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Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

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(01 Dec 2023) There is indeed some weird stuff going on with tankers from Greece transporting Russian oil. It seems they don't abide by the 60$ price cap and we can't have that of course. See from the business insider:
Greek oil tankers are avoiding Russia after getting a stern letter from the US. I found no further information on the rumor that Greece also sold old oil tankers to Russia, these were old tankers designated for scrapping them. But if Russia expands their tanker fleet that way that is very unhelpful.
I do not know if those rumors bear any truth and I do not want to make false accusations but if true we can't have stuff like that... 

After having said that, two items for today: 

Item 1) Latest Ramstein meeting and a new air defense coalition for UA.
Item 2) Advertisement for the latest math post.

  Item 1) Latest Ramstein meeting and a new air defense coalition for UA.

Last week there was a new round of Ramstein meetings, it was the 17-th already if I remember it correctly. Of course there are plenty of problems like that lack of shell for artillery and all kinds of stuff known or unknown. 


But there was a new air defense coalition formed under leadership of Germany and France. That is a good thing because it's not only good for Ukraine but we Europeans too have to master the art of air defense much more in the present time of drone warfare. 

I didn't look up the details but Germany has also anti air stuff with big machine guns and the whole thing seems to be laser guided. You understand why I consider that interesting: there goes a ton of math into such systems... 

Beside that the US Patroits are very good but you can't just use them for drones, that is not an efficient way of using them. Patriots must do the big rocket stuff that Russia fires, in particular getting better and better at taking out those superfast hypersonic missiles. Thos hypersonic things also have a nuclear capability so all in all it is important to learn how to shoot them down before they reach their target. 

Anyway Germany also has a giant 60 billion € in her budget so lets hope they can solve that. (A German judge activated the so called "Schulden Bremse" and yes if that is a law over there indeed there is a big problem...)

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Advertisement for the latest math post.

Last Monday I posted the latest math post, it is about 2D multiplications so ways of multiplying two numbers in a plane. It's all very simple I left all more complicated stuff like the numbers tau out. First that basics and they are already very promising.  

To focus the mind, hopefully you know that the complex plane is ruled by an imaginary number i and it's square is given by: i^2 = -1. If you replace that rule by say i^2 = -1 + i you get a ton of interesting features.

You might wonder why the professional math professors don't do stuff like that. Well if you would do that as a math professor, that is bad for your career and likely you won't get anything published. Beside that it might very well be there is just no (expensive) math journal for such investigations.
Well it is what it is, math professors are just as weird as the physics professors with their incoherent ramblings on electron spin.

But it has all kinds of interesting math features, for example below you can see a number i^3 = -3 + 8i. Now in the world of the overpaid math professors if you would calculate the inverse of this number unavoidable you are getting fractions in your answer.

Yet in the plane ruled by i^2 = -1 + 3i your complex exponential is a hyperbole and all powers of i have an inverse without any fractions. It all has it's own logic but hey try to explain that to the math professors...


To be honest if you would have told me five years back that in the year 2023 I would seriously consider studying so called Diophantine equations in the plane I would tell you that you are mentally ill. Diophantine equations are mostly just equations with solution but the Diophantine means you want integer solutions to these equations.

May be you have heard of Pythagorean triples like 3^2 + 4^2 = 5^2. That in itself is a very Diophantine kind of problem because you want integers that do the thing.

If you have a Pythagorean triple like above all of a sudden there are more solutions to an equation as x^2 + y^2 = 5 compared to x^2 + y^2 = 4. Instead of 4 there are now 8 solutions.

Now my new found complex planes have all kinds of stuff that is very similar to idea's like that. For example if you use the rule i^2 = -1 + i all powers of i do lie on an ellipse and often there are six solutions to that.

Those six solutions rotate if you multiply them by the i that rules this particular kind of multiplying 2D numbers. But like expected, sometimes there are more solutions like in the next picture: 


There are now 12 solutions falling into two different groups of each 6 integer solutions.

It's all cute math stuff and may be I should post the link to it:

Title of the new post: 2D elliptical and hyperbolic multiplications
Link used:

Ok let's not get confused about math or physics of overpaid professors! It is better to KEEP ON KILLING THOSE FUCKING RUSSIANS! 

After speaking such words of peace, let me try to upload this to the internet.
As always thanks for your attention and see you in a new update. 


(29 Nov 2023) No intro talk on Greece oil tankers sold to Russia, just two items for this day's update: 

Item 1) Our weird Geert & interesting UA sniper records.
Item 2) Einstein de Haas effect; talking our of their necks again?

 Item 1) Our weird Geert & interesting UA sniper records.

Oh oh I would never think I would voluntary look at some videos with our weird Geert talking. Well he has not changed and he still wants a Nexit because for example of (illegal) immigration. 

Well look at the UK how that one goes since their Brexit: They now have record numbers of immigrants but now they cannot send back illegal immigrants to the country they first landed in. And why? Well they are no longer part of the EU. 

This idiot, Geert, will only make those problems worse if he gets his way... 

Every body can look up statistics, say economical statistics from the UK and see for yourself how good that Brexit is for their economy. Not much. So why does Geert not do such stuff? Well like said before; he is just to fucking stupid to understand such statistics. 

A Nexit will do miracles for our agriculture exports; if every plant or animal item has to be inspected by a veterinarian and specialists in plant diseases, that will hurt our economy very bad.  

But again if you ask Geert you only get weird emotional stuff and just never ever anything that is logical. The guy is a walking disaster. 


From Ukraine I only have a small but very interesting detail. It's about sniper stuff, those long distance shooters. I myself was not very good at shooting, I just could not suppress my reflex of closing my eyes after pulling the trigger so I could never see where the bullet did slam in.
But in itself the sniper stuff is an art or a science in itself. There goes a whole lot of stuff into being a good sniper or marksman.   

The distances claimed by the Ukrainians are a huge improvement over long standing records. If it's all correct, my compliments! An interesting feature is that they produce these kind of long distance rifles themselves. That is a good thing of course. US defense news had a video out recently, as always click on the picture to land at the video:


Video title: Ukraine sharpshooter eliminates a Russian soldier 3,800 metres away with sniper rifle
Link used:

Lets go to the next item: 

 Item 2) Einstein de Haas effect; talking our of their necks again?

Often I wonder as why the physics people for themselves never see all those problems you have when you view electrons as tiny magnets. When it comes to explaining all kinds of problems they come up with all kinds of explanations that in itself often sound logical.
But if you lay these kind of explanations next to each other, it is not very consistent. It's often completely contrary, the stuff just does not add up.

For example in the Stern-Gerlach experiment the splitting into two streams of silver atoms is explained by the probabilistic behavior of electrons: With a probability of 50% the spin will point up and also 50% of pointing down.

Ok, this sounds reasonable and if you like almost 100% of physics people not capable of doing the math to calculate that 'tiny electron magnets' just can't explain this, you might believe in that crap explanation.

Now a few weeks back I came across the Einstein de Haas effect. The effect is that an iron cylinder starts rotating when you flip on the magnetic field. (It is caused by a changing or alternating magnetic field, see the video below.) And how do they explain that? 

Well if 50% of electrons would flip to spin up and the other 50% would flip to spin down, in that case the cylinder would never start to rotate...
But the physics people are very very good in talking out of their neck and as such one 100% percent of electrons flip their spin either up or down.
Now the underlying explanation is 'conservation of angular momentum'. 

And as such the whole principle of the electron spin state as being probabilistic is thrown overboard and 0% of the physics community say this is crazy. 

Well they live in their world and I live in mine and in my world the electrons are the long sought magnetic monopoles. The magnetic properties of the electrons are just as their electric properties:


So all that stuff of electrons flipping their spin is bull shit as told by people that are 'locally smart' in the sense they can 'explain' one experiment. But they just don't have oversight of how all those different experiments must also have a so called 'global explanation'. And that is my monopole stuff... 

But try to explain that to your local physics professors...

Anyway it is late over here so let me try and upload this stuff. The video is a bit boring if you are not into physics but if you want to see it just click on the picture below: 


Video title: 5H60.10 - Einstein De Haas Effect
Link used:

Well that was it for this update. Thanks for your attention and ask your local physics professor why they are crazy...;)


(24 Nov 2023) Oh oh, that were some weird elections! The PVV of Geert Wilders became the greatest party and as such we run the risk of Geert as the next pm. If that happens the Dutch population can learn it is not that smart to have a dumbass pm.

For example our Geert would love to have a Nexit, he would like to leave the EU just like the Brits did. So why would he be in favor of that? Well one of the reasons is that Geert is a relative dumb person. He is too stupid to understand all the negative economical effects it will have, just like the Brexiteers were on average to dumb to understand such complicated stuff.

What is good about Geert Wilders? Well he has a healthy motoric system so he can walk and move and so. And, very important, like a lot of politicians he has a well developed speech center in his brain. As such a lot of voters seem to think he also has a good cognition, but sorry that is not the case. All his stuff is never thought through, most of the time it just an emotional eruption like his explanation of why they won the elections:

"De mensen zijn er spuugzat van!" Translated that would be something like "The people are spit saturated by it". So nothing of any form of analysis, only one more emotional and stupid thing that explains just nothing.

Well we will have an interesting future over here, hopefully it will go down more or less like the fantastic government of Liz Truss. That's also a weird ideologue with little cognitive capabilities.  

Well we'll see, lets go to our items of today: 

Item 1) It took Russians 40 days to capture this post, why?
Item 2) More math & An applause for the chemistry guy Three TwentySix!

  Item 1) It took Russians 40 days to capture this post, why?

The channel Reporting from Ukraine had a hilarious video out about a remote controlled machine gun. That machine gun kept away the Russians for 40 days from the gun nest it was in. It's totally hilarious, the Russians tried all kinds of things like lots of artillery and even air power but the stupid machine gun refused to die...;)

My dear Ukrainians I have no idea about how the elections over here will influence the aid to Ukraine. Likely the F16 stuff will go through but if you have an idiot as pm it is hard to say what will happen. Plans were also to add an additional 2 billion € to next year's budget for Ukraine, lets hope that won't get derailed by weird political forces.  

It is what it is, there is no rolling back these elections. Anyway as always click on the picture to land at the video: 


Video title: 22 Nov: WOW. Ukrainians UNLEASH ROBOTS-MACHINE GUNS Link used:

Likely at night (Russians don't have night vision goggles) the Ukrainians replaced the electricity and fed the brave machine gun fresh ammo. I hope they also talked to the machine gun and said that he was a good boy. 

But serious, how much Russians were shot dead by this gun? I have no idea but if it kept the Russians at bay for 40 days it must have been a lot. 

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) More math & An applause for the chemistry guy Three TwentySix!

The complex plane is defined by the imaginary unit i and most people know that i^2 = -1. Powers of i lie on the unit cirle, that is the so called complex exponential or that Euler thing that says e^it = cos(t) + i* sin(t).

You can very easy make all kinds of variants of this complex plane by changing the behavior of the imaginary unit i. I changed it to the next rule:

i^2 = -1 + 3i. 

It's just an example but if you now take successive powers of i, they all lie on the integer points of a hyperbola. This hyperbola is the set of points that have a determinant of one and as such they form a group. If you multiply any two points on that hyperbola, the result always lies on that hyperbola again.

You can check for yourself that indeed i^3 = -3 + 8i and if you want you can use the good desmos graphing package from the internet to plot the graph and check all other powers of i do lie indeed on this graph.

Math professors never use these kind of simple and easy changes to the way a multiplication works. They only use the complex plane and those 4D numbers known as the quaternions. Why this is I don't know, it is one of the forms that they use to keep each other stupid I just guess...


Electron time! A small but significant detail was observed: For the very first time in the nine years that I doubt that electrons are tiny magnets, there is this chemistry guy Three TwentySix that wonders why there are only electron pairs. 

That is worth a standing ovation for say 10 minutes long!

It proves that not everybody is braindead on this planet, there is one guy that wonders why there are only electron pairs. It is a true miracle, a non brain dead person talking about electron spin...

Ok ok there are also lone electrons often named unpaired electrons but if all that "electrons are tiny magnets" bullshit was true, then why in the whole of chemistry are there never ever more as two electrons combined?

The very smart non braindead guy Three TwentySix does not jump to the right conclusion: electrons are not tiny magnets but magnetic monopoles. But that does not matter, he is the very first person in nine years time that actually understands there is a weird problem here.

The video is about atomic orbitals and if you do not know much about those orbitals this video is a very good introduction. In the fourteenth minute it is where he doubts a bit of how this all is supposed to work: electron pairs are two electrons that are anti aligned and that is what the weirdo's of quantum physics have made from it. So if you are interested as always click on the picture to land at the video: 


Video title: What ARE atomic orbitals?
Link used:

Ok lets call it a day and let me try to upload this to the biggest garbage can humanity has: the internet. Thanks for your attention and thanks for not falling asleep with my ramblings on electron spin. 


(22 Nov 2023) It is election day over here and polls indicate it is all so close that the outcome is totally unpredictable. Just a very short time ago about 40% of the population was still undecided, so it can swing to all sides. To all sides? Yes even the party of Geert Wilders could become the largest party... 

Better not make some coalition with the Wilders thing, likely just like the previous time four years is just too long for Geert to stay emotionally stable and as such he will blow up a future Dutch government just like he did before. 


Item 1) Joe Blogs on the evolution of the Russian population.
Item 2) A bit of math and a bit of VESPR theory.

 Item 1) Joe Blogs on the evolution of the Russian population.

There was a video out on how organized and long term strategic Putin is. It is an interview with a guy that was a long time adviser to the Vlad. Well I don't buy it, Putin might be organized and a strategic thinker but does that make him smart enough to eventually win in the Ukraine equation? 

Video title: ‘I Worked With Putin: Here’s What You Don’t Know About Him’
Link used:

Ok, now for the video that Joe had out, as always his titles are a bit over the top. Russia's workforce and population do not face a total disaster as Joe says but they sure will have longterm and severe problems with that. 

There are amazingly few males in Russia compared to the number of females. There are all kinds of reasons for that, for example Russia is a relative violent society and as such a lot of males get killed by other males. I never studied the Russian murder rates but likely they are far to high. 

Anyway the long term goal is of course to weaken the Russian military to the extend they cannot do to another European nation what they are presently doing in Ukraine. As such the information offered by Joe is surely helpful. Anyway it won't work against that goal of long term crippling of Russian military might...;)  

In the picture you see a demographic up build of the Russian population, it is obvious there will be future problems. As always click on the picture to land on the video:  


Video title: RUSSIA Workforce & Population Disaster - Employee Shortages, Demographic & Economic Crisis.
Link used:

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) A bit of math and a bit of VESPR theory.

I started writing a new math post on those slightly modified complex multiplication where the old rule i^2 = -1 is replaced by the rule i^2 = -1 + i

The most important ellipse below is the red one because that is a so called complex exponential. You can compare that to the unit circle in the complex plane, you know that Euler thing that says e^it = cos(t) + i* sin(t).

What I found interesting there are six points on the ellipse that have integer coordinates. If you multiply by the number i using this modified kind of multiplication, you go through these integer points. Here i is the point (0, 1) just like in the ordinary complex plane.

For me it is a very funny detail that i^3 = -1 for this multiplication. As always I expect all math professors to see water burning once more and also once more zero reaction from those folks. Not that I care much about that any longer but that is what I expect: 100% neglectance as usual...

The integer solutions on the blue ellipse have a very different position as those on the red ellipse but if you multiply them by the new i you land on the next integer solution. The blue ellipse is where the determinant is 3 by the way. It's cute math, not very deep although I still haven't found the parametrization of the red ellipse. That is a big more hardcore math stuff.

I estimate that in a week time or so the post is ready to publish on the other website. Lets go to the electron stuff. 


Electron time! When about nine years back I started doubting that electrons are tiny magnets, the first years of course I tried to kill that idea. After all if I would go with that insight to some physics professor, it was 100% sure they would find that very funny but they would not want to talk about such weird idea's.

As the years went by just nothing pointed to the crazy idea's of the overpaid non competent physics professors: electrons are not tiny magnets but are in fact magnetic monopoles. Just like they are electric monopoles. But the physics professors are truly stupid to the bone because they also think that magnetic monopoles do not exist.

One of the details that pointed to me being right were the details of the so called VESPR theory. This theory tries to predict the shape of electron clouds and molecules by using the observation that electron pairs always repel each other. Furthermore it is well known that electron pairs are neutral under the application of magnetic fields while lone or unpaired electrons are not.

Well if you are capable of logical thinking, you would say this all points to electrons being magnetic monopoles. So how do the professional physics professors explain this magnetic neutrality of the electron pair?

