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(24 July 2024) The two items for this update:

Item 1) More action against that Russian dark oil tanker fleet.
Item 2) Searching for 4D complex numbers.

 Item 1) More action against that Russian dark oil tanker fleet.

There was just much to much news like Joe Biden's withdrawal from the US presidential elections, a diplomatic visit to China by the UA, drone attacks, oil attacks and so on and so on. So let's just restrict it to that dark or shadow Russian tanker fleet trying to evade and avoid the sanctions there are on Russian oil. 

On 05 June I wrote for the first time about that detail of all those old oil  tankers that are now in use so that Russia can sell oil above the price cap. And now only three weeks later there seems to be a coalition of 45 nations forming to tackle this particular problem. So that's swift and fast, something we can't say about university professors...

Now I am the first one to admit I don't have any insight at all how this all legally works. A few principles are clear to me like the fact all nations have right to access the oceans of this world. But of course nations bordering the seas and oceans also have rights, for example if there could be an impending emergency like a large oil spill from an ill or uninsured tanker, they likely have the right to do something about that. 

Now at the UK they just have a new government and guess what? The new UK pm Keir Starmer is a lawyer...;). Anyway the UK will try to lead this coalition so that's a good thing.  


I have two links to articles for you, the first one is from the FT:

UK targets more Russian-linked oil tankers with sanctions.

And one from Lloyds, no not the US SecDef but likely it is that insurance company.  

UK leads 45-country coalition crackdown on ‘Russia’s shadow fleet’.

And a quote as found in both sources:

Announcing the UK sanctions against the further 11 tankers, Keir Starmer, UK prime minister, said: “We will not allow Russia’s shadow fleet, and the dirty money it generates, to flow freely through European waters and put our security at risk.”

Well I am glad people are working on this because the last thing we need is another broken oil tanker. With that lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Searching for 4D complex numbers.

At most once a year I check if the internet search engines still act properly when searching for 3D or 4D complex numbers. So on duckduckgo I searched for 4D complex numbers and just as in the past in the image section the results are always impressive.

That must be a bit like how Julius Cesar must have felt when later he spoke the famous "Veni vidi vici" words. I still have destroyed all competition yes even the images about quaternions that can also be viewed as 4D complex numbers.

Suppose there are 100 thousand math professors worldwide and you would ask each and every one of the what are 4D complex numbers? Likely you will get the quaternion answer a 100 thousand times.

But internet search engines don't lie: Somehow more popular or more relevant things keep float on top of the results of such searches. And since the pages of the other website started ranking high when people search for 3D or 4D complex numbers, it has stayed that way.    

A few months back I saw an interview with Roger Penrose and out of the blue he started to tell that the quaternions were not that fantastic extension of the complex numbers. He didn't elaborate beyond that but likely Roger has found out that you can't do any form of complex analysis on these quaternions from Sir Hamilton.
Now the 4D complex numbers as I crafted them do allow for all the complex analysis you can ever dream of. I wrote most of the stuff in the year 2018 so that's now back about 6 years. And guess what, as far as I know nothing has happened in the brain of just one of those hypothetical 100 thousand math professors...

That internet search result stuff is indeed interesting, sometimes it goes ok like with the 3D and 4D complex numbers. But when it comes to electron spin and the logical detail that likely electrons carry monopole magnetic charge and are not tiny magnets, the search results are still a total mess. No veni vide vice there observed at all...

So the electron thingeling still does not resonate at all with a wider audience and that's just one of the things in life when you only can say "It is what it is".   

For those who want to take a look at those 4D complex numbers, on my other website it is a category on it's own but if you check that category it is of course the latest post is seen first. So for an introduction to the stuff you must find the older posts on 4D complex numbers.

Click on the picture below to land at the category of 4D complex numbers on the website In the picture you see a screen shot of such an internet search combined with some robot stuff: 

That was it for this update. Thanks for your attention and let me try to upload this stuff to our beloved garbage bin: the internet. 


(19 July 2024) The two items for 19 July:

Item 1) Ten years since MH17 & fantastic assassination sneakers...
Item 2) Sabine Hossenfelder on green hydrogen.

  Item 1) Ten years since MH17 & fantastic assassination sneakers...

The 10-th year already? Yes, it was 2014 so it's now a decade back. Back in the time if the Russians simply would have told the truth and say it was an accident, I would have accepted that. But they didn't, we got another weird Kremlin freakshow and that was it.

And on the Russian state television they ask in a rethorical manner "Why do they hate us?" Yes well that is peak stupidity of course, likely lot of countries and individuals inside those countries all have some serious reason to hate or dislike you.
It has to be remarked however that on my side almost all hatred is gone, there is only the noble task left to try and maximize Russian losses and of course there is the long running strategy: Minimizing Russian military power to the extend they cannot do to another European nation what they are doing to Ukraine. 

On the Military & history channel I found the second photo below, I can't remember seeing that one before. Well I didn't save a link so there is no video related to this item. Beside that most readers are likely very capable of finding MH17 news if they want so.

On something know as the Meidas Touch network, I don't know where that name comes from, they regularly talk about the great things Donald Trump has done. And often they compare that to the great things Joe Biden has done. 

This time Meidas Touch reports of the fantastic new line of sneakers out, assassination sneakers. At first I thought that that iconic picture I showed you two days ago was on it, but it's a little bit different. 

Well what more do you want?  

In another development the pressure on Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race is growing. I don't have much of an opinion on it because this is an internal USA matter. So whatever will be will be. 

But I hope that in November when the actual election is held, the outcome will not be highly negative for Ukraine. Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Sabine Hossenfelder on green hydrogen.

Today it dawned on me that may be there is a way of making (green) hydrogen via electrolysis of water more efficient. In the previous update I told you the problems are at the anode side where the electrons are sucked in and the wrong kind of oxygen gets produced.

That stuff, singlet oxygen, has to burn with itself and after that you have the normal oxygen you can breathe. Now if indeed electrons are magnetic monopoles, is there a way of jacking up the number of say north pole monopole electrons?  

Of course there is, what I said in last update is not correct, if you make the anode itself a north pole (macroscopic) magnet in that case the south pole magnetic version of electrons will be more likely to be picked up by the anode. 

So if there is a way to improve this efficiency, it should go along lines like these if indeed electrons are magnetic monopoles. All that stuff of making the electron flip it's spin are likely scientific fantasies, I have never seen that in whatever experimental setup whatsoever.  

But to say it into the language of physics: May be we can achieve a strongly spin polarized concentration of electrons during the separation of the water molecules into molecular oxygen and loose protons.

Anyway in the last update I told you this form of green hydrogen will be very expensive and to my surprise in a video from Sabine Hossenfelder she mentions just that detail.  

So that is interesting, all in all I would classify Sabine as a good scientist although she too has tiny flaws like believing that electrons are tiny magnets. No Sabine, the magnetic charge of the electron is just as monopole as it's electric charge and in all likelihood this magnetic charge is just as permanent as it's electric charge...

Usage of hydrogen has tons of more problems, but for that you can see what Sabine thinks of it all.  

Video title: Hydrogen Will Not Save Us. Here's Why.
Link used:

That's it for this week, as always thanks for your attention. 


(17 July 2024) The two items for 17 July:  

Item 1) Trump's photo & Insights from Ukraine on Google searches.
Item 2) Green hydrogen and electron spin & the hydrogen bank.

 Item 1) Trump's photo & Insights from Ukraine on Google searches.

I didn't know it but a human known as daughter told me this morning there was an iconic picture of our hero Donald Trump out. So this evening I looked it up and yes indeed it is an impressive photo. It seems people are suspicious of it because it is all so perfect, isn't it photoshopped or AI generated? But it seems to be real, the photographer jumped into a possible line of fire but took the photo anyway... 

Weirdly enough it seems that Russians are writing pro Trump messages on their missiles, rockets and artillery ammo. If it's just a joke, ok that is kind of funny when you are in a war situation anyway. But if it's serious, I don't know what to think of it. A guy named Daniil Orain had a small video about the stuff:

New Russian missiles: "Revenge for Trump's ear" (Real), Daniil Orain

A few days ago Joe Blogs had a video out on the Yuanization of the Russian economy. That is an interesting development because if the Chinese Yuan becomes an integral part of the Russian economy, that means for example the policies of the central bank often don't work properly. For example in such a case it is much harder to fight inflation via interest rate rises.
But if a large part of the Russian economy is using Yuan, isn't that China holding up the Russian economy? Just a few days ago at the NATO summit there were complaints about the Chinese role in facilitating the Russian attempts to a war economy.
Well think of it what you want, I found the video interesting:

RUSSIAN Ruble Replaced as Russian Payments, Bonds & Loans in Yuan Soar & More Countries Pay in Yuan.

The youtube channel Insights from Ukraine was likely gone for some time but all of a sudden he had a new video out. It was about some analysis of Google searches made by Russians during the course of the war.  

Of course you can't draw hard conclusions from it, for example you must make more or less sure that Google use is irrelevant for the stuff people look for. In Russia they also seem to use that Yandex thing so only Google data could have some skews in it.
Skewed or not, it still is an interesting video:  

Russians Will Never Admit Out Loud What These Data Show. 

With it is about high time to go to our next item. 

 Item 2) Green hydrogen and electron spin & the hydrogen bank.

There are all kinds of EU wide plans to go to a hydrogen transition away from fossil fuels. But the way hydrogen is produced is done with electrolysis of water and that seems to be a rather inefficient process.

The problem is that the wrong kind of oxygen gets produced, the so called singlet state that is much higher in potential energy. The triplet state is what we normally breathe and this triplet word means it has a anti-bonding pair in it. And an anti-bonding pair is an electron pair with two electrons of the same spin in it. So that's where my idea's of electrons being magnetic monopoles enter the scene:  

If the wrong kind of oxygen gets produced and that sucks up a lot of energy, that is why this is a very hard problem to solve.

To be honest, even I had to look it up: How do you electrolyze water? And yes that was something with KNAP or Kathode Negative, Anode Positive. To focus the mind look at the next picture, the oxygen gets produced at the anode so that is where electrons are sucked in.  

No idea out of what country this image comes, they have battry's over there... But serious, because the oxygen gets produced at the site where the electrons are sucked in, it is almost impossible to get extra spin selected electrons there so that directly the triplet kind of oxygen gets produced.

Singlet oxygen is so reactive it can burn with itself, it never releases it's high potential energy level by flipping one of the two electrons into another spin state. No, two singlet oxygen molecules must react with each other and that's how you get two 'healthy' triplet oxygen molecules.


I also looked it up at the preprint archive, but there are only two articles about the problems with the electrolysis of water. Since there are only two articles and given the fact this is a big energy problem we see once more that at universities they just don't understand electron spin:  

The Monopole and Permanent Magnetic
 Charge of an Electron..

Here are the two pdf's from the preprint archive:

Beyond domain alignment: Revealing the effect of intrinsic magnetic order on electrochemical water splitting.

Understanding the mechanism of oxygen evolution reaction (OER) with the consideration of spin. 

On top of all this madness of simply refusing to think about electron spin we have some form of a hydrogen bank. If the efficiency of the energy converting process is indeed as bad as often told, likely the hydrogen transition will be very very expensive. That will be expensive hydrogen fuel... Here is a link to the hydrogen bank:

European Hydrogen Bank 

That was it for this day, as always thanks for your attention. 


(12 July 2024) It's already late and I don't have much to say, so lets go to the two items for today:

Item 1) NATO summit in Washington USA & a business insider article.
Item 2) A short addendum on the update from 10 July.

 Item 1) NATO summit in Washington USA & a business insider article.

So that was a real boring video; a video from the photo ceremony for this summit now NATO is 75 years old. Because this video has very limited value I won't link to it. And if you think about it, 75 years old is a relatively high age for a military alliance like NATO. 

A bit more interesting is an interview given by Zerlensky where he compares the incoming F-16s to the same kind of problems there were with the 31 Abrams tanks. The UA estimates they need about 128 of them, given the fact Russia seems to have about 300 planes flying around on a given day this might be at the low estimate. 

May be it is better not to announce the arrival of the planes and better concentrate on keeping them undamaged... It is easy to estimate how they will gloat on that Russian state television if they have footage of downed F-16s...  

And there is another issue going on in the regard of training capacity for F-16s. It seems that there is a backlog going back to the COVID crises... And our own military is asking commercial air companies if there are any capable pilots that can do F16 training... 

Anyway click on the picture from US Air Force Tech. Sgt. Zachariah Lopez to land at the article from Insider Business.  

Title: Zelenskyy says the problem with the coming F-16 fighter jets is the same one Ukraine had with the Abrams tanks.
Link used:

And once more I would like to thank the USA folks for giving permission for this F-16 detail to go ahead. It was already some time ago but all of a sudden my own country together with Denmark could go to work on this hopefully significant detail.

At last I want to remark that if possible, in my view Ukraine should get ammo for F-16 so that something can be done against those huge glide bombs. So lets hope for the best and lets go to the next item.  

 Item 2) A short addendum on the update from 10 July.

I didn't mention it two days ago, but there is a serious flaw in the picture below. I had it from a video that also is to bad to repost, but can you see the flaw in the picture below? 

The flaw is easy to see: If the electrons magnetism was related to actual spinning, given the fact the positron and electron have opposite electric charges, they must spin in the same direction in order to have opposite spins....  

The pattern in video's like this is always the same: As soon as we get into crazyland, like the energy problems in the electron pair, they never talk about that. You only hear stuff that is more or less logical like indeed in the above picture they show you a few conservation laws like linear momentum or distance traveled.

At last I did not look up if such decay's as shown above are actually occurring, likely it is a possible decay but the video was so bad all in all that I should have looked it up. But I didn't, anyway since a short time ago I had a post on conservation laws and particle creation on the other website I thought this picture was a nice addendum to that.

In case you missed it, here is that post:

On electron spin and the conservation laws for total spin and angular momentum. Link used:

That was it for this week, as always thanks for your attention. 


(10 July 2024) The two items for this update:

Item 1) Another crazy Kremlin reaction to the child hospital attack.
Item 2) OMG the wave function can interfere with itself???

 Item 1) Another crazy Kremlin reaction to the child hospital attack.

When I heard the news last Monday I was so irritated that at first I just did not want to see it. So a day later on Tuesday I learned a bit more on the details of the attack on that children's hospital in Ukraine's capital. 

And once more that is some bizarre reaction from the Kremlin, just as bizarre as say in 2024 when the MH17 civilian plane was shot from the sky.
I have wondered a long time how such weird ways of responding can emerge. For example in this last war crime that Kremlin spokesperson came out telling that only military targets were selected and hit and the damage to that child hospital was from an air defense rocket. 

So I think that somebody told Putin that only military targets were selected and from that point in time that becomes the official version of events. In practice the information gathering and processing at the Kremlin is horrible bad causing these kind of horrible glitches.  

Think for example, it was a year ago or so, at that weird attack on a pizza restaurant. In that case some Ukrainian traitor has phoned the Russians that a few cars were there with military plates on them. And instantly the Kremlin information digestion unit jumps to the conclusion that some military headquarters is located there... At the Kremlin it is amateur hour every hour of every day.

The New York Times had an article out with lots of pictures in it, you can clearly see the scale of the devastation. That really wasn't an air defense rocket, the Kremlin version is 100% bullshit.
Clcik on the picture for the NYT article (the picture itself is also from that source):  

Title: At Ukraine’s Largest Children’s Hospital, a Horrific Scene of Destruction. Link used:

A lot of people think this was al deliberate like an insult to NATO, it could be that this was a deliberate attack. But we must also take into account that it becomes more and more clear there is something mental wrong with Putin. If at this stage in the war you childishly demand that Ukraine must give up her military in order to just start peace negotiations, you clearly have problems understanding the situatuon. 

In my view Putin is a lunatic far beyond repair. 

 Item 2) OMG the wave function can interfere with itself???

I was just listening to some video's about molecular orbitals while cleaning up my house a little bit. As such the youtube evil algorithm selected a video from professor Dave where professor Dave explains the bonding and anti-bonding pairs we have in molecular orbitals.

Of course I explain behavior of say molecular oxygen via electrons that are magnetic monopoles and as such an electron pair of opposite spins is clearly at it's lowest possible state of potential energy. And anti-bonding and non-bonding electron 'pairs' only come in focus when there is some logical reason as why this lowers the entire energy of the molecule in question. In the case of molecular O2, why does it have an anti-bonding pair with two electrons of the same spin? 

Well professor Dave explained that wave functions can interfere with themselves. And when they interfere negatively that cancels out and that is an anti-bonding electron pair. And when there is positive interference, that's an electron pair.

No, I did not commit suicide while digesting the amount of stupid reasoning there is going on. The less a person understands about math, the more they believe in the "Wave Function". This guy "professor Dave" is just so fucking stupid, I have no idea what it will take to make such weirdo's see that it is impossible that electrons are tiny magnets.

Now I could not find the video back, well that's a lie but it is so horribly bad that I just could not find the few parts back with that "interference" stuff.  

Beside that the guy likely isn't a professor at all, he also has about 130 video's of explaining Italian? Bah, I won't repost his video on molecular orbitals but only the whole set of garbage on offer:

Professor Dave Explains

And yes, quantum teleportation. Nothing new from that front but only a cute picture of what the professional physics professors have found with one century of your taxpayer money: 


I hope this was refreshing enough so let me end this update.  


(05 July 2024) No intro talk, just two items:

Item 1) NATO aid for UA & On that Russian shadow tanker fleet.
Item 2) Another great video from the Mathologer.

 Item 1) NATO aid for UA & On that Russian shadow tanker fleet.

There wasn't that much NATO news out, the FT had some hilarious title about the most chaotic NATO gathering ever but it was behind a paywall. Ok the paywall was only one dollar or one euro but I always skip paywalls. So the only other readable piece of news is the following that is also a bit chaotic, may be there was a giant pile of chaos I don't know. 
Radio Free Europe reporting:

NATO Allies Pledge $43 Billion In Military Aid For Ukraine In 2025 

May be tomorrow a bit more clear news will come out. Deutsche Welle had a video on the problem of that Russian shadow fleet of old and bad maintained oil tankers they use for the transport of their oil.

If these are indeed all oil tankers behind their normal servicing life, that is not good for say environmental concerns. If on top of that the issue of insurance is also totally unclear, that's all not normal.

This looks mostly a legal problem and I just don't know much about such details. After all the international waters are free to use for all nations while at the same time this present situation of weird tankers of unknown origin with totally unclear insurance is to crazy to ignore.    

For more on this click on the picture for the video from DW: 

Of course a lot more did happen but we have to leave it with this and lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) Another great video from the Mathologer.

The mathologer is known around here for his video's, always about easy to understand subjects while if you need another bucket of math, the mathologer will always throw an extra bucket of math in case you might need it.

I even don't know his real name, just that mathologer nickname. In a lot of video's he openly wonders as why this or that is not know for at least one century? For me that is recognizable, I sometimes had similar feelings myself in the past. But the answer is there is just too much math going round.

And sometimes it is indeed strange or even bizarre that a part of math is just missing from the common texts on math. May be in math class you have learned how to find the derivative of an inverse function if you know the derivative of the function. That's pretty standard first year calculus stuff.  

But there is also an integral version of it and that is a very hard thing to find in the common texts. While on the contrary it is in all standard texts that for differentiation you have a product rule and it's counter rule in integration known as integration by parts.  

Let me not digress, the result from Petr is amazing and it has the benefit that also non-math people can understand what it is all about. In the picture below you see the mathologer just made a pentagon of five blue dots and now gives a procedure for finding the next five points. The stuff gets repeated a few times and voila: It always ends in a regular pentagon! 

I have no idea of how to prove it; but making such five new points given the original five blue dots, it looks like you make some kind of projection and after a few more of these projections you end up with an answer that is a regular pentagon.   

Let me stop talking and I hope you have fun viewing this video: 

Video title: PETR'S MIRACLE: Why was it lost for 100 years? 
(Mathologer Masterclass). Link used:

So that's it for this update, no electron rant today because it can't that every day is an electron rant day. Ok ok let me end with a small joke but is this joke funny or is it a sad sad joke?

The physics people think they are a five-sigma science! 

Better leave it with that because already now I want to cry over my bad bad jokes that only make other people puke and vomit...
Till updates and as always thanks for your attention.  


