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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(19 March 2021) We had elections this week, the voting was an interesting experience. I often vote in a church near to my house and all those years it was just in some side room of the church. This time it was in the main church area where the concept of 'social distancing' was taken to a whole new experience. It is my turn and I hand over my id and my voter pass, do I need to take my mask off I ask. The guy looks at the photo on my id, no take off your cap he tells me. I really had to laugh but indeed without taking my mask off you can indeed identify me with just the upper half of my old bold head...

The political left have gotten a beating, in the long run it is not good that this sector of the political spectrum gets too small. In my life I have only voted once for a left party but it is not good if that sector gets too small...  

Luckily that party of Geert Wilders got a nice shaving too, that is a good thing because it shows people do not like prolapsed assholes walking around like they are normal persons. Bah disgusting, I do not understand why people vote for this weirdo. 

By the way, on the other website I posted a post about all counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat you can make with the number 210. The math behind it is so simple that in theory a person like Geert Wilders after some thinking could understand it. And that idea almost makes me puke but anyway, here is a link: 

Counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat using the number 210.
Link used:

The item for this update is 'Those times the EU annoyed me the last 10 years'.
On 20 March I added the second item. 

Item 1) Those times the EU annoyed me in the last 10 years.
Item 2) Counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat.

 Item 1) Those times the EU annoyed me in the last 10 years.

It is not a secret I am very much in favor of Europe working together. From the historical perspective it is well known we are very good at starting entire world wars and the founding fathers of the EU needed a bit of stuff from preventing flaring up such niceties again. 

A very good idea was that if we make our economies interdependent, likely this prevents a whole of of declaring war & all the niceties that come with it.  

Beside this, from the beginning this was good for our economies, while there has been not that much military conflict in all those decades. So all in all it actually works. 

When was I annoyed in the last 10 years?

Example 1: A couple of years ago an airport was expanded to give rise to a higher volume of air planes going in and out. Of course the local population was not a big fan of that and as such a local compromise was made: No extra flights in the evening.

Comes the EU flying in: This is not allowed, evening flights should be there.

And I was really on the side of evening restrictions and my first reaction was I was really pissed. But if you turn your viewpoint the other way, from the EU regulators it is well known that nations have a tendency to ultra support their local aviation business. So I understood when it comes to aviation, Europe rules & countries swallow.  

And if you think about it a bit longer: If done properly air safety increases when on a continental scale regulation gets harmonized. You can't deny that. 

Example 2: Lately my bank has changed the way I must log into my bank account. In the past all I needed was my username and a password but now they have a brand new shiny apparatus that spits out code numbers. All of a sudden beside my username & password I have to use that stupid code apparatus. The argument given was 'EU regulations'.  

I was pissed because now every entry into my bank account takes more time because I have to enter that extra code as given by the apparatus. 

But again, after giving it some thought, entry to my bank account is now more safe. 

So all in all likely on the European scale, bank fraud has gotten a tiny bit more difficult. As such I accepted the extra work needed for just to log into my own bank account. 


That is all I could find in being annoyed with EU regulation for the last decade. Just two examples and both example if you think about it a bit longer, my emotional reaction was stupid.

Now compare that to an incompetent prolapsed ass hole like the Geert Wilders guy: This idiot, this retarded person likely has negative emotions about the EU on a daily basis. Just like all those Brexiteers have, they only do emotion and never do logic.

Item 2) Counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat. 

This method of finding counter examples is so extremely simple that I can explain the method if you know that on a standard clock if it says 15 hours you know it is 3 'o clock. That is clock arithmetic, for a standard clock it is said you count the numbers 'modulo 12'. For example 33 = 21 = 9 hours. And 12 = 0, that is important.

Why is that important? Wel if you multiply 3 and 4 you get 12 and in algebra the pair 3 & 4 are known as a pair of divisors of zero. That means 3* 4 = 0. This has all kinds of interesting consequences, for example if we add 3 and 4 and square it we get:

(3 + 4)^2 = 3^2 + 2*3*4 + 4^2. Remark the 2*3*4 = 4*12 fades to 0 because 12 = 0.
That is how I find expressions like 7^n = 3^n + 4^n.

Now my latest post on the other website is about stuff like this with the number 210 instead of the number 12. I have chosen 210 because that is the product of the first four prime numbers: 2*3*5*7 = 210. You can split the four prime numbers into seven different groups with each two factors that multiplied always give 210.
In the next picture you see those seven different ways of splitting: 


Now I was very hesitant to use this because it is all so utterly simple. I more or less expected this to be some standard example known for centuries as a counter example to the last theorem of Fermat.

Of course a lot of my readers on this website have no clue what this last theorem is, it is a negative result from a long long time ago. About 3.5 centuries back Fermat found that it is impossible to have four integers such that x^n + y^n = z^n. This for powers n greater than 2 because for n =2 this is the theorem of Pythagoras. 

And for the theorem of Pythagoras there are plenty examples that work like in
3^2 +4^2 = 5^2.  

So I was rather hesitant, but I just could not find these counter examples online and that made me scratch my head. Could it be true that the professional math professors skipped this easy to find result for say 350 years? It looks like it, these easy to understand calculations are not a standard counter example to the last theorem of Fermat.

Once more the overpaid math professors have proven not to be worthy of their huge salaries. And my dear reader, mark my words, even if these counter examples are easy to understand, they will never ever talk about them. Even if you are a young reader in the far future you will never observe a math professor saying stuff like 'Hey here we have a bunch of counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat'. 

If you click on the next picture you will land at the last post on this easy going math:  


Ok, that is what I had to say. Till updates.  


 (09 March 2021) I was just reading some news on Google news, I was at peace with myself and I felt in harmony with the rest of the universe. Says that retarded Google news: Delft quantum computer will not work.

Gone is my harmony and all that peace: I could tell you that years ago and as such nobody is interested of course. This is now the third time I observe exactly the same news about Delft university and their quantum computer based on Majorama fermions. 

Item 1) There are too many overpaid perfumed princes, WHY?

 Item 1) There are too many overpaid perfumed princes, WHY?

It is no secret I have been telling for over five years that the overpaid physics professors have electron spin a tiny bit wrong: If you think about it, it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles. All this stuff from the overpaid professors does not make much sense; if electrons were magnetic dipoles they could not be accelerated by magnetic fields. 

If you look at the sun for example, you see acceleration of plasma all of the time. So right in your face the dipole nature of electron magnetism can be doubted.

Now those Majorama fermions are very interesting because they are supposed to be there own anti-particle. The Delft weirdo's combined an electron with a hole (a hole is supposedly a positive electric charge) and as such they thought to have constructed Majorana fermions as a composite particle. 

And tons of blah blah blah that you can make topological quantum computers with that stuff. Years ago it was easy to foresee this would never fly, just like nuclear fusion will never work because of the acceleration of the plasma will make all fusion reactors unstable in a short notice of time.

With the deserved failure of Delft to go the path of the Majorama's it is worth mentioning that the university people keep on not understanding anti-matter in particular the positron or the anti electron. 

They are correct in stating a positron must have a positive electric charge. That is correct, but the electron spin should also be opposite. And if you think that electrons are tiny magnetic dipoles, what the fuck do you mean with 'opposite spin'? 

Electrons simply have a magnetic charge just like they have an electric charge. That makes logic if you think about it. Why in chemistry you only have the electron pair that binds the diverse atoms? Why in nuclear physics in the orbitals of atoms you only have unpaired electrons and paired electrons? That's just not fucking logical if electrons really would have two magnetic poles, if they really were magnetic dipoles.

The only thing university people are good at is being totally incompetent all of the time. 

For over five years I have been explaining this kind of stuff and 100% nothing happens: WHY do we only appoint idiots at professor places in universities? 

It is just like math professors: it is just a bucket filled with shit. If you are a physics professor and you think electron spin means electrons being magnetic dipoles, well welcome into the bucket of shit you call home.

In the picture below you see two overpaid perfumed princes in action: The perfumed prince on the left is Leo Kouwenhoven who's ideas about Majorama fermions did not pan out entirely as expected. The perfumed prince on the right is our king. It has to be remarked that although overpaid, all in all our king is not under performing like the math & physics professors do on a daily basis...  


It is totally disgusting: After five years of explaining that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles I am observing this overpaid retarded dumb shit doing what they are good at.

It is disgusting: For over five years university people just never give proof to their retarded insights upon electrons spin and I am supposed to be at harmony with the universe because I have my minimal money as an unemployed person?

Please do not make me puke, if you do not want to know more about electron spin it is fine by me. But do not show your stupid face in 'news articles' like this. 


Oh oh university of Delft, after all these years just once more: Why not show your FUCKING  proof that the electron is a magnetic dipole?

What you say, I cannot hear you? Oh you say next week there is a fresh batch of perfume & you are focused on that. Ok, that is fine by me but please do not pretend to write about science if the only thing you are interested in is the latest perfume.

Source of the pictures used: 

Onderzoeker Kouwenhoven erkent fout: deeltje voor quantumcomputer niet gevonden

With this speed of progress it will be about 500 years before the physics professors find out that electron spin is monopole in nature and not the dipole magnetism they assumed all those centuries. 

End of this update on retarded perfumed princes. Till updates. 


(06 March 2021) To be honest I don't have much to say this week. Funny news was coming from the UK where in a lot of news papers fake news articles emerged hailing the success of Brexit thus far. It was all 'government sponsored' aka advertisements, articles pretending to be news but in fact advertisements. 

It has to be remarked however that most of those articles indeed said they were sponsored articles so all in all the UK is still more or less a normal functioning democracy... Anyway for a couple of weeks I wanted to post the old photo's from below and because I do not have much to say let that be our item: 

Item 1) Fishing for leave & No deal is no problem!

 Item 1) Fishing for leave & No deal is no problem!

There are significant slumps in trade both from the UK to the EU as the other way around. So despite the fact there is some rudimentary deal, just being outside of the EU is causing a whole lot of trouble. 

From the get go in 2016 it was of course a stupid idea, but it was hard to foresee in detail how much could go wrong. For example I never expected the trouble of the UK fisheries that high, I thought that only with tariffs put on fish the UK fisheries could be slaughtered. But no it all goes spontaneously down hill fast so that is a good thing because the more UK fishermen go bankrupt in the long run that is better for the EU fishermen.

Here is one of the pictures that I wanted to include in this website, after all this picture stands for a lot of what was happening: Only emotional ventilation of feelings while in practice about nothing was carefully thought through: 


This Brexit stuff keeps on an amazing thing: in my home country a shithole named Geert Wilders is of similar stupidity. Always the Geert weirdo is complaining about EU this and EU that while the tax money our shithole is paid with comes in large part from the economical developments from the last 2 decades. 

There is no difference explaining to Geert or the average Brexiteer that being outside the EU is a stupid thing to desire; low IQ people often do not realize how low IQ they actually are.

For the UK the present situation is damaging for their economy but if ever my own country would do the same, relative there would even be more economical damage. We transport a whole lot of stuff to the rest of the EU. Suppose all things arriving in the Rotterdam port would be subject to tariffs if it is exported to the rest of the EU?

From the above picture I made one of those 'cubes' that look much more cute compared to a shit hole like Geert Wilders:  


At last a few words about financial derivatives. Now Amsterdam has managed for at least one month to be the largest stock trading platform in the EU, what can be said about financial derivatives?

For reasons I do not understand, trading financial derivatives seems to be far more lucrative compared to trading in stocks. Why is that? I do not know.

A stock market like the Amsterdam one is a platform that facilitates trading in stocks of companies but they cannot create stocks out of thin air. Ok ok they have some market making obligations but it is not that if for example Shell is relatively high the Amsterdam stock market thinks like 'hey lets create a bit more Shell stock and sell it now prices are high'.

As far as I know platforms that facilitate the trading in financial derivatives are bound to the same: they are not allowed to create derivatives out of thin air. They only facilitate between sellers and buyers of those derivatives.

In my view a lot of those trading in derivatives should go to the EU now the UK is outside of our financial markets. It is completely ridiculous that if EU companies want to buy protection against currency fluctuation like in the €, we must go to London or New York. 

These are vital for our EU economy, we should do that ourselves. And given the detail those kind of financial derivatives are far more lucrative points to the likelihood that the EU can craft far better financial products compared to what London or NY has to offer. 

Ok, that were my thoughts for this update. Let's slaughter the London city where it comes to financial derivatives & for the rest enjoy life as long as it lasts... 


(25 Feb 2021) Oh oh those Brexiteers: For decades they complain about all that bureaucracy that is coming from the European institutions. And now it is often you need to fill in 71 pages of bureaucratic stuff while in the past it were only 2 pages for the transport of just one lorry of goods... 

A lot of Brexiteers think the present troubles from this year emerge from the EU being 'mean' or that 'they want to teach us a lesson'. That is not how it works, because the EU is a union of states all stuff is formalized as far as possible. As such the UK now has the status of being a third nation and all third nations are treated the same. 

Take for example those shellfish problems that cannot be exported any longer to the EU. If that were allowed then for example all African costal nations could say 'Hey we too want to export unpurified shellfish to the EU. Of course we cannot have that, the UK is now a rule taker as all other third nations...

Today I want to do a tiny bit of math. You can say isn't that what the other website is for? Yes of course but this is too simple for the website. We do some simple stuff every body knows: the abc formula for solving quadratic equations. 

Item 1) The two forms of the abc formula for solving quadratic equations.

 Item 1) The two forms of the abc formula for solving quadratic equations.

In about 1982 I found a cheap math book. It was a small pocket book, just over one hundred pages and it was more or less only formula's and very little explanation. That was before I had to do military service and as such also before I became a math student. I was totally fascinated by those Fourier series; how could a bunch of sines produce a tooth saw shaped function? 

That pocket book also contained the two forms of abc formula. And although it is very easy to prove these two forms are the same, for me it was a surprising result.  


If you want to prove this you must use the first formula with the 'plus' sign and equal that to the second formula with the 'minus' sign. That is why in the first abc formula you see a plus-minus sign while in the second abc formula this is a minus-plus sign. 

Anyway if you work out this equation you will find that 4ac = 4ac. But 4ac = 4ac is an expression that is obviously true and from that you can conclude that your starting equation was also true.

In theory that is how math is supposed to work; finding things that are true. In practice like in any other social structure the internal communication is always more like a greatest common divisor. So if math professors talk to each other, they keep it always as simple as possible so that even the most idiot math professor will understand these internal communications. For example '3D complex numbers do not exist' is one of those internal communications that even the most idiot math professor can understand and repeat when needed.

As such those simple statements like '3D complex numbers do not exist' become a binding factor inside the profession of mathematics. Inside physics you have the same kind of untrue simplifications like 'If you cut a magnet in two, you always end up with two smaller magnets'. Because this is something even the dumbest physics professor can easily remember stuff like that takes a life on it's own and as such becomes a binding factor in the social structure of physics professors. That makes it logical as why physics people without any experimental proof talk about electrons as if they have two magnetic poles.      

But hey let that university crap be what it is: the crap of a social structure known as a university. I hope the next picture is a bit readable, anyway it is still the two ways of abc formula for solving a quadratic equation:


Ok, have fun with your proof of the two abc formula's & till updates. Updated one day later: I found a video about a person named George Eustice, I never heard about him but he claims the EU has been flip flopping on the shellfish detail. The video is made by Maximillian Robespierre in his 'Fool of the week' series. Maximillian often thinks that Brexiteers are lying, in my view that is often not correct. Brexiteers are not lying, they are just more stupid and as such it might look as if they are lying. Compare it to the physics professors; in the last five years have I ever said they were lying about electron spin? No I have not done that. Those professors might be telling nonsense about electron spin but they only do their best, they are not deliberately lying or so.

Anyway, here is the video:
Fool Of The Week - Brexiteer George Eustice
Link used:

That was it for this extra update. Till updats. 


(19 Feb 2021) Brexit is going as good as it possibly can be; it will likely take a few more months before the majority will realize this is bad for the UK economy. On the other hand the average Brexiteer has cognitive capabilities that are below of that of the population. So they will blame the corona pandemic on their future economical development.

In this update two items: An old Brexit picture from 2016 and the Microsoft Bing search engine is going bonkers again on the 3D complex numbers (it goes bonkers in the image search...). 

Item 1) This old picture again.
Item 2) Bing search engine going bonkers again.

 Item 1) This old picture again.

It keeps on being a fascinating subject; how can a society like the UK society do all this weird stuff? You can argue that the ruling elite like the conservatives do not understand on a detailed level how the economy actually works. Not that I myself understand all the fine details of a continent wide economy like we have here in Europe, but I do not claim retarded stuff that it is better to be 'outside of Europe'. 

But in the UK the anti-EU sentiment has slowly been growing over the decades. Why it has never cleaned itself is unknown to me. May be only after the stuff runs out of hand there will be some changes. I do not know and I do not care, it is just fascinating to watch this weirdness going on and on and on... 


It is a weird mindset they have over there; a dying Europe?
By the way, how are your fisheries going my dear UK? 

 Item 2) Bing search engine going bonkers again.

A couple of months back when I did a search on the Microsoft search engine Bing on my hobby of the 3D complex numbers, to my surprise I had total dominance. Over half of the pictures shown were from my other website upon 3D complex numbers.

So later I wanted to write an update on that detail but at that point in time all of a sudden the picture search was back to normal. Ok, it is better that things are normal but if Bing goes bonkers on a search phrase like '3D complex numbers' it is not that an extra amount of people die from that for no reason at all.

So it is not much of a real problem, it only shows that the Bing search engine can make a bit more improvements. There is the potential to get better to say it diplomatically...

I made a screenshot from this simple search, if you click on the picture below you get large version. Or you make a Bing search upon '3D complex numbers' for yourself...;)

Anyway, it is not guaranteed that in the future this kind of picture search on Bing will stay the same. Here is the fun:  


So once more and likely for a short time I have full spectral domination on those Bing search results. That can be classified as a temporary success. 

But in my life there are also giant failures: the physics professors still completely for the full 100% do not want to engage the idea that electrons can't be magnetic dipoles. Electrons are magnetic monopoles, but the internet search engines of this world only say 'Go fuck yourself'.

Ok, let's leave it with that. Till updates my dear reader.  


(13 Feb 2021) Ah, the first 'weaponization talk' of UK financial services observed. It is only two stupid Brexiteers talking to each other so it is not UK government policy or so. But we cannot have it that for example government bonds of EU countries run into trouble; essential financial services is something we have to do ourselves now the UK is a third nation.

Item 1) Brexit dividend: Amsterdam stock trading volumes soaring...:)

 Item 1) Brexit dividend: Amsterdam stock trading volumes soaring...:)

The numbers are staggering, this is not some calm year on year percentage growth. Nope, compared to December last year trading volume on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is four times as big in January this year. On top of that trading in CO2 emissions went from the UK to my beloved Amsterdam.

Without doubt now volumes are soaring there will be all kinds of extra costs to be made by the AEX but I want to urge that as soon as possible trading costs should come down. That means that for the AEX (that is a company in itself) it is not good if four times the volume means four times as much profits; nope! It is not going to happen that with two fingers in the nose they will make boatloads of money.

Our financial markets should work as efficient as possible, in the long run that is best for our economy. Now a large part of my own portfolio is composed of financial stocks and bonds so I love the dividends and the coupons but please stay normal: the thing known as the economy where actual stuff is made and a lot of people have a job is far more important. 

Well let's hope for the best, after all we only have one month of soaring trade volume in. Let's try to consolidate that. 

But the numbers are truly staggering; Daily volume in Amsterdam in January was above the daily average in the UK over the year 2020. That is boink boink bonkers! 


Never forget that the Brexit rather likely will be very bad because it is a stupid idea in the first place. So over time frustration in the UK will build up more and more and because for decades they blame a lot of things that go wrong inside the UK on the EU we must be prepared to take these matters into our own hands.

We must get free from the expensive shackles of the London financial hub.

It is important that this all gets organized a bit efficient so that the costs of financial services are low. A simple tactical reason for that is that the BOE came out with a statement just a few days ago that this 'countryfication' of financial services away from their London thing will only bring higher costs... Let's hope that a few years down the line the BOE still doen not understand what has struck them and why it was so violent...;) 


Ok, today I observed the first video about weaponization of the UK financial services industry. It doen not amount to much because it is from a guy named Michael Heaver and that is not a very smart person. I mostly look at Michael his video's as a for  of entertainment; what retarded stuff does this person have today? I am always exited to hear the latest insights on why the Brexit is going so good...

Anyway Michael was talking to another Brexiteer named Ben Habib and this Habib guy came up with a simple scheme to drive up the costs for EU government bonds to 'go through the roof' as he said himself. 

Again: it does not amount to much. I do not think at this moment in time the BoJo government is working on plans like that. But the last four years of USA politics have learned us it can go very fast from just 'standard a little bit crazy' to the daily madness we had to endure from the USA over that last four years. 

Anyway this is how this low IQ weirdo Ben Habib looks, if you click on the picture you will land at the Youtube video.  


Link used:
Silly title of the video:  Boris Urged To STAND UP To EU Bullying

Ok, that was it for this update. For myself speaking I hope we more or less succeed in developing efficient financial services inside Europe. Don't forget that however the trading volumes as quoted above are spectacular, it is only one day in making Europe a better place to live in. 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(08 Feb 2021) On 08 Jan so exactly one month ago I showed you that video from a glass-eel farmer that now cannot export to the EU any longer. That farmer was in the past very upbeat about Brexit because of 'all the possibilities' it gave for expanding the economy. Now in that video there was also some Brexit reporter routinely talking stuff like 'But we study this for two decades and constantly there is all kinds of red tape coming from the EU' and at first I was impressed because of the words 'We study this for two decades'.

