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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(05 Nov 2021) That climate conference in Scotland might be interesting to comment upon. But let's not do that only for that weird detail that India wants to be CO2 neutral in the year 2070. This simply means the Indian government has absolutely no clue what is in the future. Of course India will argue that a lot of it's citizens are poor and they want to save lives by going slow toward climate goals. But by going slow they will likely kill a large multiple of the numbers they want to save; all in all India has no clue what is coming in the next decades.

Today a short Brexit update, here we go: 

Item 1) Is Lord Frost a mentally fresh person? Nope, it's an idiot.

Item 1) Is Lord Frost a mentally fresh person? Nope, it's an idiot. 

May be you have been in that position too: trying to convince other people there is something wrong with what they say or think and you use logic and cold hard facts. And it just does not work. Whatever you come up with no logic works and for you that is more or less frustrating. 

But it is very common. people are prone to belief and belief systems that guide their thinking while this belief or belief system is not rooted in cold hard facts. Take for example the arguments anti vaxers come up with; a lot of them think there are all kinds of conspiracies going on and that is just not logical. 

For example in the last five or six years I tried to explain that electron spin is completely different compared to what the professional physics professors make of it. Electron spin is a clear part of a belief system, in this case that magnetic monopoles do not exist. But if five years of brining logical arguments to the foreground just does nothing, I concluded electron spin is part of the belief system and the professors just want to keep it that way.

I came across a perfect photo that in my view perfectly symbolizes how a believer reacts on logical arguments and cold hard facts. For true believers like physics professors it is all Blah Blah Blah stuff. 


The UK negotiator for all things Brexit is Lord Frost. Often this Lord has a lot of weird stuff. For example the North Ireland stuff is a sheer horror to him. Are there empty shelves in the NI? Is there a fuel shortage in the NI? Are there piles of dead pigs that cannot be slaughtered? Nope that is all not the case, actually it is a cold hard fact that in the NI it goes better compared to the UK. 

But this imbecile David Frost keeps on hammering how worse it is in the NI. So that could be a 'belief system' thing.  

Well yesterday I found a bit more proof that Lord Frost is not married to rational behavior. Let me quote a bit from the total nonsense he was uttering a few days back, quote:

Lord David Frost will tell the Tory conference on Monday “the long bad dream of EU membership is over” and Britain can now look forward to sunlit uplands outside the bloc.

In a speech to a scaled-down main hall in Manchester, he will declare: “The British Renaissance has begun.”

Comment: At this point in time UK pigs are processed in slaughterhouses in my own country and exported back. This is crazy beyond belief, more and more the UK is not capable of taking care of her own food. As you see on inspection of the quote; Lord Frost thinks likely these are all good developments.  (Click on the picture for the quote source.)


We can safely conclude that Mr. Frost is not fresh between the ears; may be he only pretends to be a believer in Brexit, may be he is a true believer but given quotes like that I do not view him as a mentally normal person. 

He is a lunatic just like most Brexiteers. But please do not take my words as political speech; it is not words spoken for just one day. The Brexit problems will only accumulate month in month out. It is a bunch of crazies and nothing good will come from that, but the UK population voted these idiots in place so they must also swallow the fine results flowing from that choice.

Till updates. 


(29 Oct 2021) It was an interesting week. In my home country it could be there is finally some possibility for the formation of a new government. I often say that simple political structures like in the USA and the UK where you have only two mainstream political parties, that is not efficient. It is not efficient because as soon as a there is a shift after elections the incoming party directly overturns a lot of the decisions of the former party. So in that sense a country looses strategic behavior. But here in the Netherlands we have a lot of political parties and it always takes a long time to form a government. So that is a disadvantage of having so many political parties yet all in all I think it is better this way.    

Also in the UK a new government budget was out and the minimum wage we raised by over 6%. The inflation expectation was also upgraded to 5+% so all in all this minimum wage got a little bigger. My expectation is that UK inflation will be over 6% for the next 12 months so that at best the value of the minimum wage stays more or less the same. It is just a guess on my behalf, I did put up a wet finger in the air and it felt like over 6% inflation.  

Today a few UK fisher crews were arrested because of illegal fishing in French waters. Of course the Brexiteers are in all states and for a few weeks now there is that talk of France shutting down the electricity deliveries to the UK. I don't think they will do that but it would be ultra perfect if say 3 days before Christmas all EU and French electricity deliveries to the UK would stop. That would be a great Christmas gift for the UK...  

Item 1) As long as you have fun, who cares about stupid pigs?

 Item 1) As long as you have fun, who cares about stupid pigs?

On the scale of things it is just a detail but like a lot of details in the Brexit adventures they pan out completely different compared to what the Brexiteers expected. Take for example that idiot Jacob Rees Mogg; he is very good in explaining why the EU is just so horrible with all that red tape. We have studied this for decades and it is just horrible. But if at present day a lorry for say Marks & Spencer has to go to France, sometimes they need about 700 pages just to cross the border. So we can safely conclude that Jacob Rees Mogg is a multi decade long idiot comparable to idiots like Geert Wilders as we have over here.  

Because of the lack of EU workers the UK economy has lot's of troubles like those pigs that cannot be processed in the slaughterhouses because of a lack of butchers & lorry drivers. In the next picture you see a pile of dead pigs and stuff like that has always a big psychological impact on the farmers. As a matter of fact decades later they will talk about it just like the killings related to mouth & claw illness.  


Ok, I made a bit of propaganda with the above picture. In parliament they are not laughing about a pile of dead pig corpses and the BoJo is not painting a picture of a pile of dead pigs. But it has some truth in it: Brexiteers are too stupid to understand the damage they do. 

And say for yourself: If you think that cutting ties with the EU and doing more trade with the East and far East, you are really very stupid. If you do not understand the basics of your own economy, how can you become a good government? Of course that will never happen, just like over here is that imbecile Geert Wilders would become pm and he is leading a cabinet of 'like minded' people, that will be very bad for our economy and of course our international reputation. 

I used a few screenshots to make the above picture, they are from the next video:
This Dysfunctional Brexit Is Unravelling By The Day. TRUTH TO POWER
Link used:

Oh yeah, thinking about trade with the East: It seems that ships from there are avoiding UK ports because they cannot get unloaded because of the lack of lorry drivers. As such the stuff supposedly going to the UK is going to the EU.

With a bunch of idiots running the UK, the next months will bring only more of this kind of fun...  

Ok, that was it for this week. See you around. 


(22 Oct 2021) Today I observed Vladimir Putin telling that if we just opened that Nord Stream II pipeline, in no time plenty of gas supplies could be there relieving the very high gas prices we have recently. But other people claim that simply via the existing pipelines there are enough to easily double the amount of gas that could be delivered. To be honest after all these months I have never seen a good explanation as why gas supplies from Russia are that low. Rumors say that Russia is deliberately holding back gas supplies to make it more likely that the Nord Stream II pipeline will get opened. I do not know what is best, we need the gas but do we need all those stupid emotions from the Vladimir? If Vladimir Putin was a rationale actor I would have far less problems with it but the guy is always an emotional piece of shit. It could very well be that in the future we will regret making us depended on Russian gas supplies too much. On the other hand mutual dependencies always have a tendency to minimize the likelihood of war and that is a good thing of course. So I don't know what is best in the long run...  

Our item for today is of course Brexit once more. It is still going from nuts to mega ultra über nuts and only one thing is sure: It will only get worse month in month out. 

Item 1) And all those pigs get killed and burned for no reason at all.

  Item 1) And all those pigs get killed and burned for no reason at all.

Most people in Europe really do not give a shit about Brexit but I find it fascinating how an entire nation can go into the wrong direction without any possibility to change course. We are taking back control over our borders! Well, the UK is still not capable of making border checks on incoming goods. Everything gets waived through and that's it. Idiots like Pritty Patel make a big fuss about people who come in on small rubber boats but nobody knows how many get smuggled in because no truck gets checked. It is a human trafficking paradise and what it has to do with 'taking back control' is hard to see. It is more the opposite. 

Labor shortages are the same; for example there is a big shortage on butchers. Anybody could see that coming for months and months but nothing is done except some blah blah blah that the industry should hire more British workers. And just like in the past those British workers never show up so the problems only accumulate. And you get that total nonsense like 'we are going towards a high skilled high salaries paid economy'. Well why didn't you do that in the last 50 years or why has the EU never done such a thing if it is that easy? It is just hollow shit that sounds good for only two seconds. 

And what about stuff like 'we must trade more with Asian nations because they grow much faster as the EU does!' That is that stuff a shit head like Nigel Farage always tells us. But if you do some elementary calculations, it is total rubbish just like Nigel is. 

The weird thing about labor shortages is that it is only low paid jobs. In practice if you go for a higher paid job it is suddenly far more easy to enter the UK. And the threshold is rather low: only about 25 thousand pounds a year in salary and it is much more easy to enter the UK. That is strange because that is just a few thousands above what I get while I am unemployed for about 20 years right now. And if you take into account the ridiculous prices of housing my guesstimate is that people on a 26 to 30 thousand pound a year salary are actually worse of then I am. That is weird.   

Byline tv had a beautiful short video about all those pigs that pile up on farms and there is no way to process them and bring their meat and proteins to the supermarkets. In the meantime the UK only imports more and more meat from the EU and it makes you wonder who is the crazy one here. 


Once pigs are too big, they cannot be processed by the slaughter houses. So they must be killed on the farms and incinerated after that. That will make pig farmers hesitant in the next year to take up too many pigs and as such the EU will export much more pig meat in the coming years. 

You never ever hear a piece of shit like Jacob Rees Mogg from the ERG about that. That idiot Jaboc is very good at talking about 'EU red tape' while that is a made up fantasy the ERG people live in. Why they do that I don't know, likely they are all far to rich and as such have troubles understanding how a society works.  

Anyway Byline tv has a video out, here is the link: 

Devastated Farmers: Thousands of Pigs to Die in Vain 
Link used: 


Yes you are for sure. But I still like to study this; why does a nation do weird stuff like this? Of course it is strongly related to emotion; the EU is evil and we are good and all of that nonsense. As such the cognitive functions of the brain get repressed, look at Jacob Rees Mogg to understand what I mean. 


Ok, that was it for this week. Till updates my dear reader. 


(15 Oct 2021) This week the most weird experience was when looking at a video from Byline where they asked people waiting in line for fuel what they voted and if Brexit had anything to do with the fuel shortage caused by the driver shortage. To my amazement all said it had nothing to do with Brexit once more validating that Brexit is a self selective process: Only if you are stupid enough you think it will have much more benefits than setbacks. Of course complicated problems often have more than one cause, for example the driver shortage is caused by a long list of stuff like more drivers going into retirement than new drivers enter the workforce. Their bureau that handles licenses and stuff also seems to be a big mess, if you apply for a license to drive a large truck it is easily waiting for weeks and weeks until you get some old fashioned snailmail on your doormat. And the one person thinks this detail is more important, the other thinks that but if they all think that Brexit and the lack of EU labor does not play a role you are a very stupid person. 

The UK government is even asking ambulance drivers and fire truck drivers to go for that fantastic job of being a lorry driver. As if ambulances and fire truck drivers do not have shortages at hand... It shows the desperation of the UK government and that is weird because it looks like they understand the situation. And that is strange: do they understand it will get only worse month in month out?  


Video title: Angry Brexit Drivers Run Out Of Petrol
Video link: 

What I do not understand about the UK government is that they do not try to be the first country with a free trade agreement  with the South Pole. Stuff like that is a true high skilled job because when trading with the South Pole you must first learn Penguinese. For example you make a deal with the penguins to export every year 50 billion in ice while importing for 40 billion a year in fresh white fluffy snow for use during summer heatwaves. It's brilliant, a new continent with unlimited opportunities for those who have an eye for it... 

Our item for today is about another segment of utter idiots: Physics professors talking about electron spin. 

Item 1) Can you simulate on a computer what happens in this old television?

  Item 1) Can you simulate on a computer what happens in this old television?

According to those physics professors electrons are tiny magnets with two magnetic poles. In my view that is nonsense because if they have two magnetic poles they are neutral and cannot be accelerated by magnetic fields. 

Ok ok, the physics professors have figured out that if the strength of a magnetic field is not constant, it is possible to get acceleration. That sounds good but if you do the calculation talk like that breaks down to just talking out of your neck. Ok ok they have that weird expression for the potential energy but in there is nothing about the electron size. Yes they put a Bohr maneton in it but again: that says nothing about the size of the electron while any idiot can see that the closer the two magnetic poles are, the less acceleration will be there.

Therefore you never can find any satisfactory calculations in that direction. The same goes for the solar wind that powers the aurora's. If the electrons come smashing in with a huge speed so they can ionize stuff like oxygen, what explains the speed of the electrons? Only a magnetic monopole makes sense but try that to explain at a physics professor. Likely they will simply refuse to talk about it, just look at you angrily and that's it. 

Just like a long time ago I was talking to one of the math professors, Floris Takens was his name. He asked me about what I was doing lately and I tried to explain a bit about 3D complex numbers. At one point in time he asked me "But how about integration?" And I answered "Oh you can do that with a primitive". And Floris just looked at me angrily and he did not want to talk about it any longer. And Floris was one of the more smart and bright professors. So group think can make smart people stupid and with electron spin I think that is the case too.

In the next picture you see how electrons from an old color television get accelerated by a stack of permanent magnets. There is a black spot on the screen where no electrons land. From that detail alone you can infer that electron spin is not some continuous vector pointing in some direction but a clear cut two way discreet thing. The two way thing is of course monopole north and monopole south.   


If you are a physics student you can try and ask one of your professors what explains the black spot where no electrons land. With a bit of luck he or she will only look at you angrily and will not even try to answer the question. 

For myself speaking, after over five years of writing on electron spin I do not know what is more stupid:

1) Brexiteers at a fuel station explaining Brexit has nothing to do with it or
2) The total lack of action of physics professors in the last say six years.


But can you simulate this behavior of the electrons on a computer? I am very bad at programming so I cannot try this. In order to make such a simulation relative easy to implement, you can replace the whole stack of magnets by two points with a strong magnetic charge.  

Then you try to get a 'black spot' using electrons that have two magnetic poles (in that case you should fail to get a black spot). And when you use electrons with a magnetic monopole charge, you should be able to get such a black spot.

If you succeed into simulating a black spot on the television screen (or you have a good simulation that perfectly mimics the behavior of the solar wind under the earth magnetic field) you must absolutely not try to publish it. That is just a waste of time and it will lead to nowhere: you will not pass any kind of peer review if you say that electrons are magnetic monopoles. 

Compare that for example if I would try to publish results on integration in the 3D complex number system and by accident a genius like Floris Takens would be my peer reviewer... Of course he would have trashed it.  


It looks like this update is long enough so let me try to find that button known as 'publish website'. Till updates my dear reader.


(08 Oct 2021) Correction: Last week I wrote that 5500 visas for truck drivers are there in the UK. This was wrong, it is 5500 visas for poultry workers and 5000 visas for truck drivers. It was not a big mistake but I like if the record is correct on small details too.
What I consider a very strange detail is that given the number of missing lorry drivers in the UK, the shortage is so big that empty shelves in supermarkets will only increase in size. Just like the fuel shortage, it can only get worse. It can only get worse because after Brexit the amount of missing drivers is so large, the stocks in supermarkets get depleted faster as new items come in.
This is not a very difficult or deep insight; if you have only a few working brain cells alive you likely agree with me. So not for the UK government, these idiots and inbred retards think that 5000 EU truck drivers is enough to help out...
Why are Brexiteers always so utterly stupid?
Anyway, today it emerged that a full 27 EU truck drivers have applied for a job in the UK... (Others claim it was 127 but I like 27 more...) That is a lot given the fact you still have that ultra dry cramp cunt Pretti Patel running the immigration stuff. With a full blown weirdo like that you never know what will happen next week or next month so if you are a EU truck driver you better think twice about the fantastic job opportunities they have over there...  

Today's item is about magnetism, once more all those fusion reactors based on magnetic confinement will fail harsh! 

Item 1) Runaway electrons at relativistic speeds? Please explain!

 Item 1) Runaway electrons at relativistic speeds? Please explain!

Every body knows that if you are sitting with your family around the campfire, you get constantly bombarded by high speed particles and all that radiation kills your family in just a couple of hours. That is why humans are so good at withstanding the cold; fire cannot be used...;( 

Or is that utter nonsense? Of course, a fire might produce a few sparks but it does not cause radiation that is lethal. On the contrary it is pleasant and nice, it glows warmth and light and therefore humans loved it for thousands of years.

Today I would like to show you two video's; the first one is from PBS and it is that same guy again; the hefty believer in the Gauss law of magnetism. That there are hundreds of problems with that, who cares? After all this world universities hire people that are very good at teamwork and as such they must be conformists. If something is clearly utterly nonsense but the group thinks it is true, those team players will never say something is nonsense but nicely play along with the group.

And if the group thinks that the Gauss law for magnetism is actually a true thing, those conformists will think it is. It has nothing to do with science so why do those people get all those professorships is unknown to me.  

Anyway, in the first video the full blown conformist 'explains' why magnetic monopoles should exist. Hey you idiot: what about electrons, why don't you give some experimental proof that they obey the Gauss law of magnetism?
Click on the picture to land at the video: 


Video title: Why magnetic monopoles should exist.

Of course we do not get a good explanation as why they should exist. As usual there is some blah blah blah about GUT theories that say they should exist but those assholes never explain in detail why that should be so. And of course that inflation nonsense comes along: In the beginning of the universe there were plenty of magnetic monopoles but after inflation there might be only one magnetic monopole per galaxy making them very hard to find. 

For me it is still strange to observe all these people not realizing that this universe just can't exist as it is with bipolar electrons. It is not logical on all kinds of levels; why is the electron pair in chemistry binding with electrons of opposite spin? 

If you accept the more logical thing that electrons are magnetic monopoles, the existence of the electron pair becomes much more logical: it is a pair because they have opposite magnetic charges.

You might think that people from the science of chemistry find this interesting, but no they are full blown idiots like physics and math professors too. 

Anyway for years I have been stating that tokamak nuclear fusion reactors will never work because the electrons are accelerated to relativistic speeds. Depending on their magnetic charge they will go left or right around in the fusion vessel causing all kinds of turbulence and become very very violent. 

But until yesterday I was never aware that high speed electrons have actually been found in nuclear fusion reactors. It was just something I assumed because it is not logical that the Gauss law for magnetism will hold for electrons. 

Today I can confirm that the idiots from the scientific field of fusion research have found so called 'runaway electrons'. And if I would tell such an idiot that electrons can only get accelerated so fast because they are magnetic monopoles, instantly those idiots will know that I am the crazy person in the room. 

I have stopped maintaining the magnetic pages on this website some time ago. I have given up upon trying to convince the university people they are wrong on electron spin. So if I name these people 'idiots' you must not think that I am frustrated or emotional. On the contrary, the new policy is 'It is enough that I know, that I understand' and the rest is just a circus filled with idiots. 

The finding of runaway electrons was reported by fusion news, remark this is the second video of this year they produce that clearly proves the stability problems are caused by the fact that electrons are magnetic monopoles.

As usual click on the picture to land on the video: 


Video title: Fusion News - Friday 20th August 2021
Link used:

Yes I know the background of the above picture is not a tokamak. It is that laser facility in the USA that tries to fuse small pellets with 192 simultaneous laser beams. It does not have the fundamental plasma instability that all tokamak vessels have but that laser thing is a far far cry from a serious application too.

Of course I have to mention the fuckheads from the Max-Planck institute in Germany once more: Hey you incompetent fuckhead and shit eaters: Your Wendelstein fusion reactor also has those fundamental problems. It is never going to work and you will go down history as just another bunch of shit eaters and sino's. (A sino is a scientist in name only.)   

It is now about the seventh year I understood the Gauss law is not valid for electrons or loose protons or neutrons. Much more proof that for example at the Max Planck institute you only have idiots at work is not needed I just guess...


Ok, that was it for this week. Please enjoy the high energy prices from the old carbon based economy but never invest money into idiots that promise you a carbon free futute with nuclear fusion. 

In this world there is never a shortage of idiots. 
Till next week my dear reader. 


(01 Oct 2021) Wow wow wow, on a global scale energy prices are jumping. Some time ago the US Federal Reserve came out with stating all that inflation was only temporary or as they said it: transitory. With that they likely meant it will fade away and it would not lead to permanent long lasting inflation. At the time I did not comment on it but as time goes by the more I doubt it that it will simply pass after some time. 

