there were no weapons of mass destruction at all in Iraq...

So war and disinformation feed on each other.

When it comes to the present weird stuff of a nazi regime in Ukraine, nonsense like that has lead to the present troubles. Because it is clearly nonsense you might wonder if Vladimir Putin has mental problems in any shape or form. I think he has.

The way it goes over there is not mentally very fresh or so:   


Another Russian weirdo is Sergei Lavrov, he is the foreign minister to Russia. He is very good at his job and with great skill he always defends the Russian position no matter what.

In the previous update I mentioned that shithole Lavrov said that the Russian military only strikes at military targets with precision weapons only. Of course in practice that is not how wars are fought let alone a bunch of Russian military with lots of cannons will do it. Try to explain that to shithead Lavrov...

Today I observed the Vlad stating that only professional soldiers and no conscripts take place in actual fighting. As far as I know the Russian military has about 80% of conscripts in its ranks. So conscripts not fighting points once more to Vladimir Putin having serious mental problems. 

The next video is rather interesting, CNN interviews a former Russian foreign minister. At the time shithole Lavrov was his deputy...
It is unbelievable but it looks true:  


Video title: Kremlin Vet: They’ll Overthrow Putin Before Giving Him ‘Bad News’ About Russian Setbacks In Ukraine.
Link used:

Ok, that was it for this update. Till updates. 


(07 March 2022) Back on 25 Feb I noticed the former Russian prez Medvedev saying stuff like "We will make gas prices two thousand Euro!". It seems that this is a measure per 1000 cubic meters, so Medvedev threatened us with prices of 2 Euro per cubic meter.
(Often gas prices are done in the energy content like the price per mega Joule or more likely per mega calorie. But you gas meter at home can only measure how much cubic meter gas you take in and on your yearly final calculation there is where the calorie settlement sets in.) 

Anyway it is clear that for the time being we still need the gas and oil from Russia but at the same time they use that money to fund the war effort and that is not a desirable situation. Is it possible to slam tariffs on all Russian oil and gas? I do not know if that is possible just like I did not know if Russian central bank assets could be frozen or confiscated.

It should not be that hard but I have never traded gas or oil so a lot of the detail are unknown to me. The basic idea is that all payments go via a new entity say the SOF (Special Oil Facility) and Russia gets only paid after the actual delivery of the gas or oil. They will get only half the market price to one third of the market price. That would mean tariffs in the range of 50 to 67% on all sold gas or oil.

In this way all buyers still pay normal market prices while Russia gets only a fraction of what they should have gotten else. The combined tariffs can later be used for the rebuilding of Ukraine.

In case Russia starts deploying chemical weaponry in Ukraine, the money can be needed to get more and more military hardware to Ukraine.     

It is just a proposal and to be honest I have never worked in an oil and gas trade environment so I do not know how this should be implemented in detail. But one way or the other we must prevent Russia being able to fund the war in Ukraine. 


After having said that, our item today is a bit of fun around the penis of Putin. 

Item 1) Someone send me an email with Putin and his new girlfriend...

 Item 1) Someone send me an email with Putin and his new girlfriend...

Since Putin keeps on rambling about nazi's that apparently run the Ukrainian government, in my view he has at least a mental thing going on. At worst he has some form of some mental illness that will get worse over time.  

Could it be early onset of Alzheimer? No idea.
Could it be advanced paranoia? No idea. 

But with his new girlfriend all of a sudden he looks much younger so may be there is a tiny shiver of hope he will not get one hundred percent crazy. I have been told this is a classic Russian beauty: 


At first I thought "So what?" but then I received another email explaining that although she looks like a classic Russian beauty, females like this are also a backup house heating system... 

Females that are a backup house heating system? It sounds crazy but Russia is a very cold country and evolution is a powerful force in nature. If all of your females are also a back up house warming unit, in the cold environment of Russia that is what females like that give a survival advantage. 

But back to Putin now we know he is crazy. If he has Alzheimer he could also have erection dysfunction and that dysfunctional penis could lead to much more anger and frustration on behalf of Putin and before you know it we have a nuclear war.

So we must help Putin to put it in and why not a rubber penis? In that way he can have plenty of sex with his new girlfriend, that classic Russian beauty, and we will have no nuclear war at all but only peace in our time. 