When I would study something for two decades I would know a lot about it; take for example the 3D complex numbers that over the last 30 years have been studied by me about one decade long. If you study things for a long time your knowledge starts to accumulate faster and faster and at this point in time it is likely that on this little planet I am the guy who knows the most about that subject.  

Now I came across this horrible video from Jacob Rees Mogg and Jacob was interviewed by somebody from the Institute of Economic Affairs and I just could not believe my eyes and ears. So that is our item for this update. 

Item 1) Is Jacob Rees Mogg a totally retarded person?

 Item 1) Is Jacob Rees Mogg a totally retarded person?

The guy from the IEA asks Jacob the next question: Now that we are out of the EU we can make our own legislation and as such we could get rid of the VAT on female hygiene products, can you give us some more examples of how we can benefit and change legislation now we are out of the EU?  

To my utter surprise Jacob explains there are many many bad legislations and rules directly related to the EU. And he explains it will take time to change them because of the legislating process and the way parliament works and the troubles with the pandemic that slows the stuff. 

But he just does not give one fucking example! 

Those guys have studied the evils of the EU for two decades or longer and the only thing they come up with are VAT free tampons... 

Let me repeat it once more:
The only thing they come up with are
VAT free tampons! 

And Jacob, ultra smart as he is, throws the ball back by saying the people from the IEA should inform the ERG (that is the European research group from our cognitive here Jacob) so that they can take action. 

I have seen this more often; Every time a Brexit person complains about all that legislation from the EU and you ask them 'Can you give just one example of a law that is bad for the UK?' they never come up with only one evil law. 

So this is more confirmation of what I wrote lately when I compared the Brexiteers to a modern platoon; since Brexit is a stupid idea in the first place it only attracts people with diminished cognitive capabilities.   

No nice pictures today because I did not have the time, but nine minutes into the next video you can find some deep fundamental proof that Jacob is in fact a total retarded person: There are thousands and thousands of... All blah blah blah stuff. 

In Conversation with The Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg
Link used: 

Now we must not loose ourselves in all these day to day tactical things, in the long run the EU must get free from the shackles of the UK financial city. Are these 'financial services' good for the EU now the UK slowly is becoming a hostile enity?

Or am I exaggerating a little bit here? No I am not, now the UK has a third nations status it cannot be that vital financial services come only from London. The BoJo is more or less a reasonable person but as soon as the UK people elect a donald trump clone, the financial services of the UK will be used as a weapon against Europe.

Ok, let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(03 Feb 2021) A lovely row erupted a few days ago when the EU threatened to temporary lift the North Ireland protocol. The Brexiteers were in all states while of course non of those cognitive handicapped people remembered that just a few weeks ago the BoJo did exactly the same. And the UK themselves have a list of medicines that are forbidden to export, but when the EU wants to do something at the vaccination situation we are of course pure evil... 

In the update we take another look at the niceties of the Brexit and once more we will understand that as a group the Brexiteers lack conitive capabilities (on average they are more stupid compared to the average of the population). 

Item 1) Is trade with fast growing nations important? Brexiteers say yes.

 Item 1) Is trade with fast growing nations important? Brexiteers say yes.

Brexiteers, retarded and stupid as they are, now constantly tell that the situation at the border is perfect and all that stuff from 'project fear' just did not materialize. But as a matter of fact a lot of food like fish and meat just can't be exported because it takes so long that it starts to rot. So for the time being it is bye bye fisheries. For shell fish it seems to be the same; normally they got produced in the EU because in the UK they do not have the facilities. But decade old rules say that for safety only processed shell fish can be imported from third nations... I do not understand why those UK fishers specializing on that kind of food never ever thought that through before the Brexit was there. Once more: Brexiteers are more stupid than the average person and the fishermen voted overwhelmingly for Brexit.  

As far as I am concerned: to the hell and beyond with those weirdo's.  

Wine also seems to be a problem. The UK has a relatively large wine importing industry and just like in my own country due to climate change it is more and more possible to make local wines. Anyway the trade in wine is also falling apart and that is a good thing because it confirms what I said in the very beginning: Brexit is a stupid idea. 

But beside Brexit being a stupid idea, the UK government itself is often also rather lunatic. The most weird story was from some expensive second hand watch trader. Think for example at a Rolex. Normally as a trader you pay VAT to the government and only that added value gets taxed. Remember VAT = Value Added Tax. But now all of a sudden if they want to sell an expensive watch to some customer in the EU they must pay VAT over the full price... So if this trader buys an expensive watch for 8000 pounds and sells it for 10000 pounds all of a sudden the VAT must be paid over 10000 instead of 2000 pounds... Once more: Brexiteers are stupid. 

In a video from 'A different bias' it is claimed over 50% of the lorries leaving the UK are empty. If true a lot of export has just fade overnight from 31 Dec to 01 Jan... Once more: that is a good thing because it confirms what I thought about this all.
Click on the picture if you want to see that video: 


Link used:

Lately I oberved Nigel Farage stating that it was better for the UK to seek alliance in trade with fast growing nations like those from the Trans Pacific Partnership nations. Nigel Farage is like our own Geert Wilders (also anti EU all the time year in year out). If I listen to the logic of people like that to my mind comes a lot of gay porn video's where the males have anal prolapses and they love it. I do not love that and find it disgusting. Just like the logic of Geert Wilders or Nigel Farage is disgusting to me.  

So how useful is it to trade with fast growing nations? Let's compare two nations say Vietnam and Germany. I did not check if the next numbers are actually correct but you will get the picture easily: 

The Vietnam GDP per capita is about 2500 €, the German per capita is about 40000 €.
Suppose without all this pandemic stuff the German GDP grows say 2%, per German citizen that is a growth of 800 €.
Suppose in a particular year the Vietnam GDP expands by 10%. Well that is about 250 € per capita Vietnam citizen... 

Do you see how retarded the logic of Nigel Farage is? Vietnam is at the other side of the globe, why should Vietnam people want to buy UK stuff? The Nigel guy is a shitshow on all levels possible. 


Luckily not all things in the UK are going from bad to worse. They have a new under secretary that handles immigration! And I was just flabbergasted; why can't we have political leaders like that?

So instead of listening and looking at another worthless piece of shit like Priti Patel the UK males can look at this female doing the immigration stuff in the UK: 


Now what is wisdom in this time and age? Is wisdom found in complaining that if we look at the average European parliament there are never good looking sluts dressed in latex clothing? Or do we need more math inside the heads of prolapse Nigel Farage & Geert Wilders? And what does the bible say about pandemics?

Ok, that was it for this post. 


(27 Jan 2021) All of a sudden we have some serious riots here in my country. I don't know what to think of it, ok it is stupid because there is not much of an alternative for the daily curfew. May be it is a rule of thumb that people always get violent if there is a serious in damming of their freedoms.

In this update I try to explain Brexit or better the group known as Brexiteers as a modern platoon and in the second item we poke a bit of fun at those idiots from physics who still don't understand they have to give proof that electrons are magnetic dipoles...  

Item 1) Brexiteers as a modern platoon.
Item 2) Why is modern physics often so retarded?

 Item 1) Brexiteers as a modern platoon.

Back in the 80-ties of a century long gone I was a draft soldier for 14 months. I was a truck driver and had a lot of communication equipment on board. All in all it was not a bad job. If you looked at the platoons I was in, they were often very diverse. It literally was a more or less realistic subset of the entire society. There were guys that already had a job but still had military service to do, other had low education while there were always some smart asses that would like to go to university or so. Of course not all platoons were like this, for example the infantry was often made up of relative not so smart soldiers but for myself speaking those platoons I was always in were not that bad to be in.  

Later the military draft disappeared and a 'professional army' was set up. From one moment to the next all that diversity was suddenly gone. The usual soldiers were always selected from the lowest forms of education and as such the modern platoon is much more uniform in it's cognitive capabilities. For the officers and sergeants it is much less fun to work with, it is not that the present soldiers are not motivated but often they lack that pure tone of cognition.

Now what does this have to do with the Brexit? Well anybody with a minimal working brain understands that being outside of the EU is just plain bad for your economy. So people like the Brexiteers who think the opposite, they think that being outside of the EU is what brings all kinds of new opportunities, clearly are too stupid to understand how the present economy works. Becoming a Brexiteer or a remainer was a self selecting process and only people who are 'stupid enough' became Brexiteers. 

Every day I still view a few video's about Brexit and so often the Brexiteers are accused of being a liar, or for example fishermen that accuse the BoJo of selling them down the river now they can't export any fish anymore. Boris is a traitor and stuff like that. 

I think this is all not correct; they are not liars, they are just plain stupid. Boris did not sell the fishermen down the river, the average Brexiteer in the UK government really thinks that the fisheries are now better off. As far as they can the Bresiteers are doing their best to make a success of the situation. As a cold counter example; the thing knowns as FDI (foreign direct investment) plummeted over one 100% in 2019 in the UK. I don't know the average EU percentage, but it is not over one 100%... 

Today or yesterday it emerged that the UK government is now advising UK companies to set up shop in the EU in order to avoid all those troubles at the border. Of course the people who give such advises are the civil servants who do their best to minimize the damage done to UK companies. Such advices are not given by hard line Brexiteers of course.  

All in all it looks like the Brexit is more or less going as expected. Likely it will be a big drag on the UK economy for decades to come. And will stupid people like our own Geert Wilders learn anything from this? Geert is anti EU for a long time and Geert is a dumb man in my view. Of course not, Geert will be anti EU in the coming years.  

 Item 2) Why is modern physics often so retarded?

In the science of physics there is a lack of serious progress for decades right now. The very expensive large hadron collider only found one new particle known as the Higgs boson. And if you look at the way at CERN how they want to find magnetic monopoles, it is of a breath taking stupidity. They only do stuff that follows the insights of Paul Dirac and of course that will never ever in a thousand years work properly.

But the rot has set in a long long time ago. In my view the year 1922 was more or less an important starting point of that rot. They tried to explain the results of the Stern Gerlach experiment and as such the physics professor did a lot of correspondence to each other. A lot of letters started with the exclamation of the Gauss law for magnetism and it was often remarked that an explanation has to be found 'inside those boundary conditions' (that is the Gauss law for magnetism). 

Back in the 1920-ties they never realized that the results should lead to the next question: Does the Gauss law for magnetism actually hold for the unpaired electron? They assumed it would hold forever, that is magnetic monopoles do not exist. So they never figured out that electrons can't be magnetic dipoles.  

Sometimes I wonder what is happening in the heads of the present modern physics professors. If I ask 'Why are there only electron pairs?', why not other electron configurations? These idiots just never answer, why are they so retarded?

Well I tried for five or six years to explain that it are the electrons that carry the magnetic charge and it are the electrons that are the magnetic monopoles. And for five or six years of course nothing happens; why are they so retarded?

Inside the science of physics there are many more problems, the diverse branches hardly communicate with one another. That is a problem but it is also logical. For example you are a professor in condensed matter, a beautiful branch of physics by the way, now why should you communicate with those string idiots? Of course you do not want to communicate with string theory idiots like Ed Witten.  

Physics just is not a coherent science any longer and this is not a good situation. 

You can argue 'let a thousand flowers blossom' but what use is in that if you get a Ed Witten with his stuff or for example those CERN experiments to find magnetic monopoles?

And what about language? If you name the magnetic properties of an electron 'spin', in that case all people learning about that think it has something to do with 'spinning'.   

Of course I cannot see what is actually happening inside the head of the average physics professor. But just like the Brexiteers they are self selecting. Students of physics that think all those explanations of electrons spin are crap do not want to become a physics professor. And students who are 'stupid enough' to believe in the official version of electron spin are able to have meaningful conversations in their interaction with the existing physics professors. And as such get a professor ship much more easily. 

So that is more or less how retarded idiots like in the next picture get a professor ship, they just do some weird blah blah blah about electrons and always come away with it.

Although one 100% retarded, the next picture is meant to be a joke: 



Just like large parts of modern physics is just a joke. Ok, that is what I had to day today. Till updates my dear reader. 


(22 Jan 2021) Brexit is going remarkable well in the sense a lot of the troubles that were expected have indeed materialized. I have to say I did not expect the UK fishing industry coming to a grinding halt, I expected that could only be done with additional tariffs but the present non-tariff barriers are already enough. So that is a great thing. At this point in time it is hard to day what part of the troubles are only temporary and will fade away after every body have taken the learning curve of this new trading environment and what part of the troubles will stay forever. 

Now I wanted to post only two cute pictures and let's skip the Brexit stuff until it becomes more clear what the EU can do to slaughter the UK economy on the cheap with minimal damage to our own economy...;)  

Item 1) Let's be childish for just one day? Or cancel that kind of fun?

 Item 1) Let's be childish for just one day? Or cancel that kind of fun?

Now with that image manipulation program GIMP it is very easy to put all kinds of simple text like "Idiot!" on say a 30 degree angle and repeat that text many times with all kinds of different sizes. I wanted to change the pictures of the previous post with a picture of Brian Green and Lawrence Krauss with lots of "idiots' written over it. 

And I am very serious about it; it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles and as such people who keep on believing that are in my view mentally retarded in one way or the other. I decided not to make those pictures because I wanted to do it only for fun and it is morally reject able to make fun of people with a mental handicap...  

In another development I am still enjoying the results of my last math update where I published all those space where the last theorem of Fermat does hold. I mean the positive version that it is possible for integers that x^n + y^n = z^n. And since that is so simple for me it was hard to imagine that this result was not found earlier.

But I have been on that road so often, for example back in the year 1988 I figured out how to make product integrals. Normally with integration you add up everything and with product integrals you multiply everything. It was my first major math discovery or invention if you want. And I was surprised that it was almost never used, at present day product integration is still something that is only done by a hand full of people. Now why is that? Very simple: the human mind is not made for math and as such also the math professors are more human than math and as such just too retarded to use it in their daily thinking...  

Back to the Fermat stuff, I am used to finding results that can't be found by others on say the timescale of one century. For example the Stern-Gerlach experiment can only be explained if electrons are magnetic monopoles and this experiment dates back to 1922 or so. So that is about one century. Professional math professors gave up finding the 3D complex numbers after Hamilton tried it for one decade, failed in that but Hamilton did find the 4D quaternions. That it a timescale of about 1.5 centuries.
But the last theorem of Fermat goes back about three and a half century, almost all math folks must have tried it: find some integers x, y and z such that z^n = x^n + y^n...

Today I tried a Google search like in 11^n = 5^n + 6^n mod 15 (that is more or less the most simple space a positive Fermat theorem can be found) but once more Google said no no no. This expression was not found with Google so am I back on that road covered in non found math results? 

For me a jump from more or less one century to 3.5 centuries is a weird experience, of course I must not jump to conclusions prematurely. It could also be that my results were found often but since it bites main stream knowledge it simply gets neglected by the overpaid math professors.  

Instead of the 'Idiot' pictures I made a few pictures with a cute red lightning in the backgroud. Here is the cube version, if you click on it you will land on my latest math post over at the other website:


On the ring of integers modulo 30 you can find easily three of those positive last Fermat theorem statements. I had to shrink the next picture so it is not 450 pixels wide, if you click on it you get the unshrunk version at a width of 550 pixels: 


Ok that was it for this update. Never poke fun at mentally handicapped people but if these are overpaid arrogant professors is it allowed to kill them? 

Who knows, may be the university professors in philosophy can shed a light on this...  

Oh yeah, after the math professors just too stupid to understand 3D complex numbers, physics professors still talking nonsense about electron spin, will the professors in philosophy shine a good moral light on the killing of their overpaid colleagues?  

This is doubtful, just like Brexit was not wise this is doubtful. 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(19 Jan 2021) I have decided to discontinue the five year long pages upon magnetism that all in all contain 87 reasons as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. It is not that I am throwing in the towel yet but I wanted to free myself from the obligation to post on a regular basis upon magnetism. Unlike the pages on 3D complex numbers, the magnetic pages never took off in the diverse search engines. Beside that I think a lot of physics professors are just too retarded to understand it is impossible for electrons to have two magnetic poles. Anyway the last update is here

Yesterday I posted 12 pictures on the last theorem of Fermat on the other website. The theorem of Fermat is more or less a negative result; it says something cannot be done. But I found a lot of spaces where it can be done, not only on 3D complex numbers but also on much more simple stuff like the integers modulo 15. Since that result is not hard to find I do not understand as why math professors never mention this detail. Ok, it cannot be done on the space of all integers but if you just skip all spaces where it is possible, how can you get a good insight in how that stuff works? Anyway if you are into that kind of stuff, here is the link:  The last theorem of Fermat does not hold for the 3D so called Gaussian integers.

For today's update I want to look at a video that is 'retarded enough' to laugh about.  

Item 1) Quantum computers as explained by a bunch of weird people.

 Item 1) Quantum computers as explained by a bunch of weird people.

Quantum computing is still a hype but if you look at old video's from say 10 or 4 years back and compare them to present day video's, they do not make much progress. If those video's came without a time stamp on it, it would be hard to say from what year they came. 

Compare that to the developments in artificial intelligence where the stuff goes blazingly fast. The lack of progress in quantum computing is a strong indication that at the basic level something is not good understood. In my view those people just put a lot of things into a super position while that is often not clear if that can be done. Another example is that if you have n qubits, in that case that collection of qubits can be in a super position of 2^n states at the same time... Of course that can only be achieved if all of those qubits are entangled and how to find a technical solution to that these people from blah blah land never explain. But if you have one 100 qubits the people from blah blah land say that you now have more quantum states than there are particles in the universe...

Anyway if you want to see a bunch of idiots in action, here is a link to the video from Big Think:  The incredible physics behind quantum computing | Brian Greene, Michio Kaku, & more | Big Think. Link used:

It is of a breathtaking stupidity, from calculations done in billions of universes at the same time to electrons that are spinning into one direction and another direction at the same time. May be it is not much of a miracle as why there is almost no progress in quantum computing. 

Here is a picture of the first idiot, his name is Brian Greene and he is one of those string theorists that without any knowledge of exponential circles & curves do their blah blah stuff on closed strings in a lot of dimensions: 


People like this have some entertainment value, but I do not think they are scientists. Ok they may have their university position and salary, but if you are from a parallel universe known as blah blah land how can you be a serious scientist? 

The next idiot is Lawrence Krauss. The way he talks about electron spin is as if there is actually something spinning. And if I would ask those two idiots stuff like 'But hey would it not be important to have some experimental proof that electrons are actually magnetic dipoles?', those idiots would look at me as if I am the idiot inside their ranks. 


So I have discontinued my five year long explanation of why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles but confronted with people like Brian and Lawrence all logic fades into insignificance. These people will never change, overpaid and all those journalists seeking their attention makes them just soo important.

Please do not think that I am frustrated or so; after all the only thing that is important is the tiny fact that I more or less understand electron spin a tiny bit better. It is just a tiny bit because I have a human brain and as such I understand my limitations.

Ok, end of this update.


(12 Jan 2021) Wow, it seems that the situation in Washington DC from last week was a bit more serious than previously reported; the mob wanted to hang Mike Pence... It is a pity they did not succeed into doing that, on the other hand if that detail was successful may be people like Nancy Pelosi would also have been killed and that would be a bad thing because Nancy is just a normal person. Not a piece of human waste like Mike Pence...

But today I want to write a bit about magnetism and a bit of math. 

Item 1) A thunderous success for the magnetic monopole electron model?

 Item 1) A thunderous success for the magnetic monopole electron model?

On 1 Jan of this year I finally found what could be a good breakthrough after five years of stating that it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles but that they carry magnetic charge and as such are always magnetic monopoles.

Of course physics professors will neglect that as long as possible, but that is how they are: overpaid & overly stupid. Likely they prefer to vomit and eat it again ten times on a row instead of mentioning me only once. Well that is how they are, we must not get emotional about that detail, it is just how they are...  

Anyway have you ever heard of the Voyager explorers? Since the 1970-ties they are on their way and now they are in interstellar space. And guess what? They have measured electrons going almost the speed of light. You might say so what? But these electron bursts originated from our own sun from those coronal mass ejections and they are about 670 times as fast as the original outburst... 

That smells like victory, of course the professional physics professors will not agree this year or any future year. Well that is how they are. But the great thing is that the acceleration must be done by solar magnetic fields so if my table was not so weak I would be dancing on it...;) 

On the other website I instantly wrote a post about it and I was just waiting until I could make an advertisement on this website but before I did that we had the USA Capitol developments... Anyway with a bit of delay, here is a link to that post:

Voyager probe says: Solar electrons accelerated to 670 times the initial speed… 
Link used:


Of course the mind keeps on working and during a video from the famous Andrew Wiles who has proved the last theorem of Fermat in 1994 or so, I found a whole lot of 'integers' that all had the property that z^n = x^n + y^n.

It is not a very deep result or so, after all I found it already while looking at the hour long video (one of those Abel lectures). But the integers I used were so called Gaussian integers on my own 3D complex numbers and if you want more vomit, just ask the average math professor about three dimensional complex numbers...  