Brexit is going well; we have one more proof that the mental capabilities of the present UK government are highly restricted: They now 'allow' for say 5500 EU truck driver visa's that will expire on Christmas eve. You can't make this up. Not only is that a far to small number and the period is far to short. I mean who the hell will go over there to work as a truck driver? Remember last year when because of COVID the French had to block the border and all those drivers has a nice Christmas in some stinking parking lot without food and toilets. The only way the EU drivers could take a shower is via pissing over each other. The UK government handing out food? Of course not... 

Two items for today: 

Item 1) Rishi Sunak on universal credit.
Item 2) An infinite list of counter examples to Fermats last theorem.

 Item 1) Rishi Sunak on universal credit.

It was only recently that I became aware of the fact that the UK finance minister Rishi Sunak is from a wealthy family of say 100 million. This week the extra 20 pounds a week will be lifted for about 6 million UK citizens. And this Sunak guy, in my view he will not last even one month if he needs to go on stuff like universal credit himself... 

Let us make a little play from this, a rich overpaid guy living his entire life in wealth and how he will cope on universal credit. Here we go: 

Reinko: Hello Rishi, I have a challenge for you. You must live at least one month on the money levels that come with universal credit.

Rishi: Ok, I accept your challenge. How difficult can it be. I know a lot about money! Hey let go for a walk and take a cup of coffee in that café down the street.

Reinko: No no no, when you are on universal credit you can never go out eating, buy a coffee in a café or go to a pub to gulp down a few beers. Otherwise at the end of the month there is no money left for food.

Rishi: That is ridiculous, does that mean I have to cook my own food too? That is work for servants but I can bake an egg. I am very good at that. 

Reinko: Let's do some shopping because you need food and drink for this month. Best is to go only to shops like the Lidl and Aldi because they are not overpriced.

Rishi (they are now in a supermarket): Let us buy a pound of good Arabica coffee, that will last a long time. 


Reinko: Are you crazy!? Arabica is for people with money. We take the robusta because that is 70 cents cheaper and at the end of the month you do not want to miss those saved 70 cents!

Rishi: Bah, I do not like robusta. That is for peasants and homeless crap. Hey I see a good steak over there, look it is very very cheap only 18.99 pound per kilo.

Reinko: Such meat is far to expensive. Best is you buy some chicken, may be a bit of pig and most important: skip meat on a lot of days otherwise at the end of the month you have no money left.


And so on and so on. People like Rishi Sunak always come up with those "Why don't they eat cake" kind of solutions. They have a very limited understanding of how to live on stuff like a minimum wage or a minimum government handout like in the UK they have that universal credit stuff. 

If you are on the social minimum, something like 20 pounds a week is something you can benefit from greatly. A poor person can squeeze out a lot of value out of one extra pound while a rich person never has any important use in one extra pound. 

At last we have to take into account that Rishi is a Brexiteer and if you only think for a few seconds that it is good for the economy to do the Brexit thing, you are stupid to the bone anyway.


 Item 2) An infinite list of counter examples to Fermats last theorem.

Once more the professional math professors validate that when it comes to wasting tax payer money, no one beats them except may be for people like Rishi Sunak. Now from day one I never ever expected them to react to those counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat. It is now Oct 2021 so it looks like it is confirmed; they will not react...

You must not think this is a disappointment to me or so. When it comes to professional math professors my expectations are never very high. Say for yourself: the list below is easily extended to an infinite number of counter examples while each and every entry on that list can be used to make even more counter examples.

The professional math people have only one space where there are no counter examples: that is the space of ordinary integers or the counting numbers if you want. Of course that is the space where the original last theorem of Fermat was placed, but I still do not understand how in three centuries of time nothing happened when it comes to finding counter examples.   

We see once more they are a bunch of weird people only doing what they think other professors expect them to do. The so called 'group think' thing. Just like 3D complex numbers do not exist and all those idiots hold that for some form of higher wisdom...

In the picture below the prime number q runs through all the prime numbers from small to large. Say we take q = 13, we can now form pairs of primes like (2, 13), (3, 13) and so on through (11, 13). With each of these pairs you can make a fresh counter example to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat.

To be honest: What I count as 'only one' counter example like in 2^n + 3^n = 5^n modulo 6, this is already more that one counter example. It is not an infinite amount because that stuff becomes periodic.


The background of the above picture is from a guy named Beeple, anyway that is his artist name. He claims to have made one graphical art work over the last 12.5 years every day without skipping only one day.

I am not much of a graphical artist, I only use those programs to make stuff that stands out from the crowd. So it is easy recognizable for people who are after some math in some search engine or so.  

Ok, that was it for this week. Thkx for your attention! 


(24 Sept 2021) Brexit is going well; it seems that electricity is about 3 times as expensive in the UK compared to the EU. The UK is now outside the EU and as such cannot take or give surpluses or shortages from the big internal market. Just another giant benefit of being out. Because there is a gas shortage, the gas is so expensive that UK fertilizer factories have stopped and as such there is not CO2 for the rest of the industry. With a bit of luck in a few days they will even run out of CO2 for beer. Why not buy CO2 in the EU? Sorry, EU customers go first and sorry after that there is nothing left. You are on your own and that is what the UK idiots wanted. At last BP is coming out stating that because of the driver shortage it could very well be that gas stations will not be able to sell gas and petrol. You see the UK is on a road to mighty prosperity so all these minor hurdles are no problemo. Hasta la vista baby!
Sometimes I wonder how the UK will look in say 2 years time...

This update is about the Chinese Evergrande property developer that rocked the markets this week. And a bit of nonsense about electron spin, this all in two videos.
Here we go: 

1) Evergrande and the crazy debt levels in China.
2) PBS unloads a fresh stack of nonsense about electron spin again.

  1) Evergrande and the crazy debt levels in China.

China is doing relatively good lately. They have a functioning Mars rover racing hin und her on Mars and some time ago we could enjoy that visit to the other side of the moon. But for years I have been wondering how they manage all these crazy high debt levels they have over there. According to the BIS (bank of international settlements, the central bank of central banks) debt levels in the economy are about twice as high as in the USA and I consider the USA already a bunch of debt huggers.  

In the beginning of the week there were rumors that this was a kind of 'Lehman moment' for China but all in all this is likely not the case. Evergrande has giant mountains of debt, up to and over 300 billion US$ but only 20 billion is debt from outside China. For the time being it is not expected this will lead to a giant international financial crisis, but if the crazy debt levels in China become unmanageable there could be future troubles waiting for us. After all China has become a big economy.

With the video I post below I do not want to insult the Chinese in any way. So comparing the Evergrande wealth management section to a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid game is not an insult but a funny joke or for the Chinese a lesson about how not to manage a wealth preserving company.  

After all these years I finally begin to understand as why so many Chinese companies are simply allowed to roll over old debt into new loans (the refi thing) without paying off the old debt with cold hard cash instead of vague future promises. These companies are allowed to do that because otherwise official targets for economical growth are not met and of course that cannot happen in China...

Click on the picture for the video:


Link used:
Video title: Evergrande Wealth Management Products - A Ponzi Scheme?  

Once more the Chinese should not get angry or mad about such a video title. After all the biggest Ponzi scheme around are the bonds that pay for the US federal deficit. Do you really think that future debt payments by the USA are done with tax payer money? I doubt that very much, the USA is more or less in a perfect debt trap. Since at least a year of five this federal debt grows with 10% a year and that is about 5 times as fast as economical growth so you can be 100% assured: They won't pay it back but only offer you lousy stuff in the future. 

 2) PBS unloads a fresh stack of nonsense about electron spin again.

In this update I absolutely do not try you to convince you that it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles. I have more or less given up on that because after more than five years of explaining electrons must carry magnetic charge and as such are the long sought magnetic monopoles, what do we get?

Well year in year out we get university people doing nothing so I am through with all those sino people. (A sino is a Scientis In Name Only.)  

You know the same people that always warn you that you must not project your idea's or your insights derived from our macroscopic world on tiny quantum particles are relatively stupid because they themselves do that all of the time.

Magnetic bipolar stuff is a macroscopic thing, stuff like a permanent magnet is an example. How can it be that the official 'explanation' of permanent magnetism is that all electron spins point in the same direction while in chemistry the bonding of atoms into molecules can only be done with electrons of opposite spin?

These imbeciles are crazy to the bone but there is nothing new in that: People too stupid to understand for example three dimensional complex numbers still have a more or less functioning brain and as such will blah blah blah according to their brain. 

The next video is full of complete nonsense, stuff like electrons have to go round twice before they have their original spin back. All this spinor stuff is just rediculous, with my 3D complex number I can easily craft a 3D spinor that after three rotations returns to it's original state.  

Does that mean there are quantum particles that do this? May be may be not, but if the imbeciles and sino people never give some experimental evidence or proof that every electron has two magnetic poles, that only validates they are sino. 

Click on the picture for the 720 degree nonsense. 


Link used:
Video title:  How Electron Spin Makes Matter Possible

Ok, that is it for this week. See you around and don't believe the hype & use your own brain. Till updates. 


 (17 Sept 2021) At first I wanted to update on that so called quantative easing or the practice of central banks to buy up the government bonds of nations that apparently need such kind of 'help'. It is now going on for about 13 years and directly in the beginning I said it was a bad idea because once you start such stuff it is very hard to stop it. And just like an obese person that does not understand the food he eats, the balances of the ECB and the FED just keep on swelling and swelling with no end in sight. 

Stuff like QE might work if it is limited in time duration and size and most of all: it must be geared towards GDP growth. Just piling up more government bonds just does not do the trick needed, so why do the central banks do this weird stuff? 

Later I decided to write a good old Brexit update because they are still so crazy and stupid at the other side of the channel. So let's do that. 

Item 1) Why don't they eat cakes instead of bread? Rich people & their solutions.

 Item 1) Why don't they eat cakes instead of bread? Rich people & their solutions.

People who are born rich often come up with relatively weird solutions only a rich person could view as a 'solution'. For example in the UK they have that universal credit kind of stuff, that is for people at the end of their rope who truly need a bit of income support. In my country that kind of system is known as the bijstand (the support). It is not much money but if you manage it properly you can avoid becoming homeless. And that is a good thing of course. 

Now over there in the UK lately the universal credit was 20 pounds higher on a weekly basis. For a low income person this is a significant sum of money, if you spend it wisely you can buy a lot of stuff for that. While most rich people only buy one or two coffee for such a sum of money. Now this extra money is being scrapped.

I came across some words as spoken by Therese Coffey, one of the Brexiteers in their present government. And she is really stupid; she thinks that people living in poverty only need to work two hours extra a week in order to have those lost 20 pounds. This Coffey chick is as fat as she is stupid. In the first place the minimum wage in the UK is below 10 pounds an hour, on top of that you have to pay taxes. Now people having income support via universal credit are allowed to keep about 36% of what they earn (of course they can earn only a limited amount of extra money). So if you add it up it seems people on universal credit need to work almost nine hours extra in a week in order to have a net result of 20 extra pounds...


It is claimed that this fat incompetent pig had over one ton in expenses declared in a year's time and she has a fat government salary. As you see, a high salary does not make people smarter. If you cannot do such elementary arithmetic, why is this fat & stupid pig part of the UK government anyway? 

A lot of those UK cabinet members have such fantastic insights, for example the Sunak guy who is also in favor of people working instead of holding up their hand for a fresh government layout. Of course if this is possible this is great but if I take a look at myself, why am I unemployed for 20 years right now? Of course I tried to get a new job but in 20 years of time I just never ever got just one job interview.

And then I observe all those stupid but rich people asking or stating "Why don't they get a job or work a few more hours" as a solution, it makes me almost puke upon them. 

You know I really have nothing against rich people, they simply pay their capital gains tax and that is a very important income source for the government. Basically a rich person is just a big bag of money and if they manage it well it just belongs to them. But if it comes with a rotten pair of brains like that stupid pig Therese Coffey, I think society is better off without people like that.


In a very funny development, in the UK parliament one of the Tories asked some questions about all that fruit and vegetables rotting on the fields. It was very funny and it made me wonder as why those rich Tories do not volunteer themselves to work the fields, harvest the British food and show that they love Brittany... 

In the next picture you can see a few of those 'rich but stupid' persons lined up and looking a bit worried at that Tory guy asking questions about the rotting crops on the fields. 


Yes, well why don´t rich Tory voters and donors work on the fields themselves?
The answer is relatively simple: People like Jacob Rees Mogg and all the rest they are very good in being a parasite. It is well known there are no parasite species with large brains, they are just a form of life known as parasites. They suck in a lot of resources but hardly anything good comes out from them.

Ok, let's leave it with that. Oh and just by the way, can my Dutch fellow citizens after the harvest season just stop shipping food to the UK? If that would happen even parasites like Jacob Rees Mogg can learn from that...

Till updates my dear reader.  


(10 Sept 2021) I heard between nose and lips that the low vaccination rate in the UK was due to Brexit but I could not find anything meaningful on that hilarious subject. But from the USA came some good COVID news; a journalist has plotted out the number of death per 1 million people and differentiated between the support of either political party. It was found that the death rate in places where mostly democratic voters lived was only a third compared to places where most people vote republican. That was good news; if you are a Trump supporter you are about three times as likely to die from COVID 19. It is amazing that something that is clearly a non political thing (COVID 19) can turn into a political item that makes supporters of conservatism more prone to death...

So I could not find the stuff I wanted for a Brexit updated but I have still some stuff on the shelf that can be posted now. Two items for today: 

Item 1) That horrible toothpaste problem from Greenpeace: SOLVED!
Item 2) Why is Duck duck go so different from Google?

 Item 1) That horrible toothpaste problem from Greenpeace: SOLVED!

For many years Greenpeace has been making noise about a horrible environmental subject: The toothpaste wasted because it stays behind in the tube. You can wonder if they do not have something more serious to worry about, as such why does modern toothpaste always come in plastic tubes that if left behind in the environment takes hundreds of years to break down? In my view a bit of chalklike material wasted is not the end of humanity or so.

Anyway anybody knows the problem: The plastic tube is almost empty and you try to squeeze the last bit out but it just won't come. Two weeks back I had the same but there was also a box cutter lying on a table in my shower. And I did cut the plastic tube in half and looked into it. There is no denying it; there is a lot that stays behind. 

All in all I could brush my teeth for about 10 days longer. And did the remaining toothpaste not dry out now the tube was cut open and exposed to the air? No, every day you add a few droplets of water and it does not become dry and hard if you do that correctly. If you apply too much water it just gets dissolved into the toothpaste and for a couple of days you will have toothpaste that is more liquid. 

You won't get rich from it, may be you save 15 or 20 cents by doing so. But I decided to keep on doing this because in this way you can use almost all of your toothpaste. 

I will not claim that this was the most important item that I wrote in my entire life...;) 

 Item 2) Why is Duck duck go so different from Google?

A few weeks back I showed you those picture search results from Google. Even if you wrote code-like stuff like in 3^n + 5^n = 8^n the Google algorithm was able to pop up the relevant pictures from my website.

Lately I have been vaguely hoping that my new little theorem of Fermat will draw a bit more attention. And in a sense that is much harder because trying to improve on the little theorem of Fermat is a subject that is non taboo and a lot of people try it.

So it is different from those taboo like math topics like 3D complex numbers or for that matter the 3n + 1 problem. If I use Google search once more it pops up the relevant pictures but non of the links to my other website. So for a change I tried Duck duck go and to my amazement the very first link was one of my latest posts on the subject:  


So right at position no 1 (the link was that post on the other website where we checked it out using Pari, Pari is a cute and free computer program for all kinds of number theory things).

Why did I use the search engine Duck duck go? Well about one year ago I had constantly all kinds of trouble with crazy amounts of trackers on my computers. On average every hour of internet use gave one thousand trackers on my computer! One day the weather was really bad so I could not go outside and I had also nothing to do in the house so I had a long long internet session of six hours. And yes: after that about 6000 trackers on my computer. That is a crazy number: about 1000/hour is one new tracker every 3.6 seconds.

I found out that the most significant thing is simply disable Google as you default search engine in your browser (I use mostly Firefox from Mozilla and Opera). That really helped the most, at present day there are about 20 trackers an hour installed.

The problem I have with trackers is that you just don't know what they are doing. It can be very simple and innocent like only tracking if you click on one particular advertisement. But where is the end? What does that stuff trace & track?

Is disabling Google as the default search engine a problem? No, for most searches you do not need that sniper fine search stuff from Google anyway. And in case you need the capabilities of Google, hey man there is a fantastic website out there named and there you can do those precious searches!

I am more or less through with Google after my 1000 trackers/hour experience and I more or less turned it around: Why should I let Google build a profile of me year in year out? Ok Google uses it for 'better advertisements' but I do not want those stupid advertisements in the first place. In my life I never ever bought one thing because of a Google advertisement. Nor any other stupid internet advertisement, I am not an impulsive buyer.

But now that Duck duck go search engine did pop up my written text in a real link on top of all search results regarding the little theorem of Pierre de Fermat, I wondered how this search engine would react on the search phrase '3D complex numbers'.

And now I had the top 3 positions of the non-picture results; this detail is of interest because Duck duck go claims it does not trace or track you so even if you are in say Zimbabwe and have a live internet connection, you should get the same result...  


And there is my old foe or may be an old friend again: Alan! When I started the other website about 3D complex numbers for at least two years Alan his page was always above me in the (Google) internet searches. It was a rather frustrating experience for me; I am doing my best and constantly garbage like that ranks higher in the Google search results.

Alenspage about higher dimensional complex numbers is a bad as it can be. He makes all mistakes you can make so why is that website or page always ranking so high? Well all the mistakes and faults Alan makes in his 'analysis' is also done by the overpaid math professors. So it really took a few years for me to understand this was absolutely not Google to blame or so but it was a society problem: if all those idiot math professionals like math professors make the same mistakes and faults it becomes logical people click on garbage like the pages of monsieur Alan. 


So let me end this update; rejoice in all those deaths in the USA in donald trump supporting regions, always cut your plastic toothpaste tube in half at the end of it's life so you have a few days more of FREE TOOTHPASTE, never ever go to that horrible math page of Alan about higher dimensional complex numbers & most of all stay happy so you can slowly grow your cognitive capabilities.

Till updates.   


(03 Sept 2021) It seems that in the EU most countries have vaccination rates above 70% of the population so that is now above the UK vaccination rates. Not that it is a contest but the Brexiteers think it is. Anyway if their pm the Bojo keeps on bragging in their parliament that they do so good on the vaccination front because they have left the EU, in that case we can safely conclude he has the same kind of mental illness as donald trump. You just make something up on the spot and supposedly that is 'reality' or 'the truth' from now on. 

Time crystals. There are all kinds of crazy media reports out about Google who supposedly have found time crystals. Time crystals are stuff that is periodic in time but it is not an oscillation or so. It is stuff that alternates between two quantum states without the adding of energy. May be that is possible but I found the explanations given not very convincing. Google uses that weird Ising model of electron spins and in my view that is garbage. But hey trying to explain to a physicist that electrons cannot have two magnetic poles is the same as trying in the first decade of the war on terror to the local authorities that there is something wrong with their view on the 911 attacks... 

The only good thing is that the police does not follow me everywhere when I am talking about the impossibility of official electron spin, bah I feel sick in my stomach when thinking about all those years of police interference... Well it is over now for a lot of years and let's hope those idiots will stay far far away forever and ever and even longer. 

So no time crystals but today for our item we take a look at why the Taliban took Afghanistan so fast within a two week timespan. After all that surprised me too. 

Item 1) A few possible explanation why Afghanistan fell so fast.

 Item 1) A few possible explanation why Afghanistan fell so fast.

According to a video from Visual Politik the application of air power against the Taliban was stopped much longer ago in some agreement between the USA and the Taliban. I have to say that was completely not on my radar screen just all of the time, but I did not track the Afghan developments at all during the last years.

Complex things like the sudden rise of the Taliban often have a lot of root causes and not just one or two simple explanations. In my view the Taliban were always much more a standing army willing to fight while on the other hand they too are made up of many factions with different views on reality or politics or military matters. 

Lack of motivation by the USA trained Afghan army is of course an important reason. Those weird stories of corruption on all kinds of levels is also a main contribution. Presidents fleeing with millions in cash are weird, or those lists of so called enlisted soldiers and the USA handing out money for salaries but a lot of those soldiers on the list are totally fake and all that extra money is funneled away. And so on and so on. 