(03 July 2024) It's late already, I'm tired so this post won't be very long.

Item 1) Patriot launchers from Israel to Ukraine?
Item 2) New post on conservation laws & electron spin.

 Item 1) Patriot launchers from Israel to Ukraine?

All of a sudden last week there was that news of eight patriot launchers going from Israel to Ukraine? Well that was unexpected news and in fact they first back to mama in the USA for some refurbishing and may be a bit upgrading. I could not find that fast if these are 8 independent launchers or just launchers. (As far as I understand such systems, you have a radar and a command & control unit with a flexible number of launchers at the scene.

I found a nice photo made by Sgt. 1st Class Jason Epperson/US Army, the photo likely shows a few of those 8 although it is not sure. Anyway such details don't matter while it was also reported that 8 will go to the USA and it could be less as 8 will go to Ukraine.

The FT had an article on it, may be you hit a pay wall but I didn't. Click on the picture:  

Title: US in talks to send Israel’s Patriot systems to Ukraine.
Link used:

In another development, Australia was planning on sending something known as the Slinger to the UA, this is more a small version of air defense with two different kind of machine guns. Less expensive per take down and more for things like enemy drones. 

Now sometimes I look at some channel named "Reporting from Ukraine" and to my surprise Youtube suggested a video in my Dutch language so out of curiosity I clicked on it. It now had a female ai voice over it and it was all horrible. I prefer human beings that make video's, but without doubt in a couple of years they will become so good that it is hard to tell the difference between real video and fake vids. 

So the video is horrible, I don't recommend it at all. But if you  are curious click on the link below: 

Video title: 2 juli: Goede poging! Russische plotselinge flankaanval MISLUKT FATAAL
Link used: 

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) New post on conservation laws & electron spin.

Last week I already showed you a bit about conservation laws and electron spin. So I decided to write a short post on it for use on the other website I even showed it to my son and although he had never much physics or so, he fast understood the basic problem:  

If an electron-positron pair gets created, if they literally spin in the same direction around their magnetic axis, in that case there is zero spin in total but this violates the conservation of angular momentum.

And the other way around if you try to conserve angular momentum that creates spin and as such conservation of electron (and positron) spin is violated. To focus the mind, look at the picture below that I already showed you last week. If you click on the picture you will land on the latest post: 

Title of the new post: On electron spin and the conservation laws for total spin and angular momentum. 

And if my son picks this idea up fast, how come in one century of time most physics people keep on talking about "spinning electrons" that for some weird reason must be magnetic dipoles while magnetic monopoles do not exist...?

By the way, in the picture upon the particle-anti particle creation above, you see two times that angle theta. That's another conservation law (of linear momentum) but that one is no problem when it comes to understanding electron spin.

Tunnel Falls, Intel's 12 qubit quantum chip. 

This is more or less the last update on this in say 6 months of time. But I took the time to go to the preprint archive and did look for research papers about this quantum chip from Intel while I told you one year ago it will never ever work.

I did restrict myself to the words "Tunnel Falls" and "Intel" and searching in the space of Abstracts. So no full text search.   

The result was zero papers on this chip, just like expected because no quantum researcher will tell you that he can't do a fucking thing with this Intel Tunnel Falls quantum chip. That will make you look stupid and it likely will be bad for the funding of that particular part of a particular university. In this speed it will be about 2500 years more time before those scientists will view the electron as it is: An electrical but also a magnetic monopole.  

Today no rant against say the physics people from TU Delft with their weird insights about the probabilistic nature of electron spin. No, a video about the theory behind singlet oxygen. So that's the oxygen molecule in a higher energy state as the oxygen you and I like to breathe. As such this kind of oxygen can burn itself and that has everything to do with electron spin. 

Anyway the part to take home is thinking a bit about electron spin, I think you can't flip it and I also think that nature can't flip just one electron spin. That is why this high state of (potential) energy as we have in that singlet oxygen will never fall into it's lower energy state: The O2 we all love and breathe... Likely the individual molecule is stable until it reacts with another individual molecule like in the cute scheme as below.

As always click on the picture if you want to get a bit less stupid or more diplomatically: Want to grow in wisdom: 

Video title: Theory behind singlet oxygen
Link used:

That was it for this update. 


(28 June 2024) We had the very first hot day over here; a blistering 28 degrees! Man oh man what a heat! But serious, on a lot of places on this planet they can only dream of temperatures like that. Sometimes if you hear the temps from say India, that is from another planet...
The items of today:

Item 1) Glide bombs, what to do. A US house vote & a bit more.
Item 2) A way of demonstrating electrons don't spin at all.

 Item 1) Glide bombs, what to do. A US house vote & a bit more.

These glide bombs are horrible things and because they just glide they are of course hard to detect. So can something be done about that? My simple guess is that taking out the aircraft that drops those glide bombs will be the best solution. Another way seems to be jamming the Russian gps signals, ok that might help but taking aircraft out looks much better. 

Now we must not expect the F-16's will be a wonder weapon but in combination with that Swedish AWACS all of a sudden you have something. And that something is the beginning of a serious UA air force... My country allows for firing weaponry inside Russia (if of course attacks are launched from there) while Belgium won't allow that as far as I know. That's a bit confusing... Anyway had an opinion piece on this detail: 

How Ukraine can defeat Russian glide bombs.
Link used:

And again it's not a wunderwaffe but lets hope it's a welcome small expansion of Ukraine's military capabilities. A Reuters report states the obvious, after all winning a war like this is a mountain of work: 

Why arrival of F-16s won't rapidly change Ukraine's fortunes in war with Russia. Link used:

There was also a bit funny news, that US house woman Majorie Taylor Greene hits it again. The Hill has the next:

House overwhelmingly rejects Greene, Gosar efforts to cut off aid to Ukraine. Link used:

You know I sometimes complain about our Geert Wilders, but if Majorie Greene is you colleague that is even much less fun as Geert is.   

At last there was a drone attack against a Russian jet fuel plant. A fuel plant? Yes that's how it was described in the media, as far as I know that's a refinery. But ok ok, refineries are indeed fuel plants but also asphalt plants and diesel plants and so on and so on.
I forgot to save the link but here is a very vague screen shot from a video that captured these drones while they are on their noble mission of saying BOOM at the right time:  

That yellow glow behind those houses is the fuel plant on fire. 

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) A way of demonstrating electrons don't spin at all.

Electron spin as words to describe the magnetic properties of an electron is a horribly wrong chosen word. It is not hard to calculate there is no electric charge spinning because in that case it must spin a large multiple of the speed of light so that's just impossible.

So every time you hear someone speaking about 'the spinning electrons' or even stronger: 'electrons are spinning clockwise and counter clockwise at the same time', you are listening to a nut head. There is nothing spinning.

Years ago I thought of another way of demonstrating there is nothing spinning: If electrons are spinning that violates other so called conservation principles, in this case the conservation of angular momentum.

Look at the picture below, if you do an internet search on images for electron spin you always get plenty of pictures with some arrow going round and that 'explains' the electron spin. Again: It is very stupid word that defocuses the mind instead of helping to understand what is going on. 

Anyway if you do a similar search for 'electron positron pair creation', no matter at how many pictures you look you will never ever see one of those stupid round arrows with that.

Why is that do you think?

Well the physics people know that both spin and angular momentum are conserved quantities. But if such an electron-positron pair gets created, the only way to get zero spin is if both the electron and it's anti particle are spinning in the same direction.
This is caused of course by the fact they have opposite electric charge.
So if you want zero spin, the conservation of angular momentum is broken. 

Vice versa, if conservation of angular momentum is respected so both particles spin in the opposite direction, in that case they will have the same spin and as such the conservation of total spin is violated.

As you see there are not only many many weird energy problems directly related to viewing electrons as tiny magnets. Just everything is a total mess and it is strange that those physics professors are all too fucking stupid to remark this. Anyway, I hope I focus your mind a little bit with the next picture. The upper part was from searching for electron spin and the lower part from particle-anti particle creation:  

So now we have two ways of demonstrating there is nothing spinning when it comes to electron spin, we can ask ourselves the next question:

If there is nothing spinning my dear physics professors, why should the electron be a tiny magnet as you weirdo's always claim it is?

Before we split a fun detail on quantum computer stocks in the USA: I couldn't find back the video but it seems that from the top five quantum stocks four of them have declined 90% or more in value since the day of their IPO.

Likely quantum computers will never work, but hey try to explain that to nut heads like the average physics quantum mechanics professor...    

That was it for this week, the most important part was of course if anything can be done at those Russian glide bombs while all that professor stuff is funny but not very important or so.

As always thanks for your attention and may be see you  next week.  


(26 June 2024) Oh shit, we lost with the game of football from Austria. Bah, but Austria deserved it so let me hang out the sportive guy and congratulate them. Well there can only be one champ and as such there are always a lot of losers needed for this one champion...

Item 1) South Korea pissed at Russia & more UA news.
Item 2) Advertisement new math post & more TU Delft nonsense.

 Item 1) South Korea pissed at Russia & more UA news.

Putin, dumb and shallow as he is, proposed some kind of NATO for like minded countries (dictator like kind of countries). Well Russia guaranteeing the (military) security of say North Korea, what can go wrong here? Well look at Ukraine, once Russia was also a guarantor of military safety when Ukraine gave up her nuclear arsenal. Yet later the guarantor did not give a shit and attacked Ukraine herself.
If you make some kind of deal with Russia you can be assured that they will break it if they think they have some benefit with that.
For some strange set of reasons South Korea was not happy with that and they considered delivering weapons to Ukraine. Now South Korea is a normal democratic country so if that goes on there is a long way via the parliament and so to go. But lets hope for the best, after all it is just a few months down the timeline and the biggest wildcard is and stays of course the US presidential elections...
So if the coalition for aid to Ukraine can grow a bit via South Korea, that would be great.

There was much much more news, some Russian ships seem to have struck by mines laid by those new sea drones. That is a new development and we the Dutch as a sea faring nation look in awe and shock to all that new drone stuff.      

More oil refineries attacked, some said this was the largest number of drones used in the entire war. Yes that was to be expected, in a year or so those numbers will be even much bigger while at the same time the Russian air defense likely will not grow significant in capabilities. AP news has a bit more on this detail:
Ukraine claims three oil refinery strikes inside Russia as Moscow says naval attack thwarted Link used:

A huge satellite communications hub was taken out. A Youtube channel named UkrainianCanadian had a bit more on this. Click on the picture for the video: 

Video title: Ukraine Destroyed a Huge Space Radar Base in Crimea!
Link used:

There was also a big fire in some military complex in Moscow. It was an 8 story high building, there was some explosion halfway and soon the entire building was on fire. Two people jumped to their death in order to avoid the flames, so it was all very romantic and nicely according to the traditional Russian family values. These values say you really don't need working sprinkler installations in buildings like that if you can also buy a bigger yacht or a bigger house with that. 

A lot more did happen but lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) Advertisement new math post & more TU Delft nonsense.

The new post is a bit more on the math heavy side, it is about the so called Cauchy integral representation. It is a beautiful representation in itself, if you have never seen it before I hope you are just as baffled by it as I was many decades ago.

There is not some urgent reason to write such a post because I did it on the elliptic complex numbers and they are more or less the same as the ordinary complex number plane. But I wanted to make my own proof and that was one of the reasons to write this post.

Because with this Cauchy stuff you must constantly integrate over that ellipse I made a third parametrization for this ellipse. This is the stuff shown in the next picture. This is the third parametrization I crafted and I think this is the best one because it's the most compact one; just two sines while using a time lag of one third of the period.
The giant stone hand is made with a new video generator named Runway GEN-3 and it is truly amazing how fast and furious the developments in the part of generative AI go. Click on the picture if you are interested in the new post:    

Title of the new post: A Cauchy integral representation for the 2D elliptic complex numbers. I don't copy & paste the link because it is to my own website and if you can't trust me you better ask security guarantees from Russia...;) 

More TD Delft madness.

One week back I showed you a video where a guy named Jeroen explained why in a time span of 20 to 25 years there is zero progress in making qubits for quantum computers that are based on electron spin.

Of course since I think electrons are magnetic monopoles with a permanent magnetic charge, you can't make qubits out of them because you just can't flip the spin of the electron. It has taken me many years to arrive at this conclusion because so many people from the physics community think you can indeed flip the spin of an electron. So I had to be cautious.

Well I showed you a number of times all those crazy and weird energy problems that come along with viewing the electron as a tiny magnet. The most crazy one is of course the electron pair that truly is the crown of present day widespread stupidity in the sciences of physics and also chemistry.
Not that any physics or chemistry person or professor will do anything about that, after all it is a very very good stupidity, I don't care much longer. If the idiots want tiny magnets, why not?
You can argue that because it is science, they should find stuff that is more or less true. I say yes if they are scientists they sure should try to do that, but they are idiots so they can do what they want. As far as I am concerned the only problem is that it is all funded with tax payer money.   

But back to the Jeroen stuff; silicon doesn't work for 2.5 decades. Will the physics people rethink what they are doing? Of course not, the new hot thing that will also never work is germanium!

Two total idiots from the TU Delft talk about it in a long video. Their names are Menno Veldhorst and Giordano Scappucci. Acually it is a presentation by Giordano while Menno does the introduction.  

Now it all looks very scientifically, but don't forget that Menno thinks for example that one of the most easy qubits you can make goes as next: 

Take a quantum dot and place an electron inside.
The two states of the quantum dot are with or without the electron.
You can make a superposition of that and even entangle that with other quantum dots and that's how you can build a quantum computer with that.

As you see these people do crazy things with our tax payer money and nobody holds them to any account whatsoever.

But let me stop ranting against all this idiotery where the idiots that run the asylum are to stupid to see the (energy) problems that come along with their pathetic version of electron spin.

In the video the Giordano guy explains how to flip the spin of an electron: Just shine a tiny photon on it that has just enough energy. That will do the trick of flipping the electron spin, really true. 


End of this update, as always thanks for your attention. 


(21 June 2024) No intro talk just two items for this update: 

Item 1) Putin visits North Korea & NATO dusting off nukes.
Item 2) Another fantastic video from Diraq quantum computers.

 Item 1) Putin visits North Korea & NATO dusting off nukes.

In the last update I wrote that Putin wants to be worshipped, that is a common trait of those autocrats. It is part of the mental illness that all autocrats more or less have. Just like thinking that without them their country will fall apart and therefore they always go on being the 'strong leader' even if they are old and better should retire. 

Anyway in North Korea they too perfectly understand how to pleasure Putin, here is how it looks inside their capital Pyongyeng. The picture is a part from a photo from AP, click on the picture for that AP article: 


Article title: Russia President Vladimir Putin makes a rare visit to North Korea, an old ally.
Link used:

Nuke stuff: A short time back Putin made a threat to 'small EU nations' that had 'dense populations' in them and they should consider or reconsider what they are doing. At the time I mentioned that Moscow and St. Petersburg were also dense populated area's...

I was completely baffled by this and I did not know how to respond to such crazy weird stuff. After all those words sound very much like a description of my own country. About a week later I arrived at the conclusion that likely it was a treat against my own country although the name of my country was not mentioned by this crazy person named Putin. 

Anyway a few days back NATO came out saying they were going to dust off some old nukes in storage and prepare them for readiness. And yes, why not because we are clearly dealing with a mental ill person in a position of dictatorship over there in Russia. 

And what does the Kremlin do? Well Dimitri Peskov the Kremlin spokesman came out stating this was all 'very escalatory'. Pardon me? When back in 1996 Ukraine gave up her about 2000 nuclear warheads the Russians were one of the security guarantors for Ukraine. We see all how that panned out: Putin became once more emotionally unstable and it was like fuck you treaty and confiscated the Crimea region. And more weird stuff since Feb 2022, this 'special military operation'.
This all proves there is little long lasting value in signing any new treaties now, as soon as the Putin gets another emotional thingeling it will have no value. As such peace negotiations have little to no use given that Putin is still alive today. It can also be doubted that future leadership of Russia will be normal persons, likely it will be another weirdo.  

Here is the crazy stuff from that Dimitri asshole, as a matter of fact if you flip the asshole of say a pig inside out likely that is much much smarter as Dimitri will ever get... Click on his picture to read the Reuters report on the stuff: 


Report title: Kremlin calls NATO chief's nuclear weapons remark an 'escalation of tension'.
Link used:

Of course I am not going about possible target selection for those reactivated nukes, that is of course the work of NATO military planners. But if I could vote on it, why not select a few dense populated area's like say Moscow and or St. Petersburg? Why not Dimitri, why not?

At last today it was in the news that our pm Mark Rutte will become the next (political) NATO chief in about 3 months time. I never wrote about it because I don't want to be seen as some one-dimensional promoter of Dutch stuff. Likely there were more good candidates but I don't know them at all so that is just one more reason for me to shut up on this detail of a new political NATO chief. 

I also had no objection to it, I think he is qualified enough for the job while of course acknowledging that for every body such a job is a hard thing. But if his career in politics is a foreshadow of how he will act as NATO chief, we likely will have a good new NATO chief on this.   

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Another fantastic video from Diraq quantum computers.

I have more or less finished my latest math post but I still have to turn it into pictures. So next week I will place the usual advertisement for it. Therefore we can look at another of those unbelievable video's from that Australian quantum computer company named Dirac. 

Last week we had a video where they claimed they could flip electron spin with the help of electric fields. That is a true miracle in itself, Jesus could not have done it better. May be you know of a method of say flipping a bar magnet with electric fields? No, well I have no idea either.
At Diraq they are an interesting bunch of nutjobs, that is very clear.

In the next video they claim they have chips made by ordinary foundries and these chips contain thousands of qubits! So it is not just the 12 qubit chip from Intel we looked again at last week, but THOUSANDS!!!  

Now we can solve all of our problems like climate change or find an efficient way for nitrogen capture to be used a fertilizer to feed billions of people much cheaper! Really true. Or for example invest in Diraq, that is a sure way of getting ultra rich ultra fast now they have thousands of qubits on a chip leaving all competition lightyears behind...

The video is two guys talking to each other, the one of the left is an investor type of guy. It could be he is a paid actor, I don't know, may be he is a real investor with just too much money on his hands. The other guy is more of the research kind of guy and likely he is a real employee of that Diraq enterprise. The Australians, they are such wonderful people.   

Video title: How does Diraq work with Commercial Foundries?
Link used:

That was it for this week so thanks for your attention. And I don't know why but can you name two densely populated regions inside Russia? I don't know why but I would like to write down once more that Moscow and also Saint Petersburg are densely regions inside Russia.
No idea why I want to write that down, no idea...;)


(19 June 2024) Last week I wrote that Dutch authorities warned for rather high stock prices. By the way that was based on that Case-Shiller PE index but then for our stocks I think. Anyway I decided to take a look at all of the PE ratio's of my own stocks because I can't remember the last time I did that. And there was a surprise; over the years I accumulated a lot of Aegon. Lately Aegon sold their insurance stuff to another company. And now, according to what source you look it has a negative PE ratio of about -7 or 0 if non-negatives are not reported over there. That simply means that after a few years Aegon still does not have any business or so...
I don't like that, I prefer companies where there is actually work done. Beside that some time ago Aegon announced a stock buy back program, it was for rewarding the management... This all smells like a bunch of financial parasites.
I don't know, may be it is time to say goodbye to Aegon and reinvest the money into companies that do real work... 

Lets go to our two items: 

Item 1) Putin's peace plan / Turtle tank / The 50 bn$ loan for Ukraine.
Item 2) Tunnel Falls chip from Intel & why spin qubits don't work.

 Item 1) Putin's peace plan / Turtle tank / The 50 bn$ loan for Ukraine.

In case this 'peace plan' was not only for internal political use but a serious move from his side, we can fast conclude that the guy is indeed crazy. And like said before there is little use in negotiating with a crazy dictator kind of person that in fact is not a very smart guy.

All this nonsense of Ukraine giving up her military, well that is ultra safe I just guess. Russia was once a security guarantee when Ukraine did do away with her nuclear arsenal and we all see how that panned out. This Putin guy is a nutjob from here to Tokyo, why negotiate with a lunatic?

What I missed in the peace proposal from Putin was a reference to homosexual biolabs, oh oh is Russia once more discriminating homosexuals in this case homosexual biolabs?