But a day later on a space that the math professors must love (the ring of integers modulo 15) I found the same thing. It has to be remarked that the last theorem of Fermat is a 'negative result'. It says something cannot be done like there are no integers x, y and z such that z^3 = x^3 + y^3. Yet, ha ha ha, you can easily find such relations on a simple thing like the ring of integers modulo 15.  

It looks like this: 


This simple expression has all the features to draw attention: We have 8 = 3 + 5 while 15 is the product of 3 and 5. Why professional math professors never tell this while doing very difficult stuff when it comes to the last Fermat theorem is unknown to me. All those video's about the last theorem of Fermat only talk about modular forms and stuff but these people never show you spaces where the last theorem does not hold... 

Once more: the above is not a mathematical deep result or so. It has the depth of a bird bath, so why do all those humans so difficult when it comes to this last theorem of Fermat? Likely it is group think all over again just like 3 decades of neglecting 3D complex numbers or the group think they have into physics that all electrons are the same. Let's leave it with that. 


Time to split, think well and work well my dear reader. Till updates. 


(08 Jan 2021) Yesterday I was letting a family member out and said to him: Look I have some weird pictures from a banana republic named USA. Oh yes my son replied, I have seen them already and he opened his phone and showed me some more. The Confederate flag? I had missed that one. 

So today let's upload these files with the Confederate flag. 

Item 1) For the love of the Confederate flag...
Item 2) Silly Brexiteer comes home to roost.

Item 1) For the love of the Confederate flag... 

This is a lovely photo; the Confederate flag paraded around in the US parliament or as they say it over there "the people's house". That is a detail that never was observed before, not even in the 19-th century. 

Yesterday my son and I joked what would have happened if it was a demonstration of Muslims or a pack of black Americans from the BLM movement. We laughed about the many dozens that would have been shot to death by the brave American police forces. 


But with while protesters like this it is rumored that a lot of cops even took selfies with these weird protesters... 


When two people are of similar cognitive levels, often it is possible to have a meaningful communication or conversation with each other. As such those followers of donald trump when they listen to him talking, for them that is a meaningful thing. I only hear a mentally ill person doing his daily ramblings, but to the supporters it is all meaningful stuff... 

 Item 2) Silly Brexiteer comes home to roost.

Of course I am still following the Brexit news because I like that project a lot. All those people thinking they will be better off while in reality that is all highly questionable. If it is easy to be 'better off' in that case Europe must have made bad choices for about half a century. This is not very likely, after all the European consolidation is rooted into preventing war and in the long run what makes countries rich is the long running absence of war.  

A lot of UK people who did not wanted to leave the EU often say that Brexiteers a lying. It is all a bunch of lies to promote a right wing agenda of breaking down worker rights, go low on food standards and a whole lot more. 

In my view the overwhelming majority of Brexiteers are not evil lying people trying to get rich over the rest of the population suffering bitter poverty. No, Brexiteers have a slightly lower cognitive level of reasoning (all things bad are to blame on the EU) and therefore have more trouble understanding how economies work.

It is not evil at work, only stupidity. Just like all those physics professors that truly think that electrons are magnetic dipoles without ever giving it a second thought if that is actually true. 

Anyway, in the next video you can see one of those idiots thinking life outside the EU would be better without giving it a second thought. 


Link used:

Ok, end of this update. 


(07 Jan 2021) There was weird news today from the UK while from the USA I could not view the news as 'abnormal'. The USA news was pretty normal when you take into account their president is a mentally ill person.

Let's start with the weird news: 

Item 1) If you own a webshop in the EU, you must now collect VAT for the UK...
Item 2) News from a banana republic known as the USA.

 Item 1) If you own a webshop in the EU, you must now collect VAT for the UK...

If UK citizens or companies buy something from a European country, you now must collect the VAT (for those who do not know VAT = Value Added Tax, here in the Dutch landscape it is BTW) and pay that to the UK treasury... 

We will prosper mightily said the BoJo just a couple of days ago.

Now if you have a company and most of the stuff goes to the UK, may be you want to take on the extra work that comes with this crazy ruling. But likely if you sell inside Europe and the UK is just another of those countries, my guesstimate is that you don't want to go through all that weird stuff and you simply stop trading with the UK...

If you want to know more about this weird development, the video channel 'A different bias' has more on it. Click the picture below to view that video:


Link used:

 Item 2) News from a banana republic known as the USA.

I am glad that in the last four years I have always said that the US prez is a mentally ill person. All the stuff that happened in the last weeks abundantly confirm that all those years I have been in the right on that detail. 

Over the years I kept on wondering as why all those USA news outlets behaved so strange. It was like almost every day 'This is not normal' when it came to one of those donald trump things, but for a mentally ill person I never viewed all the crazy stuff as 'not normal'. For a mentally ill person it was always pretty normal.

Because the Americans always avoided talking about the mental issues the donald has, they really deserved the shit from the last weeks...

But it is pretty common that entire professions or fields like journalism skip the stuff that has to be addressed. Just like the physics professors do completely nothing while I am more or less six years long explaining that their version of electron spin cannot be right. Nothing happens over there, just like the math professors the science known as physics just has lost it's self cleaning properties. And they will keep on making zero progress for all stuff related to electron spin. 

I made a few pictures from the chaos in Washington DC, here they are: 



I like it they are standing there with drawn guns; it is a simple consequence of the leadership as shown by ShitholeOne. If you elect a mentally ill person and you do nothing about that, this is what you deserve...


In my view those followers of donald trump are even more mentally weird. May be they do not have severe mental illnesses but there is something clearly not right in the actual functioning of their brain. 

Ok, that is what I had to say. The weird news is the VAT news and not the stuff coming from the USA... Till updates my dear reader. 


(24 Dec 2020) Christmas is standing for the door, this year even Chrismas will be a bit different. The most worrying development in the last week is of course the news of the mutated virus in the UK. I don't know if it is true but a UK spokesperson allegedly has said that they never expected so many countries to declare a travel ban. So inside the UK you are not allowed to travel from a tier 4 district to another but going to another country is ok. These people really have a superiority complex from here to Tokyo and beyond. This update is about one of those Youtube Brexiteers, I often look at that for no other reason as entertainment. 

Item 1) On a retarded Brexiteer named Michael Heaver.

  Item 1) On a retarded Brexiteer named Michael Heaver.

I often view his video's because most of them are relatively funny. And often I wonder how you can stay that stupid week in week out. Michael is one of those weirdo's that think outside Europe the economical grass is always greener and as such he does not have a clue that economies are also dynamical. If the UK starts doing weird stuff like withholding access to it's fishing grounds while at the same time trying to sell more fish to the EU, rather likely the dynamics of applied tariffs will spring in action. And such tariffs effectively block all the economical fantasies people like Michael Heaver have. The cult of Brexit attracts those who have trouble understanding our relatively complex continental society; the most smart Brexiteer I know of is Jacob Rees Mogg and if that is your sharpest knife in the tool box you likely won't make many deep cuts. Jacob can put up a nice show but all in all most stuff is not very deep thought through. But Brexit was always much more about emotion like being shackled by the EU and emotions like that run deep in the UK.  

Last week the plan was to employ gun boats against EU fishermen and stuff like that is all 100% normal over there. But if other nations apply their sovereignty and take control of their borders, the first thing the Brexiteers do is cry out loud about how evil it all is. So the UK taking control of their borders is 100% normal but if European countries do that it is just another example of the evil empire doing it's evil things. 

The present situation with the possibly mutated virus is worrisome: if it all is true that it is 70% more contagious and as such raises the R factor, this could lead to an overflowing of the European hospitals on a continental scale. We don't want that of course.  

Another worrying detail is that this mutation is already spreading since the end of September. Again I don't know if it's true but if it is true likely it is already on our continent in many places. In London about 50% of cases are this new mutation and as such it is only waiting a few months before we have the same over the entire Europe... 

It is all speculation, even the 70% is just something 'the BoJo said' and over the years the BoJo has said a lot of things. But it could explain why the UK lockdown did not work properly and contamination levels just kept on being too high.

Anyway today I wanted to be entertained by that weirdo Michael Heaver but even that failed. Michael was upset about all those truck drivers that could not go back to the continent for no fault of their own. But when our fishing sector goes bonkers, according to the same Michael that is a good thing. And with people like that we are trying to craft a trade deal? May be we should take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves the question if negotiating with a bunch of weirdo's is a wise thing to do...

Anyway, if you click  on the next picture you will land on the video that was not entertaining to me: 


Link used:
Video title:  EU Fanatics Show French Border Closure IS Political

Why do we talk with people like this? Gun boat diplomacy is 100% normal but if France deploys it's right to close it's borders it is just another example of the evil empire... Why is the present UK always that retarded? 



Ok, that was it. If possible have a nice Christmas without gathering in large crowds. Till updates. 


(19 Dec 2020) Next Sunday, that is tomorrow, is one more 'final deadline' in the ongoing Brexit saga. If there is no deal the economical damage will be large so both sides keep on going because no one wants to get the blame of such a giant economical mess. The BoJo keeps on insisting that 'We will prosper mightily when we left, even without a deal' so what is holding them back?  

But I want to show you one of those weird Youtube channels about Brexit. This one has the name Rep update and it pumps out multiple video's a day.  

Item 1) WTF is Rep update?

 Item 1) WTF is Rep update?

I love the Brexit process because it is so much emotion and has so little roots in logical thinking. The Brexiteers constant make up all kinds of economical fantasies that border on some kind of perpetuum mobilé in an economical sense. Non of those weirdo's realizes that economies are dynamic and as such adept. For example if the EU has no right anymore to fish, in case of a no-deal it is unavoidable tariffs will be put on fish experted from the UK to the EU basically decimating the UK fisheries even further.

And why not? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. In my view one of the problems is that the average Brexiteer views the problems there are in the UK as always caused by the EU. A bit like I always blame math professors although I perfectly know it is a joke or a simplification.  

Now a lot of those Youtube channels are very weird. So weird that I often suspect they are not British at all but more coming from some Russian troll factory and the real reason such channels are there is to sow division in Europe. Oh the other hand a lot of Brexiteers are really stupid to the bone: they really think the UK has done about 60 trade deals. But trade deals are hard to make and take often many years to finalize. Compare it making furniture: If I tell you I made 15 chairs in one day with just one hand saw and two screw drivers you likely doubt the quality of the 'chairs' I have made. 

Trade deals are made by specialists and because the UK was a member of the EU for about 47 years, they simply do not have those specialists anymore. Ok ok there might be the occasional British specialist working for the EU that now works for the UK but that's it. But Brexiteers simply believe that nonsense of 60 new trade deals, at best they are roll over deals where the two letters 'EU' are replaced by 'UK'.  

Every day I watch a few of those werid video's, it is more for comedy and entertainment but a lot of Brexiteers think it is all for real. Just like the supporters of Shithole One in the USA think the elections are rigged simply because Shithole One says it is so. 

And if the BoJo says they will 'prosper mightily' they simply believe that because they are to stupid to fact check it all for themselves.   

In the next picture I just placed some slogans that you often see on those weird Brexit channels, I do not claim they are all from Rep update but it is that crap you simply often observe. 


As just a tiny detail: All the weird stuff like the EU falling apart and it is Italexit here we come is crafted by people who do not know the details. For example about 30% of Italy's government debt is bought by the European Central Bank. Do you really think Italy is going alone and going back to the lire as their currency? Who will buy their structural federal deficits in that case?  

In the next Youtube video you can see how crazy that Rep update channel is: Supposedly the EU hires super trawlers to wreck havoc in the British waters and bring giant damage to the ecological systems. That are the times it makes we wonder: Are those video's made by Brexiteers or are they pumped out by some Russian troll factory? 

ALERT: EU subsidised foreign supertrawlers are wreak havoc for UK fish stocks amid no deal Brexit. Link used:

Ok, this is what I had to say. Don't forget to slap tariffs on fish that are as high as possible under the WTO trade rules in case of a no deal Brexit. And once more take a good laugh at the latest BoJo joke: We will prosper mightily in case of a no deal...;) 

The next picture is posted for no reason at all, it is just I like making cubes like this.  


Ok, let's destroy the UK fishing industry even further. An eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth. Till updates my dear reader. 


(11 Dec 2020) Over two years ago I made the prediction that the UK would crash out of the EU without an agreement. If memory serves, that was in Oct 2018. Of course at the time the UK parliament was of a total different composition but given the fact that the present UK parliament is far more radical, the likelihood of a crash out had never faded into insignificance.

Item 1) Is the hard Brexit finally there?

Item 1) Is the hard Brexit finally there? 

May be next Sunday is the 'last deadline' and if not 31 Dec will be the final deadline. It is a bit weird that after two years of waiting likely my original expectation will come out. And that original expectation was more or less based on the insight that Brexit is a highly emotional process and since it is so emotional it lacks logic and the idiot behavior just stays in place.

For myself speaking I am at peace with this hard Brexit. After Germany the UK is our second largest trade partner so it will cause some economical damage. Today I heard somebody state that our GDP is in the range of 2 to 3 percent dependent on the UK, in the past I heard that out total exports to the UK are in the order of 1% of GDP. But if from 01 Jan 2021 tariffs will be in place this does not mean all exports come to a grinding halt. For stuff the UK really needs, like food and medicine, the British consumers simply must lay out more money. For luxury items that are more driven by a budget, UK consumers can simply consume a bit less or try to find something substitute it with. And how bad is it actually? If we loose 0.5% of GDP that is about 3 months of ordinary standard economical growth. That is a set back but it is not like we are founding ourselves back into the stone age.

Fisheries stays the main example as to understand this is all a weird emotional process not rooted in cognitive reasoning. Our economy seems to be about 0.4% dependent on the fishing stuff, for the UK it is only about 0.12%. We have been fishing in UK waters for about 300 years so there is a long tradition in that and likely it will now be capped to zero. So when it comes to fish we are taking a big hit and at the same time we are supposed to buy that fish from the UK? This is highly parasitic behavior from the UK, of course that is not going to happen. The simple fact that this parasitic behavior is not viewed as parasitic by the UK people shows clearly that Brexit is an emotional process and not a rational thing. The UK population often blames Europe for their troubles in their fishery sector. But the British population does not eat the fish their own brothers fish. Once more you see that this is an emotional process: if you do not eat the fish yourself may be that is a reason that UK fishing has been struggling? 

The financial component. While the London city was inside Europe it was not much of a problem for European companies and countries to go shopping over there for the financial services we needed. From 01 Jan 2021 the London city is in a so called third country and will lie outside European rules. Of course this is a dangerous development especially if over the coming years the Brexit stuff will become more and more emotional and at some point in time the Brits will weaponize their financial sector. Now I am against directly forbidding European companies to make use of UK financial services but it should be discouraged in all kinds of ways. We can't have it that from one day to the next all of a sudden European companies can't make use of financial derivatives or IPO's or whatever what. From now on, given the weird way with fish, I view the UK as a potential hostile country. Not that on 01 Jan 2021 WW III will break out, but the last years it has been getting more crazy every year and there is no end in sight for the time being. Europe should become self-sufficient when it comes to all things financial related. Compare it to military stuff; even 70 years after WW II we are still too dependent on military hardware from the USA where lately the things have also gone more crazy year in year out.

Ok, that is what I had to say on the impending Brexit. As far as I am concerned, it is crash baby crash. The harder the better so I can study how societies react upon such a thing. I might be 57 years of age but I still like to learn new things...  

Oh yeah, new things and the learning curves they have. Lately I have learned how to use that GIMP program for making a 'drawing' from a photo. Yeah yeah there are all kinds of presets for that and you only have to push a button but one layer deeper you can find stuff like that for yourself. Below you find two simple examples, but you can craft hundreds of different examples if you dive a bit deeper and away from those preset options like only pushing a button here and there. 


Ok you can still see it is based on a photo or in this case a screen shot. But I cannot draw or paint myself, I just cannot paint a human face or stuff like that. So I don't care if you can see if it is based on a screen shot because I cannot paint or draw anyway...  


Ok, that was it for this update. In case you missed it, I wrote a long post upon the fine art of factorizing the Laplacian in three different spaces of complex numbers. I am very satisfied by it myself. If you are into math stuff check it out at:

Thanks for your attention & don't forget the UK could turn into a hostile nation if all that Brexit stuff keeps on festering and festering. Till updates.  


(27 Nov 2020) Holy Koolaid is a video channel by some former Christian from the USA. He has a great video of US evangelicals before and after the last presidential election. 

Item 1) Great Holy Koolaid video; why do evangelicals support Shithole One?

 Item 1) Great Holy Koolaid video; why do evangelicals support Shithole One?

The USA political landscape is more like a desert, there is not much choice. It is a binary political constellation and as such often voter turnout is not that high and most people simply stay by the same party their entire life. 

As such it is more or less logical that US evangelicals support the republicans. Yet in the last years I have never understood why they support Shithole One. After all the donald likely despises the evangelicals on a deep level.

But those evangelicals are a life form on their own and they support the Shithole One.

If you see those people in the video, it is hard to imagine that you would have some meaningful conversation with just one of those weirdo's. As a comparison, with most of the Christians that live in my home country you can have a conversation that is meaningful for both sides. But in the USA religion is one of the things that have gone nuts & crazy to the bone. 

Click on the screen shots below to land on the video, it is about 10 minutes in length:  


Title of the video: Evangelicals Freak Out.
Link used:

A lot of human behavior is rooted in the fact that we humans like to convince other people that we are in the right with a particular thing. Look at how the average parliament works on a daily basis; all those talking people try to explain why they are in the right and as such why the opposition is wrong. 

Once you realize that, it can help you in your own life. You can wonder why it is important that other people find your insight 'correct' or 'important'. For example I still write math texts because I like that and for me it is an important hobby. But other math people picking up on that? Believe me: my expectations are far below zero. And I do not bother: the math professors were a bunch of overpaid non performers to start with and now years later they are still a bunch of overpaid non performers. 

Another thing that is close to my heart is of course electron spin and why it is impossible electrons are magnetic dipoles. With electron spin I still have some small hope, but if I look at the size of that hope it is infitesimal small. I won't get angry over it: if the physics professors want to keep on doing what they are good at (also being an overpaid incompetent), they have my blessing.  

Why should I bother about what these people think on electron spin?
Why should I do that?  

Let's leave it with that my dear reader. Till updates. 


(17 Nov 2020) Over there in the USA their prez Shithole One still has to confirm that he has lost the elections. I am glad it goes that way because after all I have been making the case that he is mentally ill and the present behavior together with the weird stuff from the last four years confirms that. 

A similar ideology is the Brexit stuff. And indeed a lot of those crazy Brexiteers indeed think there was election fraud in the USA. It has to be remarked however that although the Brexit ideology is a deviation from the normal cognitive functions of the human brain, all in all the USA stuff is far more weirder. 

Item 1) What is One America News Network? Answer: A bunch of lunatics.

 Item 1) What is One America News Network? Answer: A bunch of lunatics.

The last four years have been interesting in case you want to study what happens if the top echelons of a government do not follow logic or facts. You know that stuff with 'alternative facts' and the daily stream of lies from a mentally ill person known as the donald or Shithole One.

But four years ago it was also crazy to the bone. I remember video's where guys seriously explained there was an island where children were hold and they were there for the pedophiles in the democratic party. If you compare the present conspiracies about election fraud to that, the election fraud is almost of Einsteinian quality.

And now it seems that the lunatics from FOX News have gotten serious competition. It can always go more crazy and today I observed the first video from the ultimate non functioning human brain. It is so far from reality that at first sight it is highly comical. But if you think about the average mental capabilities of the average US citizen, a lot of them likely think video's like this are news you can trust. Where as networks like CNN or ABC only have news that is composed of lies from beginning till the end. 

And it really makes a difference if your political leadership is crazy to the bone; both the USA and Brazil rank as number one and two when it comes to the most deaths from COVID-19 per one million citizens. It makes a difference if your leaders have a mental thing yes or no. 

There are now trump supporters that think even FOX news has lost it and produces a lot of fake news. For me it is interesting how such mental stuff spreads in a society like the USA. Compared to the average European country, in the USA people are far more individual and as such there has always been much more room for crazy views on reality. Flat earth society? In the USA stuff like that is pretty normal. 

Here is a screen shot of a mental person: 


I can't find back that video with the above pictured cramp cunt (her name is Christina Bobb) so I selected another rather crazy video: 

Christina Bobb: Trump won, Fox News admitted its leftist agenda 

So now the FOX people know they are leftists... It has to be remarked however that on FOX news you still have some 'normal journalists' that for some strange reason still hold on to notions like true facts versus completely made up facts. In the world of crazy such silly differences are not important, it only counts if a made up fact is believable or not. So that is the present day USA. Till updates my dear reader. 


(08 Nov 2020) More or less it looks confirmed: Joe Biden is in while ShitholeOne is going out. Of course we have to wait a few more months and in the meantime ShitholeOne can do of course much more damage but now we can say there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

 Item 1) Who is more crazy: Trump or his followers?
 Item 2) What is more crazy: Permanent magnets or the electron pair?

 Item 1) Who is more crazy: Trump or his followers?

For all these years I have been saying that in my view donald trump is a mentally ill person. If you would put him in a scanning machine you would be able to view that his brain definitely works different from other people that we consider as 'not mentally ill'.

Just like the average brain of the average psychopath is different from people who have a normal functioning empathy for other people.  