Here you see weird behavior, I don't know how it is in your country but our local soldiers do not wear such weird Covid-19 masks... 


This was not a standing army but more a collection of local clowns or some carnival parade. You never see the Taliban dressed up like this.  

Of course there are plenty of talking heads on video's out there but I more or less go for the Visual Politik video as found in the next link: 


A few quotes from that video:


The last quote is more or less important: The Taliban are more or less corruption free. Once they have collected some kind of tax you get a receipt that is valid for the whole of Afghanistan. Just compare that to the behavior of the former corruption riddled 'democratic' regime propped up by foreign powers like the USA. 

Ok, I can talk for hours on this subject. For example did you know that the evil overlord Osama bin Laden once imported a few kidney dialysis machines to Afghanistan? And of course in the Western media you had those strange reports popping up: Why does he do that because he is so evil? Yes there were a lot of people truly thinking that Osama was pure evil and therefore had no reason at all to buy such life saving medical equipment...

After two decades of fighting evil I think that is a war you cannot win.

Till updates my dear reader.  


(27 Aug 2021) What a shitty day: There was a successful suicide attack outside of the Kabul airport. It was claimed by ISIS, may be that is true. Anyway I do not expect the Taliban to have done this. Well my country and a lot of others had to stop the evacuations. So if nothing is done at the 31 August date, the situation for those who remain there is dire for sure. By all standards this is a pretty shitty development...

A very different thing: I just finished writing a math post about a search suggestion as done by the Google search machine. This has never happened before, most of the time I use a very unreliable quantum computer named 'human brain' to figure out what must be in the next post. May be this is a new era of math research: just do what the Google search engine suggests...;) 

But the suggestion was so good, I do not feel ashamed or so.
In the upper half of the picture below you see the Google suggestion. For a few seconds I was afraid that professional math professors already have found the new little theorem of Pierre de Fermat. But a few seconds later it dawned on me that although the math profs have a proof for that cute expression, they will be too stupid to make a new little theorem of Fermat from that... 


After so much chaotic introduction, the item for this post is vaccination rates in the diverse countries. The UK folks have been bragging for months and months that 'because they left the EU' they can do this much better. 

Item 1) Vaccination rates in the diverse countries.

 Item 1) Vaccination rates in the diverse countries.

In the UK parliament the UK pm Boris Johnson aka the Bojo is always bragging about how good they are with their vaccination rates and that all because they are outside of the EU. All those months a lot of people have constantly remarked this has absolutely nothing to do with the EU; countries can do what they want anyway. But try explaining that to the weirdo's of the Brexiteers. Even if they would pay attention they would not understand it because the EU is a communist fascist Goelag archipel ruled by unelected burocrats that only want to enslave the UK!

Really true, the EU = pure evil.

Every day I still look at a few Brexit video's, lately I like the empty shelves in the supermarkets that week by week become more empty. That Brexit stuff just isn't a good idea but only long lasting and heavy hunger will slowly bring a bit of insight into the heads of the Brexiteers.

The list below is made from data about two weeks old. So on details the present list should be a tiny bit different. Given how far they were ahead, it is amazing how the UK has dropped on lists like this. That is one more proof the Brexiteers are a bunch of idiots.


The empty shelves in the supermarkets are caused by a shortage of lorry drivers or as they say it over there: HGV drivers. (HGV = heavy goods vehicle, so a large truck or a lorry). 

The HGV assication estimates the shortage of drivers about 90 to 100 thousand drivers. I do not know how large the present fleet of drivers is but the pandemic gave rise to about 30 thousand postponed new drivers.

Are most Brexiteers full blown idiots?  

Well today I observed Dominuque Raab telling in an interview that they want the industry to solve the driver shortage with new domestic drivers.

So the combined lockdowns caused a backlog in driver exams of about 30 thousand while on a short notice three times as much new UK born drivers are needed.

I think it is safe to estimate that at least Dominique Raab is a full blown idiot. Given the numbers it is very hard to see how the driver shortage can be solved. For that there must be much much more poverty in the UK so that more people are willing to get a job as a haulage driver.  


Before we split, there was a raunchy rumor about our intellectual Dominique: Because of the Afghanistan developments he had to return from a luxury holiday resort. Evil tongues say that one week at such a resort costs about 40 thousand pounds.

I do not know if it is true, I only repeat some hearsay.

But given a salary like Dominique has, did he pay his holiday out of his own pocket? Who shells out such a large fraction of his yearly salary for one week of holiday?

I would not do this, that is for sure.


Ok, it is time to split and for me to find that button known as 'publish website'.
See you around my dear reader. 


(20 Aug 2021) In Afghanistan the situation has evolved fast now the Taliban have taken over. It is amazing how fast the Taliban took over once the application of air power has stopped. The USA prez Joe Biden said that they will  no longer fight a war that the Afghanis themselves do not want to fight. I do not agree with that, you can also argue that if the standing Afghan army was say 300 thousand and the Taliban say 70 thousand, the USA & allies have done a terrible job in training the Afghan army.  

Now we are supposed to be scared by all those terrorist organizations that in the future will operate from Afghanistan and all that pure evil will kill our good citizens who have done nothing to deserve this. Come on give me a break; why did a guy like bin Laden arrive at the conclusion the USA was also an enemy and not the Russians only? Well a long time ago it were just a few weapon deliveries by the CIA that lured the Russians into Afghanistan and a whole lot of killing begun. And the Americans bragging like "Now Russia has it's own Vietnam" and more of that. The Afghans were simply used as a proxy war against Russia. Apparently a war the USA was to coward to fight for herself...  

Item 1) Is this the Taliban 2.0?

 Item 1) Is this the Taliban 2.0?

It is weird to see all those Taliban fighters looking at their phones and the public taking selfies with Taliban fighters and everybody smiling and so. That is a very far cry from the nineties when there was that story going round that in some government building (likely the ministry of the interior) where there was one television. And that television was guarded so that no one could look at it...

But back to the present. It is hard to say if there will be any long lasting iconic photo's in the collective mind  of humanity from the present situation. But I found the next photo from Reuters having the potential for becoming a long lasting iconic photo:


My own country has also a lot of trouble of getting people out of Afghanistan. Yesterday I read of an air plane that went back empty and today there was a plane with 9 people going back. The Kabul airport has a very limited capacity, beside the political situation that is the root cause of a whole lot of chaos.

The Taliban have promised amnesty but at this point in time it is hard to see how many people will be included into that. May be all Afghanis who have played a military role will face some trouble. So we have to wait and see how this amnesty will unfold but now the Taliban is a bit more tech savvy with their smart phones, it could be they will become more moderate compared to two decades back. 

A guy from the UK named Rory Stewart was interviewed and he had a lot of interesting things to say. I don't agree with all of it but the parts where he explains there were zero deaths among the Western soldiers in the last years makes you wonder what Joe Biden means with "We no longer fight a war the Afghanis do not want to fight themselves". If there were only 2500 military personnel and zero deaths over a couple of years, can you call that 'fighting'?  

Anyway, from the military point of view the present situation once more stresses the importance of air power. The strategic benefits are so big that you just cannot win without it. But even if you have the benefit of superior air power, that is not a guarantee you will win if the enemy adapts enough like the Taliban did in the last two decades.  

What I consider a bit strange about this whole situation is what were the Americans  thinking? Likely they thought the Afghan army was a real military loyal to a democratic elected government or so? I heard a funny remark today: Those Afghan soldiers were not loyal to the government but only to the next paycheck. And given the employment and economical situation of Afghanistan, there might be some truth in that.  

The interview with Rory is relatively long to present day attention spans most people have. It is well over 20 minutes! Oh oh oh, of course in the meantime you can also grab your phone and do some other stuff like gaming or looking at porn or email or whatever what. Click on the picture below to land at the interview:


Link used:

That was it for this update. See you around in the next update. 


(13 Aug 2021) There is a new climate report out but that can wait for another update. Today's main item is the amazing search capabilities of Google when it comes to pictures and the least important item is a pair of perfect bicycles for export to the UK.

Item 1) Bikes ready for export!
Item 2) Does Google search 'understand' the content of pictures?

 Item 1) Bikes ready for export!

Near a local supermarket named the Jumbo there is a giant beach here. And at the side I observed two bikes that are perfect for export to the UK. These are very expensive bikes. Here we have an expensive brand known as Koga, the most expensive bike is about 6000+€. But those bikes I encountered, just one wheel of those starts at 20 thousand €. 

These are not bikes for the average minimum wager, it is more for the financial elite of the UK. Or may be David Cameron, it was in the news this week that he walked away with 10 million pound for his part time lobby job at Greensil. I do not know if the report is actually true, but hey we now live in a post truth world. It really does not matter if something is true, all that counts is that it could be true. Or that it is believable that it is true. 


Now you can say this is a pile of rust ready for the garbage belt. But no, it takes a lot of time and high skilled people to make bikes look like that. They are brand new made from the best materials and all thieves think it's a pile of rusty garbage. So these bicycles just won't get stolen. 

Look at the fine details of this all; it takes very experienced artisans hundreds of hours to arrive at this perfect look. All thieves will think it is a pile of rubbish and only you and I know we are looking at two wheels that are over 20 thousand €...


In the UK may be the army is going to help with food distribution. If you would have said this one year ago, the collection of idiots known as the Brexiteers would be all over the place shouting  'Project fear! Project fear! Project fear!'. But it seems to be one of the measures to deal with the shortage of lorry drivers. There is a shortage of about 100 thousand drivers so the say 2000 army drivers won't make much of a difference.

I like it very much that those European drivers simply stay away from the UK. Ok, they are now 'non-essential' workers and as such not allowed to work in the UK. I have a truck driver permit myself and I too would not want to work over there. With a piece of shit like that superdry crampcunt Pritty Patel you just never know what kind of weird stuff will come next. 


Let us leave the crazy world of Brexit for the time being for what it is and go on to the next item. 

 Item 2) Does Google search 'understand' the content of pictures?

This year I have been doing math stuff like counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat. As such a couple of months ago I searched for the first time on Google for phrases like:

8^n = 3^n + 5^n mod 15.

And I was relatively bewildered that nothing popped up. The entire math community totally unaware that is was so easy to craft counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat? How could that be?

Well that is very easy to explain: If you know about the 3D complex numbers it is very normal to find counter examples to that famous theorem. But for at least 3 decades the professional math professors simply refuse to pick up the subject. So it is clear these math professors are overpaid ultra arrogant incompetent persons totally unaware of a lot of math.   

But this item is not about the social behaviors of math professors, it is about Google search. A few days back I once more did these kind of search phrases like above and as usual like a few months back nothing serious popped up. So I decided to take a look at the picture search because my math always comes in relatively high ranked at picture search.

To my surprise I found indeed a bit of my own work back. Just one picture so I clicked on it. To my surprise the pictures of my work you can find that way do indeed contain that very search phrase. Although not 8^n of course but 8 to the power n.

I checked the text surrounding those pictures on the other website but in the text part the search phrase just wasn't there. The search phrase is also not in the name of the pictures so the logical conclusion is that Google search can indeed relate such a search phrase to the actual content inside the picture...
Here is how it looks (click on the picture to land at the post on the other website):


And another one, it goes the same as the above result because Google picture search returns only one picture with the correct content: 


So for me it is amazing that Google can find such stuff. 

Before we split let me give you the cute click bait title of the last link to my other website:

Counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat using the number 210.  

I hope that for the average math minded person this acts a good click bait. But the content of that post is not bad at all so it is not click bait that lures you to some shitty form of internet content. 

Ok, that was it for this week. Try to keep it cool so you can think well.
Till updates. 


 (06 Aug 2021) Today one of the top Brexiteers came out stating that Brexit was a fiasco... Well that is more or less a brave thing to do, likely he will get a ton of criticism or may be gets neglected at all levels.  

Anyway yesterday I made my choice for this update and that is about a relatively dumb Brexiteer named Jeff Taylor. Jeff had as news that the Canadian based company General Fusion is going to build a plant in the UK. So that is our item for today because the way General Fusion wants to save the planet is very different: it is a steam powered nuclear fusion reactor.

Item 1) The limited world of Jeff Taylor.

 Item 1) The limited world of Jeff Taylor.

As a form of entertainment I often view videos of Brexiteers like "What kind of nonsense do we have today?" kind of stuff. But Jeff is a guy you should not watch to many videos from because he is so very simplistic.

For example last year it was still unclear if a deal would be struck and the fisheries stuff was totally unclear at that point in time. The EU came out with new fishing quota and while Jeff was reading them into the camera I already guessed these were not full year quota but likely covering just one quarter of a year. Some fish species had a zero quotum so it was very unlikely these were full year quota.

So not for our friend Jeff, he was bewildered by all these low numbers and he had even contacted a so called 'expert' and this 'expert' had never seen stuff like this Jeff told us. We can safely conclude that this 'expert' has similar cognitive capabilities as Jeff has; when people are more or less equally smart they can have meaningful conversations because they can learn from each other. When the cognitive differences are rather big, it is much harder to make meaningful talk to each other where both parties can learn something.  

Always when Jeff sees a sign that says 'Financed (in part) by the European Union' he is always very sad. Jeff knows that the evil empire first has stolen that money from the UK and the EU throws back a few nickels and for Jeff this is sheer horror. From such details you can see that Brexiteers are more emotionally crazy and on top of that you get all that weird logic they portray.

Anyway the video was about the new nuclear fusion plant that was going to the UK, of course a lot of stuff about how superior the UK is with nuclear fusion research and so on and so on. In Jeff's simplistic world it is always some form of superior UK versus an evil and inferior EU. Once more: they have a ton of weird emotional stuff going on...
Click on the picture of Jeff to view the bragging video: 


At first sight I looks very weird to use steam technology for something like nuclear fusion. But it just does not have all that fundamental instability that those tokamak and other magnetic confinement fusion reactors have. If my insights into plasma behaviour are correct, in that case it are the magnetic fields that are supposed to contain the plasma that generate the instability and as such they will never ever work properly. 

For example ITER, the biggest installation in it's kind, it will not work because in no time the electrons will have relativistic speeds, turbulence will rise and rise and boom that will be the end of your arrogant machine.

Another example: The arrogant and incompetent employees at the Max-Planck institute operate the Wendelstein machine. If they wanted they could run the machine longer than just a few seconds but I am waiting for years until they will run it at least two minutes. Of course weasels like the Max-Planck employees will never speak out about my critique; they are university people so the word bravery is not found in their gold plated dictionaries.

The way General Fusion wants to create fusion is totally different; It are the pneumatic blasts from high pressured steam that must do the trick. I don't know if it will succeed, I hope it will but I just do not know much about the behavior of matter under such pressures.

To put it simple: Matter like water is incompressible, no matter how much pressure you apply on water it's volume will not shrink. Of course there is a limit to that, at some level of pressure the electron clouds in the water will shrink or simply separate from the nucleus and at that pressure water becomes compressible again.

In my view, if that happens in the way General Fusion wants to do her thing, that method will fail too. But I just don't know if that will happen, I am pretty sure the Max-Planck institute will fail just like Iter and all the fusion reactors in China will fail too. But I have a tiny slither of hope that may be General Fusion will succeed.  

Here is a cute picture of how it is supposed to work: 


In the past they always simply named it steam powered, at present the video's say it is pneumatic. So these are much more real people, not that advanced shit like the Max-Planck institute arrogant shit holes. Hey Max-Planck people: Still not needed to give some experimental prove that electrons really have two magnetic poles? 

No, of course not. All those precious ego's at all those high shot universities. To stupid to find stuff like 3D complex numbers for themselves but they never ever lack all that precious ego.

Ok, it is time to split so one more picture and that's it for this update.  


Till the next update. 


(30 July 2021) Lately Shell has been ordered by a Dutch court to fasten CO2 emission reductions. That is a turn for the good because it was just a few years ago that my own government was afraid of halting the gas production in our province Groningen because the were afraid Shell would sue them for lost income. Yes at the time it was that crazy: Shell & friends pumping up all that gas that caused a lot of earth quakes here and dispite all that damage the Dutch government was afraid to do something about it... 

Disclosure: I own Shell stocks, they generate about 10% of the money I need to save in order to stay out of financial trouble after I turn 67 years of age. 

Item 1) Climate change as a garbage bin problem.

 Item 1) Climate change as a garbage bin problem.

What a lot of people don't understand is that the changing climate can be viewed as a garbage bin problem. In the future climate change will be much much more severe and at that point in time we can say "The garbage bin is full and overflowing". 

The atmosphere is our garbage bin and every day of every year we throw in more greenhouse gasses into that garbage bin. A lot of people think that reduction of greenhouse gasses is enough to prevent disaster, that is wrong. Most of the greenhouse gasses we inject into the air stay there. Nature is not very good at removing that excess of CO2 and methane. 

To be precise: Plants grow a little bit harder now there is more CO2 but that is not enough to clean the atmosphere in a reasonable time. Another indication that a lot of people just don't understand the garbage bin nature of the problem is the use of biofuels. But biofuels solve next to nothing: greenhouse gasses were elevated, some of the carbon is used to grow plant material for making biofuels and after the biofuels are used the carbon is back in the atmosphere. May be it is better compared to pumping up more and more mineral oil, but biofuels do not lower the amount of greenhouse gasses.

Stopping climate change can only be done if the level of greenhouse gasses is stabilized. Climate change can only be reversed if the level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is actually reduced. Stuff like lowering emissions or using biofuels is not bad but does not solve the problem.

It is not a secret that I more or less a climate fanatic. For example in the winter I consider it pretty normal that it is at most 13 degrees Celcius, that is my 'comfort temperature' during winter times. That is a total different attitude compared say all those people who think a tshirt is enough because the heater makes the room 21 degrees or more. 

Some people think it is strange that I own Shell stock but I do not view the oil companies as the problem or the root of all climate change evil. It is the demand for oil products by the end users that in the end puts all that CO2 in the atmosphere.  

Anyway, today Shell came out with their new raised dividend and the Shell CEO was interviewed by a relatively dumb Bloomberg journalist about how and what. The CEO Ben van Beurden explained that Shell keeps on being commited to being totally carbon emission free in 2050. That goes for the company itself and also it's customers. 

Click on the picture for the interview in case you are interested: 


Video title: Shell CEO: It Was Appropriate to Step Up Buyback
Link used:

I have no idea what the monthly salary of Ben van Beurden is, likely it is a multiple of what I get in an entire year. I don't complain about that, on the contrary I am glad I am living in a country where unemployed people like me do not need to live on the street without a house. But why do they fork so much money to Ben while it is clear he is even to stupid to understand the garbage bin nature of our present climate crises? 

But Shell is going to appeal the courthouse ruling, they say it is unfair that other oil companies do not get restricted in any way. At first this sounds good: we are doing our stinking best to make it to carbon free by the year 2050 and now we are hindered very much while our competition is not.  

For myself speaking I disagree with the reasoning of Shell. Compare it to a sex offender, say a violent rapist. This rapist is caught and when he has his day in trial he complains that right now all kinds of violent rape take place without any interference and therefore it is unjust to jail him while this is going on.

Yet all in all this climate change thing is going to be expensive, you thought Covid 19 did cost a lot of money but reversing climate change is far more expensive. All in all I am more pessimistic than positive on this: my estimate is that humanity cannot bring down the level of greenhouse gasses in a meaningful way.  


Just look at all those high paid physics professors and all that money going into the development of nuclear fusion. For over five years now (that is over half a decade) I have been explaining the likely root cause of plasma instabilities. 

And what have the shitholes of the universities been doing in the last half decade?
Yes you are right: Nothing. 

So humanity bringing down the level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is a funny joke. The real and far bigger climate problems will be there when the garbage bin spills over in a significant manner and at that time people like Ben van Beurden will complain that: Our best minds from the universities did not foresee this, so you can't blame Shell for this!  

Let's leave it with that and enjoy this cool Summer while it lasts.
Till updates.  


(23 July 2021) We had some serious flooding lately although Germany was hit harder. Here it was like max 150 mm of rain on one place (in the south in Limburg). Now everybody knows that China wants to become a world leader and when it comes to flooding they surely are: 200 mm of rain in one hour. In an environment with hills and mountains, 200 mm is an awful lot of rain when it streams into the valleys and rivers... 