Well those shallow thinking weirdo's always say that in an electron pair the spin of the electrons is anti-aligned and as such the two magnetic dipoles cancel each other out.

The explanation is often some blah blah blah about the Pauli exclusion principle that says something about quantum numbers that can't be the same. Or they do some blah blah about the wave function. Yet they never say that such a formation of an electron pair can only be done if you throw overboard the principle that in magnetism only opposite magnetic poles attract. 

But if you view electrons as magnetic charges all of a sudden this VESPR theory becomes a lot more logical:

1) It explains why unpaired electrons are magnetic &
2) Explains why electron pairs are neutral under magnetism. 

So why does this kind of elementary logic not fall into fertile earth at the side of the professional physics professors? There are many reasons for this, they are overpaid and have tons of social standing because they are 'professors'. That reinforces their behavior: If you get a fat salary if you tell rubbish like the do on electron spin, why change that?   

Therefore in the last years I have given up on only telling logic stuff and now name an idiot an idiot. Like the David DiVincenzo guy or the Delft professors working on quantum computers. These folks are idiots but they will not change because of the far to high payments they get, the arrogance they have and all of the social standing they have.

Anyway, VESPR theory comes from the science of chemistry so it is mostly about how molecules are shaped in that three dimensional world we live in. But the basic idea is very important: Electron pairs repulse each other. 

This time I did not select a video but a wiki, it is rather long and may be more of interest for those people that like chemistry.  


The background picture is a female robot that I found via an internet search on 'Female robots with big tits'. Ok ok the robot tits are not that very big but why should female robots have tits anyway? The picture was from the Huffington Post. 

As far as I know female robots with tits, big or small, are not an item in our elections tomorrow. So Dutch political parties have never expressed views on female robots with or without tits. For my male mind this society is still full of mysteries...

May be it is time to split and do some math or so. Thanks for your attention and see you in another update of this website. 


(17 Nov 2023) There was just too much news today but just one positive tiny detail is that about 1300 Russians were killed or wounded in the neighborhood of a town named Adiivka or whatever you spell that name. Why the Russians want that part of Ukraine so much is still unknown to me.
Two items for today, here we go:

Item 1) Xi visits Joe and Anders Puck Nielsen on Ukraine.
Item 2) A bit of math & Ben Miles on the roundness of the electron.

  Item 1) Xi visits Joe and Anders Puck Nielsen on Ukraine.

President Xi was or is on a visit to the USA. What new was for me that in the past he has been an exchange student in the USA, that's kind of hilarious... Anyway it would be good if there were a bit less tensions between the two countries so who knows if this might be a good start. 

New York Times had a relative long article about the stuff, as always click on the picture if you want to read that: 


NYT title: In Talks With Biden, Xi Seeks to Assure and Assert at the Same Time. Link used:


In a very different development Anders Puck Nielsen had a video out where he discusses the recent developments in regard to the crossing of the Dnipro river. Puck also shows two maps of the frontline and it is interesting how much it has been the same for one entire year... 

Video title: Ukraine's river crossing can change the war.
Link used: 

Lets go to the next item: 

 Item 2) A bit of math & Ben Miles on the roundness of the electron.

Ok, back to the small modification of the complex multiplication. Now we use the rule i^2 = -1 + i and no you must not try to solve this as a polynomial equation. It is just a rule you must need in multiplying two complex numbers together. 

Anyway I improved the picture from the previous update a little bit because the desmos graphic calculator places some dots in it but I wanted them on all points of the ellipse with integer coordinates. It is not surprising that powers of i under this new multiplication rule always are on the ellipse because that ellipse is that part of the plane where the determinant is one. This ellipse is a group under multiplication using the new rule. 

The surprising detail is of course that it goes through ALL points on the ellipse with integer coordinates. I tried a few other multiplications, if you use the rule i^2 = -1 + 3i you get a hyperbola and as far as I can see powers of i also cover all integer valued points. Ok ok on the hyperbola the powers of i are not periodic but if you have one branch found you also have all others via some simple transformations like taking the minus of a found point and or swapping x and y. I don't know what to think of it, I have no idea how to prove this or that may be there are many counter examples to be found in the future. 

Also this is more of an algebra thing and often that is not my cup of tea. But a lot of math folks try to find integer solutions or rational solutions to all kinds of equations so questions like this are investigated all of the time. Of course they don't use modifications of the complex multiplication because they only use the complex plane and or quaternions but that's a voluntary restriction on their behalf.

I didn't have time to make a picture with a hyperbola so this is all I got: 


Electron time! Often I complain about the fact that physics professors do not have any experimental proof or evidence that the electron is a tiny magnet as they think. May be they think there is experimental proof because they think they have measured the electron magnetic dipole moment to twelve decimal places precise. But if you look into the details of such experiments, often a single electron is trapped in a Penning trap. A constant magnetic field is applied and with an alternating magnetic or electric field the electron is made to oscillate and it produces a frequency. Depending on the spin state of the electron there are tiny differences in those frequencies and from that they try to find the magnetic dipole moment of the electron.

The fact that you can make electrons oscillate with an oscillating magnetic field is very strange if the electron is a tiny magnet but no one cares and the circus of professional physics goes on for another day.

But they have performed experiments trying to find out if the electron may be has a (tiny) electric dipole moment. Why they don't do that for the magnetic dipole moment is one of the mysteries of professional physics...;)

Anyway a guy with the name Ben Miles had a video out and one of the things was this particular experiment. By the way the name 'Miles' sounds very strange don't you think? In my country I know of nobody who has the name Kilometer like in "Hello my name is Hans Kilometer and today I want to talk about qubits based on electron spin".

Lets try to stay serious, Ben remarks that it would have severe consequences if the electron indeed has a (tiny) electric dipole moment. I agree with that but also want to remark that for years I am saying the electrons do NOT have any fucking dipole magnetic moment. And that has a lot of severe consequences too.  

Consequences like we only observe electron pairs and no other configurations of three or more electrons. That VESPR theory is based on mutual repulsion of electron pairs and that theory is used to explain the shape of electron clouds around atoms. Ben Ben Ben, electrons are not tiny magnets, they do not have a fucking magnetic dipole moment and why are otherwise relative smart folks like you not able to see this simple fact?

As always click on the picture to see the video from Ben Miles: 


Video title: What If Electrons Aren't Round? The Antimatter Problem.
Link used:

That was it for this update, now let me try to get my precious thoughts into the biggest garbage can humanity has: the internet. 

If you read this thanks for not falling asleep and thanks for your attention. 


(15 Nov 2023) No intro talking, the update is already far too long. So just two items for this update: 

Item 1) DW on the ammo delivery problems to Ukraine (it's bad).
Item 2) Math and The Loss & Divincenzo proposal (part 2).

  Item 1) DW on the ammo delivery problems to Ukraine (it's bad).

I never looked into the details of those ammo delivery problems, one million standard 155 mm rounds promised and it won't happen on the expected timescale...

Well DW had a short but insightful item on that: There are all kinds of problems. For example there isn't a 'standard round' at all but about 15 different ones. That is a far cry from the principle that all kinds of ammo should go into all kinds of launching platforms.

This all has grown in historical ways and yes a lot is understandable because there is a lot of protectionism in the weapons industry. If a company has some market share with their particular howitzer round, that indeed ensures the profits of that company but on the battlefield this is counterproductive of course.

If every time you need another kind of howitzer to fire the rounds you get, that is of course not feasible. Also for the logistics point of view this is not good or as one person said: That is a logistical nightmare... 

Well click on the picture to land at the DW video: 


Title: EU struggles with Ukraine ammunition pledge | DW News
Link used:

Well lets hope for the best but in the short run there is likely not much improvement my dear Ukrainians... 

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Math and The Loss & Divincenzo proposal (part 2).

A tiny bit of funny math, lately I showed you an alternative way of multiplying in the two dimensional plane. That was a slight modification of the split complex numbers and now the rule was i^2 = 1 + i. (The split complex numbers work via the rule i^2 = 1.) 

You can do the same for the complex plane that is ruled by i^2 = -1 and modify it to i^2 = -1 + i. Last week I showed you an ellipse related to where the determinant is one. Because it is one, that ellipse forms a group, if you multiply any two numbers from that ellipse you always land on the ellipse because the determinant stays one under multiplication of any pair of such numbers.

Ok ok, the professional math professors think that the norm of a product is the product of the norm but it has nothing to do with norms. The underlying stuff is determinants and yes on the complex plane the determinant is the square of the norm, that is where that norm stuff comes from.

Anyway I was curious what powers of i would be if you use the rule i^2 = -1 + i and it was very funny to calculate. You see it in the picture below, it is very interesting this ellipse goes through six coordinate point with whole integer coordinates. In the standard complex plane there are only four such points, so it's a kind of interesting Diophantine problem... 


It is striking hilarious that we now have i^3 = -1 yet as far as I know this kind of multiplication has nothing to do with my own 3D complex numbers that are ruled by an imaginary unit j via the rule j^3 = -1


Then I want to make a short remark on what Sandro Mareco claimed in a video from last week's update: He said that what he told was verified by experiments. I said it wasn't so and once more looked into what is actually known:

1) The original Stern-Gerlach experiment was done in 1922.
2) There was a follow up experiment with atomic hydrogen in 1927 but there is hardly any information out on the entire internet. I couldn't find a thing.
3) The Frisch & Segre experiment with a spin rotation chamber from the year 1931 if I remember it correctly. It failed. As far as I know this was the only sequential SG experiment, the Einstein guy had given them some advice on how to build the apparatus but if all FAILED!   

So as far as I know it is all BULLSHIT that experiments show electrons can change their spin state. In my view the magnetic properties of electrons are just as their electric properties: PERMANENT & MONOPOLE. 

I know the professional physics professors won't like that or neglect that or whatever the weirdo's will do or not do. I don't  care but I also think that their salaries are just a waste of taxpayer money. All those quantum computers based on electron spin will never work if you can't flip the spin state of electrons. These people are crazy. 


Now we look again at the Loss & DiVincenzo proposal from the 90-ties of the previous century: Qubits based on the spin of a single electron. 

Well if my vision of electron stuff is correct those qubits will never work. So in about 25 years of time how much progress have those people made? Not much, actually nothing and they have only lame excuses to show for that.

Now it is that the spin of nearby nuclei interfere with the spin of the electron and therefore that does not work. So they try that spin free isotope of silicon, of course it does not work and now they blame the atomic structure of silicon. 

And so in the last years they have turned to spin free isotopes of Germanium and I do not know what the latest lame explanation will be. 

A few weeks ago I showed you that video from David DiVincenzo where he explained that electron preferential form electron pairs if and only if they have opposite spins. Of course this is crazy to the bone, it is well known that in magnetism opposite poles attract while like poles repel. But David, crazy as he is, tells the audience that the electrons bind via anti parallel spins. Of course he does not say that he throws overboard that principle that only opposite poles attract because even the audience he is preaching his wisdom to will never believe that. So he does some mystification and also gets an applause at the end of his ramblings.

A few weeks back I had already seen the video from Jeroen Danon but I did not write down the video title and I could not find it back. But now I have found it back and yes if you are not into that kind of stuff it is a bit long video. About 30 minutes long but you can go to about 13 minutes into that video where he 'explains' that silicon based qubits don't work. They don't work because the nuclear spins interfere with the electron spin Jeroen says. 

If you view the video please remark Jeroen has a perfectly normal working human brain. There is nothing strange in his behavior so his brain works more or less healthy. For example he has only about 30 minutes of speaking time and he manages that very good, so he has no biological illness or so.

Yet why don't these people see for themselves that there are all kinds of problems with viewing electrons as tiny magnets? If you can't see that, in my view you are not a scientist but only a person that tries to score social points. And the largest 'social point' if of course the Nobel prize, that's the game they play and it has not much to do with science.

As always, click on the picture to land at the video: 


Video title: Solid-state spin qubits.
Link used:

Lets call it a day and thanks for your attention while I will try to upload the above stuff in the largest garbage can humanity has: the internet. 


(10 Nov 2023) EU chief Ursula von der Leyen has invited Ukraine to start negotiations with the EU for future membership of the EU Bloc. That is a good thing because I think it is good for Ukraine if they have some long term perspective upon stuff like economical development and all the things that come with that. But my dear Ukrainians it is a very long process, in the end you also must have those harmonized statistics that fit on the EU standards so it's a mountain of work. But it's good thing to put this thing on the rails...

Let's go to the two items for today: 

Item 1) Zelensky says it's not a stalemate and stuff like that.
Item 2) Advertisement new math post and more talking out of their neck.

 Item 1) Zelensky says it's not a stalemate and stuff like that.

To my surprise a small row endured in the UA capital between the political leadership and the military leadership regarding that interview from Valerii Zaluzhnyi to the Economist. In that interview Valerii warned the stuff could go into a stalemate as far as I remember so not that it already is a hard boiled stalemate. 

Well you can talk long and short on this but in my view a lot has been achieved. Take for example the demolishment of the Russian naval headquarters in Crimea and the gradual diminishing of the role of the Russian Black Sea fleet. Grain gets still out although as far as I know now a second civilian ship has been attacked by Russia.

And so on and so on. Also, it did not check the calculations but I heard an estimate that estimated Russian losses in lives are now about 15 times the total losses the USA had in Iraq. Like I said before: Russia now has much more death compared to their war in Afghanistan where they withdrew because of the many casualties they had over there.

In a normal world where the political leadership in the Kremlin was not crazy to the bone, they would have withdrawn already. Why they are willing to let so many Russians die is unknown to me, after all the costs are so huge that it is impossible to gain that from seizing UA land. 

This is a crazy war, lets not forget that. And about the stalemate stuff, a lot of things go relatively well but a lot of things also go terribly slow. That are all kinds of reasons for that like the giant number of mines in use and the fact both military parties can often see what the other is doing. I don't think there is much shame in that, of course it is terrible hard to gain much in the land parts of the war. Especially where a lot of Russians are gathered, that is just logical and may be a bit unforeseen. 

CNN reported on the row, the picture is not a video but just a picture. If you click on it you will land at the CNN report on the stalemate detail: 


Title: Tensions grow in Kyiv over status of war, as Zelensky insists conflict with Russia is not at a ‘stalemate’
Link used:

Of course it's not Zelenksy's task to send out all kinds of mixed signals, he should be a very one dimensional leader pointing to victory. So I can understand he is a bit pissed but all in all it is better to tell the truth as it is and not paint a picture that is just far to rosy.

Military info should always reflect reality and that includes the stuff that is not going well.  I have spoken on this detail.

Lets go to the next item.  

 Item 2) Advertisement new math post and more talking out of their neck.

As said before the new math post would be about a multiplication in the 2D plane that you could name a "Golden ratio kind of multiplication". I know it's a bit of a click bait title but universities have multi million marketing budgets while I have nothing so it's an allowed sin.  

Click on the picture below to land at my latest math post with the golden ratio multiplication. In the picture you see a few interesting things:

1) At the top you see a screen shot of an internet search of my second part of general theory. That was posted one month ago and it already nicely lands as the top result in the search engine DuckDuckGo. So that is very satisfying because in the past no matter what those websites with a lot of traffic always popped up above me if for example they had a page with an 'E' in it and also the word 'matrix'. It was hard to beat websites like the mathstackexchange but as the years has passed it now is a bit better.

2) In the middle you see a math expression that equals one, the math expression if the determinant of the matrix representations that come along with those new born golden ratio split complex numbers. I was just curious what you would get and it likely is a hyperbola. I did not prove it is a hyperbola but given the way the quadratic expression looks it is very hard that it is not a hyperbola...

3) At the bottom of the picture I show you the result if you turn the multiplication on the complex plane that is ruled by i^2 = -1 into a golden ratio style kind of multiplication via i^2 = -1 + i and see what you get if you want the determinant to be one. You get an ellipse. I did not prove it was an ellipse, I was just curious what it could be.

4) Four the background picture I used is just some random ai generated stuff. 


Title of the new post: Cauchy-Riemann equations for a ‘golden ratio’ 2D multiplication. 


Electron spin.

About nine years back I started doubting that electrons were 'tiny magnets' with two magnetic poles. I was thinking that only a magnetic monopole could explain the results of the famous Stern-Gerlach experiment.

In the present year I dare to say that electrons are not only magnetic monopoles but also that this magnetic charge is permanent. So what took me so very long?

Well I looked for experiments that validated all the claim that professinal physics people make when it comes the the SG experiment. They think that an electron can flip between the spin up and spin down quantum states they talk about.

And they even say it is validated by experiment. So year in year out I kept on looking for experiments that validated their claims...

Now I think this is all a bag of bullshit, they think experiments have been done but where are the fucking results? They are only in the mind of professional theoretical physics professors, in a time span of nine years I found not a singe experiment that proves their bullshit is validated by experiment...