All these four years I have been wondering as why these followers of Trump are so fanatic and why they absolutely do not view ShitholeOne as a mentally ill person. Ok ok you can argue that the USA was already strongly divided and as such there is no alternative, when you are a republican you stay a republican and vice versa for the democrats. The present election results point indeed into that direction: a lot of republicans from the USA parliament and the senate were able to keep on to their seats. That is a strong clue for the depth of the political divide in the USA. 

In the last weeks I once observed ShitholeOne at one of his COVID-19 spreading rally's telling his audience that 'After the election the virus will go away'. To my amazement the public begins to cheer. 

That made we wonder: Who is more mentally ill; the donald or the average supporter of the donald? A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that ShitholeOne is a stupid person. Ok when it comes to science he is dumb as hell but that is mostly because science stuff is of no interest to him. Remember that stupid stuff about injecting disinfectants or 'bringing the UV light into the body'. That is very stupid. But the donald has succeeded a lot in dividing the USA further and further, likely he thinks that is in his own interests. And he succeeded with that big time. 

So he is clearly mentally ill but he is not stupid. 


Let's leave this mentally ill person for what he is: ShitholeOne. 

 Item 2) What is more crazy: Permanent magnets or the electron pair?

In my view the professional physics professors are also a tiny bit strange when it comes to explaining the magnetic properties of electron aka the famous electron spin. It just isn't logical and their explanations are not coherent, it is a patch blanket of explanations that make some local sense.  

Example 1) Permanent magnets. The existence of permanent magnets is often explained as the alignment of the magnetic domains in a material like iron. And the magnetic properties of such a domain are explained by the alignment of all unpaired electrons in such a magnetic domain. 

I am not going to post pictures on this but you can easily imagine that if you put together a lot of tiny magnets you can make a big magnet.

Example 2) The electron pair. Weirdly enough the electron pair is explained as two electrons that are anti-aligned. Isn't that strange, isn't that crazy? Electron pairs form the basis of a lot of chemical bonding and is important in stuff like superconductivity. But if two electrons are anti-aligned, how can there be an attractive force between them? It should repel just like permanent magnets do... 


Of course electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, it is not logical on so many levels of 'logic' for the human brain. No, electrons are magnetic monopoles and as such there are two kinds of electrons. Those with a north pole magnetic charge and those with a south pole magnetic charge.

If you would tell this to a physics professor, likely this person will bust out in laughter and say things like 'Our math is so superior, you cannot argue with that'. Electrons are magnetic dipoles because the math say so. And if you keep on asking further like if there is some experimental evidence that electrons are magnetic dipoles, those professors do not want to talk any longer on such dumb items. 


So my dear reader you can make up your own mind: Who or what is the most stupid?
Till updates & live well. 


(30 Oct 2020) It is raining lockdowns all over Europe. Ok ok all Summer we knew it would be coming but it was hard to estimate how bad it would become. Anyway where I live new Covid-19 cases are already diminishing due to the new measures taken. With a bit of luck somewhere this Winter we will finally get a vaccine, ok before there are billions vaccinated that will take some time. But at least if a vaccine is there the ongoing economical damage can finally stop...

Today I came across a crazy video related to the Brexit stuff. It is important to say that what is in the video cannot be proved right now because the details of the UK-Japan trade deal are not published yet. 

Item 1) Did Japan give the leftover quota's to the UK?

 Item 1) Did Japan give the leftover quota's to the UK?

The video is from the Youtube channel 'A different bias', the guy who runs the channel is a bit left leaning but likely because he is also a physics teacher he likes to stick to stuff that is factual true. And not like those Brexiteers who live for a large part in some weird fantasy land thinking life outside Europe is better.

Anyway it is claimed that there were some unused quota's from the EU and that Japan decided since they were unused leftovers they could be given to the UK... 

Again I do not know if it is true or not, but true or not it is an hilarious idea. And it is highly humiliating, so let's hope it is true and that as such a large chunk of humiliation can dawn on that weird form of life known as the Brexiteers. 

Anyway when the news of the Japan UK trade deal came out I hesitated to react on it because it was such a small part of the UK gross domestic product. Beside that they only had a deal so the trade still has to materialize, it is not that after a trade deal the next day there is the maximum amount of extra trade between two nations. 

And you had all those Brexiteers biting the bait doing their silly daily talk like 'This deal is a better deal compared to what the EU has with Japan'. Just like all those strange video's where constantly the EU is on the edge of collapse or that there is all kinds of infighting like other leaders take on Macron. But like said before a lot of those video's can also come from some trolling factory in Russia. And the Russian goal is rather simple: sow division. And indeed it can be doubted that all of those video's come from Brexit people because a lot of them have those robotic voices and a lot of English words are just pronounced incorrect. But Brexit people might have a less than average IQ, likely they would not use such a robot if it pronounces their own language not correct. But a Russian asshole is often not familiar with the finer details of the English language therefore I think it could be of Russian origin. 

Anyway, if it is true that Japan 'gave the UK the leftover quota's from the EU' that is a fine form of humiliation that these weird Brexit people need. Here is a screen shot (and one of those GIMP cubes, slowly but surely I am becoming better at the GIMP program). After the screen shot I give you a link to the Youtube video. Or click on the picture for the video:


Title & link of the video:
Japan Brexit Deal: Ludicrous Government Statement About Soy Sauce 

In case you have a normal life likely you missed the giant soy sauce scandal: The UK government claimed more or less that due to the Japan trade deal in case of a no deal Brexit soy sauce would not raise in price due to tariffs. But almost all soy sauce in the UK comes from my home country, years ago a Japanese firm named Kikkoman decided to build a factory here. One of the motivating factors was the quality of our water. In case you are a foreigner and you like soy sauce, you must definitely try the soy sauce known as 'ketjap' if you are over here. That is an Indonesian variant that I prefer over the Japanese stuff.

And the Japanese are right; our tap water is of amazing quality. It is not as disgusting as for example in China where most tap water is contaminated with chemical stuff because in China that is 'economical progress'. Included taxes I pay about 1.10€ for a cubic meter of water of high quality. Tip for the Japanese: You can also use our water for sake, beer and tea. But I do not know if Europeans will buy sake if it is made here in the Dutch landscape.

Ok, it is time to split so I say goodbye.    


(20 Oct 2020) Due to the distrust of the Brexiteers against everything Europe the trade talks have more or less collapsed and the blame game has started. Now Brexit has never been a rational process but an emotional one because rational considerations say it is better for your economy if you are part of a large block of more or less similar economies. The fact that Ursula von der Leyden lately had to explain to the Bojo that stuff like state aid has to do with fairness abundantly shows how stupid those Brexiteers are. Likely they are too stupid to figure 'fairness' out for themselves.

But a lot of people don't understand dumping precisely, why should a company dump goods 'under the fair price'? Don't they make a loss if they do? So in this small update two examples of dumping and how it can work.

Item 1) Two examples of dumping.

Item 1) Two example of dumping.

Example 1: Fish. Here in Europe the fish quota are sold to the fishers and as such the price those fishers pay for it enters the end price for the consumers of that fish. Now the UK has a whole lot of blah blah blah about taking 'back' control and suppose that in the future they sell similar quota to the British fishers only at a strong reduced price. In that case the British fisher folks have less costs compared to the fishers from the main land of Europe. As such it will either be forbidden to sell it on the European markets or a tariff has to be applied so the Brits loose there unfair benefit they have from the low costs for fish quota.
Once more: The fact that the Brexiteers can figure such elementary considerations out for themselves shows once more how retarded they are.

Example 2: Cars. Costs are complicated but in economical theory there are a few concepts that make it more understandable. Marginal costs for a particular product are the costs of making one extra product at that particular production level. Marginal costs contain stuff like the price of raw materials, the energy needed to make that particular product, a bit of the labor costs involved. You can view marginal costs as some kind of derivative; how much extra does it cost to produce one product more?

Then there is what I call 'steady costs'. Steady costs are all the costs that you have to make before you can produce the very first product. So that includes costs for land, the factory buildings, the machines, the stockpiles of raw materials etc etc. Suppose you are a car company say in the USA. A car company often uses their home market for the payment of the steady costs and after that they argue like next: Our home market already pays for our steady costs, lets produce a few extra cars and sell them abroad at a price above the marginal costs. In that was we still have extra profits because the steady costs are already paid. As you see: a company that finds itself back into a situation where the home market pays for steady costs is often tempted to sell abroad for 'too low' prices while they still make a profit. 

Copyright on Bojo & the Cummings guy is of course by Spitting Image.  


In 20 years time I never received a complaint about me using copyrighted material. So I don't expect that for the above pictures too, after all it is not a commercial product or so.  

Ok, I hope you now understand a bit more about the practice of dumping and why it is hard for authorities to track if actually some form of dumping is going on... 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(14 Oct 2020) Like expected also in my home country new anti-corona measures have been put in place. The weeks where we had only two hospital admissions for the entire city of about 200 thousand are gone. Even I have decided to go shopping with a face mask. For a lot of foreigners that might sound strange but if you have only two hospital admissions per week the possibility of getting the COVID stuff was minimal anyway. I am glad new measures have been announced because it is now only October and the deep autumn still has to start. Let's hope for the best...

After having said that: Brexit! And Spitting Image is back! I don't know how old that was but it was from a time when the Brits were not going crazy like in the present years. All in all it still looks like the Brexiteers still need their hatred for everything Europe in order to get 'free' from Europe. 

Item 1) Spitting Image is back.

 Item 1) Spitting Image is back.

The developments in the UK still go from a bit crazy to more crazy to totally crazy. A couple of years back it was like 'We are going to leave the EU but of course not the European market because that is crazy'. In the present years the hardcore Brexiteers beg for leaving the EU on only WTO terms, so it goes from a little bit crazy to totaly weird fucking crazy.

The Brexit idiots signed a deal with Japan, total benefits are at most about 2 weeks of normal economical growth (assuming an average growth of the GDP of 2% per year). And they signed up to much more stringent rules when it comes to things like state aid. From this small detail you can see the Brexit people have a serious emotional problem. But Brexit has always been an emotional thing wiping out a lot of rational thinking.

On Youtube you can find tons of video's that seem to be pro Brexit, often it is made with some kind of robotic voice so who is behind that all is hard to say. It could also be made by one of those Russian troll factories that try to sow division inside the EU because a lot of the video's contain weird stuff like:
Infighting in the EU; Macron pushed back on fisheries, or
Finland spills the beans, for us fish is not important, or 
Barnier sidelined, direct talks from Berlin to London. And so on and so on. 

The most crazy video, I forgot to pen down the title, was about a superior collection of satellites the UK had completely outbeating the European Galileo GPS. Yes the UK government indeed pulls also back from Galileo, that alone proves they are going lunatic in a big way. And yes the UK government has purchased a satellite company for Galileo replacement, but those satellites are for internet communication. As such likely they do not have atomic clocks in them because the internet does not need atomic clocks while a GPS does. Beside that the satellites are too low orbit and this all validates more or less the UK is run by a bunch of idiots. Non of those Brexit people remark that if those satellites have no atomic clocks on board, that whole company is rather useless for a Galileo replacement.

And of course lately we had that idiot named Duncan Smith; the retarded idiot in question has 'studied' the withdrawal agreement and the genius arrived at the conclusion that the UK could be 'on the hook' for another 160 billion pounds.

In my view, we as Europeans can work hard to craft a deal but we are dealing with people that have an emotional barrier in the first place and in the second place are a bunch of total idiots.

In my view it is better to leave this matter behind us and look again at the stuff in say 2024 or so. We have to wait until the emotional situation in the UK gets better and that is a process that needs a lot of time.

And on the other hand, why waste our time trying to deal with idiots? You learn nothing from that and we get only frustrated ourselves. If I could vote on the stuff, at present day I would vote for a no deal. And if the economical damage accumulates after a number of years, try to check what the emotional state of the UK is.

But it is not 100% bad news from the UK, after Spitting Image is back!   


Ok, that was it for this small update.  


(08 Oct 2020) It would be tempting to discuss the Nobel prizes in particular the physics prize but I don't have time for that because it's already late. 

So we concentrate on a very cute video I found today; that video is also about particle pair creation in particular the electron-positron pair. 

Item 1) Another clue/possible experimental setup/ that electrons are not dipoles.

 Item 1) Another clue/possible experimental setup/ that electrons are not dipoles.

Seldom a result gets thrown in my lap just for free. Anyway, if you just like me think that electrons and the likes are not magnetic dipoles but they are all magnetic monopoles, in that case what happens in the creation of a particle/anti-particle pair?

It is expected that both the electric charge and the magnetic charges add up to zero. Now from electrons and positrons it is known that the electron has a negative electric charge while the positron has a positive electric charge. But if magnetism for electrons is also a charge, it is highly logical that those charges will also be opposite when such a pair is created.

And if such an electron/positron pair is created inside a magnetic field, in that case you can hope that both particles will get accelerated into the direction of the magnetic field in, and that is important, opposite directions. 

To my amazement in a video from David Butler it looks like that is the case. By the way if you feel like chilling out with a video about physics, I strongly recommend the vids from David Butler. He is relaxed, does not have to prove himself in every video and it is just a recollection of the stuff he knows and want to bring to video. 

Now is there a place on earth where if such a particle pair is created, there is a strong magnetic field and at the same time some kind of readout of the trajectories of the particles? Yes there is. That are those chambers or vessels filled with alcohol vapor and particles going through that vapor leave a trace of small bubbles.

With such a thing the first positron was found.

Of course I can't pay for such equipment let alone have some working space to operate them in and how the hell I should create enough energy to allow for the creation of such a particle/anti-particle pair? But in the video from David Butler it looks like this: 


Now I realize it, you could use this as a proof that electrons and positrons carry magnetic charge. As such the electron and positron should always move in opposite directions and more or less in the direction of  the field lines of the applied magnetic field.

Now suppose I meet an ardent believer in electrons being magnetic dipoles, you know one of those types that say 'we have never found a magnetic monopole'. And I show that person some experimental results (that I cannot do myself) and these electrons and positrons always move in opposite directions. What would the dipole believer say? Very simple: The fact that the electron and the positron move in opposite directions is merely a reflection of the law of conservation of linear momentum. It has nothing to do with magnetism, it is only conservation of linear momentum...

And against so much wisdom I cannot compete, so I post only one more of those nice cubes I am making with GIMP lately & after that we try to upload this stuff to a giant thing known as the internet: 


If you click on the cube you will land at the Youtuve video from David Butler.
Link used: 
Video title: How Small Is It - 04 - Elementary Particles (1080p)

Ok, that was it. Till updates. 


(28 Sept 2020) Who thought that in the present years news from the White House, in particular donald trump aka Shithole One, could be so funny? Some media outlet over there finally could lay their hands on the tax returns from Shithole One. It turns out that in 2016 or so, Shithole One only paid 750 US$ in taxes. Yeah yeah, Shithole One is many things, for example he is a mentally ill person lacking a normal working set of human norms and morals. And the 750 US$ taxes he paid also proves he is a fucking parasite on society.  

But today I would not like to talk about Shithole One but only post a few cute pictures. 

Item 1) Math cubes with GIMP.

 Item 1) Math cubes with GIMP.

Slowly but surely I am understanding more and more of that free graphics program named GIMP. And more and more I am very positive about GIMP: given the fact it is free it is remarkably good. So Photoshop for the rich and GIMP for normal people. 

GIMP also has a feature that makes you place six different pictures on a cube. You might wonder why six pictures because if you look at a cube you see at most 3 sides of that cube?  

But GIMP has another wonderful feature; in the png format you can leave parts of the picture transparent. And if you use pictures that are partially transparent, you can look through and see the other sides of the cube.

Today I tried the cube filter with a bit of math text, I only worked say 20 to 25 minutes on it so do not expect some Leonardo da Vinci form of art. Math text is always difficult to use because before you know it that texts becomes vague and badly readable.

So I should have started with larger texts but anyway, here is how such cubes with math on the sides could look. If the text is too vague, that is my fault and not GIMP's:  


The math is from my latest post on four dimensional complex numbers. It is about finding the eigenvalues of a very important four dimensional complex number that I name 'the number tau'. If you are interested in 4D complex numbers, you can click on the above picture but please remark that it is post number 22 about 4D complex numbers. So if you read stuff like that for the first time, it is logical all those details are hard to grasp.

Any normal person that starts to study something, say the graphics program GIMP, well after say six months you have a clear view on what you known and what you don't. Yet when it comes to math, say 3D or 4D complex numbers, after six years of study you only know "I know a tiny bit about higher dimensional number systems". 

Now in the previous post I showed you the 2D tiling filter that GIMP has. How does that tiling related to making cubes? Once more I am highly satisfied with the performance of the GIMP stuff. Here is how a cube version of a tiled picture looks:



Ok, that was it for this update my dear reader.   


(20 Sept 2020) Man on man, why is it such a mess over there in the UK? That trying to break up the divorce agreement isn't needed at all; those stories as spread by the BoJo are nonsense: Why should the EU block food transports to North Ireland? It depends on what you export, the Brits know perfectly well what food is ok and what cannot go over there. So no chlorinated chicken and no soda that have that perfect citrus taste because of a chemical that is used as a plastic fire detergent...

But the BoJo said it himself: We have to protect ourselves against extreme interpretations of the withdrawal agreement. That is precisely the point I wanted to make in the previous update: Those Brexiteers have all kinds of emotional blockades so it has no value if the Europeans try as adults to do logical things. Those weirdo's will always find something new to whine about, or they just make it up like 'extreme interpretations of the withdrawal agreement'.  

Before we start with item 1, a cute picture made with GIMP and that tiling option. Recently I crossed the 77 thousand km threshold with my bicycle. I estimate this is in at most six years time... 


Item 1) Why is it such a mess in the UK?

 Item 1) Why is it such a mess in the UK?

It is not only that upheaval about breaking international law while this is completely not needed. The EU came out with countries stating that if this goes on a deal will not be made, the EU parliament is also on that line of thought. The USA democrats came out saying the same and from the republican side there was also not much enthusiasm observed. 

So it could very well be if this international law breaking goes on, the most important deals for the UK will fail. But it is not only that weird stuff with international law, right now you hardly can get any test for COVID-19. People have to drive for hours to a location and upon arriving there are often simply told there are no tests... On top of that, a lot of tests are analyzed in Europe! Four years of blaming the EU for all kinds of things but in the end the UK can't even organize testing on COVID-19...  

And there is so much more; the National Hauling Association (truck drivers and stuff) is complaining there are presently only 5000 border workers but from 01 Jan 2021 there must be 50 thousand of them! That is a 10 fold increase, but making an organization 10 times as big in 3 months time is almost impossible. There are about 8 pieces of software still under construction and of course far from being debugged. Those pieces of software are supposed to communicate with each other. Oh my God, we have left only about 130 days. So with or without deal, it looks like it is going to be a pile of rubbish from day 1. Deal or no deal likely it will be one big chaos at the borders.

Given the fact that the UK government finds time to keep itself busy with stuff like breaking international treaties, one of the reasons for this incompetence is that they cannot properly prioritize. If your testing and border preparations is a fucking mess, why do you do that? I think that all in all the Brexiteers under leadership of the BoJo are a bunch of imbecile incompetents.  


But there is also positive news. For example I was walking the dog the other day and by accident I stumbled upon one of those Brexit treasure troves. Below you see one of those treasure troves. I think a future technological superior civilization has teleported it back in time to now where I live. What those Brexit stamp collectors have to do with it is unknown to me: 


In our economical area's there is also a lot of excitement about the impending split by the UK away from the EU. Local entrepreneurs want cars 'as good as new' and need 'only minor repairs' to be sold to the UK. Beside that these cars are more or less magical: they do not need fuel... So the British when buying such a car will help prevent climate change and that is a good thing of course.  


Ok, that is what I had to say on the Brexit stuff. How the fuck you can mess up so much and on top of that start breaking international law is unknown to me.  

Till updates my dear reader. 


(11 Sept 2020) In the previous update I was forgotten to say that on 01 Sept I posted reason number 86 in the magnetic pages. So over the years I now have about 86 reasons as why electrons must be magnetic monopoles. Of course there is a tremendous amount of overlap in those reasons, it is not that I have 86 completely independent things but anyway. You can find it here in page five of the magnetic pages.

It is about the 21 cm hydrogen line, if what I am thinking is correct this kind of radiation hardly gets absorbed and that would be the reason as why astronomers were capable of mapping out the galaxy using this kind of em radiation. 

I already wrote about it on the other website, here is the permalink from August 25:
Why does 21 cm astronomy work? Why does it not get absorbed?

In my view, if that spin flip explanation is correct, all 21 cm radiation should get absorbed. But if astronomers have used it to map the entire galaxy, why does so little get absorbed? It should be much more... 

But this post is upon the hilarious developments around Brexit. 

Item 1) BoJo tearing up the separation agreement between the UK & EU?

 Item 1) BoJo tearing up the separation agreement between the UK & EU?

Oh oh, this looks like an episode from crazy town; if there is an agreement between 28 nations, can one party like the UK simply change it without any consult of the EU? That must be doubted, for muself speaking I consider the UK an unreliable entity from now on. 

In the previous update we looked at that weirdo Lian Duncan Smith; that retarded idiot 'found out' that the UK 'could be on the hook' for another 160 billion €. Compared to the agreed 39 billion € this is an extreme amount more so why did the Lian idiot never check his fantastic insights? In my view is this caused by that high level of distrust all these Brexiteers have towards the European Union.