Here is a bit how it looked in my own country: 


That is an awful lot of work to clean it all out. And we, we were only lucky. It happened all about 400 km from here so instead of there it could also have been over here.


For today I have two items, here we go: 

Item 1) Follow up on the USA GDP; is it a fake?
Item 2) What is the origin of the new corona virus?

 Item 1) Follow up on the USA GDP; is it a fake?

A couple of updates ago I compared the per capita USA gross domestic product with my own country. And yes, the USA was about 10% higher but how meaningful is that?
All Americans that live in Europe all say that life is much cheaper here, from groceries to the costs of a mobile phone to health care insurance and so on and so on.

In the 21 May update we observed for example that insulin is about 10 times as expensive in the USA compared to countries with a normal form of capitalism. And I wondered why there is that giant lack of price competition in the USA. 

And it is really weird, why should stuff like bread be twice as expensive? If ordinary items like basic food is twice as expensive, why is that?  

The Guardian has a good article about it, when it comes to retail a lot of things are sold by just a few companies. If in the USA you go to one of those super sized super markets to buy say that disgusting food like cereals or ice cream, it looks like you have an abundant amount of choice. Row after row dozens may be hundreds of boxes to choose from.   

But it is all fake; it is always a hand full of companies that divide that segment of the market. I am not saying that these companies always make illegal price fixes, but it is 100% sure there is a severe lack of price competition. 

Here is that Guardian link: 

The illusion of choice: five stats that expose America’s food monopoly crisis

You can argue that this concentration of just a few companies per sector is a necessary condition for the lack of competition on price. And on behalf of the US government there is always that stuff like "We don't do price controls" and voila that is how the average US citizen finds itself back paying 1500 US$ a month for stuff like insulin.  

In my view, the form of capitalism that the USA has developed is a sucker capitalism. It only grows the divide between the rich and the poor, most people get sucked out of their money and via all kinds of highly inefficient routes that money ends in the pockets of the rich.

If I read my own words I sound like some lefty, but no I think capitalism is a very efficient way to do the economy... 

 Item 2) What is the origin of the new corona virus?

There is an old story that more or less goes like this: 

On a huge parking lot in the middle of the night there is only one lamp post. A drunk man is crawling under the lamp post. When asked what he is doing the drunk man replies that he is looking for his lost car keys. But this is a huge place, why are you looking only here? The man replied that this is the only place with light. 

In the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan very fast the outbreak focused on some kind of food market known as a wet market. Via some other animal the virus was supposed to jump from bats to humans. I considered this strange, in my view that food market acted like the lamp post in the old story from above.

It was possible that the virus went via that food market, but concentrating on just one possible route that is a very narrow path to take. If you would have asked me in those long lost times I would have remarked that an outbreak from that Wuhan lab was 10 to 100 times as likely.

But all the time there was that shadow of an idiot named donald trump. And that idiot named Mike Pompeo. If those right wing nuts attack China because of the Wuhan lab, for me it was better to stay silent.

If I would say it was better to take a good deep look at that Wuhan lab it would look like I would side with those lunatics that also have idiot stuff like climate change is a conspiracy from China to weaken our economy. So it was hijacked by those right wing lunatics, I had to stay silent.  


Luckily the era of shithole one is over, at least for a couple of years anyway. Now we know that in the Wuhan lab they did stuff like 'gain of function' that is altering viruses and study that, the whole picture changes. 

Of course as a virus expert you can learn a lot if you can alter a virus so that, let's say, it much more easily infects humans. You can learn a lot of that. But from the present crisis we know it has much more value to craft new vaccines fast.

I want to emphasize that my view has nothing to do with  a political attack on China or so. It could have been any virus laboratory in the world. Compared to food markets those places are far more dangerous and if you load them up with the kind of people known as 'scientists' it is only waiting for some serious non performance.

Take for example the ITER project: The superior scientists will make the very first nuclear fusion reactor costing countless billions. I have been explaining for years that this thing will not work because the physics professors are wrong on their ideas of electron spin. But it is waiting at least four more years when in 2025 they will fire it up. Our last hope of preventing climate change will not work and what do those 'scientists' do? Of course that pile of garbage will do nothing year in year out. 


Ok, that is what I had to say for today. Till updates. 

(16 July 2021) Oops, all of a sudden my country is a code red zone for corona. It all went blazingly fast, lockdown was ended and in no time the numbers of people testing positive started climbing fast. To the extent that for example music festivals and so on are locked down again. Luckily hospital admissions stay low, a clear sign that for the time being the vaccinations work. 

Originally I wanted to make a comparison of the diverse European nations but later I skipped that because the video as found below is far better. So let's look at that 20 minute video instead.

Item 1) How big is a visible photon? 

 Item 1) How big is a visible photon? 

I haven't seen much video's from that channel but they are very refreshing compared to all those overpaid ultra arrogant nitwits explaining say electron spin. The guy making these video's at least accepts and understands that when it comes to nature, most of the important stuff we just don't know.

I am not afraid or ashamed to say that I hardly understand what a photon is. But using the idea that electrons are magnetic monopoles and electrons can make photons and the two kinds of electrons give more or less rise to two kinds of photons. And the difference between these two kinds of electrons is that the magnetic field is phase shifted by 180 degrees. 

For example the jets of active black holes should emit mostly photons of just one kind and the other jet of that black hole the other kind of photons. The same should go for sun spots and coronal mass ejections; if driven by magnetism the electrons by their monopole nature should produce mostly photons of just one kind. 

It is a pity for sure that scientists do not pick this up and finally give some experimental proof for their weird claims that electrons are magnetic dipoles. If you shake magnetic dipoles around do you get electro-magnetic waves? No you only get oscillating electric waves. But try to explain that to all those idiots that make Youtube video's about explaining electron spin... 

Electrons are very weird things; they have an electric and a magnetic charge and those charges, these fields, go out with the speed of light. It makes you wonder does the electron never run out of field? Doesn't it cost any energy to produce that field stuff?

I do not claim to know much but when I see and smell retarded bogus stuff like electrons must have two magnetic poles, I more or less know it must be nonsense because in so many ways it is just not logical.   

In chemistry it makes a lot of sense to view the electron as a magnetic monopole because that explains the binding of atoms and molecules via electron pairs. But if you ask the sino's from physics, a lot of them 'explain' the electron pair as a super position of opposite electron spin. Well that validates they are indeed sino (scientists in name only) because atomic hydrogen is never explained that way. No, electrons going round a nucleus is always and only Coulomb stuff; opposite charges attract. It is never that an electron and a proton are in a super position of electric charge and as such it forms the hydrogen atom.

But back to the video; in the picture below you see one of the common representations of em radiation. As the video guy remarks; does the photon really go along a line? My guess is that photons are not points that oscillate. Yet I have no clue whatsoever what a better description of a photon is.   


Here is the link: How big is a visible photon?
Link used: 

The intro is perfect: A visible photon should be smaller than a tiny slit but bigger than the distance between those two slits in the two slit experiment... Compare that to all those idiots explaining electron spin... 


That was it for this week. The video is 20 minutes long and it is worth your time.
Till updates my dear reader. 


(12 July 2021) It were supposed two rainy days, yesterday and today, so I decided to put up a brew for a fresh batch of beer despite I have inflammation in my right wrist. Yesterday I meshed the wort, let it boil and it cooled down overnight. My right hand really hurts, the inflammation is so bad that just the weight of my hand makes it hurt and hurt. So I am basically brewing with one hand, it takes a lot longer this way.
All the time there is zero rain and after many hours of work with just one arm I am ready and sit down on the couch. Within a few minutes all of the pain dissipates away and I am wondering: Is this how math professors feel every day? All your plans don't pan out, all the time you are in a ton of pain and at the end of the day all was in vain...
Yes, that is likely the daily math pro experience! 

Item 1) We won, you lost, get over it.

 Item 1) We won, you lost, get over it.

Tonight is the finale for European soccer. In a packed stadium named Wembley the public is harvesting the latest corona virus. It is Italy against England. England and not the UK? No, the UK is allowed to participate with more countries because after all England and Scotland and so are also independent countries... 

Secretly I am in favor of England, if they win very may be they will return to a more or less normal cognitive functioning of their brain matter now we have all this retarded Brexit around. It is claimed that it was 55 years ago since they won the last time. 

And that brings me to the football paradox: Why do all countries always want to play in such large tournaments? After all if 32 countries are participating, only one can win and the other 31 have a bad experience. They learn nothing from that bad experience because four years later they are happy once more to get slaughtered of the football fields. This is a strange thing about humans: why make such a big fuss about it when the possibilities of winning are so small? 

Anyway, the final game was undecided even after the extra time so it went to penalties.
And England came close, here you see vaguely England taking the lead over Italy during penalty time:


For some strange reason the Italians also would like to win and in the end they won. Ok Italy now you have won, why not make a plan to bring back the government debt? What you say? Mario Draghi takes care of it? What does that mean? 

Oh it means that the most wise investor in Europe, that is the ECB, strongly invests in Italian government bonds because they are such a good investment.  

Well I don't know it that is a wise thing to do, my gut feeling say no because now Italy has zero point zero incentives to change and evolve a little bit. 

But this post is not about government fincances so we close with the loosers of the day: the English... Well get over it, it does not matter because now you have Brexit and in the future you can become very rich by that with for example trading with the penguins on the South Pole. On the South Pole economical opportunities are just very different and the first nation to tap into that giant reservoir of opportunities will become the economical powerhouse of the third millenium! Really true. 


It is time to split my dear reader. Till updates. 


(09 July 2021) I am almost ready with my second post on the oversight of all counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat. So if you are into math check it out on the other website in a couple of days.

For this update I want to take another short look at the sausage wars and in the second item I want to show you are relatively retarded video on electron spin. So let's go: 

Item 1) Angela Merkel visiting the UK.
Item 2) And another retarded video on electron spin.

 Item 1) Angela Merkel visiting the UK.

Lately the Brexiteers have been whining and complaining that sausages can't be exported anymore from the UK to North Ireland. And we must be more flexible this and more flexible that. If in the past no checks were needed, why would they be needed right now, the EU wants to punish us. And so on and so on.

These weirdo's want to be outside of the EU and the common market while at the same time holding on to the old benefits it gave. But for stuff like meat there are reasons that chilled meat is not allowed. May you have eaten in your life a piece of meat that wasn't chilled properly. You can become so ill that your bodily fluids come streaming out from two of your body holes at the same time. I once had the pleasure of sitting on the toilet with diarrhea while vomiting in a bucket at the same time.

That was no fun. It is enough to have such an experience once in your life and after that you understand the importance of properly cooled meat...

Anyway since the Brexiteers are so whinefull of the EU to be 'more flexible', to my surprise next year bottled water from the EU must have some allowance for going to the UK. So it could be that EU brands like Evian can no longer export to the UK.   

Bottled water? Are they crazy?  


Yes they are crazy, what can go wrong with bottled water? 

Of course it is also a crazy thing to put water in bottles and drive that to the UK, if water has a carbon footprint you are looking at a crazy product. Here where I live we have perfect tap water for say 1.50 € per cubic meter, without taxes one cubic meter of perfect water is below one Euro! But there are plenty of places in Europe where the tap water is not drinkable and people need to buy it in the stores and supermarkets.

I have no idea how the tap water in the UK is, but banning EU bottled water sounds like a crazy idea. Later the monkey came out of the sleeve: this could be for retaliation against the purified shellfish stuff now the UK can't export shellfish any longer.


So with that water in the back of my mind it was strange that the Bojo started talking about sausages when Angela Merkel was visiting. Boris Johnson talked about bratwurst not capable of going from one part of Germany to another.

In my view he should have talked about frankfurters and hamburgers. Suppose it was not allowed for frankfurters to go from Hamburg to Berling while at the same time hamburgers were not allowed to go from Frankfurt to the Lüneburger Heide, in what kind of world would we live? Of course the Bojo should ask that in a rhetorical manner so that we the public can enjoy the depth of his wisdom.

All in all I still like that Brexit stuff and compared to all what happened in the USA this is often much more funny. Say for yourself; headlines like this are pleasant to read while all of the stuff coming from the USA in the last years was always not funny to read...


So far for this exiting item.

 Item 2) And another retarded video on electron spin.

The only good thing about that PBS video is it's title: Electrons DO NOT spin. Because the title is spelled this way (with the DO NOT in capitals) it is reasonable to expect that the author/editor of that video has mimicked the calculation that clearly says all magnetic properties from electrons cannot be caused by the electron spinning.

So the guy that is presenting this video is clearly a shallow thinker; there is so much more he needs to explain via at least some rudimentary calculation but it just ain't there. And although that guy understands the electron magnetic properties cannot be explained via the electron spinning like a little planet, he simply skips to explain why electrons should have two magnetic poles.

After about six years of trying to explain that it is not logical that electrons are dipole magnets but must be monopole magnets, why do I have so little success? Well such well funded videos have over 300 thousand views in just 24 hours. And most viewers just more or less believe that crap because they are shallow thinkers too.

There is so much garbage packed into this, let me show you only the results of the Stern Gerlach experiment. The video guy wants to 'explain' that experiment with some nice graphics and show you how a beam of silver atoms is split in two via a relatively weird magnetic field.

Because the video presenter is lazy and dumb we see zero calculus to validate the talk. In the past I have dome some estimations myself and I needed a magnetic gradient of over 100.000 Tesla per meter to make the electron only accelerating at 1m/s^2. Let alone pull an entire silver nucleus with that electron.

This whole video is just garbage.

But the title is good, very good: Electrons DO NOT spin.

The video idiot simply proves electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles because that is never measured, yet he keeps on thinking about dipole magnets as the only explanation. Here you see a screen shot from about six minutes into the video: 


And in other parts of the video he explains that there are some many spectral lines, but if his version of electron spin was true why are the spectral lines that sharp? If both the atomic nucleus and the electrons have some bipolar magnetism going on, it is impossible to get sharp spectral lines.

Only a net magnetic charge for both the nucleus and the electrons can explain this, but the presenting idiot he just goes on and on and on. 

But it is time to split, so see you in a new update in some future date. 


(02 July 2021) A somehow different update for this week. There are some people that have passed away and I would like to comment on them a little bit. These two people are (were) so different that I have to put them into two separate items. Let's go: 

Item 1) In memoriam: Professor Stam.
Item 2) In memoriam: Donald Rumsfeld.

 Item 1) In memoriam: Professor Stam.

It is somewhere in 1991 or 1992, this day I had to see Mr. Stam for the last time and we will be discussing a bit of my work on the newly found 3D complex numbers. Today I will get my grading and it is worth five or six so called study points. One study point represents a week of work. So I go there and we make some small talk and all of a sudden Stam asks me: Do you also work with handicapped children? 

I should have said ´I am working with you´ but since I am always so polite I more or less explain that I have a small voluntary job and yes there are indeed teens with issues. Some have autism, other mutilate themselves, some girls are sexually abused for a long time and the other half of the class is more or less normal.

All of a sudden Stam says: Your grade for your end work is a 10. Of course I don´t complain, after all a 10 is the maximum score. But I found the reasoning a little bit strange, isn´t the grading of math investigations supposed to be about the quality of the work?  

Anyway years later I tell the above ´grading process´ to someone else and he knew that Stam had a son and the education of his son was extremely troublesome until he arrived at the right kind of education for his son. So I finally more or less understood what was going on when I got my weird grading.

Stam gave probability theory and stuff like statistical testing. His lessons were always rather good, beside the theory you always got a good show with it and that prevented you from falling asleep. The exams he gave were relative easy to make and that motivated a lot of people to run that extra mile because if you scored above say a 7 you could use that as compensation for other exams that went a bit more troublesome.

From Stam I learned to to phrase statistical tests: What do you put in your zero hypothesis and what not and why is that all? He was very good at that.

But professor Stam has now passed away so he will live on in memory. 

 Item 2) In memoriam: Donald Rumsfeld.

Ten years later my life is very different. It is Oct 2001 and I am working in Germany as a temporary contractor of the Dutch department of defense. I am giving economical statistics to military officers who get that as a part of their education. Not for the military service itself but for if they want to go somewhere else to work.

That year I accidentally managed to make the Muslims mad as hell, it was only six weeks ago that 911 happened and looking at the details of that giant attack I am suspecting the 19 attackers from the 911 attack were also mad as hell at me. For a lot of reasons I suspect I had something to do with those attacks.

In the evening I am watching televisions and the US SecDef Donald Rumsfeld gets interviewed. At some point Rumsfeld simply bypassed the interviewer, looks into the camera and begins talking like: And it makes you wonder, how does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

I am sipping from my beer and I wonder about who he is talking; did I just get a gob offer from the US SecDef? My gut feeling says that I will not go over to the USA side of things, they deserved what they got on 911 so why go over there and help them?

One day later I am driving back and the radio in my car tells about something new in the USA: Anthrax attack! I stick my right fist in the air while shouting VICTORY! A few days before I had to go to Germany I posted on this very website a few words like:

Still the world hold it's breath and still the first American bomb has to fall and still there is no anthrax at the scene. (If memory serves after two decades it was about 5 to 10 days before the first anthrax letter killed the first victim.)

So it could very well be that this anthrax attack was done because I recited for it, it could be or it could be accidental. But if there was some USA based person having access to that anthrax strain and reading my website and deciding to help me a bit, it all had it's internal logic...

Anyway, Donald Rumsfeld is now dead. Of course I cannot prove that he was talking about me when he spoke words like 'How does he do it?' On the other hand, there are only 7 billion people on this tiny planet, so if it wasn't me who else did Donald talk about?

Here are a few pictures of Donald Rumsfeld combined with that cute fire bomb known as the Mark 77: 


I too often do not understand 'How do they do it?' For example when I craft a better version of the little theorem of Pierre de Fermat, nothing happens. But in four centuries of time, no math professor did the same so again: nothing happens. 

Now what later my yearly pension is, that amount of money is just the yearly pay increase of the math professors. So Donald just between you and me: How do they do it? How can math professors be so incompetent yet rake in all that money?

I am clueless... 


Ok, that was it for this week. Till updates. 


(25 June 2021) According to Dutch blood banks about 70% of the population has anti bodies against COVID-19 in their blood. This reflects the fact that the vaccination of the populations goes fast and hard. But we ain't home yet, I do not know the details of the UK vaccinations but the new Delta variant of the virus is spreading fast over there. But hospital admissions stay behind and that says the vaccines still work despite the mutations. And in India a new version of that already nasty delta variant is emerging... The stock markets still act as if we already won from the virus, but it can still mutate to say it is 25 times as deadly as now or in such a way that renders a lot of vaccine stuff less relevant. All in all I am satisfied about how the things evolve but there are far to little vaccines going to poor nations. I mean what the fuck does it cost to vaccinate the entire planet compared to the giant economical damage we can prevent in that way...

This week it was five years ago that the UK voted to get out of the EU and that's our item for today.   

Item 1) Brexit referendum was five years ago this week.

 Item 1) Brexit referendum was five years ago this week.

It amazes me how slow the Brexiteers change their ideas about how good Brexit is for the UK economy. Ok ok because they thought in the first place it was very good for the UK economy to leave the EU and it's internal market, they were of a lesser cognitive kind to begin with. So even when the economical damage is big and clearly non reversible they will likely blame the EU for that instead of their own actions.
But that is how they are: highly emotional anti EU. Only large economical disasters over a long long time (at least a decade or so) might make them wiser in the long run. But again they were stupid to begin with and stupid people also learn new things much more slowly compared to people with a normal functioning brain. 

Things that also stay the same is that remainers keep on saying the Brexiteers are lying. May be sometimes they are lying but most of the time it is just a bunch of stupid people without good insight into the situation they are in just stating the first thing that comes to their limited minds. That is not lying, that is dumb people talking. 

The stupidity also explains why they think that outside the EU will be better for their economy. That is a non starter to begin with but if you have limited insight into economical affairs to begin with, you might fall into that nonsense that somehow it is better to be outside the EU. Compare it to the economical opportunities you have on the South Pole; far away from all that EU burocracy you can prosper and prosper... Well if you believe that, you don't understand the economical opportunities of the South Pole. 

We, the Dutch, would love it to help the failing UK automobile industry. So we made a prototype of a car that in theory could be a big hit in the UK. It is easy to produce now the UK folks are in large part outside of the industry supply chains (remark: that is a good thing according to Brexiteers). Look for yourself, in my view it is the ideal car for the average Brexit voter: 


Cars like this come with a green agenda: They hardly emit any CO2 but they are also much safer: All car owners of such cars report zero accidents in the past 12 months and that is indeed one more Brexit miracle! 