In the next video you see one of those weirdo's, likely overpaid as hell and that makes them dumb as hell. It's about 13 minutes into the video where he says this SG stuff about electron flipping their spin state is confirmed by experiment. 

Why was I always so stupid to believe them at face value, this quantum computer stuff based on electron spin is one 100% bull shit!


Video title: Lecture 15 3 STERN GERLACH Sandro Mareco
Link used:

Come on Sandro, if your own body meets a few magnetic fields do all electrons jump to another spin state? So that most bonding electron pairs turn into non-binding electron pairs and your body falls apart?
Get real you dumbass, this stuff is not science but the stuff of overpaid weirdo's.

Well that was it for this update and let me try to unload this into the biggest garbage can of humanity: the internet. Thanks for your attention.  


(08 Nov 2023) No intro, just two items: 

Item 1) F16's to Romania for training & new sanctions for Russia.
Item 2) Another Stanford video, this one is very good and surprising. 

 Item 1) F16's to Romania for training & new sanctions for Russia.

A batch of our F16's are on route to Romania. Training will be done by Lockheed Martin. I have no idea how long it takes to get good at flying a F16 but for most people just learning how to drive a car can easily take 2 months in case you have daily lessons. So it will take some time before the UA pilots are ready but it's in the pipeline and that is what is most important.
The Shoigu guy has told that those F16's will get shot from the skies in about 20 days if I remember it correctly. So if true it is not expected much trouble from the Kremlin when it comes to the small and insignificant F16 detail.

Unrelated to the F16 stuff but I considered it a nice picture, if you click on it you get a bit more info:


Title: Dutch F-16s Arrive At European Training Centre To Train Ukrainian And Romanian Pilots. Link used:

At a building shipyard in Kerch a Russian corvette class ship was hit by cruse missiles. A corvette class ship seems to be the smallest kind of ship considered a war ship. So it's more like an advanced rubber boat so how can the Kremlin complain about that? But the picture looks nice and boat by boat the entire Russian Black Sea fleet has to be destroyed. It looks like damage beyond repair, but it's only a rubber boat so who cares...;)

Report from The WarZone, click on the picture: 


The USA has come out with a fresh package of sanctions, the EU will follow this week or the next week with also a new round of the stuff. A quote from the Kremlin indicated they were adjusted to that kind of stuff so I hope it is not an inconvenience for Russia. Euronews reporting:

Russia scorns latest round of US sanctions over war in Ukraine
Link used:

And Ukrinform has this: 

EU to announce new package of sanctions against Russia next week - von der Leyen Link used:

It is high time to go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Another Stanford video, this one is very good and surprising. 

Since in my view electrons are magnetic monopoles, so there are two kinds of electrons and not what the standard vision is that all electrons are the same, that must have consequences for the photons they produce.

As a matter of fact it is to be expected that the magnetic fields of two photons created by the two kinds of monopole electrons are 180 degrees phase shifted. Say a photon is created by a north monopole electron, in that case it should behave very different when it interacts with other electrons depending on the monopole magnetic charge of the electrons it interacts with.

For years I am looking into clues if this is true yes or no. But stuff like that never gets reported because the physics people all think electrons are tiny magnets. Not that they have experimental evidence for that but the tiny magnet is what they believe. It's totally bullshit of course because if electrons had a north and a south pole at the same time, they should always be neutral under the application of magnetic fields. And that is not what we observe in say Stern-Gerlach kinds of experiments.

The Stanford video is highly technical so it is not appropriate for all of my readers, but I liked it a lot. Why is the video that good? Well it is not stuff by some theoretical physicist talking nonsense out of his or her neck about electron magnetism. These are more engineer kind of people trying to improve medical devices like MRI scanners that are in use in hospitals.

Ok ok there is a tiny bit of nonsense in the very good video: They think that so called Rabi oscillations constantly flip the spin of the resonating protons. That is also believed by folks that try to build quantum computers with qubits based on say electron spin. In my view this is not correct, making protons or electrons oscillate on a particular frequency that corresponds with the difference in energy levels in 'spin up' versus 'spin down' does not prove that spins are actually flipping all of the time.

Compare it to the next example:

Physics people know a loaf of bread costs 1.20 €. Now I go to the Aldi and I buy one or more items in total for 1.20 €. A physicist can measure how much a pay at the cash lady and instantly jumps at the conclusion I have bought a loaf of bread...

In my world electron magnetic monopole charge is just like the electric charge of an electron: PERMANENT and not FLIPABLE.       

Back to the video: You can make rotating magnetic fields. The idea is a simple as the complex exponential from the complex plane. That is something physics professors can understand: Take two oscillating magnetic fields, ensure you have a timelag of one quarter and it will rotate. You can see that as the cosine and sine stuff below in the picture.

For rotating the other way you just need a different timelag of the cosine.

Anyway the weird and not expected result is that when you apply those rotating magnetic field on biological material, the result is very different. In the one case the protons will resonate and produce some heat, in the other case there is no observable resonation and also produce heat...

Well this looks like the kind of result I am looking for for years, it is not with electrons but with protons. Please remark you can also not explain this phenomenon with the tiny magnet model.

In biological chemistry there are a lot of protons bound to all that complicated carbon stuff. If protons just like electron carry net magnetic charge, in that case this result is totally crazy:

All those protons must have the same magnetic charge!

On the other hand we must not get overenthusiastic and unlike overpaid university people never jump to conclusions too fast: May be this weird effect can also be explained by the chirality of biological molecules.  

I think I have written enough text, click on the picture to land at the very very good Stanford video: 


Video title: Rad229 (2020) Lecture-01B: Radiofrequency (B1) pulses and the Rotating Frame. Link used:

Before we close I want to say a bit more about female robots with big tits as shown in previous updates. Likely the robot above is a male robot and as such he does not have a need for tits himself. But where are his balls and that other thing? Is this our future: female robots with big tits and male robots without a penis?

May be it is time to split so we can go both our ways while we think on electron spin and the lack of penis in male robots. What more do you want?


(03 Nov 2023) Ok, finally this website too has https protocol instead of the old fashioned http. It does not make much of a difference because there is not much information flowing hin und her between this website and my readers. But it looks a bit more modern, on top of that I got about a 40% reduction in the yearly costs of this website (and the math website too) so thanks to my internet host!

As usual two items for this update: 

Item 1) Valerii Zaluzhnyi, locally made drones and the famous meat waves.
Item 2) Not published yet here are the golden ratio split complex numbers.

 Item 1) Valerii Zaluzhnyi, locally made drones and the famous meat waves.

The Ukrainian commander Valerii Zaluzhnyi gave an interview to the Economist and he told that there is a severe probability of a long lasting stalemate. Yes that could very well be, military supplies are indeed such that Ukraine is able to defend itself but not enough for gaining more ground in a faster manner. 

There are many reasons for this so one example is still the lack of enough artillery shells. The EU promised a million but only one third is delivered while that is one of the details that is needed a lot. To be honest I don't know the reasons for why this all is going so slow, ok ok there are all kinds of reasons that Europe is slow in building military stuff. That is also a good thing, we are more interested in peace and not that much a warmongering nation like Russia, but now it is not helpful for Ukraine. 

If you want to read the interview in case you didn't already, here it is (I don't copy the link because it is so long): 

Ukraine’s commander-in-chief on the breakthrough he needs to beat Russia

Times radio had a short but interesting video about a drone the Ukrainians make locally. It looks funny like those old world war II planes with painings on the front like it is a big beast. So it is funny: a shark with a high quality camera in it. It can work without GPS (likely also with GPS) and seems to withstand faulty controls. And, also very handy, it can land via parachute. So this looks all rather good thought through and I would like to give my compliments for making such a device.
As always click on the picture to land at the Times video:  


Video title: Ukraine exposes Russian troops with shark drones
Link used:

Weirdly enough the Kremlin reacted on the interview given by Valerii saying that the sooner Ukraine realized they can't win the war the better it is because there will be more openings for negotiation. Or words like that, I didn't file the exact quote.

The Russians need strange tactics like those so called meat waves and in my view that is not a recipe for success. It is however interesting that the Russians are willing to take such losses in lost lives, back in the time when they invaded Afghanistan they  withdrew while much less losses.

From my side, and that is also the view of the USA, we must degrade the Russian military to such an extend that they cannot repeat to another European nation what they are doing in Ukraine.  

Now we are in a phase of the war that often one 1000 Russians die daily and that was what I wanted about six month ago. If Russia thinks that is worth the price well be my guest. Beside that suppose this all is evolving into a long lasting stalemate, the illegal occupied Ukrainians territories will only get HIMARS-ed for at least a full decade. So Kremlin, you will not be able to do anything meaningful like economical development on that. You shouldn't have fucked me in the ass with that MH-19 stuff, now you will pay a hefty price for that and this is only the beginning.  

Artur Rehi had a beautiful picture of how the meat looks that is send into those lovely meat waves. The guy in the front is the commander that sends out all those meat waves and likely he thinks just like me the Kremlin is crazy. But we already knew this when we listen for example to the wisdom of the Shoigu guy explaining that today they just had destroyed more HIMARS systems as ever have been delivered in the entire conflict.

Click on the picture to land at the video from Artur: 


Video title: Russia Lost an Entire Fuel Train in Donetsk!  
Link used: 

Artur is a bit overenthusiastic by claiming an entire fuel train was lost, later I did see some footage that showed a lot of damage but not the entire train. Say 50% of it. 

What the Kremlin just does not understand at all that the longer this war goes on the better NATO can make plans to bring great damage in the future to you. Stuff like taking out most of your military logistic chain in just a few days by massive bombardments of Russian rail lines inside Russia. 

Hey Kremlin, do you call me a bluff like you are or not? 


  Item 2) Not published, yet here are the golden ratio split complex numbers.

Oh oh I shouldn't have done it: write an entire math post in just one go. One day later I found a lot of typo's and stuff like writing x and y where it should be a and b.

Also one day later I realized I should not name this a 'strange multiplication' but a bit more catchy name this the golden standard multiplication. It is a bit of a bait title but that is just a little bit if the reader is capable of realizing that inside such numbers you still have those good old so called Cauchy-Riemann equations. 

And the more general CR-equations were my third post in trying to craft a bit more general theory upon complex number theory in all kinds of dimensions. Not that professional math folks will be interested at all, after a few decades it is well understood they can only handle the complex plane, some stuff known as the quaternions and that's about it.

But the professional math professors also have the split complex plane, in itself it is a true miracle that they found that but anything beyond a two dimensional plane has always been out of their reach.

May be over the last few centuries a few professors have looked a higher dimensional complex number but very likely those people were sidelined fast and hefty. If you do stuff outside the common thinking, you will get neglected fast & furious. So all math professors always stay within the borders of allowed thought and just do not cross the forbidden lines of higher dimensional complex numbers.

As such it is kind of weird they also have so called Clifford algebra's, it is mostly crap but they do indeed some rudimentary higher dimensional stuff. Well it is what it is and now in the year 2023 they still are very good at stating that they cannot find three dimensional complex numbers.

It is what it is... Click on the picture below to land at the new post: 


The golden ratio has a feature that if you take the square of it, that is the same as adding the number one to it.

You can do the same with making a tiny modification to the split complex numbers and make an imaginary unit that has the same behavior.

It's cute stuff and for me it is amazing that those good old Cauchy-Riemann equations can still be found in there. 

After having said this all let me try to get my update in the largest garbage bin that humanity has invented: The internet. Thanks for your attention in case you did not fall asleep from the all words above...;) 


(01 Nov 2023) First a small update on all that government debt and the declining bond prices that decline for about 3 years now and there is no end in sight. I remarked that it was strange to see no pension cuts until now, but that was wrong. In the UK there are already cuts but that is more in the individual pensions they also have over there.
Complicating factor in the UK is that the Bank of England is also dumping their share of government bonds onto the market while at their peak they held about one third of all outstanding government debt. 

At the time when all that quantitative easing was announced and done I was completely against it. I said that if you do that you turn your own government debt into garbage. Well that is actually happening now, a three year bear market in bonds is an interesting consequence of QE. Of course the main thing is that central banks have to keep interest rates high in order to fight inflation but unloading this much government debt by central banks is not something that is helpful right now...  

Two items for today: 

Item 1) The US has a new speaker in the House, trouble for Ukraine?
Item 2) The weird math of the Pauli equation for an electron, it's all BS.

 Item 1) The US has a new speaker in the House, trouble for Ukraine?

It took a long time but now there is a new speaker and I don't know what to think of it. Just a few days in and US military aid to both Ukraine and Israel is just sitting in the waiting room. It has to be remarked however that a lot of republicans want to check in government spending and an sich that is a good thing given the US deficits. (Right now about 3 trillion a year of about 24 or 25 US$ per capita citizen per day.) 

The problem is of course that stuff like this is only used in partisan attacks against each other. US republicans are not know for being constructive, it is always highly partisan and always with a boatload of emotion in it. 


This could be a severe setback for Ukraine, after all the US has much more military gear as EU countries so it could get bad and nasty. 

In another development it could very well be that former US prez donald trump will get tried in a lot of cases a lot of them criminal. I don't follow that donald stuff very much because in my view it is a mentally ill guy absolutely not worth a second of my time.  

So it's a very mixed bag, a new presidency by donald trump would be a disaster too and I don't know what to think of this new Johnson guy. 

Lets hope for the best while preparing for the worst. 

Lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) The weird math of the Pauli equation for an electron, it's all BS.

To be honest I did not know there was also a so called Pauli equation for the electron in a magnetic field. So when Youtube came up with a suggestion on this equation I was curious what it was all about. After all the Pauli matrices are a complete disaster, never ever validated in any kind of experiment so I expected a boatload of crap. And indeed I got a boatload of crap from a physics professor at MIT. 

Lately I showed you that DiVincenzo guy while remarking he could easily have an income over five times what I get. If you look up MIT full professor salaries, the average is about 175 thousand US$ (that was from a few years back). So likely this MIT professor has over six or seven times what I get and as such you might expect some good brains at work. 

Let me start with that photo of my own 12 € Stern-Gerlach experiment where there is that black ring shaped section around the magnet when I push it against the screen of the old black and white television. 


Electron behavior like that is very hard to explain via viewing the electron as a tiny magnet. It shows in my opinion that there are two kinds of electrons that differ in their magnetic charge. In the present year I often formulate it like this:

The magnetic properties of the electron are just like the electric properties:

Physics professors think that monopoles do not exist and think that electrons are tiny magnets. Well if they would be tiny magnets they should also be neutral under magnetic fields and they are just not. See the above photo, the behavior is not continuous and as such the monopole model is just a better fit.  

It is known that electron pairs are neutral under magnetic fields (ok very strong magnetic fields rip apart the electron pair) and this neutrality also says the monopole model is just better.

For me it is always amazing that physics professors just can't see all the stuff that is wrong when you view electrons as tiny magnets. The fact that they must have opposite spins in the bonding of chemical stuff is something totally crazy when electrons are tiny magnets.  

Well the video from MIT I have for you is likely hard to follow if you are a more or less normal person like an accountant or a baker or all things non-math and non-physics like medical jobs.  

But what every one can see relative in the beginning of the video that all that advanced talking out of your neck is based on electric currents going round. And yes that creates bipolar magnetism but one electron hanging in a magnetic fields is not a current going round. This is all one 100% fucked up bullshit, where is the fucking current going round you overpaid MIT professor?

As always click on the picture to land at the video over there in Youtubeland: 


The video is from the MIT opencourseware.
Video title: L4.3 The Pauli equation for the electron in an electromagnetic field. Link used:

It is now the nine'th year that I doubt very much that electrons are tiny magnets. I still like it a lot, you must not think that I am irritated that overpaid guys like the above keep on talking bullshit.

Viewing electrons a magnetic monopoles simply gives a somehow better understanding of physical reality and believe me that is priceless. And if you would give me 175 thousand € a year for talking bullshit out of my chicken neck, I would only talk more and more bullshit.

So physics professors live in their own world and I live in mine and I am perfectly happy with that. These weirdo's come without repair: do you really think a guy as above comes along saying 'hey may be that electron spin is a bit different as we thought'.

Come on, if you think that better try to get a more realistic kind of life.
Overpaid crazies are overpaid crazies and the high salaries only acts as a strong reinforcement of their behavior.

That is what I had to say today, in the next update I have made a complex multiplication based on the golden ratio. Actually it is a split complex multiplication but that does not matter.

So if you made it this far, thanks for your attention and till updates.  


(27 Oct 2023) Interesting economical news today was the US economical growth number or the GDP. These were Q on Q numbers and annualized the US economy grew at a staggering 4.9%. So is that something to envy or be jealous about? No, if you look at the debt growth of the US government that grows even faster and in a normal tax regime with more or less almost no deficit, very likely the picture would be very different. 