Yes Putin, I know it is not the real deal but it is better compared to what you have right now between your legs and on top of that your new girlfriend will love it big time. Just give it a try and you will see that your new girlfriend is not only a backup system for heating just one family house but she can heat the entire Kremlin! 

This is an amazing world we live in, that is for sure! 

So Putin, now you know how to put in the stuff I want to show you a good joke.
It is called Gross Domestic Product per capita citizen and the data are from the World Bank. It says Russian GDP per capita is about five times as small as in our country.  


Click on the picture for a larger graph. The Russian economy is about 10 thousand US$ per Russian citizen. Of course that is not a real economy my dear Putin, that is a joke of an economy of course.

Why would Russia need a Central Bank with such a joke of an economy?
Come on Putin, with an economy like that all you need is a part time accountant that works for 3 to 4 hours a week to keep track of the statistics of your 'economy'. 

Hey Putin, I have a brilliant idea! We simply keep those central bank reserves so you do not have to think about how to use them and in return we give you a free copy of a very advanced computer program known as Excel. It is a so called spread sheet program and you can use that for all kinds of complicated calculations like 1 + 1 = 2. 

So Vladimir, deal or no deal? You get a free copy of Excel while we use those stupid Russian central bank reserves and you no longer have to worry what to do with that stuff.
On top of that we give you big dildo for your strapon so you can have sex with your new girlfriend that is also a backup heating system for the entire Kremlin!


May be it is time to split. So my dear reader see you in the next update.   


(04 March 2022) Ok, the economical sanctions against Russia are on their way and I am impressed by the scope and depth of them. The Russian stock market is still closed, why they are so coward on that tiny detail is unknown to me. After all the wise and smart leader Vladimir Putin has spend years to make the economy sanction proof. For example they hoarded billion in central bank reserves and because the Putin is so smart those reserves are now frozen for a fucking long time... 

Last week I planned a math update for last Thursday but on Tuesday evening I came across that weird video from that idiot Putin and I understood instantly the guy had gone bonkers big time. So lets look into that in the first item and try to do a bit of math in the second item. 

Item 1) On the Ukrainian equation & the deteriorating mind of Vladimir Putin.
Item 2) A new de Moivre identity.

 Item 1) On the Ukrainian equation & the deteriorating mind of Vladimir Putin.

Last week I classified Putin as mentally ill. But it is not a medical condition although early onset of stuff like Alzheimer cannot be excluded. Compare Putin to say donald trump; in my view if you take a brain scan of the donald rather soon you will find the spot or spots where there is clearly a difference from the average person.
With Putin this might not be the case but if you see how the invasion of Ukraine is executed and what the motivation is (denazify and demilitarize) you understand there is clearly a mental thing going on.
Today I observed a former female prez to Luthania or so and she formulated it as a form of deteriorating mindset. May be that is a better way of saying what is wrong with him.

In another development I did see some video's with captured Russian soldiers who indeed all said they had no idea they would be send to war in Ukraine. At best they knew they would go on a peace mission. One of them said: This is not at all like it was shown on television. That is in line with what we know from Russian television: it has all kinds of narratives that are kinda weird like nazi's in the Ukrainian governemnt.
My point is those prisoners should not be open on such video's, at least their faces should be blurred. It is more or less illegal to treat them this way, beside that it you can recognize them from video later they could be prosecuted in Russia and locked up for many years. The BBC does it correct with blurred faces... 

The next kind of photo's will likely become a future icon like for example the "Road of death" related to the first war against Iraq from 1991. Like sitting ducks it is about 65 kilometer of armored vehicles that do not move day in day out.
I have never seen weird stuff like that: 


I had to cut the picture in two halfs because it was to wide. 


It is a pity that NATO air power cannot take a hit at that long column... 

A lot of Ukrainian people are angry because there is no declaration of a no fly zone. I understand that if you do not know much about military matters you get angry. But declaring a no fly zone could lead to a spillover of the war to other countries or the entire block of NATO members and as such likely it will become a nuclear war. 

That is not desirable, of course we will help the Ukrainian people with killing thousands and thousands more of those Russian military guys. 

At last my Youtube channel today spontaneously jumped to an interview with the Russian foreign minister Lavrov. I would never waste 50 minutes of my time on that worthless idiot but there he was doing his usual retarded form of logical thinking. 