It is not only the relatively low cognitive levels as found in people like the idiot Lian, it is all that emotional distrust that further hinders all normal thinking on the part of the UK folks. In my view there is not much to gain by negotiating with those people, they will always come up with another weird fantasy where the EU is out to kill the UK. 

If people cannot think logical because they have these emotional blockades, all forms of negotiating based on being logical and helpful will fail hard. Right now we are in the eight round of negotiations and a funny detail is that the UK negotiator David Frost has a nickname 'Frosti the no-man'. Likely this piece of shit has the same emotional blockades and as such on everything the EU negotiators come up with, this David piece of shit says 'no no no' because he just cannot trust us. 

The time has come for the EU to think about stuff that really hurts the UK economy, in particular of course the London financial sector. I have to say that I do not have much insight in how the city profits from the EU but we can think about stuff that makes it illegal for the city folks to issue EU govenment bonds and may be later make it illegal for the UK city to issue bonds for the entire EU economical zone.

Just like those retarded UK Brexiteers constantly whine about 'they are stealing our fish from our fishing waters', we are going to do the same when it comes to the issuing of bonds. These are our bond waters and hostile financial UK based entities are only here to steal our money. Therefore they will get outlawed...

But again I do have very limited insights in how to hit the London financial district hard, furthermore it is important that on the side of the EU we don't have to much damage from such legal action. Yet simply removing all things related to the issuing of government debt for the entire EU away from the city might be a good starter.

Beside that, city firms and companies are often big sponsors of the conservative party. If the city firms get hurt, they will complain at the political party they sponsor: the conservatives.  

In another development I am trying to study the graphics program GIMP. GIMP has lot's of features but it is hard to craft stuff like the next picture:


But GIMP has a cute tiling option and from a photo I made from an old Brexit can that was lost for years I was able to make the next picture. The upper half is from the photo I made, the lower half is what GIMP tiling can do to a can. Yet the entire picture is still made with my old graphics program that only runs on outdated computers.


Ok, that was it. It is important to block access from the London financial sector to Europe because 'they are only stealing our fish'. Or weird logic like that, well don't forget these Brexiteers are not only low IQ but they have serious emotional issues and they need a lot of pain and a lot of hurt before those brain will run properly again.

Like the Beatles sung: Let it be. 

Till updates. 


(03 Sept 2020) It looks like the Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK are falling apart. Like expected that fishery stuff keeps on being a problem, but all I can find is that the fishing industry is about 0.12% of the UK gross domestic product. Somewhere I heard that the UK mowing lawns industry is a comparable number of the UK GDP. So what is going on? After all if you would read new like 'Trade talks falling apart because of the grass mowing industry problems' you would think these people are crazy to the bone. Ok ok, a shortcoming of the cognitive functions of the brain is often involved but I think it is much more an emotional thing.

Therefore we take a look at a shithead named Lian Duncan Smith because he came out with a claim that the UK could be on the hook for a fresh 160 billion € because of the withdrawal agreement... 

Item 1) A no deal Brexit? Look at the reasoning of Lian Duncan Smith...
Item 2) Is this a photo of Adele? 

 Item 1) A no deal Brexit? Look at the reasoning of Lian Duncan Smith...

When some time ago I observed news like 'The UK could be on the hook of 160 billion € because of the withdrawal agreement' I was more or less flabbergasted. As far as I know the Brexit bill in the withdrawal agreement is about 39 billion € and most of that is from commitments the UK made in the past. So there is no 'weird stuff' in that, the EU uses multi year budgets and the UK simply had to pay what they already committed too...  

So the 160 billion € was a weird bump in the news. But when I tried to check the details I decided not to comment on it because it was clear the Lian Smith guy was just another Brexit weirdo. Why waste time on weirdo's? 

Yet Lian will also become a UK Lord, so compared to me with a track record of about 18 years of being totally unemployed it should be me that is the weirdo and Lian is the shining beacon of intellectual power... 

I do not know how smart Lian actually is. But why does a person like that come out with a 100% ridiculous claim that the UK could be 'on the hook' for another 160 billion  ?

That is caused by emotion. Often emotion makes it hard to find logic. For example when a marriage between a male and a female breaks up, often we observe a so called 'fighting separation'. In the past the male and female loved each other but now they have to divorce the stuff becomes messy. Why is that?

Well once they loved each other and now the separation is there they need a giant amount of hatred and distrust just to get loose from one another. It is an emotional process, people need the hate and distrust in the other person otherwise they will not get separated. 

In my view people like Lian Duncan Smith are prone to far too much distrust if you come up with a weird claim of 160 billion €.  

That is why the trade talks will fail; there is all that emotion on the UK side and we better let it run it's own course and accept that what is likely for real: 

A no deal Brexit. Just like I hammered on in the years 2018 and 2017. There is no reasoning with a bunch of emotional loaded folks like the Brexiteers.

To focus the mind here is a picture of how this weirdo looks:  


So that is why the EU & UK trade talks will fail: There is too much emotion going on. 

Item 2) Is this a photo of Adele?  

Is it true that Adele lost 44 kilo of body fat? All I know from her is that she is a mighty good singer and from the past that she loved baking stuff with a whole lot of wheat. That is why she was far to fat in the first place. But if you look around wheat products are rather addictive, so eating stuff like that only makes you more fat year in year out.

Yet it is claimed that the person in the next picture is Adele... Rumors say she lost 44 kilo of body fat and may be that explains I absolutely did not recognize her.


Ok, it is time to split. Do not eat weird food and do not believe Lord Lian with his weird stuff about the EU. Time to split so goodbey & till updates. 


(27 Aug 2020) Ok, one more update on weight loss because now we are living in COVID times it is wise to shed some kilo's if that is needed. Loosing weight is most easily done by stopping eating crappy foods that raise your blood sugar too much and eating normal amounts of calories. Don't do the calorie count but make sure your body can burn the fat from your diet and the fat from your body.

Item 1) Insulin resistance, present and past insights.

 Item 1) Insulin resistance, present and past insights.

May be I should not have said in a previous update that the calories you burn during exercise aren't that much and exercise only makes you slower in accumulation of body fat. Now I am back to a normal weight indeed I do not loose much fat because of exercise but in the beginning when I was 109 kilo's the fat disappears fast when you exercise a lot.  

But that is only in the beginning, from 109 kilo I tunneled down to 88 kilo and it was clear that I did hit a plateau. How much I exercised I could not go below 88 kilo, at one point in time I just bicycled 500 km in a week but it did not help. 

I even did jojo back to 95 kilo, again started doing a lot of exercise and cut down on calories and once more I did not get below 88 kilo. All the time I knew I should be eating less carbs but I kept on eating bread.

Then all of a sudden I got allergic to gluten, it was not a pleasant experience. Never in my life I had so much pain in my intestines. So I had to stop all wheat products and that was the best thing ever. No more skin problems, no more lupus, no more dry skin, no more back pains. And weirdly enough: Decades ago during a traffic accident I had my left arm dislocated. It had never healed properly, all those years I just thought this was just the way it was after an accident. But stopping eating that shitty wheat made it heal after decades. 

I think most people that get health problems because of wheat products just don't realize it because often you eat bread multiple times a day.  

But let's go to the insulin resistance stuff. Insulin levels can get far too high if you have that. The insulin does not work properly anymore and therefore your body starts over producing it. At that point in time you can only get fatter and fatter, never during the 24 hours of a day your insulin gets so low your body can burn fat. 

The next video is about 3 years old, at present day it is understood that excess blood sugar is the root cause of a lot of trouble. The guy in the video is Eric Bergh, it was from him that I understood how much that stupid bread was stabbing me in the back all of my life. Click on the picture to land at the Youtube video: 



I also found a video from 11 years back and just as easily a bunch of university people explain insulin resistance by eating too much protein and fat. That is the opposite of the truth although it has to be remarked that when you are obese you are always hungry. And if you overeat proteins, often your body breaks it down into sugars. The video was published in April 2009: 

Too Much Protein, Fat, May Lead to Insulin Resistance 

As you see on inspection: The Ph.D. guy has a hefty double chin. So he is much too fat in the first place. There is nothing special about that: I have seen enough medical doctors explaining you 'must eat carbs' because 'the brain runs on sugar'. 


But sugar is a simple molecule. If needed your body will produce it, that is done by the liver. And your brain, does it really need sugar to function properly? That is nonsense too, may be it needs some sugar but it also runs perfectly on ketone bodies. 

End of this update, eat well so you can kill the people from blah blah land.


(14 Aug 2020) It seems that in my own country there was a television program just like 'the biggest loser', it is named Obese and has more or less the same format as the biggest loser I estimate. Therefore this update is in Dutch.

I completely missed that part of television because it is done by a channel named RTL and that is a television channel for retarded people so I never watch it. 

Item 1) Is afvallen nu echt zo moeilijk?

 Item 1) Is afvallen nu echt zo moeilijk?

Ja en nee, als je teveel koolhydraten eet dan is je insuline nivo te hoog en kan je geen vet verbranden. Als je dan niet eet en je kunt geen vet verbranden dan voel je je vreselijk. Maar als je gewoon al die idiote koolhydraten overslaat, dus geen aardappel, rijst, pasta, brood etc dan is je insuline nivo laag genoeg en dan gaat het vet verbranden vanzelf en heb je geen honger en toch genoeg energie. 

Ik zelf ben zo'n 30 kilo kwijtgeraakt en ben altijd enorm stabiel in mijn gewicht, absoluut geen gejojo of dat ik om de één of andere reden weer terug ga naar mijn oude gewicht van 109 kilo. 

Het is absoluut geen kwestie van even een poosje een dieet volgen en dan weer terug naar je oude manier van eten. Veel mensen denken dat als ze 5 of 10 kilo kwijtgeraakt zijn ze dan wel weer 'normaal' kunnen eten. Nee, je werd te dik omdat je fout at en als je dat weer gaat doen dan zal je dus weer veel te vet worden. 

Van gegevens uit het VK is bekend dat van de mensen die ongeveer 30 kilo afgevallen zijn, er maar 1 op de 200 erin slaagt om op dat gewicht te blijven. Ik vond dat een heel vreemd resultaat, maar dit gegeven bewijst dat er in onze maatchappij totaal geen kennis is over hoe obesitas aangepakt moet worden.

Eigenlijk is het heel eenvoudig: Eet nooit spul waar je insuline teveel van stijgt. En dat niet een paar maanden maar de rest van je leven. Zodra je weer dagelijks brood gaat eten dan is het inderdaad gewoon wachten tot je weer op je oude gewicht bent.

Als je ervoor zorgt dat je insuline nivo's altijd laag genoeg zijn dan kan je altijd vet verbranden als dat nodig is en als je honger krijgt dan eet je wat. Zelfs als je obesitas hebt gehad dan nog kan je lichaam zichzelf prima reguleren maar als je geen vet kunt verbranden dan ga je natuurlijk teveel eten...

Sporten helpt wel maar in het algemeen val je daar helemaal niet zoveel van af. Als je te vet bent en je gaat sporten en je valt af is dat meer dat je wat gezonder bent van sporten en niet van de calorien die je verbrandt tijdens het sporten. Het kan zijn dat sporten helpt om sneller de insuline omlaag te jakkeren, maar dat kan ik niet bewijzen.

Al die onzin van 'meer bewegen' en 'minder eten' is onzin, wat voor zin heeft het om veel te sporten als je geen vet kunt verbranden? Ok ok, als je na het sporten weer gaat eten dan moet je glycoceen weer aangevult worden en dat kost wat calorien en dus zul je wat minder lichaamsvet maken. Dus je wordt alleen maar langzamer dik als je veel sport en toch koolhydraten rotzooi blijft eten.

Laat mij wat quoten uit een dom artikel, mensen blijven denken dat hum metabolisme net als een auto is. Als je meer kilometers maakt dan moet je vaker tanken.  

Quote 1:

Obesitas is iets wat 9 vd 10 personen zichzelf aandoet door teveel te eten en te weinig bewegen ( door medische aandoening uiteraard niet meegerekend). Lijden aan obesitas vind ik daarom niet van toepassing. 

Kommentaar: Slap gelul, vet opbouw & afbraak zijn processen die door hormonen gedreven worden. Als je geen vet kunt verbranden dan heeft sporten weinig zin.

Quote 2:

Ik ben jaren beroepsmilitair geweest en heb aan topsport gedaan maar had altijd het gevecht met de kilo, s en de onwetenden die daar wat van moeten vinden. 

Kommentaar: Tja als je de dag begint met zo'n enorm gezond volkoren broodje, ook als je beroeps militair bent dan kun je lekker lang geen vet verbranden en zul je dus min of meer automatisch teveel en te vaak eten. 

Bron vd citaten:

Er is niet veel statistiek te vinden over het succes van dit televisie programma, waarschijnlijk doen ze nul komma niks aan het koolhydraten verhaal en al die deelnemers zullen onvermijdelijk weer veel te vet worden.

Hier is uw gastvrouw: Angela Groothuizen. Hee Angela, hoe zit dat nou met hormonen zoals insuline? Oh, dat is niet goed voor de reclame inkomsten van de kommersjele RTL dus daar praten we natuurlijk niet over. The show must go on...


Nou ja, over de deelnemers aan dit soort shows wil ik niet praten. Vrouw van 145 kilo met man van 177 kilo, eet nooit groente en eet alleen maar magnetron voer & het drinkt alleen maar Coca Cola. Met dat soort van mensen heb ik niks.

Laat ze maar doodgaan, hoe sneller hoe beter. 

Ok, dat was het. Tot opdatums. (One day later I added a nice video about USA foods banned in the UK & the EU.)

There is a cute video made by an American couple living in Paris about 25 foods banned here in Europe. For me it only contains a very interesting detail that is new to me: look at 9 minutes into the video where it seems that in the year 1958 all food additives that can cause cancer were banned in the USA. But food additives that were already in use were not banned. Likely back in the day the USA already had those lobbyists working the political landscape. It is retarded behavior; allowing food additives that raise cancer give a few small extra profits to some parts of the food industry but overall the costs are much higher compared to those small gains in food industry profits...

At present day the average life span of the average US citizen is declining, something I predicted over a decade ago. Here in the EU food additives should only be judged by a simple to understand factor: Can the human body digest it properly? Ok ok it is a bit more complicated because likely you can find many chemicals that can be digested but still make you ill yet a whole lot of health problems are caused by stuff the body cannot digest properly and that is what makes you ill. For example the gluten in wheat products, a lot of university people think that gluten simple gets digested in your intestines but that is nonsense. My own experiments show that it takes months to digest the stuff but of course gluten cannot stay in your body for so long and the lack of digestion is what causes the harm in the long run.

But let me not go on my usual anti gluten rant, likely people get tired from it...
Click on the next picture to land at the cute video with all those weird colorings, chemicals used in fire retardants in plastic and so on and so on. It is amazing what Americans eat while it is not amazing why they are that fat.


Link used:

Ok, that was it. Till updates.  

(10 Aug 2020) Can our society really bring down obesity? I doubt that very much, the principles of weight gain & loss are known for decades (don't eat too many carbs) but the majority view is more or less that obese people are lazy. Or they should exercise more or this or that.  

Item 1) Can our society really bring down obesity?

Item 1) Can our society really bring down obesity? 

I lost about 30 kg going from 109 to about 80 kilo, how did I do it? Well in the beginning I just exercised more and indeed I did some form of calorie control in the sense I stopped eating those giant meals. When I was fat I was always hungry and I tried to fight the hunger with giant meals. For example it was pretty usual that 500 gram of dry spaghetti lasted only three days, now looking back it was just crazy.

Again: do not start counting calories, at present day I do not have a clue what my total caloric intake is in a day and I don't care. If you eat too little calories and at the same time you still eat the wrong foods you still can't burn body fat. And combined with a too low calorie intake this leads to a lower metabolic rate and once you have that you are only deeper into the shit. 

A couple of years back there was this show named The Biggest Looser and the idea was that with a lot of exercise and strict calorie control they would loose weight. Yes the people participating in that show did but a few years later they checked up a number of participants. All still had a too low metabolic rate and most of them were back on their old weight...  

A family member of mine is growing fatter since her teenage years. I think she is more or less now about double my weight, every year she packs on a few extra kilo's. Despite being so heavy she is absolutely not a lazy person, never smoked like hell and never drank alcohol. And doing calorie control year in year out. She once told me: In the morning I eat only two slices of bread and after that I eat nothing until the evening meal. Well the last time I met her I asked her if it may was a good idea if she just stopped eating bread... 

Instantly she got a fearful expression on her face and within two seconds we were talking about another subject. I found that interesting, why should a person have fear contemplating eating no more bread? Often if people are addicted to something, nicotine, alcohol, heroin or whatever what, if you suggest stopping that kind of behavior leads them to fear. Addicts fear having no access to the stuff they are addicted to. 

Societies can have their addiction stuff too. Sometimes it is just weird: For example in the USA during the Obama years often there were rumors about gun control. That was always accompanied with a lot of hysteria and for me it was always interesting to observe those long lines before gun shops. It was people loading up on ammo, for most consumers a 1000 rounds was nothing. The behavior fitted the basic definition of being an addict. It might sound strange that people are addicted to guns & ammo but all in all a lot of USA citizens behave just like that.

Back to the obesity stuff: It is known for decades that the mechanisms for weight gain and loss are related to eating carbs. Carbs raise the level of the hormone insulin and one of the many tasks of insulin is that it brings down blood sugar levels if they are too high. Insulin is a master hormone and if your insulin levels are too high all of the time, likely you have far too much body fat or you are obese.

In my own life I often woke up in the middle of the night and I was so hungry that I just had to eat something. If I did not eat something I definitely could not sleep for the rest of the night. And since it is very unhealthy to sleep at most five hours a night, I often went for something more to eat. 

So can our European society deal with obesity or do we have some weird addiction stuff going on too? I think it is the latter, our society has more need for explanations like 'lazy people' and not for a deeper understanding of the hormones driving weight gain & weight loss. 

For example, the next video is often used as advertisement for bread. Bread is not a healthy food because it raises you blood sugar levels far too much and that causes a spike in insulin and as such you can't burn body fat. This is not rocket science or three dimensional complex numbers, but now in the year 2020 bread is still promoted as a healthy food.

Lately there was some Youtube advertisement campaign about eating bread. If you know a bit about the basics of food you think that is a crazy idea, just like loading up another 1000 rounds of ammo is. But in the EU such advertisements never lead to any kind of uproar while foods like bread are at the basic core of the obesity problem.

Click on the picture to land at the advertisement (the ad is in the Dutch language): 


Link used:

So I do not think that on the level of the EU society the obesity problem can be solved. If as the EU promoting bread will bring anything good in the long run.

Let history also do a bit of the talking. In the past you had tobacco advertisements like below in the USA. At present day they smoke a lot less, that is true. Why not clean up the food too? (That is a joke by the way.)


Ok, that was it for this update. Till updates.


(06 Aug 2020) Boink boink bonkers; it was reported that the explosions in Beirut left a crater of a diameter of 124 meters. Completely crazy. But we skip Beirut because I want to update a bit more on obesity because all those advices are still very wrong.  

Item 1) Obesity is an illness, not a lack of willpower.

  Item 1) Obesity is an illness, not a lack of willpower.

Why is there so much nonsense going round about obesity? Very simple: most people who talk about that have not been obese themselves. And they only repeat what other people are saying and those other people also have not been obese... 

Obesity (at least in males like me) is a condition where the body is not capable of burning fat, that goes for body fat but also dietary fat. The problem lies in the kind of food that is produced and promoted. Those kind of foods spike the blood sugar level and a mighty hormone named insulin jumps into action and tells your body cells to take up that sugar because high levels of blood sugar are poisonous to our bodies. 

And if you eat weird food like that, think about bread, pasta, rice, soda drinks, ice cream & so on & so on and you eat that every day, slowly your average insulin levels will rise. And because insulin levels always slowly go down, you will get hungry before you can start burning body fat. So you eat some cookies or may be you eat that healthy whole wheat bread with some cheese & the cycle repeats. 

A lot of foods prevent you to burn body fat, you don't have to be obese to experience that. I only got fat after I was about 45 years. But 30 to 40 years back when I was a teenager or a twentyer, very often before the evening meal I had cold fingers. With what I know now, back in the time I had no access to all that energy as stored in my body fat. Now I eat almost no carbs anymore, the cold finger problem is much much less.

And what about all that crap like 'people will always go for the energy dense foods when given a choice'? That is completely bullshit, for example meat is a relatively energy dense food but have you ever seen obese lions or tigers? No, if you eat normal foods like meat is for a lion, once you have enough other hormones will set in telling the brain there is food enough in the body. 

When do animals get obese? That is for example when they have access to garbage and ha ha ha, they like the bread a lot. Even our own dog goes totally bonkers on a slice of bread. And that is when animals get obese: eating food as made by humans.

These weird foods also cause insulin resistance, in the end I had that too, and when you have insulin resistance your body cells do not react properly anymore to insulin. As such your body pumps out even more insulin making the problems only worse because insulin levels decline so slowly... 

The more insulin resistance you have the more hunger you always will have because if a lot of your body cells are insulin resistant they do not take up the blood sugars and all those body cells will be hungry 24/7. That is why obese people eat so often, even in between meals all they can get they will eat. But the hunger, it does not go away... 


Let me show you how literally everywhere nonsense about obesity pops up. Let me quote a few things from the next BBC article: 

Obesity not defined by weight, says new Canada guideline. Link used:

Quote 1: 

Instead, they should focus on the root causes of weight gain and take a holistic approach to health.