Furthermore the Federal Reserve is also unloading their piles of US government debt and it makes you wonder: Who is buying all that debt?
A thing I do not know now or do not understand is given the situation on the bond markets, why haven't we heard of pension funds shrinking their outlays of pensions? After all most pension funds are obliged to invest a lot of the pension inlays into so called safe investments and that is often government bonds. Or is it only waiting until a fresh round of pension cuts will hit the news?  

Lets go to the two items of today: 

Item 1) Crazy Russian losses in Avdivvka & more ATACMS stuff.
Item 2) A seven year old math post on factorization of the Laplacian.

Item 1) Crazy Russian losses in Avdivvka & more ATACMS stuff. 

Suchominus had a relative long video out detailing info from satellite images upon the destroyed Russian vehicles like tanks and armored personnel carriers and the likes. The numbers are totally crazy just like the estimated numbers of Russian casualties.

Two weeks back I pondered the question as why Russia is staging these attacks because it made them look like a bunch of fools. Well nobody knows, some say it was related to Putin's visit to his pal Xi in China. Others say it had to do with his reelection and he wants some success to show for and that should explain these ongoing waves of attacks often using the interesting method of so called 'meat waves'.

Well if in my own country some pm wants to get reelected using tactics like meat waves, I would consider moving permanently to another country. It's all a bit crazy what is going on at the Kremlin...

As always click on the picture for the 20 min long video from Suchominus: 


Video title: 109 Destroyed Russian Vehicles Near Avdiivka Confirmed with Satellite Imagery!
Link used:

What I forgot to mention in the update from two days back is that the very muted reaction from the Vlad on ATACMS indicates that I expect no significant complaints when all kinds of missiles go to Ukraine and all kinds of payloads for free delivery on Russian sites. 

I was under the impression that one of the reasons the delivery of ATACMS was delayed so long by the US was that they were no longer in production. I think it was Jake Bro who told that production was started again and Jake thinks that Ukraine is getting an amount every month that matches the new production of that month. 

If true that is one hundred percent accepted of course, given all the crazy stuff that is going on globally it is rather logical that the US department of defense wants to have their stockpiles full in case they need it themselves. So it's great stuff like this in now in Ukraine and I want to thank the USA in general and the White House in particular for giving the green light for that.


In a very different development I did see a fragment from the famous Russian state television where they complained they had no longer red lines but only brown lines. I would like to help and give a bit of advice because I have a lot of experience with brown lines.

In the first place, try washing it on a higher temperature. So you throw your underpants into the washing machine and was at least at 60 degrees Celsius. 
It also helps to soak the laundry that has brown lines overnight in a soap that contains enzymes that brake down biological material like your brown line stuff. Another thing that improves removing brown lines is after the overnight soaking is brush the underpants with a stiff brush.

At last buying a few new underpants that have a brown color that matches the color of your particular brown lines help making the brown lines much less visible.

On my behalf I would like to ask the EU and other nations to ensure that brown underpants, especially those for males, be outside any economical sanctions all of the time. I hope Russians understand that I am fully committed to helping them out with there brown line problems...

May be we should go to the next item:

 Item 2) A seven year old math post on factorization of the Laplacian.

This week I finished writing the third piece of so called general theory for higher dimensional complex numbers. And now my old windows XP computer has died from old age I must use that GIMP graphics program. And yes it works, may be I must get used to it a bit more, but my old graphics program was just much faster.

Well it is what it is and at least I still have something like GIMP that all in all is very good free graphics software. GIMP sometimes has a bit weird features like rotating a picture +45 degrees, a math person like me says that is -45 degrees. But GIMP is more a thing for normal people like graphic designers or graphic artists and not for nerds like me.

Anyway the new math post is on so called Cauchy-Riemann equations in higher dimensions and as such it is very much an ultra nerd kind of math post. Cauchy-Riemann equations are very important because if a function obeys these equations you can differentiate them just like a function on the real line like say a parabola or a sine or cosine function.

Back in the year 2016 when my other website was only one year old I posted how you can factorize a famous differential operator known as the Laplacian. That was a calculation that more or less blew my mind and as such it clearly belongs to the category of "The 10 most amazing calculations you can do on three dimensional complex numbers". I estimate I have over 30 of such crazy or amazing calculations that belong into the top 10, for me that is no problem because why write such a top 10 anyway?  

For the factorization to work it is handy to use so called Wirtinger derivatives and combined with the Cauchy-Riemann equations for three dimensional complex numbers, the magic is there to unfold. 

The upper two formula's or math expressions for that Wirtinger derivative are the same in the space of 3D complex numbers. After all the inverse of the first imaginary unit j must be -j^2 because the one rule that rules them all says that j^3 = -1. Just like i^2 = -1 rules all of the stuff in the complex plane.

But hey try to explain that to math professors, don't try to do that because I know from experience that is a waste of your own life. It has to be remarked however that math professors are still very good at telling other people that "We cannot find the 3D complex numbers, we think they don't exist".

Well it is what it is and as always click on the picture to land at that seven year old math post.  


Title of the old post: Wirtinger derivatives and the factorization of the Laplacian.

By the way, I still don't understand why female robots need big tits. Do you have any idea? It is just not functional for a female robot, they do not reproduce like biological things. So what are these big tits for? 

That was it for this update, lets kill more Russian invaders and ponder the non math question as why female robot need tits at all. Till updates. 


(25 Oct 2023) No intro talk because this update is already far to long.

Item 1) Putin visits China and he approves the ATACMS deliveries?
Item 2) The Loss & DiVincenzo proposal, will that work? Nope!

  Item 1) Putin visits China and he approves the ATACMS deliveries?

By coincidence a video was shown to me where Putin answered some questions and the subject of ATACMS came up. To my surprise you can only view that as an approval because 'War is war' and 'This only prolongs the agony of the Ukrainians'. Click on the picture to land at the video: 


Video title: Putin visits China, calls US missile deliveries to Ukraine a "mistake" Link used:

In another development Artur Rehi showed some footage about how it actually goes in that place named Avdivvka. There is a line of about 40 or more Russian soldiers walking about 500 meter from the frontline...
Guess what happens? A few cluster ammo rounds later and they do not walk that much anymore. 


Yes you see this right, no armored transport vehicles or may be they have left them. It is just walking to their death, that is how it goes over there. 

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) The Loss & DiVincenzo proposal, will that work? Nope!

Lets start with a simple example of four statements you sometimes hear coming along:

1) Muslim clergymen saying there is only one God and that Mohammed is his prophet.
2) A Catholic priest saying Jesus is the son of God he was born from the virgin Maria.
3) Physics professors saying they cannot find magnetic monopoles.
4) Math professors saying that you cannot divide by a vector.

What do these four statements have in common? Well they are hard to prove or even impossible to prove. Stuff like this is mostly said to show other to what social group you belong. If someone says that Jesus was born from the virgin Maria, that is to show to all others he is a good Christian having no forbidden thoughts about the virginity of Maria. The same goes for all four statements, it is often only said what your social group is.

I just ended a math text and all of the time I was dividing by vectors in real spaces of arbitrary dimension. So I can clearly divide by vectors. The statement of math professors is actually stupid because the complex numbers they use themselves are also 2 dimensional vectors. Even the real numbers you and me use everyday are 1 dimensional vectors but no sane person will ever say you can't divide by them 'because they are vectors'.

Here is a bit how it looks, if they wanted even math professors could take the upper limit but if they do that would be against the stuff that says you cannot divide by a vector. And if you do that you have forbidden thoughts and you will get neglected by other math professors to such an extend it is bad for your career. So that is how stuff like that evolves over time, it is a social thing a social construct not having any scientific basis at all.   


It is no secret that I think that electrons have magnetic properties just like their electric properties: permanent and monopole. As such it is totally impossible that electrons flip their magnetic charge just like they cannot change their electric charge.

In the science of chemistry when studying electron transitions in the electron clouds surrounding atomic nuclei there is even a rule for that: They say that spin multiplicity is a conserved quantity, simple said that means electrons never flip their spin during all the jumping hin and her that they do.
That is nicely in line with what I am thinking about the electron stuff so I was glad I found this rule somewhere this year.

But at TU Delft they think that they can flip electron spin with a tiny bit of em-radiation. Those weirdo's likely have never heard of the chemistry thing because electron transitions can also be done with em-radiation.

For years and years those quantum folks follow something known as the Loss & DiVincenzo proposal from the 1990-ties where they proposed some things about a qubit based on the spin of one electron. Of course those kind of qubits will never work because electrons are monopoles and cannot flip that magnetic charge. Click on the picture to enjoy a few minutes of scientific bullshit as believed by the TU 'scientists'.


Video title: Quantum Dot Qubits
Link used:

Just last Thursday I showed you that if electrons were tiny magnets, so no monopoles, in that case all electron pairs can only bind or bond if you throw overboard the principle that in magnetism equal poles reject while opposite attract. After all tiny or not if two bipolar magnets bind in an anti alignment manner, this is only north pole to north pole or south pole to south pole.
I hope my readers consider this a bunch of bullshit.

But the guy below, David DiVincenzo clearly thinks this kind of BS is true knowledge so how does he talk himself out of this problem? Well the overpaid weirdo only remarks that in electron pairs they preferentially bind or bond via the mechanism of anti alignment.

And with saying people like this are hefty overpaid I mean that; this guy likely has at least five times my income. And he now works in Germany I believe so it is all wasted tax payer money big time. Just like in my own country the TU Delft weirdo's get boatloads of money for talking bullshit about electrons while they are too stupid to see all the problems that come with the idea that for some strange reason electrons must be 'tiny magnets'.

Click on the picture to land at the TEDx video, about 12 minutes in you see David explaining that electrons spin on their axis (he is too stupid to do the calculation that says it ain't so) and he explains the behavior of an electron pair.     


Video title: Quantum computers: David DiVincenzo at TEDxEutropolis
Link used:

Once more: All these problems with the official version of electron spin are only there because the mindset is they must be tiny magnets. If you just view them as magnetic monopoles just like they are electric monopoles you just don't have all those weird weird problems. 

Lets leave it with that and let me try to get this uploaded to the biggest garbage can in human history: the internet. 

Thanks for your attention.  


(21 Oct 2023) No intro talk, just two items: 

Item 1) Wow about 15 helicopters kaput + other UA details.
Item 2) New math post on the other website (the matrix big E).

  Item 1) Wow about 15 helicopters kaput + other UA details.

The new ATACMS seem to work pretty good while we have to take into account these are relatively old rockets made in the nineties. So old rockets versus the most modern Russian air defense systems and they simply come through hitting those two airfields. 

More of those KA-52 helicopters have been wiped out and that is a good thing because a KA-52 can fire from a long distance and as such are very hard to hit. I heard that in the beginning Russia had about one hundred of them and now the remaining total number is below 30.  

A missile building in the occupied region Sevastopol was also hit, lets hope this minimizes a bit the number of rockets that Russia can fire against civilian targets.

On top of the Ukrainian forces seem to have crossed the Dnipr river (I hope I spell it correctly, I am offline right now) and it was not a short strike & retreat attack. They seem to have a foothold over there.   

This picture is from the US military forces and it was said these were some of the first ATACMS fired. It was loaded with cluster ammo so it could take out a lot of helicopters and stuff (air vehicles can't have armor or course...) 


What these ATACMS seem to have common with the usual HIMARS is that they have curved starting trajectories. I never tried to look up the details but having properties like this makes it very hard to pinpoint the position from where they were fired. As such it is much harder for Russia to take out the launching vehicles that can fire both the HIMARS & ATACMS. 

Some Russian diplomats said that the delivery of these old and rusty often malfunctioning ATACMS will have serious consequences... Will have? I was under the impression that about 15 helicopters is already a 'serious consequence'. Well guys bring it on, my suggestion is doubling the price for gas deliveries...;)

Lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) New math post on the other website (the matrix big E).

Last week I published a new post about what I name a 'big E' matrix. The post does not contain much math results, it is highly descriptive math and it only tells what I mean by this big E matrix. 

It is also part 2 of general theory and as such I don't work in just one space like 3D complex numbers or 4D complex numbers but I try to generalize a bit more over arbitrary space like the n-dimensional real spaces we know from math. 

The matrix big E is a way to describe all possible ways of multiplication in an n-dimensional space. It specifies all possible products between the basis vectors. The way it works is 'just like' the concept of quadratic forms as you might know from linear algebra. But quadratic forms often only use real entries in a matrix while big E contains n-dimensional numbers or vectors if you want. 

This time in the background I used the face of a miss France as a decorative element. You must not view this as a sexist remark, if I would use my own face there is a large possibility that your computer screen or telephone screen will crack and I want to prevent unnecessary damage of course...;) 

As usual click on the picture to land on the other website: 


Title of the post: General theory Part 2: On a matrix named big E.

Let me end this update with a fresh small rant against the nonsense of electron spin as being tiny magnets. The Pauli exclusion principle says that in electron configuration in the electron cloud surrounding atomic nuclei no two electrons can have the same so called quantum numbers. That means that every electron paid in an atom electron cloud must have different spin numbers and as such one electron must be 'spin up' with it's quantum number +1/2 while the 'spin down' electron must have the number -1/2.

The official theory from the physics people says that electrons must be tiny magnets. Not that they have anything based on experiments that say that electrons are indeed tiny magnets. Anyway it means that these tiny magnets must anti align themselves and that gives an electron pair. That is total bullshit of course because as most people know in magnetism, just like in electric charges, opposites attract while the same charges repel.

To show you once more how retarded and stupid this is I just searched for a picture asking for 'two bar magnets anti aligned'. As you might know from experience, if you try to put two north poles together they will always repel.


Well if electrons are 'tiny magnets' how can this form chemical bonds? Why does this nonsense go on for a full century? Right now there are about one hundred thousand physics professors and worldwide there are millions of people with a degree in physics, why do they hold on to this crap?

It is worthwhile noting that the problems only arise if you think that electrons are tiny magnets. If you view them as magnetic charges, that is they are the magnetic monopoles just like electrons are monopole electric charges, all problems dissipate.

If you view electrons as magnetic monopoles, the idea of an electron pair is in line with the basic principle that only opposite charges have attractive forces.

These physics people are lost in math in a fundamental way, their math describing electron spin is fucking complicated, the outcomes have zero validation via experiments and it is total garbage.

Let me leave this rant by that. Throw those Pauli matrices into the garbage can where they should have been for a full century. And do not think that Wolfgang Pauli was a scientist, he often at the end of the letters he wrote to other people as a signature, he was the 'Geisel Gottes'. A person who keeps on doing that is not entirely fresh in his mind is what I think of that kind of behavior.

By the way, the artwork in the picture above was from Palamarchuk Mikhail and the art work itself has the name Journey to the end. 

Ok, end of this update and let me try to transport this to the global garbage can know as the internet. Thanks for your attention and keep on killing those fucking Russians!


(18 Oct 2023) Only two items while I skip the Israeli stuff. 

Item 1) Medvedev the gas salesman & other UA details.
Item 2) A video with a calculation on how electron spin oscillates (all BS).

 Item 1) Medvedev the gas salesman & other UA details.

There are all kinds of interesting developments in Ukraine. For example it seems that for the first time in this 600 day long war the Ukrainians shot more artillery shells as Russia. I don't know if it's true but it looked reliable enough to pen it down. Needless to say this is an important development. 

Then there was the reported strike at one or two airfields inside the occupied regions of Ukraine. Russian mil bloggers reported that those ATACMS were used. That is also an interesting development because it was reported that a lot of helicopters were destroyed and that could have been done, for example, with a cluster type ammo in this kind of rocket.
(NATO countries have a habit of ensuring that all kinds of ammo can fit in as much delivery systems as possible, in this case the ATACMS have a likely a wide range of ammo that can go in there.)

Last week I pondered the question why the Russians were attacking that Avdiivka place while it looked they were making fools of themselves. The answer seems to be that Putin is visiting his pal Xi in China and he must have something significant to show for.
Well he has indeed something to show: massive losses and it looks like a job well done by the Ukrainians. Stuff like 75% of attacking forces killed or wounded and only 25% making the retreat. (I do not know if that also goes for the overall statistic but it is a significant blow and it shows that in general Russians learn in a much slower pace as the Ukrainians.)  

And now it is getting colder and colder over here I wondered if the Russians have made some gas sales to Europe lately. In the beginning of the war the former Russian president Medvedev bragged that they could jump up the gas price to 2000 $ per megawatt... The guy is a total nutjob, wars are always dynamical and as such all kinds of fantasies don't pan out in case your enemy has a proper functioning brain. (That is something a lot of Kremlin workers simply lack, they are there to serve their president and are not supposed to think for themselves.) 