And the idiot and imbecile repeated that Russian forces were instructed to attack only military targets with precision weaponry. Lavrov is such an idiot I am not going to waste my time on him. Sky news had a video about those "military targets" and the "precision weaponry" used...
Video title: Ukraine invasion: Drone footage shows devastation in Borodyanka
Link used:

 Item 2) A new de Moivre identity.

Last month on the other website I posted two posts about how math professors are just not capable of doing math with complex numbers in dimensions higher than 2.

Even for something as simple as finding the complex conjugate they are just too fucking stoopid to generate any significant results.

When back in 1990 I found the 3D complex numbers, very soon I had figured out how to find conjugates the way they were supposed to be.

Now 32 years later, the weirdo's known as the professional math professors are still doing it wrong. The idiots and imbeciles still think it is just a flip in the real axis. And as such they make no progress at all decade in decade out, century in century out.

But if you do it properly, you can find exponential circles and curves into higher dimensional spaces and with that comes the perfect fruit of new de Moivre identities.

In math right now there is only one de Moivre identity in use. May be you have used it yourself because it is a very handy way to reconstruct what for example cos(2t) or sin(2t) is expressed in the elementary functions cos(t) and sin(t). 

In the space of three dimensional circular numbers we have the next new de Moivre identity: 


So just like finding what cos(2t) is with the old de Moivre identity, the above shows the same stuff for the three dimensional circular numbers.

Let me close this long update with a numerical example that they actually work: 


So for those interested in math that is avoided by overpaid math professors, here are the two posts from last month from before the new war: 

Post 1: Once more: The sphere-cone equation. Link used:

Post 2: Addendum to the previous post: The new de Moivre identity for the 3D circular numbers + 2 videos. Link used:

Ok, that was it for this update. Work well and kill well. Till next update. 


(01 March 2022) That freezing of the Russian central bank assets was a brilliant idea! I had only thought of may be it is possible to exclude Russia from all gold transactions (because they have large gold reserves too). So that was a smart and good move: The Russian central bank could not as normal defend the ruble value with it's reserves but had to raise rates from 9.5% to a whopping 20%.

The ruble plunged 20 to 30% today but don't forget: It needs to plunge much much further preferably until we have an exchange rate of say one thousand ruble against one dollar or one euro... We'll keep an eye on that interesting detail. 

In another more Germany has raised it's military budget by 100 billion €. I have been asking for stuff like that for about 15+ years now I estimate. I am not frustrated at all by the slow progress, it is easy to understand why a lot of Germans do feel rather unease about that. I am not a war mongerer but too low military budgets only attract other armies as Napoleon once more or less mentioned. Anyway it is a good thing this is done so I want to thank Germany for that.  

I would like this update as short as possible so here we go with two video's from CNN: 

Item 1) WTF is going on in the Russian army?

 Item 1) WTF is going on in the Russian army?

A lot of military analysts express amazement by the slow advancements of the Russian army. I am not a military analyst but I am amazed too. Now lately we have observed that Putin has gone bonkers and some people argue that Putin might do his calculations but that they are inside a bubble not related to reality or for that matter military reality. 

It seems that since about 2014 the Russian media push the narrative that NATO attacks the Russian speaking minorities inside Ukraine and are causing genocide and stuff like that. 

That is blatantly total nonsense, all these years the death toll was only about 15 thousand and military deliveries were always withheld in order to prevent stuff running out of hand. 

For example most of the Ukrainians do not have good protective gear like helmets and advanced body armor. If there was some kind of proxy war between the NATO and Russia via Ukraine, of course we would have provided more body armor.
This is all so fucking stupid, it makes you wonder why the Russian media do stuff like that.

For the time being it is important that NATO forces stay outside of Ukraine. Luckily countries like Poland volunteer to distribute anti-tank and anti-aircraft weaponry to Ukraine. And let me state it once more: All those east European countries that want to join NATO, in my view it is now ok to join. 

After all we now have more clear insight in how Putin is getting crazy and as such all promises made in the past for not expanding eastwards are now zero and void.

I also observed some people stating that Putin has fell into the classic dictator trap: His subordinates cannot tell him he is wrong on just the smallest detail. Look at this crazy video for more details on that:

In my view the higher echelons of the Russian army are not free thinkers. They must adhere to the weird and crazy view from Putin that the Ukrainian government is a bunch of drug using nazi's. So the poor Ukrainian people are under the whip of drug users that support the nazi ideology...
So if the Russian army would invade Ukraine, without doubt those poor people would welcome them with flowers and applause and of course a lot of fresh pussy that would love to have sex with those Russian war hero's.