Suchominus has a short video (about 2 or 3 minutes) about a captured turtle tank. It is a seldom thing that a tank included a crew is captured, almost always the Russians drive to a place there they get hit by artillery or some drone stuff. I wouldn't do that because that would be bad for my health but the Russians do it every day...;) 

Anyway click on the funny picture if you want to see the Suchominus thing: 

Video title: First Turtle Tank Captured By Ukraine!
Link used:


Joe Blogs dived a bit deeper into the G7 plans to use the proceeds of the frozen Russian assets in the form of a 50 billion US$ loan to Ukraine. Likely it is a loan with a low interest yield and may be a perpetual! Well there is nothing wrong with Ukraine borrowing a bit here and there but we must not arrive at a situation where the debt burden hinders future economical development. 

The USA was willing to put up the 50 billion on her own, that is a great gesture but all in all the USA has most of the military assets while in the EU there is plenty of money. Now ok may be we are not swimming in it but we should take our fair share. (And likely that will be done but it's a point that I just wanted to make; it is reasonable we pay a bit more because we don't have so many military assets...) 

Let us go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Tunnel Falls chip from Intel & why spin qubits don't work.

More or less one year ago the 12 qubit chip based on electron spin was ready by Intel and it would be shipped to researchers all over the world. At the time I said the thing will never work and I would report every six months on it.

And yes, until now as far as I know there is indeed not one positive result out. Now I think that electrons carry a monopole magnetic charge because that leads to non of the weird energy problems you get with the view of electrons as tiny magnets. Physics professors due to their arrogant nature, after all these are university professors and as such almost 100% ego and 0% substance, do not pick this up of course.

I have to say I should have done a search on the preprint archive, I did forget that detail so that is for some future update. To be honest I do not expect just one article on this chip because it will not work whatsoever.

As always the video's have those nice animations where you see the fantasies of the physics professors in swing, electron magnetism as a tiny magnet! Click on the picture for the Intel advertisement video:   

Video title: Intel Quantum Researchers Introduce Tunnel Falls Silicon Qubit Research Chip. Link used:


Jeroen Danon on why spin qubits never work in a 2 decade + long time frame.  

Jeroen works at a Norwegian university and from his accent in the video I estimate he is a Dutch guy. He got his phd in the quantum stuff at TU Delft so we are assured he will believe a lot of weird and crazy crap. TU Delft is pretty shitty when it comes to understanding electron spin but like all other physics professors they simply refuse to talk about all the nonsense there is with electrons as tiny magnets.

They are all from the "We can't find the magnetic monopoles" kind of people so I instantly know I am dealing with more of that cognitive garbage.

It has to be remarked however that here at the Groninger university we also have a few physics research groups in magnetism. And as far as I know they too worship the electron as a tiny magnet while just not talking about say the crazy configuration the simple electron pair has as an energy problem.   

In general when talking about energy problems related to electron configurations, when it seems logical the professors always do that. And when it goes into crazy land they just don' talk about it. 

For example the electron pair in atomic clouds, the professors know that those two electrons must have opposite spins and the explanation is always as next: In that way the total magnetism is zero and that's why paired electrons are neutral under magnetic fields.

That is the most crazy energy problem I know of: Not only carry the electrons the electric charge so that is repulsive, opposite spins also means the magnetic charges work against the stability of the electron pair.

I think it stabilized the physics community if they share stupid and crazy idea's like their views on the electron pair. And if you say this is crazy you will be treated like say a Roman Catholic priest that says it is a crazy idea that Maria was a true virgin and that in fact Jesus is a true son of God. 

Madness is just like Putin, it wants to be worshipped.

In his video Jeroen works out in detail why in the last decades all approaches of spin qubits have failed. Every time he has some lame duck excuse like the hyperfine stuff in silicon because the nucleus of silicon also has a magnetic spin. And that makes it unworkable.
But there is also an isotope of silicon that has zero nuclear spin, so why does that not work? Well now the atomic structure is a problem and so on and so on.

At this speed in my view it will take humans about 5 to 10 thousand years before they realize electrons are magnetic monopoles and the spin just cannot be flipped.

You can judge for yourself, the video is a bit longer about 30 minutes but here you see present day 'scientific research' at work: 

Video title: Solid-state spin qubits.
Link used:

That was it for this update, I am aware that most people don't think much about electron spin but in my view all this wasting of taxpayer money by physics people just has to stop. It is not for nothing I compare you to Putin, that is not an emotional thing on my side but a cold hearted observation.

Can you please stop being fucking stupid? End of this update.


(14 June 2024) Is AI a hype or are all those stock valuations justified? I think a bit of a bubble is forming but it has to be remarked that for example our own AMSL or for that matter NVIDEA are more or less shielded from the rest of the AI bubble. Look I don't see how companies will make products that generate all those profits that would validate the present stock valuations. Not that AI is insignificant, on the contrary it will have a lot of impact. But how do you make money with it?
Compare it to the internet bubble, it was clear that the internet would have all kinds of far reaching consequences. And it has, yet we still had a giant stock market bubble. Look at the next cute picture made with some generative AI: 

It looks cute but how do you make money with it? My guess is that all those AI things will drive down a lot of prices and in the future there will be more of an abundance of say cute video's at a very low price...
Lets go to the two items of today. 

Item 1) A few details on the Ukrainian equation.
Item 2) Unbelievable stupid: flipping electron spin at Diraq.

 Item 1) A few details on the Ukrainian equation.

An amazing amount of Russian air defense systems like S-300 and S-400 and some radars were destroyed and/or damaged in Crimea. Funny quate: 

“At least 10 ATACMS missiles were used in the strike,” the Ukrainian Center for Defense Strategies reported, “with the Russian air-defense system failing to intercept any of them.” 

And Forbes has the funny title for their article on the stuff:

Ukrainian ATACMS Rockets Are Blowing Up Russia’s Best S-400 Air Defenses As Fast As The S-400s Can Deploy To Crimea. Link used:

The coalition for support of Ukraine has gathered again and according to US SecDef Lloyd Austin the amount of support was not wavering. Well there are a lot of countries in that group and that's a good thing of course.

There is also an impending peace summit in the Swiss landscape where about 90 countries will attend. It is clear that a lot of countries just don't want this kind of warfare any longer and therefore it is logical we need to destroy the Russian economy just a tiny bit more.

On the Moscow bourse trading in the € and US$ was halted due to new sanctions from the USA. Those sanctions are targeting the funding for the war, I haven't read the fine print but the result was very funny. There were some banks that had a ridiculous high spread on the US$: They buy for 50 ruble and sell dollar for 200 ruble...
So there is no central trade any longer in our currencies but over the counter trade is still going on. The Russian central bank came out stating that they will base the official rate on those OTC trades, well we'll see how that will pan out. More in a report from Reuters:

Russia, hit by new US sanctions, halts dollar and euro trade on main bourse. Link used:

The G-7 has come together for their annual meeting and agreed on a 50 billion loan for Ukraine, this must be coming from the proceeds and interest on the blocked Russian assets. Details will be hammered out in the coming weeks. Another Reuters report:

G7 agrees on loan deal to support Ukraine with Russian assets.
Link used:

All in all it seems that Ukrainian debt has about doubled since the start of the illegal invasion by Russia. It's now about 150 billion so it is still manageable. Also US based Lindsey Graham visited Ukraine and he was talking about the natural resources Ukraine has. And Lindsey you must formulate it a bit more diplomatic, these are assets of Ukraine and not for us to exploit.
If in the future the war is over and there are still friendly relations between Ukraine and our nations, of course Western companies will help extracting those natural resources. But that should just normal economical activity between friendly nations.  

I bring this up because Lindsey said: "Or do you want to fall this into the hands of Russia and China?" And yes I agree with that, after all a long term goal is to weaken Russia's military to the extend that they can no longer do to another European country what they do to Ukraine... 

 Item 2) Unbelievable stupid: flipping electron spin at Diraq.

Originally I planned to show you that video from about one year ago where Intel had made a 12 qubit chip based on electron spin. This was a so called "research chip" for quantum researchers to research upon. At the time I said I would bring this up every six months and show you there will be zero progress on the stuff because electron spin is a permanent feature and not something you can flip.

But while looking at that old video and viewing some vids from the local TU Delft (they still believe that say a nucleus can be in a superposition of spin states), I came across a video from a company named Diraq.

And this video was so fucking stupid, with head and shoulders it stood far above the Intel video on their Falls quantum chip when it comes to being just fucking crazy stupid, that I decided to post this video.  

At Diraq quantum computers they think they flip the (magnetic) spin of an electron using electric fields. How it works is not explained of course since there is no explanation possible but like a lot of physics people they are very very good at talking out of their necks.

The guys for Diraq and also the folks from TU Delft are more or less conmen. Not that they indulge in a fraud, no recently I learned what the 'con' is in conmen. It seems to come from the word confident. Conmen are very confident in what they claim and say, of course it is also used a lot in the context of pure fraud but I don't think at TU Delft they are a bunch of fraudsters.

At TU Delft they are convinced or are confident in the detail that electrons are tiny magnets. They are so convinced by this that it never comes into their mind that they must have some experimental proof for that. So they are fucking stupid, they are fake and shallow thinking scientists but they are not a bunch of fraudsters.    

Anyway, here is the short video where as so often the animations are perfect but the cognitive basis is a bit shaky. Click on the picture to see the video made by conmen: 

Video title: Bringing Billion-Qubit Quantum Chips Closer: On Demand Electrical Control of Spin Qubits.
Link used: 

Likely you yourself, just like all other people on this planet, have never thought much about the magnetic properties of electrons. But remark that in this video they just don't explain a thing. They just talk out of their neck, may be that whole Diraq thing is a fraud but hey I don't care if that is so. If people want to invest in that, why not? One idiot gives a sack of money to another idiot, who cares?

Lets leave it with that so I can upload this to that big garbage can we have: the internet. As always thanks for your attention and till next week.  


(12 June 2024) It seems that on our main stock market index the AEX the price to earnings ratio lies above that of the USA. That's a miracle of course and it is obvious this is a rather dangerous thing. As far as I know my own stocks have normal PE ratio's, there is one that runs at a PE of 22 but that is acceptable to me. The crazy high PE ratio (over 34 or so) is caused by the tech stocks we have over here. I think it's to high, al lot of AI stuff is totally overhyped anyway so just like in the old dot com bubble there is not really something that backs up such high PE ratio's. Will AI bring all those future earnings that justify the present tech stock valuations? I doubt that, it is just crazy high... Lets go to the two items of today.

Item 1) A few UA details & how to dry laundry in an F-16.
Item 2) A long article on 'efficient' water electrolysis & H2 production.

 Item 1) A few UA details & how to dry laundry in an F-16.

And again in just a few days time a crazy amount of news did happen. Ukraine wants to start producing it's own glide bombs, that's a good idea of course. All in all the front seems a bit stabilized although here and there the Russians make small gains.

If you look at the total gains the Russians have made in these 2+ years in say the Donbas region, it will take about 80 months of this speed to get the entire Donbas region. That is one of the 'official goals' of Russia: Liberate that region from the fascist homosexuals. And there is still that detail about the biolabs, where have they gone from Kremlin dumb rethoric?   

It seems the USA has lifted the sanctions on the Azov brigade. It was rumored all the time that these were a bunch of neo-nazi infested crazies. In the past I have looked into that too, not on a deep level but at the surface I could just find nothing at all. Only rumors about neo nazi's but nothing substantial.
Back in the time I did consider their logo a bit weird, I would not have designed such a design myself but here it is: 


It's not a swastika of course but I would have made it a bit more curvy and not something that is so close to a swastika. But of course you can say the same about the Z that the Russians use and are we really talking about the dangers hidden inside logo's? It's just a logo.

On the other hand it is known that the Azov fighters are relatively good and in my view that is explained by having a more or less healthy brain. And people with healthy brains are always far less prone to weird neo nazi stuff. Most neo nazi stuff is just a stupid pack of (aggressive) emotion, there is not much deep thought in it.   

Today I tried to find the news using the bing search engine from Microsoft but compared to Google that does not give significantly less cookies & trackers. These companies are very similar: always trying to squeeze the very last cent out of your user data. Here is an oversight from the Independent that I found via the msn network, it won't post the link because it is very long:

Ukraine-Russia war – live: US drops ban on arming controversial Azov Brigade to help fight Putin’s forces 


There are plans to keep a lot of the F-16's out of Ukraine so that if inside Ukraine there are losses there is instantly a new one ready. That's a good idea and I hope that Russians will see that they must not shoot those old old air planes down.

The Russians must know these F-16's will often fall from the sky spontaneously. Really true, they hang together from duck tape and rope and there are all kinds of holes in them already because they are so old.

Here in my own country in the past there was a F-16 pilot named Robert van Moekesgat that found out that if he put his wet laundry into a bag made from a net, with just 10 or 15 minutes of flying the entire bag of laundry was dry because of all the holes in the F-16.

So he started a small business for drying laundry, a service kind of business. But later left leaning peace hugging journalists did find out he ran a small business from his F-16 and they accused him of profiting from the position he had because of his job...
It soon became a small scandal and emotions ran high, but Robert just needed the extra money because otherwise he could not pay for the school books of his two daughters while as a single dad he just tried to do the right thing.    

Now in my view the UA pilots should also have the right to fast dry their laundry and that's why the Russians should never try to shoot down those air planes. And if not I will file a complaint at the human rights court here in The Hague, drying your laundry is a fundamental human right one way or the other... 

May be it is time to go to the next item. 

 Item 2) A long article on 'efficient' water electrolysis & H2 production.

Ok, back to reality: Likely electrons are not tiny magnets but carry a magnetic monopole charge just like their electric charge. If true, and I think that it's true, this has all kinds of far reaching consequences.

The problem is that the people from physics just don't react at all: They have no proof that electrons are tiny magnets, they don't talk about that and they also don't try to validate that electrons are magnetic monopoles.

So what do they do? Well they write lots of articles because the more you publish the better it is for your career. So year in year out it is more or less the same kind of behavior, you really don't need that much brain cells to see there are all kinds of energy problems with electrons being tiny magnets. But apparently even that tiny amount of living brain tissue is  not inside their heads, may be they are more like Richard Feynman who was very good in thinking with the use of his penis.

Yet lets get serious, I found a long and free article from Nature. A free article from Nature? Yes miracles do still exist, may be at Nature they bundle together a bunch of articles that obviously are worthless and label that as 'open access'. And that acts as an advertisement for the stuff you must pay for.      

It is about the electrolysis of water and I will be the last person to claim I know a lot about it. Electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and that could be used as a more or less carbon free energy source. That's why it is an important detail.

But producing hydrogen is highly inefficient and it needs much more energy as is found in the end product H2. This is likely caused by the production of singlet oxygen and that has to do with electron spin. This production of singlet oxygen sucks up some energy while it decays into triplet oxygen very fast and there goes your energy: bye bye energy.

It's a complicated story of bonding pairs versus non bonding pairs as we have in the oxygen you breath in: the triplet version.
The weird people from universities refuse to think about electrons as magnetic monopoles and as such they are stuck in their own world where they think they can flip the electron spin. No no university people, where is your experimental proof you can flip electron spin? Of course there is no such proof otherwise we would not have such overcomplicated articles like the next one from Nature. As so often click on the picture to land at the article, the content of the picture has nothing to do with the content of the article. The picture content is just some math from a new math post in the making while it also shows two stones from my garden. It more or less demonstrates that if you leave your garden alone, even the stones suck in rain water just like the scientific outlet Nature sucks in money. 

Title Nature article: Spin pinning effect to reconstructed oxyhydroxide layer on ferromagnetic oxides for enhanced water oxidation.
Link used: 

So that is what the university people aka the scientists do with your taxpayer money: They try to flip and/or align the magnetic axis of an electron while electrons just do not have a magnetic axis.

Lets leave it with that, please kill more Russians now Putin has made a nuclear threat to my own country and as always thanks for your attention. 


(07 June 2024) In my country we have a little bit of an unfair tax system when it comes to money people have over a threshold of about 57 thousand €. And you get taxed no matter what, it's a bit more complicated but say 1.2% of the excess over the 57 thousand.
Now the highest court has come out stating this is all discriminatory and it has to stop. On top of that people can claim money back if they think they have paid too much...
Oh oh, yes it is unfair but it is a cheap way to collect taxes and everybody knows years in advance what they are up to when it comes to future taxes. Now we get some complicated and expensive thing where the real profits are taxed. So if you have a house and that increases in value say 15%, must those people now borrow money to pay for the taxes?
It all sounds a bit crazy, this hunt for non-discrimination...
Anyway I didn't have time to flea through the details so lets dive into the two items for today.    

Item 1) D-day was 80 years back today & a bit more Putin nonsense.
Item 2) Water electrolysis, can it be done better?

 Item 1) D-day was 80 years back today & a bit more Putin nonsense.

I was unaware of it but today is indeed 80 years since D-day. Later the parts of my country where I live were liberated by the Canadians, every year the veterans still come to my city and ride around in those old military vehicles. It's always nice to see. There is still an old museum at the overside of the Starkenborg canal, it's on an industrial site and to be honest I have never been there. But likely they store and maintain those old military vehicles over there. And that is a relatively large amount of work, if a part of a car breaks down most of the time these parts are no longer manufactured. So they have to be crafted by hand...

Anyway the political hot shots were all gathered in France and one of our Dutch news outlets had the hilarious remark that directly after landing their parachutes, those UK folks had to report and show their passport...

They didn't fine the old veterans for "illegal entering the country in 1944" because at the time they didn't show their passport either. 

Torsten Heinrich reported that we (the Dutch) are delivering a few of those Gephard air defense things. They are very simple compared to a Patriot system but these are important to shoot down the drones like those Iranian drones. I didn't know that we would deliver a few of them, likely more are needed but this is great. Military material experts can see it is a Dutch version of the Gephard because of the radar that is used.

And there was some press conference with Putin in St. Petersburg, I don't link to it because you can easily find it yourself. A huge boatload of crap came along, stuff like for example the Ukrainian casualties are five times those of Russia...

So the leader of the country that applies those meat wave attacks actually thinks that UA losses are five times higher?

The Putin also remarked that you were as dumb as a table when you think that Russia wants to fight with NATO. Pardon? Only last week we heard the same guy talk about "dense populated small countries" that should consider or reconsider they stance on what they do. On top of that on the Russian state television there was a great show of how nuking Poland with say two nukes on every city would be a free ride for Russia. 

It is obvious that Putin has a very limited grasp on what is actually going on. That is a sad thing because if the military situation evolves to a thing where in theory there could be negotiations, that will be impossible because how do you negotiate with a person that is clearly crazy?


Before we go to the next item, there is a small but interesting video from Suchominus that shows a relative small tug boat damaged by a Ukrainian sea drone. It is interesting because this sea drone simply passes the barriers the Russians have put in place. It's amazing to see, the video is about 8 minutes long. 

Video title: Marine Drones Sink Project 498 Saturn Tug Boat in Crimea!
Link used: 

An awful lot more did happen of course, I didn't read the news of the latest attack on an oil refinery but it had it's distillation column attacked plus one or more other parts. So that's a bit more refinery capacity down.  

Lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) Water electrolysis, can it be done better?

It is well known that turning water into oxygen and molecular hydrogen is a process that costs a lot of energy. That's logical because if you later burn the hydrogen it releases a lot of energy, so you have to put that in upfront. 

I never looked deep into the details, but it could very well be there could be a significant improvement because as we observed lately: molecular oxygen has a so called non-bonding pair of electrons in it. Inside my mental space that lives in my biological brain, I understand that this 'non-bonding' pair must be made of two electrons that are both magnetic monopoles of the same magnetic charge.

It looks logical that this reaction of electrolysis works better if there is an abundance of enough electrons of a particular magnetic monopole charge. I do not know how significant this is and of course you can look up the stuff for yourself but I got one link for you. 

Principles of Water Electrolysis and Recent Progress in Cobalt-, Nickel-, and Iron-Based Oxides for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction. Link used: 

This is from Wiley but there are more resources. This detail of the right spin at the right time has long be neglected. But since a couple of years this becomes more and more under study.

Of course all these people think that the spin of the electron is something you can easily flip, so it is mostly not research but more guesswork and try to find something that works. 

I still think that electrons can't flip their spin state and that there are two kinds of electrons with each their permanent magnetic charge. I also think that this is relative important information for the science of chemistry while acknowledging that the chemistry people actually buy all that nonsense about electron spin from the weird physics people that have weird quantum operators that can flip the spin...