I wonder if Medvedev will see this and enjoys my cute graphics stuff...;) 

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) A video with a calculation on how electron spin oscillates (all BS).

Somewhere in the last updates on this website I mentioned that physics people often fill in the energy levels electrons have due to an external applied magnetic into the famous Schrödinger equation. They solve it and after that conclude that 'the math says' that electrons oscillate between spin up and spin down and in between they are in some kind of super position of spin up and spin down.

My view on electron magnetism is very different, I think the electrons are magnetic monopoles with a permanent charge. As such the only place in the universe where electron flip their spin is inside the head of math professors because 'the math says so'. There are all kinds of reasons that electron spin is a permanent property of electrons. A detail I never mentioned (anyway I don't remember it) is simply the stability of chemical bindings. If electrons would flip spin all of the time, how can it be that in electron pairs that do a lot of those bindings (you also have ionic binding like in salt) never turn into anti-binding electron pairs?

After all the energy levels between electrons of different spin state are rather tiny, as such it should be very easy for say thermal energy to give a little energy to an electron and it should flip. That just does not happen, so why is that? In my view on the electron magnetism stuff is stable because the monopole magnetic charge of electrons is a permanent feature.

Look even the Lidl agrees with me, they even say it in French so thumbs up for the local Lidl!  


I used the face of some miss Russia as a background in the above picture.

But back to our electron 'spin oscillating' stuff. How can you do math like this for an entire century and never try to find experimental evidence for the outcome of your calculations? The video for this update is rather long (over 90 minutes) and if that is too much for your attention span don't worry: it is all math rubbish anyway. 

The basic fault is very simple: If you fill in this kind of energy into the Schödinger equation in order to find it's time evolution the basic flaw is simple: If the electron magnetic charge is permanent it will not change. So it has nothing to do with the Schrödinger equation. If you fill in energy levels related to the electric charge of the electron you likely will find the electron oscillates between having a negative charge and a positive charge and in between it will be in a super position of positive and negative electric charges.

And a lot of this nonsense is paid for with tax payer money, I think this is not a wise use of taxpayer money. I absolutely do not favor the idea that governments dictate universities what to research and what not, this is not Russia, yet this nonsense must stop because it is not efficient.

As usual click on the next picture to view the video but again the math is all one 100% bullshit. These Pauli matrices are a disaster and they never should have made it to the year 2023.


Video title: Quantum Spin (5) - Schrödinger's Equation & Matrix Exponentiation.
Link used:

That was it for this update, let me try to get this on the internet and thanks for your attention.


(13 Oct 2023) No intro blah blah, just two items.

Item 1) A Palestinian fairy tale and, unrelated, Avdiivka losses.
Item 2) Ben Allanach on the superior standard model of particle physics.

  Item 1) A Palestinian fairy tale and, unrelated Avdiivka losses.

I don't plan to follow two armed conflicts but there is all kinds of new "We will bomb this out, justice will be done" kind of stuff. So let me describe the behavior of a Palestine refugee who I know for about two decades, he is more or less a pal of mine.

Lets name him Ali (not his real name of course). He had borrowed my car to transport some stuff and all of a sudden he came in a very dangerous traffic situation. It was clear he would crash into another vehicle and it also was clear he could not be blamed because of faults made by others. What did he do? 
Well he pulled hard to the right and slammed into stuff at the side of the road. If I remember it correctly, damage was about 300 or 400 Euro. That is not much but when you are living here as a refugee you are not allowed to have a job and you only have a very limited amount of money. But he paid for all the damages he had made and of course insurance would never pay because he deliberately steered of the road so that was impossible.

And I asked him why did you that? And he answered he saw he would smash into the car of an elderly man and he did not want to hurt him. (The whole thing was the fault of that elderly man by the way.)

Of course one person is not a statistic but the point is this kind of behavior is way off the mark compared to beheading babies and toddlers like we heard lately from an Israeli kibbutz. Why do most Palestines living in my country behave as normal people and why is it so different in the Gaza troubles from lately?

Well that is for you yourself to think about. How is it possible that people become so frustrated that they do stuff like that?   

If you look at the present media landscape it is often presented as if there is a very simple demarcation line that separates good from evil in Israel where the people from Gaza are the evil ones and Israelis are the pure innocent victims. I think that is 100% bullshit. Of course I do not condone killing babies and toddlers but now we have all this "justice done" via the application of tons of air power, also a lot of babies and toddlers will die or are already killed. Lets leave it with that. 


I further only have a video for you from the developments in Ukraine around the Russian offensive in Avdiivka. It all failed miserably and the Ukrainians did a good job doing this all. It makes you wonder why Russia keeps on making fools of themselves. Does the Kremlin think they can still win this war, this special military operation? If you look how those weirdo's conduct their military stuff you can reclassify this war as a "Very special operation" or a "Very crazy military operation".

Suchominus had a 10 minute video on the Avdiivka (what a strange name by the way) on it. As always click on the video to see it if you want:  


Video title: Geolocation of Russia's Heavy Losses Near Avdiivka Show Their Attack Routes and Retreat.
Link used:

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Ben Allanach on the superior standard model of particle physics.

Today I came across a five year old video with a guy named Ben Allanach, he is a physics professor. The video begins with the amazing claim that everything that is in the standard model of particle physics has been observed...

The guy is crazy, five years back it was also known that for example the energy in the vacuum was wrong a whopping 120 orders of magnitude. But that is a bit inconvenient so as always they skip all the stuff that is wrong or weird and they all do that.

Oh oh Ben, once more we look at the Pauli exclusion principle and it says that electron pairs always must have opposite spins or as I always say it: the spins anti align.

Now when to bar magnets align that means they are positioned such that north and south poles connect or are close to each other. The good old principle that opposite poles attract and the same poles reject each other.

As such all chemical bindings done via electron pairs must anti align and if you, just like Ben Allanach, think that electrons are tiny magnets because of some century old blah blah blah that magnetic monopoles do no exist, we simply must have the bonding goes via north pole to north pole bridges or south pole to south pole.

Hey Ben Allanach: Where has it been observed that we can throw overboard the principle that only opposite magnetic poles are attractive? You are the werido that claims 'everything has been observed' so where is your fucking proof that electrons are tiny magnets?  

No no Ben the only thing that is logical is that electrons are magnetic monopoles. As such their magnetic behavior is just like their electric behavior.

For example if it was true that electrons are tiny magnets, why do we only observe unpaired electrons and electron pairs? Why never 10 electrons going round in a circle or so?

The physics professors know that the electron pair is neutral when it comes to magnetism and the electron not. Now Ben, if those claims of tiny magnet electrons are true, why the fuck are they not neutral under magnetism?

Everything has been observed, don't make me puke Ben. There is only a silly belief named the Gauss law of magnetism that never is validated by experiment and this silly belief says electrons must be tiny magnets.

This is 2023 and we only have weirdo's like our Ben that keep on talking rubbish and garbage about their holy standard model and why can't we find the super symmetry particles.

Floss your fucking brain and stop talking silly unfounded beliefs.


Video title: What will we discover next? Plus talks to Professor Ben Allanach. Link used:

Lets leave this nonsense for what it is: nonsense.


At the end a small remark on my previous update with that very bad converging limit that goes to the number e. Here it is once more in the picture:


There is a math computer program named PARI and with that you can do a lot of stuff like calculating n! for very large numbers. Now I take great pride in the fact that this limit converges horribly slow, it is a total disaster if you try to calculate it in a naive way like first calculating n! and proceed from that.

On a Casio calculator you cannot go beyond 69! because 70! has 100 digits. With PARI you can go much further and with n = 1500 you get the number e correct to two decimal places.

But 1500! is a giant number so this validate that my limit for the number e is terribly slow at converging to it's true value.

May be it is time to end this update. Thanks for your attention and stop killing babies and toddlers for no reason at all.   


(11 Oct 2023) So that was some hefty weekend with Israel in shock. That Hamas attack blew away all news about Ukraine and some folks ponder the question if military assistance to Israel could go at the expense of help to Ukraine. Likely not, as one person remarked that Israel likely has huge stocks of everything and it is a very different army compared to UA.

Two items for today:

Item 1) Was it a good idea to found Israel?
Item 2) My own Stern-Gerlach experiment for a whopping 12 €.

  Item 1) Was it a good idea to found Israel?

What I found interesting was how the blockade of the Gaza strip was announced by Israel. It was something like "No water, no food and no electricity. They are animals".

Well I am one of the persons that think Israel is treating Palestines in general as so called Untermenschen and that is going on for about 75 years now. And now it snaps a little bit because of all the frustration that has been building up in the Gaza strip and West Bank but is that the result of pure evil? 

As a rule of thumb it is my opinion that civilians should always be spared in armed conflict so I cannot say it was a good thing as done by the Hamas but when it snaps it snaps. Just like the USA after the 911 attacks, they started stupid wars that all in all lead to nothing but a lot of trouble.

Why was Israel founded? Well after WWII that was allowed by the United Nations and as such they got their state at the expense of those who lived on that territory. But it is very understandable as why the Jews wanted a state of their own. 

For example it happened that a Jew came back from a concentration camp and went to say Amsterdam or so. And people literally asked "Hey why have you not been gassed?"  

Another example is insurance. A jew comes back and finds his house devastated or all kinds of stuff stolen or his entire house confiscated and say they had some insurance for some of that. But very often insurance companies did not pay. And why did they not pay? Well the last insurance premiums were not paid. "But I was in a concentration camp and therefore I could not pay!" But no contract is contract and if not paid there is no insurance pay... 

Last week it emerged that the husband of our queen Juliana was a member of the party of Adolf. The guy, prince Bernhard, always denied his entire life he was a member but they found his membership card. So anti-Semitism was far more widespread as an ordinary or naive person would think and as such it is not much of a wonder that the Jews wanted something for themselves.

You can say a lot about Israel, for example it has a relative good economy and stuff like that. But from the viewpoint of human rights I consider it a failure that is hard to repair. And if you are pro Israel or pro Zionism, why not try living just one week in the Gaza strip and see how that goes... 

That is what I had to say on this detail. 

 Item 2) My own Stern-Gerlach experiment for a whopping 12 €.

Today I found back by accident an old post from April 2014 and there already I doubted the idea that electrons are tiny magnets. So instead of 7 or 8 years back, it is already a whopping nine years. But I still like it although for me it is still very very strange that the physics professors cannot see for themselves that this tiny magnet model has all those weird faults in it.

Why don't they see it for themselves? One of the reasons is of course the theory they made is rather complicated . For example they fill in the different energy levels due to electron spin into the Schrödinger wave equation, solve it and get some wavy thing and they think the electron oscillates between spin up and spin down.

But my considerations say that the magnetic properties of electrons are just like their electric properties:  

 PERMANENT & MONOPOLE you crazy physics fuckers!

They even do not have any experimental proof that electrons are tiny magnets so this is stupid on a long term deep level.

Now back in the time, may be it was the year 2015 or so, I thought may be I should buy an old television because that has electron cannons in it and may be I could do some experiment with it.

I found it at a local shop named Mama Mini, it is a small black and white television with a glass tube where the electrons land on. And it was a thundering success for my idea that electrons are magnetic monopoles and not tiny magnets. As you see in the picture below electron spin behaves not in a continuous manner because there is that black circle where no electrons land.  


As you see in the middle of the black region under the magnets there are the electrons that are attracted by the magnet and the black is where no electrons land and outside the black region are electrons that get repelled + all electrons to far away to make it to the middle region.

And the explanation is very simple: Electrons are magnetic monopoles and their magnetic charge is permanent.

Compare that to the weird stuff the physics professors have made from electron spin. These people are clearly 'lost in math' while at the same time 100% of them are to fucking stupid to understand math like the 3D complex numbers.

So in my view most of them are what I name 'math dwarfs', not that I am a 'math giant' but I am not a math dwarf. 

Anyway this was my little and cheap repeating of the Stern-Gerlach experiment done with an old television and a stack of modern magnets that did me cost about 50 €. The television still works in the year 2023, it was covered in dust when I took it out of it's storage place but it still works! And that is not something we can say about physics professors who in their superior knowledge of higher math think they can simply skip my insights and build things like nuclear fusion devices or quantum computers upon their own superior knowledge. Well good luck with it you bunch of idiots.


Today inside one of my oldest updates on doubting the official version of electron spin I also found back one of my laziest math limits ever. Yes this limit does converge to e but it goes so fucking slow that you can indeed compare this to the brain speed of physics professors: 


If you in a naive manner try to calculate this on say a Casio calculator that cannot handle faculty number n! above 69, you get an answer that is still horribly off the mark of the famous number e. 

I consider it a great work, often people try to find limits that converge as fast as possible but this one is going more or less as slow as possible.

Ok this is what I had to say for today. Thanks for your attention.  


(06 Oct 2023) Yes I know there was a Nobel prize in physics this week but I have no comment because it was back to normal science I guess or hope. So nothing of that stuff like "An electron when unobserved can be in a super position of spin up and spin down" and more of that kind of stuff bordering on a strong belief in miracles or the realm of religion.
So in item 2 we only look at one of the many energy problems with electron spin and skip that circus known as the Nobel prize in physics. 

Item 1) Sad day in Ukraine; likely rocket attack on Hroza.
Item 2) One of the energy problems with electron spin.

 Item 1) Sad day in Ukraine; likely rocket attack on Hroza.

This is the largest single civilian death toll in a couple of months, 51 reported dead but of course that number can change. So my condolences to the Ukrainians.   


The political situation both in the EU and USA seems to be shifting a little bit. Some republicans don't want to finance the UA war because border security and street violence are more important to the American people. How support for Ukraine evolves in the EU is hard to estimate at the moment, it looks a bit like that one lined solidarity with each other is a bit gone.

May be it is not a bad thing per sé, a bit broader spectrum of views could even be helpful in the long run. So lets hope we are not pushing the proverbial wheelbarrow of frogs...  

Lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) One of the energy problems with electron spin.

I have a horrible bad video for you today but since I needed a screenshot from it I decided to post the link anyway so you can judge for yourself a bit more if electrons are magnetic monopoles yes or no. 

Ok, what is this energy problem emerging from the official version of electron spin that is know as the 'tiny magnet' model? Well highly intelligent people known as physics professors often say that when you apply a magnetic field to a bunch of electrons, about half of them will align their poles with the applied field while the other half will anti-align themselves...  

And if you start thinking about tiny magnets that anti align themselves you enter a weird weird world. In this world the physics professors also say that if you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics.

The problem is easy to understand: All magnets, tiny or large, require energy to turn themselves against a magnetic field until they are anti aligned. (That means north pole against north pole and so on.)

Now where does this energy come from?  

To focus the mind, here is the screen shot that shows a large magnet and a tiny electron. Where does the electron get it's energy needed to turn against the forces it should feel if it was a tiny magnet? 


Video title: The surprising reason behind electron ‘spin’! (They don’t REALLY spin). Link used: 

Like said before the video is not that good but I want to remark that until this day I do not have a good explanation for that so called Lamor frequency. If you can really get this frequency from loose electrons in a vacuum, that would be bad news for my little theory on electron magnetism. 

But it is late and I will try to get this stuff uploaded. See you! 


(04 Oct 2023) It is about high time that I clean this homepage up a bit. As always it is just much too long and to be honest that is very often the case. Anyway two small items for this update so here we go:

Item 1) EU delegation visits UA and, unrelated, drones dropping mines.
Item 2) Interesting video on anti hydrogen + some blah blah from me.

  Item 1) EU delegation visits UA and, unrelated, drones dropping mines.

It was good to see such a large delegation going to Kyiv. Now the USA is in a shutdown situation things could rapidly change on important details. If you want to see the video from UATV click on the picture: 


Video title: European Union – from Lisbon to Luhansk: Ukraine hosted EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting 
Link used:

So that was good to see. In another very different development, the evolution of drones and stuff, remember those video's where a drone dropped one hand grenade? Now they have made drones that can throw anti tank mines with a hefty payload of 7.5 kg high explosives. That is some nasty stuff, seven and a half kilo... 


I love the way this all looks. It looks amateurish but I don't mean that in a negative way. For example I am an amateur beer brewer and my brewing gear looks very amateurish compared to say how a brewery like Heineken produces their stuff. 

In the video you see a stabilizing fin likely because that improves accuracy. May be in five years or so it is also equipped with a small ai system that takes things like wind into account. This kind of drone stuff is only at the start of much more developments for a long time. Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Interesting video on anti hydrogen + some blah blah from me.

Let me start with the blah blah: Last week I forgot to post a link with the fact that not always the collision between an electron and a positron gives rise to annihilation. And that it also occurs that they scatter.