In reality it all goes a bit different. Ukrainians don't want to live in Russia and they are willing to put up a fight. And that is what they do.

Didn't I say this update should be short? Yes, so here come the cute video's.
In the first CNN video you see lovely carnage of a few Russian vehicles.
It is claimed it was done with anti-tank ammo. Click on the picture for the video:  


Video title: CNN reporter discovers he is crouching by grenade while on air
Link used:

More of that lovely stuff is a video where a column of Russian vehicles were attacked from the back (there is lower armor at the back): 


The second video from CNN is also very interesting. They interview David Petraeus and that is my old opponent from the war in Iraq. Now David was a formidable opponent and he was really hard to crack back in those long lost years. But he never was crazy like we now have with the Putin that clearly has lost it in many ways.
Here is the video: Former CIA director: 'It’s going abysmally' for Putin
Link used:

Ok, that was it for this update.  


(27 Feb 2022) I never knew Putin could be this funny: I saw him in a video urging the Ukrainian military to throw over their own government. And once more that talk of the Ukrainian government as being nazi's and drug users. It is hard to say if these words were meant for the Ukrainian army (in that case we have one more proof he has a serious mental illness) or that these words are just for consumption inside Russia.

What the 'drug user' part is I do not know but the nazi stuff is explained for the young people in the last item of today. 

About 50 minutes ago it came to my attention that some Russian banks will be thrown out of the SWIFT messaging bank service. That is great, just one day ago countries like Italy were against it but I am glad that for the time being these hurdles are taken. An important detail I never knew was that SWIFT is just a messaging service, it is not an instrument for the actual interbank payments. I guess this more or less means that if Russian banks cannot use it, the obligation to say pay off loans is still there. So all in all it might less of a disaster for the EU banks compared to what I first thought of it. 


Two items for today's update: 

Item 1) Weapon deliveries at the Ukraine.
Item 2) What is a vodka drinker? What is a kleptocrat?

 Item 1) Weapon deliveries at the Ukraine.

Ok, Nord Stream 2 is now cancelled so that strategy has blown up for Putin. Now an important strategic objective from Russia is rather likely they will try to prevent the expansion of NATO eastwards. If my memory works properly, the Russians are in the right that in the past when the iron curtain fell promises were made that NATO would not expand to the east. But likely these were only verbal promises and they have never materialized into treaties in a more formal manner.
Now it has become clear that Putin has gone crazy, I too consider those old promises void and empty. So that is another strategic setback for our lunatic Putin.

As far as I am concerned, these countries are welcome inside NATO.  

Today it became known that my country will deliver 200 Stinger anti-aircraft rockets and on top of that German made Panzerfaust anti-tank boom things. Both bring a broad smile to my face. The Stinger makes me smile because hey we have some MH17 stuff still outstanding with the Russians. The Panzerfaust is funny because ammo like that dates back to World War II so the Russians understand a bit what is coming their way. 


I do not know if the Ukrainians are supposed to pay for this. I hope they get it for free as a gift. In my view we should keep on delivering weaponry to the Ukraine until at least an estimated 10-fold of Russian military personel are killed compared to the war act done against the MH17 back in the time. 

Of course it is hard to say now how long the Ukrainians can keep up the fight, but with some luck we could look at a few thousand extra Russian military dead and wiped out via for example life long handicaps, amputations and all those niceties of warfare. 

 Item 2) What is a vodka drinker? What is a kleptocrat?

When we hear somebody speaking about vodka drinkers or a kleptocrat, we here in the Netherlands and other EU countries instantly know that a vodka drinker is a Russian alcoholic while a kleptocrat is a person near to Putin that siphons money to outside Russia where it can be whitewashed.  

But when Putin is speaking about the Ukraine government as nazi´s, what does he mean with that? Stuff like that goes back to WWII. When the nazi´s invaded Ukraine they were welcomed very much. The Ukrainians were glad because they had suffered millions of deaths because of Stalin and his perfect insights. If you are young and never heard of the Ukrainian famine, you should look it up on the internet. As a matter of fact you can classify the Ukrainian famine as a genocide done on purpose by the Russians. 