When asked even the police say these kind of cars are very good because they never go through a red traffic light, no ridiculous speed tickets because these kind of cars always obey the speed limits. From a policing standpoint these cars are fabulous said Mr. P Olice when asked by the BBC about fatality rates... 


The sausage wars continue, although it could be that North Ireland is allowed to import a few months more of that chilled meat known as UK sausages. This sausage stuff once more demonstrates how dumb the Brexiteers are: If it is that good to be outside of the EU, say being a third nation, in that case no more exporting of chilled meat to NI should also be good. Or, if not good, it is mightily surpassed by all the riches you get from leaving the internal market of the EU.  

But no no no, all of a sudden these dumbo's want to export chilled meat to the EU or more precise to NI while they also want to be outside the EU or more precise want to be a third nation.

Yet on the scale of things the Boris government is not as stupid as the old Dubya administration from the USA. As a matter of fact I enjoy it on most days. After all it would be an extremely long internet search to find our pm Mark Rutte hanging on so called smoke sausage (in Dutch: rookworst) in order to make a point.

In the UK that is pretty normal so here is a picture of the UK sausage guy: 


It has great entertainment value, that cannot be denied. But if I were a UK citizen I doubt if I would find that kind of stuff entertaining... Ok, let me end this weird Brexit stuff that started more or less precisely five years ago.


Before I close, over at the other website I posted an oversight of all counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat that I found in the last half year. It is very hilarious because I crafted most of my counter examples of modular arithmetic so you might think that as an easy counter measure the math professors would simply say 'Modular arithmetic is not allowed in counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat'.  

But they cannot do that because one of their overpaid masters, Gerhard Frey, wrote in a pdf on the last theorem of Fermat that:


Link: Oversight of all counter examples (until now) to the last theorem of Fermat

Of course the math professors will not react on a person that finally puts out a list of counter examples to the last theorem of Pierre de Fermat. But for me this is still a hilarious update anyway. Ok, it is time to split and see you around next week or so.

Till updates. 


(18 June 2021) And finally the heat of Summer is there. Today it was about 30 degrees Celcius & tomorrow it will be even hotter. I came across some Brexit news because now we have all this COVID chaos going round, how to estimate the downside of a stupid idea known as Brexit? It was some UK statistical office and they simply compared the present day output of the car industry against a five year period. And it was about 40 or 42% lower... They also have all kinds of labor shortage because of a lack of EU workers. But you have all those strange stories of say girls that want to work as an au pair in the UK but they have some minor faults in their paper work. They get arrested, handcuffed and are locked up at least a full week without access to their phones. It is like I said before: more and more the UK becomes a hostile entity.  

For this week's item I wanted to look once more at those new Alzheimer drugs and that's likely the last update on this detail because it's the third update on that. In the first update it is explained that for about a full decade I am thinking that Alzheimer is caused by a lack of energy in the brain. In the video from 2 week back that was more or less validated.  

Item 1) Why FDA, why did you do this?

 Item 1) Why FDA, why did you do this?

University people would not be u university people if somehow they didn't mess up all kinds of stuff so that in practice they are only sino (sino = scientist in name only). One of the best examples is physics professors and their pathetic version of electron spin. Need an explanation for permanent magnets? Well the spins align and that is what makes the permanent magnet strong. And in chemical bonding you need opposite spins? No problemo, now is it the Pauli principle that 'explains it all' and the opposite spins is what makes the chemical bonds strong. They just talk from their neck and weirdly enough always come away with it.

Without doubt with something like Alzheimer the situation is horrible too because if there would be approved drugs or medicine, that would be some cash cow. And if it's in the USA this medicine would serve as a vehicle to get rich fast.

This new medicine only removes a part of the garbage in the brains of Alzheimer patients. In the first update on this I explained to you that this is likely caused by insulin resistance in the brain that is caused by eating to much carbs and refined carbs like bread, rice, pasta, cookies etc etc. The older the brain gets the less energy it can take up from glucose and if you eat too much carbohydrates your body does not burn fat and the brain has no access to that form of energy as the famous ketone bodies.  

The energy hypothesis looks logical; if the brain has a energy deficit just always that could explain as why those plagues and amyloidal garbage is not removed from the brain while you sleep. But if you only need to eat different in order to avoid that, the pharmaceutical industry will not make a penny from that. 

But a lot of totally incompetent university people think that it is the building up of the plagues and stuff that is the root cause of Alzheimer; if you could remove that somehow miraculous the Alzheimer will go away. If Alzheimer is caused by an energy deficit in the brain, the new medicine will not make much of a difference.

Even in my own country there are academics that work on medicine that will remove all that brain garbage; of course it is not going to work. But at the universities there is never a shortage of opportunists that will do everything for more status and research funding. These people are a waste of tax payer money, because they try to achieve emotional goals like high social standing and high incomes automatically they will be sino.

If a full century of electron spin is wasted by physics idiots still thinking electrons have two magnetic poles, how can the university model bring us forward? You would think that any idiot would see soon and fast that electrons carry magnetic charge and as such must be magnetic monopoles. But at the universities for a full century it is no problemo; you just talk some bullshit from your neck and you get applause. It has it's own logic: people like to get recognition for their work and they like to feel they are part of a wider community. But that makes them sino, it is not logical that the properties as shown by electrons are done by magnetic dipoles.   


There is a whole lot of controversy around the sudden approval of this new drugs. In the USA there are about 6 million Alzheimer patients or about 2% of the population. If the USA pharmaceutical industry can come up with a medicine that does not work at all but gives hope to desperate people at the tune of only 56.000 US$ a year, guess what will happen? 

And it just happened: the FDA approved a very expensive medicine that will not work whatsoever for those who have Alzheimer. But it's going to fill the pockets of the shareholders in question. I did not look into the detail but this could lift the price of a share by about 100$ and that is how the USA works.

It's healthcare industry is just some sucker stuff to suck money from sick people and transfer it to those who really do not need much more money. 

But hey, if as a country you organize your economy that way, the future will be only more of that way. I call that sucker capitalism. I don't want to sound as some lefty kind of person, but say for yourself:

If a 'capitalist economy' like the USA charges say 1500 US$ a month for stuff like insulin, is that a vital & vibrant economy or just a bunch of weird suckers? 

In my view these are a bunch of weird suckers. 


Source of the text in the picture: Sorry I am now working on another computer and I can't find it back on Google news. Anyway it is not that important because I did found back that idiot story of flickering lights that also can cure Alzheimer:

Can flickering light and sound treat Alzheimer’s?

Flickering light as a cure to Alzheimer?
Electrons are magnetic dipoles? 

I can't see the difference between these idiot statements. They both come from an academic culture run by the sino people. Money and social standing is always more important compared to the science you do. That is the world we live in.

Till updates & thnx for your attention.  Updated on 20 June: 

I found another good video about insulin resistance in the brain. The video is rather long, I only had time to watch the first 20 minutes or so but the guy Ben Bikman has also done a lot of research and he has all kinds of interesting info. He claims that in the brain you hippocampus area has about a 2 to 3 times higher metabolic ratio. So when that part of the brain becomes insulin resistant, what kind of brain function goes out the door first? It always starts with memory loss and that's precisely what the hippocampus is doing.

And for myself speaking: Most people know how important the hippocampus is and how many functions is has to fulfill. I was always amazed that the hippocampus area was so small. But if it is true what Ben Bikman claims about the high metabolic rate, the small size becomes a bit more understandable. Anyway here is the Youtube video:

How Insulin Resistance DESTROYS Your Brain & Causes 

Link used: 

Here you see two scientists discussing the benefits of a plant based diet with little carbs and moderate amount of proteins. It is amazing how these ultra sharp minds dissect the problem of brain decline...;)


End of this extra update to the 18 June update.  


(11 June 2021) All of a sudden we have some kind of sausage war in North Ireland; the Brexiteers want to import sausages from the UK after 1 July. And they already one sided extended the grace period where stuff like chilled meat was allowed. Sometimes I wonder what is more stupid: the average math professor or the average Brexiteer. Don't these weirdo's know they wanted to have a third nation status? Well all third nations follow the same rules so if the UK can export sausages to the EU via NI, in that case all African nations would have the same 'right'. Of course Brexiteers are stupid for a reason: they selected themselves to support Brexit and only stupid people think it is better to be outside the EU. If you think that you are stupid to begin with.

In another development, last week I wrote about Alzheimer again after at least two years and to my surprise this week a new medicine was approved in the USA. So that's the item for this update.

Item 1) Does the new medicine take on the root cause? Nope!

  Item 1) Does the new medicine take on the root cause? Nope!

Last week we looked at Alzheimer as an illness caused by a lack of energy in the brain. Over the years the capability of your brain to run on glucose slowly diminishes and if you follow the standard food advices it might be your insulin levels are too high. When insulin is elevated that is for a reason: your body wants to get rid of the dietary sugar in your blood because too high sugar levels are poisonous for your body. So it does not burn fat and no ketone bodies are produced.

Because the brain has no access to energy in the form of ketone bodies it has that energy gap, or deficit, and that is what demolishes your brain in the long run. In my view it should be relative easy to prevent Alzheimer: Don't eat to many carbs like bread, pasta and rice so that every day there are plenty of hours that your body produces ketone bodies. I myself eat nothing during the day and if I get hungry I eat an avocado or stuff like that (no sweet fruits for me). If you are used to a low carb diet it is very easy to eat nothing for say 12 to 18 hours, it you eat far to much carbs it is very hard to make it to your next meal without snacking. For a carb eater with elevated insulin levels, six hours without food is already a long long time.

Talking about cause and effect in something as complicated as biological systems like your body & brain is a tricky excersice. Something causes an effect but that effect can become a cause for new effects. And you run into those cycles that only reinforce each other. A lot of university people think that the building up of plagues and tau proteins in the brain is the 'cause' of Alzheimer. But if you view Alzheimer as an energy deficit driven condition, this build up of garbage in your brain is just a symptom that makes things only worse.  

Compare it to gout; when I have gout I take medicine that suppresses my immune system and yes that reduces the pain and the swelling but it does not solve the root cause of gout. This new Alzheimer medicine only prevents or reduces the build up of one of the two garbage problems in your brain. A lot of university people think that this garbage in your brain is 'the cause' of Alzheimer and as such you will find professors broadly stating that 'this new medicine takes on the cause of Alzheimer' but in my view that is nonsense.


Why the FDA approves this new drug so fast is unknown, may be they are desperate because the decade long horrible food advices in the USA had not only led to the wave of obesity but also a wave of Alzheimer. Only after one round of testing this new medicine was allowed. 

Funny detail: After administering the new drug they will monitor you for brain swelling... And there you see the full American 'health care for profit' at full swing: Likely the injection for the new drugs will set the average American back a few hundreds of US$, but they can also be charged for 'being monitored' for say only 175 US$. We love it if it's inside the USA, of course here in the EU we don't torture our population for just making a few billionaires more billionaire.  


The source of the pictures can be found in a video from the next CNN link: 

New Alzheimer's drug aducanumab: cost, side effects, timeline and other questions answered Link used:

Now I started this update with the question what is more stupid:
The average math professor or,
The average Brexiteer.

Of course the average math professor is less stupid than the average Brexiteer. Brexiteers are pre selected because they like the idea's around Brexit while math professors are pre selected because they like math. 

Yet you must never think that universities are 'enlighted spaces' or so. At best it is a place or a collection of humans that are 'less stupid' but they will be stupid anyway.

So if the root cause of Alzheimer is indeed an energy problem in the brain (and we know that brains take up an awful amount of energy compared to the rest of your body, it's something like 20% of all your energy intake), what to think of this next round of weird nonsense?: 

Can flickering light and sound treat Alzheimer’s? Link used:

All in all the energy hypothesis looks rather logical, so why do all kinds of university people come up with this retarded nonsense of flickering light that could cure Alzheimer? Why do academics come up with bullshit like this?

End of this update, use your brain to navigate the landscape of university press releases and if you eat eat less carbs for brain health may be you can postpone Alzheimer a little bit... See you around in the next update. 


(04 June 2021) Me and my big mouth: always shouting that at the universities everything happens at least one hundred years to late. But this time it is me that is too late, luckily only about 3 years so it is not that stupid as physics professors with their version of electron spin.  

Anyway, I don't remember it because it is so long ago but if memory serves it was some female that found in the year 2005 that her lab rats had Alzheimer AND they had all insulin resistance in the brain. Well it was years ago but that same day the quarter fell in my head: Is Alzheimer caused by an energy deficit in the brain? 

Of course year in year out nothing happens, after all we are dealing with university people so you must never have any expectations whatsoever because that only leads to mountains of disappointment. About two years back I wrote for the last time on the Alzheimer detail.  

But I had figured out that the older you get, the less carbs you should eat and likely that kind of behavior was enough to prevent you from dying from or with Alzheimer. After all it is a nasty way to die, or not? 

Item 1) It looks confirmed: Alzheimer caused by an energy deficit in the brain.

 Item 1) It looks confirmed: Alzheimer caused by an energy deficit in the brain.

About 10 years back I had insulin resistance myself and as such I understood the problem: your body cells are hungry as hell but no matter how much you eat your body cells just can't get the energy because the mighty hormone insulin does not work anymore. This insulin resistance is caused by eating to many carbs that raise your blood sugar to dangerous levels. It is also caused by eating to many meals on a day; you really do not need three meals a day. 

Anyway it is easily solved: Eat less and less carbs, throw out stupid stuff like bread, potatoes, rice, pasta etc etc. I lost about 30 kg of body weight and have a stable weight ever since, no silly jojo effect for me. All these people that do the jojo thing with their body weight: they simply still eat too many carbs. Obesity is not a matter of being lazy or eating too much, it is mainly caused by the fact that your body cannot burn fat. And that is what makes you hungry that fast again, as a matter of fact even after a big meal you are still hungry because you have insulin resistance (if you are obese because of too high insulin levels of course).

In 2018 a guy named Stephen Cunnnane posted a video and he has investigated how the energy intake of the brain varies over the diverse age groups and he could differentiate between glucose intake and ketone bodies intake. (Ketone bodies are made from fat, your body can only produce it when insulin levels are low enough.) To my surprise all my original ideas about the stuff were found to be true: as you ago the amount of energy your body gets from glucose declines. And if you eat like the government tells you: 3 meals a day and lot's of bread and other garbage food, you always have too high insulin levels and your body does not make ketone bodies.

Because over the years the energy deficit only increases, that is why your brain goes broke: your brain cannot clean itself properly, that is the building up of all those plagues and stuff. And in the end entire regions of your brain simply die and you have lost most of your cognitive functions.  

It is important that it is more or less validated by Stephen that Alzheimer is caused by an energy deficit. After all if Alzheimer was caused by other things, for example the building of plagues, and energy intake was impaired of that, you would be looking at the wrong hypothesis. But no, the energy deficit precedes Alzheimer: 


With all kinds of so called PET scans Stephen was able to produce how the average brain takes up energy from glucose and from ketone bodies. I have to admit I never studied how PET scans work, I still try to convince physics professors that they tell crap about electron spin because electrons must me magnetic monopoles. But like I said: at the universities everything always happens at least one 100 years too late. 

Here you see a visual of the energy intake, the redder it is the more energy intake there is: 


Explanation: AD = Alzheimer disease and MCI = mild cognitive impairment.

Something I expected was that the older you get the less is your brain capable of taking in energy from glucose. And by the way, you don't need to eat carbs for getting glucose in your blood. Glucose is a rather simple molecule and for your body it is important there is always a little bit of that in your blood. That is why your body can easily make glucose for itself. Just like you never see a lion peeling an orange and eat it; the lion's body knows how to make vitamin C...   

What I did not know was how much energy is from glucose and from ketone bodies, so after all these years I have to say I am surprised by how large the glucose part is. Again: you don't need to eat carbs for that! 


Explanation: MCT = medium chain fat. Stephen talks about a dietary supplement in order to avoid Alzheimer or better to close the energy gap in your brain. For example coconut oil has those medium chain fatty acids. The benefit of this stuff is that your body can instantly use it and it does not need any modification. 

There is also MCT oil, I never used it. I use coconut oil often while preparing my meals and for the time being I still don't have Alzheimer or anything like that...;) But I am aging fast, far to fast. I will never be an old man, but hey may be I would not have smoked so much during the years I was still healthy!

At the end of this update, here is the video from where the above three screen shots were made: Stephen Cunnane - Can Ketones Slow Down Alzheimer’s?
Link used: 

Ok, that was it for this update. Sorry I am late by about 3 years but on the other hand everything I told you in the past on this Alzheimer detail seems to be true to the bone.
And that's a good thing, now only for electron spin and all those retarded physics professors...;) Till updates my dear reader. 


(28 May 2021) Over at the other website I posted a post about inverting 4D complex numbers. Ok, it is a repeat and  not much new but since lately I found out that the 4D rationales form a so called field I was only thinking like let's repeat that detail.

If you check the expressions for an inverse 4D complex number you understand it is hard to remember that, it is just too complicated and too long. But a few years ago I was able to formulate the determinant in such a way it is easy to remember for a human brain. The only problem left is: Do math professors have a human brain?
Anyway, here is the link: Inverses for the field of 4D complex rationales

Our item for today is Brexit. 

Item 1) Japanese agriculture produce for better brain health for Brexiteers?

 Item 1) Japanese agriculture produce for better brain health for Brexiteers?

On Youtube on the channel A different bias the guy comes up with an hilarious video about finding the very first benefit emerging from Brexit. He shows a lot of headlines from the retarded UK tabloids that are in favor of a very hard Brexit but at the same time always complain about Brexit disasters.
And most of the damage still has to emerge, likely this year the COVID vaccination programs will have done the entire population in both the EU & UK and after that there is no hiding any longer and more and more Brexit damage will pop up.  

Lately the same channel reported that the UK government is looking for someone who can and will identify Brexit benefits. At first I had to laugh about it but later I realized that after all these years we finally could export Geert Wilders.

Dear UK government, Geert is the man for a job like identifying Brexit benefits. With ease he will find at least 10 benefits for leaving the EU every working day, so you will have about 50 fresh benefits every working week. We, the Dutch population, would like to export Geert Wilders to your beautiful country. This all without tariffs or quota's, as a matter of fact we the Dutch population will also pay for the shipping and packaging costs of Geert Wilders! Beware that Geert has a razor sharp mind and is extremely focused on finding Brexit benefits, you will have nothing to complain if you accept him!  


In another development that advisor Dominique Cummings was before an investigation and he accused Matt Hancock of all kinds of horrible things. And I was like 'Why do those guys all have names like they are a porn star'? We have Dominique CUMMINGS (the half a pint man) and Matt HanCOCK who's non erect penis is already 30 cm!

So who cares if it was Matt HanCOCK that ordered all those patients recovering from COVID-19 to go from the hospitals to the care homes without any testing if they still spread the virus? Come on, give me a break, you voted a bunch of Brexiteers in place and after that expect they will think everything carefully through?

Compare it to trade deals, there is a reason that crafting trade deals can easily take up six to ten years. So if you go around like a lunatic and close many trade deals a year, just like the Brexiteers are doing right now, likely these are not the best deals for your country.

Luckily there is also that Japan deal that clearly proves the UK can stand on her own legs after being crippled for so long by evil EU burocrats and there is all that cheese and stuff going round between the Japs & the UK.

Today with a bit of luck I found the perfect milk for export from Japan to the UK. It looks like a creamy produce and I recommend it to all male Brexiteers. With the help of Google translate I was able to find a few of the benefits of this Japanese milk: it says that it makes babies grow very fast and as such I thought I might be good for the brain development of the average Brexiteer! Oh oh, where would we be without Google translate? 


Please remark that beside better milk, the Japanese also have superior dress codes. In the EU or UK if you look at advertisements for milk, you can never see the titties of the females. This leads to severe depression in a lot of males who are only left to wonder 'How do they look'? And they never get an answer, it is estimated that by this lack of deep knowledge alone about 2 million EU males a year commit suicide!

If the UK Brexiteers import more of this healthy Japanese milk, the will avoid that sheer horror that goes on inside the EU, just ask Geert Wilders!


Ok, this might be a good time to stop writing and find that button known as 'publish website'. See you around my dear reader. 