Last week I did not have a link at all and now I have a link that I consider a bit 'so so' so to say. The math looks so weird, it is about four particles where two of them annihilate and the other two scatter. Why do that in one calculation that in my view is not crystal clear what it means to "Sum over the spins". But anyway here it is:

Bhabha scattering
Link used:

I want to remark that the fact it is possible that collisions between electrons and positrons not lead to annihilation always is of course not much proof for my ideas electrons being magnetic monopoles.

The way I see it, electron magnetism is just like it's electricity: monopole and permanent, it should not be that hard to make an experiment with a beam of electrons and a beam of positrons. And if you manipulate those beams a bit before they meet with magnetic fields you can get all kinds of outcomes like very many annihilations to almost none. 

Just like there is conservation of electric charge there should also be conservation of the magnetic charge.

Well that is what I had to 'blah blah' for this day.


Let's go to the video, it is about an experiment trying to prove that anti hydrogen also falls down under the influence of gravity. Of course it is expected that indeed it falls down just like ordinary matter does but at CERN they try to prove that for some time now.

Of course I applaud that, so when is it time to prove that the electron is a tiny magnet via experiment?   

But let me not be that vile, today I am in a friendly mood because I too think it's cool to prove via experiment that anti matter falls down under gravity. 

I didn't make a fancy picture of it, may be I am getting dementia or so, but here is the vid that I found interesting:

New Breakthrough in Physics | Discovery Files Podcast
Link used:

End of this update. 


(29 Sept 2023) Bah, I had planned to do a lot today but I got at most half done. Well it's one of those days and at least what was finished was done good. It's already late so lets go to two small items for today's update:

Item 1) UATV on Russia cannibalizing on old military gear.
Item 2) Are electrons always indistinguishable? Of course not... 

 Item 1) UATV on Russia cannibalizing on old military gear.

It was relatively quiet today when it came to war news. That doesn't say it was quiet in Ukraine but there was not that much news. I saw an interesting short video from UATV on Russia cannibalizing old military gear from the Sovjet era.  

Stuff like Russians are removing barrels so they can replace the worn out stuff they use inside Ukraine. Click on the picture for the video: 


Video title: Russia is Scraping Old Equipment to Deter Ukrainian Counteroffensive.
Link used: 

It is hard to estimate how fast and in what rate the Russian military is eating itself up. But it is clearly happening so that will have some long term consequences for them. 

 Item 2) Are electrons always indistinguishable? Of course not... 

And the usual rant against electrons being viewed as tiny magnets. No no in my view they are magnetic monopoles and their magnetic charge is permanent so they cannot flip their spin.

The strongest argument against the tiny magnet model for electron magnetism is the weird case of the Pauli exclusion principle that says in electron pairs the electrons must have opposite spins.  

But having 'opposite spins' means the tiny magets are anti-aligned so the question is how they can form a bonding pair in molecular binding? Because the electrons are anti-aligned they must do the bonding via north pole to north pole bridges or south pole to south pole bridges or bindings.

This means you must throw overboard the principle that in magnetism opposites attract. Of course the people that explain the Pauli exclusion principle never tell you that, it is as if all logical thinking suddenly stops and all you hear is that mumbo jumbo about quantum numbers.

Because I think the magnetic charge is permanent, that means there are two kinds of electrons and they differ only in their magnetic charge. One of things I couldn't do today was look again for a source that says there are also (elastic) collisions between electrons and their anti particle the positron.  

If there are two kinds of electrons there are also two kinds of positrons and if an electron and a positron with the same magnetic charge meet, they cannot annihilate. That would make these collisions a bit more understandable: why don't they annihilate but collide? 

I found a relatively simple video from a guy named Parth G and he follows more or less the official version of stuff. And that says the Pauli exclusion principle is partly based on the anti-symmetric properties of the wave function. For me that is not very convincing, although I like math a lot in my view electron pairs are not pairs because of 'quantum numbers' but because they have opposite magnetic charges. 

As usual click on the picture for the video: 


Video title: The Basic Math that Explains Why Atoms are Arranged Like They Are: Pauli Exclusion Principle.
Link used: 

The problem I have with an explanation like this that says electrons are in all kinds of super positions otherwise the wave function would not be anti symmetric is very simple: 

1) Electrons have permanent magnetic charge and therefore;
2) They will never be in a super position of spin up and spin down. 

So the key question is also easy to understand: 

Parth mentioned that weird looking expression like in
| 1 > | 2 > - | 2 > | 1 >. 
It's just a super position of two possible quantum states for a pair of electrons but that means the individual electrons do not have a permanent magnetic charge. 

Lets leave it with that, thank you my dear reader to make it alive to the end of this post with weird looking quantum super positions while in the real world the physics professors have zero proof that indeed electrons are tiny magnets.  


(27 Sept 2023) Not much lack of dull and boring news like an EU media team has further tied evidence of UA involvement in the Nord Stream 2 pipelines. It's no secret that I thought the USA has done that but I do not have any proof whatsoever and therefore I have to keep an open mind about that detail.

Lets go to the two items for today: 

Item 1) Black Sea naval blast partially caused by salary problems?
Item 2) New post on other website + Karl Popper on falsification.

 Item 1) Black Sea naval blast partially caused by salary problems?

The 190 mile range ATACMS go to Ukraine, the White House has given the green light for that. If I understand it correctly only the cluster ammo version of it, likely there are many warheads for such a system. After all it is made by Americans so it's good (but expensive).   

Last Firday the Russian naval HQ came under attack, that was some serious development. If true that about 33 Russian officers are killed, given the tremendous hierarchical structure of the Russian military forces this must be a good blow for them.

If you would ask me all in all the counter offensive of UA is going relatively good. I never said it but when it all started a few months ago I directly more or less expected the autumn to be the time frame where it all comes a bit together. Of course it is autumn for just a few days, six days to be precise, but if this sets the tone for the rest of the season that's good.  


A few hours ago came the next crazy news, let me quote it:

After missing their anticipated salary payments, Russian officers leaked sensitive information about Moscow's Black Sea Fleet to a Ukrainian partisan movement, Ukrainian media reported, revealing the intelligence later paved the way for a devastating missile strike on the fleet's headquarters in the occupied Crimean Peninsula. 

Source: Ukrainian resistance fighters say Russian officers who hadn't been paid by Moscow sold them key intel on the Black Sea Fleet. Missiles then tore through the headquarters. Link used: 

That's how the Ukrainians came to know there would be a meeting at the head quarters, I mean that is just WOW! 


Of course the land war goes a bit slower but it just keeps on grinding on and on and on and not in a direction desirable by the Kremlin. At last it was reported that the average Russian conscript has on average four and a half month to live when send to battle.   

 Item 2) New post on other website + Karl Popper on falsification.

I wrote a very simple post on the other website that has a title that might sound complicated but if you have seen that stuff before it is not that complicated: It is about total angular momentum in the z-direction. 

With that weird sounding language the physics people mean how much spin unpaired electrons in atoms or molecules have in a vertical direction. The point is that I view electrons as magnetic monopoles and if I calculate the net magnetic charge all I have to do is add things up just like you add up electric charges in say an ion. Ions have a total electric charge because they have too much or to little electrons. With magnetic charges it all depends on the unpaired electrons that form the total of magnetic properties.

What I do and what the physics people do is precisely the same but of course my version is much simpler because I do not have to worry about all those spin vectors that do not exist but only in the mind of physics people.

Often I complain stuff like "Why don't they fucking see that this tiny magnet model for electrons leads to all kinds of contradictions and nonsense?" Because now I reject that tiny magnet model it is rather easy to see a lot of the nonsense that came along with that model for electron magnetism.

Slowly I begin to understand a bit why the physics people can be wrong about electron magnetism and not see that for a full century. I you accept a paradigm like electrons act like tiny magnets that becomes a way of thinking and everything wrong with that is often hidden in the blind spots of that paradigm.  

Now the paradigm stuff is from Thomas Kuhn but today I want to talk about Karl Popper because he is the guy from that falsification stuff. Karl remarked that good science should be falsifiable and that means if it is wrong you should be able to prove that it is wrong.

That sounds very good, if it is wrong it is of course handy you find that out before wasting years and years of time in say nuclear fusion or building quantum computers.  

Yet now I know a bit more about Karl Popper I have revised my view on him: he is as good a nutjob as a lot of physics or math professors. He had some weird stuff about a so called demarcation line between science and pseudo science. Is there a way to differentiate between science and pseudo science?

For me these kind of questions are like how many angels can dance on the tip of a needle. That is nice to think or talk about when you are gulping down a few pints but that is not serious stuff.

Of course there is no mechanism or method to separate science from pseudo science. You must look at it on a case to case basis, how can you find something that works in all branches of science? That is too naive I just guess.

Another detail I do not like from Karl Popper is that he claims that the best scientists are always trying to disprove their own beliefs. That is total bullshit. Take for example physics professors, since 100% of them believe electrons are tiny magnets why should a career loving physics professor try to disprove that? If he or she does such a thing like undertaking an experiment that could disprove that electrons are tiny magnets, the fellow physics professors will think this person is crazy to the bone.

That's the way it works in practice. Just like math professors cannot find three dimensional complex numbers, if one of them tries it they will find themselves marginalized and neglected by the mainstream of the community.

In my view Karl Popper was a dumb ass because he was working in the beta side of science his whole life (he was a logician) and never remarked it would be great if there would be experimental proof that electrons were tiny magnets.

Never ever in one century of time there were experiments like that.   

A video from the Leiden university about the Karl Popper stuff can be seen if you click on the next picture of Karl Popper: 


Video title: Chapter 1.4: Karl Popper and the logic of falsification
Link used: 

That was it, thanks for your attention. 


(22 Sept 2023) It were two busy days in Crimea and an airfield or airbase named Saky has come under attack. It looks like it helped a lot that those S-400 air defense systems from Russia are destroyed. And today it emerged the first grain ship arrived in Turkey, it was only a 3000 ton ship if memory serves but anyway that is a whole lot of trucks. The bulky seaships likely cannot take that new route. Anyway a lot happened but I have only two items for you so lets go:  

Item 1) A grain rift between Poland and Ukraine?
Item 2) One century of doing nothing versus 2000 years of doing nothing.

 Item 1) A grain rift between Poland and Ukraine?

One thing is very clear: From the beginning of this war Poland was very helpful and did a huge effort to help Ukraine and all those refugees. Now Poland has recently refused Ukrainian grains to enter the country because last year they had such a bad experience with that.
Likely it is a bit overblown but there are elections impending in Poland and if the imports are an election issue over there, that should be something Ukraine should take into account and not go to the World Trade Organization or so. I don't think that is very helpful and only troubles the relations for no reason at all while those judicial actions can take years before it ends.

I do not know in how far the action of Poland itself is illegal inside the EU framework where it was allowed that Ukraine could resume grain exports despite the fact that a lot of the grains are grown without following EU rules on the use of pesticides and so. 

So it is a gift and not a fundamental right or so.  

On the other hand I might be handy if Poland has a bit more trust in the EU institutions. They are not there to rape pillage and plunder Poland but often try to help a bit. For example this is from a few days ago: 

Following the expiry of the restrictive measures on Ukrainian exports of grain and other foodstuff to the EU, Ukraine agrees to introduce measures to avoid a renewed surge in EU imports  


On the other hand the stuff from the Polish pm could be a bit misrepresented. An observer noted that by now Poland has transferred almost all Sovjet era weaponry to Ukraine and therefore it is now time to build and rebuild the Polish military forces. Is it true Poland placed an order for 450 HIMARS systems? Wow that is a lot and don't forget that is good for the future safety of the EU or better the NATO members around here. 

So it would be great if we can just stop this tit for tat stuff that serves nothing at all. Lets hope this will blow over as soon as possible. 

That is what I had to say on this detail. 

  Item 2) One century of doing nothing versus 2000 years of doing nothing.

According to a theory on scientific revolutions or changes from Thomas Kuhn scientists in a particular field often follow some paradigm and when they find more and more anomalies they can't explain, that will lead to a change in the overall paradigm. And that can take a long time.

As an example you might have heard that some Greek philosopher named Aristotle thought that heavy objects fall faster compared to objects with less mass. And it was until Galileo who experimented with that found out that this was not true at all. And that was about 2000 years later.

So the question is why it took so long and why did so many people just not see that the ideas of Aristotle were false? Well the explanation given is that people who think heavier objects fall faster explain real world things by just using that. It has become a way of thinking and as such anomalies are often just neglected.

Over the last eight years or so I have made a long list of all things wrong with the official version of electron spin and I just never understood why you have so many physics professors but none of them see that there are problems with viewing electrons as tiny magnets.

The best example of such an anomaly is the Pauli exclusion principle in electron pairs in chemical bindings between atoms. The Pauli principle says that the electron spins must be anti-aligned and that simply means they must bind via north-pole to north-pole bridges or the south-pole to south pole variant of that. So you must abandon the principle that in magnetism opposite poles attract. But these werido's, these physics professors just never remark that simple to find anomaly. It looks like all brain activity just stops before that...  

Another example is the idea that electrons anti-align themselves with an applied magnetic field. So if you approach a bunch of electrons it is believed that half of them will turn their north pole side to that applied magnetic field. But that COSTS ENERGY because it raises the potential energy.

Well it could be true that if you believe in the tiny magnet model for electron magnetism, you just don't see the anomalies. And that that explains why the weirdo's, the physics professors, never see the solution is so simple: All of the problems are only caused by the belief that electrons are tiny magnets, the problems are gone if you view the electron as a magnetic monopole. 

But there is another blockade in the head of the physics professors: For some strange reason they think that magnetic monopoles don't exist. So it goes from crazy (just thinking that electrons are tiny magnets) to the madhouse (magnetic monopoles do not exist). 


You have the same kind of weird behavior inside mathematics. Despite the fact it was in the year 1990 that I found the 3D complex numbers, likely at present date a majority of math professors still think 3D complex numbers do not exist because they have a few stupid theorems that say so.

Nobody remarks these theorems are stupid because they say you cannot find an impossible thing because it is not possible. They want 3D complex numbers only as an extension of their 2D complex numbers, that is clearly not possible and guess what? Once more: all thinking stops for at least a century.

As you see my view on scientists is not very positive: These are not critical thinkers. May be they check their articles deep and thoroughly before publication but all that stuff like electrons are tiny magnets or 3D numbers do not exist, they swallow it all without thinking...

That was it for this update, thanks for your attention.  


(20 Sept 2023) Today I didn't have much time to follow the news because I was able to finish the great cleaning up of my computer. And you know it is time for a great clean up if even your clone software is somehow corrupted or does not work...

Luckily the clones software could be installed anew so I did not have to go back to a new install of the Windows OS and after that install all that software you need... That is often a full day of work so I could avoid that.   

Anyway I was able to install a clone from 2010 and after that replace an old hard disk for a new fresh SSD disk. I love them because they do not wear and tear (but it is unknown how long they last as far as I know).

So I am ready to get or make a new computer because I always like to have a spare computer. That is not only a spare computer but also a computer that hardly visits the space known as the internet. I have already seen a nice buy, it is 42 cm high so it should just fit in. But if I would do that I would pay for Windows 11 because that comes pre installed and the last time I paid for the Windows OS was Windows 3.11. Ok ok after two decades may be buy a new OS? Well we'll see...;) Two items for today: 

Item 1) Just random UA stuff.
Item 2) Karl Popper versus Kuhn on how science evolves.

  Item 1) Just random UA stuff.

Since I did not follow the news at all today, only an interesting picture of a second hole in that kilo class submarine that came under attack in Sevastopol: 


Suchominus has a bit more on this on Youtube:

Photo Shows SECOND Hole At Side of Kilo-Class Submarine Hit By Storm Shadow! Link used:

And very different, remember that old show named Spitting Image? Well it seemed that Russia had some version of that too but that was a long time ago: 


Those were the days I just guess... Lets go to the next item: 

  Item 2) Karl Popper versus Kuhn on how science evolves.

I had heard of the Karl Popper guy because he is the one that clearly stated that good science should be falsifiable. That means if it is wrong it should be possible to show via experiment that it is wrong. But I never heard of the Kuhn guy but he had a theory about paradigms and the change in those fundamental and wide things. 

Now my ideas about electrons as being magnetic monopoles is very falsifiable: Take a homogenous (that is constant in space) magnetic field that is also constant in time. If electrons placed inside that magnetic field do not get accelerated, in that case the electrons are likely tiny magnets. And if such a thing would ever occur I would have to pushback my little theory of electron spin as a magnetic charge and of course also commit suicide. Now may be that goes a bit too far, after all it is only electron behavior but I would not feel positive about such a finding.