By the way, I also found out what Puting means with the present day ´genocide´ that according to his is going on in Ukraine. That are the about 15 thousand deaths since 2014 when Putin confiscated the Crimea and as such started the whole thing. And now he is blaming the nazi´s from the Ukrainian government for that. 

Didn´t I say it a couple of times in the last five days: Putin clearly has gone mentally ill. 

Ok, that was it for this update. I wish the Ukrainian people luck in killing plenty of Russian slime. The first kill is always the hardest, after that you simply are a different person. But the Russians are there to destroy your country, so they must be killed. 

And NATO must be expanded, that must happen too.

At last a short message to that fabulous leader Vladimir Putin:
Vladimir please look me in the eyes:


Answer the question Vladimir: Do you think I will bow for you?

Ok, that was if for this third post in just five days.
Thanks for your attention and please free your 
mind from all that emotion. Think well and work well. 


(25 Feb 2022) I think I must do something that I do not like. But I want to apologize to the USA folks because only last week I made a bit of fun over them when it came to the Ukraine stuff. Ok, what they claimed did not come out (Russia staging a fake terror attack in order to provoke an invasion of Ukraine) but all explanations from the Russian side are just plain crazy. So the assessment of the USA was better compared to what I was thinking one week ago... 

Before we dive into that, the Nord Stream 2 is now gone so that is a good thing. Now a lot of people will say that is a bad thing but if Nord Stream 2 would have gone in work it was only waiting until Putin would get emotional once more and cut off the gas to Germany. Another hurdle is kicking Russia out of the SWIFT international payment system. There are some hesitations because European banks have something like 20 or 30 billion in loans outstanding and the payments of those loans go via the SWIFT system. So kicking Russia out will hurt the banks on that detail but there is also a bright side: These losses will make the banks much more hesitant to make future loans on a timescale of over one decade. And that is where I want the Russian economy to be: Massive damage for over one decade, preferably two decades. 

But Russians can also be very funny: the former prez Medvedev came out in an emotional way by stating that Russia would charge 2000 for gas! I do not know in what currency that was, is that like something of 20 Eurocent? Dumb idiot Medvedev: If Russia is outside of SWIFT, how will you sell only one cubic meter of gas????? 

Item 1) Is Vladimir Putin mentally ill? Part 2.

 Item 1) Is Vladimir Putin mentally ill? Part 2.

For me it is hard to react on what is stated as possible explanations and/or motivations for the invasion of Ukraine. For example the Putin speaks of genocide. Without doubt murder rates in Ukraine are higher compared to the years previous to 2014 but that is logical when there is a civil war stoked on by Russia. But weapon deliveries to Ukraine have been sparse all these years so that has prevented large scale genocide. 

So Putin speaking about genocide is a thing outside reality, that points to a deeper mental illness or at least not being able to grasp what is going on. 


Another very weird thing is that stating this invasion is needed to demilitarize and to denazi Ukraine. Once more: the Ukrainian nation is not a military threat to Russia and what our shithole Putin means with nazi's is unknown to me. As far as I know reality Ukraine is not a hotbed of nazi stuff.

Once more: Talk like this points to a severe cognitive malfunction of those parts of Putins brain that are not braindead right now. In my view this can be classified as being mentally ill. 


For some strange reason the Putin also warned that "There will be consequences the world has never seen before". With that he likely means the nuclear option.  

In my view it is unwise to bring this subject up. Now we are analyzing the mental state of Vladimir Putin and we are more and more accepting he has gone bonkers and is just too emotional. NATO no longer has an option of say throw the smallest possible nuke in a remote corner of Siberia. The only option is now a full blown nuclear assault concentrated on Moscow and make a smoldering radioactive pile of rubble from that city... 

So thank you Putin for pointing me to the way you likely think: along lines that other people could classify as being a mentally ill person. 


So far for the SWIFT evolving situation in the Ukraine. I am sorry for the banks that might loose some billions, it is also important that neither the ECB or any European government compensates for those bank losses because the goal is now to utterly destroy the Russian economy. 

Hey Putin you shithole: Do you think I will bow for you?
Of course you think that, that is why I classify you as some mentally ill person. 

Ok, that was it for this update my dear reader. Think well and work well and please do not let all those emotions get a hold of you.  