(21 May 2021) Well well the UK seems to get a trade deal with the Aussies. The Aussies ask for tariff free exports to the UK for agriculture produce. The UK said yes sir! In parliament the BoJo told stuff like 'The UK farmers should grasp this opportunity to export more'. So we have more proof that the BoJo can be horribly stupid: Why not ask the fishermen how the exports are going? And in Australia they have those super huge farms, how can you compete with that as a UK farmer? On top of that you should not eat Australian meat, the way it is produced is more like animal torture/cruelty and has absolutely nothing to do with normal farming... 

Over at the other website I have a magnetic update. I found something that is named a Heisenberg magnet and it is a long time ago I observed something as stupid as that. It is a line of electrons, say horizontal and all their spins are pointing up and than the physics professor says: This is the ground state. After giving it a few weeks of thought I still do not understand why this would be so. Either I am too stupid or the physics professor is not mentally fit. Check it out on:
Heisenberg magnets: the most retarded electron configuration
in the history of humanity?
Link used:

Today's item is for the USA gross domestic product; it is fake in many ways. 

Item 1) More on the fake USA GDP.

 Item 1) More on the fake USA GDP.

It is commonly thought that the USA has a truly giant economy where per capita citizen the gross domestic product is very high and as such it is 'logical' that for example the US$ has global reserve status. 

Likely the next data are from before the COVID crisis but it gives you an idea:
USA per capita GDP = 68309 $ and for my own country
NL per capita GDP = 60461 $. 

In my view, if you look at goods and services consumed by the average Dutch citizen this is far more compared to the USA. And that is simply explained by the fact that most stuff is much cheaper over here.  

If you see video's from USA citizens that live in Europe, they all say the same. The average cell phone is twice as expensive in the USA, a high quality loaf of bread costs 5 to six dollar and so on and so on.

And that made me wonder; why does competition on price just not work in the USA? After all the USA is the heartland of capitalism and as such economical laws like price competition should work. If you look at the minimum wages in the USA it is more of a miracle as why every thing is so crazy expensive.

Two week back I remarked that the USA economy is geared towards making the rich richer and that is all there is. And yes that skewed shape of the economy (a few rich & ultra rich and a lot of poor people) is indeed much of the explanation. This causes a lot of inefficiencies in the economy, take for example health care. USA health care is also about twice as expensive but the average US lifespan is shorter compared to most (or all) European nations.

Take for example insulin. Medical insulin is an old product, in the past it was retrieved from animal tissue and as such it was likely rather expensive because the glands of dead animals contain only so much insulin and because they are dead you must harvest a lot of glands from dead animals to get some serious amount of insulin.
Present day manufacturing goes with modified yeast (or may be genetically modified bacteria) so you might expect a far cheaper product.
Well this is how it looks in the heartland of capitalism:


Because humans eat such crazy food a lot of them develop diabetes type 1 (your own immune system has killed your insulin glands) and as such they need to inject insulin on a daily basis. In the USA this often leads to monthly costs in the range of 1300 to 1500 US$. That is a crazy price but it serves the rich who love to suck out their fellow countrymen and women... And the USA government? We don't do price controls is all they say.  


All this stuff of gearing an entire economy to only making rich people richer leads to the most strange excesses. If in the USA if a female gives birth via a cesarean cut, they charge you about 40 dollar for holding your baby.

Why you would charge 40 $ for what is a natural and important thing is unknown to me. But every body is into the thing of making the rich much more rich so why not charge 40 $? It is crazy in many ways.  


Source of the screen shots:
What Does U.S. Health Care Look Like Abroad? | NYT Opinion 

My estimate is that if you look at actual goods and services as consumed by the average American, it might cost an awful lot of dollars but likely it is about 30% less compared to what we consume in my home country the Netherlands. 

That was it for this update. See you around and try to avoid getting COVID-19... ;) 


(17 May 2021) A lot has happened in the last 10 days; the Germans came out hefty against the USA proposal of skipping the patents for the new vaccines. But Biontech promised to create more production facilities and on top of that third world countries could buy it at the cost price of production. Ok, accepted by me. After all we have 7 billion people to vaccinate asap & that is a giant problem because all the time the new corona virus can mutate around the new vaccins. 

I have been vaccinated myself so I have my first shot of the Biontech & Pfizer vaccine. If you get the same one and later you feel very high, for me it helped a lot by just riding my bicycle. Within half an hour you will be less high. I have to say that for me it is a very pleasant vaccine. I remember the second vaccination in the military service, I was so ill from that shot that I had to go to bed and just feel ill. 

In my hometown Groningen the third bridge was rammed out two days ago. It is completely ridiculous; in a time span of say six years three bridges rammed out by ships going too fast. Or is it?

Item 1) Yes, why not ram one more bridge out?  

 Item 1) Yes, why not ram one more bridge out?  

Every time a bridge gets rammed out the skipper gets arrested and interrogated. Also this skipper and the police found no clues of alcohol or drugs. An old experienced skipper told the local newspaper that the new skipper was rather inexperienced. He had a small incident with that same boat in Amsterdam and he explained that the shipping companies go for the cheap and hire only young skippers.

A lot of locals wanted it to see for themselves, I too of course because this was a relatively old bridge. It was not a beautiful bridge but the way it opened and closed was interesting: one end of the bridge stood on a small boat and as such it could go open via a sideway movement. It was a design from the 1930-ties. Here you see a bit of the public and how they want to lift the old bridge away so the waterway is free again. 


Now every body is blaming the skippers and may be too many of them have to little experience. But another important contribution to the present safety situation is the concentration of all bridge waiters into one hub. And from that remote hub most bridges in this city are remotely controlled.

I have had plenty of times where a bridge would go open, a ship passes through and after that just nothing happens. So the remote controlled bridge gets open and after that they forget to close it again.

A few times I asked the other people waiting: "If we all wave to the video camera's may be they will see it." Often that helps, the waiters see some movement on the video screen and all of a sudden the bridge closes again.

Likely those remote bridge waiters are sitting in a chair, eat bread and have absolutely no body movement at all during work hours. May be a method of making them more attentive is by simply making this a standing job. So no more chairs in the remote control chamber and they are only allowed to sit during a coffee or tea break.

Of course having one central control post for most bridges is much cheaper. Yet now the third bridge is rammed out and that is in total an amazing number of years of operation costs. In my view it is much better to go back to the old ways of one bridge waiter per bridge. 

Or improve the attention span in the remote control room one way or the other. We cannot blame skippers all of the time because I have waited far to often on a bridge that does not close again after the ship has passed through... 


That is what I had to say today. Till updates my dear reader. 


(07 May 2021) The horror in India continues and likely it will get a lot worse before it gets better. Ok ok the Indians should never ever have organized those super spreading events like political rallies and religious gatherings or festivals. That was super stupid so to say but the new mutations also play a big role.

Is my faith in the USA restored? No of course not but from all nations out there the USA is talking about lifting the intellect property of the new viruses so that countries like India can make their own vaccines. I applaud this idea, there might be some setbacks for the pharmaceutical industry but that is very limited: future profits will be a bit lower. In the meantime the benefits for the global economy could be much much bigger let alone prevention of the loss of life. Well if the recipes of how to make those vaccines are released of course there is not much extra production capacity the next day but at least it gives some hope to a lot of poor nations. 

Today's update is some old hobby of mine: the USA Federal deficit. I haven't written about it for a long time but right now it is like 28 trillion US$ in the red. The second item is a shorty on the acceleration of the solar wind. 

Item 1) For the time being the US$ still is the global reserve currency? Crazy!
Item 2) Still crazy after all those years: physics professors on electron spin.

 Item 1) For the time being the US$ still is the global reserve currency? Crazy!

Most people find it difficult to identify a debt bubble. In my view it is best to look at a time series of the debt growth of that particular debt bubble and see how fast it grows on a percentage basis. After that you figure out how this debt should be paid back and how fast the capability of paying the debt grows, also as a percentage of say year on year.

If the debt growth is always a multiple of the capability of paying back the debt, in that case you can be sure that you are looking at bubble formation.

When it comes to US Federal debt it is logical to compare that to GDP growth because after all it are the taxes on the GDP that supposedly are needed to service the debt and to pay it back when it matures.

In the next picture that is from the Federal Reserve Z1 release you see the percentages in the second column and the total Federal debt in the third column:     


In the last four years it has expanded by 50% or about 10% year on year. Needless to say this is a significant multiple of the underlying GDP growth. It is also clear this will not change in the foreseeable future, ok ok the present government is flirting with the idea of raising taxes on so called 'rich people' like raising the capital gains tax.  

Even if there is a change in tax policy, I do not think this debt growth can be brought under control. You have to take into account that basically the USA is a country without much reserves in the population or the broader economy. Everything is geared into making rich people richer, that has been going on for a long time, and as such the capabilities of raising taxes are limited.

It is noteworthy that there is also a lot of internal debt in the USA. These are the social security funds, in those funds you don't find money but only US Federal debt. At the time the Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan gave his approval while saying 'This makes the deficit look smaller'. Alan was right, the last number in the table 23621 billion is indeed smaller but all those years the USA has looked like it has smaller cognitive capabilities (aka this is a bunch of idiots).

Hey tomorrow all of my own financial troubles are gone: I simply borrow a million € from myself and I will be a rich man ever after... Do you think tomorrow I will be a millionaire? Of course not, but the fact that the USA has this weird internal debt simply shows that for decades they are unwilling to pay back what they have borrowed.

Yet in a lot of Central Banks around the world, the US Federal debt is part of their reserves. This shows that a lot of central bankers simply do not understand the long term evolution of their own financial system. Take for example that piece of shit Mario Draghi; why the hell did he start with that buying up of European government bonds? Idiots like Mario only drive with the pedal to the metal towards a very weird financial future: over 10 years ago I remarked you should not do this because you can never stop this.  

Of course we are now in a pandemic situation that changes the economical environment, but purchases of the European Central Bank have never stopped. And countries like Italy just do not take any action to reform because they have this ECB umbrella that sucks up a whole lot of Italian government debt.

And what to think of the present US Federal Reserve chairman? He sounds relatively smart, anyway he sounds a lot smarter than Alan Greenspan, but he said lately that inflation will be 'transitory'. Yes you read this right: transitory. That means it will come and it will go.

Just like 12 years ago: We will start buying Federal debt and as soon as we can we will stop this again. 

Yet at present day the FED buys more debt as ever before. Don't forget central bankers are often selected for psychological reasons: if they are good in soothing the public and are good at public relations that is what promotes them to be central bankers. If in the meantime they do not understand their own job, who will save us from a very very weird financial future?   

Item 2) Still crazy after all those years: physics professors on electron spin.

It is no secret that my biggest failure of the last decade was trying to explain that electrons do not have two magnetic poles but that electrons are either north or south pole so called monopoles. 

I have done my best and over the years I have more or less collected one hundred reasons as why this is impossible. Yet I failed, why? Why does logic not work?

After all physics professors are supposed to be logical creatures, if you come with a logical line of reasoning in the end logic will prevail.

Yes, but that is only when the stuff is not that important anyway.

If someone like me 'finds' the magnetic monopoles those incompetent shitholes are looking for so long. will logic prevail?

Of course not, physics professors are just like math professors: overpaid and just too much ego. So they can't talk about my idea's, that is a pity but they were a bunch of weirdo's to start with. 

Because electrons and protons carry net magnetic charge, that is why they get accelerated by magnetic fields. But hey try to explain that to one of those inverted ass holes known as university professors: you will fail!

The next picture is from a pdf I found back on my computer, it lacks a horrible amount of very important data. It looks convincing like it contains words like 'The speed of the solar wind'. But the solar wind is made from very different particles, we have electrons, protons, the usual helium nucleus and so on and so on.

But they get accelerated by the sun's magnetic fields, what do our honorable inverted ass holes think about this? Well you get a lot of 'magnetic waves' that drive the acceleration.

Good luck with that one. Anyway, we lack thousands of details but in order to show you you cannot trust the talk of the physics professors here is an oldie from the year 2001: 


That was it for this update.  


(30 April 2021) Good news: today I received a letter with an invitation for my corona vaccination. Bad news: I go to the website to make an appointment, seems I am not old enough... Well I guess they must adjust their website so it fits with the correspondence they put out. You know during this pandemic a lot of faults are made but I just can't get mad about it. People do their best and with stuff like this that has no precedent it is rather normal a lot goes wrong.

And wtf is going on in India? It is horrible, two patients in an IC bed and a lot of people waiting outside till they die or get a place inside. In reality the reported numbers must be much higher, you only count as a corona dead if you die inside a hospital. Let's hope the international help afford makes a bit of a difference, but the numbers are so high. All those millions of people, all those overrun hospitals all those this and all those that. It is a sad sad story.   

Two items for this update: 

Item 1) The Bojo said what?
Item 2) A second proof for the new little theorem of Pierre de Fermat.

 Item 1) The Bojo said what?

I don't remember the exact words but it is rumored that the UK Bojo said the next:

No FUCKING lockdown, let the bodies pile up in their thousands!

You understand I was in a total shock: As a prime minister you can't say 'FUCKING'. At no 10 everybody denied it was said, but this is definitely something the Bojo could have said. I think he has said it. It is a bit strange to say something like that if you are a pm, but I considered it more funny as shocking. But it is far away from standard protocol; as a pm you simply are a role model. People simply need that in leadership. Look at the USA & Brazil with that worthless leadership and the amount of corona deaths. Ok, now we have Joe Biden in the USA hopefully it will get a bit better.

To be honest I was rather hesitant to place the next picture. After all there are still people alive today that have been in one or more of the concentration camps from WWII. I absolutely don't want them to see such 'humor' because they will not find it funny and it might provoke old memories.  


This looks like a long lasting durable oven where many deals can be baked until perfection... Ok, next item:   

  Item 2) A second proof for the new little theorem of Pierre de Fermat.

I succeeded in making a very short proof of my newfound new little theorem of Fermat. Even for me the proof is shockingly simple and I wrote it myself! And if the Bojo would read it, would he say it is FUCKING simple? 

Of course not, the Bojo is a Brexiteer and those people are horribly bad at math. A bright and shining economical future while creating all kinds of barriers with your most important trading partners? Only a bunch of lunatics would do that.

I also reformulated the new little theorem 'just like' the old little theorem was formulated. If you click on the picture below you get a slightly larger format that is more readable compared to this 450x450 pixel version:  


Let's do the old & new Fermat little theorems for a = 125 and p = 2.
The old Fermat says 125^2 = 125 mod 2 = 1.  

Well that is very interesting but for over 3.5 centuries of time the old little theorem does not return a but a mod p. And if the prime exponent is smaller than a, you don't get your a back.

Let's now do the new version of the little theorem: we take it modulo 250 instead of modulo 2. Here we go:

The square of 125 is given as: 125^2 = 15625.
The number ap = 250 fits 62 times in 15625 with a remainder of 125:
15625 - 62*250 = 125.

With this small modification of taking the integers modulo ap and not p, all the problems of the little Fermat theorem are gone forever. Since my proof is only 3 lines long, why all these centuries did the professional math professors not cough this up?

It could be that the consensus in the math community is that 'mathematics is a social thing'. With working together you come much farther compared to working on your own.

In my view this is not correct. Of course social interactions are important, but the science of math is much more 'Me against the universe' and it is not much 'a social thing'. Making advances in math 'a social thing' is not good; the only new results you will find is stuff that even the most idiot among your ranks understand. As such progress is bounded by how smart the most idiot is inside your profession.

In physics we have the same problem: They always seek confirmation among their peers. As such it is impossible to explain it is not logical that electrons are magnetic dipoles. Now suppose a physics student has found this is not logical and wrote a paper about that. Later in file he or she applies for a job at CERN.
Guess three times what will happen...
Of course this person does not get the CERN job.   

Life is simple, just like the brain of the average Brexiteer is a simple thing.


Ok, that was it for this update. If you understand the calculation of the square of 125, at this point in time your brain is better compared to what 3.5 centuries of overpaid math professors did. Till updates & have a good life. 


(23 April 2021) The proof of the new little theorems of Fermat is finished so if you like that branch of math check it out at the other website:

Proof of the conjecture on Fermat’s little theorem. Link used:

For myself speaking I am very satisfied with this proof, it is a bit more complicated to prove the new little theorems compared to the counter examples to Fermat's last theorem. The math professors live up to their reputation: not a word from the universities upon the counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat. Once more it is validated: as a science math is completely lost in the woods because it has lost all capabilities of cleaning herself up.  

So Andrew Wiles is still the math rock star (Andrew proved the last theorem of Fermat back in the nineties). Andrew got a nice Sir title, lots of applause and that Abel prize that, if memory serves, is seven ton. These are staggering amounts of money, not that Andrew needed that because he has his high Princeton salary anyway...

And what do I get? Well I won't get the smallest possible footnote and not even 50 cents in prize money. Well that is how they are, but decades ago I already understood it is unwise to entangle my life with the professional math professors...   

Today's update is another Brexit video because for me it keeps on being a fascinating subject: How can a nation put itself outside it's main trading partners while thinking this is a good thing?  

Item 1) Here is that idiot Michael Heaver again; a 100% dumb Brexiteer.

 Item 1) Here is that idiot Michael Heaver again; a 100% dumb Brexiteer.

I watch those video's from that idiot as a form of entertainment; what stupid weird stuff has Michael found today? Michael is very good at neglecting say 90% of the news and only concentrate on those few percent that might be viewed as 'positive' regarding to the Brexit stuff.

For myself speaking I sometimes wonder if I do the same with electron spin. I think it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles but all physics professors are one 100% convinced that magnetic monopoles do not exist. So am I fooling myself in a way similar to what Mr. Heaver is doing? Lately the results of the g-2 experiment came out and there was that stream of bragging how smart those physics professors are with their complicated calculations on muon & electron spin. 

Well that is very interesting, but if they are that smart why not use those cognitive functions of the human brain in order to explain the speed of the electrons coming in at the earth north & south pole that give rise to the wonderful aurora's? Those electrons come in with speeds so high that it is ionizing the atmosphere, why not calculate that? 

But back to our Brexit stuff: Last year truck drivers had to get permits just to drive to the city of Kent. It was expected that the chaos would be that big that without permits everything would get clogged deeply and fundamental.

Now this permit stuff is cancelled, the chaos is just not there. 


Here is a link to that video, the title alone is weird or let' s say it is biased:
Post-Brexit Trade Has SMASHED Remainer Scaremongering Link used: 

So is this good news or bad news? Of course for lorry drivers this is good news because it is one less hurdle to take. But the reason it is not total chaos in Kent is also explained by the fact there is much less trade between the EU & UK.

All in all if you place in a lot of new hurdles for trade between your own country and your main trading partners, of course this is bad for your economy. 

So why is the Heaver guy so positive upon Brexit? Well he was an idiot to begin with. Only people who do not understand what they are talking about could think Brexit was a good idea in the long run. 

The UK population as such selected themselves in two parts: People who think the positives will outweigh the negatives and people who think the opposite.

Compare that to the career of physics professors: If they do not think electrons are magnetic dipoles, they will not have a career whatsoever. So we are looking at a biased population of professors: no experiment that proves their fantastic insights?

It is no problem over there in the land of physics professors. 


That's it for this week. See you around my dear reader.  


(16 April 2021) That Greensil scandal in the UK is very weird. Not that my own country is completely corruption free, for example it seems that a lot of our senators have a tremendous amount of secondary jobs too. Of course this is always a complicated issue; lawmakers must have access to the real economy because they must understand in detail how stuff works. But David Cameron texting the UK finance minister stuff like 'Hey bro can you help me out?' is from another dimension. David Cameron is rather pissed saying everything gets misrepresented... And those rumors David could pocket 60 million if it all panned out fine. Oh that is not presented honestly too? Only 25 million? Oh, that is just a tiny amount of pocket money, I agree what is the fuss of it all? And the weird thing is that David isn't a Brexiteer; because the average Brexiteer has such limited cognitive capabilities they are much more likely to fall into some corruption trap. 

Anyway, last week I showed you the new conjecture and I think today I found a good proof. So likely next week on the other website I can publish it.

Item 1) The conjecture has died; long live the new theorem!

  Item 1) The conjecture has died; long live the new theorem!

My conjecture was short lived; about one week or so and now it is more or less proven. When I wrote it down today on a piece of paper I had to laugh; for years I am poking fun at the math professors like 'why do you only work with fields so much and so often'. But for this proof I was glad I could pull the difficulties back to a simple field and transport the results back to the ring of integers I started in.