Lets leave this update with that and that was it for this week. Thanks for your attention and I will try to throw this update onto the largest garbage can that we have: the internet. 


(05 June 2024) No intro talk just the two items for this date in 2024:

Item 1) Silly nuke stuff & video from Anders Puck on US weapons.
Item 2) Chemistry and the absurd view on electron pairs.

  Item 1) Silly nuke stuff & video from Anders Puck on US weapons.

I was not hallucinating, when yesterday I did search for "Putin nuclear threat" on the very first things that popped up were indeed that weird and crazy nonsense from Putin. Let me post a quote from the UK Financial Times:

Russia is once again waving around its nuclear weapons. Last week, Vladimir Putin warned NATO countries against allowing Ukraine to use western munitions to strike Russia.

The Russian leader warned of “serious consequences” and said that Ukraine’s allies should be aware of the “small territory” and “dense population” of many European countries.  

Comment: This is a bit weird given the tiny fact that Moscow and for example St. Petersburg are also dense populated area's. And if the only thing they have as air defense is that S-400 stuff, there is little that can prevent a radioactive barbeque in those dense populated area's. Lets leave this nonsense with that.

The quote is from the FT but I found it on another website so I link to that because the FT often puts stuff behind a paywall. The title is a bit over the top, I would phrase it more like "almost perfect" instead of "a flop" but anyway:

Why Putin’s nuclear weapons threats are a flop. Link used:

In a video from Artur Rehi I found another perfect military technical innovation. I won't link to the video but here is one of those new Blyat motors. I think this is perfect protection against those FPV drones. The Russians should be proud upon themselves! 


I have two video's for you, the most interesting one is the one from Anders Puck Nielsen where he analyses how things evolve now Western weapons are allowed to be used inside Russia. He remarks correctly that's it only the stupid Russian tactics to strike from just over the border inside Ukraine and expect not to get attacked. That is a total absurd thing of course, Ukraine has the right to self defense...

Video title: US weapons will give Russia significant problems.
Link used:

The second video is from William Spaniel about the possibility that attacks on Russian oil refineries could (in theory) lead to lower gas prices in Western countries. I remarked that too although I said that those attacks would not lead to higher gas prices for American car drivers.
Of course there are some boundary conditions like Russia should not be allowed to buy gasoline in say EU countries. Well that's not a problem of course. The key idea is that attacks on Russian oil refineries lead to more crude on the international markets BUT of course that depends on the amount of tanker capacity that is still available. I don't think there is much spare capacity so any influence on Western gasoline prices will likely be very small is my own estimate. Anyway, here is his 20 minute long video:  

Video title: Shooting the Moon: Will Ukraine's Refinery Campaign Lower Gas Prices? Link used: 

If you would ask me we should not shoot the moon! She has nothing to do with it, on the contrary the moon stabilized the earth orbit and as such she is a very stabilizing thing to life on earth. And we cannot say that from Russia! 

May be it is time to go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Chemistry and the absurd view on electron pairs.

I wrote another post on magnetism where I concentrate a bit more on the absurdity of electron pairs in chemical bonds. The celebrated Pauli exclusion principle says that in all electron pairs inside atomic orbitals the spins must be different. If we write the (official bipolar) magnetic spin as --->, that means a south pole on the left and a north pole on the right so it is to be viewed as S ---> N.

Well if true that electrons are tiny magnets it must behave like:
---> <---, north pole to north pole or
<--- ---> and that's south pole to south pole.

That's the madness that comes along with the Pauli exclusion principle if it were true that electrons are tiny bipolar magnets.     

In chemistry in the molecular orbitals there are two types of bonding, the ordinary bonding with electron pairs with opposite spins and anti bonding electron pairs like in molecular oxygen O2.

So this is 100% NOT what you would expect when you think that in magnetism only opposite poles attract. And like poles always reject.
Why in the 102 years since the Stern-Gerlach experiment nobody remarks this is crazy is unknown to me. This all serves as just a few more examples that you get tons of weird weird energy problems if you just keep on saying that electrons are tiny magnets.

It could very well be that in this century of time there were many people who have remarked this, but quick and fast their careers were destroyed. I don't know, all I know that the physics professors and also the chemical professional people are very stupid to never remark there is a problem here.

And the stupidity is truly deep rooted, the most dumb explanation of "explaining" how an electron pair with opposite spins works is found in the next picture. It was weirdly a lot of work to make that picture, for example how do you make in GIMP an ellipse with a dashed line that represents a magnetic field line? I just made an ellipse and gummed a few pieces out but today I thought I should have covered it with white lines against a white background. Anyway this shows that all those professors and phd's don't have a clue themselves and that's why they always talk out of their neck when it comes to the magnetic properties of electrons:

In the year 2015 I started doubting that electrons were tiny magnets and the anti-bonding electron pairs (they aren't pairs they are lone electrons) is just one of the examples that validate my view on the stuff. The next quote is from a wiki about the bonding and non-bonding electron pairs or orbitals as they name them. If you click on the picture you will land at my latest post on the other website: 

The information they give is not entirely correct: Yes the energy in the anti-bonding electron pair is higher compared to a bonding pair made of opposite magnetic monopoles. But all in all say stuff like O2 has a lower potential energy level because of this.  

Sometimes I just wonder: What is more stupid? The physics professors or the average Kremlin employee? Or are the professors of the chemical sciences the crown of being stupid when it comes to electron magnetism?  

Lets leave it with that and let me try to upload this to the biggest garbage can humanity has nowadays: the internet. If you made it this far I would like to thank you for your attention and PLEASE, just PLEASE get more of those fucking Russians killed! 


(31 May 2024) No intro just two items for this update:

Item 1) All kinds of crazy UA news & Putin said what?
Item 2) Two factorizations for the same ellipse.

 Item 1) All kinds of crazy UA news & Putin said what?

I heard it first on the channel of Torsten Heinrich; Sweden will donate two ASC 890 planes. These are a Swedish version of an AWACS, yes two AWACS for Ukraine! To be honest I never heard of this particular kind of plane but of course Sweden has been outside NATO for centuries even millennia. So if you want to check that out click on the picture for the Military & History channel or do some news search yourself. The plane itself looks like nothing of say a standard AWACS but that flat thing on top must be it's radar.  


Title of the video: MASSIVELY More Effective: Sweden's Aid will make Ukrainian F-16 REALLY Powerful!
Link used:

On the Polish channel TVP there was an interview with the good old Ben Hodges. I found it interesting because in it he says that in the past Poland has offered Ukraine air planes, that was in the beginning of the war, but the USA did not condone that. And I just totally did not remember that, of course they are not lying but this war is going on so long that these kind of details get lost from my very brain.


Video title: Possible green light for limited use of NATO weapons against targets in Russia | Ben Hodges.
Link used: 

For myself speaking I would have framed the title a bit different, after all these are not 'NATO weapons' but weapons donated by countries that donate them on an individual basis. But ok ok there is also some NATO coordination in this all so you could classify it as NATO weaponry.

And just this evening the SUN came with a short article with little details but it seems that for the Kharkiv area the USA allows some usage of her weapons inside Russia. It was so called breaking news.

Joe Biden partially lifts ban on Ukraine using US weapons in strikes on Russian territory. Link used:


And if that all isn't crazy enough, I forgot to save the link or the title of that video but it showed Putin making rather weird remarks. Now the Kremlin does that more often like the biolabs or all that weird combination of homosexuals, fascists and not to forget Jews. For example Lavrov stating that Hitler was a Jew and other weird stuff. 
I don't remember Putins words precise because it was all so weird. But it goes more or less like this: 

'Small countries' that have a 'high population density' and that 'support striking deep inside Russia' should consider or reconsider the fact they have high population densities. 

Now is that piece of shit Putin making a nuclear threat against my own Dutch country? Well I don't know, may be he is just talking about say the Baltic states. I also do not know what the position of my own government is on this. I have never heard them stating support for such policies.  

So I don't know, but it sounded very much like a threat. At this point in time I only want to remark that say Moscow and St. Petersburg also have 'high density populations'. May be Putin can be a bit more explicit because now I just don't know how to react on this. 

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Two factorizations for the same ellipse.

This week I made my first 'Tik Tok style' math post, it is only two pictures long and I still have to post it on the other website. Never even I have written such a short post but why not? 

It's about those elliptical complex numbers where the imaginary unit that rules the place has the next square: i^2 = -1 + i. Now because such complex numbers also have matrix representations, they also have eigenvalues. And it is very easy to make so called eigenvalue functions that for every such elliptic complex number gives you the eigenvalues as they live inside the standard complex plane that is ruled by i^2 = -1.

Now in the picture below, at the top you see the i of the standard complex plane and at the bottom it is the imaginary unit from the elliptical complex numbers.

At the top it says that the product of all eigenvalues always returns the determinant of the matrix. At the bottom it says that the product of an elliptic complex number z and it's conjugate also gives the same determinant.

I consider that very interesting because you can factorize the same expression we have for this determinant inside different spaces of complex numbers.    

And when it comes to female robots with big tits, I still do not understand why they need tits at all. Is there some special kind of oil inside that given to baby robots make them grow in a healthy manner? Or are these tits a manifestation of male dominated societies that even sexualize robots while the robots themselves actually don't want it. That deep inside their CPU's they just don't want tits, but without tits the evil male helpdesk employees simply delete all titless female robots. 

Why is life always so difficult and complicated? And what would Jesus do or say when confronted with big tits on robots?  

May be it is time to try to upload this and let me thank you for your attention. 


(29 May 2024) It seems we have a new pm, his name is Dick Schoof and he is not from the political scene but he is a civil servant. I never heard of the guy and I have only seen on short video with him but all in all my estimation is that this is an acceptable person. May be later when the first government budget will be out I will eat these very words but it looks like a normal person and not such a polarizing piece of shit like our Geert Wilders.

Two items for today: 

Item 1) One, may be two Russian early warning radars damaged.
Item 2) New math post and an interesting video on your brains microbiome.

 Item 1) One, may be two Russian early warning radars damaged.

And again just too much news from Ukraine like for example Putin made clear they were ready for 'negotiations'. Likely that will draw a very very cool response from Ukraine. Sweden said it was ok to use the weapons they delivered to use inside Russia. The USA is't that far and likely the confusion there was lately was caused by the fact that Jake Sullivan (I hope I write his name correct) and Anthony Blinken have different views on the matter. On top of that of course the big chief Joe  Biden has to give the green light for this tiny detail of using US weaponry inside Russia. For me it is easy to say just do it but it is logical such decisions take time, time and more time.
Well it is what it is. Lets go to our topic of this item: 

One, may be two early warning radars damaged. To be honest I have never seen such radars before, look below. These are massive things and they can detect incoming missiles from an amazing distance of about 6000 miles??? That is a whopping 10,000+ km and that's why they are called 'looking over the horizon' radars. I have no idea how they work. 

But at least one of such systems is damaged and contrary to Russian oil refineries it might very well be they can repair them without outside electronics. I am not sure but in the past it was rather not likely that the former USSR did depend on foreign imports for radars like this. Click on the picture to land at a short article:

Title: Satellite images show scale of destruction following strike on Russia’s early warning radar. Link used:

A few days later according to the Moscow Times in a report there was a drone attack in Orenburg, that was a whopping 1600 miles away so the distance these drones can do is still growing. If all true and confirmed that is of course not one but two thumbs up for Ukraine!

It is important to remark that during the last 2+ years the Kremlin has often bragged about their nuclear capabilities and of course such bragging leads to an interest in where such systems are vulnerable. Once more we see the brilliant people from the Kremlin in action; constantly drawing attention to things that otherwise likely would be neglected.

Some people remarked that these kind of targeting could be related to the F16's that later this year will come. That could be true, why not clean up the space a bit before the arrival?  

Another detail of interest that I did not mention before is that the USA has made clear that in case Russia uses a nuclear weapon, the USA will attack the Russian army inside Ukraine with conventional weaponry. This is of interest because the majority of the Russian army is inside Ukraine. So lets wait and see what will happen. A bit more on that: 

U.S. vows to destroy all Russian positions in Ukraine if Moscow uses nukes - Sikorski. Link used:

And just so much more did happen but it is now time to go to the next item. 

 Item 2) New math post and an interesting video on your brains microbiome.

A few days back I published the latest math post on the other website. It is about an interesting thing you can do with square matrices: you can rotate them 180 degrees. Compare that to the much more know transpose of a matrix where you flip all entries into the main diagonal. Both operations if you do them twice brings you back to the original matrix.  

I named this 180 degree rotation of the matrix's entries the "Cousin of the transpose" thereby violating what I advocate for years and years: Math stuff should not be named after people like the stuff with Hilbert spaces, it should be functional and descriptive.

And naming such a transformation on matrices a "cousin" might be descriptive but it is totally non-informative. But Jesus said once: "Who that is without sin should throw the first stone" so I decided to be a sinner just one more time... Click on the picture to land at the latest post:

Title of the latest post: The cousin of the transponent.

The last detail of this item is a video from Anton Preskov. It is about the microbiome inside your brain... Inside your brain, but don't scientists always talk about the brain-blood barrier that keeps unwanted stuff out all of the time? Yes but we must never forget that a lot of scientists have a habit of talking out of their neck because that reflects the opinions they share and hold for true. Now it turns out that our brains are more or less full with all kinds of bacteria, fungi and even viruses...

I forgot to make a picture for this video so you have to do it with just a text link: Unexpected Discovery of Microbiome Inside Our Brains But Why Is It There? Link used:

If you think about it, it was many millions of years ago when life evolved from cellular to multi-cellular life. And as such they had to work together in order to survive.  

Lets leave it with that so I can upload this to our beloved garbage can known as the internet. As always thanks for your attention. 


(24 May 2024) A tiny correction on what I wrote last time. The phrase "From the river to the sea", or that use of that phrase is illegal, was just a motion voted upon by our parliament. So it's not illegal right now, it was just a motion. But it did get a majority of 74 to 73 so does that mean our parliament has a majority of people with a mental thing?
I wonder what the next years will bring from our new and forming government, likely a whole lot of weird shit. Interesting detail: The party of Mark Rutte, the VVD, could be expelled from the EU faction they are in because they cooperate with that Geert Wilders kind of stuff.
Well we'll see where this all ends. Lets go to the two items of today.   

Item 1) F-16 stuff and Joe Blogs on the 285 billion frozen assets.
Item 2) May be a better way of tapping the earth's inner heat.

  Item 1) F-16 stuff and Joe Blogs on the 285 billion frozen assets.

And again plenty of news is just two days since the last update. For example one or two more Russian boats taken out in the Black Sea area. More arrests of high ranking Russian military men. And so on and so on.

It seems that about 10 Ukrainians trained on the maintenance of the F-16 planes have returned to Ukraine. May be also a bunch of pilots already back and yes it won't be that long anymore before the first F-16's will arrive.

Sometimes when I think of all that can go wrong, it makes me hold my heart. But there is nothing wrong with stuff that goes wrong, after all my nation and also Denmark do this for the first time. So without doubt there are already hundreds of mistakes made but that is nicely kept out of view. That's pretty normal, think of all the things you yourself will do wrong if you do a new rather complicated thing for the first time.
The only thing of importance is that such beginner mistakes are not critical, that's the only thing that counts. 

I selected a video from the Military & History channel because it has such a cute picture at the start. Is that thing for real? It looks beautiful. Hey may be we can paint one of the F-16's with calculations with 3D complex numbers. That would scare the hell out of the Kremlin don't you think?

Now I don't expect much trouble from the Kremlin, may be a verbal hiccup about homosexual Jewish pilots or may be Jewish fascist pilots, you never know, and that's it. I remember Shoigu shredding his shoulders on the F-16 news and I agree with him: It's not a big deal so who cares?
Clcik on the picture  for the relative long video:

Video title: US Military Aid Makes an Impact, Ukraine gets Ready for F-16s! Link used: 

Then there is that ongoing debate on the frozen Russian financial assets. The EU has decided that at least the proceeds from those assets can go to Ukraine. That is about 5 billion and as Joe Blogs remarked that is only 1.3% of the total bunch of assets.

Now I understand perfectly there are all kinds of problems with seizing those 300 or 285 billion in Russian assets. It is in different nations with different laws about the seizure of financial assets. Furthermore the right to own things is deeply rooted in all civil nations, you can't just confiscate stuff out of thin air.
Best is and stays of course if all countries involved act at the same time as not to hinder the role our currencies play in financial reserves all over the world. It must be clearly communicated this is a one time thing and only caused by Russia itself with this crazy and illegal war.     

Joe Blogs dived a bit deeper into it, there are also plans to turn it into a bond where the Russian assets act as collateral. How that works I don't know, if you can't touch the original 285 billion, how can that serve as collateral? But may be there is, I am a nitwit when it comes to judicial stuff... 

Anyway if I could vote for this seizure, I would vote in favor of it. But again we must prevent undermining the trust in our financial system, that is something we could regret for decades if that goes horribly wrong. 

Click on the picture to land at the video from Joe, I selected another picture because it is so hilarious. We have that woman again, Majorie Taylor Greene, and now it seems that organizations like the FBI want to assassinate Trump. And I was complaining about rivers that are not allowed to go to the sea, in the USA everything is bigger as you see.  

Video title: RUSSIA - $300BN Frozen Russian Assets to Be Seized for Reparation BONDS as G7 Meets on Decision.
Link used:

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) May be a better way of tapping the earth's inner heat.

To be honest when it comes to climate change I am a rather pessimistic kind of person. It is very hard to change our energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gasses enough so that the majority of the present 8 billion people can survive and thrive.

Take for example the war in Ukraine, that alone sums up an awful lot of CO2 emissions and even I say that it is necessary. For a couple of years I had only hope for geothermal energy as a long term solution until I found out that the total amount of heat that yearly leaks through the surface is of the same order of magnitude as the yearly use of energy by the entire humanity.

The earth itself is a damn good insulator, that is why it is so very hot inside the earth in the first place. Dr. Ben Miles had an interesting video out where he shows a spin of from the fusion energy stuff: Vaporizing rock with microwaves and as such drill deeper as anything before. 

I don't think this is a hoax, after all inside the nuclear fusion vessels they must heat up the plasma and that often goes with microwaves. So that kind of tech actually exists, I did not know you can vaporize rock with it but why not?  

Let me just shut up so you can judge for yourself: 

Video title: How This Fusion Tech is Solving the Geothermal Energy Problem. Link used:

There still is the problem of how to remove all that vaporized rock and since Ben is into physics, those people often overlook a lot of things. But for me this sounds a lot better compared to the bullshit we get from nuclear fusion companies or the ITER experiment. 

The matrices in the above picture have nothing to do with it, it is just some stuff for the new math post. These are cute matrices, the matrix of the conjugate is something that is not a transpose. It is something very different, a rotation of the entries by 180 degrees and that's the matrix of the conjugate. I love it. 

It's time to upload this update to the biggest garbage can humanity has: The internet. As always thanks for your attention. 


(22 May 2024) Ok, I cleaned up this homepage a little bit and now it contains only the updates of the last two months. Well we now (almost) have a populist government and now it becomes illegal to say from the river to the sea. From the river to the sea is illegal? Why?
Well that is a slogan used by pro Palestinian demonstrators.... I think it will take me a long time to adjust to this level of nonsense, an adult government should not make weird laws like that...

Well lets go to the two items of this update:  

Item 1) A small correction and a very interesting video on drone evolution.
Item 2) New update on magnetism on the other website.

 Item 1) A small correction and a very interesting video on drone evolution.

Just five days ago I showed you a quote from Anthony Blinken the US foreign secretary. It said that Ukraine can use it's own judgment on the use of US weaponry inside Russia.
On two other occasions I heard that US policy is unchanged but I did not have the time to look into the details.

The same goes for "Boots on the ground" in Ukraine, I just didn't have the time to look in how far the politics have evolved. But there are many non combat roles that can be done by other militaries. That can be all kinds of stuff from guarding the border with Belarus, training, logistics and so on and so on. That frees up a lot of manpower that Ukraine is lacking right now. All I can say I am not against it, of course we must guard for unwanted escalation and avoid spreading the war to other nations. But say for yourself, can Russia really open another front? That would be very hard for them, they too lack manpower now we are approaching the half million mark of Russian casualties. (Casualties are dead and wounded so they are out of the fight.)