(23 Feb 2022) A short item upon the swift evolving situation in the Ukraine. 

Item 1) With Nord Stream 2 now gone, is Vladimir Putin mentally ill?

 Item 1) With Nord Stream 2 now gone, is Vladimir Putin mentally ill?

A common trait of so called autocratic leaders is that they hold on to power far longer than is good for their country. They lack the insight that they are not so ultra smart as the mirror tells them every morning. Some of those leaders have a lot of crazy others are better in hiding it or simply have much lower levels of being crazy. 

All these years I never considered Vladimir Putin a mentally ill person. I always operated from the hypothesis that in the end he will take rational decisions. Ok, the Crimea thing was a silly miscalculation on his behalf. The Vlad never expected so much sanctions for such a small piece of land. 

But now we have this weird speech out, I still have to see it in it's entirety but it is filled with really weird stuff. Did Vladimir Lenin create the Ukraine? I do not have a clue about that but at present date, that is Feb 2022, the Ukraine is a so called sovereign nation. As such it is rather weird that the Vlad can 'recognize' so called peoples republics inside Ukraine.  

If Putin does not understand the concept of sovereignty, in my view that is a clear sign he has lost it in a fundamental way. You know a long time ago Belgium was a part of my own country too. We have had a war with them and now they are independent for say 1.5 centuries. One way or the other Belgium is a sovereign nation, they might have a lot of problems inside that were not solved at all by the war of independence but it is no longer ours. So we cannot confiscate it entirely or only the Dutch speaking parts of it. 

The same goes for the Ukraine. For example Russia has handed out hundreds of thousands of Russian passports to the Russian speaking parts of the Ukraine. But that does not make it a part of Russia. At best those people can travel easily to Russia and build a better life under that perfect leadership of Vladimir Putin. 

Yesterday it was announced by Germany that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be postponed indefinitely. Likely one of the details that Putin did not expect, hey you imbecile: 10 billion € down the drain and you will be the laughing stock for a generation to come.

But serious: I am in favor of kicking Russia out of the SWIFT system plus of course tons of more sanctions. I know it will cause a lot of economical damage here too but now Putin is classified as a possible mentally ill person in the long run it could be the best option we have. 

Of course kicking Russia out of the SWIFT system for international payment should only be done if there is far to much military action in the Ukraine by Russia. 

From a very weird but short video from the Guardian I took the next screen shot of my beloved hero the Vlad: 


Video title: 'Speak directly!': Putin has tense exchange with his chief spy.
Link used:

Oh yes Vladimir: I hope you understand I have spoken directly and clearly. Bye bye Nord Stream 2 and that is only the beginning. Or do you think I will bow for a piece of shit like you are?

In that case you are seriously mentally ill.

End of this update. Think will & work well. 


(18 Feb 2022) What a windy day today & tomorrow a fresh storm will be there. Today via a gust of very hard wind I was blown from one side of the bicycle path to the other side and there was nothing I could do to stop that. This was caused by a high rise flat near where I live and that flat is curved and apparently under the right conditions that can make it blow really hard. And it was fucking hard, I first had to walk say 20 meters before I could ride on... Anyway no one was hurt or so.

Today I have three video's that cover a wide spectrum of human behavior. From weird diplomacy to a very retarded Brexiteer and as vid number 3 a perfect experiment done with water (water is an electric dipole, that is important here) that once more shows that electrons cannot be tiny magnets. Lets make 3 items out of the 3 video's:  

Item 1) Could Russia trigger a fake terror attack? Was 911 an inside job?
Item 2) The weird world of Michael Heaver: Plan To REJOIN EU Exposed.
Item 3) Thunderfoot debunks Vertitasium and helps debunking electron magnetism.

 Item 1) Could Russia trigger a fake terror attack? Was 911 an inside job?

With bewilderment I was looking at the USA envoy to the United Nations. He was explaining that Russia could in an extreme case just fake a terror attack to justify an invasion of the Ukraine...
In my view talk like that falls into the category of conspiracy theories, just like those people that think that the 911 attacks from the year 2001 were an inside job done by the USA.
Is it that hard to understand what the Russians and Vladimir Putin want? They want safety within their borders and be free from a foreign attack by NATO forces or so. 