So am I now a hypocrite? May be, but now the proof is understandable.
And because it is not every day that somebody finds new so called 'little theorems of Fermat' is there good hope math professors will use it?

No of course not; math professors are not on earth to bring the science of math forward. They are on earth so other people can serve the giant ego of the math professors. May be you think that space or our galaxy is a huge thing, but a few billion cubic light years are just nothing compared to the ego of the math professors... 

Look, here is one of the best math professors hard at work: 


May be it is a good thing that you see for yourself what math professors do with all that tax money that is handed to them in the form of salaries & pensions. Compared to my file it is so different: I did not have a job interview in the last two decades and in my entire life I have never had a non-temporary labor contract. The difference is just too big, may be that is why they never act as a normal adult would do. 

So if it is 3D complex numbers, counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat or like now fresh so called little Fermat theorems, you will never ever hear from those people. 

Weirdly enough I also made a tiny bit of progress on that giant proof of Andrew Wiles on the last Fermat thing; I now more or less understand the opening sentence of that proof. Before that I already crashed in the first words of that proof. That symbol I crashed upon was some standard elliptic curve, you can even find it with Google so if I have time I will go on. What still puzzles me as why you would need elliptic curves to prove the last theorem of Fermat; why do the math professors think that elliptic curves are the way to go?

And why are the counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat not included in the discussion? After all if there are plenty of spaces where the whole thing does not work, shouldn't you at least mention & explain that? But I can never find Andrew Wiles talking about stuff like that. Of course Andrew is one of those perfumed professors or perfumed princes; with his Princeton professorship of course he can never react on some amateur stuff the plebs come up with...

Such is life & it gets sucher every day. 

Here you see the best math professor of all times in a cubic form contemplating the latest forms of little Fermat theorems. (Actually here name is Lilly K, she is a USA based dancer with a clothing line): 


That is what I had to say this week. Thanks for your attention & see you in a new update in the future. Till updates. 


(09 April 2021) In North Ireland the situation is more and more going out of hand. About 50+ police wounded and of course the potential for things to get much worse. That is all project fear we were told by the Brexiteers; it's not going to happen. The same Brexiteers are likely now blaming the EU for the deteriorating situation. Well that is how they are.

Let's hope for the best but it does not look good.

Today's update is a bit of cute math I only found a few days ago. It is another form of Fermat's little theorem. At this point in time I do not have a good proof so for the time being it is just a conjecture. 

Item 1) My little conjecture.

 Item 1) My little conjecture.

If memory serves it was in January that I found the first counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat. Just like expected zero reaction from the 'professional math folks'. Ha even if I solved one or more of the so called millennium problems the professional math folks would once more excel in once more completely neglecting the results found...

Well that is how they are and this behavior defines them as a group. 

A couple of days ago I found a new form of Fermat's little theorem. Fermat's little theorem is very cute and easy to understand. It works with prime numbers, say the number 7. Now all six numbers below 7, if you raise them to the power 7 and do the modulo 7 thing, you get your number back. 

Take 3, well 3^7 = 2187. And 2187 - 312*7 = 3.
In math we write this as 2187 mod 7 = 3, the modulo thing gives the reminder.  

My new found version of Fermat's little theorem is a tiny bit more complicated: you do not modulo just a prime number but you must do modulo N where N is the product of two different prime numbers, say N = pq


Example: take 7 and 11 as the p & q in the formula above. So we must do modulo 77. 

My little Casio fx-82 calculator says: 

7^11 - 25679568 * 77 = 7 and
11^7 - 253080 * 77 = 11.

To say it in words: 

The reminder of 7^11 divided by 77 is 7 &
The reminder of 11^7 divided by 77 is 11.

It is a cute result and for a given pair of prime numbers it is easy to prove, you just write the calculation out and that's all there is to do. At the moment I do not have a satisfactory proof but hey as time flows often new idea's come along so I do not worry that among the collection of sleaze ball math professors there will be one that is able to find a counter example...

For example, these sleaze balls were not capable of finding counter examples to Fermat's last theorem in over 350 years! These people are crazy to the bone, the only thing they are good at is keeping each other stupid...

After having said that, here is the 'cube version' of my new little theorem of Fermat: 


A bit more artistic version of the above cube is below:


Amazing how a clean math cube can transform so fast into something that resembles North Ireland at the present day.

Ok, that is what I had to say for this update. Thanks for your attention & see you around! Till updates.  


(02 April 2021) Just a few Brexit pictures and some comment on it.

Item 1) Just a few Brexit pictures.

 Item 1) Just a few Brexit pictures.

It was out say two weeks back so it is a little late but the decline in trade to and from the UK and EU is fascinating. But you cannot draw definitive conclusion from these January figures, we know for example there was stockpiling so that extra depresses the Jan numbers. Furthermore a lot of, mostly smaller, companies indicate that they temporary halted exports to the EU. It is impossible to estimate how much of them will start exporting again once they understand how to do that. Also given all the extra costs for things of animal or plant origin (stuff like health certificates) makes it difficult to estimate how much trade will recover.  

But on it's own the January figures were a disaster: 


Take for example whisky, per bottle it is relatively expensive so the extra costs that are now in place should not be the biggest hurdle. But clients in the EU don't order at least one container of that stuff but at best a few pallets. Transport companies now often refuse to load their trucks & lorries with a few pallets from here and a few pallets from there because if the paperwork on just one of them is not in order the whole truck or lorry gets rejected... 

It is weird to understand that if in my country a piece of utter shit named Geert Wilders would have gotten a political majority, this incompetent piece of shit would have destroyed our own economy in a similar manner... Every year this inside out asshole Geert comes with stuff that is always not thought through: take for example a ban on the Quran. Beside it is a weird idea to begin with, how the fuck do you enforce such a stupid ban?  


The vaccine mess.

In the EU there is still a horrible shortage of vaccines. That is a luxury problem because it is a miracle in the first place that there are so many new vaccines. But we are still exporting vaccines that are produced in the EU to other countries, also to countries that have a third nation status like the UK.

Parasitic nations like the USA & UK never export anything in significant numbers.  

So I was totally amazed when I observed the BoJo speaking in the UK parliament that there were no rules or legislation that prevented vaccines going out from the UK.

A few days later it emerged that nothing comes out of the UK, so I did not know what to think of that. Either the BoJo is incompetent by thinking the UK exports vaccines just like the EU or he is a 100% hypocrite. 

Hint: Most of the time Brexiteers are not liars but only dumb people because if you really think that being outside of the EU is good for your economy you really are a stupid person. Just like the Geert Wilders mentally ill cognitive exercises. 


I exaggerated the text a bit because the BoJo never said anything about Nazi hell hounds from the EU. But I still do not understand why he says stuff like this: could it be that the BoJo has a medical condition that more political leaders suffer from?  

Do the speaking parts of his brain work far better compared to the other cognitive and logical functions of his brain? If so he will sound rather smart while if you think about it it is total cognitive crap but phrased so elegant and smart that it sounds like real stuff.  


These were a small part of my thoughts for this week. In case you missed it, on the other website yesterday I posted post number 181 and this one is about the so called Frey elliptic curve and what happens if we place a counter example to the last theorem of Fermat into that Frey thing. If you like math, here is a link:
Side remarks on the Frey elliptic curve. Link used: 

That was it for this update, see you around my dear reader.  


(26 March 2021) I cleaned this frontpage and dumped a lot of stuff into the archives, we have page 14 in the archive: index14.htm in case you desperately needs to find something that is now deleted on this page... 

Today I observed the BoJo stating that the UK needs to prepare for a third wave of our beloved COVID virus because 'It will wash upon our shores too'. Pardon me? In Europe we have problems with new waves because the old measurements do not work properly any longer and why is that? That is because we are hit by the UK mutant version of the COVID-19 condition. So why does the BoJo say stuff like that? In my view it only proves that the average Brexiteer is relatively stupid. 

In another development it was observed that Dominique Raab said that Europe was some kind of dictatorship because of the blocking of vaccines. Well that is an interesting contribution that once more proves most Brexiteers are stupid to the bone. The EU is complaining about the lack of so called reciprocal behavior: there is only vaccins going out from the EU to, for example the UK, but zero flows back. 

So my dear Dominique, who is actually the parasite around here? It's the UK.  

But I do not want to waste my time at the opinions of the average UK Brexiteer, physics professors are exited because of may be the so called Standard Model of physics can finally get updated! Have they figured out that electrons are magnetic monopoles? Of course not, they love to be stupid too, but at least it is less irritating compared to idots like Dominique Raab or for that matter our local idiot Geert Wilders.  

No, we take a small short look at so called leptoquarks.  

Item 1) Exiting: do the smart physics professors found a new particle?

 Item 1) Exiting: do the smart physics professors found a new particle?

Wow wow wow, even in our Dutch language the news was found: possible new particle beyond the standard model of physics was found! For me this is interesting because it is about the creation of pairs of leptons and their anti version of it all.

It is no secret I think that leptons like electrons carry magnetic charge and just like electric charge there are only two magnetic charges: north or south. Together with the two electric charges that leaves us with only four electron type leptons:
1) Electron with a north magnetic charge, 
2) electron with a south magnetic charge, 
3) positron with a north magnetic charge &
4) positron with a south magnetic charge.  

In my view when positron meets electron, they will annihilate only if both the electric charge and the magnetic charge are opposite. Annihilation will take only place when 1) meets 4) or if 2) meets 3).

So there must be collisions between electrons and positrons where just nothing happens because the two particles have the same magnetic charge.

Today I am a bit exited too because I found finally out that indeed often just 'nothing happens' when electron meets positron. And guess what, the physics professionals name that 'elastic collisions'.

At CERN they are just too fucking stupid to understand that the electron as a magnetic dipole is not logical in hundreds of ways. So if those weirdo's come up with a new particle, better think twice about what they claim:

Has a new particle called a ‘leptoquark’ been spotted at CERN?
Link used:

After five years of trying I decided to stop the magnetic pages and stop trying to convince the so called 'physics professionals' that electrons carry magnetic charge. If those idiots want to believe that electrons are magnetic dipoles, let them be idiots. 

In practice even if you set up collision experiments by electrons and positrons a lot of times the collision is just elastics and not of the annihilation nature. See for example the next wiki:

Electron–positron annihilation Link used: 

In my view those physics people working at CERN are all sino's (a sino = scientist in name only). If after over five years of explaining that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles and just nothing happens, these people are all sino.

Not that I am some kind of dictator, but if logic fails year in year out there is often something going on that is not scientific. At CERN they are really crazy, for example they have tried to measure the mass of the anti-proton. Because they wanted to know if that mass was exactly the same as a normal proton. Don't get me wrong: Checking that out is of course important. But giving some kind of proof that the electron has actually two magnetic poles? Nope. That is why I consider them crazy; none of them remarks this should have experimental proof too.  


Anyway the finding that a collision of an electron and a positron is often just a purely elastic collision is just another strong clue that electrons & positrons are magnetic monopoles. In the wiki I showed you above they mumble something about 'angular momentum' because often electrons spin is named 'intrinsic angular momentum'. A lot of those retarded inbred imbecile physics people think there is actually something spinning there. So let's do a little thought experiment: 

Suppose the magnetic properties of the electron are caused by the electron actually spinning. Now a pair of an electron and a positron gets created, what will happen?

1) Conservation of angular momentum? Or,
2) Conservation of total spin? 

Because the electron & positron have opposite electric charges, if they are actually spinning in the same direction they will have opposite 'electron spin'. But that violates conservation of angular momentum.

If we want conservation of angular momentum, in that case the two particles must be spinning on opposite direction but that would give two times the same electron spin. So that violates conservation of electron spin.

Year in year out you never hear the physics people about that; And because they do not talk about that, in my view they are all sino's. 


I can't find back where the source of the pictures is, if memory serves it was the Volkskrant. And who cares if it is illegal use of graphic material anyway? That CERN garbage are just a bunch of sino's if they keep on thinking that it is 'logical' that electrons are magnetic dipoles. 

Let's wait and see if they really have stumbled upon a fifth force in nature. 

Ok that is what I had to say. Live well and think well my dear reader. 


(19 March 2021) We had elections this week, the voting was an interesting experience. I often vote in a church near to my house and all those years it was just in some side room of the church. This time it was in the main church area where the concept of 'social distancing' was taken to a whole new experience. It is my turn and I hand over my id and my voter pass, do I need to take my mask off I ask. The guy looks at the photo on my id, no take off your cap he tells me. I really had to laugh but indeed without taking my mask off you can indeed identify me with just the upper half of my old bold head...

The political left have gotten a beating, in the long run it is not good that this sector of the political spectrum gets too small. In my life I have only voted once for a left party but it is not good if that sector gets too small...  

Luckily that party of Geert Wilders got a nice shaving too, that is a good thing because it shows people do not like prolapsed assholes walking around like they are normal persons. Bah disgusting, I do not understand why people vote for this weirdo. 

By the way, on the other website I posted a post about all counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat you can make with the number 210. The math behind it is so simple that in theory a person like Geert Wilders after some thinking could understand it. And that idea almost makes me puke but anyway, here is a link: 

Counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat using the number 210.
Link used:

The item for this update is 'Those times the EU annoyed me the last 10 years'.
On 20 March I added the second item. 

Item 1) Those times the EU annoyed me in the last 10 years.
Item 2) Counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat.

 Item 1) Those times the EU annoyed me in the last 10 years.

It is not a secret I am very much in favor of Europe working together. From the historical perspective it is well known we are very good at starting entire world wars and the founding fathers of the EU needed a bit of stuff from preventing flaring up such niceties again. 

A very good idea was that if we make our economies interdependent, likely this prevents a whole of of declaring war & all the niceties that come with it.  

Beside this, from the beginning this was good for our economies, while there has been not that much military conflict in all those decades. So all in all it actually works. 

When was I annoyed in the last 10 years?

Example 1: A couple of years ago an airport was expanded to give rise to a higher volume of air planes going in and out. Of course the local population was not a big fan of that and as such a local compromise was made: No extra flights in the evening.

Comes the EU flying in: This is not allowed, evening flights should be there.

And I was really on the side of evening restrictions and my first reaction was I was really pissed. But if you turn your viewpoint the other way, from the EU regulators it is well known that nations have a tendency to ultra support their local aviation business. So I understood when it comes to aviation, Europe rules & countries swallow.  

And if you think about it a bit longer: If done properly air safety increases when on a continental scale regulation gets harmonized. You can't deny that. 

Example 2: Lately my bank has changed the way I must log into my bank account. In the past all I needed was my username and a password but now they have a brand new shiny apparatus that spits out code numbers. All of a sudden beside my username & password I have to use that stupid code apparatus. The argument given was 'EU regulations'.  

I was pissed because now every entry into my bank account takes more time because I have to enter that extra code as given by the apparatus. 

But again, after giving it some thought, entry to my bank account is now more safe. 

So all in all likely on the European scale, bank fraud has gotten a tiny bit more difficult. As such I accepted the extra work needed for just to log into my own bank account. 


That is all I could find in being annoyed with EU regulation for the last decade. Just two examples and both example if you think about it a bit longer, my emotional reaction was stupid.

Now compare that to an incompetent prolapsed ass hole like the Geert Wilders guy: This idiot, this retarded person likely has negative emotions about the EU on a daily basis. Just like all those Brexiteers have, they only do emotion and never do logic.

Item 2) Counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat. 

This method of finding counter examples is so extremely simple that I can explain the method if you know that on a standard clock if it says 15 hours you know it is 3 'o clock. That is clock arithmetic, for a standard clock it is said you count the numbers 'modulo 12'. For example 33 = 21 = 9 hours. And 12 = 0, that is important.

Why is that important? Wel if you multiply 3 and 4 you get 12 and in algebra the pair 3 & 4 are known as a pair of divisors of zero. That means 3* 4 = 0. This has all kinds of interesting consequences, for example if we add 3 and 4 and square it we get:

(3 + 4)^2 = 3^2 + 2*3*4 + 4^2. Remark the 2*3*4 = 4*12 fades to 0 because 12 = 0.
That is how I find expressions like 7^n = 3^n + 4^n.

Now my latest post on the other website is about stuff like this with the number 210 instead of the number 12. I have chosen 210 because that is the product of the first four prime numbers: 2*3*5*7 = 210. You can split the four prime numbers into seven different groups with each two factors that multiplied always give 210.
In the next picture you see those seven different ways of splitting: 


Now I was very hesitant to use this because it is all so utterly simple. I more or less expected this to be some standard example known for centuries as a counter example to the last theorem of Fermat.

Of course a lot of my readers on this website have no clue what this last theorem is, it is a negative result from a long long time ago. About 3.5 centuries back Fermat found that it is impossible to have four integers such that x^n + y^n = z^n. This for powers n greater than 2 because for n =2 this is the theorem of Pythagoras. 

And for the theorem of Pythagoras there are plenty examples that work like in
3^2 +4^2 = 5^2.  

So I was rather hesitant, but I just could not find these counter examples online and that made me scratch my head. Could it be true that the professional math professors skipped this easy to find result for say 350 years? It looks like it, these easy to understand calculations are not a standard counter example to the last theorem of Fermat.

Once more the overpaid math professors have proven not to be worthy of their huge salaries. And my dear reader, mark my words, even if these counter examples are easy to understand, they will never ever talk about them. Even if you are a young reader in the far future you will never observe a math professor saying stuff like 'Hey here we have a bunch of counter examples to the last theorem of Fermat'. 

If you click on the next picture you will land at the last post on this easy going math:  


Ok, that is what I had to say. Till updates.  


 (09 March 2021) I was just reading some news on Google news, I was at peace with myself and I felt in harmony with the rest of the universe. Says that retarded Google news: Delft quantum computer will not work.

Gone is my harmony and all that peace: I could tell you that years ago and as such nobody is interested of course. This is now the third time I observe exactly the same news about Delft university and their quantum computer based on Majorama fermions. 

Item 1) There are too many overpaid perfumed princes, WHY?

 Item 1) There are too many overpaid perfumed princes, WHY?

It is no secret I have been telling for over five years that the overpaid physics professors have electron spin a tiny bit wrong: If you think about it, it is impossible that electrons are magnetic dipoles. All this stuff from the overpaid professors does not make much sense; if electrons were magnetic dipoles they could not be accelerated by magnetic fields. 

If you look at the sun for example, you see acceleration of plasma all of the time. So right in your face the dipole nature of electron magnetism can be doubted.

Now those Majorama fermions are very interesting because they are supposed to be there own anti-particle. The Delft weirdo's combined an electron with a hole (a hole is supposedly a positive electric charge) and as such they thought to have constructed Majorana fermions as a composite particle. 

And tons of blah blah blah that you can make topological quantum computers with that stuff. Years ago it was easy to foresee this would never fly, just like nuclear fusion will never work because of the acceleration of the plasma will make all fusion reactors unstable in a short notice of time.

With the deserved failure of Delft to go the path of the Majorama's it is worth mentioning that the university people keep on not understanding anti-matter in particular the positron or the anti electron. 

They are correct in stating a positron must have a positive electric charge. That is correct, but the electron spin should also be opposite. And if you think that electrons are tiny magnetic dipoles, what the fuck do you mean with 'opposite spin'? 

Electrons simply have a magnetic charge just like they have an electric charge. That makes logic if you think about it. Why in chemistry you only have the electron pair that binds the diverse atoms? Why in nuclear physics in the orbitals of atoms you only have unpaired electrons and paired electrons? That's just not fucking logical if electrons really would have two magnetic poles, if they really were magnetic dipoles.

The only thing university people are good at is being totally incompetent all of the time. 

For over five years I have been explaining this kind of stuff and 100% nothing happens: WHY do we only appoint idiots at professor places in universities? 

It is just like math professors: it is just a bucket filled with shit. If you are a physics professor and you think electron spin means electrons being magnetic dipoles, well welcome into the bucket of shit you call home.

In the picture below you see two overpaid perfumed princes in action: The perfumed prince on the left is Leo Kouwenhoven who's ideas about Majorama fermions did not pan out entirely as expected. The perfumed prince on the right is our king. It has to be remarked that although overpaid, all in all our king is not under performing like the math & physics professors do on a daily basis...  


It is totally disgusting: After five years of explaining that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles I am observing this overpaid retarded dumb shit doing what they are good at.