The question of how science evolves is a very wide question. How does sociology or psychology evolve versus physics? And in math, does there evolve anything at all or keep they keep on swimming in circles in a fish bowl known as the complex plane?

Anyway I looked at a bunch of video's on this subject and at some point it got truly hilarious: Karl Popper seems to have stated that the best scientists in a particular field of science work hard to prove their core ideas wrong!  

For me that was very funny and hilarious because Karl Popper was a logician and as such a beta scientist just like the physics professors. Now did the physics professors ever once tried to question that electrons are tiny magnets? This whole Karl Popper guy was very naive about how science goes from day to day. As far as I know, if as a physics professor you question the "tiny magnet" model for spin half particles, that is not good for your career. 

Now I do not want to go into the discussion that viewing electrons as magnetic monopoles is a paradigm shift, I see it more as crossing the t's and dotting the i's while only remarking that it is weird physics professors are that stupid for that long.
Let me show you only a small section of my personal background in my computer for the last decade. The upper stuff is math that is known for a long long time, these are the Cauchy Riemann equations and they say you can do differential things in the complex plane just like you do on the real line: 


In the second part of the picture you see some symbol X and that is only some real vector and if you differentiate it you get a basic vector. If you would show that to a math professor that person would not say this is crazy or wrong. No this is very elementary, you are left with the basis vector.

The question is why professional math professors never come up with the easy to find math you find at the bottom of the above picture? These are the 3D version of the Cauchy Riemann equations, so why can't they find it themselves?

Lets leave it with that, I think it is hard to answer the question how science evolves in general. The scientific fields we have today are so different that it is hard to find general conclusion other than "Shallow thinking" or whatever what. End of this update and thanks for your attention. 


(15 Sept 2023) Were the attacks against the port of Sevastopol a sheer coincidence when it comes to timing? Likely it is but for me it is funny that when I name Sevastopol for the very first time, within a few hours that port came under attack... So lets say it is a coincidence and if it's not a coincidence: THANKS for the timing!  

Two items for today: 

 Item 1) A short but good analysis of the attack.
 Item 2) Brian Greene telling a lot of unfounded stuff, why Brian why?

 Item 1) A short but good analysis of the attack.

The Youtube channel "Reporting from Ukraine" is relatively handy because in short videos the news is neatly packed and easy to understand. They did a relatively good analysis although it is hard to say if it precisely happened that was but you get the idea. It was a so called complicated attack and given the result it was done very good. 

Here is what Reporting from Ukraine made from it: 


First water drones, after that S-200's to activate the Russian air defense forces, then those radar seeking missiles and at the end a few Shadow Storm / Scalp missiles to finish it all off. 

Again on details it could be a bit different but grosso modo something like this must have happened. Lets go to the next item.

 Item 2) Brian Greene telling a lot of unfounded stuff, why Brian why?

Brian Greene is one of those American television physics professors. Of course that is not forbidden and he can do it in an entertaining manner so it is not boring television but often it is just so oversimplified that it misses the point.  

Brian is one of those people from who I just do not understand why they do not see themselves what is wrong with electron spin as a tiny magnet, why this wall to wall stupidity? 

In the picture below you see two examples: 

1) All these decimals in the magnetic dipole moment of the electron &
2) Super positions of electron spin that is totally unfounded in experiment.

Example 1) is often used by physics professors to show how superior the standard model of particle physics is. And it looks very impressive, I remember it intimidated me too. Until I found out a bit more details of the experiment and all those folks do is measuring a frequency that is given off by the lone trapped electron they have. That does not say the electron is a tiny magnet as thought by overpaid physics professors.  

Then the theoretical value, that is done by adding up thousands of so called Feynman diagrams so that is very interesting but is there anyone in the world that can check if that all is done correctly? No of course not, we have to believe it on their beautiful blue eyes or so. (I am not saying it is fraud, only that it cannot be checked at all.) 

People like Brian Greene always select stuff like those 12 decimals found and routinely skip all the nonsense that comes with electrons as tiny magnets. They never say that the Pauli exclusion principle says that in atomic bonding the electron pairs have opposite spins, this simply means they bond magnetically via north polo to north pole bridges. Where has the deep rooted knowledge of "Opposite magnetic charges attract, like charges repel" gone?


They even do not have any experimental proof that electrons are in fact tiny magnets, they just assumed it for an entire century or even longer but there is no experiment that says it is so.   

And all that stuff that an electron can also be in a super position of both it's spin states is also not validated by only one experiment. And Brian makes it even more crazy by the stuff he does with two electrons that according to Brian can be in a super position of different spin states that only become clear if you measure them in some kind of direction.

Last year three Nobel prizes have been handed out but the experiments were only done with photons because as one of the prize receivers said: "Doing it with a spin half particle like an electron is just too difficult".

Back in 2015 I realized for the first time that the tiny magnet model for explaining electron magnetism is likely not correct. In the present years I tell it like: Electron spin or electron magnetism is just like the electric charge of the electron:


If you don't have that in for example chemical bonding things would constantly fall apart. The electrons in binding electron pairs in all of the proteins of you body never flip their spin. If an electron would do that the binding pair would become a non-binding pair and the protein would break or get damaged every time a magnetic field comes along...

Of course this fucking never happens so why do people like Brian Greene keep on telling all that crap about electron spin when they don't have any experimental proof? Why this level of stupidity and lazy shallow thinking? 


I do not understand at all why the physics professors do not see for themselves that viewing the electron as a tiny magnet leads to so many contradictions. Why are they so fucking stubbornly stupid?

Click on the next picture to see Brian Greene explaining the wisdom the professional physics professors have on electron spin: 


Video title: Brian Greene at the 2023 Aspen Ideas Festival
Link used:

My dear reader this is the eigth's year of simply me trying to explain that electrons are not tiny magnets but have a monopole magnetic charge. All I use is logic and point out that long list of contradictions we get if it was true that electrons are tiny magnets.

Why the fuck do we use taxpayer money to fund the salaries of people like that? May be as a society we should withdraw that tax money from universities and give it to people that make horoscopes. May be that is much much better for society so instead of the crap that Brian tells about electron spin we can enjoy the beautiful insights of people that craft horoscopes...

End of this update, thanks for your attention and till updates. 


(13 Sept 2023) A crazy lot did happen, from earthquakes in Morocco, very bad weather in Lybia and so on and so on. What the war concerns there has also happened a lot, a side effect of the war is the German initiative for a secure sky over Europe or the European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI). More and more countries are joining and for myself speaking it is very good that Europe tries a bit more to keep it's military pants up and not always rely so much on the USA. But I have been saying that for almost 20 years now so there is not much news besides the important point that it is no happening finally... 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) Elon Musk did what? And Ukraine retook some old oil rigs.
Item 2) Again: Why no Nobel prize for a repeated SG experiment?

  Item 1) Elon Musk did what? And Ukraine retook some old oil rigs.

This crazy stuff seems to have happened one year ago in Sept 2022, let me quote the weird stuff:

Excerpts of a new biography of Musk published by The Washington Post last  week revealed that the Ukrainians in September 2022 had asked for the  Starlink support to attack Russian naval vessels based at the Crimean port of  Sevastopol. Musk had refused due to concerns that Russia would launch a  nuclear attack in response.

Source: Elon Musk’s refusal to have Starlink support Ukraine attack in Crimea raises questions for Pentagon Link used:

Comment: Now I don't want to go into all the details for the Pentagon and stuff and I would like to remark it was very important the Ukrainians got that starlink stuff for communication. And may be Elon was in some kind of panic and really thought it would raise the level to a full blown nuclear war. 
This kind of behavior based on limited insights of risk is  not very helpful, on the contrary it is highly counter productive. You shouldn't behave that way, for example I never tell Ukraine what to do. Not only because it is none of my business but it all goes much better if they can set out their own path on how to conduct this war. If everybody comes along with a long list of wishes, that brings the UA in an impossible situation. It is their war and we are here to help them as good and bad as we can.


A very interesting development was the taking back of the Boiko towers who were lost by Ukraine when the illegal annexation of Crimea was done by Russia. It also gives a nice picture:


Lets hope this detail brings a bit more ownership of the Black Sea for the UA maritime forces. Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Again: Why no Nobel prize for a repeated SG experiment?

In sciences like psychology or sociology they have a serious problem: A large portion of all published articles contain research that is not repeatable. Or if it is repeatable most of the time the found result is far less significant. If you understand a bit how those publications emerge, in my view this was an accident waiting to happen. It is a big problem if experiments can't be repeated because that simply says it is not science. After all repeatability is more or less the hallmark of science as we know it. 

Now that might be a big problem for psychology or sociology but in physics they have stuff that they hold for true but have no experimental basis at all. So it is not that the experiment is not repeatable, there is no fucking experiment at all.

An important example is of course that "tiny magnet" model they use for the magnetism of electrons. The physics professors simply assume electrons behave like tiny magnets while they have no experimental evidence at all for that claim. 

Last update I showed you that video about a repeat in the year 1967 of the Stern-Gerlach experiment from 1921 or so. Now the theory says that if you make another SG experiment after the first one, that will act as a reset for the electron spin.
So a beam of electrons (or atoms like in the video) gets split in two by a magnetic field and after that another magnetic field perpendicular to the first one makes it split again. The theory says the second magnetic field splits the beam again in a 50/50 kind of fashion.

That is all based on the Pauli matrices and work of similar garbage levels. As far as I know there is no experimental proof for that weird Pauli matrices stuff, so why is there no experimental proof at all???

In my view because physics people are people they constantly want confirmation by their peers they are doing the right thing. I name that process "Trying to score social coins". And the most important social coin for physics people is of course the Nobel prize in physics. 

Compared to just doing science, in my view almost all physics professors mostly try to score social points or social coins. And in the last century of time, if your experiment validated the three Pauli matrices you would almost be sure of a Nobel prize. So the Physics crowd hungry for that social coin must have tried a few times to try to prove the Pauli matrices via experiment.

Of course it never worked because the idea's of Wolfgang Pauli were totally and utter crap: You really cannot call that collection of ideas a theory of physics because it is based on nothing at all. Electron magnetism is likely just like electron electric stuff: permanent and monopole. 

If in the last century of time you as an experimental physics person would have successfully done a repeated SG experiment, you likely would have won a Nobel prize for that.

As far as I know there is never ever a Nobel prize handed out for that kind of experiment. So a reasonable person would say: "Hey may be there is something wrong with our understanding of electron spin".  

But no, a century of time and zero physics persons remarking that. They only follow stupid dogma like the Gauss law of magnetism and the fake scientists never realize that they have a problem here. 

So in the year 1967 they finished this beautiful looking machine but it has no repeater at the end because the Pauli matrices are a total crap from a weirdo that sometimes signed his letters with "The Geisel Gottes". 


That was it for this update, thanks for your attention (I know that if you do not know much about electron spin it is hard to read what I write, so thanks for your attention). 

Till updates.  


(08 Sept 2023) No, I am not in a talkative mood today so lets go to the two items for this update. 

Item 1) When will those small diameter bombs arrive? No idea...
Item 2) Beautiful old video on the SG experiment found.

  Item 1) When will those small diameter bombs arrive? No idea...

There seem to be delays although I did not read why. So that's a pity, wasn't September originally the planning or so? I only did a quick google news search and the oldest article that popped up was a Reuters one:

Title: Exclusive: U.S. weighs sending 100-mile strike weapon to Ukraine
Link used:

As you see that was Nov last year. Likely there is a lot of unforeseen stuff going on or whatever what.  


Since I am not in a talkative mood today, I found an article that is for sure the longest article I found in this entire war. The above picture is also from there although I added the black on bottom and top. 

Title: Perseverance and Adaptation: Ukraine’s Counteroffensive at Three Months (Michael Kofman and Rob Lee)

In itself you must have some perseverance to read the entire commentary.  

Lets go to the next item.  

 Item 2) Beautiful old video on the SG experiment found.

This is a video on Youtube containing an old American documentary from the year 1967 and there they demonstrate an upgraded version of the original Stern Gerlach experiment. The machinery is all beautiful old style stuff, it even contains and oven to turn a piece of metal into vapor.

In itself the video shows no other explanations of the observed results in the SG experiment (the splitting in two of the silver atom beam when exposed to magnetism) compared to how it is told today.

That means of course that in the video electrons are supposed to be tiny magnets and just like today the long array of problems that come with that idea are just not talked about. Or a tiny bit like in the next picture you see the anti align arrangement of a bar magnet in an inhomogeneous magnetic field.  

The professor tells that it is not that easy and you see below in the picture what he tries to do. Please remark that there are four thin ropes holding up the magnet, suppose you would have only two ropes and they are glued against the north and south pole of the magnet. Could you ever find a stable anti alignment in that two rope arrangement? No way, it is a so called instable equilibrium.


(Remark that in the picture above only one coil is on in order to get that inhomogeneous magnetic field.) 

As always it is never explained in only a tiny part why electrons would behave this way, why do they anti align? Yet if you view the electrons as magnetic monopoles you do not have these crazy energy problems: all electrons only try to get to the lowest possible potential energy.
Even if that means going into the direction of a lower magnetic field strength like in the Stern Gerlach experiment. 

The video is about 25 minutes long. Although beautifully built in itself the machine is not needed at all. Back when I was 4 years old the only televisions there were all had a tube with an electron cannon in it. So with a strong enough magnets you could split the electron beam in two. But usage of magnets around those old televisions also damaged the fluorescent stuff on the inside of the tube so the television became worthless for normal use.

And they had no reason to do so either: everybody believed that electrons were tiny magnets so why try to prove otherwise?

Video: The Stern-Gerlach Experiment (ESI 1967)
Link used:

Why is this belief that electrons are tiny magnets so persistent? It leads to explanations that in a permanent magnet all electron spins align and that explains it all. To the other extreme where the so called Pauli exclusion principle says that in chemistry the binding electron pairs must have opposite spin and as such they must anti align. 

That is just fucking totally illogical and it is only not logical because you must have that with that stupid tiny magnet model for the electron.

Ok ok may be I got a bit talkative along the way, let our ways part until we meet again. Thanks for your attention. 


(06 Sept 2023) It was a beautiful day today because of the weather in this ending of summer 2023. So I did not see much news and we can go to the two items for today.

Item 1) Shorty on corruption.
Item 2) A chemistry guy explaining electron spin as a vector.

  Item 1) Shorty on corruption.

Lately there was some scandal in Ukraine about corruption where rich kids could avoid military duty via paying for a certified medical condition. I didn't know that, I just read it today. 

Anyway back when I was a soldier in the 1980-ties I remember that it was well known that sons of medics often were so ill that they could not serve. It was not there were zero sons of doctors and specialists in the military  service, but it was far below what you should expect. 

The latter is more an abuse of power, the one specialist sends his son to a friend for some medical testing and later he tests the son of his friend and all stay out of military service. While the UA stuff is clearly an unwelcome form of corruption. 

All in all I consider this an internal Ukraine matter. Beside that I am not much an expert into how you can tackle corruptive behavior in an efficient manner. Lets look at a very good photo:  


On this detail of corruption I cannot say much, as far as I know it is not that weaponry and ammo gets sold on black markets or so... So it's not a total chaos and if there is room for improvement I just wish the UA folks good luck. Lets go to the next item, it's a bit hardcore for some of my readers I guess so if you are into that category you can easily skip it and live happily ever after...;)  

 Item 2) A chemistry guy explaining electron spin as a vector.

As far as I understand the official version of electron spin (the tiny magnet model and magnetism as a vector), the chemical guy in the video does a good job at explaining how it all hangs together. By the way the name of this chemical guy is Michael Evans.

Contrary to the official version of electron spin I think the magnetic properties of the electron are just like it's electric properties:
permanent and monopole. 

That means electrons are magnetic monopoles while generations of physics professors have stated that they can't find magnetic monopoles. So they keep on producing more and more complicated theories and models like the Ising model that always use tiny magnets.  

The way electron spin was dealt with was very much in line with how (linear) polarization of light works where if you change the angle of the polarization filter you get different results. With electron spin they think if you change the direction or angle of the applied magnetic field, that changes the probability distribution over the diverse spin states.  

In my world this never happens, spin states are permanent magnetic charges and as such they never flip their spin so to say. Therefore the situation could not be more different: a permanent monopole magnetic charge against a version of electron magnetism where you can apply the Heisenberg uncertainty principle????? (Click on the picture to land at the video:) 


Now I absolutely don't want to ridicule Michael Evans who made this video, the stuff he says is widely seen as the standard way of explaining the magnetic stuff.