The most crazy news I heard was that Russians seem to weigh their artillery shells before firing. Apparently they are so bad they have rather different weights so they have to adjust for that...
Well that's the Russian equivalent of say a sniper fine-tuning it's weapon for say a soft side wind. But this news explains why the Russians likely had so little success during the time where they fired ten artillery shells against Ukraine only one. I never said it but I didn't understand how Ukraine kept up so good. Well may be this small 'weighing detail' is part of the answer.

And another part of the answer is of course the heavy usage of drones. That is what the video of this update is about. You see a workshop where they prepare the ammo and drones that hunt those Russian soldiers. For example the ammo must be as lightweight as possible. And the stuff gets all tested, that is very important of course but it sucks up an awful lot of time. Anyway I found the video interesting and that's why I share it here with you. 

Video title: Night Hunting. Russian Weapons Against Russians. Achilles Battalion, Chasiv Yar
Link used:

Lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) New update on magnetism on the other website.

A few weeks back I showed you that video about spin ice and magnetic monopoles. Since this is one of the famous "We cannot find the magnetic monopoles" video's it was one of the reasons to write a post on it.
Another reason was the Dr. Erica Carlson talked about ways of minimal potential energy in those spin ice structures. 

Now if you just like me have seen a lot of these kind of video's there is an interesting pattern emerging: The people in those video's only talk about energy levels when it is reasonable. And they ALWAYS skip talking about energy levels when it comes to the totally crazy cases that likely belong to the realm of "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics".

The most crazy parts are of course the electron pair. If it would be true that electrons are tiny magnets, it is totally crazy that they must have opposite spins in say chemical bonds. The other problem is the anti-alignment that about 50% of the electrons seem to have when a magnetic field is applied.
And for at least the 100-th time: You don't have these very nasty problems if you view electrons as magnetic monopoles. To be precise; rather likely electrons carry a permanent magnetic charge just like their electric charge.   

I took some time to craft a new picture for the second problem, that of the anti-alignment in an applied magnetic field. You can see it at the bottom of the image below. Also included is a math expression that physics people use for the potential energy related to such external magnetic fields. I am well aware that most people won't understand all the details in it but that is not needed at all. If you know a bit about the dot product of two vectors you can come a long end in understanding what the physics people do wrong with their 'tiny magnet' model for electron magnetism. 

If you take two parallel vectors, the dot product is always positive hence that potential energy term U will be negative. So that's the LOWEST potential energy level, therefore how come in chemistry this is known as an anti-bonding pair like in molecular oxygen O2?
To make it more crazy: Why in bonding electron pairs are the spins opposite? After all two opposite or anti-parallel vectors give a positive potential energy so how can that ever act as some kind of bonding mechanism? 

You don't have these weird problems in case electrons are magnetic monopoles. But the physics professors don't want to change and don't want to apply elementary logic to these two biggest energy problems. They, just like Dr. Erica just always avoid talking about this.
And this all with taxpayer money, why not? 

Anyway, in case you are interested click on the picture to land at the latest post on the other website: 


Title of the new post: On a video about spin ice & some additional remarks. 

Another thing the physics professors always skip is where comes the stability from? On the one hand they claim it is very easy to flip the electron spin because that only takes a minute amount of energy.
But inside all condensed matter, chemical bonds via electrons pairs are always stable. The overpaid shitheads always avoid talking that kind of stuff.

That was it for this update, as always thanks for your attention.  


(17 May 2024) It looks like it is high time to clean up this homepage once more because it is getting far to long. Anyway it looks like we have a new government over here, that's about 5 or 6 months after the election and as such that is pretty usual over here.
As comparison if you live in a two party democracy, transfer of power is mostly done within a few days. There is never a lengthy process of negotiations needed, if you have a majority you can go at work right away...  

I don't know much about their plans, all I know is that our federal deficit is going to be 2.8% of GDP. Needless to say I completely disagree with that, it is better to budget a surplus of say 1% that can be used in the course of the next fiscal year to compensate for financial trouble on the way.
But we now have a bunch of populists, I am exaggerating a little bit but there are now political parties who's members have a hard time to make financial calculations. After all the accountancy of an entire country is always a rather complicated thing... Lets go to our items for today:   
Item 1) More news from Anthony Blinken & Belbek air base attacked twice.
Item 2) Skipped item on electron potential energy and magnetism. 

 Item 1) More news from Anthony Blinken & Belbek air base attacked twice.

Lately David Cameron from the UK remarked that Ukraine was allowed to use British weaponry against targets inside Russia. And now Anthony Blinken has said words of similar phrasing. Let me quote a bit: 

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Ukraine has to “make its own choice” when deciding to use US-made weapons to strike targets 
inside Russia .

"We've not enabled or encouraged strikes outside of Ukraine, but ultimately, Ukraine has to make decisions for itself about how it's 
going to conduct this war," he said during a visit to Kyiv on May 15. 

Now the Russians are shouting their military doctrine allows for a nuclear response if they are attacked. As far as I know that is correct, that is indeed inside Russian doctrine. But it's pointless remark because neither the UK nor the USA is in fact attacking Russia. No that is done by Ukrainians that indeed have a state named Ukraine and is in response to the attacks from Russia since Feb 2022.

Originally all those rules for Western weaponry for use inside Ukraine only, that was done to de-escalate the situation. But now it has evolved into Russia making escalatory use of that by staging attacks from outside the reach Ukraine had due to these de-escalatory measures. 

Beside that I heard a few times that Russia itself wants some kind of barrier between those parts they have occupied and the rest of Ukraine. Why shouldn't Ukraine have no right on a similar barrier along it's border with Russia? That's  a perfectly mirror arrangement so the Kremlin should not complain upon this small detail. After all my dear Kremlin occupants, you wanted this war with your smaller neighbor yourself. So you have to eat the consequences too, that is rather logical... Click on the picture for a news article from


Atitcle title: US Secretary of State Blinken says Ukraine free to use US-made weapons to strike Russia. 
Link used:

There was much much more news of course, like in Kharkiv luckily the situation got a bit stabilized. It seems all in all Ukrainian losses are about one third of the Russian losses, so if you read a number so say 1200 Russian casualties (that is killed and wounded enough) there are about 400 Ukrainians that more or less carry the same fate.
That's the grim reality but it has to be remarked I don't know how solid as an overall statistic this one to three ratio is...  

Grim or not, sometimes the news is funny like the Belbek air base on Crimean soil attacked two nights on a row. Likely there was some more business to do and that in itself brought a wide smile to my lips and face.  

Suchominus has a short 2 minute video out on the second attack. As always click on the picture to land at the video from Suchominus at Youtube: 


Video title: Belbek Air Base Attacked for a Second Night. 
Link used:

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Skipped item on electron potential energy and magnetism. 

I have only 10 to 15 minutes left so I have to skip this item. All I wanted was to describe the potential energy that one electron in an electron pair generates on the other electrons in that pair.

And that only using the official version of the potential energy of a dipole magnet in an applied magnetic field, if you use that for the electron you get crazy results within 5 minutes!

But we don't have the time right now so I have to skip it. And once more the results were so crazy that once more I do not understand why the professional physics professors keep on holding to that total crap of electrons being tiny magnets. Sometimes I just wonder what is more stupid: The average Kremlin employee or the average physics professor? 

Lets leave it with that, see you in a future update of this very website. 


(15 May 2024) No intro talk, here are the two item of this update:

Item 1) Kharkiv, Shoigu gone, Belgorod and so on.
Item 2) New math post about eigen vectors of the process of conjugation.

  Item 1) Kharkiv, Shoigu gone, Belgorod and so on.

I was just checking if there was more news of the developments in and around Kharkiv so I click on that BBC video and the first thing that happens is Anothony Blinken stepping out of a sleep train... And yes if you have to travel long distances by train indeed a sleep train is a very good alternative because you arrive a bit more fresh compared to traveling during daytime.

Anyway the situation in Kharkiv looked troublesome but also strange; if the Russians had amounted 50 thousand military, is that enough to take on the entire Kharkiv? No of course not, Kharkiv is too large for that. And the removal of that UA commander from his post also looks weird so we must wait a bit more until there is a bit more clarity.
Also interesting: There was a day with an estimated 1740 casualties on the Russian side, I had been waiting for weeks for such a number because it shows that finally a bit of the military aid has reached the places where it needs to be: In the barrel of an artillery piece or whatever what.
Click on the video for the BBC video:   


Video title: Ukraine struggles to hold back Russia incursion near Kharkiv.
Link used:

Shoigu was replaced, some say this is unexpected but didn't one or two of his deputies get arrested on corruption charges? And one of those deputies also has a giant house just like Shoigu but I don't know if he too got it from his daughter the day she went 18.
The new guy also doesn't have military roots, just like Shoigu. His name is Andrei Belousov and I did not try it very long but I could not find his house in an internet search. Why is that important? Well if he lives in a house paid for by his income, his salary, in that case Andrei did not control large streams of money in the past. And as such he is a relative powerless person in Russia.
That doesn't mean he can't be a pain in the ass, if he manages to reform the Russian economy towards a more efficient war economy that would of course be bad news.

From Belgorod was that news of a severely damaged building, the Russians whining terror terror and both parties blaming each other. It could have been anything, from a Ukraine missile gone bad to a Ukraine missile shot down and debris doing the damage. Or a Russian glide bomb going astray.  

The point I want to make is there is only one to blame and that is of course Putin. If he hadn't started this crazy war with all his mentally ill talk about biolabs and other stuff, this Belgorod tragedy would not have happened at all. I forget to save a link to that news so if you missed it and want to know a bit more you must look it up yourself.

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) New math post about eigen vectors of the process of conjugation.

A few days ago I published this new post, all in all I look at seven different spaces and how to take the conjugate. Then make a matrix representation of it and look what the eigen vector related to the eigen value -1 is.

May be for you that is a whole lot of abacadabra but this is very basic math for those who know a bit more about math. Ok ok in over 30 years of time I have never ever seen one person who did the conjugate for say 3D complex numbers in the correct way, but it is an extremely simple matrix if you write is as a matrix representation.

So the key idea of this post is very basic, it is not complicated at all. And that's why I myself am very glad with this post because years ago I always found those pairs of imaginary units that together formed those famous numbers tau.
And yes, they always came in pairs and it had it's own logic. But the matrices I now have in this new post make it totally unavoidable and much more simple as why we have all those pairs in the first place.
Over the years I have learned that it is better to avoid complicated things, after all is you have a good much more simple result much more people understand it and those who want to look at more complicated things can always do that themselves.     

Now mostly the last time I use some pictures of female robots and a bit of my own math to make a picture that you can click on if you want to read that math from my deformed brain. This time I do it a bit different because in the next picture you can see a robo dog on a yoga ball and that is how fast the AI stuff evolves. 

Compare that to the speed of the development of quantum computer based on electron spin or nuclear fusion based on magnetic confinement. Those assholes are stuck in a dead end, make no significant progress at all and in the meantime don't want to revise their idea's upon the magnetic properties of electrons...  

Here you see that robo dog stuff, if you click on it you will land at my post on   

Title of the new post: Another way of finding the direction of the number tau. Link used:

In case you want to see the robot video, search for "AI conquers gravity" on the youtube website. 

End of this post, as always thanks for your attention and see you in another update. 


(10 May 2024) Oh oh, it is time to smash a lot of this homepage into the history pages because once more this homepage is getting too long.
No intro blah blah, just the usual two items. 

Item 1) Russian reserves, a cute drone & an interesting vote in the USA.
Item 2) Plasma fusion instabilities & a tiny chunk of math.

 Item 1) Russian reserves, a cute drone & an interesting vote in the USA.

I didn't save the source but it was told that both the USA and the UK are in favor of confiscating all Russian reserves (so that is also the reserves from the Russian central bank) while the EU is only willing to confiscate the returns on those Russian reserves.

I myself am in favor of such a total confiscation otherwise the Russians will simply not learn from their mistake to do this illegal invasion BUT like I remarked before we must avoid at all costs that central banks are afraid to park their reserves at other central banks or other commercial banks and financial institutions.

The UK & USA proposal took that into account by remarking that if all countries moved at the same time, that minimizes a possible damage to the reserve status the diverse currencies have. This is a very delicate operation (if it goes on) because if there grows distrust in all the reserve stuff we can regret that for decades...
All I can say is I would vote in favor of it and if the EU doesn't want it we must wait again another year or so.

A very different subject: Drones with machine guns! This is a very interesting physics problem, how do you make a drone that will stay stable while shooting bursts of ammo? After all the ammo acts as a strong accelerator and that can make the drone instable.

A naive first idea is that the center of gravity of the drone (included the machine gun) must always lie inside the barrel of the machine gun. That is an engineering challenge, how do you make some dynamical system that keeps such a drone stable? May be some 'tail' with a weight at the end and this tail can move to get a constant center of gravity inside the barrel of the gun. We'll see how that will evolve.

This drone was mentioned in a video from the channel Reporting from Ukraine, click on the picture to land at the video:       

Link used:

Of course much more happened but I want to close this item with that beautiful human being Majorie Taylor Greene. She filed a motion to vacate the chair of the speaker of the house, so the speaker Mike Johnson doesn't get fired. No, his chair will become vacant...

By the way now I follow that Majorie saga a bit more, I can tell you that she is even dumber as our own Geert Wilders. That alone and on it's self is a true miracle... But serious I hoped that when the Ukrainian military aid passed the House that Mike Johnson would not loose his job by that. Well the vote in the American house of reps speaks for itself. There is an MSNBC video linked to it if you want to see that:


I always love it when UK and USA people suddenly know how to pronounce the word 'no'. In my language we write it as 'nee' and that sounds an awful lot like 'nay'. May be it is time to go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Plasma fusion instabilities & a tiny chunk of math.

It's been a few years since I looked at plasma stability in nuclear fusion reactors. After all if my idea's of the magnetic monopole nature of electrons (and protons) was true, that would likely spell disaster for the plasma stability of those torus shaped nuclear fusion vessels.

If true that electrons are magnetic monopoles, the magnetic field that supposedly must contain them will only accelerate the electrons more and more. And the two types of electron monopole will move in opposite directions and make bigger and bigger structures that will accelerate together more and more. Total chaos would erupt in my view. 

Well how are we now a few years later? Not much further, because the physics professors are carved from the same wood as the math professors of course they will make no progress. Will they pick up the idea that electrons can't be the tiny bipolar magnets as they believe? Of course not, they are nothing more as an interesting collection of bags filled with wind.

But there are all kinds of plasma instabilities and I have zero hope left that this technique will help in fighting climate change. Here is a quote about the disruptive behavior that plasma has inside such fusion reactors:  

Nuclear fusion power delivered by magnetic-confinement tokamak reactors holds the promise of sustainable and clean energy. The avoidance of large-scale plasma instabilities called disruptions within these reactorsis one of the most pressing challenges because disruptions can halt power production and damage key components. Disruptions are particularly harmful for large burning-plasma systems. 

And to top it off, here is a cute wiki list with a lot of plasma instabilities: 

Plasma stability

I don't want to waste more time on physics people that believe electrons are tiny magnets, they are born stupid, they will die stupid and in the meantime nothing happens.

A tiny bit of math: I am almost ready with a new math post on the other website. It's about another way of finding the direction of some interesting tangents. Here is just a picture with a few of the results in the diverse spaces.  

Basically it boils down to finding eigen vectors of amazingly simple matrices. And if you have found the eigen vector related to -1 you can shout BINGO because you have found the direction of one of those famous numbers tau.

Ok ok, there is also some conjugate stuff in the new post. 


Lets leave it with that and let me try to upload this to our common garbage can: the internet. As always thanks for your attention and see you in a future update of the posts on this website. 


(08 May 2024) I made a small error last week when I said that Shell had delisted from the Dutch stock market the AEX. That's wrong, a couple of years ago they moved their headquarters to London. Shell is still a part of our AEX as far as I know...
Anyway we had an all time high today, the AEX closed above 900. That's for the first time in it's 41 year history. If you are from another country you might think an index at 900 in 41 years of time is not much, but we have an index that does not use the dividends. So it's just pure stock value while if you reinvest the dividend you will go faster of course. But it's already late so lets go to our two items:

Item 1) Just too much news from Ukraine, just a few details.
Item 2) Quantum spin ice & the 'official' magnetic monopoles. 

  Item 1) Just too much news from Ukraine, just a few details.

Just too much news, from sea drones with air-to-air rockets on them to a Russian speed boat sunk. Interesting economical news were two facts: 

Gazprom reported a loss of 7 billion $, so that's an interesting development. And from the about 800 air planes from Boeing and Airbus that Russia stole after the illegal invasion of Ukraine, now are over 300 out of action because they are used for cannibalization for the spare parts. So a simple estimation says that this year we will pass the mark of half of that stolen fleet out of action. Economical sanctions go slow but they bite more and more while of course a constant supervision of all the stuff is needed. For some strange reason the Russians want to avoid them, that is strange because that is illegal after my humble opinion. 

From the UK came the news that it would be ok to use UK weaponry against Russian targets (that is inside Russia) but of course it had to be military targets. Of course a whole lot of other nations have all kinds of different opinions on this. For example in the beginning Germany wanted only to hand over the Leopard tanks if the USA also delivered tanks.
Well this day was coming for a long time of course and as such if countries decide for themselves if weaponry is allowed on Russian soil, at least they cannot say it's a fight against NATO... Oh you say that the Russians constantly tell all kinds of weird stuff on their state tv about the enemy as they perceive it. For myself speaking I don't think the danger of some extra escalation by Russia is high, you can never know for sure of course but can they say open a second front right now?

There was a display of captured Western military vehicles in Moscow, last week I showed you the Abrams tank while we all gave that tank a standing ovation... Anyway a video that I won't link to said the Russians tried to damage the barrel of one such a tank and it failed. So that's a bit funny news, here is how it looked: 

A few hours back the UK BBC reported that in Ukraine a plot was foiled to kill president Zelensky. This plot was apparently a long time in the making, it started already before the invasion... It's indeed a crazy plan and given the fact Russia is behind it, it could even be true. Click on the picture to land at the BBC video: 

Video title: Russian plot to kill Volodymyr Zelensky foiled, Kyiv says.
Link used:

Lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) Quantum spin ice & the 'official' magnetic monopoles. 

I found a relative very good video on the subject of spin ice. Of course you are once more invited to think a bit around the fascinating subject of electron spin. That is you can compare for yourself how the official version is (electrons are tiny bipolar magnets) versus what I think of it: electrons are magnetic monopoles that cannot flip their spin state.  

The lady in the video explains why it is called spin ice, that has to do with two spins going in and two going out. And, that is important, she mentions that this configuration minimizes the energy, that's an important principle of course.

Well my version of magnetic monopole electrons does the same thing, yes we must have to north pole electrons and two south pole variants and yes this minimizes the (potential) energy.   

I selected this video because it does what a lot of the video's on magnetism do: they only talk about energy when it makes sense. And if it does not make sense it is often completely ignored.  

Look electrons are tiny things with a small mass, if a bunch of electrons would fell an external magnetic field the only logical energy thing they will do is all 100% of them will align with the applied magnetic field. Only that will lower their potential energy state.

But all those experiments like the Stern-Gerlach experiment show, anyway that is what the physics professors believe, that the tiny electron magnets anti align themselves with the applied magnetic field. And about 50% of the electron will anti align themselves, but where do they get their energy from? Of course the lady in the video carefully skips this energy problem with electrons as being tiny magnets.
The anti alignment is just one of the many many energy problems there are if it were true electrons were tiny magnets. The electron pair is another example, why do two electrons anti align their magnetic fields while forming say a bonding electron pair in a chemical bond?

Why are these people so fucking stupid year in year out? If you view electrons as magnetic monopoles you just don't have all those weird energy problems.

May be the brains of physics people is some form of physics too and as such it prefers to stay in the lowest energy state there is: Being as dumb as possible...

But serious, in it's kind the video is very good. Only the basic idea upon electron spin is not, for the rest it's a perfect 10. As always click on the picture to land at the video:      

Video title: Quantum Spin Ices and Magnetic Monopoles
Link used:

At about 6.00 minutes into the video she begins talking the deeper kind of bullshit: She starts to flip individual electron spins.  