It is disgusting: For over five years university people just never give proof to their retarded insights upon electrons spin and I am supposed to be at harmony with the universe because I have my minimal money as an unemployed person?

Please do not make me puke, if you do not want to know more about electron spin it is fine by me. But do not show your stupid face in 'news articles' like this. 


Oh oh university of Delft, after all these years just once more: Why not show your FUCKING  proof that the electron is a magnetic dipole?

What you say, I cannot hear you? Oh you say next week there is a fresh batch of perfume & you are focused on that. Ok, that is fine by me but please do not pretend to write about science if the only thing you are interested in is the latest perfume.

Source of the pictures used: 

Onderzoeker Kouwenhoven erkent fout: deeltje voor quantumcomputer niet gevonden

With this speed of progress it will be about 500 years before the physics professors find out that electron spin is monopole in nature and not the dipole magnetism they assumed all those centuries. 

End of this update on retarded perfumed princes. Till updates. 


(06 March 2021) To be honest I don't have much to say this week. Funny news was coming from the UK where in a lot of news papers fake news articles emerged hailing the success of Brexit thus far. It was all 'government sponsored' aka advertisements, articles pretending to be news but in fact advertisements. 

It has to be remarked however that most of those articles indeed said they were sponsored articles so all in all the UK is still more or less a normal functioning democracy... Anyway for a couple of weeks I wanted to post the old photo's from below and because I do not have much to say let that be our item: 

Item 1) Fishing for leave & No deal is no problem!

 Item 1) Fishing for leave & No deal is no problem!

There are significant slumps in trade both from the UK to the EU as the other way around. So despite the fact there is some rudimentary deal, just being outside of the EU is causing a whole lot of trouble. 

From the get go in 2016 it was of course a stupid idea, but it was hard to foresee in detail how much could go wrong. For example I never expected the trouble of the UK fisheries that high, I thought that only with tariffs put on fish the UK fisheries could be slaughtered. But no it all goes spontaneously down hill fast so that is a good thing because the more UK fishermen go bankrupt in the long run that is better for the EU fishermen.

Here is one of the pictures that I wanted to include in this website, after all this picture stands for a lot of what was happening: Only emotional ventilation of feelings while in practice about nothing was carefully thought through: 


This Brexit stuff keeps on an amazing thing: in my home country a shithole named Geert Wilders is of similar stupidity. Always the Geert weirdo is complaining about EU this and EU that while the tax money our shithole is paid with comes in large part from the economical developments from the last 2 decades. 

There is no difference explaining to Geert or the average Brexiteer that being outside the EU is a stupid thing to desire; low IQ people often do not realize how low IQ they actually are.

For the UK the present situation is damaging for their economy but if ever my own country would do the same, relative there would even be more economical damage. We transport a whole lot of stuff to the rest of the EU. Suppose all things arriving in the Rotterdam port would be subject to tariffs if it is exported to the rest of the EU?

From the above picture I made one of those 'cubes' that look much more cute compared to a shit hole like Geert Wilders:  


At last a few words about financial derivatives. Now Amsterdam has managed for at least one month to be the largest stock trading platform in the EU, what can be said about financial derivatives?

For reasons I do not understand, trading financial derivatives seems to be far more lucrative compared to trading in stocks. Why is that? I do not know.

A stock market like the Amsterdam one is a platform that facilitates trading in stocks of companies but they cannot create stocks out of thin air. Ok ok they have some market making obligations but it is not that if for example Shell is relatively high the Amsterdam stock market thinks like 'hey lets create a bit more Shell stock and sell it now prices are high'.

As far as I know platforms that facilitate the trading in financial derivatives are bound to the same: they are not allowed to create derivatives out of thin air. They only facilitate between sellers and buyers of those derivatives.

In my view a lot of those trading in derivatives should go to the EU now the UK is outside of our financial markets. It is completely ridiculous that if EU companies want to buy protection against currency fluctuation like in the €, we must go to London or New York. 

These are vital for our EU economy, we should do that ourselves. And given the detail those kind of financial derivatives are far more lucrative points to the likelihood that the EU can craft far better financial products compared to what London or NY has to offer. 

Ok, that were my thoughts for this update. Let's slaughter the London city where it comes to financial derivatives & for the rest enjoy life as long as it lasts... 


(25 Feb 2021) Oh oh those Brexiteers: For decades they complain about all that bureaucracy that is coming from the European institutions. And now it is often you need to fill in 71 pages of bureaucratic stuff while in the past it were only 2 pages for the transport of just one lorry of goods... 

A lot of Brexiteers think the present troubles from this year emerge from the EU being 'mean' or that 'they want to teach us a lesson'. That is not how it works, because the EU is a union of states all stuff is formalized as far as possible. As such the UK now has the status of being a third nation and all third nations are treated the same. 

Take for example those shellfish problems that cannot be exported any longer to the EU. If that were allowed then for example all African costal nations could say 'Hey we too want to export unpurified shellfish to the EU. Of course we cannot have that, the UK is now a rule taker as all other third nations...

Today I want to do a tiny bit of math. You can say isn't that what the other website is for? Yes of course but this is too simple for the website. We do some simple stuff every body knows: the abc formula for solving quadratic equations. 

Item 1) The two forms of the abc formula for solving quadratic equations.

 Item 1) The two forms of the abc formula for solving quadratic equations.

In about 1982 I found a cheap math book. It was a small pocket book, just over one hundred pages and it was more or less only formula's and very little explanation. That was before I had to do military service and as such also before I became a math student. I was totally fascinated by those Fourier series; how could a bunch of sines produce a tooth saw shaped function? 

That pocket book also contained the two forms of abc formula. And although it is very easy to prove these two forms are the same, for me it was a surprising result.  


If you want to prove this you must use the first formula with the 'plus' sign and equal that to the second formula with the 'minus' sign. That is why in the first abc formula you see a plus-minus sign while in the second abc formula this is a minus-plus sign. 

Anyway if you work out this equation you will find that 4ac = 4ac. But 4ac = 4ac is an expression that is obviously true and from that you can conclude that your starting equation was also true.

In theory that is how math is supposed to work; finding things that are true. In practice like in any other social structure the internal communication is always more like a greatest common divisor. So if math professors talk to each other, they keep it always as simple as possible so that even the most idiot math professor will understand these internal communications. For example '3D complex numbers do not exist' is one of those internal communications that even the most idiot math professor can understand and repeat when needed.

As such those simple statements like '3D complex numbers do not exist' become a binding factor inside the profession of mathematics. Inside physics you have the same kind of untrue simplifications like 'If you cut a magnet in two, you always end up with two smaller magnets'. Because this is something even the dumbest physics professor can easily remember stuff like that takes a life on it's own and as such becomes a binding factor in the social structure of physics professors. That makes it logical as why physics people without any experimental proof talk about electrons as if they have two magnetic poles.      

But hey let that university crap be what it is: the crap of a social structure known as a university. I hope the next picture is a bit readable, anyway it is still the two ways of abc formula for solving a quadratic equation:


Ok, have fun with your proof of the two abc formula's & till updates. Updated one day later: I found a video about a person named George Eustice, I never heard about him but he claims the EU has been flip flopping on the shellfish detail. The video is made by Maximillian Robespierre in his 'Fool of the week' series. Maximillian often thinks that Brexiteers are lying, in my view that is often not correct. Brexiteers are not lying, they are just more stupid and as such it might look as if they are lying. Compare it to the physics professors; in the last five years have I ever said they were lying about electron spin? No I have not done that. Those professors might be telling nonsense about electron spin but they only do their best, they are not deliberately lying or so.

Anyway, here is the video:
Fool Of The Week - Brexiteer George Eustice
Link used:

That was it for this extra update. Till updats. 


(19 Feb 2021) Brexit is going as good as it possibly can be; it will likely take a few more months before the majority will realize this is bad for the UK economy. On the other hand the average Brexiteer has cognitive capabilities that are below of that of the population. So they will blame the corona pandemic on their future economical development.

In this update two items: An old Brexit picture from 2016 and the Microsoft Bing search engine is going bonkers again on the 3D complex numbers (it goes bonkers in the image search...). 

Item 1) This old picture again.
Item 2) Bing search engine going bonkers again.

 Item 1) This old picture again.

It keeps on being a fascinating subject; how can a society like the UK society do all this weird stuff? You can argue that the ruling elite like the conservatives do not understand on a detailed level how the economy actually works. Not that I myself understand all the fine details of a continent wide economy like we have here in Europe, but I do not claim retarded stuff that it is better to be 'outside of Europe'. 

But in the UK the anti-EU sentiment has slowly been growing over the decades. Why it has never cleaned itself is unknown to me. May be only after the stuff runs out of hand there will be some changes. I do not know and I do not care, it is just fascinating to watch this weirdness going on and on and on... 


It is a weird mindset they have over there; a dying Europe?
By the way, how are your fisheries going my dear UK? 

 Item 2) Bing search engine going bonkers again.

A couple of months back when I did a search on the Microsoft search engine Bing on my hobby of the 3D complex numbers, to my surprise I had total dominance. Over half of the pictures shown were from my other website upon 3D complex numbers.

So later I wanted to write an update on that detail but at that point in time all of a sudden the picture search was back to normal. Ok, it is better that things are normal but if Bing goes bonkers on a search phrase like '3D complex numbers' it is not that an extra amount of people die from that for no reason at all.

So it is not much of a real problem, it only shows that the Bing search engine can make a bit more improvements. There is the potential to get better to say it diplomatically...

I made a screenshot from this simple search, if you click on the picture below you get large version. Or you make a Bing search upon '3D complex numbers' for yourself...;)

Anyway, it is not guaranteed that in the future this kind of picture search on Bing will stay the same. Here is the fun:  


So once more and likely for a short time I have full spectral domination on those Bing search results. That can be classified as a temporary success. 

But in my life there are also giant failures: the physics professors still completely for the full 100% do not want to engage the idea that electrons can't be magnetic dipoles. Electrons are magnetic monopoles, but the internet search engines of this world only say 'Go fuck yourself'.

Ok, let's leave it with that. Till updates my dear reader.  


(13 Feb 2021) Ah, the first 'weaponization talk' of UK financial services observed. It is only two stupid Brexiteers talking to each other so it is not UK government policy or so. But we cannot have it that for example government bonds of EU countries run into trouble; essential financial services is something we have to do ourselves now the UK is a third nation.

Item 1) Brexit dividend: Amsterdam stock trading volumes soaring...:)

 Item 1) Brexit dividend: Amsterdam stock trading volumes soaring...:)

The numbers are staggering, this is not some calm year on year percentage growth. Nope, compared to December last year trading volume on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is four times as big in January this year. On top of that trading in CO2 emissions went from the UK to my beloved Amsterdam.

Without doubt now volumes are soaring there will be all kinds of extra costs to be made by the AEX but I want to urge that as soon as possible trading costs should come down. That means that for the AEX (that is a company in itself) it is not good if four times the volume means four times as much profits; nope! It is not going to happen that with two fingers in the nose they will make boatloads of money.

Our financial markets should work as efficient as possible, in the long run that is best for our economy. Now a large part of my own portfolio is composed of financial stocks and bonds so I love the dividends and the coupons but please stay normal: the thing known as the economy where actual stuff is made and a lot of people have a job is far more important. 

Well let's hope for the best, after all we only have one month of soaring trade volume in. Let's try to consolidate that. 

But the numbers are truly staggering; Daily volume in Amsterdam in January was above the daily average in the UK over the year 2020. That is boink boink bonkers! 


Never forget that the Brexit rather likely will be very bad because it is a stupid idea in the first place. So over time frustration in the UK will build up more and more and because for decades they blame a lot of things that go wrong inside the UK on the EU we must be prepared to take these matters into our own hands.

We must get free from the expensive shackles of the London financial hub.

It is important that this all gets organized a bit efficient so that the costs of financial services are low. A simple tactical reason for that is that the BOE came out with a statement just a few days ago that this 'countryfication' of financial services away from their London thing will only bring higher costs... Let's hope that a few years down the line the BOE still doen not understand what has struck them and why it was so violent...;) 


Ok, today I observed the first video about weaponization of the UK financial services industry. It doen not amount to much because it is from a guy named Michael Heaver and that is not a very smart person. I mostly look at Michael his video's as a for  of entertainment; what retarded stuff does this person have today? I am always exited to hear the latest insights on why the Brexit is going so good...

Anyway Michael was talking to another Brexiteer named Ben Habib and this Habib guy came up with a simple scheme to drive up the costs for EU government bonds to 'go through the roof' as he said himself. 

Again: it does not amount to much. I do not think at this moment in time the BoJo government is working on plans like that. But the last four years of USA politics have learned us it can go very fast from just 'standard a little bit crazy' to the daily madness we had to endure from the USA over that last four years. 

Anyway this is how this low IQ weirdo Ben Habib looks, if you click on the picture you will land at the Youtube video.  


Link used:
Silly title of the video:  Boris Urged To STAND UP To EU Bullying

Ok, that was it for this update. For myself speaking I hope we more or less succeed in developing efficient financial services inside Europe. Don't forget that however the trading volumes as quoted above are spectacular, it is only one day in making Europe a better place to live in. 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(08 Feb 2021) On 08 Jan so exactly one month ago I showed you that video from a glass-eel farmer that now cannot export to the EU any longer. That farmer was in the past very upbeat about Brexit because of 'all the possibilities' it gave for expanding the economy. Now in that video there was also some Brexit reporter routinely talking stuff like 'But we study this for two decades and constantly there is all kinds of red tape coming from the EU' and at first I was impressed because of the words 'We study this for two decades'.

When I would study something for two decades I would know a lot about it; take for example the 3D complex numbers that over the last 30 years have been studied by me about one decade long. If you study things for a long time your knowledge starts to accumulate faster and faster and at this point in time it is likely that on this little planet I am the guy who knows the most about that subject.  

Now I came across this horrible video from Jacob Rees Mogg and Jacob was interviewed by somebody from the Institute of Economic Affairs and I just could not believe my eyes and ears. So that is our item for this update. 

Item 1) Is Jacob Rees Mogg a totally retarded person?

 Item 1) Is Jacob Rees Mogg a totally retarded person?

The guy from the IEA asks Jacob the next question: Now that we are out of the EU we can make our own legislation and as such we could get rid of the VAT on female hygiene products, can you give us some more examples of how we can benefit and change legislation now we are out of the EU?  

To my utter surprise Jacob explains there are many many bad legislations and rules directly related to the EU. And he explains it will take time to change them because of the legislating process and the way parliament works and the troubles with the pandemic that slows the stuff. 

But he just does not give one fucking example! 

Those guys have studied the evils of the EU for two decades or longer and the only thing they come up with are VAT free tampons... 

Let me repeat it once more:
The only thing they come up with are
VAT free tampons! 

And Jacob, ultra smart as he is, throws the ball back by saying the people from the IEA should inform the ERG (that is the European research group from our cognitive here Jacob) so that they can take action. 

I have seen this more often; Every time a Brexit person complains about all that legislation from the EU and you ask them 'Can you give just one example of a law that is bad for the UK?' they never come up with only one evil law. 

So this is more confirmation of what I wrote lately when I compared the Brexiteers to a modern platoon; since Brexit is a stupid idea in the first place it only attracts people with diminished cognitive capabilities.   

No nice pictures today because I did not have the time, but nine minutes into the next video you can find some deep fundamental proof that Jacob is in fact a total retarded person: There are thousands and thousands of... All blah blah blah stuff. 

In Conversation with The Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg
Link used: 

Now we must not loose ourselves in all these day to day tactical things, in the long run the EU must get free from the shackles of the UK financial city. Are these 'financial services' good for the EU now the UK slowly is becoming a hostile enity?

Or am I exaggerating a little bit here? No I am not, now the UK has a third nations status it cannot be that vital financial services come only from London. The BoJo is more or less a reasonable person but as soon as the UK people elect a donald trump clone, the financial services of the UK will be used as a weapon against Europe.

Ok, let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(03 Feb 2021) A lovely row erupted a few days ago when the EU threatened to temporary lift the North Ireland protocol. The Brexiteers were in all states while of course non of those cognitive handicapped people remembered that just a few weeks ago the BoJo did exactly the same. And the UK themselves have a list of medicines that are forbidden to export, but when the EU wants to do something at the vaccination situation we are of course pure evil... 

In the update we take another look at the niceties of the Brexit and once more we will understand that as a group the Brexiteers lack conitive capabilities (on average they are more stupid compared to the average of the population). 

Item 1) Is trade with fast growing nations important? Brexiteers say yes.

 Item 1) Is trade with fast growing nations important? Brexiteers say yes.

Brexiteers, retarded and stupid as they are, now constantly tell that the situation at the border is perfect and all that stuff from 'project fear' just did not materialize. But as a matter of fact a lot of food like fish and meat just can't be exported because it takes so long that it starts to rot. So for the time being it is bye bye fisheries. For shell fish it seems to be the same; normally they got produced in the EU because in the UK they do not have the facilities. But decade old rules say that for safety only processed shell fish can be imported from third nations... I do not understand why those UK fishers specializing on that kind of food never ever thought that through before the Brexit was there. Once more: Brexiteers are more stupid than the average person and the fishermen voted overwhelmingly for Brexit.  

As far as I am concerned: to the hell and beyond with those weirdo's.  

Wine also seems to be a problem. The UK has a relatively large wine importing industry and just like in my own country due to climate change it is more and more possible to make local wines. Anyway the trade in wine is also falling apart and that is a good thing because it confirms what I said in the very beginning: Brexit is a stupid idea. 

But beside Brexit being a stupid idea, the UK government itself is often also rather lunatic. The most weird story was from some expensive second hand watch trader. Think for example at a Rolex. Normally as a trader you pay VAT to the government and only that added value gets taxed. Remember VAT = Value Added Tax. But now all of a sudden if they want to sell an expensive watch to some customer in the EU they must pay VAT over the full price... So if this trader buys an expensive watch for 8000 pounds and sells it for 10000 pounds all of a sudden the VAT must be paid over 10000 instead of 2000 pounds... Once more: Brexiteers are stupid. 

In a video from 'A different bias' it is claimed over 50% of the lorries leaving the UK are empty. If true a lot of export has just fade overnight from 31 Dec to 01 Jan... Once more: that is a good thing because it confirms what I thought about this all.
Click on the picture if you want to see that video: 


Link used:

Lately I oberved Nigel Farage stating that it was better for the UK to seek alliance in trade with fast growing nations like those from the Trans Pacific Partnership nations. Nigel Farage is like our own Geert Wilders (also anti EU all the time year in year out). If I listen to the logic of people like that to my mind comes a lot of gay porn video's where the males have anal prolapses and they love it. I do not love that and find it disgusting. Just like the logic of Geert Wilders or Nigel Farage is disgusting to me.  

So how useful is it to trade with fast growing nations? Let's compare two nations say Vietnam and Germany. I did not check if the next numbers are actually correct but you will get the picture easily: 

The Vietnam GDP per capita is about 2500 €, the German per capita is about 40000 €.
Suppose without all this pandemic stuff the German GDP grows say 2%, per German citizen that is a growth of 800 €.
Suppose in a particular year the Vietnam GDP expands by 10%. Well that is about 250 € per capita Vietnam citizen... 

Do you see how retarded the logic of Nigel Farage is? Vietnam is at the other side of the globe, why should Vietnam people want to buy UK stuff? The Nigel guy is a shitshow on all levels possible. 


Luckily not all things in the UK are going from bad to worse. They have a new under secretary that handles immigration! And I was just flabbergasted; why can't we have political leaders like that?

So instead of listening and looking at another worthless piece of shit like Priti Patel the UK males can look at this female doing the immigration stuff in the UK: 


Now what is wisdom in this time and age? Is wisdom found in complaining that if we look at the average European parliament there are never good looking sluts dressed in latex clothing? Or do we need more math inside the heads of prolapse Nigel Farage & Geert Wilders? And what does the bible say about pandemics?

Ok, that was it for this post. 

For older updates see the archives at index14.htm or go to the oversight of the archive pages.  












Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4 

In Nov 2015 I opened a separate website for the three dimensional complex numbers:  


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles

09 Jan 2017: The link above grew out to 41 reasons that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. We proceed with reason number 42 on

Page 2 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Page 3 covers the stuff as found in the year 2018.

Page 4 covers the stuff for the year 2019.

Page 5 covers results found in the year 2020. 


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...

















































Title: A 2021 condolences card to the US dollar.