For me it is still a bewilderment as why these people never see all the logical problems there are with the so called "tiny magnet" model of electron magnetism. A simple thing is for example the miracle of an electron "anti-aligning" themselves against a magnetic field. Why should an electron turn it's magnetic north pole against the applied north pole? Why physics people, why?

Well they don't, electrons have a monopole permanent magnetic charge so they never align or anti align with magnetic fields.

It is all fucking overly complicated, this "tiny magnet" or magnetism as a vector is so complicated that we can wonder if it is true. Do you believe the next bullshit? 


The two electrons are in different energy levels but net magnetization is zero using the "tiny magnet" model. I mean this is bullshit, the two electrons are separated in space but find some way of keeping their vectors perfectly at zero?

Get a life and stop using taxpayer money to promote this madness. 

End of this update, thanks for your attention. 


(01 Sept 2023) Is that so called Suroviken line breached in Ukraine? For what is known now it is only at one point so it is still fragile. Lets hope the Ukrainians will have some good luck but also some good brains. Let me wish the UA fighters in the south good luck with this...: GOOD LUCK!  

Item 1) A huge drone attack on Russia, even in Pskov...
Item 2) Curious droid on magnetron usage in WWII.

 Item 1) A huge drone attack on Russia, even in Pskov...

To be honest until yesterday I was not aware of a place named Pskov, but that seems to be about 600 km away from UA. If the drones come from Ukraine, that is a long distance to fly undetected.  

Those attacks against Russia are often a bit portrayed like attacks from inside Russia itself versus attacks from UA territory. Of course likely both things are playing out at the same time. 

If the text that came with the picture is correct, below is the result from the attack on Pskov: 


Some Russian dude came out stating that Ukraine can only fly these drones so far undetected because of help from Western intel. For myself speaking I do not think Western intel agencies can figure out from outside Russia what path to fly.  

 Item 2) Curious droid on magnetron usage in WWII.

Today I came across this video from Curious droid (or is it Droid?) and to be honest I still don't know in detail how a magnetron works. How can it pump out so much energy at such relative long wavelengths? May be the stuff only works because electrons are magnetic monopoles, I do not know.

After the video I was not much wiser on how such a common thing like a part of your magnetron oven works, the video itself was very interesting all in all. I never knew that a magnetron was so important for radar, but yes radar uses frequencies like that. For example if you look at a rain radar on your local weather news service, you can never see rain made from very small droplets.  

The video is also interesting because it shows how a relative small decision of some autocratic from of life can influence the outcome of large military conflicts like WWII. 

As usual click on the picture for the video: 


Video title: The Device that Won WW2 - The Cavity Magnetron
Link used:

So I am not much wiser about how a magnetron actually works and why such machines needs those relatively strong magnets in order to work. That has to wait for another day I guess.

End of this update & thanks for your attention. 


(30 Aug 2023) Two days ago after working about 9 years long, my old computer broke down. Normally I have at least one spare computer so it should not be much of a problem or so. Well actually my website was stored on one of those old hard disk drives from before the SATA cables became common (those broad cables as you had them in your computer in the past.

So I had no access to the website files and of course I do not make a backup that I store on another hard disk every day, the latest was from May this year. So I downloaded my own homepage (this page) and hang it into the old backup and voila it looks like it works. That was only 15 to 20 minutes work and as such I could avoid pumping all content over via cut and paste text and images...;( 

But now the font has changed, I always use Times New Roman and I don't know how to apply that to all text now it has changed.  

So just a very short update for today, these are the two items: 

Item 1) Ok it is caricature, but it is funny anyway.
Item 2) Wolfgang Pauli or Paul Dirac: Who did the most damage?

  Item 1) Ok it is caricature, but it is funny anyway.

Because of the war I too often portray the Russians as some stereotype or a caricature. That is funny to do but you must not believe in that in order to avoid thinking they are real stupid.

Often Russians are not stupid at all but they find themselves back into that interesting political system they have over there. But I liked the picture I found on one of those 'Today in Russia' kind of video's. And with a title like that you often already know what is coming. 


As a whole it is a perfect composition: The rubber boots, the booze, a cigarette, the bride clothing and of course the smile or smirk she has.  

Lets go to the next item: 

 Item 2) Wolfgang Pauli or Paul Dirac: Who did the most damage?

Both Dirac and Pauli are known because of their contributions to quantum mechanics in general and electron spin in particular. It is also no secret that both Dirac & Pauli believed into the so called 'tiny magnet' model for electron magnetism while I think electrons are magnetic monopoles so no tiny magnet model for me. 

I don't link to it but the Paul Dirac guy had some very interesting equations and he had four of them: Two related to the electron and two related to the anti electron or the positron. The two for the electron are split up between the two spin states and the same goes for the positron. Hence four equations that he solved with 4x4 matrices, indeed an interesting mathematical feature. 

But it never dawned on Paul that there are in fact four different particles with each their share of electric and magnetic monopole charge.  

And what about Wolfgang Pauli? In quantum mechanics it is often thought that particles are in all kinds of super positions, why this is is unknown to me. As such Mr. Pauli had his so called Pauli matrices that you can use for estimates of possible spin measurement outcomes. 
If for example you turn the magnetic field 90 degrees, that should always serve as a reset of previous electron spin and now you must have a 50/50 split between spin up and spin down. 

The three Pauli matrices are for just one electron, if you look at multiple spin systems the whole thing explodes into large matrices. 

As far as I know, in about one hundred years of time there has never been an experiment validating the Pauli matrices. The calculations the physics professors make about electron spin in a turned magnetic field look a lot like how linear polarized light behaves. Only you now have half an angle alpha while with polarization you have one whole angle alpha. 

If in one century of time there is no experiment validating that weird stuff, I can safely conclude it is very likely a bag of bullshit. It's not even a theory because the magnetic charge of the electron is very much like the electric charge: permanent and monopole. 

So that is in a very stark contrast to Paul Dirac who, let me put it in a larger font, had the honor of: 

People found experimental evidence for the positron, the first anti particle was discovered! 

And not so much, as far as I know it is completely zero, experimental evidence for the predictive nature of the Pauli matrices.  


(Source of the photo's:

In the present years in the science of psychology there is a bit problem going on because a lot of the published results fail to be repeatable. If you think about that you can find a lot of reasons as why the present situation is that bad: 

The publish or perish culture, the art of p-hacking, formulating your hypothesis after you did the statistical collection of date, the hunt for spectacular results or even click bait stuff and so on and so on.

In psychology at least they understand they have a problem is you cannot repeat a lot of experiments, after all if it is not repeatable it is likely garbage.
In physics they are even unaware they have a problem if they just never validate that indeed electrons are tiny magnets as they always claim to be...

That was it for this update, thanks for your attention. 


(25 Aug 2023) This is still a hot war because there is so much happening every week. Interesting highlights were the blasting of that S400 system in Crimea. And with an interesting human touch, the Ukrainians got a helicopter full spare parts for Russian planes delivered. The helicopter pilot had already his wife and or family inside the UA so there was no danger to them, in itself a crazy story but thumbs up for that Russian helicopter pilot.

Two items for today: 

 Item 1) Prigozhen had his last barbeque?
 Item 2) The basic flaw (loophole) in those Bell experiments.

 Item 1) Prigozhen had his last barbeque?

Well if he is dead I can say it was a colorful guy. It often looked as his guys, those Wagner soldiers, completely trusted him. And that is a stark contrast with how officers are looked upon inside the Russian army.  

Let me not comment any further, dead is dead so why waste my time? 


Before we go to the next item, I found a nice new stamp from Ukraine, it is in the next link: 

Title: New Ukraine stamp shows F-16 jets 'rubbing out' Kremlin
Link used:

It shows the F16 stuff lives a lot among the Ukrainians, that is logical of course but I would like to caution against unrealistic expectations. But it would be great if UA would be a bit more master of her own sky. 

Lets go to the next item: 

  Item 2) The basic flaw (loophole) in those Bell experiments.

Back in the year 2015 or so there were three experiments coming out claiming they had done a so called 'loophole free' Bell test or Bell experiment. I remember I downloaded the pdf that the TU Delft had out from the preprint archive, but it was all very complicated. Now 2015 was (if memory serves) also the year that I figured out that likely electrons are not tiny magnets but magnetic monopoles, so I was fresh busy with that idea and as such the TU Delft pdf was too complicated to be helpful. 

Yesterday I came across a short video from Nature and right there in the beginning you can see where the whole experiment goes wrong: It starts with the assumption that both electrons are in a superposition of both spin states. The last years more and more I converged to the idea that electrons have a permanent magnetic charge, just like their electric charge is also permanent and not a fragile 'quantum state' or so.
Click on the picture for the video from Nature: 


Video title: Quantum ‘spookiness' explained
Link used: 

Like said before: The only place in the universe where electrons flip their spin is inside the heads of the physics professors. In condensed matter for example no thermal shaking does make a single spin flip. And if a photon is observed that has precisely the energy difference between the two spin states, in all likelihood that is an electron replaced such that the potential energy is a tiny be lower. Think for example as the usage in astronomy of the 21 cm hydrogen spectral line.  

So my view on electron spin is radical different from the official version as seen in the video. And always the people making those video's never ever arrive at the idea they don't have any proof via experiment that electrons are tiny magnets. It's 100% idiot, there are also no elementary particles that are electric dipoles, even a neutron is named a neutron and is not a tiny electric dipole.

As a contrast I have a video about chiral materials and once more we observe that in chiral materials it is possible to get spin separation of the electrons. This makes only sense if there are two kinds of electrons, so it is not true that all electrons are the same and electron spin is a 'tiny magnet'.

The video is from back when we had the COVID restrictions, it lasts about 15 minutes. The female researcher sounds very competent and may be her understanding of the stuff involved would benefit greatly from viewing electrons as permanent magnetic monopoles. Will she do that ever?
I doubt it, doing so will be very bad for her career because everybody will think she is a crazy bitch and avoid her in all ways possible. Or do you have a more positive view on humans?

As usual click on the picture in order to see the video: 


My guestimate is that the directional separation of electron spin according to their magnetic charge is an important ingredient in the solution of the so called protein folding problem. But I never looked into that on a more detailed level because to be honest I do not know much about chemistry.

So the summary of this update is: Individual electrons cannot be in a super position of the two spin states. Electron spin states are not tiny magnets pointing into some direction but monopole charges that are permanent. As such things like a maximum entangled electron pair is also no possible.

But if it is not possible, how did they get three times that experimental result back in 2015?
That is may be a nice update for some future date. Below you see a picture where I summarize it a bit more, Bell states for pairs of electrons are fucking impossible.  


Just like it is fucking impossible to have eyes like that without a lot of work. As far as I know this is the face of a real human and not an AI thing, so we can safely conclude that all of her electron pairs hold her together because the electrons in those pairs have opposite magnetic charge.

End of this update, thanks for your attention and see you around. 


(23 Aug 2023) Only after the last update from Thursday news came out that the USA allows for transfer of F16's to Ukraine. So let me place a more or less formal Thanks! to the USA. Today it emerged that Greece also wants to join the F16 coalition, so that is great also.

It is already a bit late and I am a bit tired so only one item for today:  

Item 1) All of a sudden the F16 stuff goes blazingly fast, they didn't let much grass grow over it.

  Item 1) All of a sudden the F16 stuff goes blazingly fast, they didn't let much grass grow over it.

By accident I came across that news of the visit of the US president Zelensky, sometimes I just do not want to read any news a day long because that brings some good calmness around. Anyway I was surprised to see this on Sunday: 


There is some confusion around the numbers but if I understand it correctly we have 42 F16's and 24 of them are still in active duty before they will be replaced by the new F35 stuff in the future. So that would be 18 pieces and if I remember it correct that was also the number where Denmark came out with. 

So how will Russia react? I do not expect the Kremlin to have much trouble with it. After all media outlet RT often tells it like it is and they explained that these 50 year old planes will not make much of a difference. It is much older as the latest Russian war planes, they are worn out and often hang together with pieces of wallpaper and zip ties. So I do not expect much words of wisdom from the Kremlin. 


I forgot to copy & paste the link to the video but if you want to see it for some reason it is one of the latest vids from the guy named professor Gerdes.  

Now it is understandable that from the Ukrainian side there is a lot of expectation around all this air power F16 stuff. As such there is a huge possibility that there will be a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the new UA F16 pilots. I think that is not very good, it would be great that people just understood these are just pilots trying to do their job and that's it. 

Before we split I would like to repeat that one of the conditions of the delivery is of course the F16's are only used inside Ukraine. At this point in time it is hard to see when this condition can be lifted, that is more a future thing I guess.  

Let me try  to upload this stuff  to the internet and thanks for your attention. 


(18 Aug 2023) It was a relaxed day over here, just like the rest of summer relatively cool. Lets go to the two items for today, they are not that long:

 Item 1) Footage of a sea drone named Sea Baby.
 Item 2) Cute distribution of the speed of the solar wind around the sun.

  Item 1) Footage of a sea drone named Sea Baby.

Yesterday or today this footage was released, if I understand it correctly this was that thing that did the blast at the Kerch bridge when also the railroad was damaged? If so I remember at the time there was also that footage of a truck and it was strongly suggested it was a truck bomb.
I considered that a strange assumption, the Ukrainians don't use suicide bombers. That is not a part of their culture.

I too had wild speculations at the time: how did they get those explosives there? Of course most of the time I just don't write down wild speculation but I was a bit thinking along the lines of a submarine. Anyway it looks like the footage from today is sincere and this was the thing that did it: 


This is all a very interesting development, a remote controlled sea drone loaded with 850 kg of explosives. Stuff like this is mostly hand made so it looks expensive for such a small boat but it's a lot of work. And if it can sink Russian warships it is still a very cheap way to do this.
It was Zelensky that once said drones like this are about half a million a pop and at first you think that is a lot for an upgraded waterski but half a million could be a reasonable price. 

 Item 2) Cute distribution of the speed of the solar wind around the sun.

The solar wind is a beautiful phenomenon, the physics people have no idea how it works and likely that is all caused by their weird idea's that elementary particles like electrons must be magnetic dipoles for some weird reason.
And if you  keep on thinking such nonsense, it is hard to explain why the solar atmosphere, the corona, is so very hot. If fact the corona is so hot that it actually heats the sun, how does it get it's energy?

Well I think that elementary particles like electrons are magnetic monopoles and that non-elementary particles like neutrons and protons carry magnetic charge so they too are not 'tiny magnets'. The bullshit from the physics community is easy to understand: If electrons are tiny magnets, they should be neutral under that application of magnetic fields just like the neutron does nothing when confronted with an electric field.

The 'tiny magnet' model is just plain stupid and it leads to all kinds of weird stuff like the Pauli exclusion principle where in electron pairs the electrons must have opposite spins. That simply means those tiny magnets (the electrons) bind via north pole to north pole binding or south pole against south pole.
I hope you agree with me that somewhere in the last century that idea of all particles must always be tiny magnets has run off the rails somewhere.
After all even children often know that magnets bind to each other only if you have opposite poles, why physics professors don't see that for themselves is one of the greatest mysteries of physics: Why is it beneficial to be that stupid?

In the picture you see a beautiful statistical representation of the data found around solar wind speeds. For me it is not very handy, the plasma in the solar wind is made up of very different particles like electrons, protons and atomic nuclei like helium. They all have their own 'solar wind speed' so let us assume that in this picture we likely look at what can be detected: proton speed.  


It is important to understand this graph is from a time during the solar minimum where the magnetic activity of our sun is minimal. I do not know what IMF means. The interesting feature of this graph is of course that so many protons have more or less the same speed when you look outside the solar equatorial plane.  

If magnetism plays such an important role, why is there no higher wind speed at the solar poles? I think that if the sun is billions of years old we are looking at an equilibrium that has been set since the formation of our sun: it must be strongly positive in the electric sense. But you never hear astronomers talk about such stuff, for them the sun is like neutral forever. 

Ok it is time to upload this tiny update. Thanks for your attention. 







For the time being I think I keep the next picture as a 'closing logo' indicating you are at the end of this homepage. It was to cute to throw away, the math is utterly simple and I hope a tiny bit surprising.  

Click on the picture to go to part 19 of the archive: 


End of this update, ChatGPT can you tell me how to keep the number of killed Russians above one thousand a day for the foreseeable future? 

Till updates. 



For older updates see the archives at index18.htm or go to the oversight of the archive pages.  

 __________ End

















Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4 

In Nov 2015 I opened a separate website for the three dimensional complex numbers:  


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles

09 Jan 2017: The link above grew out to 41 reasons that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. We proceed with reason number 42 on

Page 2 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Page 3 covers the stuff as found in the year 2018.

Page 4 covers the stuff for the year 2019.

Page 5 covers results found in the year 2020. 


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...

























































Title: A 2022 condolences card to the US dollar.