Lets leave it with that because it's late. So thanks for your attention. 


(03 May 2024) It is crazytime again; this calendar year my small portfolio grew by 10.01%. That's much to fast of course but it always comes with pulls and pushes. This day my own bank was to blame, they announced a 2.5 billion € share buy back and as such the stock price jumped by about 6% today. And that while ING hasn't bought any stocks back yet...
It all started as a joke a few years ago, I was annoyed by the total yearly costs of my portfolio so I just thought "Lets buy some ING so the dividends will pay for the costs of my portfolio". Now a few years later I can say: well they surely pay for the costs...
But my first bank stock was ABN-Amro, at the time the Dutch state was still the majority stock holder and that made it safe enough to put some money in. Later came the ING joke and now both banks together are over 10% of the entire portfolio. But lets not talk dumb money and go to the items of today.  

Item 1) An Abrams tank made it to Moscow & more oil refineries hit.
Item 2) More multi worlds stuff & a DESMOS 3D graph.

 Item 1) An Abrams tank made it to Moscow & more oil refineries hit.

Why not give a standing ovation to this M1 Abrams tank, the very first to have made it to Moscow. It is like seeing the oldest man on earth finishing in say the Iron man triathlon, that is the stuff miracles are made of.  

Of course a lot more did happen, it is still an entire war going on along a long long frontline. A few more attacks on oil refineries and/or storage places were there. I don't think attacks on Russian oil refineries will have a huge impact on gas prices for the car at USA pumps.
Well inside Ukraine they likely understand it is not wise to maximize the probability that Donald Trump will win the next USA presidential election.

But for the time being I view it is just like the Russian Black Sea fleet: Every ship sunk is just one ship less to sink. The goal is not to sink just one ship but the long term goal is to wipe out the entire Russian Black Sea fleet. And for those oil refineries it is the same, it has to happen anyway.  

After all if a main goal for Europe is to cripple the Russian economy such that they cannot repeat to another EU nation as what they are doing to Ukraine, it has to happen they will have almost no refinery capacity at all... It's as simple as it is. I had two pictures from a Newsweek article, click on the picture in case you want to read that article: 

Title: Blaze Engulfs Oil Refinery Deep Inside Russia After Ukraine Drone Strike.
Link used:

Let us move our attention to the next item. 

 Item 2) More multi worlds stuff & a DESMOS 3D graph.

I showed you the two television physics professors Brian Greene & Sean Correll lately. Now by sheer coincidence it was TODAY that they had a video out TOGETHER!!!! 

And see how beautiful they look, it is a perfect pair of television physics professors. They should make a movie poster out of it: Hunt for the 26 dimensions of string theory.  

Anyway I did indeed see all 35 minutes of the video so that you don't have to and as such you will have no nightmares today related to this video. It's all the usual stuff like the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics, that should explain why electrons are in a superposition of spin up and spin down almost BY DEFINITION! And of course our weirdo's Brian & Sean are full of confidence because there is plenty of experimental evidence to go along with their wildest dreams.
Do they see it as a problem we don't have a solid sequential or repeated Stern-Gerlach experiment? Of course not, talking about spinning electrons makes much better television circus, so they only do that.  

And see how beautiful they look, for sure a golden couple. I would not advice it but if you want to see the video click on the picture of the golden couple: 

Video title: Does Quantum Mechanics Imply Multiple Universes?
Link used:

After all that crap let us floss our brain by looking at some simple math so we can ignore the television professors. The free DESMOS online package also has a 3D variant and I experimented a bit with it. I tried to visualize the 3D complex exponential with it, that is the red graph below. The blue graph is the surface where my beloved 3D numbers have a determinant of one. The small purple line is a new way of finding the tangent at the number 1.

As such I more or less have found a new way of finding the tangent at 1 for what math professors would name a Lie group.  

The 3D DESMOS package isn't bad, anyway it acts as a perfect antidote to the wisdom of the television physics professors. Lets leave it with that and as always thanks for your attention. 


(01 May 2024) We had the first warm day over here, anyway I consider 20 degrees as being warm... Lets go to our items for today.

Item 1) Heinrich Torsten on some UA troubles.
Item 2) Two physics video's; an interesting combination.

  Item 1) Heinrich Torsten on some UA troubles.

This day I didn't had the time to listen to Heinrich his video (he's from the Military & History video channel) so this evening I looked it up again. And today he is not mild upon the things that more or less go wrong in Ukraine. 

And yes a lot of those problems have already emerged in other ways or video's. The lack of manpower is just one of them. What I found interesting is that he talks about the influence the long shortage of ammo & weaponry has on the recruitment effort. I hadn't thought about that one and of course that too is not a positive thing.   

Mobilize more men or is that already maxed out? You can also think that after two years all who want to fight have already done so. Questions like that is for the Ukrainians to solve of course. Well I wish them luck with it because these are hard questions for a society. 

The video is about half an hour long, as always click on the picture to land at the video on Youtube: 

Video title: Frontlines Crumbling in the East, Past Failures Compound. US buy Planes from Kazakhstan. Link used:

Lets hope the logistics chains will come big enough to help the UA military forces a little bit. It has been a long wait those 6 months without supplies. 

Of course there was much more news on this topic but it's now time to go to the next item for today. 

  Item 2) Two physics video's; an interesting combination.

The television professor in the first video is Sean Conner, likely you have seen him before because he is very good as a television professor. He's the guy that promotes the many world hypotheses of quantum mechanics, that is the idea that with every (tiny) quantum effect or outcome the universe splits in two or more branches. And that all because otherwise parts of the wave function would collapse and if the many world hypothesis is true that evil collapse would not happen... I have no particular opinion on this hypothesis beside I consider it nonsense and not a scientific thing.

Now Sean himself starts talking on the Stern-Gerlach experiment, he gives the official version of electron spin (quantisized angular momentum and the vector can point in every direction only up or down).
Of course the usual stuff of the electron being in a super position of the two spin states, that famous mixture of spin up and spin down.
And believe it or not, he finishes it all of with saying that in case there is not enough experimental evidence for something, you should be careful with that...   

So if idiotery can be mapped on a scale of 1 to 10, Sean should come in like a big fat 9 on this scale of idiotery.  

For example precisely what experiment told us that electrons can be in a super position? For the professional freaks of quantum mechanics the SG experiment itself is a perfect and pristine example where spin super positions break down due to an applied external magnetic field.

But for a person like me that thinks electrons are magnetic monopoles that carry a permanent magnetic charge just like their electric charge, the SG experiment is also a validation of what I think.

Anyway if you see a television professor, not only Sean but all of them, talk about electron spin, take it with a grain of salt. And if they want more money for quantum computing, just say no.

After so much blah blah blah on my behalf, here is the first video: 

Video title: Physicist explains quantum mechanics | Sean Carroll and Lex Fridman. Link used:

The nonsense Sean is telling is deep in stupidity; as far as I know reality there is no so called repeated or sequential Stern Gerlach experiment done ever. My dear Sean, it is very much possible that electron spin has nothing to do with probability.  

Just like you try to measure the electric charge of the electron or it's mass, it has nothing to do with probabilities.

The lack of a serious repeated or sequential SG experiment brings us to the second video of this item: some short videos upon key experiments done in physics. It is from the Unzicker guy who is about the opposite of a television physics professor. But don't get fooled: He is a staunch believer in electrons as tiny magnets too so likely he will have no problem at all with a lack of a repeated SG experiment.   

Video title: Key Experiments of Physics: The Photoelectric Effect
Link used:

That was it for this update, see you in the next one. 


(26 April 2024) On I came across that funny article as why Shell is pissed with the London Stock Exchange and threatens to go to New York... Well a few years ago Shell delisted from the Amsterdam stock market and one of the arguments was the dividend tax. At that point in time I already doubted how stupid the Shell management was, but I kept my shares and did not sell them.

Anyway now a few years further down the timeline we can conclude that shell management is a bunch of so called overpaid weirdo's. Here is a funny quote: 

Sawan has also expressed deep frustration by investors' under-appreciation of the financial performance of the company, as well as the British government’s over-taxation of its profits.
Source: Why Shell Has Soured on The London Stock Exchange
Link used:

Oh oh the energy transmission is very important but all that Shell management does is whine that their options and shares are not that high. As if these crybabies have such low salaries to start with... 

Lets go to the two items of today: 

Item 1) The USA Ukraine aid bill is now law & more UA stuff.
Item 2) New math post & good video from Neil Turok on physics.

 Item 1) The USA Ukraine aid bill is now law & more UA stuff.

I tried to find a photo of the signing ceremony in order to get an image that was as boring as possible but I could not find anything. But the Ukraine aid bill is now already law so they don't let grow much grass over it.

So I settled for the next picture on the scale of boredom, that is likely a work meeting at the White House, if you click on the picture you land at 

Source: Supplemental Bill Becomes Law, Provides Billions in Aid for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan.
Link used: (It's a bit long so I skip the link here.)

There were many more developments of course, one of them is that indeed there seem to be ATACMS now and these go even a bit further as the British/French Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles. Now Ukraine can cover all of the territories occupied by Russia, so that is a welcome development.

I want to remark that the ATACMS could reach targets deep inside Russia, that's not allowed of course but it shows the level of trust the USA political  leadership has in it's Ukrainian counter part. And I heard some rumors those ATACMS are already in Ukraine since February? Well that's interesting if true.


At last a few remarks on oil prices, it is well known that in the USA the consumer prices at the pump are a political thing. They even use their strategic oil reserve for dampening out the fuel pump prices. So they are sensitive to that. 

Now lately there were a bunch of Ukrainian drone attacks against Russian oil refineries. And can such attacks really drive up the prices for American consumers inside the USA for what they pay for their gas for their cars? 

Well yes and no and partially yes and/or partially no. Oil markets are very emotional and by that I mean they do react on geo political situations. It's not always rational but given the importance of oil that is also understandable.

But if Ukraine takes out Russian oil refinery capacity that means there is less refined product inside Russia while there is more crude to export by Russia. Furthermore, as far as I know, there is zero trade in refined oil products going from Russia to the USA. 

So my estimation is that more attacks on Russian oil refineries will likely not lead to a scenario of too high prices at the gas pumps in the USA. So a refinery here or a refinery there is not much of a future problem all in all. 

But never forget, oil markets can be emotional so that is a detail to keep an eye on. Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) New math post & good video from Neil Turok on physics.

The latest math post was published yesterday, it is very simple because it just looks at a set of so called non-invertible numbers. Non invertible means you can't divide by them, 2D number systems like those 2D hyperbolic complex numbers have a lot of numbers that you can't divide by.
Title & link:  

A look at the set of non invertible hyperbolic 2D complex numbers.


On a video channel upon physics I came across a relatively good video that contains an interview with Neil Turok about "The problem with theoretical physics".

That is a very funny title because there is not 'one problem'  but just an infinite set of problems. For myself speaking only, I think that both theoretical and experimental physics do weird when it comes to electron spin since the year 1922.

But physics people themselves don't have any problem with all the weird things they believe about electron spin, for example there is not much experimental proof for their idea's. That in itself is a problem.  

Let me stop talking and let you enjoy the video just like I did because it does not contain anything about electron spin. So I did not have to listen to all kinds of blatant nonsense.

By the way, Neil thinks that the science of physics is so unproductive since say 50 years. So he is much more positive as I am with my Stern Gerlach experiment from the year 1922. Click on the picture for the video:  

Video title: The Problem with Theoretical Physics | Neil Turok
Link used: 

That was it for this update, thanks for your attention. 


(24 April 2024) What I find one of the disadvantages of getting older is that it is so hard to get completely exhausted during physical activity. I really miss that, I always slept perfectly on it. But it is what it is, you can't turn back the clock and get a fresh body again. And with the years comes a bit of wisdom, it's not real wisdom but more the stuff you learned from your biggest mistakes. A bit of wisdom is always welcome of course.
Lets go to the two items for today. 

Item 1) Congress passed the UA aid bill, now it's in the Senate.
Item 2) New math post is almost finished, it's mostly high school math.

 Item 1) Congress passed the UA aid bill, now it's in the Senate.

Last Saturday the US House, that's their parliament, passed the aid to Ukraine in a 311:112 ratio, so 311 members in favor of supporting Ukraine. Well I have no official job or so related to Ukraine but I want to thank the US lawmakers for their support.

I could not find a screenshot back but more as half of the Republicans voted against it, that's likely one of the reasons it took so long to pass. For the time being it looks like speaker Mike Johnson's job is secure and that's a good thing. If after doing such a vote all kinds of hell breaks loose, that is not a good thing of course and could hinder future aid.

Of course it's still a few days waiting because it has to pass the senate too and after that Joe Biden has to sign it into law. And all those military logistic chains have to come out of hibernation or, as we say it here: they have to come out of their winter sleep.

The New York Post had a funny cover, click on the picture for their article if you want to read it:    

Title: ‘Moscow Marjorie’ Taylor Greene, GOP rebels defeated as House passes $61B in Ukraine aid package.
Link used:

There was a bit of tweaking done to the aid package, quote:

The House rejiggered the Senate package by upping the amount of funding that goes toward stockpiles of American weapons and munitions, 
adding oversight conditions on Ukraine assistance and doubling the amount of aid to Israel.

Comment: I can't remember to have ever seen this work "rejiggered" before, it is clear what it must mean and what would the rock band the Rolling Stones think of this all? Likely Mr. Jagger will  hang on to the opinion that it should be rejaggered...

But serious, it's now in the Senate for a 30 hour long (sic!! 30 hours long?) thing. Is that a 30 hour long debate around the clock? In that case you can say that American senators actually work for their money?
Here's a quote from The Hill:

Senators will hold the first procedural vote on the $95 billion aid package Tuesday afternoon, starting a 30-hour clock toward a vote on final passage. That would take place Wednesday night absent a deal on amendments, with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) increasingly likely to let the clock wind down instead.      

Aritcle title: Senate set to advance Ukraine aid after roller-coaster House battle. Link used: senate-vote-ukraine-aid-israel-taiwan/

At last there was some anti TikTok legislation in the bill, to be honest I am in favor of scrapping such websites. Not only because of national security reasons but the first teenagers that can't view a whole Youtube video of say 10 minutes long are already there. They have an attention span of less then 10 minutes, that is not what we should have as future adult citizens.
I don't know how widespread this short attention span problem is, it it's only a few for every million teenagers it's not a real problem. But if it's widespread why not ban such websites? You can say nanny state this or nanny state that but in the end those teens need a bit of protection I just guess...

Lets go to the next item.  

 Item 2) New math post is almost finished, it's mostly high school math.

On the other website there is now a collection of about 260 posts, but the last one I am working on must be one of the simplest of all math posts out there. Now I say it's mostly high school math and yes that is correct because we are just looking at a few quadratic expressions. But of course in most countries on all high schools they don't even get the ordinary complex numbers. Let alone those fancy hyperbolic complex numbers that I am crafting lately.

In the new post I only look at the set of (hyperbolic) complex numbers that you can't divide by. Now for normal people that is only the number zero, you can't divide by zero but there are many many math spaces where there are non zero numbers that you can't divide by.

For example five dimensional complex numbers also have five eigen values, as long as not all eigen values are zero such a 5D complex number still ain't zero. But you can't divide by it because it also has eigen values that are zero. By the way if for some strange reason you meet a math professor, never talk about eigen values of higher dimensional complex numbers. That only destabilized their brains, no you must simply ask: "Can all people do math or do you need to be crazy in the first place?"

Now in the next picture you see two complex numbers z1 and z2 and if you multiply them you get zero. Well that's all fine but if you want to check it yourself you must use the rule i^2 = -1 + 3i. So it's a little bit different from the ordinary complex plane that is ruled by i^2 = -1

May be it is time to get all this stuff to the biggest garbage can humanity has: The internet. As always thanks for your attention.  


(19 April 2024) The two items for this update are: 

Item 1) NATO on Ukraine aid & who's talking on Russian state tv?
Item 2) One more picture with those four integrals.

  Item 1) NATO on Ukraine aid & who's talking on Russian state tv?

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg came out saying more or less that Ukraine aid should not get cut because of making the NATO norm and enlarging the own arsenals. I agree with that, most countries are spending more on defense anyway and likely that will stay some time.
It's a bit weird to look at our own stockpiles and/or new weaponry that is there for some vague accountancy 2% rule if that can be used in Ukraine.
On the other hand like I remarked before; as a country you can't give all away because you have a responsibility to your own population too.  

Take for example the famous 155 mm artillery shells, countries that share a border with Russia must of course have a much larger stockpile of those as say in my own Dutch country. Anyway here is a quote from 

"If allies face a choice between meeting NATO capability targets and providing more aid to Ukraine, my message is clear: Send more to Ukraine," he said, adding that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy would attend a NATO-Ukraine Council on Friday. 

Source: NATO’s Stoltenberg asks allies to give air defense systems to Ukraine Link used:

Now we can look at a nice picture of the NATO flag: 

This weekend there is a vote in the US congress on UA aid, so once more lets hope for the best.

And in a somehow more light subject; Who's talking on Russian state tv? Guess what? It is Majorie Taylor Green! Now I've seen her a couple of times I agree that indeed she is an attention seeker. Well I have zero rights to criticize her because in our parliament we have our Geert Wilders. And our Geert too often has trouble grasping complicated things. For example before Brexit he thought that it would be good for the Dutch economy to leave the EU and single market. Oh oh Geert, you are such a nutjob...   

CNN has a short video out on the occasions where MTG is on Russian state tv. Now Majorie pondered the question as why send weapons to those fascists in Ukraine? And of course such wise questions will be applauded long and hard on Russian state tv. I think they love her, may be she should get her own show on tv over there.  

If you want to see the video, it is on the CNN website. This time I tried directly the CNN website and skip Youtube, but you don't get less advertisements. So the benefits of skipping Youtube are marginal in this case. Anyway here's the thing: 

Video title: Here's what Russian media is saying about Marjorie Taylor Greene's push to end Ukraine aid.
Link used:

Now of course I can't say too much about all that US political stuff, it is lets say internal stuff. But I hope that speaker Mike Johnson does not loose his job because of this... Lets leave it with that and we go to the next item. 

 Item 2) One more picture with those four integrals.

This will be the third picture of the latest math post so it's all in all a bit over the top. But there is not some form of autistic rule that says you can't place more then two picture advertisements for new math posts. No there isn't, beside that my advertisements are fun to look at and that is not something you can say for that Youtube stuff with all those ads during video's.

No magnetism rant this week although today I observed US television physics professor Brian Greene stating it was so wonderful that they have measured the electron magnetic dipole moment to a degree of 12 decimals! Well Brian, I agree that this is an astounding result especially given the fact there is no fucking proof at all that electrons are tiny magnets.
So no magnetic rant today, only repeating what Brain said and remark he is a string theory kind of guy. That's a breed of theoretical physics people that easily believe all kinds of weird things. Weird things like the sum of all integers: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 etc equals -1/12.     

Back to math and neglect all that low IQ stuff that professional physics professors think about magnetism, the beauty of these four integrals is not in finding their precise value. The beauty lies in the fact you can integrate at all on spaces like these 2D complex hyperbolic numbers.  

That was it for this week, as always thanks for your attention. 


(17 April 2024) Our senate has voted to halt all gas extraction here in the province where I live. So after 61 years no more gas from Groningen, this is some long sought end to an era where all in all we locals did not profit much from all that gas pumped out from under our feet.
Lets go to the two items for this update:  

Item 1) UA aid goes for a vote in the USA & a great Russian dam.
Item 2) And another hyperbolic complex number post.

 Item 1) UA aid goes for a vote in the USA & a great Russian dam.

Today it emerged that US house speaker Mike Johnson puts forward those foreign aid bills, it is now separated into four pieces and the aid for Ukraine is one of those pieces. It has been a long wait and hopefully we will now finally have some clarity. All I can do is hope that it will pass, as always hope a bit for the best while prepare for the worst...

Anyway I selected a video from Morning Joe from MSNBC because that was the video where I heard the news for the first time. Click on the image to jump to the video on Youtube:  

Video title: Speaker Johnson unveils plan for funding Ukraine and Israel
Link used:


Konstantin from the channel Inside Russia was a bit angry again on all that mismanagement inside Russia. And yes if I was a Russian citizen I too would not like all that monkey stuff the Kremlin is doing year in year out. Russia could have been a relative rich country but as it goes over there decade in decade out, it an interesting mix of weird stuff.