Comment: Yes it would be great if health 'professionals' would explain that you can't burn any fat if your insulin levels are too high.  

Quote 2: 

It emphasises that obesity is a complex, chronic condition that needs lifelong management. 

Comment: This is correct, you should not eat stupid foods that destroy your health for the rest of your life.  

Quote 3 is also very stupid: 

However, it notes that keeping the weight off is often difficult because the brain will compensate by feeling more hungry, thus encouraging people to eat more.

Many studies have shown that most people who lose weight on a diet gain it back.

"Diets don't work," Ms Ramos-Salas says. 

Comment: With a 'diet' most people think that is some temporary restriction in calories and once you have lost the kilo's you will be in heaven. That is nonsense, if you were too fat and you start eating bread and stuff again, ha ha ha you will get fat again.


Why do policy makers always tell so much crap? Often they have not had obesity themselves, that is the main factor I just guess. Compare it to physics professors talking about electron spin. If the physics professor would use only logic, within a few weeks they all would understand the electron cannot be a magnetic dipole. But if they only hang out the conformist and as such always avoid elementary calculations, even a thousand years from now they will talk nonsense. 


I was lucky that I only got fat after about 4.5 decades of being slim. But we should do something about the food our kids eat. After all why make them hooked on weird stuff? 


Yes that excess body fat goes everywhere: I had fat fingers too back in the year 2011.
And I started investigating about why I was that fat.
It's so simple: You rule your insulin levels or insulin rules you.
Since insulin has no brain, why should you get ruled by a brainless hormone?  

Ok, en of this post. Till updates. 


(30 July 2020) In the UK all of a sudden the pm Boris Johnson came with some kind of plan to help people loose weight. It would not be bossy or nanny kind of stuff. Well back in the time I had developed a full blown obesity, I was most heavy in 2011 with 109 kilo on the scale... All in all I succeeded in loosing about 30 kilo and stay stable in weight, no jojo stuff and no returning to my old weight.  

Item 1) Don't count calories, use a glycemic index.

 Item 1) Don't count calories, use a glycemic index.

The most important thing to understand about fat people is that they are not lazy or that they eat too much. No, obesity is a condition where you eat too much of the foods that raise your insulin levels and as such you cannot burn body fat.  

That is the most important thing to understand: If insulin levels rise, the fat burning stops. If you eat a lot of bread or rice or pasta your blood sugar levels start to rise fast and that is poisonous for your nerve system, insulin has the task of brining this poisonous level of blood sugar down.   

Basically loosing weight, if you do it correctly, is just managing your blood sugar levels. Furthermore if you are obese likely you have some degree of insulin resistance, in that case your insulin levels are even higher because insulin resistance is a condition where the insulin does not work properly anymore.  

And when you have insulin resistance, during the 24 hours of a day you just can never burn fat. Insulin is a master hormone, it is very strong and can influence other hormones that are far less strong. For example your body fat makes some kind of hormone that tries to tell your brain there is plenty of fat so food isn't needed. Ha ha ha, insulin blocks the proper working of that hormone. 

Your body fat is a giant reservoir of calories, there are easily 100 thousand calories to be found. That is enough for days and days and days. But if you cannot access that you feel horrible. And when you feel horrible, it is hard not to start eating again. 

For myself speaking, the last four or five years I don't eat during daytime. But if during daytime I get hungry, I do eat of course. The point is: if your insulin levels are low enough you don't get hungry because you can access that giant reservoir of energy. I think most of the time I get hungry during daytime is because my body needs some proteins so I eat that kind of food. 

During my life until I was about 45 years of age I often woke up in the middle of the night and I was very hungry. Most of the time that was after about 5 hours of sleep. And it was horrible: if I did not eat something I just could not fall back to sleep again. Now why did I wake up with a giant hunger? Very simple: if after drinking a few pints I baked an egg and with two slices of bread and some cheese I ate that. It was the bread that caused the insulin to rise and after five hours insulin was still too high so the fat burning process cannot start and you need more food. 

That is how people become obese: It has nothing to do with being lazy but with the impossibility to burn body fat. I hope you understand now a bit why calorie counting does not work properly although in the begin you can loose some kilo's with that. But if you do not manage your insulin stuff unavoidable you will start jojo-ing and simply give up on your 'diet'.

In our societies the knowledge of how to eat is just plain horrible: most people just do not know about the insulin stuff that regulates your blood sugar levels. Most people simply think that if they eat less calories is enough to loose weight. But that is not how it works: fat burning and fat storing in the human body is mainly driven by hormones. If you don't take that into account, you will fail in loosing weight in a long term and stable manner.

For example, in the next quote from Boris Johnson it becomes clear he does not know about the role played by hormones, quote:

No 10 launched the plan on Monday with a social media video of Johnson explaining how he had “wanted to lose weight for ages and ages”, and had been “way overweight” when he was in intensive care suffering from Covid-19.

Johnson said he now began his day by running with the Downing Street dog, Dilyn, saying: “The great thing about going for a run at the beginning of the day is nothing could be worse for the rest of the day.”   

Comment: If a person like Boris wanted to loose weight for 'ages and ages', why didn't he do it? Well very simple: he could never do that because he was eating the wrong kinds of food. And as long as insulin levels are raised, the body can't burn fat. Exercise, although healthy, does NOT burn fat.

Why is a glycemic index important? Well you can use it to see what foods raise your blood sugar levels too fast for too long (and if you have insulin resistance your insulin levels stat too high much longer explaining why you must keep on eating).

Here is a link from Harvard: Glycemic index for 60+ foods Link used:


Calorie counting does not work. But if you stop eating stupid foods like bread & pasta your body can manage itself and it will return to a body weight that is normal. 

Also of interest to read:  Glycemic index diet: What's behind the claims?
Link used:

I would like to close this update with a few words in my local language because a lot of university people think there is 'no problem' with eating bread. Since in my world it is well known university people can be stupid for centuries, why not react on that stupidity?


Hee zootje halve garen, ik heb 30 kilo lichaamsvet verloren en ik doe geen jojo thingeling jaar in jaar uit. Nou als je eenmaal insuline resistentie hebt gehad dan zelfs jaren later kan je geen koolhydraten voer meer eten.

Ok ok een paar keer per jaar kan het wel maar elke dag kan echt niet.

Is brood een dikmaker? Natuurlijk is brood een dikmaker, dus als ik van die achterlijke universiteits mensen zie beweren dat er geen enkele studie is die dat hard maakt dan heb ik alleen maar een klein klein lachje om mijn mond. In deze wereld is er nu eenmaal nooit een tekort aan idioten...

Leuke video van 'Broodje gezond'. Gewoon op het plaatje klikken en dan kan je die wijsheid bekijken:


Hey Boris: how is your Brexit going? Till updates my dear reader. 


(25 July 2020) It is that time of the year again: Gesundes saufen. In my garden a kind of fruit known as 'bramen' are always very early ripe compared to other places where you can pick them. It is always a month earlier compared to all other places and today I collected the first batch of bramen. 

Item 1) It is that time of the year again: Gesundes saufen!

 Item 1) It is that time of the year again: Gesundes saufen!

I wonder what bramen are in the Englich language so I am looking at up in Google translate and it says blackberries. I am not very convinced because I also have so called zwarte bessen and Google, what are zwarte bessen? 

Google says: black currants... 

Deep down inside the human genome there seems to be indications that in the long long past the ancestors of humans could simply make vitamin C with their own bodies. That explains that, for example, you never see a lion eat an orange. Lions likely make vitamin C with their bodies too. 

For myself speaking I always view this shortcoming of the human body as a proof that we are not created by some almighty God but that the story of evolution is much more convincing. But you can also look at math professors as a proof that we are not created by God. Why should you make stuff like that?  

Anyway vitamin C is important for a lot of things but one of the main tasks is good quality collagen. So if for example you frequently have a bit of blood caused by brushing your teeth, you should eat more high vitamin C fruit like a lemon a day.  

Today I harvested the first cup of bramen: 


Irresponsible people avoid drinking beer, often this is on the advice of evil medical doctors who have a perverse attitude towards driving people crazy. Mental health rots away fast in the absence of beer. Just look at the history of mankind: how many babies were thrown alive into the campfire just because there is a shortage of beer? Over the eons it must have been billions of babies. 

Here is how the blackberry beer looks, just look at it and if you see that would you throw a baby alive in the campfire? Of course not, those medical doctors are just plain crazy just like math professors!   


Ok, that is what I had to say today. Don't drink too much & don't throw babies alive into campfires! Oh oh, those humans... 

Anyway till updates. 


(19 July 2020) The negotiations about that giant European rescue fund (only 750 billion €) are going slow like expected. To put it simple: the so called 'frugal four' are against handing out money in the form of subsidies and get nothing in return. The receiving countries want help asap but do not want messing in what they view as internal affairs. My view is simple and unchanged: It is important that the receiving countries don't get annoyed by messing with 'internal stuff'. But if 12 years after the financial crisis they still do nothing about the ridiculous deficits and the ever growing pile of government debt they should not be given money. 

That might sound cruel, but as an example look at Japan: A debt load of 200+ % of the GDP and that means the Japanese central bank is crippled forever. If a serious rout of inflation would take place in Japan, the Japanese central bank can not raise interest rates because that would bankrupt the Japanese state. The rate policy of the Japanese central bank is, at present time, mostly a function of the Japanese government debt. They cannot do their mandate for years to come.  

The southern nations are in the right that an economical recovery of Europe is also in our interest, but it is also in our interest if the ECB would stop those weird QE buying. Countries like Italy are already financed by about 30% of their deficits by the ECB, that is already a massive wind in the back and still nothing is done to bring deficits down... 

I was completely against all that QE stuff because once you start that, it is hard to stop that because even the stopping of buying more government debt would do massive damage. Look at the USA where the weirdo's right now have about 7 trillion of the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve. We in the EU should never have started such a program in the first place, but with Mario Draghi leading the ECB guess what happened? In this world there is never a shortage of idiots... 

Well let's hope that our political leaders will agree on something tomorrow & don't forget that our European leaders are more or less normal people and we are not in a situation like the USA where a mentally ill person is the president. Or for that matter look at that idiot from Brasil, I don't remember his name but I hope he will die from COVID-19. Hey let's go to our item of today: 

Item 1) Retarded leaders and the coffins they fill.

  Item 1) Retarded leaders and the coffins they fill.

It is not much of a secret that I think the president of the USA is a mentally ill person. Now if an American reads these very words they might think that I more identify with democrats but that is not the case. This person that I name Shithole One is, in my view, mentally ill.  

But a whole lot of people think that because Shithole One is the president of the USA, he must be a smart and wise leader who is capable of showing leadership... 

One of those people is the CEO of some bean company I never heard of, but he was very good in licking the ass of the donald by praising his leadership. And that lead to the promotion of Goya food products from the oval office in the USA white house.

You can view it as a small joke or just another day at the office run by a mentally ill person. But the donald has found some time to promote those kind of foods: 


Also Shithole One in his infinite wisdom knows how to unite the country by promoting behaviors that bring down the spread of a simple virus. Oh oh the wisdom of this guy, there is no pencil in this world that can write down how smart he is.


Ok, let us now look at some simple statistics that clearly show leadership makes a difference. It is just the number of death and stuff, who is leading?

That is the USA & Brazil. Two countries with clearly rather dumb leaders.  


And a tiny bit of math: a straight line of a plot with a log scale on the vertical axis denote exponential growth. Only a guy like Shithole One is capable of managing an entire country like the USA in such a corner...


Ok, that is what I had to say today: European political leaders are still not crazy as hell while in other countries the coffin filling has to do the talking when it comes to explaining you must not vote for mentally ill persons to be your president. 

Till updates. 


(13 July 2020) Wow wow wow, Florida reported a crazy 15 thousand new COVID-19 cases and like I said in the previous update Florida has only 20 million citizens. If memory serves last Friday for the USA as a whole the reported number of new COVID-19 cases was 66 or 67 thousand so once more we observe it is basically a country filled with idiots.

And if you look at the number of deaths per 100 thousand people, the USA is only halfway where the UK is today. So there is plenty of room at the upside; it can go easily  much much more worse in the USA. And I look in bewilderment about how stupid they are; instead of using this crises for example to end the subsidies on corn or forbid the use of high corn fructose syrup because of the long term health effects, all they do is talk about Shithole One wearing a face mask for the first time or talk passionately about that Jeffrey Epstein chick that got arrested... Sorry folks, with a mind set like that it is only waiting until we observe 100 thousand new COVID cases a day for a long time...  

But I want to talk about the serious things in life and that is not the USA, so once more electron spin & a new update in the magnetic files. 

Item one) Why you too Alexander Unzicker? WHY???

 Item one) Why you too Alexander Unzicker? WHY???

The last weeks I have seen a lot of physics video's, not about me having an interest for the physics side but only to observe the psychology of it all. And I have arrived at the conclusion that even if I am right, that is electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles and are indeed magnetic monopoles, during my life I will not get vindicated. 

All those idiots they are just like the math professors; forever entangled in a web of groupthink that clearly is wrong. The math professors have it with their retarded vision on complex numbers, the physics professors just can't understand that if an electron is a magnetic dipole that in such a case it should be neutral under the application of external magnetic fields... 

With that silly groupthink they only cripple themselves and as such this explains why we see zero progress in science when it comes to details like that. You know it is not a cognitive thing that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, you need about zero math to understand that. So it is not that I have a very complicated long calculation that shows it is not possible to be a magnetic dipole, it is pretty easy to understand. So it is not in the cognition, it is about the psychology of it. People say things because they want to show that they belong to the group of such and so.

Example 1: A person says that Mohammed is the prophet of Allah. There is not much hard proof for that but it shows the person identifies with the group of Muslims. 

Example 2: A person says the Jesus was born from the virgin Mary and therefore is the son of God. Once more not much proof but the person communicates he or she is a Christian.

Example 3: A math professor says that beyond the complex plane we only have the 4D quaternions and very difficult 8D numbers. Such a person only demonstrates that he or she wants to belong to the group of people who always say that, that is the group of math professors. 

Example 4: A physics professor telling an audience that magnetism always comes in a bipolar fashion so it is unlike electricity where we have positive and negative charges. Once more we only observe psychology or emotion if you want: this person only shows that he or she wants to belong to the group of physics professors.

And if you mix it up, for example when a physics professor gives a lecture to math professors, there is no end to the nonsense you can observe. One of my favorite physics guys is Alexander Unzicker, I like him because he attacks the so called standard model of physics. That is a monumental task, he will fail because it is too big a target to bring down and above all: how do you find experimental evidence that the whole of the standard model is all a bag of nonsense?

I would never do such a thing, I only pick one small detail that just can't be true if you think about it and that is electron spin. Not that I am expecting much progress on that during the rest of my life, but if a bunch of weirdo's want to do their own thing why not? If monkeys like Edward Witten want to blah blah blah about string theory, why should that be forbidden?

In a beautiful video from Alexander Unzicker we have everything combined: a physics professors giving a lecture of math professors about the use of quaternions in physics while brining up the Stern Gerlach experiment.

It is hard to find much more crap combined in just one video. And do I care about some overpaid people standing beside reality? Of course not, the only thing that more or less counts is that I myself have a tiny better understanding of what nature is. And if those university weirdo's are only consumed by their own nonsense, that is not my problem...

Click on the picture to land at the perfect video: 


Title of the video: Quaternions and fundamental physics.
Link used: 

At last my onw very small contribution to the magnetic pages: In reason number 85 I dive one more time into what is know at the 'Vacuum catastrophe' where the professionals are wrong about 120 orders of magnitude when it comes to the energy stored in the vacuum of space. 

In this world we will never run out of idiots, that's for sure. Ok, let us split and say goodbye until we see each other again. Till updates.   


(04 July 2020) Boink, it is going hard in the USA with 55 thousand new COVID-19 cases reported yesterday! And in Florida about 10 thousand while they have only about 20 million citizens. As a comparison the peak in Italy was about 6500 new cases and Italy is about 60 million people. Why is it so high in Florida and other USA places? Likely it is the food as it is made & consumed in the USA; the high fructose corn syrup is in everything while it is known to be unhealthy. And in Italy they have a habit of eating normal food... 

All in all it is expected that the corona situation in the USA will get much more worse. Even the wearing of a mask has become politicized, talking about a bunch of dumb obese weirdo's.  

But today's item is about Shithole One and the bible, since I lost all hatred for donald trump I consider him only as a mentally ill person and as such he is an interesting thing to study... Or not? 

Item 1) The USA president on Matthew 5, it is amazing.

 Item 1) The USA president on Matthew 5, it is amazing.

Source file: Donald Trump Reads the Sacred Holy Bible, Episode 5: Matthew 5: Part 1

The above file dates back to 2017 and if you read it you wonder why those evangelicals still support Shithole One with so much passion. Let me post just two quotes from my mentally ill study object donald trump.

(Please remark that my source is likely a parody and Shithole One never contributed to this.) 

Quote 1: 

Blessed are the poor in spirit, they get a kingdom. At first I said, absurd. The poor are what’s wrong with this country. Blessed are the rich, more like it, this country would be nothing without them. But Jesus is really saying he’s going to give them a kingdom somewhere far away where they won’t bother us anymore and take our money. Brilliant. Killing them’s expensive. Very expensive. We’ve looked into this. It’s actually cheaper to build them some row houses and block apartments in Canada, Mexico, re-locate them there, they’ll think it’s a kingdom compared to where they were living, Harlem, Baltimore, L.A., the ghettos, what not. 

Comment: Likely it is parody and not the true and carefully thought through thinking of the USA president. Let's proceed with quote 2: 

Blessed are the meek. What does that word mean? Well you gotta keep reading. It says the meek will inherit the earth. Who gets to have the earth? Those who deserve it. Are you following this? Who deserves to have the earth? THOSE. WHO. WORK. FOR. IT. You get that? So the rich, again. The meek are the rich, it’s so obvious, so right. Jesus is talking to the owners and entrepreneurs and CEOs and celebrities who are the only ones who deserve to live on this earth. And my supporters know this, they agree with it completely. They want the meek to inherit the earth. 

Comment: Great wisdom, hey how is your COVID-19 stuff going? Also great? 

Ok, I have a few nice pictures to add but they are on another computer & I have to buy some new USB cable first. So tomorrow or later I will hang those pictures here.

(It is now 24 hours later, here we have that wise guy from the White House:)

Once more I wonder why the US evangelicals support Shithole One, why?


In another development I posted the first writings about crafting a Fourier series using the four dimensional complex numbers. You should only read it when you are interested in it, but it is on the other website and here is a link:

New way of Fourier series using the 4D complex numbers.
Link used:

That was it for this update. 


(25 June 2020) This has been a cruel month for me: first my reason for why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles failed (I wanted to talk about those qubits from the DWave quantum computers until I realized those qubits are super conducting completely destroying what I had to say). The last week or may be the last 10 days I have been working on a new form of Fourier series 4D style and the day before yesterday that also came crashing down because it turns out that not all the basis functions are perpendicular to each other. 

Well you win some and you loose some I just guess. Beside that a lot of corona restrictions are lifted so all in all life is not bad right now...

Today we are going to take a look at a cute video that tries to explain how birds might use quantum mechanics to navigate the globe using the earth magnetic field. 

Item 1) Once more: electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles.

 Item 1) Once more: electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles.

The most simple atom is atomic hydrogen: just one proton and a neutron. Do you think that such atoms are electrically neutral because the positive and negative electric charges cancel each other? Of course you would think that, it is more or less in every chemistry course: atomic hydrogen is not ionic and as such it is neutral for electrical fields. 

So if I would say that atomic hydrogen is not neutral and only molecular hydrogen (that's H2) is neutral for electric field, would you think I am a lunatic? I hope you do, of course both atomic and molecular hydrogen is neutral if it has all it's electrons in place...

But in the video from Up and Atom we observe once more all that nonsense about electron spin. And as always electrons are tiny magnets and they align themselves with the earth magnetic field or they anti-align with that. Just like a compass...

Just like a compass, did the cute chick really say that? Well try for yourself: even if you try it thousands of times never ever will a good working compass anti-align itself with the earth magnetic field. It will always, I repeat always, point into the right direction if nothing else disturbs it.

If it were true that electrons are tiny magnets, in that case they would be neutral for magnetic fields by definition. Just like it makes no difference if you have atomic or molecular hydrogen when it comes to magnetic fields, for magnetism the electron should be neutral.   

But they are not, so the only logical conclusion is that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. They must be magnetic monopoles.  

I modified two screenshots a little bit, but once more it shows that nonsense like the Pauli exclusion principle. That principle is an observation, not an explanation. But it is so often used as an explanation, why do people do that?  


And once more I wonder why the lady from Up & Atom does not understand herself that her talk is not logical. It is not logical that if electrons are already tiny magnets that only the electron pair is magnetically neutral because of some retarded Pauli principle. 

Well you can check for yourself what is more logical: electrons as magnetic monopoles or as magnetic dipoles. In my view it is not logical to study the electron as a tiny magnet with two magnetic poles.

May be you feel intimidated that people like Pauli, Dirac, Einstein, Stern & Gerlach and all the others never realized that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. Don't feel intimidated, after those people could only calculate within the complex plane. They were also to stupid to craft the 3D complex numbers. But that is a story for another day.