I don't think Russia will invade the Ukraine. In the first place a whole lot of gas is sold and transported via the territory of the Ukraine. If there is war this gas stream will likely be damaged a lot and as such no natural gas can be sold. On top of that the new Nord Stream 2 will never open and if the Russians have bad luck things like preventing use of the SWIFT system for international payments will be put in place. So invading the Ukraine is not a rational thing to do... 

If I remember it correctly, Putin's mother was in one of those cute World War II things known as Stalingrad or the Leningrad siege. For those who never studied those parts of WWII you surely must do that at least once in your life. Stuff like that was so horrible that it looks logical to me that Putin wants to prevent stuff like that at all costs. 

Click on the picture for the Youtube video:


Video title: Ukraine Crisis: Russia could 'fake terror attack' - US
Link used:

 Item 2) The weird world of Michael Heaver: Plan To REJOIN EU Exposed.

In general Brexiteers are stupid people because if you think that throwing up all kinds of barriers to trade is good for your economy, you have at least one screw loose. Brexit is appealing to people that have under average cognitive levels, to be precise: only if you are stupid enough you think Brexit is a good idea. 

I sometimes look at the video's of Michael Heaver just for entertainment. What weird stuff has Michael today? Today he discovered a secret plan to REJOIN THE EU! Sheer panic of course. Luckily we have the cool and committed Michael to explain this all to us and as such prevent a horrible REJOIN THE EU! 

There is so much nonsense going on in the UK. Brexiteers think that the new blue passports were forbidden by the EU. Brexiteers think that the old and impractical imperial measurements were forbidden by the EU. Brexiteers think this and they think that, very often it is not rooted in fact but more in fantasy. 


Video title: Plan To REJOIN EU Exposed
Link used:

For example those freeports that are embraced by the Brexiteers, it was David Cameron who back in 2012 or so did end the freeports they had at the time.
It was never a thing that is not allowed by EU rules & regulation. But trying to explain that to idiots like Michael is a work that will take at least 5 centuries of time... 

 Item 3) Thunderfoot debunks Vertitasium and helps debunking electron magnetism.

About one hundred years back in the year 1922 the so called Stern-Gerlach experiment was done. A beam of silver atoms was split in two by a magnetic field. I went totally crazy when I learned about the SG-experiment for the first time. How the hell was this possible because after all the overpaid idiots known as the physics professors always tell us there is only one kind of electrons? And all these electrons are tiny magnets that either align themselves with an applied external magnetic field or that they anti-align with that magnetic field. 

One of the detail I could not understand was: Why would an electron anti-align itself with an external magnetic field? That is just like a compass needle turning into the wrong direction and instead of pointing to the north it does the opposite.

Anyway in a few days I figured out that if electrons carry magnetic charge, the results of the SG experiment could be explained in stuff that was far more logical. If electrons are not tiny magnets but instead are magnetic monopoles all of a sudden a whole lot of things become much more logical. 

In the video Thunderfoot shows that water molecules (that are electric dipoles) never split in two streams and that the whole process of 'anti-alignment' just never happens in water molecules.  

After so many years and about one hundred reasons as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, this is one more for the road we are driving on. After so many years I still have to find that one shiny detail that proves the overpaid idiots known as the physics professors are in the right and I am in the wrong with my ideas about magnetism... 

The video is about 30 minutes long and there is a whole to unpack in it so better view it twice to get some better comprehension. Electric fields only attract an electric dipole because that anti-alignment is just a fantasy.  


Video title: Veritasium: BUSTED!
Link used: 

My dear reader: Please do not think that by showing you this video on the behavior of water molecules is an attempt by me of convincing you of my ideas of electrons being magnetic monopoles. 

Last year in 2021 I changed policy and classified the physics professors as the same kind of shit as math professors: BETTER AVOID THEM LIKE THEY HAVE THE PEST.

Ok that is what I had to say today. Think well and work well. 

For older updates see the archives at index16.htm or go to the oversight of the archive pages.  

 __________ End

















Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4 

In Nov 2015 I opened a separate website for the three dimensional complex numbers:  


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles

09 Jan 2017: The link above grew out to 41 reasons that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. We proceed with reason number 42 on

Page 2 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Page 3 covers the stuff as found in the year 2018.

Page 4 covers the stuff for the year 2019.

Page 5 covers results found in the year 2020. 


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...

























































Title: A 2022 condolences card to the US dollar.