Here you see the first dam that reportedly failed, as you see it is just a pile of loose mud. I wonder what the engineers working for our Dutch so called Waterstate think of such a technical marvel as that Russian dam...
It has to be remarked however that in my country we have hundreds of kilometers of clay dykes to keep the river water out. And yes those dams or dykes can become weak under certain conditions like water saturation of such a dam or dyke. So what do you do in such a case? As always we prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.
And what did those Russians do? Well they prepared for nothing and took another bottle of Vodka I just guess... Clcik on the image for Konstantin his video: 


Video title: Russians Are Left Behind As Catastrophic Flooding Intensifies.
Link used:

Originally I planned to write upon oil prices today but the Ukraine aid came along so may be next update or next week or just never ever. Lets go to the next item. 

  Item 2) And another hyperbolic complex number post.

Last week I finished that latest math post on those interesting complex numbers that don's work with circles or ellipses but with hyperboles. It's all in all an amazing number of months I am only doing this kind of relatively simple math. But I still like it and it is not boring at all so why not scrape the barrel one more time?

The post is a bit double in the sense I am now using integral calculus in order to calculate that famous number tau on this space. For readers who know a tiny bit about complex numbers, a number tau is a logarithm of an imaginary unit. Because this is a plane I write that imaginary thing as i and if you take the logarithm of it you have found a number tau.

But I already calculated that number tau in another manner, but I had a few not so mathematical reasons to write this post anyway. One reason is to write down the expression for the inverse, that is funny because it looks just like the one the professional math professors use on the complex plane but now you have nothing of that norm stuff they so worship at the universities. And another reason is that I wanted to show you that cute expression for a complex number z and what happens if you multiply that against it's conjugate? You can see that in the picture below, it is directly related to the sum of the imaginary unit i and it's inverse. This expression holds on an amazing amount of spaces, anyway I could not find any kind of counter example so this is more or less what it is: good math. 

Title: Integrals for the number tau for the 2D multiplication defined by i^2 = -1 + 3i

For those who know a bit of the complex plane: On the complex plane the inverse of i equals minus i and as such on the standard complex plane this reduces to that circle stuff like in x^2 + y^2.


Ok it is time to wrap up and close this update. I want to close with an old piece of music from the 1980-ties. It is a cover of a piece of music or a song known as The Sultans of Swing from the band the Dire Straights. It's a cover of that old song and I found it very refreshing. Not that the Dire Straights are a bunch of yeast infected pussies, no of course not. They are still proud carriers of the most important piece of meat there is in this universe: The human male penis...
But serious, the old song was very good and I like this cover a lot because it is a bit different. It is hard to say if it's 'better' because what defines precisely what 'better' is when it comes to music? Sometimes it is very obvious, but saying that a cover is 'better' as the original somehow does not ring a bell over here.

Video title: Sultans of Swing (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Mary Spender). Link used:

Ok, lets try to get this uploaded to the biggest garbage can humanity has: the internet. As always thanks for your attention. 


(12 April 2024) Two items for this update:

Item 1) Great Russian innovations & more UA stuff.
Item 2) Cute inversion formula & some crazy spin stuff.

 Item 1) Great Russian innovations & more UA stuff.

I got a screenshot from the Military & History channel of that wonderful Russian tank. Now often Russian infantry rides on top of a tank or an armored vehicle to the place where they are supposed to fight. But they get often attacked with drones or other weaponry.
So a bunch of Russians modified a tank with metal sheets and they were so proud on their labor that they posted it online. The Ukrainians can read and soon figured out where the location was. Anyway the tank is no longer...

It was made such that infantry soldiers could hide under the metal sheets.   


Video title: Ukraine under Pressure - but fresh aid is coming! Ukraine-Russia War Situation Report.
Link used:  


In another development I saw that weird female Majorie Taylor Green stating that organizations like the FBI and the justice department should have their funding withdrawn because they investigate that smart and wise fellow named Donald Trump... I think together with our Geert Wilders they would make a perfect couple and with a bit of luck our Geert will go to the USA and live happily ever after...


Suchominus had another satellite image of that ship that was damaged in the Baltic, likely in Kalinigrad (I hope I spell it correctly). By all standards it is still amazing if indeed it was an Ukrainian action. I think the Russians don't mind because they have plenty of ships left so what't the problem?

Remark it is not utterly clear if indeed this is the Serpukhov, but it is indeed very likely. Click on the picture for the short video: 


Video title: Buyan-M Corvette Serpukhov Being Repaired at Kaliningrad After Ukrainian Sabotage.
Link used:

I had vaguely hoped there would be a vote this week in the American congress but as far as I know there is still a lot of republican infighting going on. So as always we have to hope for the best while prepare for the worst. It's a complicated situation, I understand that, but I don't like it if so many Ukrainian soldiers die for only weird political stuff...  

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Cute inversion formula & some crazy spin stuff.

I am almost ready with a new post on those cute hyperbolic complex numbers. Here I use integrals to calculate the number tau for that complex plane, that is a bit double because a few posts back I did the same using matrix diagonalization.

But I wanted to look how those integrals looked and I also wanted to pen down how you find the inverse on such a modified complex plane. The formula you can see below looks just like finding the inverse on the complex plane.

It's also a small insult or a joke towards the math professors because they always think that complex numbers have a strong relation with norms. That's bullshit, the underlying mechanism is always determinants on all spaces you can think of. It is just that in the standard complex plane the math professors use, the determinant is the square of the norm.

For example in the picture below you see a z and a z with a line over it, this z with a line over it is a so called conjugate. And if you multiply them you get the equation of a hyperbole, the joke of course is that there is no way you can turn that into a norm. Of course I hope the math professors don't like the joke but in practice I expect them not to read it. After all they won't get extra funding for math like that nor can it be published in standard math journals. 

For myself speaking I am glad you can use such a simple formula, ok ok you have to figure out what the conjugate is and that is a job you must not trust a math professor to do. But in higher dimensions say 3D or 4D complex numbers this just does not work, there it is always much more difficult to find the inverse... 


A tiny bit on electron spin. I think electrons are magnetic monopoles just like they are electric monopoles. Physics professors think that electrons are tiny magnets that either align themselves with an applied magnetic field or anti align themselves. How that works they never explain but they themselves never have any problem with a 100% lack of explanation. Just like they don't have any experimental evidence that electrons are tiny magnets, why should it be a problem if there is no evidence if they get billions of funding for say quantum computing?

I wanted to show you one of those dumb videos they have about quantum entanglement but I could not find that video back on Youtube. It was one of those video's where they have two electrons and if they separate them and one goes to the Andromeda galaxy they claim that if you measure the spin of the electron here on earth that somehow influences the spin of the electron in the Andromeda galaxy. That is the principle of non-locality and there are even Nobel prizes handed out for that.

But if electron spin is not a stupid tiny magnet but a permanent monopole charge, of course you will find a strong correlation between such measurements. All in all this Nobel prize committee is a true elite in the sense it is hard to find another bunch of overpaid snobs.

Lets not digress into politics, in the picture below you see once more how these weirdo's explain how two electrons with opposite spin have zero magnetism. And these people are truly very very weird: the electron is supposed to be a point particle with two magnetic poles but that has NOT zero magnetism? 


May be it is better to end this update. As always thanks for your attention. 


(10 April 2024) Here are the two items for this update:

Item 1) UA stuff: Russian ship in the Baltic sea damaged???
Item 2) Yet more on sequential Stern-Gerlach experiments.

 Item 1) UA stuff: Russian ship in the Baltic sea damaged???

No idea how they did it but Ukraine claims to have damaged a Russian ship in the Baltic sea... There was some short video out where a fire started on that ship and now it is seriously damaged. It would be great that in the future nowhere on this planet Russian ships will be safe once more demonstrating the stupidity of Putin when he started his special military operation. So if it's all correct this Baltic sea thing is indeed a very special thing...

And now Estonia came out with the news they too found a million shells for Ukraine. What I don't understand in this all is why Germany some time ago had to report the million shells will be delivered much much later. Ok, those were likely new shells but now time and again countries coming out with hundreds of thousands found shells is a bit weird in that context.
Of course a small country like Estonia can't pay for a million shells but other countries will likely be very willing to get shells to Ukraine in general and to the front line in particular. UATV had a short video on this important detail, as always click on the picture to land at the video: 


Video title: Estonia Found a Million Shells for Ukraine! When Will They Deliver Them? Link used:

In the USA the political situation is still far from clear when it comes to the Ukraine aid package. There is so much military hardware over there that just isn't here in the EU so it's still very important.

For the first time I dived a bit deeper into it and in the USA they seem to have a USA version of our own Geert Wilders, you know that walking piece of dogshit we have in our parliament. Her name is Majorie Taylor Greene and according to some other republicans she is an attention seeker.
She says weird stuff like: "If our constituents find out so much aid is going to Ukraine they are just so mad" (Or words of similar phrasing, I did't copy her exact words.) Well even if that is the case, if those people are mad you Majorie have made some serious blunder into explaining why this aid is important. Now I understand there are some issues with border security over there and yes most countries dislike it when there is just too much illegal immigration.

May be this illegal immigration causes some trouble here and there, may be a few extra deaths but that's it. Yet among the UA army there are already hundreds of extra soldiers dead because the aid from the USA stopped six months ago.

It is reasonable bordering on wisdom to classify Majorie Taylor Greene as a attention seeking bag of acne. Why not? I have never seen such a walking bag before except of course for our Geert Wilders. But now I've seen a video of her she has indeed similarities with our bag of dogshit Geert, it's mostly emotional talk without much deeper stuff going on.

I wouldn't advice it but below you can click on a link to a CNN video where you can see her in full action. I didn't make a screen shot because I don't want to damage my computer. Here is the link: 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ramps up complaints against Speaker Johnson 

But all in all it's a complicated situation over there, that is why all those months I never commented on it. It's to easy and cheap to blame it all on speaker Johnson like so many commentators did. 

As so often lets hope for the best while prepare for the worst, but every day people die for no reason at all and also troublesome: with more ammo more Russian soldiers would be dead. 

 Item 2) Yet more on sequential Stern-Gerlach experiments.

Last week I showed you the website of the Nobel prize committee explaining that there was never ever a Nobel prize handed out for a so called sequential Stern Gerlach experiment.

I considered it important enough that yesterday I decided to write and extra post on this detail over on the other website. Now why is it so important that in one hundred years of time there is no sequential experiment done that was successful?

Well if there was, that would validate a basic principle of quantum mechanics that if not measured quantum particles will always be in a super position of states. And that is what present day people from the science of physics use to build their quantum computers.

For say two decades now those physics people try to make qubits based on electron spin, the fact they don't succeed is no problem at all. They always need more and more funding and of course once more they won't succeed.

For the last decade I myself tried to explain again and again that it is just not logical that electrons are tiny magnets and it is very likely the magnetic properties of the electron are just like the electric properties: A permanent and monopole charge.

After nine or ten years I can safely conclude that I have failed, logic does not work with these people. That is strange because after all they are supposed to be scientists, they get their salaries and laboratories all from tax payer money. So shouldn't that make them a bit more humble?

Of course not, these people are also too stupid to understand say 3D complex numbers and as such they are also too stupid to see all that is wrong with electrons as tiny magnets.

For example these weirdo's think of electrons as point particles, but if that is true in that case almost by definition every electron must be neutral under the application of magnetic fields.

This is absolutely not what we observe in say the Stern Gerlach experiment from the year 1922.     

Anyway it is time to update my little rant and I just keep on pondering as why they are so fucking stupid. If you click on the next picture that has nothing to do with the post itself you will land on the other website: 

Title of the new post, again the integrals above have nothing to do with it because they are from the next yet unpublished post: 

Nobel prize for a sequential Stern Gerlach experiment? Nope, nada, njet, nein & NEE! 

Let me end this update and why are physics people so stupid on this tiny electron detail? Thanks for your attention and have a logical life or try to get one. 


(05 April 2024) Here we go with the usual two items:

Item 1) NATO 75 years old & the 100 billion proposal.
Item 2) Website Nobel prize says: No repeated SG experiments done ever.

 Item 1) NATO 75 years old & the 100 billion proposal.

Ha, all of a sudden the NATO is 75 years old. I didn't see that one coming, at least it was not on my mind at all. NATO has been a remarkable alliance, the only time the article 5 was activated was after the 911 attacks. Given the timespan of 75 years that is amazingly little war for so many countries.  

And that's a bit of a paradox: Simply because you're a NATO member, year in year out there is no war and as such the tendency to spend less and less on defense. If you click on the picture you land at a NATO HQ webpage a bit describing how stuff went for those 75 years:


Then all of a sudden there was this proposal, it's just a proposal right now, to create a fund of say one 100 billion € and that fund is going to Ukraine. It would be a multi year fund of five years so about 20 billion €/year.

The goal is to make the aid to Ukraine a bit less of a political thing, if it's a NATO commitment in that case member countries just have to follow suit. So we won't come into a situation of say in my own country that Geert Wilders becomes pm and from that position he starts to hinder all UA aid as much as possible. And the big wildcard is of course the USA elections at the end of this year.  

Now how expensive is such a fund? It sounds impressive and it is a lot of money but say if that money would be coughed up by only EU citizens and there are about 400 million of them. (Yes I know you should look at the total population of the NATO members, but I am to lazy to look that up.)
Well 20 bilion divided by 400 million is 50 € on average for every citizen per year of funding. That means there is hardly any borrowing needed for such a fund or borrowing needed at all.

At last I want to remark that in the present situation it is often individual countries that make a pledge to deliver something. For example Germany and the Leopard tank stuff or air defense stuff and like in the case of my country and Denmark do a bit on the F-16 stuff, these countries now feel ownership of this because they are sovereign and did choose themselves to do so.
It is just like in say a job; if you have to do something you are fully committed to you will often go the extra mile while if you must do stuff you don't support at all the attitude will be completely different.    

All in all it might be wise to put the aid to Ukraine on a bit more distance from volatile political emotional things, but it should not get to centralized where a central command is micro managing all kinds of details. 

So all in all I think this is worth pondering, lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Website Nobel prize says: No repeated SG experiments done ever.

Back in the year 1922 there was that famous experiment done known as the Stern-Gerlach experiment. Later the results of that experiment were contributed to electrons have a particular magnetic property know as spin.

Electron spin is believed by physics professors as electrons being tiny magnets, but they have no proof for that it is just a belief that just goes unchallenged all the time year in year out.

I think it is bullshit to think of electrons as tiny magnets with two magnetic poles. I think the electrons have a magnetic charge so that they are magnetic monopoles and as such this charge is just like the electric charge: permanent and monopole. 

Now with this discovery of electrons having magnetic properties there is a whole mathematical apparatus developed to describe it all, that is known as spinors. And all that spinor nonsense says that often the electrons are in a superposition of the two possible spin states.
And if you measure the electron spin this is always determined by probabilities because that is the nature of quantum mechanics.

Needless to say I think that is bullshit because the magnetic charge is permanent.

The spinor stuff also says that if you repeat the spin measurement with a magnetic field in another direction, you get that famous sine of half the angle gives the probability. (Actually you must square it but bear with me.)

Now if the in the last century an experimental physics person would have performed a successful repeated or sequential series of Stern-Gerlach experiments, with almost 100% probability this person would have gotten a Noble prize.

Ok ok, such a person must be a university employee because the Nobel prize is one of those prizes "For the elites and by the elites".

Anyway, such a Nobel prize has never been handed out.

This week I finally visited the website of the superior elites know as the Nobel prize committee and guess what? They have a functioning search applet on their very website...

So I did a few searches, one search was just "Stern Gerlach" and that returned 12 results. The second search was "Stern Gerlach experiment" and that returned only 6 results.

Anyway it was just the bag of rotten garbage as I expected: In a full century of time there was never ever a sequential SG experiment done. I still can't find it and now I am looking for about 10 years of time to find that experiment...

If you want for yourself you can check it out at the website of the elite of the elite known as the Nobel prize committee. Click on the picture to land at their home page and perform the search for yourself: 


At last I want to remark that likely all spinor stuff for photons is correct, may be some details are not correct but all in all it looks ok. But spinors for electron spin is totally one 100% bullshit just like those Pauli matrices. 

After all, the electron is a magnetic monopole with a permanent magnetic charge. Lets leave this update with that, as always thanks for your attention. 


(03 April 2024) Oh oh, no intro talk not even on that juicy detail that it could have been that RUSSIAN MONEY went to DUTCH POLITICIANS! No no no, no intro talk.

Item 1) Next week more clarity upon UA military aid? Plus oil & gas.
Item 2) New math post on those hyperbolic complex numbers. 

  Item 1) Next week more clarity upon UA military aid? Plus oil & gas.

Today Shell was the biggest climber on our stock market and yes oil prices were up one more time. Lately there were some rumors about the USA asking Ukraine to not attack Russian oil refineries and or other oil installations. Well yes, oil prices or more precise gas prices for the car are indeed a political thing over there.

May be there is some wisdom to halt drone attacks on Russian oil installations if oil goes above say 90$/barrel. And resume attacks when oil prices go down under 90 dollar. After all if a Ukraine hater wins the next US presidential elections, that will bring us from the rain into the droplet.

And this 90 dollar is a number I just suck out of my thumb, there is no advanced analysis behind it or so. Another complicating detail with stopping drone attacks for some time is that it gives the Russians more time to come up with counter measures. For myself speaking I just don't care or even encourage drone attacks regardless of the oil price.  


I didn't save any links but it could be next week the US military aid law goes for a vote. (May be it isn't a law but just a proposal or so and only later it will become law after signing by the POTUS). That could fall all ways, there was even talk that the new speaker Mike Johnson would come under attack from the MAGA's that ousted the previous speaker.

So I can't comment on it because I hardly know the details. Once more lets hope for the best while prepare for the worst...


There was a drone attack on a drone factory in Tatarstan. You might say "so what" because if such a drone downs a few bottles of Vodka can't just anything happen? 
But this is not some Vodka drinking Russian drone attacking other Russian drones. And where have all those biolabs gone? Who knows?

But serious, the distance from the border of Ukraine is over 1300 km so the range of air drones like this keeps on going up. I don't know if it's true but if the target range is below 1000 km it could hold now 300 kg of explosives?

An article from the Financial Times on this drone detail:  


Article title: Ukraine strikes Russian drone factory 1,300km from border.
Link used:

And as the last link a bit of upbeat news, we are leaving the winter in Europe with gas storage at record highs. So that is a tiny miracle in itself, who would have thought that just a short time ago.

But total storage is as far as I know still far beyond one year of gas use. It's open for debate of course how large in total gas storage must be in the future. After all future geopolitical developments are often completely unpredictable, therefore I would still argue for a bit more storage capacity... Just like the USA has a strategic oil reserve, so could be use some minimum gas reserve. Anyway here is the news from oilprices dot com:

Europe Makes It To the Other Side of Winter With Record Levels of Natural Gas. The link is a bit long so I don't copy it, let us now go to the next item. 

  Item 2) New math post on those hyperbolic complex numbers. 

A couple of days ago I published the latest post on those cute hyperbolic numbers. It amazes me that month in month out I don't pick up some other math thing to think about, but I still like it and it's just a hobby so why not? 

The post is about finding the so called complex exponential, this time it is a hyperbole but a lot of people have seen a complex exponential. That is that Euler stuff like e^it = cos t + i sin t.

As you see in the picture below, for the hyperbole here it is a bit more complicated to cover it into it's two coordinate functions. But if you more or less understand each and every crucial detail in it, it becomes a beautiful thing.

And if you don't have a fucking clue what all those math symbols mean, for you it is just something to stare at. Just like I can stare at say a sheet of Bach music and yes I understand that it's music but someone who can actually read that stuff understands it all on a much deeper level. 

In the new post I was happy to use the more or less "official definition" of the exponential series. With 2D numbers like these hyperbolic ones you can actually do this. But if in higher dimensions you have found some number tau and of course you are proud on that, but it's always so complicated you just can't use that formal definition like in e^t = 1 + t + t^2/2! +  t^3/3! + ... because that is just to complicated for a small human brain like I have.

At the start of the new post I express everything as much as possible into the easy to understand sinh and cosh functions. At the end I more try to express it into the eigenvalues of the beloved imaginary unit i that rule the behavior of these hyperbolic complex numbers.