Let me close this update with a link to the video from Up & Atom:
Quantum Biology [Part 3] - How Birds (Might) Navigate With Quantum Mechanics
Link used:

At last just a screen shot as why nobody can explain what electron spin actually is, if you must explain this as angular momentum that is hard. Spin simply is magnetic charge comparable to electric charge. Why make it all so complicated for no reason at all?

Ok, it is time to split. Please keep your distance a bit because I have seen so many people crowding in the last days. But let's not preach, after all every body has the right to a coffin and a burial site. What more do you want?
Till updates. 


(12 June 2020) A bit more on all that China crap. Lately the Dutch renamed some office in Taiwan, it was a tiny renaming and absolutely no big deal at all. Yet the Chinese reacted furious and there was even talk of withholding medical supplies right as we needed them. If memory serves, when Huwan was struck there was even a plane going from my country to China with face masks. So this behavior from China is one 100% unacceptable. Once more I urge to reconsider in a long term strategic move: Why should we buy all this crap from China? 

In the long run this is absolutely not in our interest. 

Item 1) More on all that China crap.

  Item 1) More on all that China crap.

At present day we luckily have those new LED lamps and indeed it looks like they perform better. Before that we had all those savings lamps and always when it was 'made in China' on the package it always said: 10,000 burning hours. I never ever had one lamp that lasted over just one thousand hours. As a matter of fact there was no difference between those old electricity slurping light bulbs and that crap made in China.

Before we had all industrial stuff coming from China, a lot of that was actually produced here at home on the European continent. I still have one old savings lamp from about 1990, so that is about three decades old. It is still shining day in day out:  


Before we entered the European Union in my country we had something known as 'Kema keur'. That was a government agency (paid by tax money in case some Italians are reading this) and they actually tested the stuff. And if the package said it burned 10 thousand hours and the test said no no no, it could not be sold in my home country.

Ok later we joined the EU because that had the obvious benefits but the EU did not have agencies for testing the stuff that was sold on the internal market.

So likely in the year 2001 the Chinese sleaze balls found out that if you print '10 thousand burning hours' on the package you could come away with it.

And year in year out the Europeans kept on buying that Chinese crap, ok ok it was cheap and that's why people kept on buying that Chinese shitty crap. But two decades of shitty Chinese saving lamps have done nothing for the environment; if these lamps last only 800 house this is all a waste of energy and materials. 

I think people should try a bit better in understanding the Chinese culture: If they can cheat and likely come away with it, it is about 100% sure they will behave that way. 

You should not buy that crap and as a country or a continent if you make yourself dependent of medical supplies from that shitty nation, in the long run you are only asking for trouble. 

Let's keep it with that. Till updates. (One day later updated with a 'fact check':)

I am riding around on my bike and I suddenly realize: I have no proof at all the lamp is 30 years of age. Ok ok it is hanging in the so called schuur for 22 years so as a matter of fact it could also be a bit more as that: say 24 years. Anyway it does not matter very much, the point I wanted to make is that from China most stuff is rather crappy and never ever it will surprise you by living much longer than the specifications on the box that say: 10 thousand burning hours.

If you want to know a bit more about the inner workings of China, the Youtube channel ADV has interesting details about that. It is from a guy that has been living in China for the last 13 or 14 years. The next vid is a good starter:
How China Corrupts Foreigners Who Live There
Link used:

I also want to remark that since the Huawei company is rather successful it could very well be that Huawei has a much more non-corrupt culture as a company. If in the long run that makes it safe to use Huawei hardware I don't know. But never forget that if the Chinese can cheat because it benefits them, likely they will do so.

End of this China stuff, till updates.  


(08 June 2020) Wow, we only had two reported corona deaths today but it is weekend and of course that always means underreporting... The UK also seems to go more and more down but for them 2 on a day will still be a future dream. Two days ago on the other website I published the 150-th post so that's a cute milestone, I succeeded in making a norm based on eigenvalues. So if you are interested into 3D complex number math you could check it out.  

But this update is about a video from Sabine Hossenfelder, she is too kind in explaining why in physics there has been so little progress in say the last 40 years. 

Item 1) Sabine is too friendly for the physics professors...

 Item 1) Sabine is too friendly for the physics professors...

Before we look at the video let's once more look at the aurora borealis. We can see those beautiful lights because the electrons coming in from the solar wind have so much speed that they slam other electrons out of their orbitals and as such these lights are made. So it is a fact of life the incoming electrons are ionizing the earth atmosphere. Here is a cute picture of how that looks: 


Physics people think that electrons are magnetic dipoles and as such they cannot be accelerated by magnetic fields in a serious manner. Just like the neutron is electrically neutral and as such an electric field has not much influence on the neutron. 

Ok, you are an electron and together with your other brothers & sisters and the protons you come in flying hard towards our home called the earth. The physics people always come up with crap like 'the electrons can only follow the magnetic field lines, they cannot move perpendicular to it'.  

Suppose all that weird stuff is true; in that case the speed of the incoming electrons gets projected in the direction of the earth magnetic field. As such there will hardly be any speed in the vertical direction.

Any idiot can figure this out: if the electron cannot be accelerated into the direction of the magnetic field of the earth, it's speed will be projected on the earth magnetic field. And as such it will get a very tiny speed in the vertical direction out of the solar plane. 

So how can the electrons from the solar wind have a speed that makes them ionize the atmosphere of the earth in the polar regions?

Any idiot or physics professor can figure that out: this story of 'only following magnetic field lines & Lorentz force' is bull shit.

If that were true we would not have the aurora borealis & it's Australian counter part.

Well my dear Sabine, during the last century any physics professor could have figured that out and as such concluded that it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles. But my dear Sabine, if memory serves, you too speak about the magnetic moment of the muon just so easily that I don't know what I am looking at:

1) Everything is carefully thought through, or
2) Just another person talking out of her neck?

I don't want to insult you because I like your video's a lot. After all you are a seldom person with having a bit of criticism on the field of professional physics. So there is a lot of value in that, but why should muons have a magnetic moment?

Ok, let's go to the video because it is also a promotion of a book with more or less the most beautiful title I have ever seen. The title of the book is Lost in Math. And when I think about all those physics people that do string theory with all that math, I wonder if that is science or another bunch of overpaid idiots.

Let's go to the video, click on the picture below: 


And with such a beautiful title of a book it is time to split my dear reader. Is physics lost in math or are math professors to blame for keeping humanity stupid? Are math professors also lost in math & so much more existential: 

Am I, Reinko Venema, lost in math?  

Of course I am, but if all of the time it is other coffins and not mine that get filled, why worry? Till updates my dear reader. 


(31 May 2020) Oh oh, it seems that in the UK so called excess death toll is on the rise again. Here in our little country we had a week with lower than average death toll and all in all the statistics point to a further decline in everything: people on intensive care down, COVID-19 deaths down etc etc.

Why in the UK all of a sudden it is different, I do not have a clue... 

Item 1) UK excess death toll on the rise again.

 Item 1) UK excess death toll on the rise again.

Here in the Dutch landscape we never had a lockdown like for example in France where it was forbidden to leave your house without a proper reason. And police checked on that, France police did fine you if you could not prove you were out with a reason. 

Here we had only a contact ban, so if you wanted you could always go away. All you had to do is stay away from other people. And it more or less worked perfectly, see this old graph from 06 May: 


Weirdly enough the entire month my home city stood always at 7.7 people in the hospital per 100.000 people. So I think at the RIVM they are so exhausted that they don't update any more... But I did not check it out every day, at best once a week. Yet it is highly unlikely that number 7.7 never changes... 

Anyway the next video is from the channel a different bias, the guy over there is a bit left but I don't mind. At least he thinks his stuff carefully over and that is important to me. I don't like it when people just talk out of their neck without thinking the stuff properly over.  

It seems the analysis was done by the Financial Times so likely we can trust on that, at the FT they don't have a long standing history of talking out of their necks. Click on the picture for the video. Link in the video is


The only possible reason I can think of is that the average UK person much more is forced to use public transport because over there going out with your bicycle is far more dangerous. Going on your bike is much more lethal over there, about 10 to 20 times as dangerous. Without doubt the Brexiteers will think they have a very good bicycle infrastructure. Just like a lot of them think that food standards in the USA are better compared to Europe; idea's like that are much more based in their disliking of the EU and it is just talking out of your neck kind of stuff. It is not for nothing that obesity in the USA is that high; it is a logical consequence of how food is regulated over there...   

I would like to close this small update with a feather in the ass of the locals: since the 1980-ties here in the Netherlands there is a traffic policy of separating bicycles and motorized traffic. And for four decades on a row traffic accidents by bicycle have been declining. If you think about it: 40 years of investment is a gigantic amount of money, it is almost impossible by other nations to drive down their bicycle deaths in a serious manner because it takes a lot of work and a lot of time. I use all those bicycle lanes every day of every year and I am glad they are here. 

End of this update, can you explain the UK upturn in excess death?  


(22 May 2020) Yesterday I wrote a new post with some comments on a video about magnetic monopoles over at the other website. Now you must absolutely not think that talking a bit of truth to the physics professors will make them revisit their ideas over electron spin. That is not the way it works, on the contrary I expect them to sabotage the whole thing. You must never think adults will act as adults. Compare it to the behavior of the police during the first 10 years of the war on terror: That was 10 years of sabotage too... So I am used to that, in this world there is never a shortage on idiots...

I want to proceed with more of those White House idiots that work for Shithole One, this time it is that bitch Kellyanne Conway. 

Item 1) Kellyanne Conway on COVID-1 through COVID-19.

 Item 1) Kellyanne Conway on COVID-1 through COVID-19.

There is never a lack of crazy news coming from the US White House. This time the mentally ill Shithole One told reporters that he is taking that anti lupus drug named hydroxychloroquine for about a week and a half... 

Once more everybody is taking this serous and once more I do not understand why. After all this is a mentally ill person. It still feels weird that whatever donald trump says, I just cannot get mad or angry any longer. After a few years of totally neglecting the daily stream of diarrhea news I now have more or less full immunity for what he says.

In general when two people have similar cognitive capabilities, they are able in meaningful communications. Kellyanne Conway is already in for the entire ride of this presidency and as such it is likely that she has good communications with Shithole One. Lately the Conway bitch came up with an unbelievable dumb interpretation of the 19 in COVID-19. She thinks it is COVID number 19...

The other text I made up myself, so as far as I know it is not true that Kellyanne has always a carrot in some hole when she gives an interview for the camera. And that later Donald eats his veggies. But suppose the first picture would be true and the second not, would that give any difference in the level of madness that comes from this White House? I can't see any difference...  


With that cute new program I modified the above photo to something known as 'Kandinsky style'.  


Oh oh, over there in the White House there are many weirdo's. Let's all count to 19 or may go do something else that has a bit more value compared to reading all this Kellyanne nonsense. Till updates. 


(17 May 2020) There is not much reason to update but I am bored and I have nothing else to do. Ok, I could write a few new math posts, there is always plenty of material and often I just throw it away... No, I don't feel like writing math right now. I only want to post that picture of one of those weird and relatively stupid people. His name is Stephen Miller, I don't know much about him and I have no desire to do so. But he caught my attention a few years back when those giant parasitic tax cuts in the USA were done. According to that imbecile Stephen Miller, those tax cuts would pay for themselves.

So no corona stuff today. 

Item 1) Lessons learned from the credit crisis?
Item 2) USA gross domestic product and other fantasies. 

  Item 1) Lessons learned from the credit crisis? 

An important criterion to recognize dangerous debt bubbles is rather simple: If a particular sector of debt like housing debt or government debt for a number of years grows much faster compared to the overall economy, that points to a likely debt bubble.  

For example if your government debt grows like 10% year in year out and the economy grows only 2.5 percent on average, you can be sure there will be hell in the future.  

So for me it was strange to observe those weird tax cuts in the USA that mostly got to the people who did not need them in the first place. USA federal borrowing shot to about 6% of the GDP and only people that are severely cognitively crippled could do such a thing. Anyway that was my take on the stuff over there, as usual there are plenty of dumb investors that keep on buying US federal bonds. Good luck with that one. 

Anyway it was that retard Stephen that I heard say that those tax cuts will 'pay for themselves'. That is some strange myth that I observed more often inside those republican hardliners, it is impossible so why do they think that? Ok, if you can lift tax pressure from the real economy that is always good, but does it 'pay for itself'? Nope. 

In the USA the intake of tax was about 1/7-th of the GDP. So for the stuff to 'pay for itself', for every $ in tax cuts the economy or the GDP should grow by 7$. The tax cuts were about one trillion US$ so for that to catch up the GDP must grow by 7 trillion US$ and after so much growth it finally 'pays for itself'. 

Well, with a GDP at the time of at most 20 trillion US$ (and a lot of that is just fried air, see item 2), the economy should grow to 27 trillion or the tax cuts should generate about 35% of economical expansion... 

Of course that would never happen, since it does not take much brain power to understand that, why do people like Stephen Miller talk that weird and dumb talk? 


Of course I am not against the USA tax cuts since it hinders their long term economical power, so that is a good thing. But what I do not understand is why you long term cripple your own country in such a deep way. Now just a small amount of time later we are in the midst of this corona fun and has those tax cuts done anything good? 

 Item 2) USA gross domestic product and other fantasies. 

Let's keep this simple and leave all math out. From people that migrate from the USA to Europe, a lot of them tell the same story: In the USA I had a cell phone that did cost me about 100$ a month. Here in the EU I have a similar subscription for 30€.

And think about that guy that was one of the first that tried to get a COVID-19 test at some hospital and he got a bill of a cute 3900$. At present day in Germany a test costs about 60€.

So if you want to understand a bit more of the statistics around the USA GDP, you have to know that in that gigantic reported number elementary cell phone services are booked in at 100$ while in other countries it would only be 30€.

Come on, entire sectors of the economy are highly over priced, you do not get much medical care per spend US$ over there. Ok, lets leave it with that. And I am sorry to say: taxes will need to be raised in the future because of the corona thing. I am sorry so consume with a tiny bit of wisdom. Till updates. 


(11 May 2020) Finally I posted an update in the magnetic pages after two months. That is our item for this day's update:  

Item 1) Experiments that should validate the monopole magnetic charge of electrons.

Item 1) Experiments that should validate the monopole magnetic charge of electrons.

Oh oh over at CERN the perfumed princes & princesses of overpaid physics always leading to zero results have a new brilliant idea: We only need 20+ billion € for a new 100 km long particle accelerator and after that we will be the masters of the universe.

Of course that is not going to happen, I mean the 'masters of the universe' part and not the 20+ billion € part. No, at CERN we observe a wonderful example of 'group think' and as such they make zero progress all of the time.

Despite their work, they found no magnetic monopoles and due to their stupid group think problem at CERN you really cannot say in the canteen over lunch that it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles.

So those CERN employees might be very smart, but if you year in year out never ever give some experimental proof that electrons are magnetic dipoles, you will be wandering in the cognitive desert for another 4000 years.

After having said that, I have written down a few possible experiments that I cannot perform myself in my kitchen or my living home but that should be possible to do without those ridiculous giant money budgets...

In Reason 84 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles I only show three possible experiments I cannot do myself but in theory at universities it could be done. 

Not that I expect this will be done in let's say the next 10 years, after all we are dealing with university people. So let's say they are not all sleaze balls like the math professors, let's keep my tone a diplomatic tone and simply say those people face certain boundary conditions.  

Yeah yeah, boundary conditions a cute way of describing the stuff.
Click on the picture to land at Reason number 84.


That was it for this magnetic update. Till updates.  


(06 May 2020) There was lots of interesting corona virus news today, for me the most important was that fact that in Germany they found out that about one fifth of those that get infected are those known as 'asymptomatic'. That means those people never develop symptoms such that they realize they have the new virus. To be precise: in the sample they found 22% asymptomatic people, of course this is a key to why COVID-19 spreads so fast. 

But today I want to show you the giant regional differences we have in our cute little country named the Netherlands. So here we go: 

Item 1) Regional differences in our cute little country.

 Item 1) Regional differences in our cute little country.

Where I live, that is in Groningen in the north, day in day out the number of diagnosed COVID-19 people are at 7.7 on every 100.000 people. That is very low. For myself speaking I name this the density, so we have a local density of 7.7 but likely nobody else uses that word. 

Anyway, here is a map where I show you how large these local densities can be. The regions on this map are so called GGD regions, the GGD is a Dutch government agency so it is not provincial or municipal regions but regions as historically grown by the GGD.

(Correction from 17 May: Oh no, this map is along the new municipal lines! Sorry if you were confused about that incorrect detail.) 

In the previous update I mentioned my country has been hit very hard and that is true but the regional differences are truly gigantic. Here where I live it is 7.7 per capita 100.000 citizens while in the south in Peel en Maas it stands at 327 COVID-19 diagnosed per 100.000. The density in Peel en Maas is about 40 times as high...
The graph shows hospital admissions: 



What does this mean?  

It means that this social distance stuff actually works... The high density regions stay high density but it does not spread out to low density regions.

Ok ok, at some critical point in time I tried to create a bit of a panic (that was on 22 March, see below for that update) and may be that helped a little bit. Sometimes you have to show a wolf to the sheeple and it does miracles.

Of course I cannot prove this because this website is completely tracker free, I have no idea how many people visit this website and I have no desire to do so.

But with a little smile on my face I can say I am proud upon the locals because one way or the other we prevented too much coffins getting filled. And that my dear reader is always a good thing. Yet there is no vaccine or a medicine so keep using your own brain for the reminder of this year known as 2020. Till updates & keep on showing coffin avoiding behavior. 


(04 May 2020) Oh it is a sad day, 15 hours back the Beppe passed away and a beppe is Dutch slang for a grand mother. She was born in the same year as my father but she was able to get 20 years older than my father did. All these years she kept on calling me over the telephone, it did not matter that I divorced my ex a long long time ago. I was part of the family and that was it, divorce or not... Beppe it is a pity I cannot go to your funeral or cremation, only 30 people are allowed so I can't go. I am not going to take the place of one of your real family members...

And although it is a sad day, life goes on as they say and who is alive on 04 May 2020 and is still believing those crappy statistics as coming from China? 

Item 1) Who believes that China crap?

 Item 1) Who believes that China crap?

The last days China is behaving rather strange. For example Australia suggested an independent investigation into the origins of the SARS-COV2 virus outbreak and what do they get? All kind of weird stuff like threats to economical crippling to withdrawing Chinese students from Australian universities. It is ridiculous because we fucking do not know a shit about the origin of this virus.

Or do you believe that Chinese crap that it emerged from that market?

In case you do, do you also believe that crap as the 'total death toll' as reported by those shitheads known as the Chinese government? If you make a simple tally of countries and the reported death toll related to COVID-19, China is standing on position number 9 and my own country with a population of about 17 million stands at position number 10. Yes we have been hit hard, but all in all China was the first nation to enjoy the fruits of COVID-19 and they have a population of about 1400 million.

If you believe that China crap, my estimation is that there are some parts of your brain that can't process data using the thing known as 'logic'.     



Screenshot source: 
European Countries Flattening the Curve: Coronavirus in Italy, Spain, Germany & France - TLDR News 

There is more weird stuff going on in China. My own country renamed just some silly office in Taiwan, the name was changed a tiny bit. And instantly the Chinese fuckheads start making threats upon withholding medical supplies. 

It looks a lot like how they reacted towards Australia.

In my view we should reconsider our economical ties with China. It just cannot be we make ourselves dependent on them if they react so strange and so weird. Ok, they produce a lot of stuff rather cheap but most of the times it is a crappy quality. 

Cheap & crappy, may be that is a good definition of what China actually is.

Ok, let us split and wonder how likely it is a new virus emerges from a food market.
Till updates & live well and think well. 


(29 April 2020) Last week Shithole One created a tiny bit of controversy by stating you likely can cure COVID-19 by injecting disinfectant. Also you can cure it by bringing light into the body. That is for item 1, in item 2 a nine line long calculation that I have been postponing for years but now the time has come to pen it all down.

Item 1) How to bring light into a bitch?
Item 2) A cute nine line long calculation.

 Item 1) How to bring light into a bitch?

It still feels strange that I just cannot get mad any more when looking and or listening to Shithole One. I still do not understand as why so many people react on such a stupid controversy as emerged last week, it is clear this is a mentally ill person so why pretend the president of the USA is a sane person? 

The one day we have injections with disinfectants, the next day it was just a sarcastic remark and on another day Shithole One storms out from the press briefing & so on & so on. At best it is a circus act and at it's low it is a mentally ill person poisoning the political environment even further. 

I still had some of those pictures I showed you in the previous update, now it comes in handy: 


Do you think I am going a bit to hard against Melania? Come on, at best she is a gold digger who got the man she deserved, at best she is only Whore One getting paid for every sex act she performs on the Donald. Ok, let's leave it with that. 

 Item 2) A cute nine line long calculation.

A couple of months back I looked at one of the video's from the 3b1b (3 blue 1 brown) guy where he stated that you should view exponential operators always as that summation formula we have for them.

Most of the time I agree with him but this time not, the most easy exponential circle on 3D space already have nasty calculations when it comes to the standard way of calculating the exponent of a linear operator. 

But later I realized I could simplify the calculation very much by choosing the number tau a bit different; if you choose tau such that the exponential circles also have a period of 2 pi it becomes just so much more easy.