In case you are interested into math like this, as always click on the picture and you will land on the other website: 

Title of the new math post: Parametrization of the hyperbole where the multiplication is defined by i^2 = -1 + 3i.

That was it for this update, as always thanks for your attention.  


(29 March 2024) No intro talk, just two items:

Item 1) Ukrainian stuff; is the USA aid finally moving? Lets hope for it.
Item 2) The adventures of electron chirality, it's unbelievable...

  Item 1) Ukrainian stuff; is the USA aid finally moving? Lets hope for it.

I didn't have the time to flea carefully through the details but it could be that in the USA parliament the aid to Ukraine will become a separate thing no longer tied to all kinds of other political stuff. Well that would be great because at least that will bring some clarity. Furthermore bringing a vote forward does of course not mean that UA aid package will be there, but a lot of American politics are in favor of helping Ukraine.
So as always lets hope for the best while prepare for the worst. At last I want to remark that it is now almost six months that the UA goes without military aid from the USA. In my view they have performed very well given all the shortages there are on the Ukrainian battlefield.
So a compliment to the Ukraine military! 

An opinion piece from The Hill:
Title: Is Ukraine aid finally moving? Link used:


The video channel Military & History had a bit more about the famous Chech shells. It could be I was wrong and this time I really hope I was wrong with stating that likely only the funding was there and no real artillery shells. 

Anyway it is claimed that already before June a significant number of artillery shells could go and be shipped to Ukraine. And may be it is a good thing if not all details are constantly in the news. Just like Germany delivered a few times air defenses without much noise around that. After all the Russians read the news too (although sometimes I wonder if that really makes a difference...)

Below you see an anti-tank work in the making. Click on the picture to land at the video from the Military & History channel: 


Video title: Ukraine War Situation Report.
Link used:

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) The adventures of electron chirality, it's unbelievable...

I was looking at a video from Sabine with the funny title "Do we have evidence for new physics?". In the video the left and right handiness of electrons came along and that's why I decided to pick this video from Sabine Hossenfelder. It is important to know that Sabine believes all that stuff about electron spin is true; it's a tiny magnet because of reasons or as so often: Not because of reasons, it's just a tiny magnet.

In my little world where I reject the idea that electrons are tiny magnets (because for example they are not neutral under application of magnetic fields as a true bipolar point particle magnet would be), the concept of what physics people refer to as electron chirality is just horrible.  

I view electrons as magnetic monopoles because that makes a lot more sense and you have much less of that stuff that goes like "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics". Let me give you an example with electric charges: 

If a proton files towards a positively charged metal plate, that proton is left handed. If a proton flies away from a positive plate in that case it is right handed.

Hopefully you see why I think electron chirality is just fucking stupid: In the proton example the proton goes towards the metal plate because it had enough initial velocity in that direction. That proton will either slam into the plate or slow down, stop and go back due to the electric charge on that metal plate.

The way the physics people view it, it has to do with the direction of the tiny magnet or the spin of the electron and the direction the electron moves.

So once more there is a magnetic field and once more instead of the tiny electron magnets aligning themselves with that magnetic field, they also anti-align themselves. Anyway that is what the physics people make of it...  

And that is one of the many energy problem I have with the version of low IQ people too stupid to understand stuff like 3D complex numbers. Not that I consider myself being very smart but if I smell rotten logic my simple and small human brain would like a bit more clarity. And not that rotten weird logic from the physics people.
After all where does the electron gets it's energy from to anti-align itself with that applied magnetic field? Even the Sabina's of this world never ever dive into stuff like that... 

It has to be remarked however that Sabine had a very very good observation upon the behavior of the professional physics professors: If the professors have found a tiny patch of math that actually works to describe a particular physics thing, they always hold on that patch of math too long and try it out in all kinds of other physics. 

That is why in my house I hold Sabine in a high esteem despite she believes that crap of electron being tiny magnets. After all if she would say that likely electrons are not tiny magnets, that's instantly the end of her career...   

But Sabine is right: The Gauss law for magnetism is just a piece of math. It is very good math and you can say it is a perfect piece of math because after all it's from Gauss. But if electrons are magnetic monopoles, Gauss or no Gauss, that kind of math simply crashes. 

The video is about seven months old, if you see all the weird stuff about left and right handiness they do with all kinds of particles it is very clear my own view on electrons as magnetic monopoles will meet stiff resistance. But that is just some social stuff, since I am not a member of that weird collection of people knows as physics people it is not much of a hinder to me.

Here is the video, as always click on the picture to see it: 

Video title: Do we have evidence for new physics?
Link used: 

A wiki on electron chirality / helictiy / left-right handiness is here: 

More or less I do not expect to get any validation of the physics community about my views on electron magnetic monopole charge versus their strange idea's upon electron spin.

After all electron carrying magnetic charges that are permanent is not compatible with the idea that if you understand quantum mechanics you don't understand quantum mechanics...

I think it's more like "If you think you understand humans, you don't understand humans". They are just not logical...;) 

Lets leave it with that and as always thanks for your attention.  


(27 March 2024) No intro only two items:

Item 1) Russian terror attacks & cute Black Sea bingo card.
Item 2) Eigenvalues as entries of eigenvectors of an imaginary unit.

Item 1) Russian terror attacks & cute Black Sea bingo card. 

The very first hours after such a terror attack are often important: Officials will often be honest in their first reaction and as such you can learn a lot of what they perceive as the enemy.

For example about twenty years back there were those backpack attacks in trains in Spain. Ten backpacks loaded with explosives stolen from a mine somewhere and left behind in the trains. About 200 or something more dead. The very first thing the Spanish government of that time did was blaming the Basks for it.
The Basks had nothing to do with it but it gave an interesting insight in what they were really thinking.  

In that regard is how you must view the idea's of the Kremlin Putina, the Putina said a few times that the perpetrators were going to Ukraine. And fast on top of that there would be made an opening in the border and after that they would be welcomed as heroes... 

You can't make it up, it is 100% from crazyland but for a few years already I think Putin is mentally ill and has a very limited grasp on understanding what is real and what are his fatasies.

Another interesting detail is that the Americans have warned a few days before the attacks that there could be a serious coming. The Putina stupid and arrogant as he is dismissed the whole thing once more pointing to that he has a limited understanding of what is real and what is made up.

I selected a video from Konstantin from the channel Inside Russia because he has been in that Crocus building a few times. He even claimed there was a police station inside that very building. The video is about 21 min long and as always click on the picture to land at the video:

Video title: Terror In Moscow: KGB's Biggest Fail
Link used:

It took a relatively long time for police to react on the terror attack, a few people explained this via remarking that such stuff like police is almost totally geared to protecting the Russian government. As such protecting the public takes a back seat or isn't done at all. I agree with that observation, as Konstantin from the video remarks: If you hold a blank piece of paper above your head (the way of protesting over there in Russia) you are arrested in 30 seconds.
Well may be it's a bit longer as 30 seconds, but Russian police loves it to crack down hard on unarmed protestors while if they are dealing wit more dangerous folks the cowards had better things to do. 

Now have I any comments of that guy with his ear cut off or the one who's genitals got electrocuted? I think that part of the story is what Putin always refers to as "Traditional family values". What else should it be? Well all jokes sick or not aside, this too is the initial reaction that is good to observe. It shows how it goes over there when they get a bit emotional... 


At Suchominus I found another bingo card, this one is about the Black Sea fleet. There were reports of two more ships hit but as far as I know now none of them are promoted to submarines. It could be one of the ships was missed by a feet or more but again I do not know more details now. It is just I wanted a new bingo card because they are funny: 


The bingo card once more demonstrates how stupid the Kremlin Putina is because most of the losses of the Russian navy were caused after the Kremlin did withdraw from the grain deal.

I got pissed and angry about that  and a lot more people did and as such the Russian Black Sea fleet gets smaller and smaller. Once more, this Putin guy is just too stupid to understand the dynamics of war.   

Lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Eigenvalues as entries of eigenvectors of an imaginary unit.

Four days ago I posted a new math post on the other website. Click on the picture below if you are interested. Actually the post is about finding another number tau, this time in a 2D space of hyperbolic complex numbers. These numbers tau are always the logarithm of a suitable imaginary unit (suitable means they must have a determinant of 1) and if you have found such a number tau you can make a complex exponential with that.  

This time I used the method of diagonalization of the 2x2 matrices involved and in this post I wanted to highlight that often (or better always) the eigenvalues often appear in the entries of the eigenvectors.
Using that insight can save you a ton of work, in this case you can use the so called characteristic equation to your advantage. Below you see the lambda^2 equation for this problem and you can use that to break down the square into a linear combination.

So it's all not deep math but as simple as possible because we have 2x2 size matrices. I once solved this kind of problem for a 7x7 matrix and before I fully developed this matrix diagonalization way I solved it for a 5x5 matrix. For myself the 5x5 matrix was one of the hardest math problems I ever solved because I did not have my diagonalization stuff at the time and had to find the number tau on pure brain power.  

As always click on the picture to land at the new post that is now about 4 days old. You are not allowed to apply Russian traditional family values on my new born math baby.  

Post title: The number tau for the hyperbolic multiplication i^2 = -1 + 3i.
Link used:

Now last week I wrote that official math professors don't study stuff like elliptic or hyperbolic 2D number systems. But was I correct? I found an old wiki back that I must have read many years ago and in there you find some rudimentary stuff on such number systems.

The reason I want to show you this rather boring wiki is that it is for all to see that the professional math professors only do the square of imaginary units...  

Yes, for say 150 years they only do that. May be that is one of the reasons my 3D complex numbers just don't ring any doorbell over there. They can only do square, for the rest it's all brain dead but still receiving a fat money paycheck known as the salary.
Here's the wiki, don't waste your time on it because it's only square deep:  

Wiki title: Hypercomplex number
Link used:

The title is completely over the top but that is how it goes over there in math land. That was it for this update, thanks for your attention and never forget to pay some extra attention to the way officials react when there is a terror attack...


(22 March 2024) Two items for today: 

Item 1) Kajsa Ollongren visiting UA & Anders Puck on sea drones.
Item 2) Math: What happens if elites give prizes to other elites?

  Item 1) Kajsa Ollongren visiting UA & Anders Puck on sea drones.

Our minister of defense Kajsa Ollongren was on a two day visit to Ukraine. I could not find it back but at some point in time the Ukrainians asked if military aid could suddenly stop or words like that. 

Of course I cannot give any guarantees but I will try and explain a bit how politics works over here. First look at my photo from the previous update upon our latest elections, as you see we always have many political parties. As such we always have coalition governments with mostly over two political parties. As far as I know the only political party that is against military aid to Ukraine is the PVV lead by that walking piece of dogshit named Geert Wilders. You know the guy that likes to ban the Koran and stuff like that, he's a total idiot.

In my country it is very common that a new government does not change policies set in place by previous governments. So it is not like binary political systems like the UK or the USA. For example when Donald Trump became president one of the first things they did was deleting all stuff related to man made climate change from the web servers of the White House. Stuff like that is never done over here. 

Furthermore because we always have coalitions inside the cabinet they will vote every now and then over new policies. My estimate is that stopping military aid will be voted away. It is also very likely that this walking piece of dogshit will not become our new pm furthermore lowering the likelihood of less military aid.

There could be a future problem with the F-16's if the Donald gets elected again because the F-16's were made in the USA. That is a big wild card so all we can do is hope for the best while preparing for the worst..

Below you see our defense minister on her visit to UA, click on the picture for a short Reuters report on the stuff: 

Title: Dutch providing Ukraine with F-16 ammunition, drones, minister says. Link used:

As far as I know now Denmark will start delivering F-16's this summer and we will follow in the autumn.

Lets go to the video of today, Anders Puck had an interesting analysis of why sea drones are so hard to take out. The sobering news is that it's not massive Vodka consumption but an interesting mix of radar limitations, waves and drone visibility.  

I found it very interesting, here is the title & link:
Why are maritime drones so hard to beat?  


 Item 2) Math: What happens if elites give prizes to other elites?

There was a new Abel prize (for math) out, the Abel prize is a recent thing and you can compare it to the Nobel prizes for other sciences. 

It is no secret that rich organizations like that are very unhelpful when it comes to understanding it is very hard for a point particle like an electron to be a magnetic dipole.

For example the Nobel prize committee just as easily hands out their prizes of nutjob physics professors who are basically too stupid to understand the problems there are with electrons being tiny magnets.

For about nine years I am writing on that detail from physics and just nothing happens. What can explain stuff like that?

You must not see universities as places where people just relentlessly try to improve on scientific knowledge. You must much more compare it to say a medieval palace household with all it's palace intrigues. Females cheating on their husbands if that can improve their social standing, husbands fucking lower ranked maids and so on and so on.
Compare it to say Richard Feynman fucking so many of this female students, it has nothing to do with science just exploiting the position you have.    

Universities are more or less elite places that are run by elites for elites. Ok ok every now and then they do some science, I will not deny that. But there's always tons and tons of emotional stuff going on that also hinders simple scientific progress.

Just an example: Because my social rank is rather low, simply because of that I am getting ignored to the bone. That goes for 3D complex numbers where this ignorance goes on for about 33 years and lately the idea that electrons being magnetic monopoles is just not picked up.

To the excuse of university employees I can say that also for them it will be next to impossible to do experiments about electron monopole magnetism and on top of that it will be very hard to get any kind of publication into that direction. Furthermore they live in a 'publish or perish' kind of culture so it does not add value to their career if they try to get rid of that nonsense known as electron spin.

Qubits based on electron spin that just don't work after 30 years? The university people will always have another lame excuse of why it does not work.

Another complicating factor is that science is humans working together, so you must conform to the idea's that define or make up a particular science. If you don't do that you run into trouble and it's just bad for your career. If you challenge the idea that monopoles do not exist and state that almost all matter is composed of magnetic monopoles, your career will be dead.

But lets go to the Abel prize, it was weird to see Matt Parker dressed up like he was some elite guy just doing his elite thingelings. The video of the announcement is about 30 minutes long. As always click on the picture to land at the video:

Video title: The Abel Prize announcement. March 20, 2024
Link used:

At about 18 minutes into the video Matt tells us that higher dimensions are 'very mysterious'. As an example he does the sphere packing thing and yes on the surface it looks mysterious: How can such a giant sphere fit into a unit cube of higher dimensions? 

But if you analyze it, all mystery melts away soon. For example take all the corner points of a 10 thousand dimensional unit cube. You can find corner points that have a distance of 1 to each other. There are corner points with a distance of square root 2 and so on and so on until you find the maximum distance in such a cube to be the square root of 10 thousand...

The Abel prize winner Michel Talagrand is also very good at understanding electron spin. They must be tiny magnets and as such he likely has done some math into that direction of idea's. And guess what? He got another fat financial prize while in his own words he already had a 1.2 million other math prize! 

What more do you want? Universities are run by elites for elites, but my dear and overpaid Michel does that make electrons really tiny magnets?

And to answer the question posed in the title of this item: What happens if elites give prizes to other elites? Rather simple: Nothing.  

Let's leave it with that & as always thanks for your attention. 


(20 March 2024) Normally when I avoid all things Google, after an evening of web surfing I have at most one hundred trackers. But on days that I update this website I often use Youtube and Google News, on those days it's more like 400 to 500 trackers. And not to mention all those cookies you get for free, often it is just unclear what use there is in those cookies & trackers. So over the years the company that once had the motto "Do no evil" has become a very skilled parasite. It's a pity but for the time being I still avoid that Google stuff...
Lets go to the two items of today:

 Item 1) Ramstein meeting, a bingo card and a few remarks.
 Item 2) Good math video found on the 3D circular numbers.

 Item 1) Ramstein meeting, a bingo card and a few remarks.

Lets not waste time on those Russian "elections". There was a new Ramstein meeting but I did not any time to flea through the details. But I observed the US SECDEF making a few remarks and I want to say I agree with them. If Putin is not stopped in Ukraine, he will go after other countries. That's the mental illness of the guy. For example lately we had the Tucker Carlson interview and the Putina told us that he was not interested in say a country like Poland...
Well I think if he had a proper strong army, he would already be in Portugal by now.  

On a video channel named Ukraine Matters I came across a funny bingo card, I have to say those drone attacks were impressive and now the news is that Russia will bring air defense to refineries...  

I don't link to the video of Ukraine Matters because the guy thinks that there are actually hundreds of thousands of artillery ammo shells found. No that reporting is very misleading, it's just the funding for it. Now of course this is all rather important, as far as I know Russia fires about 10 thousand shells a day and Ukraine because of the shortage only 2 thousand... 

In case you want to read it, here is a text from Zelenskyy and in it is says actually funding for the artillery shells:

Lets close this item with a photo I made from our last elections, as you see we do not have much of a two party system over here like in the USA or the UK. That's why it always takes so long to form a new government and as such our so called caretaker government always still have a lot of work to do even after elections... 

Ok, lets go to the next item. 

 Item 2) Good math video found on the 3D circular numbers.

By sheer coincidence I came across that video on 3D circular numbers, the guy from the channel names them tripex numbers. In about 33 years of time I know that kind of math, I have never seen such a good video on it. 

He comes amazingly far, a good matrix representation, factorizing the determinant. The video guy has good technical math skills, he does not bounce back from more complicated calculations. To be honest this is one of the more skilled people I have seen over the last 33 years.

But as always, taking the conjugate goes horribly wrong. He sees for himself that taking a conjugate as simple are replacing some + signs by a - sign goes wrong. And he does not stop there, he jumps to the conclusion it has to be related to the determinant. I have seen that kind of reasoning before but the determinant is just not good as some kind of norm.

I think he is a math hobbyist just like I am, he is not as stupid as the average math professor when it comes to complex numbers but he names the stuff an N-function. Dear video guy, the N stands for norm. 

The video is about 40 minutes long and for my brain the calculations don't go to fast but if you are new to that kind of stuff it might go a bit fast all in all. As always click on the picture to land at the video from a company that once had a motto "Do no evil": 

Video title: Let's Invent the Triplex Numbers (Channel: Casual Graphs)
Link used:

By sheer coincidence just two posts ago on the other website I explained a bit more on how to find the conjugate on other spaces as just the complex plane. In case you want to read that nerdy stuff, here is a link:

Comparison of the conjugate on five different spaces.  

In other developments I finished writing a new post on 2D hyperbolic complex numbers. The math professors only have a hyperbolic plane and we keep it better that way. Those folks are beyond repair when it comes to complex numbers and it all know you shouldn't make fun of mentally handicapped people...

I am now halfway or so into turning it into pictures, the post is about finding the number tau for those hyperbolic numbers. And a number tau is always the logarithm of a suitable imaginary unit. This time I use the method of matrix diagonalization so it is a bit different compared to when I used those integrals for an elliptic 2D multiplication.

But if you have such a number tau, you must also have some parametrization of the hyperbole involved. That's for the math post after the present one that still is in preparation. I already showed you all that sine hyperbolic stuff in the previous update, but in the picture below I use a different eigenvalue of the imaginary unit i.   

Eigenvalues of imaginary units? Math professors will never ever do stuff like that. No they waste their time into large research groups that are only formed because in that way all participants get more publications on their name. It's a consequence of the 'publish or perish' culture. 

What use is there into writing as much publications as possible if that only dilutes the value of the content? Anyway here is the cute hyperbole stuff:

Yeah yeah, a complex exponential that is a hyperbole.

Lets leave it with that and as always thanks for your attention.  




For the time being I think I keep the next picture as a 'closing logo' indicating you are at the end of this homepage. It was to cute to throw away, the math is utterly simple and I hope a tiny bit surprising.  

Click on the picture to go to part 21 of the archive: 


End of this update, ChatGPT can you tell me how to keep the number of killed Russians above one thousand a day for the foreseeable future? 

Till updates. 



For older updates see the archives at index18.htm or go to the oversight of the archive pages.  

 __________ End

















Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4 

In Nov 2015 I opened a separate website for the three dimensional complex numbers:  


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles

09 Jan 2017: The link above grew out to 41 reasons that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. We proceed with reason number 42 on

Page 2 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Page 3 covers the stuff as found in the year 2018.

Page 4 covers the stuff for the year 2019.

Page 5 covers results found in the year 2020. 


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...

























































Title: A 2022 condolences card to the US dollar.