So that calculation will be the next post on the other website, the calculation itself is nine lines long and it almost fits on a standard A4 size paper. All in all it is just a detail but I am glad I finally did shine some light upon it: Starting with the standard formula for exponential stuff and ending in line 9 with the parametrization for the 3D exponential circle. 

In case you are interested into reading what it actually says, if you click on the small picture below you will get a bigger version of it (1750 pixels wide). 


Let me try to upload this stuff & take care of yourself. Till updates. 


(15 April 2020) During the last update from 12 April it was already very late and I got tired and decided to go to bed. Therefore I did not finish the picture as I had planned (trump aka Shithole One combined with those photo's from mass graves from New York). So that is the only item for today, the picture as I had planned it before. 

For the rest in my country it is more or less going ok given the circumstances. We have some weird stuff going on with people setting fire on those new 5G masts for mobile phones. May be this is some manifestation of all those crazy conspiracy theories going round, but how in the mind of those people you can connect 5G tech with a virus likely coming from nature is not known to me.  

Item 1) Shithole One reciting his daily diarrhea & the finished picture. 

  Item 1) Shithole One reciting his daily diarrhea & the finished picture. 

To my surprise when I look at those video's where Shithole One is doing his daily diarrhea stream of words, I never become angry anymore. Whatever he says, I do not care that much because the guy clearly has a mental illness. I did not expect that after avoiding most news for 3 years about Shithole One.  

Not all anger is gone; weirdly enough I now get irritated by those journalists and television people seriously talking about if donald trump is taking the stuff more serious now compared to a few days ago. Why do they always talk about Shithole One as if this is some mentally healthy person? Why? 

Anyway, in these months and may be years there is that old language again: The language of the coffins. And although the coffins cannot make any kind of sound, they still have a story to tell. Each and every coffin has a story coming with it. Together all these stories make up the language of the coffins, but you must always listen very good before you start hearing and understanding the story told. 

With pride I publish the next picture, it has a tiny bit of emotion in it; Shithole One explaining that the need for ventilators is exaggerated. I agree: a dead corps in a coffin does not need a ventilator... 


Ok, that was it. Till updates. 


(12 April 2020) Oops, the USA reported about 2000 fresh deaths yesterday. It might look this corona party is getting started a bit. The prognoses of the USA for total death toll are very optimistic: minimum observed was 60 thousand, max observed about 200 to 240 thousand... But the USA has about 80 million of people without health insurance, they will do anything to avoid going to the hospital because they can't afford health insurance in the first place... 

But it is late at night so let me keep this update short. 

Item 1) Shithole One saying weird stuff.

 Item 1) Shithole One saying weird stuff.

Every day Shithole One comes with more crazy stuff and that has been going on for a couple of years now. That is why I decided about 3 years ago to no longer read the news from the USA, there will always be stuff related to donald trump and I just do not want to read such stuff.

But present day is a bit different from the past, as such I have observed Shithole One stating that those governors that want more ventilators are just exaggerating and that beside this those governors are not friendly to him and if you want to get stuff from the Federal government at least you should be friendly to me.  

Well that is an interesting view on how to be a USA president, but the Americans voted that guy in office themselves and now when it is the time that the coffins speak, why not listen to that language? 

The language of the coffins is beautiful because it makes all people using their brains on a scale I have never seen before. Also it makes you humble and that is a good thing because humans often think they are just soo important...

Anyway that New York mass grave stuff was going on for at least 10 days while if memory serves Shithole One about the ventilators going to New York was less than 10 days. 

As the saying goes: Every country gets the government it deserves. 


Ok let me leave it with that. Till updates my dear reader, eat healthy and don't die for no reason at all. Till updates. 


(10 April 2020) A lot has happened and while we in Europe think that this is the biggest test for European unity since World War 2, just look at the stuff as it is going in countries like Bangladesh or India... For myself speaking I do absolutely not believe that European unity is in danger, why would that be? As far as I can see political reality, nobody wants to try World War 3 starting in Europe... 

The reason for this update is that this morning the results of 'Das dunkle Ziffer' came out and it simply said about 15% of the people in the sample had anti-bodies against COVID-19. That is our item of today. 

Item 1) Das dunkle Ziffer in Kreis Heinsberg is 15%.

 Item 1) Das dunkle Ziffer in Kreis Heinsberg is 15%.

People in the sample came from an area in Germany that was hit relatively hard, but I do not know what the density of COVID 19 is per capita 100.000 thousand citizens. On the one hand this is good news: at least 15% of the population is more or less immune for the new illness. Ok ok, it is not proven that you can't get COVID-19 twice but for the time being I still view the stuff as that you can't get it twice.

Ok, what does this number mean? About one of six people had anti bodies in their blood. You can only use this 15% number if you want to know about other geographic area's. Other area's must have a similar prevalence of COVID-19. For example where we live COVID-19 cases are still relatively low (the density is below 25 per 100.000 people over here) so it is impossible we will have such a large dark number or dunkle Ziffer. 

The results are in German of course, if you click on the picture you land at a relatively long video (55 min) but the relevant info from Hendrik Streeck is at about 10 minutes in the video. 


Link in the picture:

Ok, let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(06 April 2020) Oh oh, in the USA it is going hard lately. In places like New Orleans the death rate is double or triple compared to a place like New York. It seems to be related to the high obesity rates so an interesting eat culture is coming home to roost forever. Why obesity is so dangerous is not completely known right now; the one person says it is because obese folks have more receptors on their cells where the virus can enter. Other point to inflation in particular organs like kidneys and that the new corona virus likes that a lot and ensures organ failure often leading to death. Of course these processes could come hand in hand: the inflammation goes together with the receptor change. Biological things like our bodies are hard to understand in detail.

Oh oh the poor Americans and their culture of loading up on carbs day in day out. All you can eat meals for just 6.99$, unlimited soda refill in restaurants, consuming that poisonous high fructose corn syrop & so & so on. It is all you can eat until you die I just guess...  

But there is also positive news from Germany so that is item 1 for today, in item 2 again a link to my latest math post on 3D complex numbers: 

Item 1) Das dunkle Ziffer.
Item 2) Small math advertisement.

Item 1) Das dunkle Ziffer. 

Das dunkle Ziffer is translated the dark number and with that the Germans mean the fraction of people in the population that have contracted the new corona virus but never ended in a hospital and as such were never tested.

Finally a good sample of the population is taken, all get blood tested and a swipe in the mouth. The importance lies in the fact there is now a good anti-body test so in that way they can measure how many people have anti bodies.

For me it is hard to guestimate how high this so called dark number is, for example the death rate in our province of North Brabant is about 80% higher and those people were never tested on COVID-19.  

They hope the results are in at the end of the week.

But there is more good news: Germans also visited the homes of people that have or had COVID-19 and the virus could not be found on door handles or cats. So all in all this is hardly a virus that passes along surfaces and that brings relief because for example if you go out buying groceries you can't get it that way. Of course when a COVID-19 person sneezes into the hand and opens a door with that hand, likely there will be virus on the door handle but that is logical. Normally it is rather safe. So sneezing and coughing is the main vehicle of virus transport, not contacting surfaces...

That also means that all that spraying of disinfectants is completely not needed, I more or less already expected that but it is good to hear that from that German virologe Herr Hendrik Streeck. In a video of the German news (in the German language of course) you can find a bit more upon this interesting piece of research that tries to estimate das dunkle Ziffer:


Youtube link used:

The information about our higher Dutch numbers of people that passed away is from the local statistics agency, here is the link:

Sterfte neemt toe.

So absolutely do not spray disinfectants outside & let's go to item 2.

 Item 2) Small math advertisement.

I am glad I finally dived into the integration stuff on the higher dimensional numbers systems like 3D complex and circular numbers. Ok ok, likely professional math professors will still tell you that 3D complex numbers do not exist because they have some blah blah theorems that say so. But those blah blah theorems want 3D space to be an extension of the usual 2D complex plane and indeed, I agree, that is not possible. The smallest possible space that also contains the complex plane is of course the 4D complex number system or you can use the scalar replacement theorem on the long known 2D split complex numbers (split complex numbers have i^2 = 1 instead of i^2 = -1 as on the complex plane). 


At last, it has nothing to do with math, but lately I found a cute computer program that allows you to do some style transfer on pictures. It is a very simple program in the sense you must choose from a limited number of style changes so you cannot enter a picture for style and another picture to alter into that style, but the program is free and most of the time it actually works. Here you see a particular style named the Kandinsky style applied to a photo from Shithole One leading the US of A in these COVID-19 times:


That was it for this update. Good luck with all that math (if you are interested in it of course) and for the rest keep healthy and stop eating all that weird food that makes you obese (carbs and sugary things). Till updates my dear reader. 


(01 April 2020) A tiny math update to sooth the mind in these weird times & a last update on the quarrel between South Europe and my home nation the Netherlands. 

Item 1) Finally the post on integration for 3D numbers is finished.
Item 2) My last words on that quarrel about European bonds, it stays nope.

 Item 1) Finally the post on integration for 3D numbers is finished.

After years of dancing around the hot tub, finally I crafted some math about how to integrate functions on the 3D complex and circular numbers. Ok ok most math professors think it is impossible to have 3D complex numbers. And with two fingers in the nose and a carrot in the ass, the professional math professors keep only crawling around in a 2D space of complex numbers known as the complex plane.

But flying around in a 3D space of complex numbers is a beautiful thing. And now after avoiding it for too long I forced myself to finally do some integration stuff after all those years of mostly doing the differential thing. The problems I was afraid to meet were soon rather minimal; ok ok I just cannot use my favorite way of Riemann sums to cover all of 3D space. Yet the problems I was afraid of just weren't there for real, they were beautiful mathematical puzzles screaming to be solved.

May be tomorrow I will post them on the other website. Here is a cute picture upon integrating the sine function in the space of 3D complex numbers:


If you click on the picture you will land on the post upon integration on 3D complex numbers.

 Item 2) My last words on that quarrel about European bonds, it stays nope.

Ok ok, may be I was a bit harsh during my last updates upon Italy, the ECB policy now shithead Mario Draghi is gone. And may be I should not have spoken about the language of the coffins, it was not meant as an insult.

But if a country like Italy has already a government debt of 130% of the local economy it is clear they cannot pay of the debt otherwise it would not be such a crazy number. And if such a country wants to lecture me about not being emphatic, be an egoist or whatever what, I do not care.

As a teenager I have worked as a cleaner at some local hospital. As such I have cleaned the rooms of patients with an infectious illness. And I have cleaned such rooms in between patients so I understand a bit how hospitals run.

I have lots of sympathy and solidarity for all the medical workers in countries like Italy or as we have in Spain. If I could do something to help them with the problems they have I would do that. 

As of today I am about 17 years unemployed, that means I am not getting a big fat salary every month. Or have a fat pension plan. Or have a fat medical high class insurance policy...

And I am getting lectured by people who get at least 10 thousand a month in salary?
Often these political leaders come from families that have plenty of money and those families think they are smart because they are so good at tax avoidance.

Why do those Italian people with such fat salaries not buy their own government bonds? And why does Italia not tax the rich enough so you can do stuff like running down the government debt? 

Nope nope nope, European bonds will not solve such problems. 

So now we have this COVID-19 stuff going round, as a humble human I ask the Italians to listen to the language of the coffins. It is still a beautiful language because it makes you humble.

Till updates.


(29 March 2020) Two items for this update: The Italians seem to be mad at my country. And the second item is a dumb American making estimations about potential death toll in the USA. Both items prove once more that in this world there is never a shortage of idiots... 

Item 1) Italian government debt & the language of the coffins.
Item 2) Arvin Ash on estimates for total USA death toll related to COVID-19.

 Item 1) Italian government debt & the language of the coffins.

It has been long and hard work but now the government debt of my Dutch home country is below 50% of GDP, of course the economy will contract a little bit so it will rise again as a percentage of GDP even without extra borrowing. 

Ireland was hard hit after the financial crisis of 2008, but they seem to have their government finances rather good on order.

And what have the Italians been doing the last 12 years? With two fingers in the nose and a big carrot in the ass, debt levels only rose. On top of that we had that worthless idiot of Mario Draghi buying up a lot of Italian government debt. Idiots like Mario Draghi seem to think that economies are not adaptive, but a debt hugging system like the Italians are very adaptive: Lower interest rates so they can borrow more? Of course they will do that instead of paying off the debt. 

The Italian way of paying off debt is the refi or the refinance instrument, in practice debt levels only rise year in year out and this combined with being lazy in collecting taxes and may be a culture of tax avoidance explains more or less why at present date Italy has something in the order of 130% of GDP in outstanding debt. 

And now the debt hugging weirdo's are mad at us because we do not want to issue new bonds like 'corona bonds' or open that stability fund. May be the Italians are a tiny bit emotional but the stability fund is there for when nations have no longer access to the international credits markets, a situation that is not there right now. 

And why should Europe as a collective issue debt in the form of corona bonds? That would once more give Italians an incentive to load up more debt at artificially to low interest rates. 

My dear Italians, paying off debt and making debt levels lower is more or less the same as saving money for a rainy day. If 12 years long you fucking did nothing about that, what do we the Dutch have to do with that? Now it is raining coffins, if you would have saved something, that would have been very handy right now... 

Let's hope that the language of the coffins talks a bit of sense into your rather emotional heads, it is a very good language because all people always listen when the coffins speak. And you can ponder questions like 'What would the present situation be if we tried to pay off the debt during the last 12 years?' 

Of course nothing in Italy will change, it is a bunch of weird people always chasing the short run loading up more debt. It is never strategic and a long term vision, it is always making emotional gestures and it is never using the cognitive parts of the human brain. 



 Item 2) Arvin Ash on estimates for total USA death toll related to COVID-19.

In this world there is never a shortage of idiots. And one of them is a guy named Arvin Ash. He came across some math work made by a German math guy and he was highly surprised about the total death toll this new corona virus could have.

The guy is such a full blown idiot because you only need a tiny bit of math to understand where this all likely will converge to. Let me explain:

Yesterday or so total tested positive stood at about 500 thousand or half a million people. Global human population is 7 billion, that is 7000 million. So from the global population right now only one in 14.000 people has tested positive... For the virus there is still plenty of room for exponential expansion.  

Beside math, there is also the pesky fact that being obese is an extra risk factor for landing on the intensive care unit of a hospital. So for the USA it looks rather bleak with all those fatbags they have over there. It is kind of weird that half a century of wrong food advices by all western governments (stuff like eating whole wheat bread is good for you, but bread and stuff stops the fat burning process and as such people get obese, I have been obese myself and I know what foods to avoid).

Anyway, here is Arvin pondering the obvious (click on the picture for the video, it is 11.37 minutes long):


Youtube video title: An Alarmist Take on the Corona Virus - SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19
Link used in the picture: 

I don't want to sound like a nagging old man, but math and the human brain is often a bad match. If my estimate of 0.7% comes out, on a global scale this amounts to about 50 million people gone. If my early estimate is too low and it becomes above 0.7% of the population it will be more. 

Hopefully you don't get too depressed by these numbers. On a positive note you can also say a fatality rate of 0.7% is also a survival rate of 99.3%. Ok, not all survivors will be as healthy as before, but that is another story. Let's leave it with that my dear reader, use your brain and try to stay healthy. Get enough exercise so you have a good deep sleep every day. And if you are obese consider stopping eating weird food like bread, pasta, rice, sugary drinks and so on and so on. If you do not eat that shitty stuff your body can finally burn off that surplus body fat. Obesity is an illness that is not caused by eating too much but much more caused by eating foods that prevent your body from burning fat... And if you start to jojo with your body weight, you still eat too much carbs so change that once more & live happily ever after. End of this update.


(26 March 2020) Just a small update on estimates of second quarter USA GDP by Goldman Sachs. I have no idea on what those estimations are based, but it is a mind blowing number. In case you don't know much about USA GDP numbers: you must always cut them in four to get the real quarter on quarter number. And after many years of boredom: the jobs report from tomorrow will also be interesting. 

Item 1) Goldman Sachs suckers say WHAT? Minus 24%???

 Item 1) Goldman Sachs suckers say WHAT? Minus 24%???

For myself speaking I more or less expect that in the USA the number of death will be similar to Italy and may be higher because you have all those uninsured people over there. And if you can't afford health care insurance you definitely can't afford to go to the hospital and as such most of the people without health care insurance will do anything to avoid to go to the hospital... But that is for a future update, let's go to the professional suckers from Goldman Sachs: 


Source of the picture (from CNBC): Goldman sees unprecedented stop in economic activity, with 2nd quarter GDP contracting 24% 

Again: you must divide by 4 in order to get the real quarter on quarter estimate.
Yet a shrinkage of 6% of economical output is a giant shrinkage, or not? 

Ok, let's leave it with that because I need the time to finally finish my new math post where I finally dive into integration on the 3D complex numbers. It is a lovely distraction from all that depressing shit news from the last time. 

So till updates my dear reader. 


(22 March 2020) The stability pact is temporary lifted so countries can borrow extra money as they see fit. In Italy there are still record numbers of deaths, for some time now it is already higher than the whole of China. The new ECB chef Christine Lagarde started very fresh by remaking that 'the ECB is not there to stabilize Italian spreads'. I had to laugh about that but just a few days later the ECB started buying more Italian government debt... 

Item 1) The legacy of a shithole named Mario Draghi.
Item 2) Corona party's; in this world we will never have a shortage of idots.

 Item 1) The legacy of a shithole named Mario Draghi.

Very soon after the previous chef of the European Central Bank was appointed I stopped writing about financial policy. It soon dawned on me that Mario was a lunatic with a very weird approach to what central banks are supposed to do and I just stopped writing because why should I frustrate myself year in year out?

Just like in the last 3 years I almost write nothing about the USA because I do not want to think about Shithole One that lives in the present White House. 

Luckily that ECB shithole is gone and the good thing about the new chief Christine Lagarde is that she comes from the IMF and the IMF is very good in understanding what happens to nations when they make a mess of the government finances.

For years the ECB has been buying government debt from Italy and as such ensured that the interest rates of Italy were kept artificially low. So all those years the Italians never ever had the incentive to pay off some debt because with two fingers in the nose and a carrot in the ass they could easily pay the interest obligations of a mountain of debt. Only 130% of GDP and because of Mario Draghi & friends nothing has been done about that.

On the contrary, last year we had those imbecile Italian political weirdo's that came up with a fantastic plan to borrow a fucking lot more so that the economy would be stimulated and after some time the debt as a percentage of GDP would decline... Luckily the Italian proposals were rejected by the EU a few times and now there are new political leaders in Italy. 

So QE or quantative easing just doen not work. In the short run you might prevent a tiny amount of economical damage but in the long run the debt does not vanish. And what is the ECB doing right now? Yeah yeah Christine & friends have decided to buy more Italian government debt so once more nothing will change. One of the problems in Italy is that they are bad in collecting taxes, why that is I do not know in detail but with the present corona crises there was a small possibility to change that.

The ECB just prevented that by 'helping Italy' by new rounds of buying government debt. Oh oh, and life? Well life will go on I just guess... 

 Item 2) Corona party's; in this world we will never have a shortage of idots.

I haven't observed so called corona party's in my own country but in Germany they are a thing. From a video I think you better not watch I made a few screenshots of young people (likely Germans) standing in line and they all lick the same lolli pop a few times... That proves once more this world will never run out of idiots but of course the psychology is a bit more subtle of course. Likely those youngsters want to resist and therefore try to provoke a bit. Why they do it I don't know but there is a silver lining: if at corona party's a lot of the new corona virus gets spread, this will contribute to the basin of people that later cannot get infected again. And that my dear reader is a good thing... Or not? 


Screenshot source: Tim Kellner - TOTALER WAHNSINN - Corona-Partys und braune Sauce! 

Again I do not recommend watching video's like that, if you already have a functioning brain why waste time with vids like that? 

For reasons of future nostalgia to the present day, also a screenshot from the RIVM (a Dutch government agency paid by tax Euro's & not by borrowed money) we have the following map: 


Oh oh future nostalgia, I already feel you in the past I live in now. In the future we will long back to this map because likely in a short span of days it all becomes red, more red and in the end the entire map will be red.

Picture source: 

Or will I be wrong and all that 'social distancing' will actually work? I don't think it will work, asking people not to socialize is a hard thing. It's only going to work if people are scared enough and they only get scared enough if there are plenty of filled coffins but by then it will be too late...

I don't want to sound over pessimistic so let me end this update with a rather strong positive detail: right now it still looks like the overall population fatality rate stays at 0.7% of the population. Ok ok, the new corona virus can still mutate into far more deadly stuff but for the time being this is not happening. May be that the Italian version is a bit more lethal compared to the average in China, but that is pure speculation on my behalf. It is not 'science fact' or so. 

Ok, that's it for this post. Use your brain and be happy: Only 0.7% population wipe out.
Hey let's go to that corona party down the street, lick a lolli pop and as such contribute to herd immunity & get loaded & get laid... Or may be not.

Till updates.  


For older updates see the archive part 13.

End of this archive file index14.htm.  Go to index15.htm

Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4 

In Nov 2015 I opened a separate website for the three dimensional complex numbers:  


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles

09 Jan 2017: The link above grew out to 41 reasons that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. We proceed with reason number 42 on

Page 2 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Page 3 covers the stuff as found in the year 2018.

Page 4 covers the stuff for the year 2019.

Page 5 covers results found in the year 2020. 


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...























































































































Title: A 2020 condolences card to the US dollar.